The Recluse War - Reckless Recluse: Team 2


Freyr (emitter), Hige, Taiki, Zankuro, Hisomu, Shinobu, Kyuketsuki

Date: Unknown (log received May 30, 2015)


None given.

"The Recluse War - Reckless Recluse: Team 2"

Somewhere along the borders of the Lands of Fire and Lightning

Both Kages of Kumo and Konoha were in accord, the kidnapping and removal of Konoha's Jinchikuuri Isobu from Inuzuka Takeo was a casus belli by the Recluse. Even though the Clan Alpha of the Inuzuka clan had been the first to publicly declare war upon the group, both Konoha and Kumo were as one on this matter. The Recluse were too dangerous and could easily move into the Land of Lightning and attempt to steal THEIR Jinchuukiri and so it's why a team of mixed shinobi lead by Taiki who had been on the rescue mission to recover Takeo and Isobu, and who was the one who declared war on the Recluse in the first place was firmly in charge.
The mission was simple, a small group of Recluse members were seen in a small village on the border of the Lands of Lightning and Fire and were trying to recruit mercenaries, missing nins and bandit scum to act as a vanguard for a potential all out assault against the two village, much like the Silence. The mission was to get into the village without being noticed by the Recluse and to disrupt and capture the recruiters so that they could learn more about the group, their goals and their plans and perhaps even more importantly, where some of their main bases were and identifying the leaders of the group.
There was word that one of the recruiters was possibly someone close to the leadership group of the Recluse or even one of the leaders themselves, which would make this mission extremely critical that it be completed successfully. The intel that could be gained from this would be enormous.

Taiki was very satisfied with the response given by Konoha, and almost exstatic that Kumo was joining in. The joint forces gave these groups a tactical advantage, as the Recluse would expect mainly Inuzuka tactics. Having members from both villages meant that whoever was there would be thrown off-balance. Still, this was a mission, and it was time to take the war to the Recluse, instead of mearly reacting. Therefore he and his ninken, along with the Konoha contingent, could be found waiting at the agreed-upon location. Taiki's demeanor is quiet and serious, and his ninken seem to mirror his attitude exactly.

Hige and Konsho are again both in their Chuunin vestment, a rarity for the boy though not so for the pup. When he'd heard of this mission to come and take care of some more of the recluse he was quite pleased to do so. Throughout the trip and even after their arrival Hige had been completely quiet. He seemed to be more in control this time then when they had actually gone to save Takeo. That time had been dangerous. This time, he was exactly where he needed to be. In the end, he was ready to unleash some Elmer Fudd.

Shinobu wonders… Why she was on this mission. But she showed up at the agreed location, practically sticking to Hige's side if she could. The girl was… Not so confident in her abilities, to say the least. Kame was in her arms, the pup looking serious rather than playful, which shows just how difficult they anticipated the mission to be. The young Inuzuka's eye flicks upward at Hige, knowing that he would assign her to the back. Where it was safer. Then she looks to Taiki, because the Clan Alpha's orders were above all who were present. She just had to wait for them.

When the call came Zankuro did not hesitate to answer. No matter how much he would've prefered a longer vacation, the Sarutobi was slowly and truly coming around to the whole being a responsible shinobi. Did he still not regret answering the call after hearing the news? Oh most definitely! Nevertheless, the Sarutobi did not utter one word of complaint, or really, say much of anything at all after the initial greeting. Even the promise of meeting potentially hot northern foreigners elicited nothing from the teen. Zankuro sat back to the edge of the group, quietly observing.

Kyu was quite aware of WHY he was called onto this mission, but he wasn't sure quite WHAT was going on. He gathered his supplies, most importantly his Medic Nin supplies, and headed quickly to the group, arriveing hastily as possible. He ends up standing either at, or close to the back of the group. Kyu remains utterly silent as he looks through the group, and his eyes widen a bit at seeing Shinobu near Hige… Certainly she wasn't going too… Right? Kyu shakes his head lightly and looks back at the group, awaiting orders.

Having been called out to this mission, Hisomu was seeming, well, grumpy about having to be away from her team. She had not had a mission with her team in a while and now she was on a mission that was somewhat the same as them but not with them. As she approaches the group, she look sto the leaders of the group and simply awaits orders. She had a loose outline of what she was doing here but for now she was just dressed in her travel clothing which consisted of her normal outfit with a longer cloak over it.

As the team comes upon the village, it's very small, with only one way in and out of it, a road which connects the two lands to each other and a border crossing manned on both sides by a member of the Daimyos of the Land of Fire and Lightning checking people who wish to cross over. The village however is a bit too quiet, and in a village near the border that's disturbing as you'd expect a lot of foreigners to be making noise, visiting the brothels and inns and taverns that spring up to accomodate them.
What villagers you can see, don't seem to be doing quite what you'd expect, they appear to be farmers, but they don't appear to know really how to farm and are carefully watching the roads into the village.

Taiki looks around at the assmembled group, and then starts to give out orders. Given this is a village, and they didn't know exactly what to look for, Taiki decided to put together two groups, each would take one side of the main street, and keep watch over the other groups. In team 1, he's put Hige as leader, with Hisomu and Shinobu as his assistants. Their job would be detection. They would be tasked with sorting out potential Recluse from what should be here. Team 2 would then consist of Zankuro and Kyuketsuki. Their job would be to act upon signals from the detection team. Taiki would remain somewhat behind the two groups as backup and medical assistance. As they made their way though town, however, the oddities seemed to be getting more and more on Taiki's nerves, until he finally signaled the two groups to start converging on the center of town. Taiki would stay back for the moment to watch the reaction of these so-called 'villagers.'

Hige wasn't exactly unused to this infiltration and sneaking into villages stuff, though he's never done it while quite so on edge. Still, he looks back to Hisomu and Shinobu and nods to them before motioning for them to follow after. He turns and flips up the hood of the cloak that covers him from head to toe. Blending in and all that right? As they go along Hige keeps all of his senses open and his anger in check while trying to find something. Anything. Anything that might hint at the Recluse. When he gets the signal to coverge he leads the other two towards the village center, pausing at the edge of the area to give another careful look around.

Shinobu nods quietly to Taiki, looking to Hisomu, a foreign nin… scary…, and Hige before moving to follow after her cousin. It wasn't hard to follow his lead. She summons up a bit of chakra as she readies herself for … whatever may happen, her senses tuned to the environment. In particular, they are honed in on the ones who seem off (at least, the ones nearish that look it). She furrows her brow a bit, as her senses aren't as keen as Hige's. She isn't even sure what she would be able to sense.

After seeing everyone that would be apart of the second team, Zankuro felt dread tap his shoulders again. It isn't enough to really get the Sarutobi down, but he is noticeable more worried looking. Fortunately, it isn't long before there are more important things to worry about. Like for instance, oh, a creepy village with not-so-standard-issued farmers doing their job poorly. Its almost as if…
Zankuro resisted the urge to facepalm. It is a battle he nearly lost. His focus shifts to Taiki as orders are handed out. Then to Hige in belated wonder about the Inuzuka's self-control. And then there was Shinobu and her… state. And Taiki's… and Kyu's… Annnd he was worrying about too many things at once, so he settled for not thinking at all. Just action. "Nice and quiet, Kyu." Zankuro murmurs as he popped a red-brown pill and followed on the opposite side of Team One, and a little ways behind them.

Kyu nods at the new orders and readies to follow Team 1, sticking with Zankuro, watching the team up ahead for any signals. Kyu sees Hige flip up his hood and copies him, flipping up the hood of his own cloak, however pointless that may be due to the Uchiha clan symbol on the back of it. When Zankuro takes the time to tell Kyu 'nice and quiet' Kyu throws him a quick glance, then turns his attention back onto Team 1. Kyu readies his chakra, to activate the Sharingan at a moment's notice, but doesn't waste chakra activating it yet, he simply watches for a signal. Staying nearby Zankuro.

For the moment, Shinobu only gets a brief look before Hisomu simply shrugs and follows after Hige. She comes along with him and looks over at the various spots around. For the moment, though, she isn't able to see much as she makes sure her cloak is up in place. For now, she just keeps her eyes open.

It's very creepy as the two teams move into the village, nobody talks, or even waves, they just… STARE at them. Almost as if they were dolls or zombies of some kind, but if you do look closely, they ARE alive and breathe, they just… stare. It's hard to tell who are really villagers and who are Recluse, at least among the 'farmers' as there's nothing overt that anyone can detect.
Inside the village however, hidden among some of the houses and buildings that line the main street are Recluse members. Hige would also scent a huge cluster of Recluse in the big town hall that's in the center of town.

Taiki's concerns grow more and more well-founded with each step they take into town. So much so that he signals both teams to exercise caution. In the meantime, he surreptitiously starts to prepare himself for a fight. It's times like this Taiki wishes he had Kenta here. That telepathy would be great right now… He mentally shrugs that off in favor of activating his own senses. It may be a bit redundant, but he learned after the rescue mission it was better safe than sorry.

"Be on guard," Hige mutters to the two behind him as he and Konsho move further into the village center, pulling down his hood to stop in front of a villager and stare into their eyes for a moment. His attention changes though as he catches scent of something else and he quickly motions to Taiki towards the Town Hall. He steps back to the two behind him and says softly, "Large group of Recluse are close by." It comes out with a low, angry growl as well. "Be ready."

Shinobu isn't able to pick up on anything, it seems, so she simply follows Hige's lead. She sticks to him, close enough so that she would feel uneasy (not that she doesn't) and far enough that she wouldn't bother him if he needed to move quickly. The girl even sets Kame down, the girl allowing her Ninken some freedom so that they could both move and attack at the same time, should it be needed.

'Kugutsu?' Zankuro quietly shook his head and continued on, hugging whatever cover the village provided without compromising sight of the other team. It is difficult, to say the least. Soldier pills had a nasty habit of turning even the most mellow folk into wired madmen… or so the stories went. Zankuro tried not to think about /that/ too much, and just focus on the mission at hand. Paranoia more than anything drove him to carry a kunai between his teeth.

As the two squads converge on the town hall, that's when all hell breaks loose, as there is a loud cry from several buildings and Recluse members seem to pour out of every door and window. The two teams are quickly separated and surrounded and a large, very scarred warrior steps out of the town hall with a group of people and says, "Ah… our night's entertainment has arrived… watch as my men takes care of these fools. Know that if you join our organization, you will learn how to be as strong as these foot soldiers are."
The scarred man turns to the two teams and says, "I'd wish you luck, but I'm afraid your luck has just run out… kill them." He says this almost negligently as the men all smirk and start to converge on them.

While leaders with less experience in dealing with the Recluse would be uncertain what to do, Taiki understands these people all too well. Too this end, he already has a speech prepared. "These people talk big, but the only thing that has kept them from being wiped out as an organization is their cowardice. These people would teach you to hide in the shadows and try to kill children, and they are not particular as to the children's identities. Even your own children would not be safe from suffering, and eventually death, at their orders. Join them, and your families suffer. Join them, and you become hunted not by one clan, but by two Hidden Villages. All that your joining will do is cause you and yours pain. If you do not believe my words now, then let our actions verify them."

Taiki then turns to the two squads and says, "Hold nothing back against any Recluse member here. Fight to kill, and fight with your best shots. I want that man," he says, pointing to their leader, "Alive. Kill the rest." Of course, this is simply a re-iteration of their orders, but doing this now also lets the villagers know that they mean business. This is further punctuated by Taiki and his ninken rushing toward the leader, each of them swirling into their elemental tsugas.

Ahh yes, the Recluse had finally shown themselves. Hige had been waiting for this and he drops to all fours as soon as the first one peeks his head out, a low bestial growl erupting from his throat. Taiki really didn't need to give his warning, nor even the reiterated orders as far as Hige was concerned, but it did remind the boy of the others. "Don't give them any leniance. Watch eachothers backs and I'll be keeping an eye on you also." Feral eyes look towards the nearest group of baddies and without a word Hige and Konsho both jump into the air, then start spinning before coming down pretty much trying to row over the whole rabbitstew group. Claws and fangs look to shred and leave nothing remaining but little itty bits.

Shinobu doesn't really know what the Recluse are like… But Taiki isn't putting them in any good light. With both Inuzuka saying that they shouldn't be taken lightly, the girl doesn't hold back. She drops to all fours, and Kame ducks down a bit as well as chakra runs through both their bodies. Her eyes have a bit more of a feral look to them as it does, and she and Kame follow after Hige. It was not as practiced as the older Inuzuka, but that was a work in progress. Both Kame and Shinobu leap, turning into spinning hurricanes of death in the opposite direction of Hige.

The moment people began flowing into the streets, Zankuro gave Kyuketsuki a curt signal to set his back against the rotund Sarutobi. Zankurko would face the way they came while Kyuketsuki faced the town hall, and hopefully by extension, Hige's group. Neither of them had to look all that imposing still, but maybe the formation might give them pause?

"… I guess that's that. Kyu-kun. Focus on helping Hige and the others punch a hole through, and knock out any civilian before they can join the fray." Zankuro says without turning his eyes away from his immediate foes. After that, the Sarutobi lets loose a number of perfectly places fireball meant to set many a recluse heads on fire!

Kyuketsuki uses that Chakra he had built up earlier and immediately focuses it into his eyes, activating the Sharingan. His wimpy starting Sharingan with only one Tomoe. He rapidly takes in his surrounding. "Hai. But I believe I'm the most capable of 'taking someone alive'…" Want the leader alive eh? Kyu smiles a little, going through a decently large amount of rapid handseals, sending an Out of Body Experience at specifically the leader, attempting to boot his 'soul' out of his body and let him look down at it. "Don't touch the leader. As long as he doesn't break out and no one touches him, he should be stuck there." Kyu then does two hand seals most people are familiar with him using, Monkey, Ram, but he holds the Ram seal for longer as he prepares chakra to launch at more than one target, before releasing a large amount of Genjutsu chakra aimed at a number of the goons. The goons would feel a rather overwhelming feeling of sleepiness hit them like a ton of bricks. Kyu has improved that skill greatly, clearly!

Upon hearing the bad guys and then hearing the orders, Hisomu hmms as she watches the group. She then nods to her orders even as it seems that there are spinning dog and people everywhere. "How odd." She states as she watches and then she starts toward a nearby man and ends up attempting to put a blade right into his chest while she unleashes a spray of poison on to a man next to him. A quick hand sign and a shift of her foot and she turns to send three columns of stone into three others, "I guess this works then." She nods her head, "Though I hardly think I'm needed with all these spinning people and dogs."

The various attacks by each member of Team 2 are devastating and effective, by the time the dust settles, the ground around them are littered with bodies and the ones who aren't dead are in no shape to continue the fight (those who were put to sleep by Kyu). The scarred warrior claps his hands and says, "Bravo… bravo… you've definitely proven your worth. Won't any of you consider joining us? You will be greatly rewarded." Yes, the man IS trying to recruit the mixed group of shinobi. Not exactly a smart idea, considering how much the Inuzuka hate the Recluse, but there you go.

Oh, hate just does not do Taiki's feelings on the matter justice, not at all. Taiki's answer in this case isn't verbal. No, he already said he'd let his actions speak for him, thus it should come to no surprise when Taiki's reaction to this was to jump up and stradle the backs of his two ninken. He quickly runs through a series of handsigns before ending on the dragon seal and intoning, "Man-beast transformation: Elemental Wolf Horror."

The resulting cloud of smoke completely obscures the trio at first as a strange, resonating mix of growls echo throughout the village. What comes next would be absolutely terrifying to most people as an over 7 foot tall white and red shape bursts out of the cloud with six-inch long lightning-imbued claws. The creature is obviously bipedal, vaguely man-shaped and covered in fur. Three wolf heads sit on top of a absolutely huge chest, though these details are only visible after the beast has come to a stop, which is after those claws have attempted to take huge chunk out of the man.

Something about the way Hige and Konsho attacked might seem a little off in the end. Sure they decimated everyone they came across but they also landed in a very peculiar location. Leaving the scarred man who'd been talking between he and Taiki. And so while Taiki was merging with his ninken Hige was ready. It's almost as if the two had practiced it before, and perhaps they had what with Taiki being Hige's teacher. When Taiki flicks forward from one direction Hige moves in from the other direction, both of the Inuzuka using the same technique at different levels from opposite directions. Probably just…not pretty.

Shinobu stares at the devastation she had unleashed upon the Recluse, not actually minding. Perhaps /that/ place was actually good when it came to 'teaching' their 'students' about having a clear mind during battle. The girl then looks to the older Inuzuka, considering… While the head man is being attacked, he and the few that are alive would find themselves in a genjutsu that tried to lock onto their minds. Before them, they would see Hige and Taiki as the most adorable puppies on earth! They should totally go try to pet the Inuzuka…

Fortune favored Zankuro, because he didn't get to see the transformation take place, or the initial aftermath. In fact, the Sarutobi went out of his way just to make sure he didn't turn back until the noise died down, fearful of a repeat of the last Recluse busting mission. 'That's right. Nothing to see up there. Nope. Just a couple of guys having a little fight is all. E'yup… not even gonna look back once.' Zankuro thought while pretending to make sure his targets stayed dead.
Unfortunately, one can only pretend for so long before facing their fears. He did this bravely! Sort of. Kind of? Well, not really. When Zankuro turned about, his eyes are all half-lidded and an goofy smiled played on his lips. Without hesitation, he moved from one sleeping recluse to the next, slitting throats and laughing every now and then.

Kyu scoffs slightly at the offer of joining, and glances away briefly, before looking back and… he sees the impending devestation and simply… Watches, his red eyes widening. He looks between the two, the current monster, and the person who is his friend just a bit frenzied and then finds himself just stuck in place, his Sharingan slowing down every detail and letting him catch it. He readies himself for the gore that is definitely about to ensue. He has nothing to add to this assault. Nor does he want to add to it. He doesn't close his eyes, just watches. Wide-eyed and motionless. He is surrounded by gore. He seems a bit distant, and seems to be trying to distance himself on purpose. It just struck him how helpless this leader-guy really is as this is happening. And that's what's throwing him into a stunned state.

Looking at the havok being wrought upon the head guy, Hisomu huhs and then shrugs, "Yep, still not sure I was needed." She states softly and then starts looking around before she walks up to one of the men laying on the ground groaning and whimpering as her poison eats away at him. HSe tilts her head as she looks at him and then breathes in and spits more poison down on to him in yet another spray. She then starts over to Kyu, looking at Kyu for a moment before looking back at the scene playing out, "How did these guys capture anyone…ever?"

The scarred warrior was expecting Taiki and the rest to attack him with their strongest attacks and was prepared for it. The sad thing is, he wasn't expecting anything from the little girl and her puppy, dismissing them as useless and unworthy of his attention. Sad because it's always the quiet ones who are usually the most dangerous, and Shinobu and Kame are no exception.
Her attack is insidious in nature, a genjutsu that nobody would likely expect, one that would make people instantly think even the most monstrous of creatures is cute and cuddly. Sometimes even the strongest of enemies can be felled by the heart of a young girl who believes in herself and her friends. Her genjutsu hits the warrior and his stern expression changes dramatically from one of evil… to one of happiness as he looks at Taiki and Hige and says, "Oh what cute puppies, I simply must pet them…"
The strings and piano concerto of "Chariots of Fire" plays in the background as the scarred warrior runs TOWARDS Taiki and Hige in slow motion saying, "I… looooooooooveeeeeeeee…. yoooooooooou" for just a long real time second before both of their lightning claws strike. There is silence for a long moment save for the sound of electricity from Taiki and Hige's claws before *KABOOOM!* the warrior is sent flying backwards through a wall and out the other side of the town hall, causing massive damage before he hits the dirt, the force of the attacks sending him somersaulting in the air a couple of times before he ends up in a long furrow of dirt, half-dead… but still with a huge smile on his face.
Point to Shinobu and Kame.

The horrible visage of the Inuzuka Clan Alpha actually stops as his/her victim is litterally planted into the ground by the dual attack by Hige and him/herself. The werewolf blinks, then replays the last few seconds in his mind, with processing power augmented by his two other heads. Finally a puff of smoke envelops the hulking form, revealing Taiki and his two ninken when it appears. He walks over to the leader and checks his pulse, then begins work quickly to deactivate the suicide and silence seals. "Anyone knowing first aid or medical ninjutsu, I need you over here." No speeches this time. The results pretty much speak for themselves… "Just out of curiosity… What happened to him?"

That was far too easy. That's Hige's first thoughts after watching the leader go sailing away. As he straightened he realized what had happened as his eyes shifted over to Shinobu with a hint of…humor? In this situation? Hige begins making the rounds to ensure everyone else is dead, swinging by Shinobu at one point and ruffling her hair before whispering, "Good job munchkin."

Shinobu doesn't really speak up. She could tell that the genjutsu had latched onto the leader's mind, making the connection. And it was all too easy for her to guess what happened, especially with her being the mastermind. The girl glances around to make sure her friends are okay, eye flicking back and forth between both friends and enemies (or … what was left of them). When Hige comes over, she gives a small squeak at the hair ruffle, head instinctively ducking down. But she seems pretty pleased with herself. Kame gives a few yips to explain to Taiki what happened, bouncing up and down since she's all proud of herself and Shinobu.

What Zankuro gleans from the corner of his eyes is just too… powerful to ignore. He turned unthinkingly to understand the reason why, and just… stared, awestruck by the pure insanity of the moment. Time rights itself soon enough, but before that moment, the entirety of the events are burned into the Sarutobi's mind as if the teen possessed a sharingan of his own.
It takes perhaps an extra few seconds or so than it needed to fully register Taiki's question, but soon the not so half-asleep anymore youth is motioning for Kyu to follow before rushing off to the man's side. "Oh man… I don't there's enough bandaids in the world to fix this." He murmurs. Despite his own words, Zankuro gets to work summoning his first aid supplies from a scroll and stabilizing the patient/prisoner/guy-who-totally-got-reckt-hard.

Kyu's Sharingan made the scene gruesome, but Kyu's face remains distant and when a Medic is called for he immediately reacts, walking almost robotically to the man who just got launched through a wall. He doesn't waste his time assessing his wounds with reflective chakra, he knows what will come back, "Almost dead". He gets right to work focusing healing chakra into the cuts. Silently. The distant look unmoving.

A look at this entire scene and then Hisomu shakes her head. She considers it for a moment before nodding to herself again. THe girl's hand comes up to her chin as she rubs it lightly before nodding to herself and pulling out a little booklet. In it she idly writes, 'Don't pet an Inuzuka.' and then puts the notebook away and approaches just to be part of the group, though at this point she doubts she'll be much help at all.

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