The Present Future: World Tournament



Date: March 5, 2011


None given.

"The Present Future: World Tournament"

Unknown location

The shadow that creeped in to the room with purpose slinked noiselessly
towards the bed of the sleeping Kaguya. Unbeknownst to the night stalker,
detection would have been triggered in one of them long before now. The
microplates within Kaguya Yasushi that acted to aid in his sensory
detections both in auditory efforts as well as a far enhanced sense of
what can be described as "touch" did not require consciousness to remain.
"You have less than a moment to explain yourself." Yasushi would state
without stirring otherwise. The Death Hand within the shadows would step
slightly in to the light, enough for the mask to be seen. "Kaguya Mitsuo
has been missing long enough for him to be replaced by another. Shirayuki
Hikan. You have been informed well after the fact, and not by his or the
daimyo's command. You are fortunate I was not here to erase you." The
Death Hand would speak within inflection, fear, or even sympathy in its

Yasushi would now roll over slowly after embracing the one who shared
his bed. His eye landed critically on the Death Hand before he said,
"Fortunate for you." The Death Hand would vanish, leaving Yasushi to his
thoughts in the night. There were many things he realized. That Yuuka
would be at risk if he remained. That if Mitsuo was alive he needed to be
found quickly. That his own position as a Seven Swordsman was now
compromised due to the regime change and likely fear from the Daimyo of
the Kaguya. The Death Hand would likely be disbanded or repurposed. It was
even likely that other Swordsman would have been installed already or soon
due to his own "disappearance" in short order. It left Yasushi with little
option but to leave for the time being and get some answers of his own. To
abandon Kirigakure lay heavy on him however, more so, to abandon Yuuka and
leave her with nothing to be extracted from her should others question it.
He would begin to pack very lightly.

The World Tournament was not over, the last match undecided and Yasushi
without a way to exit after the fact due to the urgency of the situation
and his own tier being done before any opponent for him would even be
decided. He did not truly care about this battle, but unfortunately it
would punctuate his departure in one way or another. He would have to hope
that the Death Hand that came to warn him actually came to kill him but
chose his words carefully in his failure or out of respect. If so, news of
Yasushi's disappearance may cause that agent to report exactly what did
not happen. No proof however to provide this, he may himself be killed or
it may be considered with a grain of salt to be true and wariness would
remain. If not, Yasushi would simply disappear for no reason one day and
that would cause more than its fair share of confusion. It was however

Taking up his weapons, he would lay a heavy eye on the blades granted to
him by Mitsuo. The prototypes for a weapon on the Kaguya could dream to
wield proficiently. The next step beyond their own natural abilities: a
weapon that can be controlled outside of their bodies without a direct
connection. Many years and much research was put in to its design as well
as its philosophy. But it was simply the first working model. Yasushi may
never find out what the true purpose of the experiment, of his masterwork
weapons, but it may be unimportant in the end. It may also be the last tie
he has with Kirigakure that is not his own blood. Sheathing them, he would
be ready to disappear in to the night himself for answers and hopefully
for solutions as well.

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