The Recluse War - End Game (Team B)


Rockpath (emitter), Daisuke, Kenta, Hige, Juudai, Rise, Isura

Date: July 25, 2015


The final chapter of the War with the Recluse. Daisuke leads a team against the second entrance and they encounter the Recluse False Leader, Kawano Yoshihisa

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Recluse War - End Game (Team B)"

Land of Fire

Weather-wise, the combined forces of Konohagakure and Kumogakure couldn't ask for a better day. The sky is clear and the air is cool and crisp, without being overly freezing. A staging area was set up by the Uzumaki Fuinjutsu team, who was sent here both as an apology and as support to help with the traps made by fuinjutsu. Of course, given the three known entrances into the complex, this team would be stretched rather thin, but they would be able to supplant the hidden villages' own recourses. Uzumaki Tenken is here, directly leading the Uzumaki force. He gives a basic reconnaissance of the area. The enemy is holed up in an underground bunker which has two "somewhat visible" entrances, and a third sealed entrance. It is likely the third entrance is either an escape route, or given the nature of the seals present, an access point for Hironubo, the Uzumaki in actual charge of the Recluse.
There's some strange signs of what perhaps is a rally point between the first two entrances (though the second entrance is actually designated 3 because its the one with all the heavy seals), though no one can figure out what that area actually is for. The entrance dubbed #2 is directly opposite the main entrance, while opposite the entrance #3 is a large lake. It is unlikely the Recluse would escape via that route, or so the recon evaluation shows….
Those who are in this little area have their eyes on Door #2! What on earth is behind it? Well, probably a whole lot of Recluse! Duh. Daisuke, as Kage, is the one leading this charge, and it's up to him to decide what to do with this ragtag group!

Today was the day that all the effort and bloodshed by fellow Leaf ninja, especially Inuzuka, finally cashed in. The combined effort of Kumo and Konoha nins, along with some potential allies had arrived at the complex that recon had pegged as housing the leaders of the Recluse. Daisuke stands at the entrance to Door #2, looking at the entrance. This ragtag group around him was made up of some allies, potential allies and his own Leaf ninja, none of which he wanted to lose. Taiki and the others had split off to reinforce other groups, and so it was Daisuke's responsibility to aid this one's success. He looks around to each of his own ninja, before nodding to Rise, then to Juudai in thanks for coming. His eyes fall on Xun, his faithful companion, and currently 1/100th of his size, and chuckles lightly. Xun gives him a 'look' and Daisuke immediately knew that he didn't enjoy being this size, the size he was years ago when they first met. "I guess you will have to diet when this is over, huh?" he teases his friend.
As the others were getting ready, Daisuke looks to his group. Soon, the other groups were going to be moving… it was time for some action. He places a hand on Xun's side as he looks to the rest, "Xun is here to be as best a shield as he can to you all, but don't go throwing your lives away. The Inuzuka clan has been plagued by these people long before Konoha and Kumogakure ever were involved, so, to me, this is personal. If you mess with one of our clans, you mess with the entire Leaf village, allies included. Everyone prepare and let's find out what is behind door number 2, shall we?"

Kenta came as prepared as he ever could be for such a big mission. Backpack, belt pouches and pockets full of equipment? Check. Well rested prior to traveling? Check. His chakra storage seal filled to capacity? Check. A couple of poison pills swallowed and more held in reserve? Check. The young medic had been part of several skirmishes against the Recluse by now and he knows what preparations to make.
Kenta's always still nervous, since the missions are so important. There's not one, but -two- Kage in the group. That frankly makes Kenta a ball of jitters, since the pressure would be on him to work even harder to keep up with the power houses in the group, but it also means that he's a bit relieved. Two Kage means they'll be in less danger in a way, unless it also draws the presence of all the stronger Recluse like moths to two flames. As a seal expert in his own way, Kenta can tell that the seals of entrance #2, which they're facing, is very heavy duty. Whatever the case is, he's ready to follow orders.
At the moment, Kenta concentrates on stabilizing the telepathic network that he established between all members of the assault force. He had already established it when everyone was gathered, but now the teams have split up. The increased distance between everyone is making all the links go "wobbly" so they might not work perfectly, but maybe the higher ups can use it to coordinate the effort with some mind to mind speaking. Kenta lets out a breath once the network is as stable as he can manage it and he can concentrate on other things. As long as he doesn't get killed or knocked out, the network should stay up. Ideally. Otherwise, everyone's out of luck.
Kenta nods his head somberly at Daisuke. "I'm as ready as I'll ever be, Hokage-sama. I won't let you down." Hopefully. He looks around the group. "Ummm… or anyone else. It's time that we stop this blight once and for all. I'm completely ready for that, even if I -do- have to give my life."

Hige is here because he wouldn't miss this for the world. There was no way he was going to keep away this battle with the Recluse, or really any battle with the Recluse. After what they'd done to his clanno way. For once he's wearing his vest, as is Konsho by his side, the pup now over four feet tall. His face is blank, a neutral mask without expression and not even hinting at what he might be feeling. When Daisuke speaks he turns his eyes to the Hokage and listens, then nods. "We won't be the ones throwing our lives away," he says in a bland, neutral tone before looking back at the compound. "They will be."

For her part, Juudai had brought along the guards that were with her as she was a travelling Kage. She tells them to stay close but help where possible. The shinobi agree and join in with the large group of shinobi from Kumogakure and Konohagakure. Her part, she simply listens to Daisuke as he speaks. She hmms softly and then chuckles before shaking her head. She pulls from the cigar and then looks forward, "Fancy words." She states softly to herself and steps up so she can see this place they are attacking, eyes upon it before she nods her head to it. She looks to the shinobi nearby before looking forward, "Personal, not personal. Protecting one's village shouldn't be simply personal. It should be life." She nods her head, "Now, it seems I shall probably have to hold myself in check slightly." She chuckles to herself, "Such a large group." She steps up closer to Daisuke, "If you'd like, I can open us up and take out a large portion of our enemy even before things begin."

There were eyes roaming about everywhere, and yet it is only the gaze of a Kage that captured her attention for more than just a moment. Her memories of the past might be a scrambled mess, but she remembered Daisuke all too well. In place of hostility born of a desire for revenge or undiluted fear, the woman simply turns back to the scroll in hand after a lengthy look at the man, completely apathetic. Once she finished her latest inscription, the oversized scroll would be rolled up and strapped to her back, off balancing her.
That lack of care about her doesn't fade afterwards as it turns out. The woman genuinely did not care about any of this beyond her orders on the matter. A frown briefly graces her lips in a brief moment of concern. Then, it is back to rigid professionalism closer to the back of the ragtag group.

A team of Uzumaki have been working on the seals while folks were talking. Sometimes, an Uzumaki had to step back, as something just exploded in his face. "Ugh…" he mutters. The head Uzumaki for the group makes her way over to Daisuke and murmurs something quietly to him. Essentially, she told him that the seals were a bit harder to take care of this time around, and they didn't get all of them. Then to the whole group, she says, "We're almost through the main barrier seals, but keep an eye out for traps. I don't think we deactivated all of the explosive tags hidden within the compound."

Daisuke nods to Kenta, with a smile at the conviction in his words, knowing him to usually be quite unsettled around him. "Good." he says to the Yamanaka clan member. "I will also be relying on you to convey any important information, so don't go leaping into the fire behind me." he adds with a wink. Hige gets a look from Daisuke, but his stoicism just told Daisuke that he was focusing solely on the fight ahead, so the Hokage had nothing more to say to his Jounin.
As the Tsuchikage sidles up to Daisuke, the Hokage chuckles politely at her words. "Sorry to drag you into such a thing on your first trip to Konohagakure. But hey, who can say they had such an exciting experience visiting our village?" he says to her. "As for the battering ram, I will leave that to Xun here. After all, we don't want to get too fancy and suddenly cave in the roof on our team." His attention is suddenly pulled to the Uzumaki as they continue to tear down seal after seal, one approaching him and whispers to him about the troubles. He looks up at Xun and relays the message about the traps, to which the large Panda nods his head. "Ok everyone, let's get ready to go." he says as his chakra levels begin to spike.

COMBAT: Daisuke focuses 6784 stamina to turn it into 11000 usable chakra!

Kenta nods somberly. "Understood, Hokage-sama. I know that I'm also the only medic in this group, so I'll be extra careful when the assault begins." He sucks in a breath and lets it out slowly as he centers himself. The young man had already been gathering chakra while they wait, but his reserves spike a bit higher as he focus more for immediate use. Whatever is to come will likely be very chakra intensive for his role as support.
Kenta also makes a few hand seals once he's gathered a good amount of chakra. It would look like nothing happened to the rest of the group, but the seal tattooed to his chest with invisible ink darkens into a black splash of characters across his pale skin as he releases it to the second level. Chakra stored within it begins to pop back into his body to enhance his chakra control further, along with other things.

COMBAT: Kenta focuses 6894 stamina to turn it into 10000 usable chakra!
RP: Kenta uses TELEPATHY-II.

Chakra flares in both the young Inuzuka and his companion, pulling it all together in preparation. Hige glances over to Konsho and gives the pup a small nod before looking back to the entrance and the Uzumaki working so diligently on the seals. His focus is, indeed, on the fight ahead and he has nothing that he needs to hear. He knows his job, it's what he does best. Destruction and death. He will happily cause that to any and all that he comes in contact with once inside.
Konsho, while not quite as hard ass focused as his companion, is still quite ready. But at least he takes a chance to look around at the others and give a big doggy grin to those present that he knows before he turns back and prepares to follow.

COMBAT: Hige focuses 4963 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!
RP: Hige transforms into KONSHOS-BOND.

COMBAT: Juudai focuses 6437 stamina to turn it into 8200 usable chakra!
RP: Juudai transforms into BAKUTON-III.

A nod to Daisuke, "It is your show." She states as she siphons off a bit of her cigar. Even as chakra flows over her form, little crackles of electricity begin moving over her form, popping in tiny explosions in the air around her. SHe starts forward with the rest, seeming unconcerned as she moves, "I suppose I should go all out none the less." She nods her head, "Perhpaps I might find opportunity to use something other than explosions." She nods softly to herself as she moves with the group. "Maybe I'll go easy on them and use only taijutsu?"

RP: Rise transforms into MEDITATIVE-TRANCE.
COMBAT: Rise focuses 2525 stamina to turn it into 2600 usable chakra!

Rise's eyes widen at the news. Soon after, her gaze shoots in the rough direction the other team consisting of mostly her fellow Kumo-nin, and a growl comes out unbidden. 'I shouldn't be-…' She winces, haunches over, and lifts her hand as if to hold her head, but terminates the action midway. In another moment or so, ebony locks dance in the air as shook her head hard a few times. When next her eyes are fully visible no trace remains of her earlier 'discomfort'. In fact, she appeared relatively at peace for someone infamous for fits of rage and destruction. The tranquility extended right down to her chakra; a steadily growing mass of energy.
"We are to take no prisoners again, correct?" She asks of whoever closests (more than likely Hige).

When the seals finally are undone, a voice would resound across all the teams. "So you have come at last to your doom…. Coe, /Inuzuka/ and curry, come to your destruction. Today will mark the beginning of a new era." Then a wide array of explosive tags come shooting out at the entire group from the entrance, a number of lights going on through the tunnel as the Recluse make their presence known.

COMBAT: Daisuke defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(45) attack from Recluse with a REINFORCED-EARTH-ARMOR…64
COMBAT: Daisuke defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(47) attack from Recluse with a REINFORCED-EARTH-ARMOR…65
RP: Daisuke transforms into YONBI-FULL-RELEASE.

Daisuke smiles at Kenta. "I have the utmost confidence that you will do just fine." he says to the young medic before turning to Juudai. "My show? No no, it is OUR show. So let's make it a spectacular one." he says to the Tsuchikage as he looks to the Uzumaki team for an update on their progress. After a few more moments, the seals are broken, at least temporarily, and Daisuke uses it as a sign that the attack is starting. He looks towards the entrance in time to see the multiple explosive tags flying out from within. Some of them latch onto the Hokage and explode, though as the smoke clears, the Hokage is just fine, although he begins to crack and his earth shell falls to the ground. "A welcoming volley, shall we go? Keep an eye out for traps and let's make our way in." he says to the group as he heads inside, the air around him growing thick and the ground begins to crack. Mid-stride, the Hokage bursts into orange flames and is covered by a fiery cloak of pure demonic chakra with symmetrical black lines running down his body. First order of business, clear the entrance for the others. The Hokage jumps into the air and, raising a hand to his mouth, spits out a large cloud of poisonous gas towards the enemies.

COMBAT: Xun defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(41) attack from Recluse with a DUAL-BLADE…68
COMBAT: Xun takes 1204 partial damage.
COMBAT: Xun defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(38) attack from Recluse with a DUAL-BLADE…69
COMBAT: Xun takes 1179 partial damage.

Xun, on the other hand, is annoyed with the tags, drawing both of his swords and attempting to slice through the tags themselves. Unfortunately it doesn't go as well as he had thought, the tags exploding when he tries to cut through them and injuring the Panda bear, who lets out a grunt of pain. "Did I hear there was a medic?" he says to the others in a gruff voice.

RP: Kenta transforms into VITAL-VIVIFICATION-SEAL-II.
COMBAT: Kenta defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(37) attack from Recluse with a SEAL-WALL…58
COMBAT: Kenta defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(51) attack from Recluse with a SEAL-WALL…57

Kenta mostly attempts to stay in the middle of the group for now, as that's the most secure location for a medic. Things might change later on, but this seems to be the best spot for now. He holds a few defensive tags in his left hand, but keeps his right hands free, since there's little predicting what type of jutsu might be needed once the action starts. Kenta does finger the tags within one of his pockets for a second, but discards them as unnecessary and unwise. A cloaking seal to make himself invisible could be useful, but also means that his own team mates might hit him with an area affecting jutsu without realizing that he's inside the zone.
But abruptly, it's too late to do any more preparations. Kenta's eyes narrows as he sees the wave of explosive tags fly out at them. Several of the defensive tags leaves his hands and barriers of blue chakra intercept all the explosive tags raining down on his position. He watches in awe while the Kage of his very own village explodes into a beast of mass destruction, but doesn't have much time to spend on that, since there's already someone in need of medical assistance. "On it, Xun-sama!" Kenta exclaims as he hurries to the shinobi panda. The Chuunin's palms glow as they rest on Xun's back and he reaches into Xun's body to perform quick surgical repairs.

COMBAT: Kenta heals XUn for 1282 with CHAKRA SCALPEL.

COMBAT: Hige defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(40) attack from Recluse with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE…70
COMBAT: Hige defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(49) attack from Recluse with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE…56

Hige does nothing but wait as the seal team continues their work. It's when the action starts that he automatically slips down to his four legged style in preperation. And good thing too, considering the exploding tags that make themselves present. Hige and Konsho both quickly push away to avoid the tags, landing and ready to attack…but it looks like Daisuke took care of this first group. Oh well. He'll deal death in just moments.

COMBAT: Juudai defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(44) attack from Recluse with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…53
COMBAT: Juudai defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(41) attack from Recluse with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…55

Taking a deep drag of her cigar, Juudai simply looks over as the explosive tags come down and she raises up her hand. One seal at such rapid speed that it is almost impossible to see what she did and the explosives flow over her. She glances around as they clear, still smoking her cigar. She looks over at the attack by Daisuke and then she hmms, "Wondering honestly if the rest of us are needed." She chuckles a little as she smokes on her cigar. SHe then looks toward his poisonous breath and considers, "Well, just in case they come crawling out of there." She idly makes a few seals, lifts up a pair kunai and tosses both into the cloud of poison. One flashes with sound and noise and hte other follows it up with a blast of pure chakra, "That ought to keep them busy."

COMBAT: Rise defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(36) attack from Recluse with a VISUAL-DISTORTION…65
COMBAT: Rise defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(36) attack from Recluse with a VISUAL-DISTORTION…69

No answer is recieved, nor did she expect one given her poor timing. The voice even had her on edge, if only just. Fortunately, the sight of enemies beyond the former veil of chakra provide an excellent source to focus on. As soon as she spotted one aiming for her direction, Rise forms a single seal, tricking the poor fellows mind with visions of his weapon flying everywhere /but/ where intended.
Within seconds, Rise has moved out of danger. A Kunai slips into her hand during the movement, but by the time danger has passed, it is too late. Mr. Lava Lamp had to fill much of the entrance and those closest to it with a poison cloud of death, rendering it all but impossible for a clear shot. With a mild noise of irritation, Rise sheathes the blade and waits for now…

COMBAT: Isura heals Isura for 301 with FIRST AID.
COMBAT: Isura focuses 4990 stamina to turn it into 6000 usable chakra!
RP: Isura transforms into SHARINGAN-II.

Isura was posted in the back to gain a superior field of vision, once obtained he was able to put a plan together. Isura heard the explosion as he started to make his way to the front lines he peered around the local area he slowly tapped his foot onto the ground as he awaited orders for the counter attacks to begin.

COMBAT: Recluse defends against LAVA-HAZE(85) attack from Daisuke with a DEMON-SEALING-TECHNIQUE…70
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COMBAT: Recluse defends against FLASHBANG(71) attack from Juudai with a DEMON-SEALING-TECHNIQUE…76
COMBAT: Recluse defends against FLASHBANG(63) attack from Juudai with a DEMON-SEALING-TECHNIQUE…77
COMBAT: Recluse defends against FLASHBANG(46) attack from Juudai with a DEMON-SEALING-TECHNIQUE…75
COMBAT: Recluse defends against FLASHBANG(49) attack from Juudai with a DEMON-SEALING-TECHNIQUE…92
COMBAT: Recluse defends against FLASHBANG(71) attack from Juudai with a DEMON-SEALING-TECHNIQUE…102
COMBAT: Recluse defends against EXPLOSIVE-BLAST(61) attack from Juudai with a DEMON-SEALING-TECHNIQUE…73
COMBAT: Recluse defends against EXPLOSIVE-BLAST(53) attack from Juudai with a DEMON-SEALING-TECHNIQUE…98
COMBAT: Recluse defends against EXPLOSIVE-BLAST(57) attack from Juudai with a DEMON-SEALING-TECHNIQUE…91
COMBAT: Recluse defends against EXPLOSIVE-BLAST(51) attack from Juudai with a DEMON-SEALING-TECHNIQUE…84
COMBAT: Recluse defends against EXPLOSIVE-BLAST(52) attack from Juudai with a DEMON-SEALING-TECHNIQUE…62

And suddenly … Chaos! The Recluse at the entrance all think themselves to be safe thanks to a very strong seal barrier that is between them and the Leaf-plus-Iwa-nin. Sadly for them, they are very very wrong. It isn't a good idea to get between a Kage and his target. And it's even less of a good idea when that Kage is a Jinchuuriki. And even less so than that when there are two Kage before you as an opponent, and one of them makes explosions! Rocks tumble down and start covering some of the seals, thanks to the explosive blasts. And while Juudai isn't able to harm the actual Recluse in most of the attacks, Daisuke is able to send in a large gust of smoke/lava/whatever-it's-called to make the Recluse blind and unable to see. GAH! No attacks come from the team now, but one Recluse gets lucky and is able to activate some random seal… Hmm, wonder what it does…

Daisuke is left rubbing the back of his head at the entrance and looking at the others sheepishly. "Sorry." he says as his jutsu begins to dissipate, though those caught it in would be feeling the effects long after the actual cloud was gone. The tunnel would smell a bit acrid to those with hyper sensitive noses, but other than that, the poisonous haze that hung over it was gone. The Hokage looks over at Xun and frowns, smacking him on his side. "Pick it up, Xun. You are making yourself look more like a stuffed panda bear than the Boss." he says, riling his friend up for battle after that rough start.
Xun grunts at Daisuke, looking over to Kenta and nodding deeply in thanks to the medic boy. He turns towards the cave, gripping his large swords tightly as he readies to charge forward. "That's better." says Daisuke as he sees Xun's determined look and body language. He looks to the others to make sure everyone came out unscathed before nodding his head. "Seems our enemy is just as explosive as we are, let's move in." With that, the Hokage starts towards the cave, spotting the Recluse member activating the seal, though too late with his attack. His cloak extends from his body, first the two arms, then more from within his cloak's body, shooting out and attempting to engage and attack all five of the members inside with the fiery claws of the Four Tailed Ape. Xun is surprisingly quick on his feet, springing forth and moving between the cloak extensions to get up close and personal with the members, slashing once, twice, thrice with his blades.

Kenta's eyes fairly pops out of his head when he sees some of the attacks get repulsed. He doesn't know if both of them were using their strongest attacks, but it had looked very impressive to him. He also recognizes the type of barrier that was erected around the Recluse minions to protect them, which just shows what skilled seal users the enemy has on their side. Kenta is relieved to see that at least the barrier is gone after the barrage of attacks from the Kage.
As soon as Xun pulls away from, Kenta slaps both hands together. It's already clear that he's going to have to release his the seal to a higher level than it currently is. Twin chains of black seal characters extend from the inked seal on his chest to twine up his neck and form two solid black circle on the medic's cheeks. The air around him begin to ripple faintly, but not too noticeably to anyone that's not looking hard at him.
The second barrage of attacks from Daisuke and Xun looks like they'd be enough to do in the enemy blocking the entrance now that the barrier is down. Nevertheless, there's little telling what other defenses might still be up. Kenta pulls several small kunai, each wrapped with a tag, from a holster at his side and flings it forward at the Recluse minions while he follows after his Hokage. The tag on each kunai fizzles and erupts into small clouds of green gas that'd irritate the eyes, lungs and mucus membranes of anyone that doesn't get out of the way.

RP: Kenta transforms into VITAL-VIVIFICATION-SEAL-IV.

Hige moves in after the gas has dissipated, feral eyes searching out whoever he might be lucky enough to come across. Unlucky for them however. The first group he sees is in for a lovely surprise in the form of a tornado made of teeth, claws and lightning. The two smash into the group while at the same time being careful not to accidently bring down the whole cavern on them. Nice and gentle to the walls, yep.

Watching how Daisuke, Xun, and Hige seem to have this handled, Juudai simply nods her head, "Good job." She then starts after the group and hmms, "Seems that these people are toughter than I had anticipated." She nods again, "I perhaps might have some fun after all." She chuckles.

Unwilling to wait again for the rest to cut through worst of the enemy, Rise races after the others with only one intention in mind. Soon enough, Xun would either feel the slight tugging sensation of someone/thing climbing onto his braid, or sense her attempt ahead of time and move out of the way. Regardless of which, the woman proves persistant in her endeavours to eventually reach a vantage point that favored her the most. And with any luck, the Panda just might find her worthy enough back-up once he truly get into the thick of things!

Isura simply observe the situation as much as he wanted to get into the thick of things due to the position of everyone inside the cave it made it rather difficult. however being the tatical ninja that he was he was able to spot a slight opening for him to launch an attack it was towards the rogue shinobi that was able to activate the seal. starting the assault was wire use to try and in trap the ninja he quickly followed up with a flurry of fireballs.

COMBAT: Recluse defends against BIJUU-CLOAK-EXTENSIONS(70) attack from Daisuke with a TENSE…4
COMBAT: Recluse loses the roll and sustains 1536 damage.
COMBAT: Recluse defends against BIJUU-CLOAK-EXTENSIONS(57) attack from Daisuke with a TENSE…10
COMBAT: Recluse loses the roll and sustains 1380 damage.
COMBAT: Recluse defends against BIJUU-CLOAK-EXTENSIONS(64) attack from Daisuke with a TENSE…11
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COMBAT: Recluse defends against BIJUU-CLOAK-EXTENSIONS(66) attack from Daisuke with a TENSE…13
COMBAT: Recluse loses the roll and sustains 1509 damage.
COMBAT: Recluse defends against BIJUU-CLOAK-EXTENSIONS(71) attack from Daisuke with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Recluse loses the roll and sustains 1515 damage.
COMBAT: Recluse defends against SWORD-STRIKE-II(35) attack from Xun with a DODGE-II…56
COMBAT: Recluse defends against SWORD-STRIKE-II(42) attack from Xun with a DODGE-II…62
COMBAT: Recluse defends against SWORD-STRIKE-II(48) attack from Xun with a DODGE-II…62
COMBAT: Recluse defends against POISON-TAG(51) attack from Kenta with a DODGE…55
COMBAT: Recluse defends against POISON-TAG(41) attack from Kenta with a DODGE-II…75
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COMBAT: Recluse defends against LIGHTNING-FANG-OVER-FANG(56) attack from Hige with a DODGE…40
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COMBAT: Recluse defends against LIGHTNING-FANG-OVER-FANG(54) attack from Hige with a DODGE…34
COMBAT: Recluse defends against LIGHTNING-FANG-OVER-FANG(62) attack from Hige with a DODGE…54
COMBAT: Recluse loses the roll and sustains 586 damage.
COMBAT: Recluse defends against LIGHTNING-FANG-OVER-FANG(51) attack from Hige with a DODGE…51
COMBAT: Recluse defends against STRING-STEERING-TECHNIQUE(41) attack from Isura with a DODGE…61
COMBAT: Recluse defends against COVERING-FIRE(43) attack from Isura with a DODGE…41
COMBAT: Recluse loses the roll and sustains 333 damage.

So remember that seal the guy had activated earlier? Well, it's a shame that Daisuke's Bijuu tentacle-things didn't get to him before it was activated. While the men at the entrance are all…. dead… *ahem*, Hige and Rise decide to charge on in! Along with Xun, by the looks of it. This probably wasn't the best idea, as now the trio have to deal with a fancy genjutsu. The three would see a bunch of Recluse goons before them. Running. Fleeing. Whatever. The walls would seem to disappear as these Recluse goons sought to bring the Kono/Kumo-nin on an endless chase.
And while Hige might be trapped in the genjutsu with Konsho, that doesn't mean that they didn't deal their own damage. There was a pack of Recluse goons there, and they /just happened/ to be in the way of the angry-teen and his dog. So… down they go! Maybe next time they'll learn their lesson. Not that there will be a next time. They seem as dead as doornails. Which is probably why Isura would only burn bodies with that fire of his.

RPCOMBAT: Daisuke defends against with a TREMOR-SENSE-II…70

While Xun is busy dealing with his own mind problems, Daisuke places a fiery orange hand on the ground, closing his eyes and focusing as he sends his chakra out over the earth beneath him. He takes a moment before standing up, not turning around. But that doesn't mean anything to a Jinchuuriki because numerous arms burst forth from the back of his chakra cloak, where his flowing Hokage's cloak is, and attacks numerous targets attempting to sneak up behind the group. "Careful." he says as he addresses the group. "It seems like they are on their way up the tunnel, though it might be beneficial for us to meet them half way and end this in order to help the others. Those in favor, charge forward." he says, pointing towards the tunnel where the melee group was hit. "And be careful. Isura, keep that Sharingan going, you can be a handy lookout."

COMBAT: Xun defends against ENDLESS-CHASE(56) attack from Recluse with a BLADED-SELF-INFLICT…65

Xun himself is caught within the seal-activated genjutsu, and plays along for awhile before the walls begin to fade and the battle chase starts stretching out into the open. He slides to a stop and frowns, looking down at his arm and poking himself painfully in order to test for a genjutsu. The pain was enough to bring him back to reality in time to hear Daisuke's words, and the Panda charges forth into the tunnel.

Kenta continues to stay near the middle of the now loosely spread group, or at the rear if he has to. A ranged offense isn't is strong suit, so it's a good thing that the rest of the members are able to take down the minions with relative ease. "Umm… I bet there's even more mobilizing deeper inside. This place has to be packed, if it's the main headquarters," the young man murmurs, more to himself than anyone else.
Kenta jogs up to Xun as the panda skids to a stop. "Sorry to interrupt you, Xun-sama. Since Hokage-sama indicated there's more danger ahead, I want to tend to your wounds a little more before we run into it. I'll stay with you for a moment," he says in an apologetic voice. Once again, Kenta moves behind the giant panda to rests glowing hands on Xun's back. If Xun begins to move, Kenta would try to keep pace until his work is done.

COMBAT: Kenta heals Xun for 1583 with CHAKRA SCALPEL.

COMBAT: Hige defends against ENDLESS-CHASE(47) attack from Recluse with a SELF-INFLICT-II…44

While so far Hige had been able to help, that seems to have come to an end. Despite their best attempts to break the genjutsu they feel coming it's useless. And they run and run and run, mostly in their minds, until they're drained. When it finally ends they really haven't moved that far, but they feel the exhaustion take them and Hige drops to his hands and knees. Well shit. "Just go," he tells anyone that might stop while he takes a moment to catch his breath before he'll have to make his retreat. There's no possible way he can fight like this.

Shaking her head, Juudai watches everything happen and simply sighs. She looks to Daisuke and then nods her head. She moves forward though it is hardly a charge. Any fools that were following after them were going to be in for a sad surprise as she sent a kunai in that direction with an explosive bit of chakra attached. She continues along, idly chewing her cigar a little, "I believe that they might have been prepared for an invasion."

COMBAT: Rise defends against ENDLESS-CHASE(56) attack from Recluse with a GENJUTSU-KAI…41

As the Xun's braid swung about the air, Rise could feel her launch gradually lurching its way up her throat. She kept climbing suppressing the sensation through sheer force of will until at last she reached her destination: his shoulder. Rise has barely taken a moment to catch her breath when something tugs at her senses. A compulsion to look ahead and…
She blinks then rubs her forehead, feeling as if she just finished one of her usual morning sessions. "What the bleep — wha — " Her half-spoken curse gets muffled after slamming face first into Xun's shoulder. It takes her a moment longer than normally to recover from his abrupt stop, but soon enough she's up again, more or less, clinging to his shoulder as well as eyeing the panda.
"A little warning would've been nice." She states dryly.

Isura noticed the chakra savagely drained from the pair, he's got out the area before making this way towards the pair. Kneeling down he gave Hige a smile "I'll watch over here means he's able to regain his composure and then I shall be join txhe ranks." Isura stood by and monitor the situation.

COMBAT: Recluse defends against BIJUU-CLOAK-EXTENSIONS(62) attack from Daisuke with a DODGE…46
COMBAT: Recluse loses the roll and sustains 1155 damage.
COMBAT: Recluse defends against BIJUU-CLOAK-EXTENSIONS(71) attack from Daisuke with a DODGE…48
COMBAT: Recluse loses the roll and sustains 1293 damage.
COMBAT: Recluse defends against BIJUU-CLOAK-EXTENSIONS(65) attack from Daisuke with a DODGE…37
COMBAT: Recluse loses the roll and sustains 1266 damage.
COMBAT: Recluse defends against BIJUU-CLOAK-EXTENSIONS(78) attack from Daisuke with a DODGE…53
COMBAT: Recluse loses the roll and sustains 1263 damage.
COMBAT: Recluse defends against BIJUU-CLOAK-EXTENSIONS(52) attack from Daisuke with a DODGE…43
COMBAT: Recluse loses the roll and sustains 1143 damage.
COMBAT: Recluse defends against BIJUU-CLOAK-EXTENSIONS(53) attack from Daisuke with a DODGE…42
COMBAT: Recluse loses the roll and sustains 1155 damage.
COMBAT: Recluse defends against BIJUU-CLOAK-EXTENSIONS(62) attack from Daisuke with a DODGE…43
COMBAT: Recluse loses the roll and sustains 1176 damage.
COMBAT: Recluse defends against BIJUU-CLOAK-EXTENSIONS(62) attack from Daisuke with a DODGE…43
COMBAT: Recluse loses the roll and sustains 1215 damage.
COMBAT: Recluse defends against BIJUU-CLOAK-EXTENSIONS(79) attack from Daisuke with a DODGE…51
COMBAT: Recluse loses the roll and sustains 1230 damage.
COMBAT: Recluse defends against BIJUU-CLOAK-EXTENSIONS(66) attack from Daisuke with a DODGE…47
COMBAT: Recluse loses the roll and sustains 1227 damage.
COMBAT: Recluse defends against EXPLOSIVE-BLAST(71) attack from Juudai with a DODGE…43
COMBAT: Recluse loses the roll and sustains 876 damage.
COMBAT: Yoshihisa focuses 8382 stamina to turn it into 12000 usable chakra!

Fortunately for Hige, there are NPC healers about. The problem is he has to get to them. Or they have to get to him. Some of the Uzumaki that were about have their seals ready, and they quickly surround Hige with a number of seals. "Hey, Uchiha! Guard us!" Barks one of the Uzumaki as they start to work on recovering the Inuzuka. Hige would feel a rush over energy restoring both health and stamina in one amazing go! Yay for NPC Medics. Hige's gonna have to rush to catch up, but that's no biggie.
The Hokage isn't the Hokage for nothing. Daisuke is able to, with ease, pick up all those Recluse goons that are trying to sneak up behind everyone with his chakra cloak. It's only a matter of seconds before Juudai oh-so-casually tosses a kunai behind her… *BOOM* goes the dynamite, and all those poor (and now broke) baddies turn to ash.
As the group wanders along the tunnel, they won't really see any Recluse. At least, not until earth turns to cement. It's around then that a barrage of Recluse that… all look the same? A bit fiery, too. Well, anyway, all the clones start charging right at the group!

[NPC System]: Recluse roll(s) Fire Clone Barrage vs Daisuke from 47 to 81 and get(s) a 79. - Rolled by: Recluse
RPCOMBAT: Daisuke defends against with a MASTERED-BIJUU-CLOAK…92
[NPC System]: Recluse roll(s) Fire Clone Barrage vs Xun from 47 to 81 and get(s) a 80. - Rolled by: Recluse
RPCOMBAT: Xun defends against with a THE-PINNACLE…55
RPCOMBAT: Xun took 400 damage.

Xun looks down to Kenta and nods his head, stopping for a moment so Kenta could do his work. Unbeknownst to him, this causes a traffic accident as Rises bumps into his lumpy shoulder, probably not the least pleasant thing to run into. He looks at Rise with a blank stare as if to say 'What are you doin?' before holding up one of his swords. "Next time you get tricked, I will help by stabbing you." he says with a boisterous laugh. As Kenta finishes up, Xun offers Kenta a ride before continuing down the tunnel to meet the incoming group head on.
As the group continues they are met with fiery opposition as Xun steels himself and attempts to take them all on, taking a few minor burns of damage but nothing status affecting. As they rounded a bend, Xun spotted the force racing up to meet them. He doubts they expected massive warrior panda (if only they saw his real height) to charge in, but that is exactly what he does. He sheaths his swords and leaps forward, swinging his arms out wide and, with an impressive show of force, moving past the fiery men so fast and, with sheer force, slams his massive furry palms together, sending a clap of what sounds like thunder through the cave, the air able to blast at least the fleet footed individuals off their feet and into nearby walls.
Daisuke on the other hand, has no issue with the clones as they fall to the durability of the cloak he wears, continuing to move with Juudai behind the group, though quickly catching up. "Some assault, huh? They really went all out for this, I can see why a few of the Inuzuka were having issues. Such deep pockets, these guys."

[NPC System]: Recluse roll(s) Fire Clone Barrage vs Kenta from 47 to 81 and get(s) a 73. - Rolled by: Recluse
RPCOMBAT: Kenta defends against with a SEAL-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…83

"What's wrong, Hige?" Kenta asks when his friend suddenly just -slumps-. The young man starts to pull away from Xun, having completed fixing up the injuries that the giant panda sustained. A look of extreme worry is on his face. Thankfully, Isura's already handing the issue and there are medics back where they came that should be able to help. Kenta breaths out a sigh of relief. He stays on Xun's shoulder instead of dropping off and he turns back to the situation at hand… only to see several fire clones rush towards the allied group. Kenta clings onto Xun while the panda charges forward.
"Xun-sama, watch—!" Too late. Kenta winces, but at least it doesn't look like the clone that just splashed Xun full of fire did too much harm. It also struck far too low to reach Rise and him, but there's one about to drop down the ceiling onto Kenta. The young man acts reflexively. He pops to his feet, and flashes through several hand seals. A seal array spreads across the shoulder that Kenta's standing on and walls of chakra quickly surrounds Kenta, so that the fire clone explodes harmlessly against them instead.
Kenta follows up by dissolving one of the black poison pills that he swallowed before the assault. He leans forward slightly, not enough to tip off of Xun, and purses his lips.

COMBAT: Kenta attacks target 1 with GASEOUS-TORPOR with a roll of: 58
COMBAT: Kenta attacks target 2 with GASEOUS-TORPOR with a roll of: 69
COMBAT: Kenta attacks target 3 with GASEOUS-TORPOR with a roll of: 73
COMBAT: Kenta attacks target 4 with GASEOUS-TORPOR with a roll of: 61
COMBAT: Kenta attacks target 5 with GASEOUS-TORPOR with a roll of: 73
COMBAT: Kenta attacks target 6 with GASEOUS-TORPOR with a roll of: 67
COMBAT: Kenta attacks target 7 with GASEOUS-TORPOR with a roll of: 74
[NPC System]: Recluse roll(s) Dodge vs. Kenta from 40 to 75 and get(s) a 71. - Rolled by: Recluse
[NPC System]: Recluse roll(s) Dodge vs. Kenta from 40 to 75 and get(s) a 74. - Rolled by: Recluse
[NPC System]: Recluse roll(s) Dodge vs. Kenta from 40 to 75 and get(s) a 61. - Rolled by: Recluse
[NPC System]: Recluse roll(s) Dodge vs. Kenta from 40 to 75 and get(s) a 68. - Rolled by: Recluse
[NPC System]: Recluse roll(s) Dodge vs. Kenta from 40 to 75 and get(s) a 66. - Rolled by: Recluse
[NPC System]: Recluse roll(s) Dodge vs. Kenta from 40 to 75 and get(s) a 51. - Rolled by: Recluse
[NPC System]: Recluse roll(s) Dodge vs. Kenta from 40 to 75 and get(s) a 57. - Rolled by: Recluse

Hige is somewhat surprised by the arrival of the Uzumaki team, and is even more surprised that they actually help him. The burst of energy is definitely refreshiong although it's still not as good as he'd like it. Still, he could get back in the fight. He stands when all is said and done and looks to Isura, "Thanks." He says, including the Uzumaki in that as well. "Let's go." They're behind so it's going to take a quick minute to catch up, but Hige moves swiftly after the rest of the team.

[NPC System]: Recluse roll(s) Fire Clone Barrage vs Juudai from 47 to 81 and get(s) a 49. - Rolled by: Recluse
RPCOMBAT: Juudai defends against with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…81
COMBAT: Juudai attacks target 1 with ZAP with a roll of: 37

"You lot sure do take this seriously." Juudai states as she continues to casually move along. She idly pulls out a small metal tube and pops open the top to slide her nearly gone cigar into it before she reaches into another pocket and pulls out another. From that she produces another cigar and casually lights it up with a zap of electricity from her finger tip. She then watches casually as the poisonous mist flows out over the enemy. She hmms as she watches as some of them don't go down. She then takes a breath and pulls at her cigar once before she pulls it free and looks to the men and states, "Know your own deaths." And she literaly stares them down. The wave of chakra that follows makes them all imagine her killing them. The first will take a kunai to the chest and then explode, the second will get his head punched clean off by an explosive fist, and the third will imagine his body getting lit up by electricity. All of this, of course is actually simply happening in their own minds though if they can't avoid the genjutsu.
Juudai will simply put her cigar back in her mouth as she then turns to walk forward, "I'm sure those following us will easily be able to finish them off now." She nods and looks to Daisuke, "Are we to face any of their leaders today or did we happen to go in the wrong door?" She frowns and shakes her head, "I'm beginning to think that going with you was a poor decision, Daisuke."

[NPC System]: Recluse roll(s) Fire Clone Barrage vs Rise from 47 to 81 and get(s) a 62. - Rolled by: Recluse
RPCOMBAT: Rise defends against with a SUBTLE-DODGE…68

Rise took one look at Xun's blade and decided to hold off on commenting further. This wasn't the time to complain or argue, so she settled for silently fuming at him until an army of one began rushing at them. Rather than stick around to endure another one of panda's bold defensive maneuvers, Rise dropped off behind him, hitting the ground rolling. As it turns out however, that proves not enough to disuade those few clones that slipped passed the mini-giant.
"Tch." She murmurs before weaving past her pursues without breaking much of a sweat. Even if one or two thought to explode prematurely, the girl has already moved well beyond their reach by then. "I'm getting tired of—!? Again? Really?" She asks after spying Kenta's gaseous attack. At this rate the girl was gonna wind up proving less than useful. Again. Ignoring the spike of fear at the thought, Rise races to catch up to Xun, downing a black pill along the way.

RP: Rise transforms into TITAN-PILL-II.

Isura was to see the team able to put Huge back on his feet and back in the fight. Excited Isura burst ahead only after attempting to gain in sight on anything trying stealth. Isura was ready for the next round to begain cause he had a lot of tension to relieve and thus poor bastards will do him justice fine. Cracking his knuckles he rapidly charged onward.

RPCOMBAT: Isura defends against with a PERCEPTION-II…36

COMBAT: Recluse defends against THUNDEROUS-CLAP(69) attack from Xun with a DODGE-II…48
COMBAT: Recluse loses the roll and sustains 947 damage.
COMBAT: Recluse defends against PREDATORY-GLARE(64) attack from Juudai with a TENSE…20
COMBAT: Recluse defends against PREDATORY-GLARE(59) attack from Juudai with a TENSE…20
COMBAT: Recluse defends against PREDATORY-GLARE(52) attack from Juudai with a TENSE…14

Hmph. Those silly Recluse goons stood no chance. But it gave Yoshihisa enough time to prepare himself! The man can't help but smile to himself as it seems everything is set in place. "Now… DIE!" comes a voice from seemingly nowhere. The Recluse goons may be out, but there are more pawns to choose from. Easily. Kawano Yoshihisa, the second in command and false leader of the Recluse, is more than happy to rain some pain down upon everyone in the form of sand. Too much sand. Sand that fills the whole dang cavern! A lovely sand waterfall to try and bury everyone there.
In addition to that sandy sandy - is this a beach? - attack, the ground totally shook just now.

COMBAT: Daisuke defends against SAND-WATERFALL-FUNERAL(64) attack from Yoshihisa with a MASTERED-BIJUU-CLOAK…84
COMBAT: Daisuke successfully interrupts attack number 3: SAND-WATERFALL-FUNERAL from Yoshihisa against Juudai with a roll of 97 vs 72.
COMBAT: Daisuke defends against SAND-WATERFALL-FUNERAL(72) attack from Yoshihisa with a MASTERED-BIJUU-CLOAK…91
COMBAT: Xun defends against SAND-WATERFALL-FUNERAL(62) attack from Yoshihisa with a PERFECT-HARMONY…60
COMBAT: Xun loses the roll and sustains 1150 damage.

Daisuke smirks at Juudai. "My shinobi are eager to stretch their legs for a good cause. They are effective at their jobs." he says to the Tsuchikage as they eventually catch up to Kenta, who has the surrounding area under control it seems. Xun and Rise are up ahead charging towards the building probably looking for the leader in this area. Daisuke secretly hoped that the recon was good or else having this team sent in for some lackeys was going to be a big waste. "I'm sure the leader will show himself any moment." he assures Juudai. A few moments later, as the two Kage's walk into the 'final' area, the ground beneath them begins to turn into sand. "Speak of the devil?" he says to Juudai as he looks at the encroaching sand. "Forgive me for a moment, Tsuchikage." he says as he leans close and, with a burst of chakra, his cloak expands outwards, dispersing the onslaught of sand and chakra, leaving the two Kage's out of harm's way and Daisuke offering a hand to Juudai to help her step up over the nasty sand around them. He dusts his hands off as if they had gotten sandy and smiles up towards the leader, who has finally shown himself. "I don't want to alarm you, but you have a few giant hungry-looking bears behind you." he says pleasantly.
Sure enough, Xun has been able to wrestle himself out of the sand after taking moderate damage and looks blooped. The Boss Bear of the Panda clan does not take lightly to such things, and as such, he leaps towards Yoshi from the side and lets out a ferocious roar, "PANDAMONIUM" From all sides of Yoshi come panda warriors, poofing into existence at the beckon of their leader, five in all, and an assault of steel commences against Yoshi from all sides for what seems like hours, though in truth it is only mere seconds.

COMBAT: Kenta defends against SAND-WATERFALL-FUNERAL(75) attack from Yoshihisa with a DEMON-SEALING-TECHNIQUE…102

Aside from what happened to Hige, things seems to be going the allied group's way. Maybe a little too well. Even with two Kage in the arsenal, shouldn't there be stronger opposition? The guys attacking them are pretty much just dropping like flies. Kenta had also seen more powerful jutsu on display during previous encounters against the Recluse. This nags at the medic-nin and puts him on a state of tense nervousness.
Kenta -was- still on Xun's shoulders, but the waves of sand that slams into the panda knocked him off and rolling. The medic-nin yelps loudly as he bounces off the floor, but he makes the best of it and slams a hand into the ground as soon as he skids to a stop. A wave of black seals pour off Kenta's body like rain and wraps him in a powerful barrier. It keeps the sand wave from crushing him, even parting it to the side to give Kenta an entirely clear spot to stand.
Kenta gives Yoshihisa a glare. He had healed Xun several times already! And now this guy just injured the panda that was nice enough to give him a ride, again! Plus, being an obviously high ranking officer of the Recluse doesn't endear the guy much to Kenta. Without a word, Kenta stands and makes several more hand seals. The black seals of his barrier quickly spread over every visible surface. The Chuunin bends and slams his hand into the ground again. Suddenly, long, glowing filaments of chakra spray from each several hundreds of the seals. They whip towards Yoshihisa's in an ensnaring mass.

Hige is quickly making his way after the others and catches up just after the sand waterfall had waterfalled sand all over the place. It was fine by him. "Let's go," he says to Konsho next to him before they both jump high into the air, going over the sand and starting to spin. Unlike normal, this isn't that tornado side spin. No, instead it's like a saw blade and is just as ouchy.

Taking the offered hand, Juudai is pulled up atop the sand with ease. She nods to Daisuke, "You are a proper host, Daisuke." She then considers him, "That cloak of yours seems quite strong. If you could be so kind as to keep that fool busy for a moment while I prepare something for him. Just do me a big favor, prepare that cloak of yours as well. I'm afraid we might need some protection." She then pulls out what appears to be a simple little orb. Nothing exciting at all but then it begins to float before her as she begins to make hand signs. Anyone who can see chakra, will begin to see chakra pouring into it in two layers. One type in the outer layer and another in the tiny core in the middle.

RP: Juudai uses A-RANK-CHARGE.

COMBAT: Rise defends against SAND-WATERFALL-FUNERAL(81) attack from Yoshihisa with a THE-PINNACLE…76
COMBAT: Rise loses the roll and sustains 1056 damage.
RP: Rise transforms into GATE-OF-WONDER.
COMBAT: Rise heals Rise for 1030 with LESSER REGENERATION.

Rise skids to a stop at the sight of the wall of sand. Indecision and poor options crippled her, and as result, the little woman winds up carried quite a ways off beneath the wave of crushing sand. She isn't down for long as it turns out, for soon enough a red-oni wrapped in a green aura can be seen swimming against the current until it settles, then running along the top. She's further back than most now, but ever second she isn't in the thick of things, the faster her bruised body began to mend.

Isura noticed the difference in chakra and with that he struck. he waved to her a couple seals drew in a very large breath and released a wave of fire and destruction in his wake. as he did the attack he was steadily gaining ground as well as looking out for each and everyone of his team members does he knew the perception is key in this battle.

COMBAT: Yoshihisa defends against PANDAMONIUM(67) attack from Xun with a SEAL-WALL…51
COMBAT: Yoshihisa loses the roll and sustains 1758 damage.
COMBAT: Yoshihisa defends against DEMON-BINDING-TECHNIQUE(75) attack from Kenta with a SEAL-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…74
COMBAT: Yoshihisa defends against FANG-ROTATING-FANG(58) attack from Hige with a SEAL-WALL…85
COMBAT: Yoshihisa defends against FIRE-DRAGON-FLAME-BULLET(46) attack from Isura with a SEAL-WALL…83

Before he was so rudely interrupted… By… giant earthen tremors? Fumiko must have gone wild again. He sighs a bit, even as Yoshihisa sorta wobbles in his spot, then falls into … a giant pile of pandas x.x the man ends up a bit squished. "Get these smelly things offa me D

Daisuke looks down at the orb Juudai was prepping, whistling low. "Just don't blow up my people." he says as he chuckles and looks over towards the enemy. He then looks down at the sand beneath all their feet and hmm's, a grin slowly creeping up his lips. "I can do better than that, I can help you out." he says as he crouches, placing a fiery hand on the ground, expanding and thickening it for a moment to obstruct his hand from view. Unbeknownst to Yoshi, Daisuke has sent a branch extension of his cloak through the sand, but that's not all that was coming.
After a few moments, and warning from Daisuke to back away a good yardage, what would burst forth from within the sand would be nothing less than horror for anyone targeted. Like the black void of space, a swirling ball of darkness emerges and heads straight at Yoshihisa, seemingly swallowing the light around it. The Hokage's ultimate technique, or at least the one he could control the damage radius of, was being carried by his cloak's extension and it had its target.
Xun feels a surge of pride as his warriors beat Yoshihisa down, at least enough to have him fall for Kenta's trap. He turns to nod to Kenta, as if to say 'Good work', before hearing the Hokage's words. He rushes to Kenta with a powerful push and scoops him up, placing him on his shoulder, before making sure to find a decent enough spot to watch the fireworks.

"Aha!" Kenta exclaims when Xun's pandas stall Yoshihisa long enough for his own sealing technique to entangle the false Recluse leader. A moment later, he lets out a soft eep as Xun grabs him. "What's going on?" the Chuunin asks with a slightly bewildered voice. He did hear Daisuke order everyone to get back, but there's still little indication that anything catastrophic is going to occur… besides watching someone possibly get torn limb to limb by pandas. Kenta clings to his "mount" and turns his alarmed gaze to everything around him to try to spot the danger. He also makes the most of it by channeling medical chakra into the panda to close up some of the nastier injuries.

COMBAT: Kenta heals Xun for 1496 with CHAKRA SCALPEL.

Hige and Konsho hit a barrier and grind against it for a short time before falling. But then the seal takes place and, well, Hige isn't going to leave without taking at least some flesh off of these Recluse. Lightning flashes as the boy slashes the already stunned man before he and Konsho jump backwards, sailing back to behind Daisuke before his ball hits. After they land the duo turns around and skid to a stop behind panda.

Even as Daisuke shows off, Juudai finishes her handseals and then states, "I really do recommend running." Juudai then idly turns and starts off as the orb flies away from her. It ends up sailing right to where Yoshihisa is. Even as Juudai starts to head to the exit, idly drawing on her cigar, the orb will explode out in what appears to be nothing more than a harmless cloud of dust. Did everything the Tsuchikage do just now all lead up to some kind of smoke bomb? Then the orb in the center sparkles for a brief moment. What follows is an explosion that turns the air itself into a mighty concussive force.
The dust that Juudai created ignites in a sudden flash. The air itself expands rapidly along with a boom of sound that could deafen most. The blast rocks the system, sends sand everywhere, and would all but liquefy rock. As Juudai draws upon her cigar, she shakes her head, "Why does there always have to be people like this who believe that hearts and minds can be won by strength alone?" She hmms.

Aside from providing another target for the Recluse to focus on, the woman has been all but actually helpful. Rise bit her lip as she ran, but the pain isn't enough to stop the slew of thoughts pressing against her conscious. Fortune favored her today, because her limits are not pressed before Daisuke gives the orders for the others to hold back.
Almost mechanically, Rise grinds to a halt and retreats as far back as Yoshisa's last minute barrier allowed, then ducked behind whatever remote cover there was to be found. What follows all but deafens the woman, leaving her disoriented well after the fact. Rises rises still, shrugging off the worst as the dust begins to settle. At the first sign of the enemy that self-mutilating body of hers is forced into action.
With a roar that only paled in comparison to Juudai's bomb, a dragon of wind, sand, and debris rises up about her and makes an immediate beeline for Yoshihisa.

Isura had his orders and with that he started to bound backwards, as he did this however he waved to a couple of hand tools and release a powerful wave of pure fire and heat that would leave the enemy vision heavily impaired. With a couple more see you at he got behind Daisuke he released a powerful great fireball his clan signature technic planning to engulf everything that was laid before him.

COMBAT: Yoshihisa defends against MINI-TAILED-BEAST-BALL(108) attack from Daisuke with a TENSE…21
COMBAT: Yoshihisa loses the roll and sustains 3317 damage.
COMBAT: Yoshihisa reveals her DARK DESIGNS and breaks free from his stunned state!
COMBAT: Yoshihisa counters against a LIGHTNING-CLAW-II(57) attack from Hige with a SAND-CLONE…72
COMBAT: Yoshihisa defends against THERMOBARIC-BLAST(92) attack from Juudai with a DEMON-SEALING-TECHNIQUE…67
COMBAT: Yoshihisa loses the roll and sustains 1837 damage.
COMBAT: Yoshihisa defends against LEAF-DRAGON-GOD(129) attack from Rise with a TENSE…11
COMBAT: Yoshihisa loses the roll and sustains 2973 damage.
COMBAT: Yoshihisa defends against SEAR(35) attack from Isura with a TENSE…25
COMBAT: Isura attacks you with GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE and rolls a 43. Action?
COMBAT: Yoshihisa defends against GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE(43) attack from Isura with a TENSE…24
COMBAT: Yoshihisa loses the roll and sustains 666 damage.

Yoshihisa grimaces, and then… the world goes dark. The tailed beast ball that Daisuke had launched at him pretty much destroys the man's body. But… The seals on his body destroy what Kenta had used to force him to stand still, and the man raises a clone of sand that tries to strike Hige. Only for him to be blasted away by Juudai. There's little to nothing left of Yoshihisa, so both Isura and Rise are attacking … gloop. Or something. Whatever it is, it isn't enough to be considered human.
WIth the leader down in this sector, many of the Recluse still remaining realize that they are probably doomed. There are only five people left here, though, all of them hiding in the shadows. Maybe they can escape, though?

COMBAT: Daisuke defends against ATTACK-PREVENTION-STEALTH(38) attack from Rockpath with a TREMOR-SENSE…80

Daisuke nods satisfactorily as the leader is vanquished. He places a palm on the ground to make sure that that was all of them and he picks up five more bodies hidden in the shadows. He doesn't reveal them right away, offering to walk with Juudai towards the way they had entered the death sand pit. As he starts walking, enough to block the exit anyway, he turns around and addresses the others. "Hige, Isura, Rise-san, Kenta. There are still five enemies left. Do your thing." he says before looking to Xun, motioning with his head to come over where he is because he is the most effective roadblock of them all.

COMBAT: Xun defends against ATTACK-PREVENTION-STEALTH(43) attack from Rockpath with a PERCEPTION…44
COMBAT: Kenta defends against ATTACK-PREVENTION-STEALTH(57) attack from Rockpath with a VITAL-SEARCH-TECHNIQUE…87

Kenta buries his face into Xun's neck fur as the explosive techniques used by the Kage and Rise blasts particles everywhere. The concussion might have torn the young man off his perch if he isn't clinging so tightly. By the time the shockwaves die down, Kenta's clothing and hair is covered by grains of sand. It's going to be terribly uncomfortable until he gets a chance to tidy up and change into something clean.
Kenta pulls his face away from Xun's neck. "Thanks for getting me away from the blast radius, Xun-sama," he tells the giant panda solemnly. The Chuunin glances at where the false leader of the Recluse used to be. There's… nothing there, except some shreds of substance that might have been a person once. "Is this is? Did we get him?" He doesn't see Yoshihisa, except for what look like remains, but the man could have did a tricky switch-a-roo. The young man only relaxes (slightly) when Daisuke confirms that there's only five normal Recluse minions still around. He nods grimly at Daisuke.
"Thanks again, Xun-sama," Kenta tells the panda before he jumps off Xun's shoulder. Kenta closes his eyes briefly and sends medical chakra bouncing throughout the area in sonar-like waves. It reveals where all five of the remaining Recluse minions are. He could probably hit them all from where he's standing, but the young man decides to concentrate on two that's hidden behind a small mound of sand. The others that Daisuke named should be able to easily mop the floor with the rest.
Kenta's eyes pop back up. He dissolves one of the white pills in his stomach. As the pill releases powerful poisons, the medical encapsulates it layers of chakra and brings it up his esophagus. Kenta leans forward and spits out a heavy barrage of poisoned chakra needles at the mound of sand that he's chosen.

COMBAT: Hige defends against ATTACK-PREVENTION-STEALTH(47) attack from Rockpath with a INUZUKA-SENSES-II…68

Hige peeks out from behind the panda after the explosions die down and quirks a brow. Wow, that was pretty deadly. When it's all said and done he sniffs the air right along with Konsho as he sniffs out where some people are trying to hide. Hmm. Feral eyes turn towards the one that will be meeting him up close and personal, right along with Konsho. They shoot up, spinning through the rock they were hiding behind as they try and slice them to bits.

COMBAT: Juudai defends against ATTACK-PREVENTION-STEALTH(40) attack from Rockpath with a PERCEPTION-II…35

Not really looking for the enemy, she leaves that to the others. She doesn't even appear tired as she walks off. She simply keeps her cigar in her mouth and pulls from inside her jacket a flask. She nods to Daisuke, "It seems whenever I visit a leader they always seem to be in such a state." She nods her head, "You lot truly need to work on your security." She nods her head, "Recluse? Yakuza? All of you leader types always seem to have such troubles." She chuckles and takes a sip of her flash before putting it away.

COMBAT: Rise defends against ATTACK-PREVENTION-STEALTH(40) attack from Rockpath with a PERCEPTION-II…73
COMBAT: Rise heals Rise for 478 with MINOR REGENERATION.

Rise cringes, but ultimately follows Daisuke's orders without a word of complaint. Her muscles were still a little too sore for anything extreme, so whichever one hasn't found a needle or claws buried in their body would instead find her appearing before them. She makes no threats, no ask any questions. For once, the Shirokiri was giving them the option between what her gaze promised to be an excrutiating death, or for the man to take his own life. It isn't perhaps the smartest decision, but he couldn't really think that any self-destruction techniques was going to have any effect on the pint-sized and glowing Oni before him…. could he?

COMBAT: Isura defends against ATTACK-PREVENTION-STEALTH(47) attack from Rockpath with a PERCEPTION-II…37

Isura failed to noticed the disappearance act. Thus he waited patiently for something else to occur. Isura eyes darted from side to side sc I'm preparing to move when needed rinkg to move when

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against POISON-NEEDLE-DISCHARGE(99) attack from Kenta with a DEMON-SEALING-TECHNIQUE…37
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 1218 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against POISON-NEEDLE-DISCHARGE(96) attack from Kenta with a DEMON-SEALING-TECHNIQUE…58
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 1170 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against FANG-ROTATING-FANG(73) attack from Hige with a DEMON-SEALING-TECHNIQUE…42
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 1556 damage.

… Meh. Is it even worth trying to avoid all those poison needles? Well, apparently a few people want to try! Kenta is able to attack with ease, filling two of the Recluse with enough needles to make them look like porcupine pin cushions. That is… Extra spiky. With them dead as doornails, three others attempt to try and run, only to find themselves downed by Hige and Konsho's odd-looking Tsuga. It was- okay, they can't think about it, really. They're dead now. Looks like all's well that ends well.

Daisuke holds up a hand to Juudai in protest to her words. "If you do not have enemies challenging your village, you aren't looking hard enough. Do you really feel that sitting in your office all day doing paperwork, or staying in a luxurious hotel in Konohagakure on your trip here, was better than stretching your legs out here? Somehow, I think I would find that boring. Maybe it is just me?" he says with a shrug. He looks up as his nins finish off the Recluse in the area and smiles. "Everyone is to regroup up by the Uzumaki group where we can get everything sorted out." he calls out to the rest, turning to Juudai and saying, "I don't do this to many, but how would you like to fly back to Konoha when all is said and done? I assure you it is perfectly safe." He smiles at the Tsuchikage as he begins to head up the tunnel, his cloak fading and returning back to his normal Hokage self.

Kenta looks around to make sure that the remaining enemy really is dead. He pointedly ignores the Kages' conversation, feeling that it won't be healthy to seem too interested. Instead, Kenta walks over to Hige and Konsho. "Umm… you guys really scared me back there for a moment. I'm glad to see that you're ok, Hige. Let's follow Hokage-sama. I hope that the other two teams managed to do their parts without casualties too…" That's the thing that worries Kenta the most at the moment. What will he find when he's back out in the opening again? The young man shakes his head slightly to dislodge the worries plaguing him and jogs after Daisuke.

After the death has been delt Hige straightens up, wiping some blood free of his chin. At least it was done, the main person was dead, and the cleanup was done. He was tired still from that earlier attack but he'd be able to make it home. He nods to Kenta when the medic comes over, "Well, it wasn't pretty. I thought I was done there for a minute. I was ready to retreat but the Uzumaki helped. That genjutsu was…powerful." He moves ahead with Kenta, though at this point he walks. He doesn't need to tire himself out any more.

A tilt of her head as she looks at Daisuke before she hmms, "Interesting." She states, "And as for my country? Our enemies are crushed into dust to join the Earth when they are found." She nods her head, "None the less. I do find the prospect of flying interesting. I will take you up on that." She then looks over to the others and hmms before continuing on her way out. Evne as the lightning stops popping and crackling about her, it is as if the Tsuchikage had just gone on a stroll and not gone on a battle run.

COMBAT: Rise heals Rise for 920 with LESSER REGENERATION.

In a blur of motion, the Recluse member before her is turned into paste by another. The Shirokiri stood there silently for a lengthy moment, looking away only once to find the source of the blur before staring at the spot her prey once resided. Afterwards, the Shirokiri simply shook her head and turned her focus towards exploring the rest of the complex until orders dictated otherwise, questioning again the purpose of her being assigned to this mission in the first place…

Isura frowned as it appears the hard part was over, sustaining little damage he felt obligated to kill off any stragglers he with that he pulled back and fired a powerful fireball once it was cleared of friendly, Isura would enjoy this for just a short moment until he realized the remaining numbers so he shot two to make sure they were either dead or dying.

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