The Quelling of Insanity


Setsiro, Mitsuomi

Date: August 27, 2010


A need to relieve tension sparks up a spar between two of Kumogakure's ninjas. One partially loses control, and the other has to bring them back to their senses.

"The Quelling of Insanity"

Rain Lake

Setsiro was at the shore of Raiun Lake, sword in hand. She moved slowly, languidly, her weapon glinting in the noon day sun as she went through a kenjutsu kata. A small breeze picked up her hair, slinging it across her face as she performed a slow, cross-wise slash but she ignored it. Abruptly, it picked up and she dashed onto the waters of the lake, feet barely touching, barely creating ripples, her blade lashing out a a dozen different enemies. One of her light steps took her just a little higher than the others, and she twisted, eleven swift glints of light flashing in eleven different places as she flipped.

Mitsuomi strolled across the shore of the lake as Setsiro was performing a rather impressive display. He stopped as he almost felt an urge to join in the display of ability that seemed to be commonplace in this village. A small doubt rose in his mind that he could keep up with that kind of speed, but the thought that speed came at a sacrifice rose in his head. Usually, the faster an opponent, the more fragile. Fighting back these thoughts Mitsuomi called out in a booming voice, "Oi, pretty nice swing you got there. Don't exhaust yourself too much!"

"That sounds like a challenge," called Setsiro back, her blade arcing through further attacks as she lunged, legs spread far and turned that into a sweep, droplets of water spraying up as her foot skids across the surface of the lake. She turned the sweep into a low pivot, "If that was a challenge, come meet it." She rose, going into a split legged backflip, "I need to relieve a bit of tension."

While not originally intended as a challenge Mitsuomi was up for a bit of exercise today. His hand moved up to grab his shirt and discard the piece of fabric to the shore behind him. This act exposed his scarred flesh and bulging muscles that showed either a life of battle, or a life of stupidity. With a slow breath he leapt out onto the waters around Setsiro. The waters erupted up in a wave from the impact, but he was still left standing atop its surface. She had the advantage now…but he did not care. This was for fun. "Kumogakure's Chuunin Double Impact Mitsuomi!" Those were his only words as he stood looking to his opponent.

Mitsuomi stands at a staggering height of just a hair over six foot six. His entire body is composed of clearly defined muscles that are far from hidden in his form fitting clothing. Usually, it is in dark colors such as navy blue or black and consists of long pants and a long sleeve shirt that cuts off at his wrists. Over his hands are black leather knuckle gloves.

The small woman comes to a stop, panting lightly as she looked up to Mitsuomi, her 5'2 height making the journey to his eyes a long one. But she did not seem daunted. Rather, her eyes were fierce, blue pools glowing with the light of the sun and something else. "Reizei Setsiro," was offered, her breathing slowing.
The blade she held in hand drooped until its point touched the surface of the lake, ripples throwing themselves from the point, as if fleeing its touch. "I am not in the best of moods, Brawler. I cannot promise I will stay gentle for long. I wish for you to have the first strike."

Mitsuomi only smiled a bit at her concern for him and her mood. With a deep breath he began to focus converting his raw physical energy into chakra. The amount was no drop in this bucket as it flared up causing even more water erupt all around him before he settled down into an appropriate stance. His eyes narrowed down on the smaller prey. "I don't care about your mood. You best try and cut me…"
Shifting slightly he let his eyes scan the area. "I will not move from this spot. You have the first attack. Try and cut me. You could go for my throat…my eyes…hell you could kill me in one blow. Let's see if you can even make that overgrown butterknife scratch me!"

Setsiro's eyes flash, fixing Mistuomi with a gimlet gaze, teeth showing in a fierce, battle-lusty grin. "Intense…" was her quiet hiss as the water settled about them. She lifted her blade, eyes never moving from where they lay, steady as stone. And she struck, not once, but three times. Bright flickers in the air between the two, showing the sun as the only spectator to the movements. But she made play of the request, as each strike that managed to cut did so with only a small line. A cut that would fill with blood that wouldn't spill. Just a scratch.

Mitsuomi stood still as the blade flew past him. His chakra moved to cover his body, but the strikes were a bit too fast and beat his chakra to it. Three lines appeared on his body as a crimson reminder. "Fast…" was all he said as he looked to her and not even bothering to address his wounds.
Sighing a bit he let his eyes close and suddenly his foot shot out into the water by Setsiro. Chakra exploding from the foot creating a shockwave to disrupt the water and throw even an experienced shinobi off balance before a heavy fist moved out carried by the aforementioned step to crash into her midsection.

There was definitely some disturbances going on at the Raiun Lake. Out on patrol, Maia would come wandering by as she pauses, pursing her lips as she watches the two spar. She crosses her arms over her chest as she looks around and takes a deep breath, seeing what the outcome would be.

"Thank you," said Setsiro with a grin, hopping to avoid the tumultuous shock wave yet staying low to the ground to retain her movement. She saw the next blow coming in and put her legs down to touch water again. She hadn't taken the waves caused into account, and she took a little too longer for her feet to hit water. So, the punch clipped her in the stomach. Rather than go whirling in an acrobatic attempt to counter or stay on her feet, she settled for slashing once along the muscle of his arm and tucking into a roll.

Mitsuomi smiled a bit as he saw the blade at it made contact with the chakra coating on his arm. To his surprise she cut through and managed a little gash on his bicep. Looking to the arm he couldn't help chuckle. A chuunin hit him long before a rogue jounin…this would be fun. Not getting lost he charged his fists with massive amounts of chakra each. It almost began a tangible amount before he lunged forward to slam them both towards her. This was the test. Could she avoid the Double Impact?!

Maia continues to watch as she nose scrunches and takes a deep breath as she purses her lips and continues watching.

Setsiro came out of the roll with blades whirring, knocking both arms aside in rapid succession, a light grunt coming from her at the effort of turning them aside, and in that position, she only managed to put them on either side of her. "What do you have for me, Mitsuomi?" is asked as she takes advantage of being within his reach.
She moves forward, bringing her sword in a slash from stomach to shoulder and followed that momentum upwards and airborne. She sent another slash at his shoulder blade as she spun around, now in back of him and having her own space once more.

Mitsuomi's eyes narrowed a bit as his chakra flared up around his body. The initial slash was just a hair too fast for him to raise the defense completely against as he began to bleed slightly. The back slash met his armored skin and didn't even leave a scratch on his hunched form. With a low growl what appeared to be veins began to bulge out from under the skin much like that of a steroid addicted body builder. Though they began to twitch and squirm as he moved making it clear that they were not veins. In seconds his muscles bulged and his eyes narrowed. Using the distraction to his advantage he spun around and let loose a heavy hand towards his opponent.

"Mm?" was Setsiro's surprised noise at the sudden shift in physiology, the veins that were not veins, the growl that was slightly less — more — baser than human. He sword swept up from her side, and she ducked over backwards, lifting the hand so that it slid up over her.
"Why are" By the time she said these words, she'd already turned the backwards bend into an in place backhand spring. "you this— " Her blade swept out, aiming for the meat of Mitsuomi's legs. "—Strong, brawler?"

Mitsuomi leapt into the air as the blade caught his thigh and made him roar out as he landed back on the water. His massive frame lurched forward in a blur launching his massive fingers around Setsiro to grab the base of her spine and heft her overhead. This man was more a beast the more he was enticed. Hit or miss with his back breaker the brawler's free hand began to glow as visible bands of chakra swirled around his body to culminate in this fist. If it was the technique that only two others in the village had seen this would be a catastrophic event.

Setsiro's arm flashed, batting the brawler's hand away from her as she back trotted. "Stop that," was said by the Reizei, but her eyes flickered to the spark of chakra starting at Mitsuomi's hands and the chakra glowing around the rest of his body. She frowned lightly, knowing that whatever was coming next was going to be big, and from his strength… she did not want to be near when it happened. So she retreated quickly, one swift slash aimed at the man's collarbone, hoping a bit of pain would awaken and distract him.

Mitsuomi did not respond the new input from the risen nerve bundles clouded his mind completely aside his enemy at this point. The swirling chakra condensed for a moment to stop the blade's swing a short distance above his skin. With a heavy step forward that broke the water's tension and caused his foot to sink into the water a few inches Mitsuomi's fist shout out towards Setsiro. The rapidly coiling chakra channeled down his arm and barreled out causing the water to part a short distance under it. The force of the blast made the calm water begin to ripple and the wind backlash. While not the most finessed or discreet technique this technique packed the power needed to end most fights in a single hit.

Setsiro's lips purse into a thin line, a frown coming onto her face as the chakra simply kept gathering and she imagined she could feel her face tingling from the power of it. 'Why… is he not approaching?' Even on the brink of anger based insanity, the brawler should— she let out a hiss of breath.
And then he shot, the attack a ranged one rather than powerful strike. Immediately, she set to moving faster then the eye could see. She leaped away, heading forward and to the side of the blast…
…But she was too slow. She vanished, only to reappear flying away from Mitsuomi behind him at an angle. Her speed added to the impact of the attack kept her airborne flying over the water, the damage… But it wasn't over yet. No, not that. Her hands flashed through seals with a quickness and she pointed to the waters. Lightning arced…

Mitsuomi leapt up into the air only to land just outside the effective ranges of the individual arcs time and again closing the gap with each leap. He smiled as he watched the lightning begin to arc across the now soothing waters. Waves began to light up with the energy he narrowly avoided. His legs began to surge as he focused chakra through them. The giant of a man was looking to drop kick Setsiro under the water and wait to see the little lightning bug try and zap him when she risked the shock as well.

Setsiro let out a little grunt as she saw him coming. Having recovered somewhat, she realized that she was still flying… and that she would have to defend herself. She sighed at that, a little, and tensed the muscles in her arm. She slammed the hand, infused with chakra in water walking, into the glistening water and pressed her blade against her side, holding it in a reverse grip. She twisted as she flew upwards, Mitsuomi's feet hitting the blade and she let all of that energy poor into a spin, whipping the weapon out so that she struck three times in less than a second, rising all the while.
Still spinning, she focused her eyes, expecting him to take advantage of her inability to stop the rotation. But it could be had had never faced a Reizei. Split second reactions are their staple.

Mitsuomi was not expecting the rapid blade flurry as his body sank into the water instead of his target. Chakra flared as he sank down. The first slash digging into his one good thigh. His surged chakra faded as it was bashed through and the second found way to his side. Letting his chakra fade him completely, the mass of muscle sank like a rock through the water and under the third slash of her blade. Letting his body begin to rise as he refocused his chakra Mitsuomi let loose a few waves of kunai from below to slice into Setsiro.

Blade whirring, Setsiro continued in her rapid spinning. Sparks flew from the kunai as they were sent in all directions, the weapon arcing away from her body without a taste of her touch. But then she grew too dizzy, her reactions too slow. The spinning slowed and this itself disoriented her some. Kunai began finding gaps, coming closer and undefended, or only partially deflected. One nicked her on the shoulder, close to her neck and she bared her teeth. This would have to end, and now. Mitsuomi would have to be brought under reign.
She realized, then, at the kunai had stopped coming and she was falling. Her hand whipped to her side and she drew a dagger from its sheathe. She pondered, briefly, on using her lightning jutsu once more, but knew it would not do enough to drag him out of his… insanity. So she prepared herself… and fell.
Both blades lashed out, aimed to pierce into the hollow of the brawler's shoulders, striking nerves that would render him immobile. She would land behind the surfacing man regardless, preparing herself for her next strike once more.

Mitsuomi rose up through the water as he heard the splash behind him. Chakra raised as he could feel the find being displaced by the blades coming after him. The armor wound tight around him. The first hit him and and skidded off with an audible grinding noise. The second hit and pushed as he was moving to hit her only to have the blade finally punch through as his fist was coming about. With a load groan he dropped the arm limp into the water. It wouldn't respond to his commands to strike, and the pain was growing even through his clouded mind. He had to do something soon. This was not good.

"Awaken," murmured Setsiro into the Brawler's ears, holding herself up to his face by the blade in his shoulder.
And suddenly, there were four of her around her mountainous opponent, swords down at their waist, backwards and ready to strike. They were moving towards him, slashing… teaching him in the way Reizei with talent were taught. Each of them the image of Setsiro moving swiftly through body flicker, they struck and went past him in an instant. And then there was one, her hair settling about her form.

Mitsuomi roared out as his eyes kept track of her best they could. The flickering images danced about and he felt the first gash as he tried to focus through the pain in his shoulder. Luckily the first gash snapped him back to his senses and his chakra flared up to push back the remaining assault before his body fell limp back into the water. Blood was pouring from the various cuts in his body. The last one the worst that cut through his side enough that one could hold it open and see from his front to his back. His nerves began to recede slowly as his body sank further beneath the bloody water. Sanity was not what welcomed him after that strike…just the cold embrace of unconsciousness.

Setsiro grimaced, shaking her head at the need to do such as she turned around. She watched as the giant of a man, body made of chakra and muscle, slowly began to sink below the surface of the water, eyes tired with the weight of accusal. "I told you to take the first strike…"

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