The Price of Treason


Kioshi, Ayumo, Luna (emitter)

Date: January 28, 2012


Kioshi and Ayumo are sent to an underground fighting arena to take care of a Missing Nin.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places

"The Price of Treason"

Island East of the Land of Lightning

Underground fight scenes are not the typical location for a mission from Kumogakure, and normally an ANBU-type would be sent to handle a mission of this kind. However, today's mission seems to require some extra effort to be in disguise for. A Rogue Ninja from Kumogakure has inserted himself into an underground fight scene and has been making quite a name for himself. While this is a nice way for him to make a living outside shinobi work, it has apparently also been a nice way for him to get reported. Two specialists have been sent to deal with this matter. One, Kioshi, a giant of a man whose form is very fitting to this type of environment and whose hand-to-hand combat skills are said to only be second to Raiga himself. The other, Ayumo, a specialist in stealth and ranged combat. His purpose here is to be certain that the target does not escape. A few explosive arrows delivered if the man attempts to bolt should take care of that…

In any case, the makeshift ring is currently surrounded by hundreds of black market spectators who pay to see this sort of bloodsport up close. Torches stand in the corners of it to provide light so that the view is unobstructed. Already, bookies are collecting wagers with big grins on their faces as anticipation of the night's brawl builds.

Standing beside the ring with his arms folded over his chest, Kioshi looks a lot different than he does normally thanks to a bit of temporary dye and tattoos that will fade away in a few days. His long hair is snow white, face covered by a white mask with red markings on it that appear to be a mixture of claw marks and blood splatter. His muscular torso is bare, revealing some tribal-looking tattoos and one that appears to be a dragon on his back, while his waist and legs are covered by a pair of black pants. He carries no kunai, no shuriken, nor any other type of weapon. Seems the savage whose part he plays tonight will prefer to rip his opponent to shreds with his bare hands, which he stands staring out solemnly as he awaits to do.

Ayumo on the other hand, isn't in sight. A 200 feet away, within a tree on a hill so he had a solid field of fire on the ring below, Ayumo was posted up in a blind. He had created it earlier int he day to avoid any potential issues with the mission now. His eyes were glowing a soft blue, the irises that of a crosshair that assisted him with such a long range of fire. His bow was ready, as was the arrows, while he prepared for backing up Kioshi, if needed.

Kioshi was right in determining that this savage of a shinobi was well to do with his bare hands. Gio was a formidable shinobi, drunk with his own desires for riches and glory that he wasn't able to obtain within the realm of shinobi. He drifted into the underworld as a bloody knuckled savage and for awhile now had been renowed as a champion of the ring. "Gio! Gio! TEAR HIM APART!" The crowd chanted as the man revealed himself from the opposite corner of the ring. His frame was muscular and bulky, a giant among men himself. He definitely was a lot larger ever since leaving the village, his training had prompted him to simply become stronger and it showed as his veiny truck sized palms crackled his knuckles and giving Kioshi a wide toothless grin.

" You sure you want to step into the Lion's Den? Small Fry?" The man taunted, he himself was only wearing a pair of loose fitted pants, shirtless, and a cleanly shaven skull. The burly man was ready to fight! " I don't show any mercy, I'll rip the limbs off your body boy,"

Kioshi seems completely unfazed by the chanting or Gio's words. He steps into the right across from the fellow giant and tilts his head slightly, asking quite sacrastically, "You say something, Chiisana-hime? I didn't quite catch that." He tilts his head side to side to crack his neck a bit then steps into a powerful stance. However powerful this guy might be rumored to be, there is no sign of fear or backing down in this one. Ayumo may just be the first person to see what Kioshi can actually do in combat since his recovery from that coma. He's in better shape than ever, which may prove ill for Gio, as this old soldier is quite unforgiving when it comes to treason.

Gio merely smirked as he leaned in with his bald head, peering at Kioshi he flashed a grni and merely shook his head. " Oh what's that? Name calling? How about this… I'll let you get one free hit…and then after that I'll dismember your little body," The man taunted and leaned in a little further, poking his cheek out just so Kioshi could suck punch him right in the face. " This will be the only chance I will runt like you before I stomp you across the floor," The taunt was final, and despite waiting for the blow to hit he did at least summon up a wave of chakra about him, properly preparing himself for what was to come.

At the offer of the free hit, Kioshi blinks a few times and smirks beneath his mask. Really, this guy is making this too easy. "Free hit, huh?.. As you wish then," he says with a shrug. Then, a surge of lightning kicks up around him, powering his body for combat as he torques his torso into a powerful eletric punch aimed directly at Gio's jaw with full intent to break it, followed up by a jab directly at his face to try to knock him down on his back. If this lands, not only will the man feel the impact of the punch, but a large jolt of electricity will surge through his body and cause his muscles to spasm and drain a good deal of his energy away.

Little did Kioshi know there was an immensely dense layer of chakra covering the Gio's body, it seemed as though he had been cheating his natural toughness the entire time. Down to the core he was still a shinobi, and chakra was his weapon of choice. Each smacked into his flesh, however the attacks didn't seem to deter him or even bother moving him out of place. He was an unmoveable force grinning at Kioshi with glee, he knew though at this point the man wasn't a push over. " A shinobi huh? That stakes just got higher!" With those words he pushed himself forward, channeling chakra throughout his body and attempting to force Kioshi into a single close line, his arm empowered with physical chakra casing around his limb, the single strike would come hard and face, hopefully enough to knock Kioshi on his back and force him to clench at his throat.

As it seems the man is about to send Kioshi toppling, he disappears with a crackle of lightning just before the impact. However, he is not running away. Since the guy has a thick enough outer layer to withstand something like that, perhaps grounding him and beating him another way would be best. Not even a second after the strike is initiated, Kioshi would reappear behind Gio with a hand grabbing at his ankle. If the man doesn't move away in time, he will literally be flung into the air by his ankle with enough force to give his body a shock when it comes down and give Kioshi an opening.

Gio was a tough as earth but when it came to speed he was lacking just a little bit. Kioshi's sudden burst of speed caught him completely off guard and routing him at the knees until he was tossed in the opposite direction, it was literally like watching a boulder take flight, and his weight made it almost impossible to handle himself in the air. Regardless he rolled his body, waiting for the right time to reposition himself. "Once I regain myself…" The man grimanced and spoke under hisb reath, plotting his next move.

Ayumo kept alert, although still in his blind. Those eyes watched the fight unfold. Impressed all over again with the abilities that Kioshi had at his disposal. There would be a silent nod given. The man was definitely someone to listen to for combative advice. He's glad to have gotten the help all over again and will work even harder now to do due dilligance for the instructions given to him.

Deciding not to allow this guy to have enough time to regain himself, Kioshi leaps up into the air to grab him. In an impressive mid-air grapple, Kioshi goes to grab the man from behind and move into a powerful backward spin to bring him down directly on his head and neck with full intent on breaking them. No Holds Barred is a concept the man is apparently honoring in this fight, as he seems to plan on carrying Gio out either crippled or dead.

The crackling of bones could be heard as the man was smashed completely ontop of himself, the ground quaked in his drop and he falls flat on his back, eyes glaring up at the ceiling above… His eyes were glossing over slightly, he was dazed and such an attack was definitely hard to recover from. His bones werent mush but he was certainly fractured to an extent. "You are just some hot shot…" The man finally reeled himself to a stand and flexed his chakra further, putting all he could muster into a single attack, "Die sell it!" The man exclaims, sending the thrust of his fist towards Kioshi's left shoulder, the impact capable of forcing him back for a swift follow up. If it hit…

With the incoming strike, Kioshi disappears again, evading the man with ease. "Not just 'some' hotshot," he says in amusement as he reappears directly at the man's side mid-flying roundhouse, the powerful kick aimed directly at the side of the man's skull. At a whisper only he and Gio could hear, he asks, "Or have you forgotten the name 'Raiden'?" If the guy has a good memory from the Clan Wars, he may now know exactly who it is who's come to punish him for his treason, though others would be quite clueless.

The powerful kick trained at his skull was only met with the boulder like structure which made up Gio, he turned his eyes upon Kioshi and smirked upon those words. " I've always dreamed about shoving the Raiden down into the dirt… All that glory… ALL OF MY GLORY," The man exclaims. With such close proximity his fist anchored back and swiftly aimed forward like a freight train, two swift strikes forced right towards Kioshi's stomach to send him tumbling back if necessary, each strike was definitely carrying a lot of power behind it. Despite the broken bones Gio wasn't out for the count just yet.

Ayumo would give a small nod. The man was strong.. but it looks like Kioshi had done enough damage to him. Drawing that net arrow, he'd pull back on his bow, aiming high. After a moment's gathering for the proper chakra control, it'd get launched up into the air. A second arrow drawn and notched, Ayumo watched his first arrow falling, narrowing that cone of impact as he launched the second one. For those at the ring area, a sudden explosion would happen over the ring, the half of the mat that Gio was on would suddenly be covered with nets, the sticky mess quickly tangling up with anyone trying to struggle in them. Ayumo got some inspiration for that from spiders it seems.

With the strike coming his way, Kioshi swiftly sends a knee directly at Gio's face, intending to knock him off balance and thus his course. Before the second strike can come his way, he disappears with a crackle of lightning. A split-second after the nets cover the ring, he would appear again, going to grab the man and slam him thunderously down on the ground, intending to break both him and the ground to finish this fight. He seems not to really care if Gio is brought in for interrogation or just dies here.

Gio was having difficulties… His body begining to fail and it became apparent once the sticky goo exploded all over him he was forced back and slammed against the ground only to be once again grabed and slam yet again with the thundering lightning cratering beneath the man has he laid in a hole within the ground before them. The trap began to take hold, disabling him from being able to go any further with his attacks. The rush of the attacks was enough to submit him into shock, literally rocking him to the core as he passed out right then and there. While he wasn't dead he was… completely knocked out, bones splintered all throughout his body… The treasoness shinobi could have been taken alive…

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