The Replacement



Date: November 12, 2011


None given.

"The Replacement"

Unknown location

Word spread around the Hyuuga Village, that some small speech was being
made by the Clan Head, nothing of dire importance so if something else was
to be done, they can feel free to carry on with their lives. Those who do
show up would find that instead of Akomura, the Clan Elders took position
in the center of the park where the speech was to be made.

The youngest and, only female amongst the Clan Elders steps forward, her
strange steel eyes scanning the crowd as she lights up the tobacco in her
kiseru. A few puffs will be taken and she exhales slowly before diving
straight into the issue.

"As some of you may already know, time has already taken Akomura-sama.
While we are currently looking into the cause of death, it may be
thankfully safe to say he passed in his sleep of natural causes. Due to a
lack of a proper heir I, Hyuuga Miu, have been elected to take the
position as the Head of our clan."

She lets the confusion of dropping two bombs at once surf through the
crowd for a moment, waiting for them to quiet a bit before raising her
hand for complete silence.

"I can not speak much of the man, we only spoke through means of business
though from the bit of spare time that we managed to spend with each other
outside of work, he was obviously a great man, especially to keep a clan
as great as this one in order. I plan to maintain and excel in what he has

The woman pauses, looking as if she had more to say, though one of the
Elders grabs her attention. Miu nods and turns back to the crowd with a
smile, "Please return to your activities, enjoy the peace that has come
after the war while you can. Who knows how long it will last."

Miu's last words, although ominous were also carried with the reassuring
smile. The pipe rests in the corner of her mouth as she gives a nod of bow
to the crowd and turns around, disappearing into a Elders' Meeting House.

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