The Recluse War - Reckless Recluse: Team 1


Kaido, Tatsuo, Michiko (as Kimura), Hanami, Kioko, Naruko

Date: Unknown (log received May 30, 2015)


None given.

"The Recluse War - Reckless Recluse: Team 1"

Somewhere along the border of the Lands of Fire and Lightning

Both Kages of Kumo and Konoha were in accord, the kidnapping and removal of Konoha's Jinchikuuri Isobu from Inuzuka Takeo was a casus belli by the Recluse. Even though the Clan Alpha of the Inuzuka clan had been the first to publicly declare war upon the group, both Konoha and Kumo were as one on this matter. The Recluse were too dangerous and could easily move into the Land of Lightning and attempt to steal THEIR Jinchuukiri and so it's why a team of mixed shinobi lead by Kaido, who had been on the rescue mission to recover Takeo and Isobu, was in charge.
The mission was simple, yet dangerous, a stronghold was discovered on the border of the Lands of Lightning and Fire and was filled with both cannon fodder and several semi-important and strong members and who were directing operations for this particular region. There was hope that should the mission to destroy this stronghold, kill most of the shock troops and potentially capture some of the more important Recluse members that they could learn more about the group, their goals and their plans and perhaps even more importantly, where some of their main bases were and identifying the leaders of the group.
As such Kaido, along with his nin-ken Bandit and Bolt had led the group within sight of the stronghold and where it looks like many sentries were posted. Kaido turned and then said quietly to everyone, "Ok, this looks like the place, we need to take out their outer ring of guards quietly, because there's no telling how many they might have inside that they can throw at us. Naruko, make sure you stay close to either me or Kioko, they took Takeo and nearly stole Isobu, they'd definitely want to get their hands on you and I do NOT want to have to go to Raikage-sama and tell him that you got taken. Any questions before we move out?" He asks the group.

Crush… Kill… Destroy… Sounds like fun! Kioko isn't too familiar with Takeo, she IS familiar with Kaido and his ninken, though she's taken to giving them some space lately. The Chuunin Bee Queen nods to the Inuzuka as he speaks then grins over at Naruko, saying with a wink, "No worries. We've got your back." Of course, one would severely question how smart it is to bring another Jinchuuriki along for this kind of mission when the group is after them, but some people refuse to be sheltered. Kioko'll just have to help make sure the worst doesn't happen to her!

Tatsuo isn't really sure why he offered to help with this particular mission, only that he felt a strange need to. He wasn't strong, or fast, and was just out of the Academy not that long ago after all. Heck he couldn't do much of anything! But there's always that thing which drags people out to have them help. Village pride? Despite not knowing any of the other nin he had gone, and now here he was, hiding and listening to…another Inuzuka. He's met like ten in the last week. They're taking over! The boy chews his lip before nodding, not saying anything and looking pretty sparkle nervous.

Kimura, in place of her summoner, was on this mission. The fox glanced back at the two Kumo-nin that she was with, saying, "We're listening to Kaido this time around. He knows how this whole business works. Naruko-san, …. Don't get kidnapped." Because that would be sorta really bad… The fox then looks to Kaido. "Keep in mind, I really only work as a supplement to Michiko-san, so I may not be beset on the front lines. Put me where you will, though, Kaido-san."

A sweat drop trickles down Naruko's cheek at the mention of her potentially getting captured, the stakes did seem to be high… maybe this was a bad idea after all… Naruko was all about going out on a bit of a risk though, this would be a perfect time to show this Recluse exactly what they were dealing with. "I can stay quiet. I can make a lot of noise also… Whatever we need to do. I'd like to try and take most of them alive though…." She trails off that thought…. Obviously things would be a bit rough using a non lethal approach. "Just tell me what you'd like for me to do and I'll make sure it gets done," She smirks to the group and merely offers them a thumbs up, eyes shifting to Kaido. Odd to see him so serious.

Hanami was pleased enough getting the summons for this mission. She wasn't really familiar with the Konoha shinobi so it would be a good opportunity to work with them, not was she all that familiar with The Recluse but if they were truly so dangerous she was pleased to help take them down or at least put a dent in their operations. That being said, she tried to focus her attention on what the Inuzuka Kaido was saying. "Okay, so nice and quiet. Got it." She had already checked her gear and was all set. This wouldn't be easy, but she'd do her best.

Bolt being the faster of Kaido's nin-ken comes back and yips to him in Inuzuka language ~A lot of awful men, they all smell bad too… like when you dropped sake into my bowl.~ Bandit comes back a few moments later and reports quietly, "I don't like the looks of this, there's holes in the sentry line, but they're all too alert, like they're waiting for something… it's also really quiet near the base and I don't like that.
Kaido nods to his nin-ken and motions for them to go back to doing some recon and then he turns to the group, "Ok, Bolt says they smell drunk, and Bandit says they're too alert… that's bad news in my book, Kioko… can your bees take out the two nearest guards? We'll use the hole to get inside their lines and then take the rest out from behind before we move in. I have a really bad feeling that this is a trap, Naruko? Kimura? Could the two of you stay back until we've either sprung the trap or else cleared the way to the building?"

As the two nin-ken come, Kioko smiles and nods to each of them then looks back to Kaido. "My pleasure," she says with a grin as a swarm of bees seems to suddenly appear behind her from under her hair. They move toward the guards she was instructed to take out, seeming to move naturally, even when they get close and start attack again and again to inject more and more poison into each man's veins. Despite her upbeat attitude, she can be rather ruthless in battle.

Tatsuo just kind of hangs back, finding himself somewhat near Naruko at the moment. He doesn't really…do anything. He's just there. He could be the cute one of the group! Er, wait…well, anyways. The boy still looks nervous as he keeps scanning around them as if expecting some big bad demon to leap out at him. When the bees come out…wait, bees?…he watches with wide eyes, wondering again if he should /really/ have come.

Kimura's sharp eyes look to those that Kaido points out. Bandit. Bolt. Kioko. Being a fox, she understands, to some degree, the Inuzuka's language. "Heh…" The fox's amber gaze looks to Naruko. "Keep back with me, Naruko-san. Okay? Kaido-san's orders." The fox is going along with the Inuzuka. She had heard from Michiko, as well as rumors, that the Chuunin was an 'expert strategist'. Sometimes he had his moments, but he was largely a good thinker. She glances around a bit more, eyes falling on the other Konoha ninja. "What's your name?" she asks him, even as she focuses her chakra.

Sit back and relax, got it…" Naruko states quietly, nodding to Kimura as well as she considered things further. A soft sigh escapes her lips, she briefly focuses a bit of chakra throughout her body, slinking back a bit further as she took note of Tatsuo… He seemed to be a little nervous. She reaches out, lightly nudging him on the shoulder if he didn't sway her away. "Hey, this is no big deal. All we have to do is get in there and then get out…Maybe blow up the place in the mean time…" She also briefly waves over for Hanami, for now they just had to wait and watch the magic happen.

Hanami waits and hears the report from Kaido, peering curiously at Kioko's bees. She then looks and smiles at Naruko, focusing her chakra in preparation, "Yeah, so guess just sit and wait for the signal then huh?" She doesn't relax though, hearing about how the guards were supposedly drunk and yet alert didn't sit well with her either. As a precaution, she can't help but cast her chakra out on the wind, just to try and get a sense of their immediate area. Pointless she was sure, but oh well.

Kioko's bees take out the two guards as if they weren't guards, but rather peasant farmers acting like guards. They drop like stones, dead and Kaido looks more than a little concerned even though he expected it to work. He makes some hand seals and suddenly there are /TWO/ Kaidos and the two quickly move through the hole created by Kioko to take out the other two guards that are closer to the base.
Bandit and Bolt stay on station ready to bark in case they see anyone trying to converge on the group that's staying behind.

Watching Kaido double himself and move, Kioko smirks slightly and says, "Show off." She then darts ahead behind him, using her bees that move forward and about along with her own enhanced senses to try and pick out traces of any more enemies or perhaps traps that might be laid around. Best to check these things before winding up a BBQ like Kaido might for his charging ahead.

First a fox talks to him and then a Kumo nin nudges him! Tatsuo nearly jumps out of his skin at the latter but at least he doesn't make any voice besides a quick exhalation of air. He blinks quickly at the pair before he finally answers the first. "I, uh…Nara…Tatsuo…" he says uncertainly. Does he talk right to the fox? Or to the ears? Or somewhere else? His attention turns to Naruko and he tries not to look overly panicked by her explanation. "H-hai…" he says softly. As people finally start moving in Tatsuo follows, though he hands back a little since he's feeling pretty well outclassed.

The fox watches the clones appear, raising an eyebrow. Well, it looked like they could go on ahead. "I'm Kimura," she replies. "Naruko-san, stay with me. Tatsuo-san, keep between us for the time being. Hanami-san, keep an eye on our backs if you can." Then she bounds over to the opening created by Kioko, glancing back only to see if the pair were following after her. Best safe than sorry. Other than that, she presses forward.

Taking orders from a fox was only slightly annoying, she merely yawns, grumbles something under her breath and gives Tatsuo a little shove forward infront of her, friendly of course. How else to keep between both herself and Kimura? At this point she doesn't say much else, she just sort of follows after the others while sniffing at the air and listening on with her keen sense of hearing. "Explosions…there has got to be explosions…" Naruko could be heard muttering again under her breath. Yep, she was ready to blow something up.

Hanami nods to Kimura after watching Kaido do his thing. Since her senses didn't pick up anything around them she takes off after the others, trying to give the young Tatsuo an encouraging smile as she takes up the rear guard. She doesn't have anything more to say, just keeps her senses alert and her chakra out on the wind for danger around them.

Everything was going fine, too fine in fact, it made Kaido extremely nervous. It was a risk that he took to take down the two guards simultaneously as he was expecting the Recluse to jump out and attack but after a long nervous few moments all is still quiet. Kaido looks around and mutters to himself, "I really don't like this at all." He takes a breath and his clone and him move the bodies of the guards and hide them behind some bushes.
When that is done and Bandit and Bolt have made a long sweep and found nothing, it continues to tighten his nerves. He finally reluctantly motions everyone forwards and says, "Kioko, send your bees inside, none of us are going in until I know what to expect. I'm getting the feeling this is a trap." He carefully opens the door enough for Kioko's bees to enter.

"Oh, sure, send my hive in. They won't mind," Kioko says sarcastically, grinning up at Kaido and then looking toward the inner part of the compound. She then enters a deeper start of consciousness, connecting further with her bees as she sends them in to find out what's going on.

Tatsuo starts forward again when he's nudged, a bit of pink coming to his cheeks as he's kind of herded on. But maybe that's good! Right? Right? He follows after and stops, still staying back a bit as his hand settles briefly on his stomach before dropping to his sides. Them nerves man. Must really be getting to him. "Why…does there have to be explosions…?" He asks softly once he stops, looking back at Naruko with a bit of uncertainty. Was she mental? Nah she's coo, surely.

Kimura's eyes narrow slightly as she hears Naruko, but the fox doesn't show her grumbly mood. "Save the explosions for when we need them, Naruko-san," she murmurs to the girl, tail swaying lightly as she moves. The fox ends up near Kaido when all is said and down, amber eyes peeking back once more to check to see who was there. Everyone there? Yes? Good.

Naruko decided to jump the gun just a little bit, she places her hands together a poof! More Narukos filled the area, sniffing around, looking about for anything that might give them a lead on where they should go…Or if there was anything to even worry about. 12 eyes were between than 2 after all. Real Naruko merely shrugs her shoulders at Tatsuo. "What better way to complete the mission? It's a lot easier to throw a b omb at someone than it is to get trapped somewhere and have to fight out of it,"

Hanami doesn't sense anything as they make their way to the compound. Which doesn't put her at ease at all. Once there she watches as Kioko sends her bees on. She agrees with the others, this can't be good. Yet nothing from outside so far…"Possible we got a dud? You said there were two places, maybe this one was made to look like it was more important? Split forces?" She shrugs, keeping senses alert.

Team 1, lead by Kaido, were about to enter a stronghold that lied near the borders of the Lands of Fire and Lightning. Their mission was simple, to seek out the members of the Recluse who were operating this base of operations and destroy it, killing any and all in their way. Prisoners were encouraged, but it was a secondary objective. The mission started out well enough, almost too well as the group were able to take out the sentries that were guarding the one entrance, a simple metal door that was built into a cave.
Kaido had just opened the door wide enough for Kioko's bees to slip in and what she'd learn is that inside is a huge cave complex, one that is very dark, making it hard for the group to see inside. Caution would need to be taken because the bees would sense that there are quite a lot of people in the cave but where they are is a mystery for now.

"… It's dark in there," Kioko says, frowning slightly. "I can send my bees a bit further in, but I'll have to be careful of traps and such. I'd send in Bandit and Bolt first since they could probably sense the proximity of any enemies a bit better with their sense of smell." With that she'd use her bees a bit more, sending them further to try and scope out what she can of the place and where the personnel inside might be.

Tatsuo is still kind of hanging back even if he is between a few other shinobi. Somewhat safe he supposed. But not really. When the door opens and the bees check things out he tries to peek in from where he stands by leaning sideways a little. Chewing his lip, the boy holds tightly to a kunai, as if his very life depended on it.

Kimura peers through the darkness, not able to see or smell much in general. The fox's fur begins to spark with lighting as she prepares. Fortunately, this lightning isn't very flashy, but it does produce a soft light from her black fur that may or may not be useful in searching the complex. It's probably the most she can do at the moment, and people are advised to not touch her fur with the lightning coming off it.

Naruko stuck with the group, keeping her eyes peeled for anything that might catch her attention. Her eyes became much for feral in this instance in this instance, relying on her feline instincts to help scope out the area a bit more accurately. She could see in the dark but the more light she could take in the better… "See or feel anything cool, anyone?" Naruko asks curiously as she continues through the dark cave, surprisingly not bumping into anyone.

Hanami goes along with the rest of course, watching the group's back as before, might as well for now. The darkness doesn't help her much to see though. But for now she just sticks close and casts her senses out into the air to try and sense any possible incoming threats.

Pulling the rear it made it rather difficult for Isura to notice anything substantial from his viewpoint and thus he turned his attention back to the things behind them making sure they're not being followed. "I can't say I see anything worthwhile sadly however I'll keep my eyes peeled." Isura slowly removed his hands from his pockets before pulling back and releasing a sneeze into his elbow.

Kaido's definitely not liking this, a cave complex that's darker than the pits of hell? Full of people that can't been seen? All attempts to see what's inside is nearly futile past what little light leaks in from outside and about a few feet from the door. Naruko with her cat's pupils can see more and in slightly better detail. The main part of the cavern is an entryway, there are multiple passageways honeycombing that lead deeper underground. There are several nooks and crannies where people could hide but not even Naruko can make out whether that's the case.
Kaido steps inside carefully after verifying that there's no traps right at the door and motions people to enter. He says, "Well, we aren't going to get anything done just standing here… it looks relatively safe just inside." He motions to Bolt and Bandit, "You guys have better noses than us, don't go too far but try and find out where most of the scents are.
Bolt and Bandit look at each other and nod to Kaido before taking off slowly, noses to the ground, trying to catch the scent trails and carefully move about 10 feet in before stopping, staying just within Kaido's sight range.

As the dog's take off, Kioko continues to try and find out more from the surroundings through the bees. She closes her eyes for a moment, focusing fully on what's going on around them rather than herself as she tries to pick out every detail she can from the dark hallways… and hoping someone else is paying enough attention in case something happens to them while she's doing this.

Tatsuo follows the others end, kunai still held tightly as he steps just to the side of the door, out of the immediate light. But he doesn't go any further than that. Instead he stays still, wide eyes scanning the dark with a hint of fear in them. He suddenly feels quite too far over his head.

It didn't sit well with Naruko, going into a dark and crazy cave…. It wasn't safe… if anything there were heading straight into a hornets nest. "Ugh…this place sucks. Too bad we can't just explode it and let the earth bury it… If anything crazy happens in here we might all be buried alive," Naruko complains a loud, not saying much else… There wasn't anything to see, other than a few loose areas. "Should we…split up or something?"

Hanami moves along, the rear of the group covered pretty well. The darkness keeps her moving along cautiously, though she can't resist Naruko's comment, saying quietly, "Come on, if we just buried the place we couldn't learn anything about their operation. Which leaves them the advantage, and we don't want that. Just stay alert, we'll be fine." With that she shuts up and keeps her senses alert.

For Isura there is very little to be said. He spots and opening that seems to run all the way through, "I suppose I'll go check down here if that's cool with everyone else?" Isura waiting for a response and put more focus and energy behind his search. efforts anything that shade some light here would be more than welcomed.

Kimura watches Isura with a tilt of her head. "… You can do that," is all she says. "Naruko-san, if you can produce a small flame to light Isura-san's way, I suggest you do that." Perhaps Isura could do that himself, even. He's an Uchiha, so he should know some Fire Ninjutsu, right?

It's kind of a shame that Isura just ducks down the tunnel, because at that very moment, Kioko's bees detect a whole bunch of Recluse nins as suddenly the door behind the group slams shut and is unable to be opened from this side dropping the group into total darkness. Just as Bandit and Bolt call back ~It's a~ "TRAP!" and then the lights come on, making it clear that the group is outnumbered at least 3 to 1 and there are two distinctly superior Recluse holding back for when the group has been weakened by the fodder.
Kaido snaps up and says, "<CENSORED>, I knew, they were waiting for us… Isura! Get back here!" He can't spare any help for Isura at the moment as he's outside the ring of Recluse that has surrounded the group near the door. Kaido makes a decision, "Kioko, we need to make a hole to get to Isura. Naruko, go hog wild, but try to save yourself for when we get rid of these cannon fodder and face off with the leaders. The rest of you pick your spots but DON'T let yourself get too far from each other, we need to stick together or they'll pick us off one by one." He looks at Bolt and Bandit and says, "SIC 'EM BOYS!"
Bolt and Bandit growl and leap to attack the closest Recluse as Kaido pull out his poison gas grenade and tosses it right into the biggest cluster of enemies, a little crowd control measure to hopefully thin their numbers.
The Recluse for their part all give a battle cry and carrying swords in front, with seal users in the back, attack the group, Isura regretfully getting the brunt of the attacks.

When Isura rushes down to tunnel, Kioko blinks and looks to Kaido. Then her eyes get REALLY wide and she says, "Apple pie! Look out!" When one of the men attacks her, she seems to take the hit directly and fall dead… into a puddle of beeswax. She nods to Kaido's order as she appears by him, focusing more chakra through her body so that she grows in size and muscle, her eyes turning pure black as she sprouts a pair of wings and a stinger on her back. Generally she wouldn't show this transformation to strangers, but SOMEBODY had to go and get themselves in trouble down the hall! She leans her head back, seeming to chew on something a moment before she starts to spew out a jet of honey at their enemies intended to stick to and freeze anyone it touches.

Tatsuo had a feeling he'd gone in over his head and, well, that certainly appeared to be the case. An explosive tag heads right for him and…well it doesn't affect him. When he looks again, well, something happened to keep him safe. For now. The boy presses his back against the wall as he looks around, trying to disappear through the shy thing at this point. Why had he come again? He holds the kunai tight in his hand but doesn't do anything besides stand there, frozen.

Kaido didn't have to say it twice. This was the perfect chance for her to push back their enemies very quickly, and hopefully with ease. Chakra raced about her body, down along her hands as she swipes the air thrice, a gale of wind suddenly pounding the area with razor speeds, right into the direction of their attackers. "A trap! Good for us and bad for them!" Naruko exclaims, trying to rush through the nin surrounding them and push forward outside closer towards Isura. "What are you doing Baka-san! You have to stay with the group!" Naruko attempts to retrieve Isura, or at least join by his side before things get crazy…

Hanami grits her teeth as the trap is sprung just as the other shinobi goes taking off on his own for whatever reason. The doors shut, the enemy springs out and attacks. The combination all ruins her chance at being able to dodge the explosive tag, her attempt to dash out of the way just ends up with her being blasted. She shakes her head, great this is going wonderfully. She inhales then exhales chakra-infused wind into a small cyclone, figuring on trying to clear a little space by attacking a group of the enclosing enemy at once.

Its as Isura predicted once he left the rear the enemies showed up, sharingan flaring he lazily dodge the first attack and the second. "Boy your attack patterens are so liner it's embarrassing," Isura spoke softly as he hopped back from the explosive tag just for a second to sizzle above his head. Isura mimic the four legged dodge technique he was picking up from sparring Hige and flipped land softly to the right of his original position. "I'm not a Baka…" Isura joked as he started to build chakra the air around him intensified as his eyes darted around the battlefield "I can't use my explosive ninjutsu it seems…"

The lights turning on are a bit blinding… But Kimura adjusts quickly and sees the incoming attacks. Being … almost literally in front of Tatsuo is probably a good thing for him, as Kimura has to take the attacks that were meant. The bad news is that Kimura takes the brunt of the damage. Before the fox, wind takes form and blocks the damage for her, thankfully, dispersing the tags' effects. "Tch… Tatsuo! Don't just stand there! Either duck down and get out or start fighting!" she growls out. Considering they were mostly trapped, though, turtling was probably the Nara's best course of action. Then the lightning on her fur sparks up, aiming at the Recluse that surround the team.

Considering how dangerous this could have been, the first wave of Recluse shinobi fall fairly easily and quickly to the combined attacks of Kaido, Kioko, Naruko, Isura, Hanami and Kimura. Although they were able to get to Isura, the dead and defeated shinobi were replaced with another wave of greater numbers. Kaido growls as this is getting worse than previously thought and Bandit calls back, "We're not going to be able to hold them back at this rate! How many of these guys do they have?"
One of the two leaders call out, "Capture the Jinchuuriki, but kill the rest, they're useless to us… ATTACK!" Bandit and Bolt growl at this pronouncement and Kaido says to Naruko, "If this goes bad… forget about us and escape, we're expendable, it's you they want… THEY MUST NOT GET YOU!"
Kaido says, "Backs against the door and wall, as long as they're in front of us we have a chance. Tatsuo, stay behind us and try and get that door open, if we can force them to come to us out that door, we might stand a chance." Kaido makes some hand seals to create another Shadow Clone of himself and Original-Kaido and Clone-Kaido each take out a poison gas grenade, for a two for 1 and Original-Kaido says, "The rest of us… DON'T HOLD BACK!" Both Kaidos toss their cannisters at the oncoming enemies.

Hearing the order for capturing Naruko, Kioko lets out a growl, assuming a fighting stance and seeming to start chewing again. Those black eyes show some rage as she prepares and then spews out jets of honey that's a bit darker at any enemy she can hit with it. Rather than just sticking and freezing them, this time it would seep into their skin and begin to rack their bodies with pain as she tries to kill them without ever even having to touch one of them.

Tatsuo swallows loudly as he tries to fight down the fear that keeps him against the wall, especially as the battle continues and…the leaders words. Just as he finally starts to take a step forward the retreat begins and the boy quickly turns back to the door to examine it and try to find what exactly was keeping it closed. He may be young but he's a Nara, and one of the more intelligent ones at that. If there was something visible keeping it closed, even a contraption, he would try to take care of it enough to pry the door open. Barring that he would try to pry it open at the latch with his kunai. Likely fruitless but what can you do?

"You think I'm just going to run and leave everyone behind? That will /never/ happen," Naruko clarifies to Kaido, there was a hint of irritation on her lips as she places her hands together and once again forges chakra throughout her body. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" In a puff of smoke 6 more Narukos joined the battle, all brandishing a kunai in each hand swinging at the air and twisting the winds around them. Much like before a piercing set of bladed winds weaped throughout the caravan, attempting to cut into the many enemy shinobi especially those of the leader variety. Helped spread out the poison smoke also! "Hanami-chan! stay close! Our winds combined can do a lot of damage!"

Hanami backs up, pegging a couple enemies with wind laced kunai. Once back at the door she stops and gathers herself. So many…then she looks over to Naruko as she attacks, thinking she needs to learn that move sometime. "Right Naruko. Lets do this." She reaches into her pouch and whips out her hand, spreading a poison dust in a wide arc. Once done she inhales and exhales a couple times quickly, sending cyclones out to tear into the enemy shinobi as well as spread her own dust. Those the clouds touch would feel a weakening as their energy is sapped from them while the cyclone winds stir up debris. She takes a moment to look back over her shoulder at Tatsuo, "Don't worry, steady yourself and think. You'll figure out how to open the door." Then it's back to focusing on the opponents.

Pulling out wire Isura whipped the kunai with wire a the two targets before him, pulling back he had them pin down. From there he blurred from view strike both with a swift passing blow knocking them unconscious. Instead of releasing the hold he attached the wire to the kunai and stabbed it into he ground. "There we go that should hold ya." Isura smile as he dashed towards Naruko making like a screen before smirking "if you want her you'll have to go through me…trust me you won't make it that far you'll be tasting the ground in no time." Isura flashed through seals before giving them the option to surrender.

Kimura doesn't waste much time either. The fox kit focuses, chakra gathering so that multiple wind clones were formed before her. All of them charged the enemy, doing so continuously. It is… not a good experience to be mauled by foxes that had mini hurricanes within, the winds inside all swirling with the cutting edge that wind chakra tends to provide. In the meantime, Kimura simply watched Tatsuo's back, shocking and cutting any Recluse member who happened to come close.

Enemy after enemy fall to the varied attacks of Team 1's mixed village shinobi. Unfortunately, for every one that they kill or knock out, two more take their place. The shinobi were being pressed hard and things look bad until miraculously, Tatsuo manages to break the latch allowing the door to open.
Kaido growls at Naruko, "Dashit Naruko! I'm giving you a direct order as team leader!" When he senses the door's unlocked he shouts, "Retreat! We'll funnel them through the door!" He shouts to his two nin-ken, "Bolt! Bandit! Alpha Hotel Lima Bravo 6!" The two nin-ken stare at Kaido and then say, "Roger!" They each maula ninja and pul back as Kaido pulls out a special gas canister and tosses it as far as he can into the cavern. That done he pulls out an explosive tag and says, "I hope this works…" and tosses it at the cannister and runs out the door with Recluse nins right behind him.
The tag hits and the results are… spectacular, a huge explosion rips through the cavern causing a cave in, which helps to stop reinforcements from arriving and possibly even catches the leaders off guard. Either way, it leaves the group with a manageable number to defeat as surrender for them is not an option as they make a suicide run to try and finish off the group.

As the explosion rings out, Kioko winces slightly then grins as she dives between enemies. Instead of spitting, she directly bites those she attacks, intending on rending their flesh as she poisons them.

When the latch breaks free Tatsuo throws the door open and calls out to let everyone know that it's open. Then he runs with everyone else before turning and throwing a couple of kunai at whatever remains. He can't do much, and he'll probably miss entirely, but at least he's trying instead of running and hiding.

Hauling butt wasn't what Naruko had planned on doing, though once Kaido tossed his bombs down the hatch it was quite obvious that sticking around definitely wasn't a good idea. "A bit more of a warning would have been nice!" Naruko shouts as she begins to race back towards the entrance or in this case their exit… She doesn't bother fighting anymore enemies. Her clones disspitate and instead she makes her way out, hopeful to help anyone else that may have straggled along.

Hanami halts her attack suddenly as the door opens and Kaido chucks his bomb. Beating a hasty retreat with the wind at her feet she darts out with the others. Once outside she does turn to release one more cyclone, trying to blow back some of the explosion or else blow the enemies back into it. After that she wields kunai, throwing a few to pick off stragglers but otherwise takes a cue from Naruko as the fighting seems to be over for now.

Pure speed is used as Isura made his most dazzling escape once outside Isura released a powerful flamethrower towards the hole in which they escapped from. He only unleashed the attack once he got a head count of everyone outside. He released a breath before allowing the flamethrower to subside. "Boy that was too easy I need a challenge." Frowning the Uchiha released the chakra going into his eyes.

Kimura continues to simply form clones of wind, using up a lot of her chakra. However, it was an all or nothing battle here. She retreats when it's called for, backing out using the cover of her clones. She grumbles lightly, ducking and avoiding incoming attacks and muttering about how the enemy was annoying. "That was fun," she comments sarcastically, the fox really wishing her partner was here fighting alongside her.

The rest of the Recluse were taken care of by means of moping them up as they came out the door. Kaido is exhausted and leans against the wall and says, "Rarityit, that was too close…" He shakes his head and then looks at everyone else and says, "We're in no shape to do anything else, let's head back to the nearest village and report back to our respective villages. We got lucky this time, but it's obvious that the Recluse are playing for keeps."

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