Verge of Darkness - The Road to Recovery at Its Longest


Saki, Nano (as Anju), Shuuren

Date: September 5, 2016


A wandering medic takes an opportunity to heal Shuuren of a toxin that was produced by the Order.

"Verge of Darkness - The Road to Recovery at Its Longest"

Land of Tea - Daimyo's Room

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Saki had been working with Daoma, assumedly, to make sure that things were operating smoothly despite the fact that the Daimyo himself was unconscious. She had also been working hard to make sure that any appointments scheduled with Shuuren had been rescheduled, much to the annoyance of the less-understanding nobles that didn't often get kept waiting, and similar things such as that. Throughout it all, she was in a mild state of panic and just barely keeping everything together. She hadn't really done this sort of thing because Shuuren was usually around to smooth things out when she screwed up, and he was also usually the one to arrange things before it went to her. As odd as it might be. …
After a four hour 'nap', it was Saki's turn to guard Shuuren. The more personal guards had been rotating themselves, in all likelihood, so now it was her turn. She still looked pretty tired, of course. Running around like she has been thus far was taxing, especially for one that is usually already fairly nervous in a normal social setting. At her side was a sword that a single hand rested upon. In a pocket was a small snake that was just resting and minding its own business. Saki was wearing an adjusted kimono/yukata/whatever so that she could still fight while looking relatively dressed up. She was just standing outside of Shuuren's door and trying to stay alert. It was 4am, though. Hard to stay awake … She heard there was a doctor coming, though, which gave her some hope …

Shuuren's 'sleep' due to this poison has been far from peaceful. There seems to be some sort of struggle in his sleep, the Daimyo tossing and turning and even sweating at some points. Of course, that could also be something to do with the poison itself. Who knows what sort of effects it's having on him. His body seems to be holding up at least, though. There are likely long-term effects already as long as it's been affecting him, and sooner or later it might wear his health even thinner if it goes untreated. Still, despite its extreme effects, the point of this poison doesn't seem to actually be to kill him so much as deliver its sideffects.

For a nation not affiliated with the Hidden Villages, that doesn't WANT to be seen as a Hidden Village, and is mainly mercantile in nature, the Land of Tea getting a freelance wandering medic to come heal their Daimyou seems pretty appropriate. If only they'd thought of such on their own… Whether they did or not, however, the medic who approached the border, contacted the proper officials, and then received permission to be escorted in to see the Daimyou, is here to treat a patient. Likely, she expects payment, because 'being a doctor who walks around treating people' doesn't do much for the ol' wallet if she doesn't get paid for her services.
Once she has been shown in, the blue-haired, sunglasses-and-white-coat-wearing woman looks first to Saki, and then to Shuuren. "Sagawa Anju. This is the patient, I assume." She waits, with satchel in hand, for permission to come forward. She understands the security measures currently in place, and the concerns behind them, and does not wish to startle the tired-and-stressed-looking attendant by rushing towards the bed or something.
"Is the patient conscious? Has he been capable of speaking? Do you have a preliminary toxicology report?" she asks, already analyzing what she can by sight but hoping to get some answers in advance.

Saki is standing outside Shuuren's door, which is closed, and she would have double-checked that this was definitely the doctor that … Was supposed to be here. Because frankly, having 'strangers' treat the leader of one's country is pretty sketchy. And one can never be /too/ suspicious… Once everything at least seemed to be okay on a cursory glance (hopefully Anju had the necessary paperwork), Saki would let her in.
A small nod was offered to Anju, and Saki would say, "Umm … Shuuren-dono … Has mostly been unconscious. And he mostly just tosses and turns. No speaking." Her speech is a bit broken up, mostly because of uncertainty and worry, so Anju would have to be a bit patient. "I- … I don't think we have … Umm … A toxicology report …" She had never heard of such a thing, admittedly, which might be indicated by the confusion in her green eyes.

Nope, no toxicology report. Really no one but the Daimyo would know if any such testing equipment exists in the palace rather than just the hospital. Still, the Daimyo's condition remains basically the same as Saki describes. If she tests his condition, Anju would be able to at least know what the poison is doing to him so she would know how to treat it. Luckily for such a wandering medic, the Daimyo is not lacking for method of payment, but he'll have to be conscious again before he can deliver such payment.

After presenting the appropriate paperwork that was handed to her by the officials, shown in side, and having the converation previously referenced, she receives the answers to her questions as best as Saki can provide them. The medic then moves to Shuuren's side, and starts examining him. Her bag contains the necessary equipment for taking vitals, though more complex or sophisticated stuff is clearly going to be much less portable. She next asks, "What treatment has he received so far? Who is his primary care physician? …I assume the Daimyou HAS a personal physician?" For people so concerned about the Daimyou's safety, to not even have a medic on-hand to deal with an emergency, like, say, getting stabbed or poisoned, seems like a bit of an oversight.
She does a quick analysis with a hand placed on Shuuren's chest, and using the Diagnostic Jutsu to read the details of the poison within him. Something more detailed is probably going to need toxicological testing, but she can at least measure what impact it's having on him.

"Umm … Sh- … Shuuren-dono usually … treats himself," Saki would admit. "He hasn't received anything. And no one in Tea knows medical Jutsu … And we haven't been able to get in contact with his usual … Umm … Doctors …" She frowns slightly, not entirely sure where they all went. Mushi, Akane, Michiko … None of the messenger Hawks were going through to them.

Shuuren will definitely have to invest in teaching someone else in Tea Country Medical Jutsu. He has a few people that've showed interest, but they haven't taken the time to study yet. Maybe some of the various shinobi joining Tea Country or the people that join the orphanage/academy will want to learn… Either way, it seems Anju is his best hope at the moment with all his usual allies tied up with the Storm Brigade.
What Anju would find when she uses the Diagnostic Jutsu would be rather strange. The poison is keeping him unconscious and doing some harm, but its main function is almost like an S-Rank Genjutsu in the form of poison, except it seems it is meant to have permanent effects. The Daimyo is most likely warring some fierce battle in his mind at the moment while his body deals with trying to fight off the neurotoxin.

An S-Rank anything is a bit beyond Anju's current skill level. Her blue eyebrows angle down a bit behind her sunglasses as she analyzes the condition of the Daimyou. "A very inconvenient situation to get poisoned in." she remarks in reply. She doesn't bother explaining the details of the condition to the secretary. She does say, "I will treat this patient as best as I am able. I believe I can at least stabilize him, though if necessary I may need to call a specialist. Hopefully the appropriate arrangements can be made."
She retrieves a medium-sized metal bowl and some bandages from her bag and says, "Please fill this with water, Himawari-san. If you have more dishes, please fill those with water and bring them here as well. I am going to extract the poison directly. The damage to the body is a threat, but it appears to be having an effect on his neurochemistry as well. Leaving it to linger is unacceptable."
Then she puts both hands on Shuuren's chest, slipping them under his hospital gown, and begins focusing her Chakra into him, trying to force the poison out of his body. It will likely emerge through his pores in the form of contaminated sweat. That's why she needs to be able to wipe it away. From wherever it may appear. It's okay, she's a doctor. She has seen it all before.
Though if her skills were a bit better she feels she could do more. Perhaps put medicinal extract into the body and extract the poison directly… Yes. Something to work on after this treatment. For now, she's just trying to break down the poison and then force it out of the body. It won't be a pleasant experience for Shuuren, but he's probably going through worse as it is.

Saki would be willing to learn medical skills. She just has an … itty bitty issue … Well, not that it matters for the time being. She would just look worried still. When Anju grabs the bowl from her bag, she would blink a bit, half-ready to knock the doctor out. Wait, no. Bowl is harmless. Phew. Saki would take it and offer a small nod, moving away to go and fetch some items. Namely: items that would allow for Anju to work. What she comes back is a literal cart-full of bowls all filled with water. The cart is three-tiered and a bit heavy, though Saki seems to be pushing it along with little effort. The girl would sort of stand off to the side while she waits for Shuuren to be healed. >.>;

Shuuren wouldn't have much reaction to whatever touching's going on. The poison beginning to be pulled would have an effect, though. It's a rather mixed effect, though. The sensation is painful, but it's also a relief as the poison begins to leave his system. Though he doesn't speak, there is at least a groan as the poison starts to be pulled out and wiped away.

It takes awhile. At the very least hours, most likely, unless the patient has strangely powerful recovery abilities or something TOTALLY WEIRD like that. It's less sophisticated a technique than something intended for extracting the poison directly. Instead, Anju has to break the poison down to its smallest components and then force it out of the body in tiny, tiny pieces, all while taking the time to wipe the patient down with wet cloth after each casting of her jutsu, put the toxic cloth in a bowl of water, and then put it on the cart to be disposed of. She'll be saving aside a couple vials of the stuff for examination, to see if she can identify its composition and develop a specific antidote to it. But for the moment, with protective gloves in place, she maks sure to tell Saki in no uncertain terms…
"Do not come into physical contact with the water, the wash clothes, or the bowls. Simply put them aside for now, so they can be decontaminated and disposed of properly. Do not spill them." Then she is back to work. It seems the patient is becoming a bit more functional. But even once he regains consciousness, she periodically checks to see what traces remain and then applies her Chakra to a different area of the body to extract anything there, and then to another part, and on and on.
By the end of it, after popping at least three stimulant pills, the blue-haired Medic's Chakra is pretty exhausted and so is she.

Saki would just sort of … adjust the bowls as needed. If Anju needed any more, Saki would go and retrieve them. She was basically just acting as an assistant to the medic at this point. The girl probably left Anju alone with Shuuren a few times too often, but hopefully nothing malicious would occur or anything like that. That would just be cruel c.c;

It would be some time of discomfort, hours on end really, but at last Shuuren has some relief from the poison that has been plaguing him since he collapsed in the market. It would be a bit after Anju finishes and has popped her pills, but the Daimyo would finally let forth a gasp and then exhales deeply as his eyes finally open.
He brings his hands up to his face, covering it for a moment before he removes them and looks around. His vision is obviously quite hazy as he asks, "Where am I?" For his jutsu not to automatically let him know that, he must really be out of it. "… Who's there?"

"You are in your bedroom. Your aide, Himawari Saki, is here. I am Sagawa Anju, a wandering Medical Shinobi. I am here with official permission from those you have entrusted with the keeping of your nation and well-being, though I can not speak for the physicians who should have been the ones to treat you. It was certainly odd they chose this moment to be absent…" Anju takes a moment to catch her breath. That much talking after the exertion she has just performed in treating the Daimyou is enough to wear her out.
She soon resumes in the same level tone, however, with, "You were afflicted with a neurotoxin. I have yet to examine the exact composition, but you should, for the moment have the vast majority of the viable poison out of your body. You need to drink lots of fluids, and restore both your water and your elecrolytes. You've been sweating quite a bit. I would like to see you again tomorrow to check up on you and see if there's anything futher to be purged from your system."
There, now she can breathe again.

Saki would step forward when Shuuren spoke up, frowning just a bit. She would have answered, but Anju beats her to the chase, so she would merely nod as if to confirm that. "Ummm … I can … Umm … Go and get some water …" Or something. She has no idea what contains electrolytes, and Gatorade doesn't exist in this particular universe (YET???). The girl would start edging towards the door, sort of looking at Shuuren and making sure he was at least aware of things before she disappeared to grab various items that she thinks might help. What were some of the things her mom did for her after she got over an illness … ? Home remedies to the rescue! >

The explanation along with his continually clearing state allow Shuuren to figure out what's going on… or really rather that what he's experiencing now is real. Who knows what was going on in that battle in his mind. He finally sits up in bed and looks toward Saki briefly with the best smile he can manage before looking over directly to Anju as she speaks and listens to her explanation and instruction.
"I know what the poison is basically, but I had a choice between healing myself and healing Tsukino, and I figured I had a lot better chance of surviving its effects than she did," Shuuren says as he looks at this blue-haired person, trying to figure out if he knows her from anywhere. "Thank you for your efforts. You will be rewarded well, and I'll also have one of the top floor rooms in the Tea Suites prepared for you to stay in tonight, so don't worry about finding somewhere to bed down." If she knows anything about that establishment, that's basically a presidential suite with all the amenities one could ask for. Of course, by him saying he'll have that room prepared, Saki should obviously know he means she should notify the Tea Suites' staff to get that room ready.

Anju nods her head in acknowledgement. "Good to hear." Whether that's to the fact she's getting paid or to the suite or to both isn't clear. She does, however, pause to consider whether she should offer free information or not. She eventually decides not to. However, she DOES say, "If you'd like to ensure you have a qualified physician on-hand since you appear to be without any, I am available to have my services put on retainer. I would have thought you'd have a personal physician, but if you are a trained Medical Ninja yourself, I can see why there might be a certain blind spot in assuming you'll always be able to treat yourself and might not need the help."
She does not think she needs to elaborate further on why that was has just been shown to be not true. "It also seems your normal doctors can not be reached…" Anju tilts her head. "Nagamura-san." Not sama, not dono, just 'san'. "I realize you have just had a very trying experience. But I would highly recommend you consider whether it was honestly a coincidence that when you needed them most, the people you entrusted with your care in the event you needed them suddenly found other places to be. There are some who would view such a conspicuous absence with suspicion."
The bluenette then gets up from where she was seated alongside the bed, putting two vials of neuro-toxin and the tools she got out back into her bag, and preparing to leave.
She also adds on, as she straightens up, "At least Himawarai-san assisted me in returning you to consciousness. Having to run to get water would have made the treatment take even longer… And who knows what would have happened to you with extended exposure to the toxins?"

** Fade **

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