The Return of Thunder Famoso


Ryouji, Hanami, Tatsuo, Hisomu, Red

Date: July 9, 2015


A simple escort mission to the land of lightning's border turns out to be the end for one Thunder Famoso.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Return of Thunder Famoso"

Land of Lightning

Ryouji says behind a door in the Raikage's office, "But Michiko-chan, I can't take a genin mission right now. Um…I've got training to do." Some more muffled voices. Ryouji calls out, "Well fine, you drive a hard bargain. I'll take them out." Ryouji opens the door and looks back, "But don't think I'll enjoy it." He slips the scroll into a pocket and isn't pleased by this mission.

A mission summons has been given to each genin, Hanami, Tatsuo, Hisomu, and even Red if he's taking missions. An escort mission of an old man and his merchant wagon out of the border of the land of lightning. He must be a paranoid merchant, because at the border, there's supposed to be another group of ninja waiting there to complete the escort mission into the next country. It's only a D rank mission and a perfect outing for the genin of the village, new or experienced. Ryouji hasn't made it to the front gates yet. But the old man is, he's waiting with his cart right outside the gates. He's slumped in the seat of his cart, a pair of donkeys are sitting there chewing on some grass content not to want to move. He's wearing a simple green vest, brown pants, and a large kasa perfect for keeping the sun out of his eyes. In the back of his cart are several bags of merchandise to peddle in the next country's hidden village.

Hanami got her summons and was eager to set out on a mission, even a simple escort mission. Stretch her legs, get out some. Do her good. So she makes sure to pack up her gear and hurries to the gates. She sees the old man and his wagon and approaches politely, "Hello there sir, I assume you're the one who hired us for escort? My name is Shinatobe Hanami, a pleasure to meet you." She gives a bow and polite smile, glancing around for the others, especially Ryouji.

Despite being a visitor to this Village, Red joins this mission as an 'honourable' guest, having been granted access to join these low level tasks by the offices of the Raikage. And so, with his thick bomber jacket, baggy pants and boots (all of which appear far too big for someone his size), the boy wanderer fronts up. A backpack is slung across his shoulder, the red eyed youth looking about at those who have gathered about.

"My name is Red!" He declares happily, hands going to his hips in a braizen manner. "Please be gentle with me." The big toothy grin is beamed far and wide. Even at the old man!

"Oho, old man! You're in luck today. No harm will definitely come to you with US protecting you!"

There's an almost heartbeat feeling coming from Hisomu as she sits away from the village sweating. Her body sitting in the lotus position as she meditates, concentrating inwardly. Her mind trying to focus on the thing inside of her that has grown more and more frustrated with the girl over time. Even as she tries to tame it and her emotions, her meditation and concentration is shattered by the arrival of a summons. She takes a shakey moment to read it before moving off toward hte village entrance of Kumogakure. As she arrives, she gives a bow to Ryouji, "Hello." She states, "I am reporting." She then looks to Hanami before llooking to Red and giving him a once over.

Tatsuo is here visiting the Hidden Cloud with Kaido for a months time as part of a training mission, both for the team to learn about their allies as well as a chance for Kaido to visit folks and even do a little of his specialty training. As part of it all they were also going out on missions if requested, leading Tatsuo to arrive at the gates, tugging at his Konoha hitai-ate around his arm nervously as he stops and looks at all those gathered, offering a half bow to all of them in general, then just kind of…hangs back, not saying anything for now. He's here, that's all they need right?

The old man looks down from his wagon and tips his kasa hat up to look at the genin for a moment. He narrows his eyes and says, "Huh? Well now, you all don't look like much. Well, I get what I pay for." He counts Tatsuo, Hisomu, Hanami, and Red, "Wait a second, there's supposed to be five here. I paid for a team of five. Where's the booming fifth one?"

At that point, Ryouji appears at the gates with a ring puff of speed radiating out from his feet. He lifts a hand in greeting and says, "Hey all, sorry about being late. I had issues with something that needed my attention. But, it looks like you all made it, good job." He looks between the four genin here and grins. "Now, let's see." He pulls out the scroll and opens it. He looks at it, then looks up at the old man and says, "You're Yuu-san, correct? You need an escort to the border where we're to meet a ninja team who we'll hand you to them." The old man grumps and says, "Of course, that's right. I'm Mr Yuu, don't forget it. You all have to protect me and my goods, right?" Ryouji grins and waves a hand, "I'm the leader for the mission and a chuunin. I can assure you, we'll protect you with our lives. But it shouldn't have to come to that." He claps his rubs his hands, "So, should we be going?" Without saying much after that, Mr Yuu picks up the reins to his donkeys and they start clopping along the stones leading away from the village at a walking pace. Ryouji looks around at the genin and nods, "I'm Reizei Ryouji, perhaps we should introduce each of us to the others, ah, since some of us I haven't seen before."

Hanami nods quietly to the disgruntled Mr. Yuu, then waves to Ryouji when he appears. As Mr. Yuu takes off she turns to the others, Hisomu the only one she recognized, the others foreign-nin visiting. She smiles, "Hi there, I'm Shinatobe Hanami. Nice to meet you, look forward to working with other village shinobi." She gives a quick nod of her head as she eyes the wagon and moves to take off after it before it gets too far, preparing for any trouble if it comes to it.

As the other shinobi begin to trickle in, Red looks to each one with a careful gaze, though a friendly expression. A wave is given to all, and a small bow of his head once Ryouji arrives so swiftly. Once the wagon begins to trundle along, Red thrusts a fist into the air. "MISSION! MISSION! YEAH, YEAH!!" Yep, he's pumped. Mega pumped even! "Like I said, I'm Red. I'm the demon from the Snow! Um, but I'm still learning water walking. So if we come over a body of water, I'm going to have to jump one someone's shoulders." Some demon. Oy.

"Nice to meet everyone. I'll try my best to get old man Yuu, his donkeys and cart to the border safely."

A nod is given as she is asked to introduce herslef and Hisomu states, "I am Hebisuuhai Hisomu." SHe nods her head, "I am also looking forward to working with you." She looks at the 'demon' of the snow and then shakes her head a little before glancing to Tatsuo. She hmms as she looks at him a moment and then walks forward to prepare to go, checking her blades, her outfit, her tools, and then herself, "I am prepared to protect this merchant."

Tatsuo watches the exchange between the client and the other Genin, then the Chuunin in charge. Maybe he got in over his head with this here mission. But it's too late now to back out so he just has to stay. The boy swallows loudly as Ryouji asks them to introduce themselves and he gives another half bow. "I'm Tatsuo from Konohagakure," the boy says as way of introduction, skipping over the family name for some reason. How odd. As they start to depart he follows after, kind of hanging back so as to not be in the way of the others. He's a foreigner after all…they all know each other, he doesn't know any of them. His eyes hang around Hisomu for a few extra, uncertain seconds as they go.

Yuu tips his hat back down as he drives the wagon. It's not moving too fast, so keeping up isn't an issue. The donkeys call out as Yuu says, "Shuddap, you're both too loud." He looks down at Red's antics and lifts the hat back up, "Demon from the snow huh? I ain't never seen a demon of the snow." He snorts and chuckles, "Don't oversell yourself kid." Ryouji smiles and looks over at Red, "Well, I do like your eagerness." He holds out a fist for Red to bump. The village soon disappears as the group soon turns and heads southwest, leading to the mountain road that'll take the group to the land of frost in a few days hike. The trip is uneventful and the group reaches the meeting place, a high pass in the mountains leading to the flat cold lands of the 'land of frost'. The donkeys call out and stomp their feet as they grow nervous with the wind cutting through the pass, moaning amongst the rocks. Suddenly, the wind stops and all is quiet. Then, from everywhere at once, this begins playing

A man appears on a cliff over head after a few moments. He's dressed as a luchador wrestler with wrestling tights that are cut just above the knees, a red and yellow mask with a fire motif running down the sides, and a few pouches around a belt for ninja tools he might use. He looks really strong and well muscled, despite his comical looks. His gloved arms are out wide and says, "Salutations, ninos. You are all fortunate enough to be graced by…me! Introductions are in order! I am the master of the square ring! Master of all beasts! Master of all women! Bandit of bandits! Thunder Famoso! Perhaps you've heard of me, no?" He gives a broad smile, his teeth are even sparkling and one of them pings. Several ninja, they could be called that, wonder out from behind rocks in the pass, each playing mariachi instraments. Trumpets, those little guitar things, even one has castainets…he's not very good at playing anything else. Thunder Famoso calls out, "Now then, my little ninos. Who will give me trubute for passing by, Thunder Famoso?! What you have in your wagon would be just fine, HA! Thunder Famoso has won again!" He points, "Get them, my mariachi ninja!" The four instrament ninja stop playing as they pull out kunai and throw them at Hanami, Red, Hisomu and Tatsuo before rushing for them.

Ryouji just…stares. "I…wow." he is stunned for a moment, then points, "Ok guys, protect the wagon and keep those guys from getting the stuff." He looks up at Famoso, "You're not getting this stuff…you." He rubs the bridge of his nose, "I'm not even going to say your name guy…it's…too bad. Crash, look out!" Ryouji is mostly out of the fight unless the genin need his help.

Hanami keeps her senses alert, the wind around her bringing her information and her expanded though unhoned chakra sense alert beyond that. She's kind of amused by the gusto of the 'Demon of the Snow', but everyone seems in good standing. Hanging on the left side near the front she senses the chakra of Thunder as he appears, cursing herself for not being sharper, to give a warning. Instead they're ambushed. And by those clowns, she had thought they would've been dealt with by now, but no. Part of her wanted to charge up at him, the guy and his cronies annoyed her but she wasn't dumb enough to rush that group, especially on an escort mission. So as the kunai rain down she gathers her chakra to her and dances out of the way deftly. She glares up at him, "Think you're all that huh?" While not leaving the wagon, she can still return the favor and unleashing two wind kunai straight at Thunder while a third goes to one of his lackeys beside him. "Ryouji, you going up or we all staying down here to defend? Anyone able to bring them down to us?"

"Heh heh!" Red beams with approval as he fist bumps Ryouji, before tucking his hands behind his head as he continues to walk. The trek down the hill wasn't too difficult. Almost leisurely, really! Much easier than the walk it will take to get back up to the top. "You're in luck, old man Yuu. Now you can say that you have." Down and down the winding path they go, eventually reaching the meeting point without fanfare. "Aruh?" Red gawks in confusion, looking around. "Aren't we meant to be seeing people around now?"

Of course, that is the least of his concerns when out comes a group far more braizen than Red could have ever dreamed of. The boy blinks with his red eyes, gawking at the wrestler atop his perch. "That… mask… is… AWESOME! I WANT IT!" The wandering lad begins to clench his fists, before turns to face the shinobi that round on the escort group. As Rouji gives the official command to defend and attack, the so called 'Demon' flicks a thumb up, before jumping to the side! His sideways leap carries him across the dirt, where he comes to a sliding stop. Reaching into his pouch, three shuriken are sent spinning with one single throwing motion! They spin for the attacking ninja, spiralling through the air to meet the target.

A whipped out kunai of her own has Hisomu ducking low and throwing it charged with chakra right for the same ninja that threw a kunai at her. She then stands up straight as she simply makes one seal that isn't actually all that necessary. Chakra mixes in her throat as she breathes in deeply before appearing nearer to the group and unleashing a cloud of poisonous smoke right from her throat and sending it right toward the group. The cloud flows out at the group to whip over them and likely give them something nasty to deal with. A few hand seals later and her hands hit the ground before behind Thunder Famoso a copy of Hisomu will rise up and lunge for him to try to hit him right in the small of his back, "You are annoying and need to die." Her voice somewhat monotone when she states that and stands up, "Do so, preferably quickly."

Staying near the back of the traveling group proves to be at least partially beneficial as they travel. Sure the whole walking and guarding thing isn't so bad and he keeps watch as best as he can, but he's not…super amazing at any of it. He also stays silent throughout the whole trip, just listening to the others but kind of being by himself. The only Konoha shinobi and already very much a loner…just doesn't work. When the weird people appear and throw kunai it only takes a second for water to appear and shoot in a stream between him and the weapon to deflect it away. As the others move in to attack he watches even as he makes seals. Too many people directly in between him and the band, so there's only one option. He throws water needles into the air at an angle so that instead of going through the Kumo nin they will rain down on the Marichia crew.

The kunai thrown from the mariachi miss their targets or are blocked by each as Thunder Famoso shakes his head, "These ninos need to be taught a lesson. Never send a mariachi to do a MAN'S job!" Then through the attacks from Hanami one of the mariachi goes down, face planting onto the ground and goes still. Red hits his target with one of his shuriken, cutting the ninja mariachi a bit, but not enough to slow it down. Then Hisomu's poision breath shoots out engulfing the area and poisoning most of them. The earth clone however, appears next to Famoso and strikes him. A shaddering boom sounds out from the hit, but Thunder only crosses his arms and blocks the hit, not moving an inch. "Well now, guess Thunder Famoso needs to join the fight! Here I come!" He leaps from the cliff above and drops down, kicking out at Tatsuo after the water needles strike into another one of the Mariachi's, injuring that one again. "Dynamic Entry!" Thunder shouts out as he kicks. The other three remaining mariachi throw out another set of kuani as they reach the genin. But with one down and the rest woudned, they don't seem like they'll last very much longer.

Ryouji probably does not need to jump into this, besides being a bit worried about Thunder Famoso. He lets the genin handle it while he protects Mr Fuu making sure nothing bad happens to him.

Hanami watches as success seems to lean their way some for now, which is good. And then Thunder seems to shrug off their attacks and join the fray, crashing down to attack Tatsuo. Ryouji has Mr Yuu's defense well in hand and though the mariachi above are few one kunai finds its mark slicing her arm. So close too! Time enough to get upset later, she unleashes a wind kunai at the mariachi that hit her while continuing to move on Thunder. She reaches into her pouch and unleashes a cloud of powder using her wind chakra to move it straight for the man. If it comes in contact with him he'll feel weaker, which is what she hopes will happen.

Red clears his throat when two of his shuriken miss, but one hits. "Heh!" He smirks in victory, brushing the edge of his thumb against his nose. "Not many can keep up with my blistering shuriken throwing." Obviously a lie. "Time to go all out!" With this, Red charges forward! Swinging his right arm around in a windmill fashion, his left hand comes around to grip his right shoulder. "ORIYAAAA!" Leaping into the air (at the same time dodging the incoming kunai attacks), Red spins and twirls, before ideally LANDING on his opponent with a flurry of hard pressed kicks right into his neck and head!

With Thunder arriving to the battle-scene afar, the boy mutters something under his breath. But, one thing at a time. This first!

The dome of Earth flies up behind Hisomu as she hears the call out of the mariachi idiots lead by Thunder Idioso. Hisomu sighs and shakes her head as she sends up another clone made out of Earth. She sends it to try to slam into Thunder from behind while he attacks Tatsuo. Then she is forced to quickly repurpose her earth dome into another clone that she attempts to send tackling at the mariachi ninja who seems to be focusing on her.

Tatsuo blinks in surprise as the damage is done to the mariachi troupe. He's so focused on who had already attacked him that by the time he realizes the main man is barrelling down on him he can't complete the hand seals in time and he gets smashed into by the flying kick, sending the boy flying back and bouncing along the ground a few times before he can get back to his feet, using a hand on the ground to help balance him before he fully stands. That hurt. As he straightens he's already moving through seals and water forms up in front of him in a large, spherical, quite sharp lance. Without a word and with his eyes narrowed in focus on Famoso he shoots the lance towards the man…and follows it immediately by a second.

The battle is certainly going quick as the genin are punching the lights out of the mariachi ninja. Hanami responds from that kunai with a wind sharp of her own, but the mariachi ducks out of the way grinning and even blowing a few notes of the guy's trumpet, very classy. The fatigue smoke however drifts over to Thunder as he sucks in his breath to laugh from the kick, taking in some of the smoke and coughing on it. Red's attacker clenches his feet as Red gets out of the way of the last kunai he threw. But his face is a blur as Red pounds the Mariachi into submission, sending his limp body bouncing away and it goes still. Hisomu's mariachi target, unable to block the earth clone, is flattened by the hard fist of the clone before it crumbles away. He's either out or dead. But the killer attack goes to Tatuso.

Thunder Famoso laughs at the smaller genin and says, "Please, a little water will never EVER hurt Thunder Famoso." He's breathing hard though and doesn't look so good. As Tatsuo draws up the water and fires out the two lances, they penetrate Thunder Famoso while he's laughing. He stops laughing. The look of shock on his face as he looks down at the reddening water lances sticking through his body is enough to make anyone take notice. His body slumps forward as he says, "I…am…Thunder…gack…*gurgle*" then his head drops forward, eyes still looking out but now lifeless.

Ryouji slides his swords back into their sayas, he didn't even need those it seems. Ryouji looks over at the genin and nods, "Good job, everyone. Make sure the bodies are taken care of. We'll wait here for the ninja team from the land of frost. Is there anyone that is wounded bad?" He makes note that he should get first aid one of these days. But, since he's in charge, he has yet to really do anything in this mission. It's the Genin's time to shine anyway, no sense in Ryouji jumping in.

Hanami smiles, "Nice job Tatsuo, way to show him not to underestimate one's opponent. Not that it matters to him now!" She gives the boy a thumbs up, though still listening to Ryouji and turning to give him a nod. "Nothing major, slice of a kunai but I'll live." She bandages it, not really with medical skill but most people can wrap a bandage anyways. Moving swiftly she makes her way up to where the mariachi are to do just that. After that's taken care of she'll come back down and likely wait out the arrival of the other ninja team quietly.

"Tatsuo!" Red cries, watching the Nara kid bouncing around from the attack. With his own physical blows raining down on the enemy ninja, knocking him out, the boy wanderer turns his attention upon Thunder. Who is … well … slumping forward! VICTORY!

"Yosha!" Cries Red, who walks back towards the carriage, donkeys and other shinobi with a beaming face. "I didn't even get hit! Fufu!" Rubbing his nose with his index finger, it's clear that he seems happy with that little victory. "You guys smashed everyone real good!" A look goes up to the older citizen, where Red flicks a thumb up. "See, old man? I told ya. You'll be safe with us here to look after you! Oh."

Remembering something, Red skittles over to Thunder's body, keen to obtain that mask. "Do you think he'd mind if I took this?"

And it is over. Hisomu watches as the masked man slumps and then she looks to Tatsuo with a nod, "Well done." She states to him before her gaze goes to the loud Red. She places her hand to her face, finger rubbing the bridge of her nose and then she states, "Don't take teh mask off that man. If he looks half as bad as he sounded, the view may very well kill us all." She then looks to Ryouji with a nod, "I will find a high point and watch for the other batch of shinobi."

Tatsuo releases his hold on the chakra in the water, letting it splash to the ground. It's only then that what happened kind of actually sinks in and he blinks, looking a bit…surprised. He'd just reacted, it hadn't really been anything he'd planned. He certainly hadn't planned on killing the guy. But…oops. Well, what was done was done. When Ryouji asks about injuries he shakes his head, "I…um…I'm fine…thanks…" he says, tone soft. Now that the adrenaline has died down some it's just a bit…strange. Especially when other people say he did a good job. He ducks his head a bit and mutters out a few 'Thanks' to people before looking to Red as he wants to take the mask. "Um…I don't think it matters…he's dead…" Well duh! He helps with the bodies and all that as well, once again silent and just kind of watching the others.

Soon after the adreline dies down and things return to 'normal', the Frost ninja show up. They were late, held up by bandits on their own side of the border. Old man Yuu looks at the genin and nods, "My thanks for escorting me here and protecting me. At first, I didn't think you guys could do it. But guess I was wrong with that." He looks over at the white and blue frost ninja and says, "You guys should be more like them, really. They're better than I thought." He clicks his tongue and the donkeys being trotting down the trail. He lifts a hand as a farewell to the genin, "Take care now…"

Ryouji has pulled out lunch and is eating a sticky rice ball in his hand. He mumbles, "Common, we should head back to the village. I'll file the report once we get back."

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