The same as I



Date: February 27, 2013


None given.

"The same as I"

Unknown location

Challenge: Collaboration! Kaede and Raiga

The Land of Grass, some time ago.

A figure walks forwards, purposeful steps falling against the grass to the
approach of the Ninshuu temple where the man he came for sits.

— Prototype Boy —

"Raiga." Says the figure wrapped in a cloak to the muscular Yotsuki
sitting at the steps. "I believe your intentions are true." A pause, "But
I need to be sure of your strength."


— With only a ideal for tomorrow —

The figure flies back from the impact of Raiga's fist against the crystal
barrier raised to protect himself. The figure's hand make several
handseals and than he punches the wall, knuckles cracking with the impact.
The wall made of crystal sprouts spikes that explode forward and launch
towards Raiga. The Yotsuki spins and slices the wall in half with his
hand, catching Kaede on the shoulder, who falls to the ground.


— You won't become a touching story to be passed down —

A day before their fateful fight.

The figure now stands at the steps of the temple, accompanying Uchiha
Rainos. They approach Raiga. Raiga prepares to speak.


Raiga's hand is extended forwards, palm facing Kaede as Uchiha Rainos
watches. "Even now I can see you are broken. Hatred will only speed the
process of your demise."

Echoing, "You are broken."

"— are broken —"

— Sadly, —


Kaede rises from the ground after Raiga sliced through his crystal wall.
His vision is blurry, a dark place imprinted over his eyes. Where the lush
green grass and flowers were, he only saw death, decay and sorrow. There
were no colors, there was no heat. he felt cold. He felt as if he was
about to explode. And a incredible darkness surrounded Kaede as he pressed
his hands together. "This is no longer about your ability. It is about
mine." He says as he rushes forwards.


'I can't do this.. Why am I.. why am I so weak?' Kaede falls again under
Raiga's ferocity. 'He is right. I am broken… I cannot mend..' He
attempts to raise to his feet, but fails.

'You are broken..'

— The place where you will likely lose your life… —

His vision was getting worse, all he could see now was a silhouette of a
muscular man in a world encased in ice. And only hatred was light, color
and heat. And the smallest ounce of it could set his skin aflame.

'… are broken…'

'Even if that is true.. I must..' He stands up to his feet. 'I must accept
this place, and this venom. I am weak without it. I must be useful, even
if I sacrifice my life for it.. I.. I will not.. fall..'

His hands clap together. as the darkness of the Nightmare was ruptured
with the brilliant light and heat of hatred rolling off of Kaede. He was a
luminescent being of pure light and the Nightmare shriveled away and
faded. He beat the Nightmare.

'… will not fall…'

Everything was clear now, he could see Raiga, he finally understood. 'But
Raiga.. I can see it now. For you to know me so well..'


— is the one… —

'You must be…'

A myriad of spikes launched from mid-air and from the ground, stabbing and
slicing his opponent repeadetly who didn't even try to dodge nor defend

Suddenly there are two Raiga's. One in front of Kaede, the other behind


Their hands crackle with electricity as they strike forwards. Kaede's
hands extend outwards, as the shockwave blasts through him— wrecking the
entire area and creating a massive crater.

'The same as I…'

— … that suits you so well —


Under the starry night of the Land of Rain, a figure walks. He is
different now, older, more mature. He instinctively grabs his chest as he
reminisces of that day and looks up to the sky. "… Raiga.. you were
right.. I wish I could make everything right. I wish I could make this
world a better place. I want.. peace."

'The same as I…'

'.. same as I..'

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