The Search Begins


Konsatsu, Itami

Date: October 21, 2011


Konsatsu wanted to waste no time in the search of finding his brother and figured the best start was to head to where the information of the village was kept.

"The Search Begins"

Kazekage Administration Dome

The Kazekage Adminstration Dome, a very impressive and quite intimidating structure to those not used to such a sight. Like any other day, this one was no different and housed the same amount of people that either worked here or came for official business. The latter including one such boy who currently held his cloak tight to his form and its hood covered his head while hiding his face deep within its shadows.
Slowly the boy moved around the building and its tiled floor as he made his way toward what seemed the first place to visit if trying to locate someone. It was a secretary that sat behind a desk, watched over by menacing guards. The boy approached, barely able to look over the desk as he eyed the secretary with an uncaring sentiment. "I must speak with whomever is in charge."
The secretary returned the same look, "Do you have an appointment?" The boy shook his head from within his hood. The secretary kept the same expression, "Are they expecting you?" Again the boy shook his head. "I'm sorry, but without an appointment or pressing matters, I simply can't let you wander on by."
"This is pressing! I must find my brother…"The childs voice raising some, but still noticeably soft for what someone would consider a change in tempermant. The secretary sighed and signaled to the armed guards whom proceeded over toward the boy and began to search him for weapons and immediately spotting the clawed pincers grabbed them, taking them away. "No weapons if you are to continue." The secretary states. The boy shrugged, "I don't need them for what I have to say." "Then you may go on ahead and up the stairs, ….door on the…"
With that he made his way to where he was told, heading up the stairs and reaching the door where the directions were given. There was little time to wait and knocking wasn't something he was going to do. Bravely, he twisted the doorknob and bursted into the room. "My name is Shippodoku Konsatsu. Have you seen my brother!"

She doesn't understand what it is about this place. So many interruptions. Grumble, grumble. Itami, lifting her head from looking down at the drawing she was working on stared blankly at the young boy who asked about his brother. Her lips curled into a slight frown before she went back to work on her picture saying, "I have seen him, yes. Why do you seem so bent on finding him? Could you not have done that without trying to break the door off its hinges?" She wondered while sketching in the remainder of her picture with shadows. She'd been working on it since her last meeting earlier with someone else.
"Why don't you help yourself to some water? There's an extra cup here and the pitcher is still filled with cold water. You look like you need it."

It was a woman coloring who had responsed to his question. It wasn't exactly what the boy had expected and yet, he couldn't help but be surprised when she mention having seen him. Konsatsu lowered his hood, revealing his tanned feature, jet black eyes and hair. "You have seen him? You know who I speak of?" He hadn't figured the search would end so quickly, but was happy that it wasn't going to take him long now. "Because he is my brother of course." A raised eyebrow would follow the statement, wondering why she would feel to protect his brother so.
"I do not seek to harm him if that is what you inquire about. It's just been a very long time since I've last seen him when he went off to the academy several years ago."
The boy then found himself licking his lips, not realizing how thirsty he was until it being offered. "Uh, thank you." Konsatsu made his way over toward the water, grabbing the pitcher and filling up the cup before taking a drink. It was indeed cold and brought a refreshed feeling to him.

"I have and I do." Itami responded simply to Konsatsu's questions. When he mentions the other Shippodoku being his brother, she paused for a few moments before resuming her work. "Well, that's nice to know." She finished up on the shadows and used her fingers to brush away excess charcoal.
She blows on the sheet of paper and pushes it aside, her work finished. Sunagakure at Sunrise. When he drew closer, she took the time to map out his features. She could see the resemblance. "Do you like the water? It's fresh and crisp." She said while using her glass of water as a means to rid her fingers of the dark charcoal at her fingertips.

Konsatsu smiled after his first drink, turning his attention to the drawing that was pushed aside. "It's very lovely." He said softly and intentionally before looking back to the woman. "So, about my brother?" It almost seemed as if she was trying to change the subject, though it may have been inadvertent, he wasn't going to let it go that easy. "I would very much like to see him. I'm sure if he knew I was looking for him, he'd want to see me too." The latter not necessarily true as he wasn't ever clear on how his brother felt about him since the last time they saw each other. The boy would take another drink of the water before placing it on the table and looking quizzically at the woman.

"Thank you." Itami smiled. "So, your brother…" She leaned back in her seat to relax. "Well, he's around. Usually isolated somewhere or underground. I could try to locate him for you or have him summoned here at a later time for you to speak with him?" She inquires. "He hasn't been around here, so I can't say where he is for certain." She admits. "Your people tend to be loners, so…"

That sure wasn't much to go on. Konsatsu was expecing more of an exact location, but he guesses it can't be helped really. What the woman speaks of was at least true, the Shippodoku tend to stick to themselves. "I don't think summoning him is needed, but if you run into him before I do, could you let him know I'm around?" The boys eyes were wide with anticipation and hope. He was so close to finding his brother, it seemed like he was waiting just around the corner.
He then leaned back, reaching for the hood and pulling it back over his head. Feeling that the need to appeal to the womans softer side, if there was one, was over. "What can you tell me about the state of Sunagakure? I have recently graduated and am now a genin. Are there teams about or missions I would be able to help with? Perhaps even a solo contract I can take on?"

"Certainly." Itami offers to Konsatsu in regards to notification. "As for your recent graduation, I congratulate you." She nods. "There are teams and missions that you will be able to help with. These things are commissioned all the time and need acting upon." She explains. "Solo contracts are typically reserved for ninja of higher ranks as those are usually diplomatic in nature or dangerous. Once you've grown in ability, perhaps you may have some of your own. At this time, you will be taking D ranks at best and possibly C from time to time."

Konsatsu pondered for a moment, if the woman was underestimating his skill level simply based on him only graduating from the academy. This woman was only a figure head and artist at best, who is she to cast judgement. If he had his weapon with him, things might be different…right? He let it go, deciding it best to simply agree, "That makes some sense I guess. Are there any groups currently about to take on a mission awaiting a third to join? I am available on a moments notice." The boy didn't want to wait any further, every moment he isn't training and improving, his brother is advancing far ahead of him with his genius born aptitude for learning.

Itami hums. "Actually, there is. There will be groups moving out towards Konoha soon to render aid and help them. This means protecting caravans, providing medical services, moving bodies, etc. It does not mean fighting unless absolutely necessary." She states with sternness in her tone. She couldn't have them going out to fight and ignoring their objectives. "I imagine you'd like to join, yes? Well, consider yourself signed already if you do. The groups will be moving out within the week, so be sure to report to the posts settled around the village for more instruction."

The boy nodded under his hood, "No matter the mission, I would like to be a part of it. I know that I may seem inexperienced, but I will not let my team or the mission down. I can guarantee it." There was a bit of arrogance when he spoke, something that he couldn't help. Knowing now more then he did when he came, it wasn't exactly what he wanted, but the new leads were more then enough to get by on to continue looking for his brother and with the possibilities of missions, he was sure to at least get where he wanted. "Thank you for your time and information…." He hadn't managed to catch her name and would have to remember to grab it next time the two met. "I should be on my way though now. Until next time." A quick bow would be given before turning and heading out the door that was closed behind him.

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