The Prison Escape


Hikari, Ataru, Jenkai

Date: February 7, 2013


Ataru, Jenkai, and Hikari are sent on a mission to go to the new prison in Konohagakure and test out it's security. Arriving together and being stripped of their belongings, the tree enter the yard with the rest of the prisoners. Running into some unwanted trouble, Ataru and Hikari get into a brawl started by the intelligent yet conniving Jenkai. After a few rounds, their adversary was beat and the three were free to flee.

Poster's note: Foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Prison Escape"

Konohagakure's New Prison

A random group of 3 people were selected by Konoha to test security on a new prison. They were assigned to work together (or else Jenkai) and shipped to the land of fire new prison location. There were a few shinobi locked down in there, but most of the people there were considered 'regular' people. There were of course the groups within the prison, people who worked together that watched others. The three of them were part of a group of 15 that was assimilated into the jail, their mission was to break out within a week's time. Otherwise they would be extracted as a good test of the security of the place.

Ataru wasn't sure about being sent into such a location anyways. He knew that people who would be hunting for him could be in there.. but it was what it was. Either way, he'd nod towards Hikari and Jenkai in greeting, before they were shipped off to jail. He was quiet, allowing them to search him for weapons, etc. Not that it really mattered to him, he carried his own at all times. Once inside the jail and assigned a cell, they were allowed to the yard for work out time. That would be where the real fun begins.

Jenkai stayed quiet himself as the group met up and headed out to the location as well. The boy eyed the guards as they patted him down. They almost seemed surprised that he wasn't carrying a weapon. Once the chuunin made his way back to the two other teammates on this mission, He took a good look around the yard. Finally after all this time of silence, he spoke up. "Did they really need three Chuunin for such a mission? I'm sure there are other genin eager to sign up for missions such as these. What a waste of my time."

Hikari was rather intrigued by the mission she was assigned, she'd never done anything like this before and was quite excited. The excitement showed on her face as Hikari reached her team, "Hey Ataru." she said kindly as she nodded his way. Looking over to the boy she didn't know, she just nodded and smiled. Looking him over with a slight sense of curiosity, "Don't judge a book by there cover, Hikari," she thought to her self. Once arriving, the worst part was about to begin. Watching Ataru and Jenkai be patted down by the gaurds, Hikari's face turned a brighter shade of red than her hair. Taking a step back from the guard approaching her, she finally stood her ground and closed her eyes as he searched her for weapons. Her hands squeezed into tight fists until he was done, "That was embarrassing," she giggled out quietly. Ready to go she looked at Ataru, "Lead the way!"

Nodding to the other two as they were escorted in, he'd head out to the field with them. A sidelong glance at Jenkai, he'd raise a brow. "Eh.. I am a genin mate.. but we're suppose ta keep that low key in here.." Moving towards the exercise equipment, he'd be casually scanning the crowd, stiffening slightly as he'd try to hide his tall form behind Hikari. "Ahh.. hey guys? That man over there.. ta the left.. dun look directly at him!" it was almost expected for that to be reflexive action. "He's one of the enforcers fer the mafia that's after me. Ifn he recognizes me.. there might be a fight." Sighing softly, he'd look about the place. "We gotta figure out a way ta bust outta here, eh? Whatcha guys thing? I mean.. they took all the stuff.. although I still have Kyouki.."

Jenkai peers down at Aturo after he mentions being a genin. "Huh? Well you fooled me. I know people of higher rank than you that don't look as capable as you do." It wasn't clear if that was an attempt at a compliment but it didn't matter for long. The Chuunin looks over his shoulder at the one who Ataru pointed out. "How did he get locked up in here in the first place?" He glances at the girl then back to Ataru. "You mean to tell me that the whole point in us being locked up is to escape?" Of course he says this at almost a whisper to where only the group can hear him.

Looking back at Ataru who was trying to hide behind her, Hikari couldn't help but let out a laugh, "Hey bud, I don't think hiding behind me is gonna help very much. You look like a giant standing behind me with a bright red target in front of your chest!" she continued, pointing to her hair. "Go hide behind that one," motioning to Jenkai as she gave him a wink. "And yea, we are supposed to escape. Which I don't see how that can be too hard right? Can't I just pick a guard, get him in my shadows as we slip out unnoticed?" she whispered to the two as she headed over to some weights, picking one up with a struggle and placing it back down not wanting to make a fool of herself.

"A week, huh?" Jenkai rubs his chin as he scans the yard. "I say this is going to take less than a day." Ignoring the other teammates for the time being he looks back at the only door leading in and out of the yard. "Are these only civilians or are some possible shinobi?" He asks looking at Ataru who to him seems to know more about this place than anyone else between them.

"Havent found a target yet, and yes there are possibly some shinobi here," Hikari answered for Ataru. "For now, I think I'm gonna walk around and see where the guards are posted and figure out their rounds, I'll be back in a moment." Hikari walks away, hands in her pockets and looking down at her feet as she walked towards on of the walls, she peers up surveying the guards.

Ataru would shake his head slightly. "I don't know for sure.. I think they've said both.. I know the enforcer can do a bit of solid tai.." He'd shrug, shifting on his feet slightly. A nod was given towards Hikari as she walked around. Ataru looked back to Jenkai then. "Uh.. we can probably figure it's a few mixed.. ifn we're lookin at tryin ta get out.. there's probably others too, yah? So.. I guess be ready fer them ta know how ta stop shinobi gettin out too.." He'd start to wander away from Jenkai as well, heading over to the heavier exercise stuff to lift the biggest weight with one hand and start pumping it. Well.. it wasn't quite as heavy as his boulder, but guess it could do.

As the two nin leave Jenkai standing alone he peers over by the mafia enforcer. "Well, they want to put together this stupid mission to test their security system then let's push give them a good test." He mutters to himself as he makes his way over to the leader. Cracking his head from side to side he calls over to the enforcer. "Hey! I hear you have quite the reputation as a hard ##orange|## around here. Is it true what they say about you?" His expression was stern and his nerves were calm as he looked on to the enforcer and any other "friends" he might have with him.

Walking around the yard, minding her own business trying to create a sturdy plan to get her and her group out, Hikari suddenly hears yelling. As she turns around towards the commotion, she realizes its Jenkai. *face palm* Hikari shakes her head as she jogs closer to the scene, not wanting to give away that she was with this loudmouth, she leaned up against a post about ten feet from what was happening and watched cautiously. Motioning slightly to Ataru to come watch a little closer, just in case they had to jump in and save him.

Ataru would look over at the loud voice. sighing as Jenkai just confronted the guy he said to avoid. Shaking his head, he'd put the weight back, walking closer to the immediate surrounding of inmates, leaving the enforcer and Jenkai in the middle. Of course, the enforcer had 5 guys with him. Ataru would hiss at Jenkai. "Not a good idea!" Although it might be lost in the crowd's taking up of muttering about them.

The enforcer would look at the others around him, then down at Jenkai, raising a brow as he'd check Jenkai over. "You.. with.. that.. being all ya got.. are comin up to me.. and calling me out?" He'd sigh softly with a slow shake of his head. "You do realize that now I have to kill you. It's very impolite to call others out." The enforcer would shrug then, balling up a fist. "You ready then?"

"Or…" Jenkai would raise his finger to the enforcer. "You can save that energy and help us break out of here." The chuunin would show no fear and a confident expression on his face to the enforcer. "You see, we have certain…abilities at our disposal. We could go about this the hard way and do it on our own, or we can enlist in your aid and your more than capable buddies to make the job a bit easier. In exchange if I ever need a favor down the road i can count on you and your friends." He then looks down at Ataru then back up at the enforcer. "Oh and he gets dropped from your group's radar. What do you say?"

Hikari laughs quietly at Jenkai's cockiness, but is also quite impressed with his lack of fear. Or maybe that's just stupidity… Anyways. Hikari walked to where Ataru was and whispered to him, "Sounds like a good deal to me, we were going to get into trouble in here sooner or later. Let's just take them." Hikari takes a ribbon out of her pocket that the guards missed and tied up her hair, "Ready when you are." she whispered to herself, her stance morphing into a sturdy fighting stance as her eyes narrowed towards Jenkai and the others.

That did it. The enforcer casually glanced over towards where Jenkai had motioned, turning immediately into a stare. Ataru took a step back and the man roared. "YOU ARE GONNA DIE MEAT!!" He'd promptly try to push Jenkai out of the way, rushing at that side of the crowd that would part like the red sea with Ataru paling slightly. Rose roseroseroserose!!! He looked left and right, muttering before he'd slide a foot back, hands coming up in defense. This was going to hurt it seems.

Jenkai sighs as he stumbles back due to the enforcer's shove. "Should've known better than to talk reason to a monkey." The chuunin folds his arms across his chest as he looks over to Hikari. "You going to help him out?" He asks remembering that she is from the Nara clan. Hopefully she would bind the enforcer still so that he could attempt to talk reason to him once more. Whether if the enforcer was bound or not by Hikari, Jenkai would continue talking. "Stop right there." Jenkai calls out just a little lower than a shout. "Its pointless to fight here, Enforcer. For one, you do not know what we are capable of. I just told you we have the capablity to break out of here on our own. Apparently if you were anywhere close to that kind of power you would've done that already, yes? So theres proof that you can not take us all. Secondly, not only would you have to fight us off but also the guards. Thus now ruining the chance of any escape now that they'll have all eyes on us. So, the logical thing to do is put aside your differences for now and play ball if you want any chance of escaping. If you aren't willing to listen, im sure your…friends here are smart enough to choose freedom over ill logic any time. Then you would have a lower chance of getting anywhere near close to your own personal goal of beating him down." He says motioning towards Ataru. "This is my last offer. What's it going to be?" This time his question was not only to the enforcer but his gang of friends as well.

Jumping in front of Ataru, Hikari yells at the enforcer coming straight towards them, "If you wanna get to him, you have to get through me!" she points at her own chest. Her heart beating rapidly, she takes a step forwards while doing multiple hand seals, she whispers, "Shadow imitation." The dark figure of Hikari on the ground raced towards the enforcer through the crowd, bolting straight towards his own shadow. If all goes as planned, Hikari's shadow would connect with his thus hindering his movement and she would have total control of his body. Hopefully giving Jenkai enough time to talk this over with the thugs.

Yeah, it seems the man wasn't interested in listening. He'd continue rushing at Hikari and Ataru. As the shadow tried to lunge for the enforcer, he'd grab someone standing nearby, throwing them in the way to bind Hikari's shadow up with the man as he lept to the side. "You all get out of the way! The meat is dead, then we talk!" The rest of the men scattered, some of the guards taking notice as the Enforcer finally reached Ataru, who would immediately blur away, skidding off to the side. "rose rose rose.. why'd ya do it to me??" A flash of light had Kyouki, the spear show up in Ataru's hands, he'd flip it about and set the point towards the charging man. "Fine.. ya want some.. come get some mate.."

Jenkai sighs as he sees that his words were wasted. He doesnt bother adding to the fight and instead just rubs his tired eyes. "When's lunch time anyways? They didn't even feed us before locking us up. You guys notice that too?" Even though Jenkai doesnt show signs on joining in the fight he is at least on guard in case of someone getting the bright idea to mess with him.

Trying to just get this guy to stop attacking, Hikari began to focus her chakra down to her feet. Stomping her foot into the ground she yelled, "Earth Spire!" The ground shook as three separate spires of rock hard earth bolted out of the ground and towards the enforcer as he ran towards them. Still standing in front of Ataru, she yells at the man running towards them, "You don't want to do this I'm telling ya, you're gonna regret it!"

The man literally leaped onto the earth spears, getting higher into the air as they cracked the ground before him, leading in to him jumping up high. "Fine! You can die with the meat then!" He'd come down, massive fist leading, while Ataru would curse, forcing Kyouki to vanish and grab Hikari, blurring them both off to the side. A rather large crater was formed where they had been standing at. Ataru would put Hikari on her feet with a sigh. "This is why I stayed in Konoha.." Turning to face the enforcer, the guards were coming down off the towers now with their cudgels ready. The man ignored all of it, his focus on Ataru. "You boy.. you made a disgrace of me! I'm here because YOU GOT AWAY!!" If anything, he was getting even more bluebelled off as he walked closer. "You are going to DIE!!!!"

Seeing that the monkey enforcer is now starting quite the ruckus, Jenkai would make his way to the doors leading back into the building. "So um, are you guys just going to stand there and watch the brawl or are you going to do something about them?" He asks a guard who is standing post.

Noticing the guards were coming down from their towers, Jenkai decided to make his way over to the fence. "This isn't going to turn out well for someone." He mutters. "Well time for plan B then. Stupid baffoons. I swear, why is it hard for people to be as smart as me? It hurts my head sometimes." The chuunin was now posted up against the fence with his arms folded across his chest. He looked on to the scene as if he had something planned.

Being picked up and moved by Ataru gave Hikari quite the startle. "Violet…didn't expect you to do that!" she laughed out, I guess I'll try one more time. All of a sudden, Hikari's pale face became very serious as a sudden dark mist came about her whole body making her look quite eerie. "It's time for you to calm down, let's try this again, Shadow body bind!" she yelled. Hikari's shadow had now become much faster than before, rushing to where the enforcer now stood within seconds it morphed with his own. "Hopefully this one gets him," Hikari thought to herself, not being able to get a hit on the brute yet.

The man would indeed be caught, mid-stride by Hikari's shadow binding. Locked in place, she'd immediately feel that immense struggle as he tried to ward off her shadow control of his body. Ataru would flash Hikari a sheepish grin. "Sorry.. Just didn't wanna getcha hurt.." He'd nod at her, glancing towards Jenkai before he'd shift his feet. "a'right.. time ta settle this then.." That ripple of chakra surging through his body would cause his whole muscular form fill out more. Those pistons formed of chakra within arms and legs as he'd take another step forward. "Hold em still Hikari.. I'm 'bout ta drop em.." As the guards rushed past Jenkai, leaving a potential escape through that door of the guard house, Ataru would blur and vanish. The beat down commensed, a rapid flurry of blows that easily numbered up to 100 as he was assaulted on all sides at once it seems. The pillars of earth were used as launch points, giving Ataru something to kick off of, shattering the rock as he did while he gave the man a beat down of his life. Once it was over, the man was staggering, definitely ready to go down for the count it seems. Although, he wasn't quite out of it yet. Ataru was panting as well. It wasn't easy to do that right off like that, he usually focused and gathered himself, but it had to be done.

Jenkai figured as much as he noticed the guard house was now ill attended. He casually walks over the guard house. "This has been a waste of my marigold time." He mutters in stride. "I could be out doing recon work, or doing search and rescue. Instead, the intellegent and all knowing Konoha council that it was necessary to go through with this buttercup." Once inside he scans all around to find that there are stairs leading up and another flight of stairs leading down. What catches his eyes though is a door. A door that doesnt happen to have a knob. He takes one long look at it and frowns. "I'm not amused." Looking back over his shoulder he calls out to Ataru. "Hey you with the muscles. I've got a job for you." He says not really caring who else happens to hear him.

Still holding the struggling man in her shadowy hold, Hikari remains calm and begins to focus chakra. Feeling the man's struggle, Hikari walked over to him and whispered, you need to calm down, you are being quite annoying." she patted him on the head and looked over at Ataru, "Thanks for moving me away from, well, that," she said as she pointed to the giant hole in the ground made by their adversary. "Now can you go see what he wants, I have him under control for now."

The man had pretty much given up struggling. Then of course the guards would arrive and he'd get beaten down further. Hikari would be escorted away by two rather burly looking guards as well, They figured she was part of the trouble and wanted to make sure she didn't cause more. Ataru would flicker away, avoiding any attention by the guards to stop next to Jenkai. "whatsup? Oh.." He'd punch Jenkai in the arm lightly. "That's fer pointin me out."

Jenkai would look down at his arm where Ataru punched him then back up at Ataru. "Dont touch me. Anyways, if the monkeys didnt want to listen to reason then I needed a distraction." The chuunin looks around him to point out the obvious. "I'd say "thanks" is indeed called for." Looking over Ataru, he notices Hikari being dragged away. "Poppyit. I swear, this much trouble isnt worth effort. The door seems to be only be able to open electronically from some point. Break it down for me. I'll get the girl and meet you back here."

Without another word, Jenkai takes off running along the wall with an angry look on his face. "Last thing i wanted to do today was break a sweat." He muttered. The chuunin timed it just right to where he would engage the two guards once they were far enough away from the commotion of guards and thugs. This would increase his chances of getting the girl free. Jumping down in order to block the guard's route he folded his arms across his chest. "I don't have time to deal with you nor do i want to hurt you so you have two choices." He glances over to see how much luck Ataru was having then to gauge how much time he had before other guards joined their buddies that were carrying off the Nara. "Give me the girl and go help your comrades settle the yard down; or be humilated and possibly lose your jobs on top of you might or might not getting pretty badly injured in the process. What do you say?"

Not wanting any more trouble herself, Hikari just stood there arms out being held by the two guards waiting to see if she was going to have to grab them with her shadows as well. Staring at Jenkai thinking to herself, "You better know what you are doing or I swear on my life I will…erg." Ready to strike if she had to, Hikari closed her eyes and still being covered in a transparent skin of shadow, any one looking at her was able to see them start to pulse lightly.

The guards would glance at each other, then Jenkai and Hikari, before they'd just shrug, let her go and run back into the fray. They were quickly wrapping up the rioting people. Meanwhile, Ataru eyed Jenkai, then the door. Grumbling about chuunin ordering people about, he'd gathering himself and with a massive kick, slams his foot at the door's lock location. There was a rather loud CRACK, causing the riot to pause and look that way as Ataru peeked out the door. "Uh.. it's open…"

Jenkai helped Hikari to her feet. "I actually didnt think they would go for the easier route. I'm glad to see you were ready for my plan A though." At that moment he hears the loud crack and looks over in Ataru's direction. The paused commotion then grabs his attention. "Periwinkleit. Come on. We've gotta beat them out before they turn on the emergency lock down mechanisms." He says leading Hikari by her hand in a dead sprint to the guard house.

Trying to keep up with Jenkai dragging her, Hikari was half sprinting half jumping into the air so that he could drag her along. "Hurry hurry hurry," she yelled. Her red hair whipping in every which direction from how fast they were going. Running past a few prisoners, Hikari gave them all a little smirk before being dragged past. Finally reaching Ataru, Hikari caught her breath, "Let's get out of here please, that was a lot more hectic than I imagined."

Ataru would look between them, shrug and attempt to grab them both. The open door left behind, Ataru would blur into the courtyard, right before the prisoners, from there, he lept up to the top of the tower and would launch them off into the trees. Hey.. they said they wanted to leave, right? It'd be about a mile out, he'd finally have to drop to the forest floor, panting as he'd let them off on their feet and drop to a knee. "That.. was.. intense.."

Jenkai allows himself to be snatched up. Once his feet hit the ground he does a tuck and roll and nearly slams his head on a tree trunk. The chuunin gets to his feet and dusts himself off. "Yea….yea it was. Funny how one's decisions decide the outcome of so many people's lives. Had that enforcer guy chose to work with us he would be able to be breathing in fresh air and who knows…perhaps even had a change of heart in the process given the circumstance of having a second chance at life. People underestimate the power of choice." He says still looking towards the direction of the prison. Lost in his own thoughts and wearing an expression as if feeling sorry for those who were stuck behind those walls.

Landing right on her butt after hitting a few branches on the way down, Hikari stood up and wiped herself off. Looking over to Jenkai and responding, "Or he could've gotten out and tried to kill Ataru again, either way…" Hikari laughed out. "So, does that mean our mission is over? I am starving, who wants to go to the Ramen House?" Rubbing her tummy that was now making many gurgling noises.

Ataru would chuckle with a shake of his head at the both of them. "yeah.. sure.. let's go turn in our report.." He'd wearily follow after them to head for Konoha. Sure, maybe it wore him out, but not only did he, but his other team mates got out of that prison too. Considering the open yard, they were going to have to deal with that soon of course. Of course, on the flip side, they were going to have to deal with the semi-high tech door being broken by a really hard kick. Kyouki wasn't really pleased with Ataru doing that, but the mental reminder that it was an order by the chuunin, as part of the mission made it an uneasy quiet instead.

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