The Recluse War - Takeo’s Retrieval


Rockpath (emitter), Taiki, Hige, Kenta, Kaido, Naru, Zankuro, Takeo

Date: May 25, 2015


After facing off against the Recluse last time and losing Inuzuka Takeo, Konohagakure has launched a massive rescue mission to get both their shinobi and their Bijuu back in their hands.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Recluse War - Takeo’s Retrieval"

Land of Fire

Taiki had the prisoner, and he had managed to extricate the location that Takeo was being held. Where was it? Well, it was actually pretty close to where they were originally jumped! The calls were given out. Hawks were sent, messages were received, and all the letters said one thing: Your mission is to rescue Inuzuka Takeo. If he is dead, Taiki knows what to do. And indeed, the Clan Alpha was given special instructions to retrieve the Tailed Beast that was hosted inside his clan mate, should Takeo lose it to the Recluse. Neither Konoha nor the Inuzuka wanted a Bijuu in the hands of an enemy nation.
The location was sent out as soon as acceptances of the mission were heard. All who were on the mission were to be sent to the South and West land of the Land of Fire, near where the forests began to turn to rock and stone. A barren wasteland where hopefully the Water-based Bijuu would not be strong.

Taiki set the meeting place not in Konoha, but at a location a few miles away from their target location. He wanted to give the people responsible as little time as possible to react, which meant traveling seperately and converging on a main point. If some found this tactic odd, Taiki would not comment inside Konoha walls. Instead, he would say, "Pray I'm wrong," and leave it at that.
Taiki and his ninken are the first to arrive at the site, though he is accompanied by four people that spread out instantly upon arrival. The meeting place is quickly put under a disguise jutsu using fuinjutsu techniques, making the area very hard to locate without a key that was provided to each person going. Taiki himself stands with his ninken in the center of this clearing, staring out into the distance to where he knows Takeo to be. His expression is flat, his eyes hard, and his ninken partners look absolutely feral.

Hige had been in during the interrogation and had heard the information first hand. It had been hard to wait until they were all ready to go before finally departing. He'd wanted to go then, react right away, retaliate as soon as possible and save his cousin. But that didn't happen. Instead he waited. Now, though, the time is here. When he gets the message the boy and his growing pup head out to the location mentioned. Hige's attire is a rare one, one he uses only when the mission is of high priority or concern. He's actually wearing his Chuunin vest and his hitai-ate, Konsho with his own vest on as they travel at top speed to meet up with the others.
Once they arrive at the location they find the hidden spot and slide to a stop next to Taiki. "Taiki. Nozomi. Shinobu." Hige's voice has returned to it's neutrality, as has his expression and even that fire in his eyes is hidden. Konsho sits next to them, barking a greeting to the trio as well, though subdued.

As one of the Leaf shinobi present and unable to stop the Recluse when Takeo was taken, Kenta accepted the mission without batting an eye. Takeo's also his friend, recallit. The Chuunin is a visage of grim determination as he runs up to Taiki and the rest of the shinobi gathering for the mission. He seems to have sprouted more pouches than usual. There are a dozen belt pouches and holsters hanging at his waist, in addition to the multiple pockets of his modified Chuunin vest, his backpack and the medical pack at the small of his back. He's bringing all the tags, pills, kunai, antidotes and other equipment that might be needed for this important endeavor.
Kenta bows to those already within the disguised meeting place. Too many names to greet individually, so he simply goes with a grim, "Konichiwa." The medic-nin combs back hair that's gone more disheveled from usual in his hurry to make it in time and blows out a hard breath. He glances around to see who else will join them, hoping that they'll have the firepower needed to take down the Recluse once and for all.

Kaido also arrives with Bandit and Bolt, they were the ones who managed to find a way to get the information they needed from the prisoner. It's also why, now that he also wears his former Chuunin vest, that he's fully ready and capable of helping with the rescue. He nods to Taiki and says, "Alpha…" He reaches into a pouch and pulls out what looks to be a lookout glass and says, "We're ready whenever you are."

The theft of a bijuu was a pretty big deal. If there was a strong threat against the nation or even the world as a whole this would be it… Narusegawa was well aware of how resourceful the Recluse had been all this time…but this… this was a different story. Narusegawa took the missive and made her way to the proper directives. She moved with stealth, body half dipped into the earth below as she traveled swiftly and with caution. Her attirement was just a simple black hooded cloak, hood up with a half bird mask along her face, the beak wide a with a shadow casting over her face. One thing was definitely noticeable. A pare of gleaming red eyes glistening with three tomoe, the sharingan, slightly pale than what it normally looked. She slipped out from under the ground, feet now resting on the surface as her eyes looked to Taiki and then the rest of the group. She didn't know Takeo well but the circumstances were more than enough for her to understand the weight of it all. " Yours to command, Taiki-san," Narusegawa speaks softly as she takes note of those with them…

Zankuro was ashamed to admit it, but fear nearly drove him to try and decline the mission. Even after the body got to moving, the Sarutobi couldn't cast aside the guilt. So, the chuunin used it to spur him on. Even at top speed the teen knew in his gut that he would be the last to arrive at the meeting spot, and perhaps the only one to be left behind as a result. Other darker thoughts threatened to slow Zankuro down as the realization came to mind. He listened to them for awhile, but ultimately turned to activating the first gate to make up for lost time.
'This isn't the time to be slacking off!'
Zankuro arrived too winded to say more than was necessary to join with the others, and promptly made his way over to the nearest tree. Once there, he doesn't waste a moment before leaning against it fully. If any bother him while he tried to catch his breathe, they'd recieve a weak wave of the hand to ward them off.

Taiki nods to each person that arrives, but doesn't say anything until the last person showed up. "Our main objective has two parts," he starts speaking after everyone arrives. "First part, the recovery of Inuzuka Takeo, dead or alive. Second part, the recovery of the Three-tailed turtle, if it is separate from Takeo-san. This objective overrides /everything/ else. Secondary objectives include the procurement of solid proof of the identities of the perpetrators. Persueant to that. I want at least one prisoner. Other than that, no mercy, no quarter. Fight to kill, save for that one prisoner."
Taiki's flat expression continues, though his eyes become even harder than before. "The seal masters will erect a barrier around the location to prevent anyone from taking the biju, or anything else, away. The rest of you will be part of the invasion force. I will back you up, with Narusegawa my second in command. If the biju is no longer within Takeo-san, I will have to seal it, which will require my complete attention. This means you will have to follow her orders even as she arranges for my protection. Any questions?"

COMBAT: Taiki focuses 4784 stamina to turn it into 7000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Taiki defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES-II…79

Hige looks to the others as they arrive, only giving a slight nod to some of them. Except Zan, he gets a look of faint surprise despite the mask of neutrality. He really wouldn't have expected the other Chuunin to show. How interesting. Once Taiki starts speaking his focus returns there and he listens. The mask returns fully and it's hard to tell what he's thinking or feeling, short of his scents that only one person here could perceive. When all is said and done Hige just nods again to Taiki, not speaking, remaining silent as is his norm especially in these situations. His body is tense and he's ready to go.

COMBAT: Hige focuses 2590 stamina to turn it into 2500 usable chakra!
RP: Hige transforms into KONSHO.
RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…42

Kenta nods his head sharply. "Understood, Taiki-sama," the younger medic-nin replies in a somber voice. The nod quickly turns into a shake of his head to indicate that he doesn't have any more questions at this particular time. "Hopefully, Takeo is still…" Kenta stops to suck in another breath. He doesn't really need to finish that statement to get his point across. While he'll do his duty as Taiki ordered, he still hope with all his heart that everything falls into play in the least messy way possible. He glances around at the rest of the group. It's possible that some of them might not make it out alive.

COMBAT: Kenta focuses 5004 stamina to turn it into 7000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Kenta defends against with a PERCEPTION…40

Kaido shakes his head and looks down to Bolt and says, "Bolt, I need you to stay here, help guard Narusegawa and the Alpha." Kaido then glances down at Bandit and says, "Bandit, we're going with Plan Alpha Lambda Theta 3…." Bandit nods and says, "Roger." The two prepare for the upcoming battle as Kaido takes out a couple of masks made to protect against gases and the like and slips one over Bandit's nose and mouth. He unhooks his chakram and peers down into the valley.

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There was goign to be a lot of tough decision made today… Narusegawa would be sure to make sure nothing gets too out of place. "We may be an invasion force but we do need to be organized. We need to remember to maintain control of the battle field… no matter how chaotic it may turn out to be," Narusegawa advised, readying to move down into the valley. Her eyes scanned the area, for any sort of chakra sources that may attract their attention. Less than obvious traps, perhaps any keen tracks to follow. Every thing at this moment would be necessary to win. She takes a glance towards Bolt and Kaido, nodding in their direction.

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Zankuro swallowed one last gulp of air, licked his lips, then pushed off against the tree around the time Taiki began speaking up. Zankuro stayed to the edge of the group, which may not have been the best idea. Then again, with tensions being as high as they are, safety was relative. Blood ran too loudly in his ears to truly catch every word without some effort, but he manages somehow. After all is said and done, the Sarutobi looked to the grim face of others before nodding firmly in agreement himself. Afterwards, he built up his chakra and waited with as much calm as can be mustered.

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The Inuzuka would smell nothing. The Recluse expected them. They would hear nothing. Why allow tortured screams to give their location away? But those who use their eyes and are perceptive enough (also known as everyone but Zankuro) would be able to see a faint shimmer to the distance. The barrier that disguised this branch of the Recluse. There are no signs of how it has been erected, but the likelihood of it being seal-based is high. Taiki may recognize, upon closer inspection, that the barrier is made of four seals. They could use force to break it, or they could find some of the seals and weaken it.

Taiki nods once to Narusegawa's input in acknowledgement, then commands everyone to start looking in the direction they knew the base to be. While most of the heightened senses were shut down for Inuzuka, the second level of the senses provided some slight sight enhancement, enough at least to take a close look at the barrier. Turning towards the seal experts with them, he signals them to spread out around this field, find the seals involved, and weaken them. They know full well that their second task is erecting that barrier Taiki mentioned earlier, so that does not need to be said. "Keep quiet and ready. Once their barrier is weakened, we will move in under stealth. Kill any guards your find… quietly."

Hige finds nothing but as the others seem to he moves forward to the edge of their hidden piece of land to stare out after where the seal masters go off to, watching them in his peripheral vision. Konsho is with him and the pair just stand there stiffly, watching and waiting for the word. He's ready to move as soon as the word is out of Taiki's mouth.

Kenta makes a short series of hand seals. "Umm… It's going to be hard to communicate to each other if we have to maintain silence. Also, if we get split up somehow. And the chaos of battle can also disrupt efforts of coordination. I can keep all of us connected via a telepathic link, so that we can pass information and instructions to each other more easily. It should also keep the enemy from listening to our discussions directly." Taiki and a few others are already familiar with how this would work. The medic-nin furrows his brows as he focuses his chakra into invisible threads. He sends these out to weave a complex web between all the shinobi in the area to create a single shared mental network among them. <"Telepathic network created,"> he silently sends out to all the ones that don't resist the link.

RP: Kenta uses TELEPATHY-II.

Kaido moves to hide behind a hill and says quietly, "Once we get past the sentries, let me go first, I can toss in a gas grenade to either kill or weaken the people inside the base with the added effect of covering our entrance in the smoke. It's best if those of us going in split into teams, Hige can go with Zankuro and Kenta can come with me, Kenta and I will focus on finding and extracting Takeo and Hige and Zankuro can focus on taking out whoever's inside." He looks around, "That to me is the best division of our forces."

Naru didn't mind using a bit of force, but this would definitely be Taiki's call. She listens in to what Kaido states and narrows her eyes down slightly. 'The recluse aren't the typical hog wash quick snap bandits, you will need to be very careful, or you will die today.' The warning for Kaido was honestly met for everyone, and for now she merely remained close as they awaited the barrier to slowly weaken. 'Will our presence be known once the barrier breaks' Narusegawa questions Taiki, mentally of course due to Kenta's mental link. Can't say she had much experience with it but she didn't resist.

COMBAT: Narusegawa focuses 5200 stamina to turn it into 7500 usable chakra!

Identifying measuresments from a distance? No problem. But trying to secret invisible base? All the problemsn in the world! Good thing there were plenty of other more sensitive nin in the party, because otherwise everyone would be S.O.L if they relied on Zankuro's super eyes~. Having only experienced the mental link once before, Zankuro is a little uneasy about the whole thing, but kept from resisting it in the end. Of course now that everyone could read his surface thoughts, the Sarutobi had to seal away the gates and direct his chakra towards a less easily distracted mindset. <'Hmm… dying sounds terrible guys, so less not do that'> Zankuro says, sounding every bit as mellow as his expression gave away.<That aside, not a bad idea Kaido-san… tho'.. how quiet are ya smokes?>

RP: Zankuro transforms into AKUMU-NO-JUTSU.

While everyone is plotting, the seal masters move out. Some of them don't take long to locate a seal, though one poor sap spends a good three minutes hunting, and it's time that may cost them. The moment the barrier is weakened, the whole group would notice a wavering in its form… And with that wavering, they would start to hear a cry of pain…
Several days ago, Takeo would have been flung away to gods know where, taken in by the Recluse that were stationed in the South and West. The moment he was caught, he was knocked out. And when he awoke, he would find himself strapped to a table with three people around him working on extracting Isobu. The next three days would be agony as they removed Isobu's chakra from the Inuzuka, and the only thing he could do would be scream. This did not deter the Recluse from their goal, but with only three people, it was a long process.

Somehow Taiki knew Kenta would offer that up, so he waited to answer questions or make comments until they were all linked. «Hige, keep control,» Taiki would order mentally. His own… rage… would subtely bleed here, as he's not used to masking such telepathically. Everyone would get the distinct impression that Hige's anger is nothing when compared to Taiki's, but it is wrapped in a steel jacket of self-control and iron determination. He considers the formation suggested by Kaido and then modifies it slightly. «Kenta'san with Hige'san, Zankuro'san with Kaido'san. Naru with me. Smoke first, then insert. Hopefully the team can weaken the enemy's barrier without their detecting it, but don't bank on it. It all depends on the nature of the seals used, and how successful the team is.» He hears the screams and grimaces, as his mental voice becomes a growl. «Head out, keep to your orders, and keep your saving wits about you.»

Hige doesn't fight the mental bond as it comes, having been through it a few times with Kenta before. He also doesn't move from where he is. As others speak he listens, whether it's out loud or in his head, but he doesn't offer his own thoughts or plans. There's plenty of people here to do that who are much better at it than he is. No he's hear to cause some death.
The mental order from Taiki causes Hige to snap his anger back as well as he can though it also bleeds out as well as he waits, just waits. Once the orders of who is with who is given Hige looks back at Kenta and nods slightly before moving forward, not moving to all fours so he doesn't out-distance the medic while Konsho trails right on his heals.

While Kenta listens to Kaido's suggestion with an open-mind, he also nods his head in Naru's direction upon hearing her comments. <"They're very strong. Otherwise, they wouldn't have managed to capture Takeo with Taiki-sama on the job. I don't remember how many of you were there when we had to rescue Taiki-sama himself from the Recluse months ago…"> The younger of the medic-nin compresses his lips into a thin line. He quickly cuts off the thought before the sharp edged memories could bleed through the link to the rest of the group. Unfortunately, he couldn't stop his own rage from momentarily rippling through the link when he hears the screaming after the Recluse's barrier goes down. He slams down a mental gate between his emotions and his thoughts, so that only the latter would go through. <"The Recluse isn't going to get away with this. Orders understood, Taiki-sama."> He jogs over to Hige to keep abreast of the younger Chuunin. Kenta also retrieves several pills - some black and some white - from two pouches at his waist. He swallows tosses them back two at a time.

Kaido simply uses the link to say to Narusegawa, «We all knew when we took the oath to be shinobi of Konoha that it may mean our death… Chance favors the prepared and the bold and we are BOTH!» With that, he pulls out a gas grenade from inside a secret pocket of his vest and yanks on the pin, pulling it out, he keeps the spoon from popping up, making sure that the timer won't start before it's time. He starts to use whatever cover is available to get into position to toss the grenade right into the opening of the base.

Narusegawa for the most part followed suit, her chakra began to race slightly, her eyes becoming slightly more keen as she attempted to evaluate the situation more. For now they were at the mercy of what the sealers could do, but Taiki tended to associate with the best of them. Naruseagawa wasn't necessary filled with anger, if anything it was anexity. She genrally was a calm and collected warrior but this one was one those situatiosn where she dreaded waiting. Every second counted… Hopefully progress would come quick as they gradually began to move closer. Naru keeps her hands in her cloak, careful to keep an eye on everyone else as well, Everyone needed to be aware of one another or this simply wasn't going to work. So far, so good.

Zankuro sweatdropped and scratched at his cheeks idly from both going ignored and the spikes of anger bleeding into the link. He felt none himself at the moment, which may have been a good thing in itself. The less of them were threatened to go off the rails, the more likely things would go well. Maybe. Possibly. Either way, once orders were given, he followed after Kaido as quietly as the infamous 'silent death'. The only visible weapon kept at the ready was a kunai lodged between clenched teeth so that his hands stayed free.

Takeo has endured three days of torture at the hands of the Recluse, for their efforts at extracting his Bijuu are apparently somewhat inept. He's resisted them with every ounce of what he has, and so far, they've not quite succeeded. When the master Jinchuuriki finds himself able, he pools some of his own chakra and forces them to clear it away, delaying their work. Occasionally, he even forms a ring of water and splashes them in their collective faces - the advantage of needing but one hand to perform signs. Defiant to the end, or for those more optimistic about his tactics, seizing whatever opportunities he can to interfere. Takeo knows Konohagakure won't have given up on reclaiming Isobu so easily, and his preference for the Bijuu to be in their care fuels his defiance. For the most part, though, he screams. Something which has truly become a part of his very essence is being ripped away a bit at a time, someone cherished and precious for so many reasons. In the process, his own survival is forfeit.

COMBAT: ThugA defends against STEALTH-II(39) attack from Zankuro with a PERCEPTION…32
[NPC System]: Kaido roll(s) Stealth from 18 to 37 and get(s) a 33. - Rolled by: Kaido
RPCOMBAT: ThugB defends against with a PERCEPTION…32

The Recluse don't notice the presence of the Shinobi. It is a stroke of luck that the gang really needed. Kaido would be able to throw in his smoke bomb. They would be able to save Takeo. All that was needed was the go signal, and then they could rampage against their enemy. Guards… They are stationed everywhere. Those that could see chakra would notice that the ones on the outside had less. The ones closer to the inside, more. And at the center was a singular bright spot that put all of them to shame: Isobu and Takeo.
As the torture went on, Isobu would realize just how hopeless it was. ~Takeo…~ he rumbles. ~I sense your friends. But I don't know how long we can keep this up. If you give up more chakra, you may die.~ Of course, the turtle being removed will also be bad for Takeo's health, but HUSH!

Taiki waits for the group to get in position, including Kaido's position for the smoke bomb. He then orders the beginning of battle by mentally growling, «Go!» As Kaido tosses the gas grenade, Taiki pulls out a couple of chakram and flings them to the nearest two thugs. They may expect his nintaijutsu, but what they'll get is a seasoned Jounin/Clan Head who knows all too well the value of surprise, and silent but deadly attacks. Afterward, he and his ninken move forward while keeping tabs on everyone else while simultaneously trusting Naru to watch his back.

RP: Taiki transforms into SHINOBU-AND-NOZOMI.

Hige is on the move as the grenade is thrown and the order is given, dropping to all fours as he growls verbally to Kenta, "Keep up." As they move through what's left of the smoke Hige and Konsho move in. Lightning flares around their claws as they attack the first thugs they come across, aiming for vital spots to take them down quick and neat, barely even stopping to make sure someone's dead.

RP: Hige transforms into KONSHOS-BOND.

Kenta charges forward with Hige and Konsho. As they close in on the guards, he slows down slightly, so that he comes right on the heels of the two Inuzuka. He weaves himself among the guards, hands held out and brimming with medical chakra. His hands lash forward whenever one of them gets into range. A mere brush of his fingers or strike with his palm sends pulses of nerve rending chakra into the targeted bodies. At times, the Chuunin sends silent blasts of medical chakra out from his palms in the need to avoid getting struck himself.

As soon as Taiki says «GO!» he tosses the gas grenade into the entrance and rushes for the inside, using the distraction to close the distance as Bandit takes care of any guards in their way along with Hige, Konsho, Kenta and Zankuro. His objective is Takeo, trusting in his poison gas to incapacitate or kill most of the guards around their friend as they hurry to save him.

This was the moment. Kadio's strategic talents had allowed them to get the jump on their enemy, she certainly wasn't going to let it come to waste. The three tomoe about her eyes swiftly began to merge along her iris, twisting briefly before spiraling out in a sun ray light design, her eyes remained fairly pale, much like how they were previously, a thick rib cage of chakra did form around her body though, helpful for shielding against any sort of attacks falling in their direction. Not wishing to get too close to the thugs, Narusegawa opened up her sleeves for a doezen snakes to slip out, slithering on the ground while hopefully taking them out of their misery…If they weren't already.

RP: Narusegawa transforms into TSUKUYOMI-SUSANOO-RIBCAGE.

Zankuro possessed few techniques that alloted for a silent takedown, so he followed after the others, discretely neutralizing any that might've survived the first attacks. If there's time, he'd even go so far as to seal up what he could in the giant scroll he carried about. Even if in life the guards knew nothing, maybe their physiology might reveal something later? No matter what, seeing the others in action gave the half-asleep looking Sarutobi all the more reason to hang back until truly needed.

Takeo continues to scream over whatever din of fighting their may be. His back would be arched away from the table, had they not bound him to it. All said, three days is an impressive period to hold out against the efforts of the Recluse, but his Bijuu conveys the truth in that he's nearing the end of his defenses.
~I always did tell Atsuro that you'd be the death of me,~ the Jinchuuriki thinks, finding humor even now before he turns serious. ~It doesn't matter. The right people are here now. They'll get you back to the village. Considering the elders have had a long time to find a backup this time around, maybe you won't get as lousy a host as I was.~ There's a pause as the jutsuists wrench at his chakra again, and he once again screams in the flesh. ~It's goodbye, but you're in the right hands. Listen. When I first agreed to take you on for the village, I thought you were a curse who'd ruined my life. I'm sorry for that. It turned out to be entirely the opposite. Try to remember for your next host, and cut them a break.~

COMBAT: Kaido attacks target 1 with POISON-BOMB-III with a roll of: 49
COMBAT: Kaido attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 23
RPCOMBAT: ThugB defends against with a SEAL-BARRIER…26
RPCOMBAT: ThugB defends against with a SEAL-BARRIER…32
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COMBAT: ThugA defends against LIGHTNING-CLAW(50) attack from Hige with a SEAL-BARRIER…40
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COMBAT: ThugA defends against TRAUMA-INDUCTION-PALM(44) attack from Kenta with a SEAL-BARRIER…48
COMBAT: ThugA defends against TRAUMA-INDUCTION-PALM(50) attack from Kenta with a SEAL-BARRIER…26
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COMBAT: ThugA defends against HIDDEN-SHADOW-SNAKE-HANDS(63) attack from Narusegawa with a TENSE…17
COMBAT: ThugA loses the roll and sustains 959 damage.

The initial wave of guards don't even know what hit them. Kaido's poisonous smoke bomb goes off and they all end up blinded by the smoke. Its toxic nature doesn't help either, a few of the guards running around and screaming. Those that do scream, though, are cut down quickly and quietly by the assault team that comes in shortly after. One by one, the guards are taken out. A few remain, though, and they immediately create a seal wall that is meant to last a long time. The bad news for the goons is that a weak seal is weak because of who gives the chakra and who made the seal. Their skill is… not as amazing, so the wall may not hold for long, even if it has the added effect of explosive tags.
Isobu, from his cage, simply shakes his head. ~I … will give him the same trials that I gave you. He has to prove himself~ the large turtle rumbles. ~But I will try to be a bit more lenient. For your sake…~ Then there's a disgusted noise. ~My siblings would be disgusted if they heard me…~ Then Isobu would pour energy into Takeo. Enough to see him through the process of the Bijuu's removal so that he doesn't pass out. Whether or not this can be considered a good thing is up to debate, since it means that Takeo is likely going to be conscious the whole process.

COMBAT: Taiki defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(42) attack from ThugB with a SEAL-WALL…71
COMBAT: Taiki defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(42) attack from ThugB with a SEAL-WALL…70
COMBAT: Taiki failed to interrupt attack number 3: MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS from ThugB against Kenta with a roll of 41 vs 49.
COMBAT: Taiki successfully interrupts attack number 4: MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS from ThugB against Kenta with a roll of 74 vs 56.
COMBAT: Taiki defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(56) attack from ThugB with a SEAL-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…74

Taiki watches as the thugs put up a seal wall and decide to send their own onslaught of attacks. Taiki almost grins as he runs through a few handseals before putting up his own seal wall, which easily shows what such a wall is /supposed/ to look like. He also darts up quickly to get in range to attempt to divert attacks away from Kenta, missing the first few, but a surge into seal encampment wall takes care of half of them. Now is time for Taiki to go on the offensive. Throwing silent attacks aside, he quickly runs through another set of handseals before intoning, "Raiton: Lightning arrows." Suddenly the air is filled with a storm of thick lightning shafts that rain down on the guards in return.

COMBAT: Hige defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(48) attack from ThugB with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE…50
COMBAT: Hige defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(41) attack from ThugB with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE…56

Doesn't look like silence is quite so necessary anymore what with all the tags exploding. But then they got the jump on some of the guards at least. When the seal wall goes up and the tags start falling Hige and Konsho split, using the barrier itself to keep away from the tags by pushing off of it. On their way back down, well, they start spinning from either direction, centering on the larget group of thugs remaining in an attempt to claw and shred through multiples at once. That anger that was barricaded before is leaking again and though he tries to keep it tamped down over the mental link it's hard, as he lets it loose on these poor guards. Should they fall to him and Konsho there likely won't be much left of the poor salvages.

RP: Kenta transforms into VITAL-VIVIFICATION-SEAL-II.
COMBAT: Kenta defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(49) attack from ThugB with a SEAL-WALL…71

Kenta purses his lips when he sees the guards' seal barrier go up. They'd have to break through that quickly to avoid losing too much time and giving a chance of the Recluse to solidify defenses. But that's not the biggest worry at the moment. When explosions start going off in the battlefield, his eyes widen in alarm. He slaps his hands together to release the seal tattooed on his chest, so that chakra collected over the last few days start to flow back into his network. Right afterwards, the medic-nin quickly whips out several tags from one of his vest pockets Kenta keeps moving and flips tags in front of him each time an explosion goes off. Walls of blue chakra expand to block the blasts before collapsing again to allow Kenta to continue the advance. <"Thanks, Taiki-sama"> he sends through their telepathic link when a few of the explosions were diverted by Taiki. Once again, Kenta begins performing palm thrusts to send hard pulses of chakra blasting into the enemy.

COMBAT: Kaido defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(40) attack from ThugB with a WIND-STEP…51
COMBAT: Kaido defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(36) attack from ThugB with a WIND-STEP…38

Kaido doesn't wait, as soon as his grenade explodes, he's running for the base, yanking out his chakram as he uses his wind elemental taijutsu to avoid the multiple explosive tags by stepping through the wind, phasing in and out from the speed of it. He then gathers up his wind chakra and lauches his chakram with it making them fly quickly towards the remaining guards as he tries to blow past them.

COMBAT: Narusegawa defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(49) attack from ThugB with a SUSANOO-EMBRACE…71
COMBAT: Narusegawa defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(43) attack from ThugB with a SUSANOO-EMBRACE…53

Naruseagawa was determined to maintain her ground and simply allow the explosions to wash over her. She focused more chakra into the ribcage which shrouded her form, maintaining her method of shrugging off the attacks while she narrowed her eyes upon the enemies before her. A light strain formed along her eye as she narrowed her vision on a few thugs before her. "Amaterasu…" Narusegawa utters under her breath, summoning a malevolent flames of jet black upon her enemies. They would catch aflame almost instantenously if they were unable to get away in time… judging so far, it would be quite the task. A slight huff escapes Naru's lips as she wiped some of the strain from her vision, narrowing further as she thought to the group. <Looks like they know we are here now… We need to move quickly before it's too late…>

COMBAT: Zankuro defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(36) attack from ThugB with a EXPANDED-SCROLLED-TERRAIN…44
COMBAT: Zankuro defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(36) attack from ThugB with a EXPANDED-SCROLLED-TERRAIN…36

Although he sought for two at the very least, only one those corpses is sealed away before the bombardment begins. Rather than roll the scroll up and dodge, Zankuro instead unfurls it further and flashes through a set of hand seals to summon a… stone igloo!?! Yes, an igloo. Of stone! 8D It gets wrecked pretty bad, but at least the worst is avoided. In a poof of smoke, the shield is gone, leaving the Sarutobi to see the horrid state things are left in after only a few moments. <Sheesh leeweese… oops. Ugh, ignore that.> Zankuro facepalmed lightly and shook his head. Immediatly after, he formed the tiger seal and began focusing his chakra, though this time its purpose would be pure and destructive.

RP: Zankuro uses B-RANK-CHARGE.

Takeo's busy enough fighting his own battle to hold out. He really didn't need to start having an internal conflict with Isobu, but some things are the same to the bitter end. ~Stop that right now! You know how this goes. I die, you're in a vessel for a blink of your eye, and then you wake up in a new host,~ he insists. ~I'm not supposed to survive. It's better for us both. You get a better host, and I don't have to suffer a life that's incomplete again. Once you go, it all goes back to fetch.~ That's rather a big admission, but if ever there was a time for those …
He opens his eyes for a moment, though they look rather pale, and quickly glances about before shutting them again. ~They're giving them a good fight. The Recluse'll probably get you out first, but my friends will get the vessel. Failing that …~ Another pause as Takeo attempts to think through yet another lash of spiritual agony. ~… Failing that. I'll release all of your chakra back to you and open the gate. You'll be able to break free. I'd rather you were lose and destroyed these Recluse than have you under their control. Last resort. Now, stop pumping your chakra into my body and let it go.~

COMBAT: ThugB defends against LIGHTNING-ARROWS(57) attack from Taiki with a SEAL-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…67
COMBAT: ThugB defends against LIGHTNING-ARROWS(49) attack from Taiki with a SEAL-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…59
COMBAT: ThugB defends against GATSUGA(44) attack from Hige with a SEAL-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…49
COMBAT: ThugB defends against GATSUGA(43) attack from Hige with a SEAL-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…63
COMBAT: ThugB defends against TRAUMA-INDUCTION-PALM(55) attack from Kenta with a SEAL-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…70
COMBAT: ThugB defends against TRAUMA-INDUCTION-PALM(64) attack from Kenta with a SEAL-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…64
COMBAT: ThugB defends against WIND-CUTTER(38) attack from Kaido with a SEAL-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…66
COMBAT: ThugB defends against WIND-CUTTER(25) attack from Kaido with a SEAL-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…52
COMBAT: ThugB defends against LESSER-AMATERASU(62) attack from Narusegawa with a SEAL-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…60
COMBAT: ThugB loses the roll and sustains 420 damage.
COMBAT: ThugB defends against LESSER-AMATERASU(64) attack from Narusegawa with a SEAL-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…79

Many of the guards that were smart decided to hide behind the wall they created not too long ago. With their numbers, it is strong enough to withstand the strongest of attacks, preventing movement further into the compound as well. They also seem to never run out of those explosive tags, as BANG and BOOM happens quite often, fire and explosions happening across the battlefield. And then… Something odd happens. Taiki and Naru would hear something at the edge of their minds, and through them, so would the group. Yay for telepathy. » If you seek us… Come « a voice would say. Then in their mind's eye, should they not try to escape the Genjutsu, they would see a sort of map floating before them, directing them off to the side and a ways from the bright spot… Just who was it?
In the meanwhile, Isobu continued to pour energy into his host. ~I… cannot continue… You are a good person, though… Perhaps you will pass…~ More rumbling as the three tails ponders. ~Seek… Near the water… If you survive. Perhaps you will find peace… with another…~ With those strange words, Takeo would feel Isobu begin to fade. The connection between host and chakra beast was too weak to maintain their conversation, and Isobu had weakened his hold quite a bit on the Inuzuka. He was not gone, no, but he was very close…

COMBAT: Taiki defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(41) attack from ThugB with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE…59
COMBAT: Taiki defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(53) attack from ThugB with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE-II…67
COMBAT: Taiki defends against AUDITORY-HALLUCINATIONS(32) attack from ThugB with a TENSE…7

As Taiki and company continue to be inundated with exploding tags, and the seal wall becomes even stronger, Taiki's inner control of his emotions slips for a brief second. A wave of killing intent floods the area for a split second, with white-hot, animalistic rage floods the telepathic link like a tsunami. The rage is instantly squashed as quickly as it releases, however, thanks to a very hard-won iron will. This, however, prevents Taiki from even attempting to block the genjutsu, so he gets the picture loud and clear. This causes a pregnant pause in his brain, followed by a resolution of sorts. <Throw your strongest attacks against the wall after my next move.> This is followed by a nod to Shinobu as the two leap in the air before spinning in a vortex seen very recently by both Kenta and Hige. Nozomi already moves off to the side to meet the pair as they land away from the newly-formed crater.

COMBAT: Hige defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(47) attack from ThugB with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE…54
COMBAT: Hige defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(49) attack from ThugB with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE…66

The killing intent comes across the network and it only feeds Hige's own. A low, guttural growl escape the boy, a sound that no human should be able to make. And yet it does. It can be rather frightening. When the emotions are tamped back down his own bleed through even stronger as his hold begins to slip on them. He needs a focus. And destroying the barrier is a good one. And if there's a person or two between it than so be it. Lightning again appears as Hige strikes, Konsho following after. He knew who the genjutsu words were directed by the link. <We'll try and hold these here. Then we'll follow.> Let the two Jounin work focus on what lay within while the rest take care of the feed.

COMBAT: Kenta failed to interrupt attack number 13: MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS from ThugB against Zankuro with a roll of 39 vs 45.
COMBAT: Kenta successfully interrupts attack number 14: MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS from ThugB against Zankuro with a roll of 56 vs 39.
COMBAT: Kenta defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(54) attack from ThugB with a SEAL-WALL…73
COMBAT: Kenta defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(48) attack from ThugB with a SEAL-WALL…80
COMBAT: Kenta defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(39) attack from ThugB with a SEAL-WALL…49

The barrier's not going down easily. Kenta grits his teeth as he wracks his brain to figure out what he can do. Most of his jutsu aren't so great for taking down something of this scale. But then, the strange image of the map trickles through the link followed by the wave of rage. This makes Kenta gasp, but it also triggers his own need to destroy the ones that's hurt so many people that he cares for. Kenta growls uncharacteristically as he keeps tossing tags into the air and slapping them into the ground to create consecutive barriers for blocking the explosions. All the while, he prepares his strongest offensive jutsu.
Kenta focuses chakra inside his stomach and dissolves one of the white pills that he swallowed early. As the dissolving pill release lethal poisons into his system, the medic-nin encapsulates it within a mass of chakra, which he brings back up his esophagus into his mouth. Kenta's legs bunch and he launches himself high into the air. At the apex of his jump, Kenta slaps his hands together to make a final seal. Hundreds upon hundreds of chakra needles explode from his lips to slam into the barrier, each glowing needle laced with a drop of that deadly poison.

COMBAT: Kaido defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(53) attack from ThugB with a WIND-STEP…49
COMBAT: Kaido loses the roll and sustains 614 damage.
COMBAT: Kaido defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(51) attack from ThugB with a WIND-STEP…34
COMBAT: Kaido loses the roll and sustains 736 damage.

Kaido isn't quite as successful at dodging the explosive tags this time and his steps falter a bit as cloth and flesh tear away in the explosions. He cries out, but keeps on going and pulling another gas grenade, tosses it towards the men creating the seal wall, hoping to finish them off.

COMBAT: Narusegawa defends against AUDITORY-HALLUCINATIONS(51) attack from ThugB with a TENSE…10
COMBAT: Narusegawa defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(44) attack from ThugB with a SUSANOO-EMBRACE…59
COMBAT: Narusegawa defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(39) attack from ThugB with a SUSANOO-EMBRACE…60

Much progress was being made now. The sudden genjutsu had caused some concerns…confusion rather as her eyes watched carefully as she and Taiki had surcumb to it… interesting enough though, the genjutsu seemed helpful and from what she could see, Taiki wasn't at all fighting it. In that regard she nods quietly to herself, understanding that they needed to push further into the facility. Rather than saying much at the moment, she keeps a close eye on Taiki, covering from the rear and literally trailling him as he decides to move any further.

COMBAT: Zankuro defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(45) attack from ThugB with a EXPANDED-SCROLLED-TERRAIN…33
COMBAT: Zankuro loses the roll and sustains 658 damage.

Zankuro was a Sarutobi; a clan famous for their strong wills and ash jutsu. But after the assualt from Taiki's killer intent, he could hardly stand to move for fear of inviting the wrath of whatever primal force it belonged to. It all but devours the memory of the voice that came before, and left him too sluggish to react to the tags until it was too late. When the dusts settles in the spot the Sarutobi resided, the teen is flat on his bottom amongst the rubble of what was once a stone wall, dazed and groaning.

Takeo is mentally frantic as he begins to realize that Isobu's mental link is severing. ~Wait! What the recover does that mean?! Who's supposed to teach me peace again after all that you've done?~ Frustration accompanies his thoughts. ~Who can do that? Who that's beside the water? There's water everywhere. It's in the repossessed air!~ He appreciates Isobu having called him a good person, of course. It's a validation of sorts that all of his work to become the Bijuu's friend had come to bloom. Not so bad a way to die, really. With Isobu gone from his mind, a sure sign that the end is upon them, Takeo begins to let go. It's what he's suppose dto do.
If the screaming before had made the recovery team uncomfortable, then the shrieking which follows is positively ghastly. It would seem that the Recluse jutsuists have finally overcome his three days' defense and begun to separate Jinchuuriki from Bijuu.

COMBAT: ThugB defends against LIGHTNING-FANG-OVER-FANG(59) attack from Taiki with a SEAL-WALL…49
COMBAT: ThugB loses the roll and sustains 952 damage.
COMBAT: ThugB defends against LIGHTNING-CLAW-II(65) attack from Hige with a SEAL-WALL…55
COMBAT: ThugB loses the roll and sustains 346 damage.
COMBAT: ThugB defends against POISON-NEEDLE-DISCHARGE(70) attack from Kenta with a SEAL-WALL…54
COMBAT: ThugB loses the roll and sustains 1137 damage.
COMBAT: ThugB defends against POISON-NEEDLE-DISCHARGE(94) attack from Kenta with a SEAL-WALL…40
COMBAT: ThugB loses the roll and sustains 1308 damage.
COMBAT: ThugB defends against POISON-NEEDLE-DISCHARGE(82) attack from Kenta with a SEAL-WALL…37
COMBAT: ThugB loses the roll and sustains 1296 damage.
COMBAT: ThugB defends against POISON-NEEDLE-DISCHARGE(84) attack from Kenta with a SEAL-WALL…58
COMBAT: ThugB loses the roll and sustains 1209 damage.
COMBAT: ThugB defends against POISON-BOMB-III(42) attack from Kaido with a SEAL-WALL…62

The multitude of attacks do their damage, and the shield that was formed begins to waver before crumbling down. With that, the damage done to the group is impressive, if a bit excessive. The Recluse are cut down by Kenta's poisonous attack, and the shield that was shattered thanks to Taiki, who has disappeared along with Naru, is not going to get rebuilt. With that wave done, they simply had to get to Takeo, who was even further into the compound than they first realized.
Takeo would get no response from Isobu for a few minutes, but eventually the rumbling voice would manage to press through what little connection the two still had. ~Turtles…~ Well, hopefully that answers that question. Now that the Recluse no longer have to deal with storing Takeo's chakra away, they're working on storing Isobu into a vessel that looks… very scary. It is a state of pure black stone shaped like an Oni.
Taiki and Naru would be directed, their figures appearing on the floating map in their mind as two red dots. The X on the map was their destination, and it was roughly half a mile from where Takeo was being held. Kenta would still be able to communicate with them, and they would still be able to hear the fight and play-by-play from their Leaf Allies.

Taiki follows this map while keeping himself alert and ready for whatever happens. This could be a trap, and he just did some pretty tiring movements back there. Facing off against an equally skilled opponent would be trouble right now, but he does his best to keep those thoughts to the back of his head, and out of the link. Besides, he has more than enough rage to keep him going and ready for a fight, should such be needed.

Narusegawa was on the same track of mind. If this was a trap, it was…clever. Nevertheless they wouldn't be walking into it fairly blindly. She knew very well that this was a genjutsu, she would do anything to knock them out of it if things went too far. "I have your back, Ta-kun," Narusegawa reassures him from the rear, the scarlet gaze of her Mangekyou Sharingan watching intently, her chakra ribcage illuminated any dark place, humming quietly as it remained maintained.

The pair would continue, moving without trouble to the X. Once they got there, they would hear that voice from before. 'Oh good. You made it.' Then there would be a flash of light as seals were activated, and chains rocket from the ground to try and bind both Taiki and Naru in place. 'Do you think I'll be promoted if I kill you?' the voice wonders, its owner hidden from view. Should Taiki and Naru wish to seek him out with their senses, though, they would notice quickly that he was behind a rocky outcropping a few feet away.

COMBAT: Taiki defends against SEAL-TAG-CHAIN(73) attack from Koto with a SEAL-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…55
COMBAT: Taiki attempts to ESCAPE from Koto's stun and fails!

Taiki is not actually caught by surprise, but he does make a miscalculation when he decides to use his highest seal defense instead of following the rule of not being there. A blue field covers him almost instantly, which the chains wrap around. They siphon off the chakra from the attack, dazing Taiki slighly, but the rage inside of him causes him to look balefully toward their ambusher. "Take your best shot. Better than you tried and failed. And that's when I was weaker than I am now." Even as he says this he starts to attempt to bring his perceptions back to normal to continue this fight.

COMBAT: Narusegawa defends against SEAL-TAG-CHAIN(55) attack from Koto with a SUSANOO-EMBRACE…67

And just like that… It was painfully obvious who there enemy was at this point. The string of seal tags smacked into her ribcage, merely shrugged off as her barrier continued to take hold. Her eyes could see him, hidden snug behind the rocks, at least for the time being. " Perhaps you should be more concerned of your own safety… You will have no chance of getting out of here alive. Not unless we will it," Narusegawa comments back, the shifting violent hue of her radiant blue chakra began to shift,, rapidly. From the ribs grew bones, arms, neck, hands, and even a head, suddenly wrapped with skin… fleshy things if the structure wasn't made of chakra. A hint of blood streamed down along the corner of her eye, using one hand to attempt to tug Taiki free from his bindings… Her other eye then focused on the rocks…and the enemy. "Amaterasu…" Naru utters under her breath, attempting to awash him in mavolent slow burning black fire.

RP: Narusegawa transforms into TSUKUYOMI-IMPERFECT-SUSANOO.

COMBAT: Koto defends against LESSER-AMATERASU(60) attack from Narusegawa with a SEAL-WALL…72

The flames are ineffective, as the man had set up a wall of seals prior to the encounter. He was prepared for Naru and Taiki. That is why he lured them out here alone. He thought he could handle them. (Aww, so cute). The man makes a seal, and a clone of earth rises from the ground. Two, actually, both charging at the duo with little hesitance. It seems he is very confident in his abilities.

COMBAT: Taiki defends against YANK(38) attack from Narusegawa with a TENSE…18
COMBAT: Taiki defends against EARTH-CLONE(64) attack from Koto with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE-II…63
COMBAT: Taiki loses the roll and sustains 908 damage.

Taiki is broken free of the bindings, thanks to Naru, but it came too late for Taiki to completely avoid the earth clone. Still, it was good enough for him to join his ninken for a moment. "Okay, playtimes over," he says as he starts to run through a series of hand seals before calling out, "Man-beast transformation: Elemental triple headed wolf." A puff of smoke errupts, filling the area around the three for a moment. When the smoke clears, a truly humungous three-headed dog is crouching, growling at the man before launching forward with lightning claws the size of swords….

COMBAT: Narusegawa defends against EARTH-CLONE(48) attack from Koto with a ATTACK-PREDICTION…68

Even though Susanoo looked a little clunky with the help of the Sharingan Narusegawa was able to remain nimble, predict and slip away from the attacks. Taiki managed to get nicked, which was unfortunate. Not for Taiki but for Koto. The ensuing attack was easily recognizable allowing Naru to perform a swift counter attack of her own. She launches herself forward, holding the shape of her Susanoo as it forged a blade along it's right hand, forged, dense… Strong enough to cleave through almost any barrier weak enough to let it through. She waited for Taiki's rapid lightning attack to eat through the enemy, while she followed suit with a swift piercing jab of her sword. The blade was large enough to possible be mistaken for a bat rather than just a sword..

Once the people are cleared out in the local area (and Taiki and Naru have moved away to follow the mystery map), Hige and Konsho start moving further into the compound, going in the direction that the screams came from. While they go they prepare themselves for what they might find, mentally and physically, while Hige's anger continues to be at the edge of a mental boiling point. He doesn't even look back to see if the others are there, he's just moving.

<"We have to -hurry-, but we can't be careless. There could be traps and ambushes waiting for us. Inuzuka have the sharpest senses, so you guys are best in front. Ummm… I'll be in the middle as support. If either of you get too injured to continue, fall back towards me a bit and I'll try to cover. Zankuro, you guard our backs and let us know if we're in danger from the rear? Takeo and Konoha are counting on us!"> Kenta sends out to the shinobi with him. Proceeding in this manner is logical to him, but it doesn't mean anyone actually has to listen to him. All four of them are Chuunin after all. As Kenta runs into the compound with the rest of the group, he focuses more chakra into his reserves. He's already depleting chakra quicker than he hoped.

Kaido for his part, knows that it's bad strategy to race ahead, but with Naru and Taiki moving off, they have no backup and if they don't get to Takeo quick, they might not be able to save him and might end up losing Isobu. It's why he ignores the damage done to him, it'll heal and tosses another couple of gas grenades inside wanting to disable or at least disorient the Recluse member inside and hopefully disrupt the ceremony.

Kenta's message goes a long way to giving Zankuro to focus on. He rises once more disoriented but ready to move. It takes another few precious seconds for the Sarutobi to digest all that has happened, and come to a final decision. Before long, the teen shadows the larger portion of the splintered team. As tempting as it was to join his voice with Kenta, Zankuro remained quiet and watchful for the time being. Along the way he gradually slipped out of the half-asleep state to focus on a mantra that echoed through the link as a phantom feeling of warmth and calm.

RP: Zankuro transforms into WILL-OF-EMBERS.
RPCOMBAT: Zankuro defends against with a PERCEPTION-II…34

By this point, Takeo has given his last in terms of his personal defenses. There's no more chakra to pool up as a meager shield, and he's ordered Isobu to cease trying to sustain his life. ~Turtles,~ he echoes in his weakened thoughts, amused. Yes, turtles do tend to live by water. Very helpful. Still, death is upon him, and so it doesn't matter. The others will doubtles retrieve the vessel and get it back to Konohagakure; he's please he held out for long enough to let them reach it.
With Isobu gone and his own efforts at self-defense halted, Takeo begins to allow himself to drift away. As he does, and as Isobu as torn from him, all that he'd accomplished as a Jinchuuriki and person seems to regress. Peace with himself, gone. Sense of purpose, gone. Satisfaction in being able to defend Konoha, gone. Unity with his enemy-turned-friend, gone. All of it goes and goes until, in his mind, he's reduced to the broken man he was just after the binding. Death would be a kinder fate.

COMBAT: ThugA defends against POISON-BOMB-II(36) attack from Kaido with a SEAL-BARRIER…54
COMBAT: ThugA defends against POISON-BOMB-II(34) attack from Kaido with a SEAL-BARRIER…41
COMBAT: Koto defends against LIGHTNING-CLAW-II(76) attack from Taiki with a SEAL-WALL…66
COMBAT: Koto loses the roll and sustains 710 damage.
COMBAT: Koto defends against SUSANOO-SIPHON-BLADE(54) attack from Narusegawa with a SEAL-WALL…74

As they make their way, they would find Takeo. They would see his body suspended in the air, blue chakra of the Tailed Beast being drawn from the Inuzuka's body into the Onyx Statue. Kaido's smoke bomb would it the barrier, which sets off a chain of explosions for the front and middle section to deal with. Zankuro, being in the back, doesn't get to face that, at least…
With the Jounin… Oh… Oh! Whoa! Even though that blade of Naru's wasn't that much of a threat to the seal wall, it was a really powerful hit. So much so that Taiki is able to shatter it with almost no trouble. The fact that he's the size of a house probably only adds to his destructive powers… The Recluse Branch Leader finds himself getting torn to shreds and electrocuted to boot, forcing his muscles to clench. Well, now he can't move… How screwed is he? Probably quite a bit judging by the murderous aura that Taiki is just barely managing to contain, if he's bothering to try and hold it back at all.

No, Taiki's no longer holding back on his rage. The three monsterously-huge heads growl in unision for a moment, sizing up the man before the house-sized furball… vanishes in a burst of lightning. Loud booms and flashes of light form encircle the man as he is launched into the air by extremely punishing blows. The man's body suddenly stops in mid air before rocketing back to the ground from being hit by one more burst of light…

COMBAT: Hige defends against EXPLOSIVE-TAG(38) attack from ThugA with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE…58

Hige and Konsho are well aware of the sound and smell of burning paper bombs. Using their exceptional speed they push away to avoid the trap, sliding to a stop as they see Takeo. "No," he growls deep in his throat, leaving even Konsho behind as he charges forward to try and get to Takeo, ignoring the others. If he gets close enough he'll attempt to jump through the gunk and drag Takeo out the other side.

COMBAT: Kenta defends against EXPLOSIVE-TAG(37) attack from ThugA with a BODY-FLICKER-TECHNIQUE…57

"Takeo! We're here!" Kenta screams when they reach the chamber where the Jinchurriki's undergoing Bijuu extraction. An edge of alarm and outright panic chases the edges of his thoughts, easily felt by the others linked to him. Is Takeo already dead? If not, is he damaged beyond hope? The Inuzuka have sharper senses. Can they tell whether there's any difference? This momentary distraction nearly causes him to get caught in one of the explosions. At the last second, Kenta's form blurs as he hastily surges chakra through his body to increase his speed, so that it appears like he flickers out of existence and reemerges standing upside down on the ceiling. He jumps back down once the immediate danger clears.
The partially released seal on Kenta's chest opens further in this time of need. As power floods out of the seal back into his body, chains of black characters travel up the medic-nin's neck and down his arms to form strange dark circles on his cheeks and palms. The air around Kenta also begins to distort slightly.
<"Watch out, everyone! I'm going to fill the area with knockout gas and try to buy us more time! It'll dissipate within a few seconds, but -don't- breath in the mist!"> Kenta suddenly sends to the group. The short young man forms a series of hand seals and focuses chakra inside his stomach to dissolve another of the pills that he swallowed earlier - this time black instead of white. He leans forward on tip toes and purses his lips to blow -HARD-. A column of white mist streams forth from his mouth. It quickly expands into a wide cloud laced with soporific poisons.

RP: Kenta transforms into VITAL-VIVIFICATION-SEAL-IV.
COMBAT: Kaido defends against EXPLOSIVE-TAG(34) attack from ThugA with a WIND-STEP…44

Kaido this time manages to dodge the explosive tag and wearing a mask calls out in his mind, «I'm closest, I'll focus on Isobu… Kenta, take Takeo, he's going to need your help anyways. Hige, you're better than me at close in fighting… Zankuro, watch our backs» The plan he's already made flashes through everyone's head. This telepathy is useful, as he can give advice on tactics instantly. He rushes for the stone holding Isobu intending to tackle it so that the draining will stop and leaps, not caring about his body or life. He has a mission and if the Recluse gains control of Isobu all might be lost.

Her attack didn't make it through but it definitely assisted in the penetration of the barrier. With Taiki's attack following through to keep him at bay, followed by an amazing lighting force she had yet to see before… Narusegawa reeled back her blade, holstering it one one hand while she honed her vision back upon the enemy. She was certain that Taiki's attack would make it through, but she would do even more to make sure that that man would be put down as quick as possible. THe same black flames which attempted to engulf him before returned at a much more intense pace, saturated the area with the black flames while hopefully catching against flesh… The burns would definitely be long lasting if she could get through that barrier.

Zankuro doesn't slow even as more explosions go off. Whatever the problem was exactly, the three ahead would deal with it long before he actually reached the danger. At least that is what he thought, but then Kenta gave his warning, forcing the Sarutobi to skid to a stop and leap back well away from the others. He murmurs a curse, and mentally chided himself for not having — wait, no, he did have a gas mask sealed away somewhere. But would it do any good when it came to Kenta's gas? For all he knew there might be some type of special ingredient added to make it effect simply by coming into contact with skin! He shook clear the distracting thoughts before it bled into the link. In a few seconds the room would be clear of smoke, so he just needed to be a little patient.

COMBAT: ThugA defends against GASEOUS-TORPOR(64) attack from Kenta with a SEAL-BARRIER…43
COMBAT: ThugA defends against GASEOUS-TORPOR(63) attack from Kenta with a SEAL-BARRIER…51
COMBAT: ThugA defends against GASEOUS-TORPOR(67) attack from Kenta with a SEAL-BARRIER…43
COMBAT: ThugA defends against GASEOUS-TORPOR(66) attack from Kenta with a SEAL-BARRIER…51
COMBAT: ThugA defends against PHYSICAL(22) attack from Kaido with a TENSE…19
COMBAT: ThugA loses the roll and sustains 149 damage.
COMBAT: Koto defends against RAIDEN-WOLF-CLAW(96) attack from Taiki with a TENSE…8
COMBAT: Koto loses the roll and sustains 2380 damage.
COMBAT: Koto attempts to ESCAPE from Taiki's stun and fails!
COMBAT: Koto defends against GREATER-AMATERASU(69) attack from Narusegawa with a TENSE…17
COMBAT: Koto loses the roll and sustains 1296 damage.

Kaido's leap at the statue knocks it over, breaking the flow of chakra between Takeo and the statue. The Recluse that were in charge of sealing Isobu in the statue blinked in surprise, but then they suffered at the hands of Kenta's gas, coughing and choking on it before they feel a lot of their energy just disappearing. Suddenly, the rocks surrounding them looked like very very comfortable pillows… *ZONK* And they're out.
In all likelihood, Kaido just saved his clan mate's (and Mentor's) life, as the knock the the statue stopped the flow of chakra just before the last of Isobu had truly left the Inuzuka. Takeo, though he is now severely weakened, will likely have enough strength to continue on, provided that medical attention is given immediately. No longer would he feel the Bijuu's presence in his mind, nor would he be able to access the Bijuu's chakra. But, people's decisions pending, he could live on, should he desire such. The last bit of Isobu's chakra begins to work itself free from its now-former host's body to join with the main mass within the onyx statue while most of the Recluse lie unconscious on the ground, courtesy of Kenta.

Naru and Taiki seem intent on making their opponent burn burn burn. Either due to lightning or fire, he's not getting away unscathed. The attack from Taiki essentially rips the guy to shreds, and it's only because of a little extra something that he had prepared before hand that he's probably still standing after taking that hit from two of Konoha's strongest shinobi. The man is panting from exertion, having to force himself upright and everything. It was … painful, to put it mildly.
Information would be sent across the Telepathy Link. The team has found Takeo, their eyes were on him. Knockout gas was going to be sent into the room so that they could take care of the goons with ease.
In the meantime, Taiki and Naru would get to deal with this guy's last-ditch effort. An attempt to keep them in place, having set it up beforehand like the last seals. Setting up beforehand was this guy's strength, and it was likely because of that skill that the man was leading a branch of the Recluse. Light once more shone beneath the two's feet, shining a bit before a large glowing mark appeared underfoot. Those seal experts would know it was a seal that would drain their energy and keep them in place simply due to exhaustion.

COMBAT: Taiki defends against TEN-POINT-SEAL-TECHNIQUE(115) attack from Koto with a RAIDEN'S-WOLF-DANCE…91

Taiki's speed continues to try to spur him forward, but he practically runs directly into the seal array, which freezes him in his tracks and causes the monsterous form to skid to a halt. The dog growls weakly, and is currently unable to move due to the array.

COMBAT: Narusegawa defends against TEN-POINT-SEAL-TECHNIQUE(72) attack from Koto with a SUSANOO-EMBRACE…84

Takeo was safe…. which was a good thing in Naru's eyes. It was one less thing to worry about, especially with the heavy weight the situation had called for. The Ten point seal was quite powerful, though weakened enough for Naru to once again resist it's effects. Suddenly though the mass of chakra which was forged about her body disintegrated into nothingness… A gasp escapes her lips and she clutches at her eyes…They needed to end this quickly before it was too late. "Don't worry, this is your last chance to give up… You can come willingly. Though nothing of your origins… I know it is unlikely…" She was buying time for the time being, enough for Taiki to break out from the seal while she herself began to focus more chakra throughout her body, and creating a pool of water at her feet. Just in case of course.

RP: Narusegawa transforms into MANGEKYOU-SHARINGAN-KAMINARI.
COMBAT: Narusegawa focuses 2768 stamina to turn it into 4000 usable chakra!
RP: Narusegawa uses WATER-CREATION.

Hige holds his breath as Kenta shoots out his sleepy gas. The timing fits together rather well as Kaido knocks over the statue just as Hige gets there, catching Takeo out of the air and landing with a grunt. Heavy! He lays Takeo down while Konsho keeps guard. <Kenta, I need you. Now.> There's no question about the urgency in Hige's 'tone' as he sends that off.

Kenta rushes towards Takeo with a stricken expression on his face. Takeo doesn't look good at all. In fact, his friend looks on the brink of death. The extraction process causes major damage to both body and chakra network, a combination that means all of Takeo's vital systems will start collapsing if he doesn't receive any help soon.
Kenta looks up briefly There are Recluse goonies collapsed all around, but they probably won't stay that way for long, which means he won't be able to do much except perform a patchwork operation as a stopgap. How long does he have? Five minutes? One minute? Ten -seconds-? No time to lose. He's just going to have to do his best while the others take care of loose ends and find a way to transport that statue. Sweat beads on Kenta's forehead, but he bites his bottom lip in determination. "I won't let you die, Takeo… Hige, cover me! He's in critical condition. I'm going to try to stabilize him!"
The medic-nin extends his hands and protrusions of solid chakra extends from each of his ten figures. They warp into various medical tools as Kenta bends over to slide them right into Takeo's body. Fierce concentration shows on the medic-nin's face while he fights to perform a series of hasty repairs on his patient's chakra network to slow down further deterioration. His fingers move like a blur.

COMBAT: Kenta heals Takeo for 2132 with ADVANCED CHAKRA SURGERY.

Kaido turns and tosses the statue at Zankuro and thinks «Get Isobu out of here, I'll coup de gras the ones here, Hige, Kenta start extracting Takeo… I'm going to try and get as much intel as I can from what's been left behind in case we can't get a prisoner for Alpha to interrogate.» He glances down at Bandit and says mentally «Bandit, stay with Hige and Kenta, I'll meet you back at the rendevous spot». With that he almost negligently pulls out a few kunai and starts stabbing the unconcious Recluse with lethal intent. When that is done he moves deeper into the compound, placing explosive tags on walls and columns as he looks for any sort of scrolls, papers, and or documents that could give Konoha more info on Recluse activities, plans and the like.

When the time to move up finally comes, the fat man does not waste a second on doing otherwise. He stumbles into the main area, and barely has enough time to scan the are before getting hit with a 'Hey! Think fast!!' seconds into the search. As luck fortunately had it, the Sarutobi had not been entirely idle while awaiting for the gas to die down, but actually altering a few storage seals. It doesn't change the fact that had he not dropped the scroll and flashed through the seals in time his head would've surely not been on his shoulders, but still! "Whew~ A little warning would've been — Whoa, whoa, whoa!!"
<"Kaido! One alive! I got rope for ya tie'm up, but keep one alive at least."> He says, alternating between speaking and the link. <"Or do ya wanna risk the same thing happening later cus' we did'n know more about these chums? Things that weren't written down."> He adds, eyes narrowed now at the Inuzuka. Zankuro wasn't stupid. Once he voiced his opinion the chuunin double checked the seal to make sure the statue was stored properly, and then strapped the scroll back on his body before taking off. Along the way he'd relay as much of what happened as he could to Taiki and Naru.

Takeo is dead to the world, for all intents and purposes. Kenta's patchwork surgery has bought some time, but it also reveals utter devestation to his chakra circuits, and his body by extension. He might survive for five years, or he might die in five minutes. That he's alive at all is unusual. There's just no knowing, considering no one in recorded history has survived a Bijuu extraction.
Aside from the faintest signs of life, the color has disappeared from the seal upon his stomach, leaving behind a raised scar in the same pattern. A dismal reminder of what he once was.

And the statue is about to squish the fat Shinobi! Ahh- wait, never mind. The scroll that the Sarutobi had pulled out manages to swallow the statue in one gulp o.O, which means Zankuro has Isobu all nice and safe… Sorta. Don't drop that scroll! Kaido gets to stab Recluse to his heart's content as he investigates for information, which happens to be nonexistent. The only thing that the Recluse have plenty of is seals. Speaking of seals, Kaido may have poked something he shouldn't, as a trap suddenly goes off without warning. While there were no… Well, they didn't get trapped where they were, but a lot of their energy would be stolen away. This was a sort of 'final measure' from the Recluse, and it was likely meant more for Takeo than anything. It's just an unfortunate truth that Takeo's rescuers were caught in the middle.

COMBAT: Hige defends against TEN-POINT-SEAL-TECHNIQUE(80) attack from Rockpath with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE-II…69

Hige is being quite careful with making sure no people try to come anywhere near Kenta and Takeo. But that only works so well when there's a trap that you can't do anything to defend against. He sees it and tries to move away but there's no chance to escape it's reach. Instead he crashes into the ground as does Konsho, the pair struggling to get back up thanks to whatever the reclaim just happened.

COMBAT: Kenta defends against TEN-POINT-SEAL-TECHNIQUE(76) attack from Rockpath with a DEMON-SEALING-TECHNIQUE…115

Something at the edge at his senses. Kenta's head snaps up when he realizes what it is. It's a jutsu that he's felt before several times in the last year, always associated with a Recluse encounter. <"Incoming!"> the medic-nin calls out a second too late to make any difference. The chakra tools retract back into his hands as he flash through several hand seals. A flood of black seal characters pour from Kenta's body to wrap the (hopefully) stabilized Takeo and himself in a barrier of chakra and will. He manages to bring the defense up just in time for the trap's power to break uselessly against the defense walls. <"Guys! Everyone ok?!"> Kenta looks over to were Hige and Konsho have collapsed.

COMBAT: Kaido defends against TEN-POINT-SEAL-TECHNIQUE(71) attack from Rockpath with a TENSE…6

Kaido on the other hand, was taken completely by surprise by this, he had no idea this was coming and to his chagrin, this really isn't going to do much for his repuation. He can't even muster a defense and in the last few moments before it hits him, he promises himself to work on some sort of seal mastery and/or seal defense as he's drained completely of chakra and nearly most of his stamina.

COMBAT: Zankuro defends against TEN-POINT-SEAL-TECHNIQUE(71) attack from Rockpath with a TENSE…4

The warning and the event are only seconds apart. It is nowhere near enough time to do more than send up a prayer and brace himself for death. To his surprise and chargrin, he falls flat on his face, and suffered further in the form of his super scroll flipping up and onto the back of his head. <"Owwww… Define… okay?"> Zankuro replies while forcing his feet to get back under him. On shaky legs he rose again, shook his head, then began running again. Leery now of another defense accidently being triggered again, Zankuro opened the first two gates for the express purpose of moving at maximum speed for the nearest exit.

RP: Zankuro transforms into GATE-OF-HEALING.

Regardless of what happens to Takeo's life, the team is ultimately successful. They have Isobu. They have Takeo(?). And they managed to survive in decent condition, even if they are a bit tired. Provided they have a Recluse member tied up, it was pretty successful! Now to get back to Taiki and Naru and maybe the others that had joined in the fun party (those pesky NPCs not helping in the fight can at least help heal!).
The man facing Taiki and Naru shakes his head a bit. Nope. He wasn't going to just turn over and give up. That was against everything he said he would do for the Recluse. Instead, he just makes a seal, and two clones made of earth rise up and attempt to slam into Naru and Taiki while he limps away. Well, it provided a decent distraction. And he needed to report everything that had happened to their leaders.

COMBAT: Taiki defends against EARTH-CLONE(53) attack from Koto with a TENSE…15
COMBAT: Taiki loses the roll and sustains 1170 damage.

Taiki manages to break free of the bindings, but realizes that he's in trouble. His body is tired, having been pushed to the limits more than he has been pushed in a long time. <Na-chan… I'm about out of steam, and out of chakra…> he tells her via telepathy. A puff of smoke occurs, dropping him back out of the monsterous form and into 3 separate beings again. The trio hunches down, and begins to prepare for a final push…

RP: Taiki transforms into SHINOBU-AND-NOZOMI.
COMBAT: Taiki focuses 1403 stamina to turn it into 2000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Narusegawa defends against EARTH-CLONE(61) attack from Koto with a LIGHTNING-FLASH…127

Taiki was getting out of steam… It wasn't a good thing. Especially with the chance of their being others to worry about when the time came. She heeds Taiki's warning and begins to form up a technique of her own, lightning channeling down along her finger tips until it zaps out into what appears to be a lengthy blade, forging, crackling, smelting into a lightning blade of pure chakra. Her eyes wouldn't allow her to miss…Her body moved in a flash of lightning, disappearing from the keen eye honning in one the enemy in a mere instance, the tip of the blade aimed at his gut, an attempt to impale him squarely following a violent thrashing of lightning which would course through his body…Assuming he didn't dodge.

"I'm fine," Hige growls as he pushes himself to his feet after reaquainting himself with a minor amount of chakra. He looks around to make sure nobodies dead before going back over to Kenta and Takeo. "Are you alright Kenta? How's Takeo doing?" He asks, sounding tired, the edge of his anger at least subdued for now.

<"Umm… not dead and able to move. We've got to get Takeo and the Bijuu out of here, along with whatever information we're able to carry."> Kenta replies to Zankuro's question. He places a hand at Takeo's neck to need the pulse there. He looks up at Hige and whomever's still close enough for eye contact. The medic's gaze is extremely somber. <"Takeo's still in very bad condition. I've done all that I can on short notice, but he needs an extended hospital stay and additional operations before I can say whether he'll recover. Hopefully, Taiki-sama can do more along the way back."> Kenta gets to his feet. <"I can't carry Takeo. He's too heavy and bulky for me.">

Kaido on the other hand can barely move and thinks to the group, «Get going! The longer we stay, the more chance their reinforcements could arrive… I'll take the prisoner… there's nothing left here. Let's go, I'm going to set off the rest of the explosive tags and turn this place to rubble.» He grabs the prisoner by the rope binding his ankles and wrists behind him and drags him slowly, not caring how much damage he does to the prisoner doing so. He's too tired and too injured to care at this point and as long as he can still talk, Kaido can get whatever info is needed from him.

COMBAT: Zankuro heals zankuro for 265 with MINOR REGENERATION.

Zankuro kept running for all he's worth, stumbling every now and then because of a bit of rubble or that one well placed corpse. He doesn't look back even once, or even elsewhere for that matter except to make sure he didn't get ambushed on the way out. On the way out, Zankuro made a silent promise to put in for a very, very, VERY long vacation after this mission. Because seriously, cultist, seals, explosives, and — It just too much!!

COMBAT: Koto defends against FORGED-LIGHTNING-BLADE(82) attack from Narusegawa with a ABSORPTION-BARRIER…55
COMBAT: Koto loses the roll and sustains 1656 damage.

Well, the man actually tried to block the attack with a barrier of seals. They sucked up the energy of some of the lightning, but then it backfired on him. With lightning in his gut and an explosion in his face in addition to all those other wounds he sustained, the man ended up falling to the pair of Konoha-nin. Even as he fell, Naru and Taiki would hear across their Telepathic Link…
<"Kaido! One alive! I got rope for ya tie'm up, but keep one alive at least. Or do ya wanna risk the same thing happening later cus' we did'n know more about these chums? Things that weren't written down."> Zankuro's voice. And then something bad happens and Kenta's voice comes over. <"Incoming!"> A quick check would reveal that all were fine, if not exhausted. They even had a prisoner with them. Answering an unknown question, they would again hear Kenta: <"Umm… not dead and able to move. We've got to get Takeo and the Bijuu out of here, along with whatever information we're able to carry."> Sounds like that end was successful.

Taiki watches as the leader falls, then struggles to pick himself up off the ground. Slowly he makes his way over to the body and does a quick check on the man's vitals. Realizing the man is about to die, he quickly unseals a fuinjutsu set, painting over the locations of the trap and silence seals. After activating the jutsu, he looks back toward Naru and says, "He's too dangerous to keep alive. We'll have to have ask one of the senior Yamanaka to see what he can find." With that Taiki produces a kunai and stabs the man in the heart. In a way, he's showing more mercy than the leader would have shown him. "Now we just have to get back to Konoha…" In a rare moment of charity, Shinobu volunteers to carry Taiki while Nozomi offers to carry the corpse.

It was interesting to notice Taiki offer the man a quick death…especially after all the torturing that had happened much prior to this particular date. For now though she doesn't question it, instead she merely sighs and and nods back in return. a quiet gasping whine escapes her lips as she clutches over her left eye. "Let's move quickly then…anymore more of that and I likely won't be able to continue for much longer… especially if someone of the same strength shows up," Naru clarifies as she readies herself to follow after Taiki.

With both teams successful against their opponents, albeit with quite a number of injuries, they set out to meet at one of the points back to Konohagakure. A small forested area so that they can regroup, recover their strength, and then travel back to Konoha together. The good news: Takeo has been retrieved and may live, Isobu is currently no longer in the hands of the Recluse, and a strong member of the organization was taken out. The bad news: They had to find a new host for the Bijuu… And they may have lost a good shinobi, even if Takeo was going to live. And probably the worst news: this was only the beginning of the open war with The Recluse.

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