The Recluse War - The Ugly Side of the Pack


Taiki, Kaido, Hige, Shinobu (Emitter)

Date: May 23, 2015


Taiki and two other Inuzuka interrogate a prisoner. Note: Sensitive subject matter. Please read with caution. (Side note

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Recluse War - The Ugly Side of the Pack"

Inuzuka village jail and interrogation chambers

News of Takeo's capture, as well as the imminent danger the clan elder is in spreads around the Inuzuka clan fast. Most of the day of Taiki's return, from the moment he stepped into the gates with a prisoner, was calling on people both inside and outside of the clan to put together a rescue mission. This was meeting with success, but there was one thing missing: a destination. More to the point, they didn't know where Takeo would be taken to. This is where the prisoner comes in. Therefore, the next morning, Taiki himself would be questioning the prisoner. In fact, this morning finds him on the way to the detention cells to do just that. As he walks, many note the pure determination and otherwise emotionless face on their Clan Alpha, which reminds some of the days of his youth. The wise give him a wide birth, happy to not be the target of his attentions.

And yet Kaido is here, probably having faced Taiki's wrath already, he's not especially frightened of it. But then again, Kaido's always had the motto of 'carpe diem' (seize the day), and life's just too short to worry about tempers no matter how formidable the Clan Alpha is. He's brought Bandit and Bolt and he's also brought a particular small case with him. He intercepts Taiki on his way to 'interrogate' the prisoner and says, "Alpha… if I may make a suggestion? Since you're going to need to get as much information as you can, as quickly as you can without having to sort through lies, prevarications and deflections, I have with me a poison that can be used to make someone tell the truth even if it's not in his own best interests… the only thing is… it only lasts for 5 minutes at the earliest and half an hour at most depending on the person and their constitution, and after that, it kills the person. I'm working on something a bit more reliable and less deadly, but well.. it's Sensei and I want to help rescue him and this and planning are the only things I'm good for."

Hige had heard what had happened and, even though he'd just returned from a mission and had supposedly had another planned, he'd canceled that and came straight back. Now he waits, not looking for Taiki to offer his services which is something that should be obvious anyways, but instead waiting for Taiki to come to him. Namely, he's leaning against the wall next to the door of the jail, one foot against the wall as well while his arms are crossed over his chest and his face is a mask of neutrality as he hides his emotions. At least physically. His scent would still betray him, and it's anger is fierce in a way that few have seen and most that have did not survive the encounter.

Taiki doesn't stop his march, but turns his head toward Kaido as the young man speaks. "In case they did not tell you, your restrictions have been lifted," he says flatly, probably as a means to try to fit Kaido's work into his plans. "Come with me. We may use your method, if he proves to be difficult, but I also want him alive for future sessions, if possible. I won't cry if we do have to use your poison, but I want to milk this man for every nugget of information we can get." He doesn't say that he needs conclusive proof to wage a recognized war, but that much should be obvious. Assuming Kaido walks with him, the small group of humans and ninken approach the door to find Hige there. Taiki arches a brow minutely as he looks at the chuunin. "What do you want, Hige-san?" As before, his hoarse voice is also flat, without emotion.

Kaido just nods as acknowledgement of the removal of his restrictions, truthfully, he cares less about it. Maybe after they bring back Sensei and things settle down he'll rejoice. He says, "As you wish Alpha, I have maps in my pack so once we have a destination, and some idea of the defenses, I can plot us a way in." Bandit looks up at Taiki and says, "We'll get him back Alpha, we're the Inuzuka Clan, and NOBODY disfigures with us and lives to tell about it… we're with you 100 percent." Bolt yips and says ~I may not be as good as Bandit yet Alpha! But I'll make sure that what I can do, I'll do WELL!~ Kaido smiles at his nin-ken and says to Taiki, "Whatever you need from all of us, we're up for."

As Taiki nears Hige's semi-feral eyes look up to him, the neutrality even traveling that far. "What do I want? I want to make the man that's in there suffer as I slowly kill him. Since I don't think you'll let me, I'm going to help you get information. And then I want to get Takeo back. And whoever it is that has him will wish they'd never had the thought." His tone, like Taiki's is flat and neutral, again only his scent giving away any indication of his emotions. That's just something you can't really control. He pushes off of the wall and his hands slip into his pockets as he waits to follow Taiki in. There's nothing in his words or posture to indicate that he expects to be denied in any way. And he'd probably fight his way in if it came down to it.

Acknowledgement is given to Bolt for his proclamation, but Shinobu and Nozomi take charge of the ninken and offer silent pointers on how not to make this harder for Taiki by enraging him further. Inwardly, he is even angrier than both Hige and Kaido, though he does not voice that yet. First, he gives a set of instructions. "Let me do the talking at first. I want both of you to show your anger at this, and make it appear as if my orders are the only thing holding you back from skinning this man alive." He's not above using intimidation to help his task. Not stated is his expectation for them to obey his orders, that should be a given.

As the guards on the interrogation room open the door to admit the small group, Taiki's face shows the first hint of emotion as a cold smile plays across his lips. "Welcome to the conscious world," he says to the prisoner as he nears the chair the man is tied down to. "I hope you're comfortable, as I would hate to be a bad host. Have they been feeding you well?" Taiki's words are poisonously sweet, as if he was every part of a concerned host.

Kaido simply nods as Bandit and Bolt fall back with Shinobu and Nozomi behind them. When they arrive in front of the cell, Kaido schools his expression of one of distaste and hatred and opens his vest, and pulls out a dart, unobtrusively, yet visibly searching through what look to be many vials of substances, all poison, all deadly… discard all those that are quick, or painless for ones that take hours, if not days to kill and cause unspeakable agonies.

Hige says nothing more, falling back into his old habit of remaining silent. As far as the intimidation factor, that isn't even an act at this point. Konsho is with him, the pup in his Chuunin's vest. Despite his small stature and frame Hige simply drops the neutrality from his entire mental state and lets the true feralness show through. There's a fire in his eyes, deadly beyond belief because he really /does/ want to kill the man, and Taiki is literally the only thing holding him back. His clawed hands flex angrily as he stares the man down, ready to tear his throat out at the slightest hint of not cooperating. Even Konsho looks aggressive and the pup is never like that. But this is a special situation.

The man in the prison cell has been conscious for only a little bit, and yet he has the most disgusted look on his face. He looks at Taiki with disdain clear in his eyes, giving the Clan Alpha a slight sneer. "Your dog <EXPLETIVE> is as <CENSORED> as your taste," he says, not seeming too deterred by the fact that there are three angry humans and five angry dogs in the same room as him. "Does it really take this many pathetic dogs to question a single person? Or are you all just dumb <BLEEP> who need a mommy to hold you hand?" he mocks.

<Weather> Not a single cloud can be seen on the horizon. The night is clear, and fairly warm away from the wind which, blowing moderately from the north-west, is enough to chill the air.

No warning was given, and one could barely see him move as Taiki just casually backhanded the prisoner with plenty of force behind it. Taiki's expression doesn't even change, though his eyes narrow slightly. "Now that was downright rude. I expect my guests to have better manners than that, even if their affiliations are questionable at best. If you talk to me like that again, I might forget that these two are here to witness my interrogation, and let them actively take part in it. That would prove… uncomfortable." Taiki looks back to both Kaido and Hige and shakes his head before turning back to the prisoner. "Now, let's have a chat, shall we? We can start with the most obvious question. Where is my cousin?"

Kaido just looks bored when Taiki backhands the prisoner, almost daring the man to keep pushing Taiki's temper. He doesn't even have to fake wanting to kill the man, and he really, really wants a chance to use his truth serum poison, if only to test it and gather more data to refine it and make the truth effect last longer and to minimize the lethality of it. Bolt and Bandit both growl hearing the man insult the clan and their backs are up but do nothing until the word is given by Taiki.

Hige and Konsho are half way to the man when Taiki has them stop. A low, throaty growl that's far too unnatural for a human to make escapes the boys throat as his eyes narrow, lightning dancing around his claws as if he's just getting ready. And boy is he. He doesn't move back to where he started, keeping that shortened distance intact while he watches the man, ready to kill him in a moments notice.

The slap does nothing to stop the flow of swears spewing from the man's mouth. In fact, it only worsens the amount… "You call him your cousin and he can't even have a stupid dog for a <BEEP> partner! <CENSORED> you! You <EXPLETIVE> <EXPLETIVE> <CENSORED>. You know? I've had it with this <BEEEP> of a place. You're not getting a single <BLACKED OUT> word out of my <CENSORED> mouth!" Even as he speaks, the group might notice his chakra spike. He glares defiantly at the trio + ninken, waiting for his end to come… Wait… Where's his end? He's supposed to go down in a puddle of acid, dang it!

Taiki feels the spike and laughs. This is not a warm laugh by any stretch of the imagination. No, this is a cold, maniacal laugh that would send chills down the spines of lesser beings. "Oh, did we expect to suicide, perhaps injuring everyone in here in the process? I'm so sorry. I must have forgotten to mention that your seals are worthless. You can't activate them, and they have been removed. I can't have a guest such as you leaving without my permission, after all. That would be most rude…" He then shakes his head again, glances at the two behind him and waives Hige back with a hand gesture, then turns his attention toward the prisoner. His congenial bearing disappears as he talks to the man straight. "The silencing seal is also gone, before you make yourself look like a bigger fool by trying to activate it. You're welcome to try if you want, but it will not work. You will tell me what I need to know. Inuzuka Takeo is my cousin, as is all members of my clan. I want him back, and if he is harmed, you will beg for the sweet release of oblivion long before I grant it to you. Now, where is Inuzuka Takeo?"

Kaido just continues to look bored and fingers the syringe that holds his truth serum poison. He's not crazy, probably among all the Inuzuka here, he has the most control over his temper. It's why he makes such a good tactician and strategist, he can set his emotions aside to be able to plan more effectively. He however doesn't think intimidation is going to work on the prisoner, neither is torture, which is why he has more effective means at his disposal. It's all moot unless Taiki orders him to use them.

Hige gives a vicious fang-toothed smile to the man when he fails his attempted suicide before finally taking a few steps back at Taiki's insistence. The look in Hige's eyes is fairly simple to understand; crazed anger. It's only by the sheerest force of will that the man isn't dead yet no matter what Taiki might say.

The look on the man's face can only be described as '… wut? @_@' upon hearing that the seals were removed. How did they know?? But he has been told that he must not reveal anything. He could not. He had to delay for as long as possible. 'They'll beat you. Torture you. Make you wish you were dead. Be ready for the day you want to die, because that will be sooner than you think.' "Hehe… Hehehe… Hehehehehehehe." The man starts laughing, apparently having snapped. "I know. You know. We know. We all know. Or maybe your dog brain can't handle the information?" Yeah. The man has lost it.

Taiki closes his eyes and expels a long-suffering sigh. He then shakes his head and touches the prisoner's hand to channel chakra through it. Another set of seals activates, though at the moment it seems to have little effect to any but the prisoner himself. "I know you haven't completely gone insane, so there's no use in trying to do something you're not good at," Taiki says as he opens a pouch in his clothing and brings out a scroll. This he opens up to reveal several storage seals, the first of which expels… a feather? He then trails the tip of the feather across his hand.

To the prisoner, it should feel like the softest sensation in the world, multiplied by a factor of 10. Where the feather trails, the prisoner's nerves should register extreme pleasure. Taiki simply smiles and says, "We can do this one of two ways. The first way is that those seals will amplify the sensitivity of your nerve endings by a factor of 10. You should even be feeling the air in the room right now. I can use this to cause you extreme agony, or extreme pleasure, all easily and without much contact. Only problem is, too much of even a good thing can be a torture in and of itself. That's option one. Option two is I turn you over to Kaido-san over there, and he uses his specialty on you. Either way, you will tell me what I need to know, sooner or later. So… do you want to try to tough this out, and lose anyway? Or do you want to give up, and make things easier on yourself."

Kaido then smiles and says, "Please Alpha… give him to me… I could use someone to experiment on, I'm sure I can find a way to keep him alive long enough for him to tell us all he knows, not just about what we want to know, but things even he won't admit to himself." He looks at the prisoner and says, "I really would choose to talk willingly to my Alpha, I can make you suffer death… and bring you back again from the very brink of it, again and again, among… other things."

Kaido smiles again serenely, "I so would like to have a chance to test some experimental chemical mixtures I've come up with but haven't been able to use."

Hige remains his normal silent stoic self, eyes just sitting on the man as they have been the entire time, unmoving, unsettling. He doesn't really have much to offer at the moment since Taiki won't let him hurt the man so he just stays back.

Taiki's seal work gets the man flustered, but the Recluse does not hire weaklings. Eventually, after Taiki tries some shallow cuts with a scalpel, he sighs and looks toward Kaido. "Do it," is all he says as he steps back. "We can get further information out of his comrades."

Kaido simply nods and plunges the syringe into the prisoner's neck and grabs his wrist, checking his pulse, and after a couple of seconds to let the poison flow through the man's brain he starts to expertly interrogate the prisoner. For a full 15 minutes, he along with Taiki get as much information as is available from him until finally the man freezes up, has a seizure and dies foaming at the mouth.

Taiki takes careful notes, while instructing Hige to do the same. When the man dies, he knocks on the door for the guards, then says, "Dispose of the waste." Turning back to Kaido he says, "Good work. If you want in on the rescue mission, you're more than welcome. We will get him back, and then we will hunt down this man's comrades. Too long have they tried to destroy us. This ends now." With that, and the notes he collected, he leaves the room and gets ready to gather the forces needed for the upcoming storm.

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