The Recluse War - End Game (Team A)


Canis (emitter), Taiki, Hiei, Takeo, Naru, Shuuren, Kurome, Borin

Date: July 25, 2015


The final chapter of the War with the Recluse. Taiki leads a team against the third and they encounter the Recluse Leader, Uzumaki Hironobu

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Recluse War - End Game (Team A)"

Land of Fire

Weather-wise, the combined forces of Konohagakure and Kumogakure couldn't ask for a better day. The sky is clear and the air is cool and crisp, without being overly freezing. A staging area was set up by the Uzumaki Fuinjutsu team, who was sent here both as an apology and as support to help with the traps made by fuinjutsu. Of course, given the three known entrances into the complex, this team would be stretched rather thin, but they would be able to supplant the hidden villages' own recourses. Uzumaki Tenken is here, directly leading the Uzumaki force. He gives a basic reconnaissance of the area. The enemy is holed up in an underground bunker which has two "somewhat visible" entrances, and a third sealed entrance. It is likely the third entrance is either an escape route, or given the nature of the seals present, an access point for Hironubo, the Uzumaki in actual charge of the Recluse.
There's some strange signs of what perhaps is a rally point between the first two entrances (though the second entrance is actually designated 3 because its the one with all the heavy seals), though no one can figure out what that area actually is for. The entrance dubbed #2 is directly opposite the main entrance, while opposite the entrance #3 is a large lake. It is unlikely the Recluse would escape via that route, or so the recon evaluation shows….

Taiki nods and looks toward everyone and says, "I will be taking the sealed entrance, since I believe that Tenken-sensei is correct, and it is my duty to see this group stopped." It's that simple, really. Honor and duty puts him in line to tackle the most-likely strongest of the enemy. "Today, the Recluse falls. Today, we will make these criminals answer for their crimes, and for the blood they spilled. Each of you knows what we're fighting, each of you has seen the horror these people can unleash. So I wish you all the justice you so richly deserve!" That said, he turns toward the leaders of the disparate groups helping today and asks them to divide up their forces accordingly. Taiki and his ninken are dressed in their usual shinobi attire, though Taiki's odd vest has been decorated with the Inuzuka clan fang marks on the back, Once Tenken begins to move, he will follow.

Hiei steps forwards after Taiki finishes speaking. "You won't be going alone. We're still finding bodies from the attack on Kumogakure. I want the person responsible for ordering that hit." Which means that it would have to be the strongest one there, and Hiei would have it no other way. He was dressed in his usual attire, except for one difference. His hair was tied back with a crimson ribbon. He put it there to represent the lives that were lost during the Recluse attack. This battle was about /them/ and their respective families. He cants his head forwards slightly as lightning begins to spark and lance across his skin as he prepares himself for combat. "I won't be taking 'no' for an answer on this." Barely contained rage at it's best with this one. He had put Michiko in command of the other group of Kumo shinobi that were split up in several areas.

It was an interesting to finally be at the climax of a battle that had been going on for years… ever since she was a genin. While Narusegawa wouldn't express this vocally, her anxiety and anticipation was brewing from within. She does make her way near Taiki's side, exchanging a simple nod of approval as she checked her own bindings, her garb for the most part was obscured by a light black cloak, underneath would be traditional anbu adornments. After a moment of silence and once the speeches had ended, she did finally speak up something to Taiki. "Don't be a martyr, Ta-kun." Her tone was indifferent, difficult to determine if it was an order or a request.

Kurome glances over to Naru and then her gaze falls to Taiki. "We should probably get started, then. The other teams are probably already in place, so we might as well get a move on, too." She can't help but wonder why Kumo was so heavily involved and can only assume that it's because the two villages are allied. "I'm certainly ready," she adds, Sharingan flaring to life. Her eyes turn red, the blood-red gaze interrupted by three black tomoe circling her pupil.

In his new life, Takeo has taken on the role of the Raikage's personal advisor, but the young man's always been close to his superior. They've fought in battle together many times over, and he'd not be lacking for his companionship in this engagement, either. The sage was accustomed to diving in over his head.
Speaking of, when Takeo steps forward behind and to the right of Hiei, his kimono can't hide the apparent signs that he's already begun to draw upon Senjutsu and change himself. Patches of his flesh have transformed into symmetrical sections of turtle shell, particularly upon the limbs and brow. His hair has gone white, his eyes black, and the flesh of his eyelids is icy blue. For those who know him, he's also decidedly more muscular than usual.
"Niisan," Takeo says to Taiki, who he hasn't had occasion to meet with in person since the honorable(?) exile. He hooks a clawed thumb toward Hiei and reports, "I'll be with him, carrying the Turtle Clan's banner." Indeed, there even appears to be a tortoise with a spikey shell tucked into his hood, henged so as to be easily carried against his back.

Borin was sent to aid the unified forces and to assist in the complete annihilation of the threats in the area. Borin was pleased with the mission cause he could let loose and release all of his built up frustration. Borin tapped his foot onto the ground as he awaited orders.

Nagamura Shuuren was apparently called back to deal with concerns of his own war, but, ever vigilant, he promised to send equal aid to assist the Raikage in this battle. Thus a slightly eerie-looking man would arrive to the battle, adorned in a black hooded robe with a white masked fashioned to look similar to the face of a snake and locks of long green hair spilling out between it and the hood… with a 6 foot white snake draped about his shoulders. Walking directly over to where the Raikage stands, he nods in his head in greeting, a raspy voice emitting from behind the mask. "I am Tenjin Riku. I have been commissioned by the Tea Daimyo to aid you this day." His eyes cut over to the man whose body is taking on the form of a turtle, seeming to lift an eyebrow beneath the mask. However, without another word, he simply turns to face the same direction the Kage and others are facing, awaiting orders.

The main members of the group are all linked via Kenta's jutsu, allowing them to speak to each other as necessary. The Uzumaki fuinjutsuist's are working diligently to tear down the seals over the hidden entrance, though with how they were created it seemed they were having some difficulty. After one layer was torn down another would be present and only quick thinking saved them from a painful death. Layer after layer was deactivated, the Uzumaki working frantically to get them all deactivated before anything happened. "We're almost there, prepare yourselves," one finally says, giving the group the warning they needed in order to know that the time was, indeed, near.

COMBAT: Taiki focuses 5428 stamina to turn it into 8000 usable chakra!
RP: Taiki transforms into SHINOBU-AND-NOZOMI.

Taiki nods towards Hiei, fully recognizing the Raikage has ample reason to want these people gone. "Thank you Raikage-sama," he says in a gravely hoarse voice, though the hoarseness is normal. As Naru joins him, he gives her a slight smile and adds, "I'll try not to." That's all he'll commit to at this point. Takeo, on the other hand, gets a simple nod before he turns his attentions toward the other people in order to hide a frown. He still doesn't know what happened with Takeo, and he's not sure he wants to know. Each of the others gets a simple nod in return as he and his nenken form up together as a team before assisting Tenken in trap disarming.

COMBAT: Hiei focuses 3759 stamina to turn it into 5250 usable chakra!

Hiei inclines his head to Taiki before turning to Takeo. "Stay close and watch your back." For now, he leaves his swords in the sheathes on his back. Knowing nothing about seals, he is content to let the Uzumaki team do their jobs. However, when Tenjin arrives and announces himself, he offers the cloaked man a nod. "Nice snake. Thanks for coming. I was expecting Shuuren himself, but I understand." With his chakra coursing through his system at high levels, small sparks of lightning still play along his skin at certain intervals.

COMBAT: Narusegawa focuses 6719 stamina to turn it into 10000 usable chakra!

It looks like for now it was simply time for the waiting game, Naru didn't know what to expect once those doors opened, but she was fully ready to retalitate once the action began. She summoned up some chakra, focusing enough to hopefully keep her going for the entire battle… Her sharingan on the other hand remains inactive for the time being. She was always the type to analyze before making an overcalculation. For this moment she merely waited, fingers hidden away within the depths of her cloak, barely spotting the odd Tenjin. She does briefly exchange a glance with Kurome, to whom she merely nods her head before wanting to take a closer look at the seals being unraveled.

COMBAT: Kurome focuses 6111 stamina to turn it into 8000 usable chakra!

Kurome focuses up her chakra and nods back to Naru before just… standing there and waiting patiently for the time being. She didn't really have anything to say at this point. So she would just wait for the seal experts to be done.

COMBAT: Takeo focuses 4937 stamina to turn it into 7000 usable chakra!
RP: Takeo transforms into IMPERFECT-SAGE-MODE-TURTLE.

Takeo returns the frown to Taiki's back, albeit mildly. He can't see that his niisan's wearing the same expression, but he can read body language well enough, to say nothing of terseness. "Looks like I'm still out of the family. You think I should clear this up before we get into the thick of things? I don't want him pulling back from me because he thinks I'm a traitor." That's all asked of Hiei as Taiki goes off to disperse the groups.
In any case, there's a battle ahead and Takeo intends to be there to fight it. He draws upon his chakra reserves in preparation to turn on the water jutsu, among other tricks, and sticks with the Raikage. "I'm still a lousy fighter. Must feel like I made the right decision with you, though, because here I am - back at it again," Takeo says to Hiei in his rumbling voice.

COMBAT: Borin focuses 2558 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!

Borin kept to himself and waited the sure the difference in level of the shinobi present meant that Borin had to be alerte at all times of his surroundings. Charging chakra Borin just waited patiently for the mission to start.

"Well, if you're dissatisfied with my performance, I'll gladly refund you all the Recluse soldiers we feed to the worms," Riku replies to Hiei with a glance over his way, a faintly amused look in his eyes before he looks back ahead. He notes the Uchiha woman looking his way, turn his gaze to her only briefly before he focuses completely on the task at hand. While the others gather chakra and prepare, he decides to wait and see the level of opposition before entering a transformation technique, thus one able to sense or see chakra might feel the enormity of what he focuses in preparation.

COMBAT: Tenjin_Riku focuses 8394 stamina to turn it into 12000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Ryutaro focuses 5419 stamina to turn it into 6000 usable chakra!

Hopefully everyone took the seal teams word to heart because it's not more than a half minute later that the seals all flare as one and then vanish as they finish. A rumbling begins to sound as the hidden entrance is revealed by a rock that slowly begins rising to allow passage inside. When the door is almost halfway the entirety of the ground begins to shake and a voice says, "So you have come at last to your doom. Come, /Inuzuka/ and currs, come to your destruction. Today will mark the beginning of a new era…" It's then that the trap is sprung. It had been hidden much higher in the construct and hidden well. A trap seal that shoots out many exploding tags that rain down on the entirety of the group below, igniting just as they get to head level seconds later.

COMBAT: Taiki defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(67) attack from Hironobu with a SEAL-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…83

Taiki only smirks when the voice calls out to him. He simply forms a few handseals and he and his ninken are surrounded by a shimmering blue barrier that completely blocks the force of the tags/charges that explode around them. "Oh, I'm coming, Hironubo-teme. Don't you worry about that. You've had your time, now it's time to pay." With this he goes through a few more handseals after motioning for everyone to stay back for a moment. "Raiton: Lightning Arrows."

COMBAT: Taiki attacks target 1 with LIGHTNING-ARROWS with a roll of: 52

COMBAT: Hiei defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(55) attack from Hironobu with a BREVITY…69

Hiei seems to be engulfed by the explosion at first, but he is suddenly seen standing off to the side with his arms crossed over his chest. "Huh. Was it my mistake or did he just call us a cur? What the apple is a cur anyway?" He rolls his shoulder. "I hope he plans on fighting us with more than just explosive tags."

COMBAT: Narusegawa defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(57) attack from Baddies with a WATER-CLONE…60

As the explosion rang through Narusegawa was caught up and replaced with a steaming mist as her body explodes in a stream of water. Rereappears making her way back up closer to the entrance, shaking her head in response to Hiei. "They tend to not like fighting us head on… They keep with the traps no matter how ineffective it seems to be… They have no choice but to fight us here today though…"

RP: Kurome transforms into SHARINGAN-III.
COMBAT: Kurome defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(59) attack from Baddies with a PREDICTIVE-DODGE…68

Kurome watches the explosive tags fly right past her head, the woman expertly avoiding them as they come at her. Perhaps the Sharingan there is helping her figure out what places are safe to dodge? Uhhh, yeah. But she doesn't do anything for now, as Taiki said to hold back for the time being.

COMBAT: Takeo defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(59) attack from Baddies with a MULTIPLE-WATER-CLONES…73

Takeo's fought the Recluse so many times now, he almost has a sense for what they're going to do and when. It comes as no surprise when the explosive seals rain down upon the group, naturally. With a single hand gesture, multiple clones of himself take form, their bodies condensed from water previously unseen in the air. They take the attacks for him, bursting in the doing.
"They'll wear us down before they strike, or try to do both at the same time. Toss these seals, drain our chakra …" With a grumble only an Inuzuka could manage, he adds, "Use genjutsu." Takeo rolls his shoulders back and waits for what's to come.

RP: Borin transforms into GENTLE-MIST-CLOAK.
COMBAT: Borin defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(59) attack from Baddies with a GENTLE-DODGE-II…54
COMBAT: Borin loses the roll and sustains 655 damage.

Borin was able to sway out of the path of the kunai but the explosion caught him.Flinging himself forward he swooped down with a powerful gentle mist combination before striking with a powerful roundhouse kick.

COMBAT: Tenjin_Riku defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(60) attack from Baddies with a NOT-EVEN-A-SCRATCH…56
COMBAT: Tenjin_Riku loses the roll and sustains 569 damage.
COMBAT: Ryutaro defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(61) attack from Baddies with a CHAKRA-DODGE-III…47
COMBAT: Ryutaro loses the roll and sustains 815 damage.

It's not often Riku makes a mistake, but not planning on a big first wave was apparently one, as the explosion rings out and actually catches him. With a bit of smoke coming off him, he actually snickers a bit in that eerie, raspy voice as he looks over to the snake on his shoulders, saying simply, "Prepare." The snake, despite having received some damage as well, merely nods and begins to gather some chakra to prepare to share with Riku to begin the Sage Mode TF to come.

COMBAT: Baddies defends against GENTLE-MIST-SHOCK(52) attack from Borin with a DEMON-SEALING-TECHNIQUE…48
COMBAT: Baddies defends against POWER-PHYSICAL-II(37) attack from Borin with a DEMON-SEALING-TECHNIQUE…75

As Taiki's lightning arrows enter the cave he by chance hits a few people that were getting ready to attack. Oops! In response to that the cave beyond illuminates with sconce lights, showing that within the cavern itself are some more people just waiting for the shinobi. But they aren't coming out to greet them. Oh no, they're waiting inside. A couple make some handseals and shoot out a variety of nastiness at those who were more towards the front of the group while one individual sends out a lovely genjutsu of false death upon them all. But they aren't any Hironobu. It's like throwing paper airplanes at a real airplane. "Come then!" The voice calls once more, the ground trembling slightly below them. Of course they have some fodder to deal with first.
Some prepared seals intercept the first of the attacks from Borin, stopping it generally in it's tracksexcept for the one that managed to sneak through, taking out of the guys.

COMBAT: Taiki defends against EARTH-DRAGON-BULLET(50) attack from Baddies with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE-II…50
COMBAT: Taiki defends against FALSE-DEATH-TECHNIQUE(35) attack from Baddies with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE-II…56

Of course this wasn't going to be easy, but Taiki is used to them throwing ninjutsu and taijutsu in its various forms at him. Therefore he simply, but barely, leaps out of the way of the first earth bullets, and misses the genjutsu thrown in. He looks down to see a large hole where he thought he evaded the bullet, but didn't. At least that's what it looks like to him. To everyone else, he seems to stop on the verge of teetering over as he looks down to his side, his eyes wide.

COMBAT: Hiei defends against LIGHTNING-SHARP(31) attack from Baddies with a LESSER-LIGHTNING-BLOCK…60
COMBAT: Hiei defends against FALSE-DEATH-TECHNIQUE(38) attack from Baddies with a SELF-INFLICT-II…49

Hiei frowns when another trap is triggered and then they begin to play hide and seek. He replies to both Naru and Takeo. "Ah. Much like how the Silence used to send those anvil-awful Hitokage after us to soften us up. I hear a lot of threats against us, but nobody has the balls to show up and actually fight. How boring." A lightning infused kunai flies out for him, and he raises his hand to catch it in midair just before it strikes him. He nullifies the lightning charge on it with his own chakra as he holds it in his hand. "Seriously?" When the genjutsu attacks his mind, he uses the kunai to stab a small wound on the inside of his forearm, not enough to cause a lot of bleeding though. "Heh. Genjutsu is just as weak as their attacks." Seeing Taiki teeter over like he might fall, he moves over and grabs him while thumping him hard on the back. "Careful."

RP: Narusegawa transforms into SHARINGAN-III-MASTERED.
COMBAT: Narusegawa counters against a FALSE-DEATH-TECHNIQUE(33) attack from Baddies with a MIRROR-HEAVEN-AND-EARTH-CHANGE…46
COMBAT: Narusegawa has successfully countered the attack.

Genjutsu…nothing Narusegawa would concern herself with. As she felt the on coming presence of something happening within her mind her eyes flashed with that of the sharingan. The swirl of her tomoe quickl reversed the genjutsu and instead placed them inside their own little world. She didn't bother counter attacking just yet… Though she was wanting go ahead and get a closer look at their surroundings. "Are you okay? Ta-kun?" Naruko asks curiously , narrowing her eyes down on the area before them. She was resisting the urge of just vomiting a giant fireball into the entrance.

COMBAT: Kurome defends against FALSE-DEATH-TECHNIQUE(35) attack from Baddies with a WILL-BREAK…39

Kurome feels the genjutsu and doesn't even get to see what the death would be. It was too easy to simply will herself out of the genjutsu. She makes a handseal, and a huge fireball suddenly forms in front of her before it suddenly launches at the group of baddies! She also adds a bit of a flame-thrower in the end, that same fire that was fueling the Uchiha Clan's signature jutsu now turning the baddies into ashes. Hopefully.

COMBAT: Takeo defends against FALSE-DEATH-TECHNIQUE(32) attack from Baddies with a SELF-INFLICT…43

Takeo, on the other hand, is very concerned about genjutsu. It's the thing he dreads most when fighting the Recluse. As many times as he's been through the proverbial chrysalis, he's nevertheless retained the Inuzuka tradition of being extremely poor at handling the illsory arts. "And, here it comes," Takeo comments when he starts to feel off, the False Death technique settling in.
Before the illusion can take full effect, Takeo fishes up a kunai from within his kimono and pulls it open enough to bare his abdomen, which he jabs deeply enough to distract from the mental manipulation. The diversion works.

COMBAT: Borin defends against FALSE-DEATH-TECHNIQUE(32) attack from Baddies with a SELF-INFLICT…40

Borin quick reaction time to the genjutsu allowed him to evade the worst, once he felt it's grip he bite his lip causing a Sharpe pain. Borin tuned back to in to noticed fireballs floating around and super powered beings around. Dashing forward he attacked in a flurry of swift strikes that switched to pure power strike only to end with a passive gentle mist strike.

COMBAT: Baddies defends against MIRROR-HEAVEN-AND-EARTH-CHANGE(46) attack from Narusegawa with a TENSE…3
COMBAT: Baddies defends against GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE(45) attack from Kurome with a DODGE-II…38
COMBAT: Baddies loses the roll and sustains 634 damage.
COMBAT: Baddies defends against GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE(47) attack from Kurome with a DODGE-II…34
COMBAT: Baddies loses the roll and sustains 655 damage.
COMBAT: Baddies defends against GENTLE-JOINT-LOCK(33) attack from Borin with a DODGE-II…48
COMBAT: Baddies defends against POWER-PHYSICAL(32) attack from Borin with a DODGE-II…29
COMBAT: Baddies loses the roll and sustains 405 damage.
COMBAT: Baddies defends against GENTLE-JOINT-LOCK(32) attack from Borin with a DODGE-II…37

The baddies really aren't all that spectacular when it comes to talent and skill. Why do you think they were sent out here this far? Because it's fodder and it makes people waste their energy, that's why. The genjutsuist was not expecting his own attack to come back at him and now he stares, stunned, as dozens of kunai stick out of his body. Meanwhile he and the rest pretty much eat it once the fireballs settle in, leaving the entrance and immediiate area clear. "Good mutt, bring the rest of your angels with you, come find me," the voice rumbles from inside.

COMBAT: Taiki defends against YANK(28) attack from Hiei with a TENSE…19

Taiki shakes his head free of the genjutsu, thanks to Hiei's intervention, just in time to hear Naru's question. "I am now. They caught me by surprise, but it won't happen again," he says quietly. More loudly he smiles visciously as he regards the voice. "Oh don't worry, death is coming soon enough." With that he starts to move down the cave, watching closely for any more surprises. Silently he tells himself he won't be caught by that same surprise again. Things are different now.

Hiei snorts at the voice. "Who's he calling a angel? He's the one who won't come out and face us. I think he's hiding in there somewhere angling his pants." Having had enough of the tricks and such, Hiei begins striding towards the opening, dead set on walking inside to seek him out. "I really hate people with delusions of grandeur. He thinks he's being clever by sending all of his men out here to die, trying to tire us out. But apparently he's never faced people who can fight entire armies on their own. We're a long, long way from being tired."

There was a hint of frustration visible along the crook of Naru's nose, she waited briefly treking further into the tavern following closely at the back of Taiki and Hiei. " I will look out for any traps…along with anything else that may or may not catch our attention… we have plenty of people…so we have plenty of cover to explore these areas unhindered."

Unwisely, Kurome simply decides to charge right into the cave! Hopefully she can handle herself in the dragon's lair. She sends a huge fireball down in front of her, brushing past Taiki and Hiei on the way and perhaps ignoring them all together. … Well, she might be a bit impatient here. No biggie. That was a bit rude, though.

In all frankness, Takeo wasn't briefed on the strategic objectives here. He simply arrived knowing that there was going to be a decisive confrontation with the Recluse. "If they want us in the cavern so badly, then I doubt it would be wise to go ahead," the sage says to Taiki. "I could flood it and then drain the water. Drown them all. Otherwise, we'll be walking into a kiln for their seal tags and other jutsu. The last leader we killed exploded into acid and hurt many, and that was with the benefit of open terrain on our side."
Still, there's wisdom and then there's obligation. With Hiei advancing, Takeo moves to walk with him. He lifts a palm and prompts water to swirl into a sphere hovering just above, waiting to be used for any purpose he might need.

Borin taking the time to inspect the area he notice the rising attitudes in the air. With folded arms he joined the group solely gazing at the entrance taking time to note everything that laid before him. " perhaps we should expect for traps first," Broin smirked as yawned.

Perhaps luckily the recklessness of Kurome is helpful in the fact that the paper tags that had been hidden ahead explode when the fireball hits them. Unfortunately the tags were linked with something much, much worse. As soon as the tags explode seal writing appears out of nowhere, crawling along the walls and ground (thankfully, not the ceiling) and anyone who knows seals would like recognize the demon binding technique. It's a nasty bit of business and was placed there by someone who knew what they were doing.

COMBAT: Taiki defends against DEMON-BINDING-TECHNIQUE(64) attack from Hironobu with a SEAL-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…81

Taiki looks at the seal and quickly throws up a barrier around his body. "Demon binding technique, don't get caught!" he calls out as the barrier forms around his ninken as well. "Get the ceiling!" The seals cancel each other out, at least for the ninken and him, as they all leap and stick to the ceiling. "Nice try old man, but I'm a bit better than that!" Taiki looks at his partners, and the cramped conditions, and then runs through some hand signs to his ninken. This goes on muich longer, Taiki will create a shortcut, though Hironubo won't dig it…

COMBAT: Hiei defends against DEMON-BINDING-TECHNIQUE(80) attack from Hironobu with a DISPLACEMENT…94

Hiei can't do barriers, but he does the next best thing. With nowhere to go but up, he moves so fast that it looks like he literally teleported up to stand on the ceiling next to Taiki. There is a loud boom as his speed causes the air to rush in where his body once was. He frowns deeply. "This is ridiculous. Traps, traps, and more traps. I should have just collapsed the tunnel with all of them inside and have been done with it. But I want to see this man's face before he dies."

RP: Narusegawa transforms into TSUKUYOMI-SKELETAL-SUSANOO.
COMBAT: Narusegawa defends against DEMON-BINDING-TECHNIQUE(61) attack from Hironobu with a SUSANOO-EMBRACE…67

Narusegawa swiftly began to make use of her Susanoo as the demonic bind began to spread, her eyes flashed, tomoe submerging down into her pupils before they shift in opposite directions, spiraling out into a sun light patteron, though with lightning bolts for rays. A cloak of chakra emerged about her body, a ribe cage, and a pair of arms towering over her form, illuminating the room. She was able to simple just shrug off the bindings, and motion forward. " He is just going to wear us out as we run through this land mine….Do we have a sensor? We need to find him…"

COMBAT: Kurome defends against DEMON-BINDING-TECHNIQUE(74) attack from Hironobu with a BLAST-OFF…74

It's probably a good thing that the only place to go is up, as Kurome has the best move! … 3… 2… 1.. BLAST OFF! The Uchiha Clan Head shoots up towards the ceiling and blinks a bit when she watches the seals flow over her. Oops. "Ahhh… Women," she mutters behind her, waiting for the time being since no clear target is in sight.

COMBAT: Takeo defends against DEMON-BINDING-TECHNIQUE(66) attack from Hironobu with a MULTIPLE-WATER-CLONES…45

Takeo isn't exactly swift to move at the moment. In his current state, he's burdened with additional muscle and sections of turtleshell atop that. He responds to the binding technique as he would any other seal coming his way, with a single hand seal splitting the water sphere he'd been cradling. The two halves dart forward to fashion clones of Takeo, but they burst prior to succeeding in holding back the tide. As a result, the scrawl of binding technique manages to reach the genuine article.

COMBAT: Borin defends against DEMON-BINDING-TECHNIQUE(71) attack from Hironobu with a GENTLE-DODGE-II…45

Borin was unable to dodge in thus was bound. Laid out on the ground all I could do was watch from his fix position. Laying there he cursed under his breath he would have to wait to either be broken from his bindings or to allow these jutsu to wear off the either case he waited. "A little help?"

RP: Tenjin_Riku transforms into IMPERFECT-SAGE-MODE-SERPENT-KING.
RPCOMBAT: Tenjin_Riku defends against with a SENSORY-DIAGNOSTIC…78
RPCOMBAT: Tenjin_Riku defends against with a SAGE-ART-CHAKRA-SENSE…75

After having stayed behind momentarily to check for traps, Riku runs down into the tunnel just as Naru asks about a Sensor being able to pick out their target. "I believe I can help there," he says as he approaches, his form much different than before, mask changed to fit his changed face that now holds a more serpentine look, eyes having turned to veritcal slits like a snake, skin covered in white scales, and even a set of four horns sticking up out of his head through his long green hair, the hood laid down so as not to be torn. "I believe I can assist there," he says, closing his eyes for a moment to try and feel out the presence of their target. "There's a large presence at the end of this cavern near the underground building." Assuming the others take off that direction, he would as well, keeeping an eye out for traps and his senses out for seals or warriors.

"Are you, mutt?" A voice says from the end of the cave as the man himself, Hironobu, walks out from a door in the underground building ahead, answering to what Taiki had said. "I'm afraid you aren't. But since you don't seem to understand that," the old man says, "let me go ahead and show you." In a flash hand seals are made, and a shadow clone is present next to the man. Another instant later and both man and clone make separate hand seals Earth and Fire come as one, each dragon rising and spitting out at the people within the cavern, the mud bullets catching aflame as they head with deadly precision toward his targets.

COMBAT: Taiki defends against FIRE-DRAGON-BULLET(77) attack from Hironobu with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE-II…86

Taiki actually yawns as this man finally comes into view. "With all the welcome home presents you left me, I was wondering if you were going to show me anything new, and here you go with the fire dragons. Booring! Hardly worth getting worked up about, really," Taiki says with a cold boredom to his voice.
"But you know, there are things to get worked up about… like my parents," he says as Shinobu and Nozomi quickly come together side by side, "My clan…" he growls as he jumps on their backs, and starts running though hand signs. "And finally… MY VILLAGE! Man/beast transormation: Elemental Wolf Horror!"
A cloud of smoke erupts in the room, covering the small pyramid of people for a moment. A menacing, bestial, and decidedly dangerous-sounding triple growl rolls out of the cloud. As it fades away, bit by bit, a hulking, three-headed wolf man appears. Before the smoke clears the claws, however, another sound echoes here, the sound of tightly-compacted lighting. The smoke eventually shows Taiki's claws, a good 6 inches long, and that is the all that as seen as he rushes forward blindingly fast to strike at his most hated enemy.

RP: Taiki transforms into ELEMENTAL-WOLF-HORROR.
COMBAT: Hiei defends against FIRE-DRAGON-BULLET(78) attack from Hironobu with a THE-PINNACLE…64
COMBAT: Hiei loses the roll and sustains 1510 damage.

As the fire dragons flow down the hallway, Hiei attempts to leap from the ceiling back down to the floor again, but the flames wash over him this time. There is hissing and growling and when he emerges, he's a little worse for wear. He growls. "That was my favorite duster." After the smoke clears it's apparent that his duster has been burned away, leaving him in the form fitting sleeveless shirt and the armor that he wears on his torso. There is a surge of chakra before his body is enveloped in a bright blue, lightning infused aura. His muscles expand to three times their normal size as he kicks away from the ground, running alongside the wall for a moment before he leaps the last distance towards the old man, shooting a closed fist towards him with some serious physical power behind it. "Finally, a face to go with the stupid disembodied voice. Let me re-arrange it for you!"

RP: Hiei transforms into LIGHTNING-RELEASE-ARMOR.

RP: Narusegawa transforms into MANGEKYOU-SHARINGAN-KAMINARI.
RP: Narusegawa uses WATER-CREATION.
COMBAT: Narusegawa defends against FIRE-DRAGON-BULLET(72) attack from Hironobu with a WATER-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…100

Narusegawa's Susanoo began to fade and crash to the ground in the form of a ghastily chakra residue, the area simply wasn't roomy enough to use it without further damage. She does counter back against the attack with a defense of her own, from her lips splurges a massive amount of water, lathering the ground beneath their feet, she then forces it upwards to black the dragon bullet with a wall of water… It works, steamings nicely. There are no other words to leave Naru's lips in the form of small talk, instead she merely narrows her right eye upon their enemey, blood trickling along the corner of her eye. "Amaterasu…" In a matter of seconds a flame of darkness attempts to ignite right upon him., capture him in a slow burn. If this didn't work she had other plans to bring him down.

COMBAT: Kurome defends against FIRE-DRAGON-BULLET(74) attack from Hironobu with a BLAST-OFF…71
COMBAT: Kurome loses the roll and sustains 1550 damage.

Kurome tries to avoid the fire dragon bullet, but she can't seem to keep away from it. The woman winces as flames wash over her, and her Sharingan whirls a bit as she attempts to make eye contact with Hironobu to try and keep him down for a little bit. …. Maybe that'll work.

COMBAT: Borin defends against FIRE-DRAGON-BULLET(81) attack from Hironobu with a GENTLE-DODGE-II…59
COMBAT: Borin loses the roll and sustains 2048 damage.

Borin seeing the pending fire dragon bullet barely towards them all he can think about was will the seal be broken in time. although broken Borin was still unable to dodge the powerful and highly destructive attack, taking severe damage borred struggle to return to his feet ultimately he fell flat on his face gasping for air trying to recover the best way you could. for now all we can do is watch helpless unable to even defend himself

COMBAT: Tenjin_Riku defends against FIRE-DRAGON-BULLET(71) attack from Hironobu with a NOT-EVEN-A-SCRATCH…107
COMBAT: Tenjin_Riku successfully interrupts attack number 5: FIRE-DRAGON-BULLET from Hironobu against Ryutaro with a roll of 130 vs 84.
COMBAT: Tenjin_Riku defends against FIRE-DRAGON-BULLET(84) attack from Hironobu with a NOT-EVEN-A-SCRATCH…91

With relative ease, Riku leaps out of the way of the incoming flames, keeping himself and the snake about his shoulders safe. He casts a glance around at those already injured, frowning slightly. Ideally, he'd heal them quickly, but at this point, if something's not done to be sure this old man doesn't force them to cave the area in on themselves, they may end up trapped down here… not that he couldn't get out, but it'd be unpleasant for those who don't possess earth manipulating and healing abilities to be in such a situation. Thus he reaches into his cloak, drawing what appear to be stems of some sort of a plant, which he tosses into the air. He brings his into a seal quickly, causing that small bit of plant matter to suddenly burst into full life, creating vines and flowers that line the cavern on all sides to support it, at least for now, while also sending thorny vines down at Hironobu with intent to painfully bind him in a web of vines so that he can't escape the coming onslaught.

COMBAT: Hironobu defends against LIGHTNING-CLAW-II(88) attack from Taiki with a EFFICIENT-SEAL-BARRIER…102
COMBAT: Hironobu defends against STORM-WARNING(78) attack from Hiei with a EFFICIENT-SEAL-BARRIER…101
COMBAT: Hironobu defends against GREATER-AMATERASU(102) attack from Narusegawa with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…102
COMBAT: Hironobu defends against SHARINGAN-HYPNOSIS(54) attack from Kurome with a GENJUTSU-KAI…72
COMBAT: Hironobu defends against ENSNARING-FIELD(112) attack from Tenjin_Riku with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…100
COMBAT: Hironobu loses the roll and sustains 478 damage.

Old but nimble fingers withdraw seals from within his robe, blocking the attacks that are thrown at him with relevant ease. Until that mysterious snake type manages to sneak one in on him. The old Uzumaki turns his eyes to Riku and narrows them. "Hmm, a lucky blow. Best to flee now for when I'm free you will, indeed, die." But until then there's not much he can do but watch and see what happens.

"Yeah, take a number," the middle head growls out. Noticing his old nemesis can't move, he seems to pause for a fraction of a second before making up his mind. The beast disappears in a flash of light as he literally runs circles around the old man, each hit sending him up further into the air until the Uzumaki's body bounces off the ceiling. A flash of light appears right above the body before the old man is sent hurtling back to the floor far too quickly to be due to gravity…

Hiei backflips away from the old man as he draws both blades from his back. Then his body vanishes as he circles around the old man. There are multiple copies of him, but they're just afterimages from him moving so fast. He is everywhere, yet nowhere all at once. Hopefully his speed would disorient the man long enough for him to attack him from a direction that he wouldn't see coming.

Narusegawa forged a blade in her hand, buzzing with lightning chakra and mixed with shaping until it's off in a pointed edge. As both Taiki and Hiei pounced upon their target she herself did the same, coming out from opposite sides to keep the man surrounded… Even if he managed to get out from that snare there was no way he was going to be able to stop all three of them from hitting him. " All talk…" Naru hisses under her breath as she attempts to send the blade through his back and out the other way.

Kurome makes a few handseals, and she suddenly has a huge fireball in front of her that aims itself right at the Recluse Leader. Hopefully Taiki and others that are /right in front of her/ can get out of the way so they don't also get hit.

As Borin spectated he started to realize that this battle was currently filled with monsters n not being a monster himself it's best that he would retreats for the time being. He would follow Kurome lead and fall back as well for treatment.

COMBAT: Hironobu defends against LIGHTNING-FANG-OVER-FANG(63) attack from Taiki with a TENSE…23
COMBAT: Hironobu loses the roll and sustains 1646 damage.
COMBAT: Hironobu GENJUTSU-KAIs from Narusegawa's stun!
COMBAT: Hironobu defends against SUDDEN-SHOCK(110) attack from Hiei with a SEAL-BARRIER…88
COMBAT: Hironobu loses the roll and sustains 646 damage.

Hironobu is not happy to have this genjutsu affecting him at all. Disembodied voices fade in and out as the others speak but that's about it. By the time he manages to escape and come back to himself much of his chest is shredded from the lightning attacks, leaving him bleeding even more. "Curse you, articulating cur," he spits, turning to throw a seal up in front of the Raikagebut he was out of his better seals and this one is a lesser that is easily broken, smacking into the Uzumaki and freezing him in place as the electric shock temporarily shuts him down.

The monsterous beast growls at Hirnobu's words as his claws literally spark with electricity. "No thanks, been there done that. Now it's time to end this curse once and for all!" Taiki's not interested in leaving Hironobu alive, or even whole. Once again, he disappears in a flash of light, this time even faster than before as his hatred for this man provides more energy than ever. To anyone else, the randomly placed flashes of light look like an upside-down whirlwind of light as his claws strike again and again. Finally the end-slam comes, sending Hironobu to the floor, followed by yet another slash to the chest before he careens away.

Hiei takes his cue from Taiki. He once again sends his lightning aura into his swords, causing them to glow and crackle with energy. It was probably the last time he could do an attack like this, but the ends would justify the means. It was these types of battles that you laid it all on the line. "For the people that have died in both Konoha and Kumo. For the people that may have died in this very battle. Just shut the android up and die already." The Raikage vanishes and appears just behind Taiki, as soon as the Inuzuka finishes his attack, Hiei swings both of his swords towards the old man.

COMBAT: Hiei attacks Hironobu with THUNDER-SLASH with a roll of: 136

Narusegawa was certain that this time the other two would be able to finish off this enemy once and for all. Like many of the others she decided to reel herself back, focusing on providing back up if things got rough… It looked like the battle was a good as won however…

COMBAT: Hironobu defends against RAIDEN-WOLF-CLAW(96) attack from Taiki with a TENSE…14
COMBAT: Hironobu loses the roll and sustains 2568 damage.
COMBAT: Hironobu defends against THUNDER-SLASH(136) attack from Hiei with a TENSE…11
COMBAT: Hironobu loses the roll and sustains 2830 damage.

With his body frozen in place by the lightning he can only watch as death finally makes it's way towards him. "I've lived too long to be taken down by you mangy mutt," he growls at Taiki. It would turn out to be his last words. He becomes shredded by the attack from Taiki, flesh opening in many different places while he just stands there, forced to his knees by the attacks. The followup from Hiei is the finisher, opening his chest wide open and nearly cutting him in four pieces. The man collapses to the ground, quite dead.

RPCOMBAT: Taiki defends against with a RAIDEN'S-WOLF-DANCE…100

Taiki eventually comes down from the burst of speed, skidding just a foot away from Hironobu's body. The monsterous three-headed form stands there, huffing from exertion and chakra use. Steam flows out of all three mouths before another cloud overtakes the beast. As the cloud dissipates, Taiki and both ninken stand there, looking none the worse for wear. As Taiki glares down at the body, one would think that if looks could kill, the Uzumaki's body would instantly combust. Finally, after a moment of silence, he quietly says two things. "Justice is served," is the first, followed by an even quieter, "That one was for my mother. Rest in hell."
Taiki then turns his head to look over the others, and ultimately decides to approach Hiei. "Thank you for your assistance Raikage-sama. I owe you a debt for this, one that I promise I will someday repay. In the meantime, would you allow me to heal you?" If Hiei gives approval, Taiki would do just that even as he speaks to everyone else. "Thank you everyone, for helping bring these people to justice." Individual thank you's for others would come later, but he realizes he could not have done this alone, and is sure to let everyone know it.

COMBAT: Taiki heals Hiei for 921 with LIGHT CHAKRA HEALING.

Hiei powers down from his clan's technique and flicks his swords to remove the blood before sheathing them both on his back. He turns to Taiki. "Healing would be nice, thank you. And it was both a pleasure and a privilege to share the field of battle with you." He shifts his gaze to Naru. "And you as well, Uchiha-sama." He glances around for the other two that were with them, but they must have gone back out of the cave. He rolls his shoulder, grunting slightly. "Still, it was fun. And now we can all focus on putting our respective villages back in order. If you'll excuse me, I need to check in with my troops." He bows deeply and then moves to head out of the cave.

The leader is dead, the real one. Vengeance has been had, and the Recluse is all but destroyed. Most would consider this a good day, despite some losses. There's only one thing left to do. Bury the place! Right?

Ever mindful of his duties, Taiki first directs others to raid the place for any valuable intelligence. Once that is done, he would ask the Raikage in joining him in making the complex into a giant crater. Later he would come back here and post a monument, warning any that would attempt to follow their in their footsteps the price they would pay.

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