The Power of Control - Desert Spider


Meruin, Yuuka

Date: September 5, 2011


An Okuma shinobi summons Yuuka to go to Meruin's aid.

"The Power of Control - Desert Spider"

Kaguya Village [Kirigakure]

This area smells very strongly of blood and views of ivory, each building in this district made by the Kaguya that owns it and out of their own bone. At the far west end of the village there is one house that is double the size of any other which could presumably belong to the head of the Kaguya Clan. Among the buildings are small resturants and shops, all made of the same bone material as the other buildings, though the merchandise is not necessarily such.

There was a somewhat unusual sight in the Kaguya village this day. A man of around six feet strode through the bone buildings, his long form covered by a sweeping black cloak. The hood was pulled back, revealing the man's gaunt cheeks and thin, fang-pressed lips. And, of course, the large brown spider sitting on his short black hair. So not a vampire, then, but an Okumo.
The man's stride was swift, his steps sure and silent as he almost seemed to drift through the paths with the sickly grace of the spider. He faltered at no point, looked neither left nor right or regarded any who he met. He knew where he was going and he saw to it that he got there in short order. His goal was a humble hovel owned by a woman the files had said was close to Okumo Meruin.
He stepped up to it and knocked.

Yuuka lifts her bright aquamarine eyes up at the door as her hands pause, water from the faucet running over them with the carrot held in her fingers. Hardly ever does she get visitors. Rare, if anything, so a part of her wondered who it could be. More than likely a mission. Setting the carrot into the sink with others, she reaches for a small towel as she turns and moves towards the door. Opening it inwards, Yuuka blinks her bright eyes with some surprise at the cloaked man standing there. An Okumo, to be percise. She recognizes the clan instantly, but not the man himself. The young Kaguya woman frowns gently with the towel held in hand. "Konnichiwa… May I help you?"

"No," replied the man at the door, his voice a crisp business-toned one, his pronunciation a flawless thing. He inclined his head to the woman in greeting, the spider on his head seeming entirely unbothered by the movement, staying still as it watched Yuuka with it's eight eyes. "But, you are Kaguya Yuuka, yes? You may be interested in helping Okumo Meruin, instead."

Yuuka blinks her bright eyes at the stranger, her gaze flicking between him and the spider perched upon his head for only a short moment. When her eyes return to the man, a frown begins to grow in them, "Of course." she murmurs softly, "If he needs my help, he has it." Not that Meruin would ever ask for help. More than likely, this clan member knew something that Meruin himself doesn't. Even if she was in the dark, the Kaguya kunoichi doesn't hesitate in answer.

The spider on the man's head began to work it's fangs at that, a clear poison stretching between it's jaws as it shifted that. The Okumo spoke again, then, and the spider stopped, settling. His rust colored eyes found Yuuka's aquamarines, locking onto them. "You will have heard the rumors on the boy's recent banishment, I am sure. He is currently in the ruins of a territorial shippodoku in the desert of Sungakure. It is likely that this predator will prove greater than he and the boy will die. We have found that if you go to him, his chances of surviving increase from twenty-one percent to sixty-four percent."

Listening quietly to a man for a moment or so, Yuuka blinks her eyes again in surprise when she hears that Meruin is in the desert, in Sunagakure. Her soft lips part slightly before she murmurs, "A predator?" The concern in her gaze deepens, "He… he is in serious trouble then…" Curling her fingers tighter on the towel, she turns just enough to toss it to the sink, only to smoothly step outside and close the door behind her. "Alright. Then we do not have any time to waste."

The Okumo stepped aside to allow Yuuka room to walk past if she should so please, his cloak shifting slightly with his smooth pivot. "You should be well aware that there is great danger towards your own health should you choose to go and attempt to see Meruin safely home. Tsubaki is somewhat crazed and it has not dulled her combative capabilities. It only serves to make her less predictable and more dangerous."

Slipping the strap of her knapsack across her torso, Yuuka lifts the hood atacked to her kimono and pulls it up over her snowy head. Her bright eyes lift up at him for a moment's pause before the gentle frown of worry returns to her features, "That does not mean I should not at least try." she murmurs softly. "Ii am willing to risk it if it means bringing Meruin-kun home safely."

"Very well," replied the man, turning and beginning to walk back out of the Kaguya village with his productive stride. "You appear to be ready to leave immediately. Luckily, we are as well. We will be your guides to the boy's location. We thank you for your cooperation."

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