The Recluse War - The Recluse Strikes Back


Taiki, Loki (emitter), Rockpath (emitter), Kajiru, Zori, Isura, Kurome

Date: June 23, 2015


The Recluse launch a full-scale raid of Konoha, causing much damage.

"The Recluse War - The Recluse Strikes Back"

Just inside the main gates of Konoha

The mood of the village has been tense since Takeo's rescue mission. Various small-scale engagements have occured between the Recluse and Konohagakure, with some small measure of success. But so far the Recluse have been largely on the defensive since Takeo's abduction, something several analysts keep telling people won't last.

It's later in the evening, about an hour after the gate guard's shift change, and the area appears quiet. Most traffic in and out of Konoha has died down by this time, with only a few people out and about, much less anywhere near the gates. Everything appears ordinary, quiet, and somewhat normal for a wartime footing. The guard appears to be sitting in his booth, quietly and patiently watching the road. In fact, he doesn't seem to be moving much…

The body of the guard suddenly disappears, a seal of invisibility placed on the man so that he is no longer seen. His clothes are removed under the cover as a stranger dons them quickly, performing the seals for 'Henge'. He pops up, awaiting any and all who may wish to pass and greeting them with enough cheer as the last of the wagons come through. He does his inspection job, letting all the wagons pass without much more than a brief glance so his comrades could sneak in later. The plan was set, they were on the attack…

Taiki isn't actually at the village entrance. Instead, he's about a block away, slowly making his way home from the hospital. He and his ninken look kind of tired, as they've been putting in a long shift at the hospital. Wars always cause casualties, meaning the medic nin are always super busy. Even with a "war" to run, he is still a Konoha shinobi, and one of the higher muckity-mucks in the hospital, so that eats up into his time. So for the moment, he is blissfully ignorant of the danger that may be approaching.

For her part, Kajiru happens to be in the area because she's coming back from a simple delivery. She wasn't really doing anything spectacular. Just taking paperwork from point A to point B. A mission so simple that only one genin was really necessary cause, well, frankly even if the paperwork was stolen it'd only delay things, not give away secrets. For her part, Kajiru peers at a passing wagon as she comes into the village, hmming softly to herself as she watches them go by before shrugging and starting to jog toward the smells of food.

Zori was actually near the front gate up in the tree above. Sitting down the tree branch he starts to think of a way to control himself. Zori is unaware of the stuff thats going on below him on the ground. He's just staring off into space

Isura was asleep on top of his lady friend house in the Yamanaka district when something caught his nose. It would be the smell of freshly baked cookies that draws him to her window. Nabbing a couple he would slowly yawn as he took a bite a couple of crumbs would fall down into he street. Scolding him cause a chuckle before he kissed her and departed in a blur. As he travelled he would be heading home for the night and at that time passing a sleepy looking Taiki and his pup. "Aren’t you Taiki?" Is asked while he approached him.

A rather non-descript man appears out of the tree line near Zori's tree. For the moment, he walks toward the gate as if he were just visiting the village. Only thing is, even though he's wearing a sword on his back, and dirty clothes as if he's been traveling for a while to get here, there's no pack visible, no cargo train, no way of carrying anything that one would need for a trip. Just as he reaches the gate, he pauses and turns to look up at Zori as a smirk crosses his face. He then turns toward the "guard" and shows him something he pulls from a pouch while whispering a few words. Afterwards, he just strolls in like he owns the place…

"Yes, sir. The lodgings are just that way," the guard says to the man who's passing by, pointing towards what could be considered an inn within Konohagakure. He turns back to the front gate and notices that no one else is coming. Time to close up! Invisible men begin to move through the gates as he glances towards Zori, a kunai gripped in his hand. Then he disappears from vision, appearing right above Zori and throwing the kunai enhanced with chakra at the boy's throat from behind. Then he tries to slap a seal on Zori's back, the seal draining Zori of energy and making him be still, red chains wrapping around his body to keep him still while the invasion takes place.

Taiki pauses to look up toward the voice haling him. He nods once towards the house, then toward the wall, then back toward the young man laying on the roof. That quickly gets shrugged off though as he's lived odder moments. "Yes, I am. May I ask who you are?" he asks tiredly but pleasantly, while completely oblivious to what is going barely a block away, at least for the moment. Shinobu and Nozomi also seem rather unaware, though they're watching Isura closely.

"Gonna get me some…hey!" Kajiru stops when she passes by Isura and Taiki and then stops beside them, "Hi!" Kajiru declares before leaning toward Taiki, "You might know, right?" She hmms at him and then looks to Isura, "Sorry for interrupting by the way but I'm doin' it." She nods her head and then looks to Taiki, "There was like a lot of carts coming in just now." She nods her head and then grins, "What does it take to gate guard duty? I mean is that like a punishment or what? Cause that guy at the gate, he was nice and all but he really looked like he didn't care who came in." She chuckles.

Zori could hear the kunai heading towards him. His wires lash out from up under the sleeves of his hoodie quickly slapping away the kunai. Zori turns around to see who it was that attacked him while looking around he spots the attacker as he tries to slap a seal on his back. His wires attach to a nearby tree branch pulling like a little bit always from arms reach, allowing the seal slap to miss. Zori grins "Finally some excitement!" Zori could see that the attacker was not from the leaf village if any. With that he sends the wires at the attacker slashing at his/her body.

Isura stop in front of Taiki "Uchiha Isura pleasure, I heard your name from Hige and Shinobu a lot now I have a face to match the name." Isura chuckled as he was taken for a lost at the arrival of Kajiru and with a smirk he peered "who are you?" He asked before totally registering what she said "what do you mean just let someone in? They didn't check them or question them?" Something didn't sit right and before long he became restless "I'm gonna go check this out and see what's really going on here." Isura motion to leave before waiting a moment to see if Taiki had something else to say of not he proofed into smoke.

Atsuhiro looks behind him just long enough to ensure that the unobservant boy is being taken care of, and notices the struggle starting. His gaze then quickly turns toward the streets, and luck appears to be on their side… at least at first glance. Unfortunately the walls are patrolled, and the action of a "gate guard" attacking a Konoha Shinobi is enough for someone to set off an alarm. Suddenly sirens erupt all over the town, and a group of ANBU seem to appear out of nowhere, ignoring Atsuhiro while making their way to the gate. That's all the room the Recluse officer needs. As soon as the group of ANBU pass him he runs through some seals and slams his hand on the ground. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" Three /humongous/ vultures appear and quickly start to attack the ANBU, thereby cutting off possible aid for Zori from that quarter. The man's grin turns wider as he turns and starts to head off the south, leaving the rest up to his man.

The Recluse member narrows his eyes a bit when Zori manages to stop his attack. The punk was better than he thought. Without much warning, though, Zori attacks, and the wires are cut through with another Kunai. "Little one… Oh little Leaf. You should have just given up…" The man shoots forward, attempting to seal Zori once again with those red chains while he brings another kunai out, his chakra making it sharper as he drops the Henge to reveal that he is not, in fact, the Hyuuga Gate Guard.

Well, that question, given the current state of affairs, is enough to fire a tank-full of adrenaline into both Taiki's and his ninkens' system. "No, that is not normal at all," he answers Kajiru. Just then the sirens go off, and a short time later he spots the elephant-sized birds appear overhead in a puff of smoke. "We're under attack! Get to the gate," Taiki barks even as the three of them move off in synchronized formation instantly after, all the while focusing chakra as they travel.

Turning back around, she blinks at the sirens and then takes a breath. Isura will see it and Taiki might catch a glimpse of what happens. All Kajiru does is focus on her chakra and think of that jackass named Zori. A moment later she is racing after Taiki, a long fluffy, thick tail out behind her, rounded furry ears atop her head. Her fingers are elongated a little and tipped with wicked claws. Her teeth have all become brutally sharp daggers with her mouth extending slightly due to an almost snout starting to form as she races toward those sirens.

"Pfft you must dont know who your talking to…that wont happen. Whoever you are." Within seconds Zori's wires were cut through leaving a kunai for him to deal with heading straight for him. Zori's wires stop moving instantly falling to the ground helpless. Not able to move his wires opened up a large weak spot in his defenses. The kunai's stab him in the chest, the attacker teleports within the time frame to slap a tag on Zori's back. Zori falls out the tree hitting the ground hard kicking back dirt and rocks from the impact. Zori just lays there unable to move. Sorta unconscious from the damage he just took.

Isura took off ahead of the game as usual; the sighting of the giant birds made it clear what was happening as well as the alarm system echoing throughout the village. Summoning up a huge amount of chakra he proceeded with caution. His eyes danced about as he see the end of his trail by the distance he is now he could smell fresh blood. Even some one without enhanced senses, he scoped the scene before clutching his fist tightly reading himself for any impending conflict that awaited him.

Atsuhiro gets about half a block before he stops with a smile forming on his face. "I love it when my prey comes to me," he says. Seals flare into existence all over his body as it starts to grow. Soon the man is topping 9 foot tall as his hands curl into granite fists. "Come along little doggie, time to play in the big leagues." He strides forward and soon catches sight of the team streaking along toward tha gate. More seals flare into life as the Leader hits the ground and a huge form of something comes up to try to envelope the trio.

The Recluse member grins evilly as Zori is trapped. He had a job to do, after all. The man stomps down on Zori, chakra aiding in his strike to crush many of Zori's ribs and badly injure him. The strike would likely put the boy out of the fight, but just for good measure, he punches Zori in the face, hopefully breaking his nose, too.

The approach of a 9-foot plus tall man with rock for fists and feet is a little hard to miss. Equally hard to miss is the shaking of the ground beneath the trio. Taiki thinks only for a split second before running through some hand seals and intoning, "Fuinjutsu: Seal Encampment wall." A blue glow covers the trio just in time as the earth reaches up to try to crush them. For a moment, it looks like the big man had him, but only for a moment as the earth crumbles away to reveal three people completely unscathed by the attack. "Initiate Recluse defense plan Charlie!" He calls out, sending other ANBU to help with the vultures. "Everyone else, if you're not chuunin rank or higher, help evacuate the area and look for other operatives. Chuunin and above, back up those looking for other operatives. Leave the big guy for us…" he says as the two dogs allow him to jump on their backs. "Man-beast transformation: Elemental Stalking Wolf!" With this, an elephant-sized three-headed dog appears, followed by another one. One opens its three mouths to shoot off a volley of lightning shafts, while the other charges the behemoth, seeking to strike with electrically-enhanced claws.

Looking at the situation, Kajiru is racing forward all excited when Taiki gives out the order and the beclawed girl stops staring at him. She looks like someone kicked her favorite puppy for a moment and hten grumbles. She races off to the side instead and then comes upon a group of people huddling for cover. When she appears, she flashes claws and sharp teeth and in a growly voice goes, "Get out now!" And they all scream and rush off away from her. Success! Then she is off chasing and striking fear into mroe villagers.

Zori still halfway unconscious is stomped in the chest delivering a rib crushing effect. The impact so huge the ground beneath him crumbled mercilessly, making a crater the size of a small meteor. Zori is laying in the crater as to what it would seem ..lifeless. But hes still alive. But with the way the ground looks he should not be alive. His body just lays there, still maintaining a pulse. Heart beating in slow rythmn.

Isura flashes onto the scene right as Zori was knocked seemingly unconscious, snapping into a fit of rage he could recall their time spent flashing though seals the young Uchiha pulled back and stored up a pool of chakra. The series of hand seals came to a stop moments later Recluse could feel itself surrounded by burning hot fire as Isura dropped a single tear down his left eye. "I'm gonna kill you a thousand times over for what you done," with that phrase Isura was ready for battle. Lucky for him Taiki orders for Chuunin was to stay and fight or else he'll have to ignore the order.

Atsuhiro laughs as another set of seals flash on the behemoth’s arms. He then inhales and bellows out a large gust of wind that builds before him. Unfortunately, this method of using seals works much slower than someone with the actual affinity, so instead of blocking both attacks, it only blocks the second and partially blocks the first. "Don't be so surprised, puppy," he bellows. "Our second order was to take you out… I'm sure you could tell what our first order is…" he says as he glances at one of the giant vultures as it starts to demolish buildings. "Konoha should really have stayed out of our little disagreement. Now, it not only loses one of it's stronger shinobi, which it would have lost anyway, but also a good deal more!" With this, those and a couple more seals flare up and he spits out a gigantic ball of air that would likely take out a large portion of the block that the three-headed dog now resides.

The recluse member blinks, trying to throw up a barrier of seals that are meant to absorb fire. Sadly, they only take the worst of the heat instead of actually absorbing the flames, so the Recluse member sustains some nice burns. Yay… Kinda painful, really. He grumbles. "Gotta follow orders… But…" The enemy was right there. "First deal with the punks…" He draws two tags from his pouch and throws them. One at Zori, one at Isura. The tag would temporarily stun their chakra, forcing them to keep still.

Knowing full well that Lightning is week against air, the big dog makes a tactical mistake, it summons up a water wall against the incoming wind ball. But the wind ball bursts the wall apart, hitting the dog hard, and pretty much destroying the street on which the dog is standing. Two of the dog's heads violently shake to try to clear out a daze, while the other head starts to build up more electricity into the beast's paws. The elephant-sized dog launches forward, long claws seeking to dig into the giant's flesh.

Moving people away, Kajiru continues to half-frighten/half-herd people away from the fighting with her claws and scary teeth. The little hellion races people off and does what her orders are despite being all grumbly about it for now. It seems she won't get her claws into people but she'll at least keep people safe.

Isura spammed out clones to intercept Recluse attacks on Zori and they made it in time and carted him off, while that occurred he failed at defending the one under him wincing he was stricken and pinned down. "I was careless…" Trying to summon some stamina to move he ultimately failed he was at the mercy of Recluse which he seen what that was like. Be that as it may Zori was safe and that all that mattered for the moment "move him to safety and then return to back me up when you can!?" orders given the three Isura headed off with Zori.

Kurome saw the large birds circling overhead. Had heard the sirens go off. She moved quickly to where all this action was happening, skidding to a halt right before Taiki and the giant Recluse stone man. The woman's eyes are red, a single Tomoe the only thing that prevents the color from looking too scary, perhaps. Her gaze is hard, and she focuses her chakra. "Taiki-dono!" she shouts to the Inuzuka. "What's the situation?" she asks. Granted, she should probably be asking someone not fighting. And it's pretty obvious what's going on. BUUUUT… She asks anyway.

Atsuhiro laughs maniacally as he works on accomplishing two objectives at once. He even expects the follow-up attack, and calls forth yet another wind ability that would see him disappear to most ordinary shinobi, much less any civilians that may be around. The three-headed dog that is Taiki is not fooled, however, since he doesn't use sight as a means of tracking his foes. Still, the giant is almost quick enough to evade. Almost, but not quite, as he feels a scratch followed by a surge of electricity that locks him up for the moment as his body spasms.

The recluse grins when he sees Isura go down, and he walks over to the Uchiha. "Excellent. You were a bit tricky, but I managed to get you," he gloats, summoning chakra to his feet. Without further ado, he jumps up, chakra making him shoot up high into the air. Then he comes down, landing hard on Isura to crack his torso. Ribs crunch under the man's weight thanks to both gravity and… well, force. It would hurt a lot, and the damage is certain to be worse.

Taiki really doesn't have time for a long explanation, or even a short one. The center head growls out, "Recluse attack. I'm standing good with this guy… but your clan-member could use some help against his buddy." Standing good, Taiki says… He's got at least one bruised rib, and he looks like he was flung into a building (which he was). Still, another puff of smoke appears around the three headed dog. The rapidly shifting air currents of the area quickly blow this away to reveal a 7-foot bipedal… something. It looks very, very ugly, has three heads, and long, long claws. Indeed, this thing right out of people's nightmares growls in a voice that sound more demonic than anything else before it disappears in a burst of light. All that can be seen of Taiki from this point is momentary bright flashes of light that circle the giant, clawing it with enough, should it succeed, force to launch it up into the air where it is met by another flash of light that, should this work, would send it careening back to the ground in a blur of motion.

Being stun the way he was he had not other choice but to take it, lucky for the young man though the study walls of the village is what he crashed into. Blood shot from his mouth as he fell face first onto the ground. Struggling to get up he flashed four seals before a powerful wave of heat is leaked into the air. The attack dealt no damage instead made one's vision blurry if hit making his follow up attack that much harder to dodge. Covering fire followed literally blocking the sky with white hot orbs of fire aiming at Recluse. Dodging them all might prove difficult.

Kurome nods and dashes off, seeking out Isura and finding him quickly. Her eyes narrow as she watches the Recluse member come smashing down into Isura, and she closes them briefly. "You…" she growls with clenched teeth. "You /DARE/ hurt my clanmate?" she asks with barely contained rage. When she opens her eyes, there are two Tomoe swirling within, the anger she felt and the amount of pain she felt upon seeing her home, the one place she thought would never fall under such an attack, enough to unlock the next stage of her Sharingan.

Two Tomoe swirl in her eyes, the black specks revealing a whole new world, in a sense. She narrows her gaze, watching the Recluse with a narrowed gaze. "Die…" she utters, and a genjutsu would lock him, hopefully. The man would feel himself being burned. Badly. So badly that he died from his injuries, even as Kurome sends a wave of shuriken-like fire at him.

Atsuhiro was still reeling from Taiki's previous attack, so the three-headed werewolf had no defense as he was first hurtled into the air and then hurtled back to the ground with a force that should, and does, break bones. He lets out an ear-splitting scream as his body is first carved open, then nearly crushed. In fact, he wouldn't have it in him to stand back up, if it weren't for the fact that those seals are still operating. They glow all over his body again as he grows even bigger while his face turns brown, almost black. This allows him to stand, and he shakily runs through a series of hand seals. "You may think you won mutt, but you haven't. I am not the one responsible for recruiting for the Recluse for nothing. People have to impress me to get an interview with our leader, and few do. Too bad you are too much a threat to live… Wind Manipulation: Sickle Torrent."

The Recluse member wasn't expecting such a heat from Isura since he was down, throwing up random seals to try and block the scorching heat. It's not enough, though, and he falls back, getting burned by the fire with no way to dodge it. However, there's a tingling… The fire was too much for that little flame, he thought. Genjutsu. With a seal, his chakra reverses its flow, causing pain to his nerves, but keeping the genjutsu at bay. The seals he had made earlier to take in fire are made, and he's abel to absorb the shuriken without issue. "Another… Tsk… You don't give up…" he mutters, slamming his hand into the ground and sending chakra through he area. The chakra activates several seals that send a pulse of chakra out, then back in that would make the two feel dizzy and sick.

And the two legendary-level ninja continue to hammer at each other. Taiki attempts to roll his last attack into a dodge, but the air sickles are simply too overpowering for the technique, causing him to not only slow to a stop, but one of the miniature "gustnadoes" picks the monstrosity up and flings him through a wall, causing him some disorientation as the beast tries to clear its heads of the ringing bells.

Isura noticed the chakra sent outward, defensive in nature it swiftly became offensive. Getting caught by it was nothing more than a clutster of clone as they yelled "watch out to Kurome!?" The real Isura nabbed the resting wire from Zori and began to bombard him with shuriken and wire in a similar manner to a spiders web. From this fixed position of the Konoha gates walls he fired one gigantic fireball aiming to knock the balance from Recluse giving anyone nearby an opening to capitalize on.

Kurome narrows her eyes a bit when she sees the pulse of chakra, blasting off well before the pulse hits her. It rebounds back, but Kurome isn't there to feel the pulse, instead sending a wave of those blazing shuriken once again before copying Isura's Great Fireball with one of her own. "Die.." she says again, landing on the ground with a soft thud.

Atsuhiro breaks out into an evil chuckle that echoes throughout the area. "You put up a good fight, mutt. But I'm one of the head members of the Recluse. We don't go down easy. Now… Die." With this he runs through another series of handseals similar to the ones before and spits out another huge ball of air, sending it right toward Taiki.

The recluse member raises a hand, and seals begin to flow over his body, a barrier of chakra forming before him and strengthened through the seals he made on his body. It deflects the wire with ease, as well as the fireball, but he is not prepared for the fire peppering him from above. The man is quick to remedy this, though, raising his shield to deflect Kurome's attack. "I've spent too long… It's time to disappear…" he mutters. "Away with you!" Then he tries that same pulse of chakra again, the pulse moving out and in to try and disorient the Uchiha before him.

And again, the situations flip flop as the air bomb explodes in the building, demolishing it and almost burying Taiki. The only thing that saved him, if you could call it that, was that he was blown out through the other side and into the wall of the building behind him. Now that broke more than a few bones! However, Taiki is known for being more stubborn than a god, to quote his old sensei, and he's not about to go down without a fight. Looking around, he notices the area is pretty much flattened anyway, so he tries one last desperate move that he once promised he'd /never/ use inside of Konoha. Using the last of his strength, he calls out, "I'll have to leave the rest to you!" even as he leaps forward twisting into a giant, electric tornado of death as he catches both Atsuhiro and his "partner" in what can only be described as a horrific bubble of tornado and lightning that causes the very ground to shake. As the move ends, he growls out, "You first," before falling to his knees.

Isura eyes where fine tune to Recluse attacks, being the type of fighter he was he simply allowed his clones to take the burnt of the attacks while four Isura still remained. Circling around Recluse they started to flash though a long assortment of seals. "This ends now!?" Shouting he stood at the top of the gate and released a devastatingly powerful Dragon bullet that rain down from the heavens upon Recluse.

Kurome once again avoids the seal like before, keeping herself airborne while the pulse travels through the ground. Then she releases another torrent of fire on the enemy, two huge fireballs aimed at the Recluse member just before Taiki comes blazing through. "Tch…. annoying…" she mutters, watching the Inuzuka Clan Head and Isura with those eyes. The two tomoe swirl as she remembers their moves… How she could adapt them to her own body and skill set was another matter.

Perhaps it was being cocky, or perhaps the giant knew that two pressure damage attacks should have fully scrambled the Inuzuka Clan Head's senses, but he simply uses a relatively basic technique to stride with the tornadoes of lightning, thereby avoiding what would normally have been a death sentence. As he finishes, he smirks and looks at the almost downed werewolf. "No, I think I've finally managed to rid us of a rather troublesome thorn in our sides. Tell the doggies in hell that your clan is coming." With this he contemptuously sends forward a few wind sickles to finish the job.

Well… Looks like that was that. The Recluse finds himself taking Taiki's lightning attack right in the face, even with trying to avoid it. It's enough that he can't seem to get up a good barrier for that flame bullet that is incoming. However, a seal turns up between Kurome and himself once again. Useless Clan head, hahah! Also, she may or may not have been going easy on him considering she only used that huge fireball technique on him. "Bye bye." he says with a wave, disappearing and trying to keep himself invisible with his seals so he can sneak away.

Taiki is desperate, and knows that he can either die at the hands of Atsuhiro, or he can push his body to the breaking point in hopes that when it does fall apart, someone will keep him alive. With a half-hearted attempt, he activates his most powerful seal barrier once more to block the sickles and give him enough time to build up speed. This makes the second time he's nearly killed himself using Raiden's gifts when his body is nearly broken, but he knows that the gamble is necessary. Thus he attempts once more to break the man's body down with Raiden's claw, only this time he doesn't have the setup he had before. Hopefully it will be enough to force a retreat. If not, the end of the transformation will see three broken bodies where one was, and he'll be truly helpless…

Isura lost sight and chakra signature once the full scope of the defensive barrier was up. Sighing be pulled out some bandages and did what he could for now to himself and Kurome panting his sharingan still flaring. Guard still up and for now more chakra was charged just incase he needed to save Taiki or worst defend himself. Needless to say he had a feel that this battle was coming to an end soon. Sadly enough he was sure which side was going to take the win. The destruction to he front gate as well as the frontal parts of he village was rather substantial. "Kurome don't let your guard down he could be anywhere," Isura voice was firm and calm as he panted slowly trying to regain his lost stamina.

Kurome actually isn't that injured, and she waves Isura's attempts to heal her away. She loses sight of the enemy, but she sees Taiki is down and immediately attempts to try and assist. The woman makes a seal, saying, "I'll go check on Taiki-dono" before blasting off once more to land near Taiki and his ninken, standing guard over them in case the man before her survives the attack that Taiki and Ninken had put the last of their strength into.

Atsuhiro knew he was in trouble when he saw Taiki disappear in a burst of light after fending off his last attack, but he thought he could still avoid most of the damage thanks to Taiki's poor condition. Indeed, the blows, while punishing, were almost avoided as he wrapped himself in gale force winds and attempted to become invisible. Unfortunately, his own wounds, especially those from his first taste of this attack, were enough to see him again raised up and slammed to the ground. The winds around his body dies, and blackness claims him, with his last thoughts as his body reverts back to normal being, "At least I rid the world of Inuzuka Taiki."

The Recluse member that was beaten down by Isura and Kurome is able to sneak away, but he notices his leader; his teacher is not with him. A frown and he goes back, watching the man he admired fall after taking Taiki down. Members of the Recluse had spread chaos well enough, though there really weren't many. They've escaped already, hopefully… "Gomen…" he says softly, drawing a kunai and throwing it at Atsuhiro. Aiming for his throat to kill him. Prevent an interrogation. Prevent the secrets from flowing. He knows his teacher would never, but better save than sorry.

Taiki and his two ninken skid slide to a halt in the crater that now resides where a large portion of road was. He and both ninken are bloody, broken wrecks that will require careful handling to get to the hospital. Even with speed healing, which the doctors at the hospital will likely do, they will be out of commission for at least two weeks. He also starts to lose consciousness, but is secure in the knowledge that he survived another day, even if he may not necessarily want to later….

Recluse recklessness in coming out of hiding to attack is what Isura was counting on. The stored chakra was put to swift use as he flashed though the seals and once again called upon the power of the dragon to rain hail fire upon him. Although repeated use of this technique was starting to take a toll on him nevertheless he had a job to do and with the possible death of the guy Taiki was fighting it meant that a hasty decision to create another prisoner to take his place fell upon the young Uchiha shoulders. "There!?" Is shouted loud enough for Kurome to hear as well he wince as he fell to a knee.

Kurome blinks when the Recluse sends a kunai at their leader's throat. She knows that she's too far to stop it… Too far to get in front of it. So she instead aims two giant balls of fire at the man, as if that would stop his attack. Maybe not, but she would feel happy with doing such. "…. Dang it…" she mutters, watching the flames eat away at his body.

Atsuhiro stood no chance, as he was already unconscious. The chakra-charged kunai finds its way home to deliver a coup-de-grace to the fallen Recluse Head Officer. Sorry, no information from this guy.

The man doesn't even bother to avoid the flames. He knows that being alive means being questioned. Konoha is known for its severe torture methods, and he'd rather not suffer those. No, instead, he races towards the fiery depths of he11 with open arms, taking the flames into his body and dying happily where he stands. The corpse is so burned up that little to no evidence will likely be found.

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