The Search - Meeting the Blades Pt. 2


Luna (emitter), Odo

Date: Unknown (log received August 1, 2012)


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"The Search - Meeting the Blades Pt. 2"

Unknown location

The trip to the fortress of the blades was a little longer than one would expect, the trip had pitted them out against the elements of the snow top mountains, and eventually disappearing within the mountain itself, a tunneling corridor which seemed to stretch on for ages and ages, there wasn't any source of light, just a simple torch held in the womans hand as she quietly moved along, her armor clicking quietly with each step, and her hair, simple not visible with the helmet snug over her head, she was a full fledged Samurai or so it seemed. " There will be no turning back after we exit this tunnel system… The only way out is forward," The woman informed him, making sure he was willing to go along with this, even if he had a change of heart it wouldn't change anything, Odo was doomed.

In the back of Odo's mind he was reeling. Second guessing himself and his abilities. Doom wasn't something that came lightly to his heart and mind. If anything, it made his heart race, but he tried his best to calm himself, which just made him go quiet in thought, not answering her comment verbally, only continuing on and not complaining through the torrential trek to, as the situation might dictate, Odo's peril.
It was a while before he spoke a word to her past answering any questions with a yes or no, and most of them he didn't answer or evaded with telling her he didn't want to talk about anything. his first words to her were formed into a question. "Why did you think I wanted to join The Blades at all?"

"I don't know anything about you… Other than the fact that you seem to make due with your own blade, But i will save the conversation for another time, we are almost there…" Her tone fades away and soon enough they find themselves along the other side of the mountain, facing the reaches of the northern sea. The village itself is hidden within the mountain itself, trees and hills obscure it from general view, and the mountain itself was high enough to make anyone that might try to traverse the area by sea almost suicidal.
"Welcome to our enclave," The woman greets while moving along, strolling through the rocky path until they are hidden within the tree base, where the village was deeply enrooted. Numerous amount of armored swordsman patroled the area, all masked in one form or another, their armor was much ligher than what the woman had been wearing, a few onlookers bowed their heads and stared, gazing at the outsider, some with discontempt and others with curiosity and wonder. " We will be heading right to the village center… There has already been preperations of your arrival… Believe it or not we have been expecting you, so don't be weirded out," her voice was very stern, yet carried on a hint of grace, she was a strong woman.

Odo sighed with a little white cloud expersing from his mouth, "See… that's the kind of stuff I'm talking about.. -someone- was expecting me. You just don't want to tell me who or how." Odo followed, and narrowed his eyes, "Maybe it's a good thing I brought my own mask. If you don't mind," he reaches into the sleeve of his cloak that he pulled from his pack and threw it over his shoulders, and just as quickly he pulled a white mask out of the sleeve, which was alabaster white and simple in design, with a rounded shape and no facial features other than a horizontal slit for the eyes that's about a quarter of an inch in width. Odo holds it in front of him, ready to don it when he asks, "Or would someone attack me as soon as they see I'm wearing one that's not congruent with all others here?"

"You will most likely die, because even though we wear masks we know very well who eachother are, donning that mask will be blatant disrespect towards our clan, and will prove you have hidden intentions, well do you?" Hoshi was straight to the point, keeping her step, they moved along the trail which lead to to a massive wooden estate, it it was grand mansion, perhaps a place build for hundreds, and they were only nearing closer. To each side of them there were swordsmen training, slashing at wooded posts, some of them sparring against one another, each of them all equally skilled, quick, sharp, precise it was a realm where skill was focused on honning the blade rather than dabbing in ninjutsu. "We are almost there, it will be best for you to act as respectful as possible…"

"And if it means I'm being respectful as to think I have no identity until I finish the trials and become one of The Blades? There's two sides to every coin, even if they are both heads." Odo returned the mask to his sleeve, it dissappeared beneath the folds of the cloak, and he just continued to walk with her, watching the sides of the road where many trained, trying to take in their style and form. If these guys are already a part of the group, then I know where I stand among them. Or how to easier make it through this thing with my skin intact. He remained quiet until he was asked a direct question or directly addressed.

As they reached the entrance of the main courtyard suddenly Hoshi stopped. They were greeted with a large enoturage of guards off to the sides, standing as still as possible, garbed in their light armor and blades rested within their sheath, finally a Man began to walk out from the mansion, he was an olderman, a long beard and surprisingly enough, a full set of hair on his head, snow white, he was of a hefty build though, obviously quite healthy and certainly much taller than Odo, the man peered at him for a moment, crossing her arms along one anothe while his Hakama bellowed in the wind, "Hoshi-hime? What is the meaning of this? You said you would bring a true swordsman to rise amongst us, yet you bring a mere boy…" There was a hint of irritation in the mans voice and he raises his hand, The guards around begin to form a slightly aggressive stance.
"He isn't just a boy! This is the one we have been watching!" She exclaims, she too seems to be a little bit tense, uneasy by the mans presence, still the man motioned forward, taking a good look at odo and finally he asks. " Who are you? Boy?"

Odo raised his head to look up at the man as he only tried to look forward. It was apparent Odo was slightly unnerved in the presence of the tall man, but when he was spoken to, Odo spoke clearly and assuredly. "I am.. Reizei Ogosokamaru. The White Blur." Half of his insides went 'OH YEAH SO BADASS I AM!' and the other half was weeping just screaming 'oh god I'm so cheesy! Couldn't have thought of a dumber nickname for myself!' As one thought rejoiced and the other wept, he stood there staring up at the man, waiting with eyes a little lidded, trying to keep that confidence about himself and not freak out.

"The White Blur you say?" The man took a brief glance at Odo, sizing him up and finally he pointed towards Hoshi. " Step aside, now," He ordered her, and though there was a confused look on her face, it was barely visible with the faceguard, "Takada," He pointed out to one of the guards, his own armor was quite heavy, and with a firm stance he motioned the man to come forth. " Kill this man, spill this liar's blood against the foundation of our sacred grounds!" With that the man took a step back, and finally Takada began to make way onto the center stage, his blade was long since drawn.
"What do you mean kill him? I followed your orders exactly?!" Hoshi exclaimed, though with a single finger to the old mans lips she quieted down. "Draw your blade!" Takada suddenly exclaims to Odo, hastefully he bows in respects, perhaps a common gesture of the clan but for now he was destined to slay that man.

COMBAT: Luna finishes her turn.
COMBAT: It is now Odo's turn.

Odo clears his throat, and looks from Hoshi with a 'oh great, what did you get me into?' look, then to the tall man, and now to his opponent. "So, he'll kill me if I don't kill him first?" A look to the tall man and the impending affirmation, and Odo draws a tanto from under the back of his cloak. He didn't care if the rest of them laughed at him, he wielded it upside down, pointing outward, and didn't change his stance as of yet, looking right at Takada. "Your feet determine your movements with that heavy armor on. Be quick." And Odo tightened his grip on his tanto, and his other arm moved to behind the small of his back, the cloak ruffling as it flowed in the slight breeze.

COMBAT: Odo finishes his turn.
COMBAT: It is now Luna's turn.

There was no comment from the tall man, instead he just watched, if anything he seemed to be interested in just what the fight might bring, her grinned and nodded to Takada who then didn't say a word, his heavy set armor seemd to guide him to be as quick as a flying bullet, in a mere instance he went from a few meters away to right infront of Odo, his blade sliced cleanly in the air in a single double combo, a blade aimed from Odo's shoulder to his waist, and once again along the opposite side, his armor clicked, hands curled along his katana blade, he didn't move a muscle, only planning to see just what sort of counter attack might be instore for him…

COMBAT: Luna attacks Odo with DOUBLE-SLASH…25
COMBAT: Luna finishes her turn.
COMBAT: It is now Odo's turn.
COMBAT: Luna attacks you with DOUBLE-SLASH and rolls a 25. Action?
COMBAT: That attack cannot be used as a counter.
COMBAT: Odo defends against DOUBLE-SLASH(25) attack from Luna with a DODGE…31
COMBAT: Odo wins the roll.
COMBAT: There are no more attacks for you to defend against.

Odo merely flashed from one spot to another. A small cloud of dust rose up from where he was, and once his foot touched the floor behind Takada, Odo leapt towards him with a thrust of the tanto at his side, aiming for one of the chinks in his armor, hoping to get through. And, if that was dodged or blocked, the hand behind his back pulled his straight-bladed sword from behind him, aimed at Takada's other side, thrusting upward at an angle to go between the leg armor and the waistband 'armor skirt' that was a common opening in samurai armor.

COMBAT: No target found.
COMBAT: Odo attacks Luna with DUAL-BLADE…57
COMBAT: Odo finishes his turn.
COMBAT: It is now Luna's turn.
COMBAT: Luna defends against DUAL-BLADE(57) attack from Odo with a WEAPON-BLOCK-III…51
COMBAT: Luna loses the roll and sustains 336 damage.

There wasn't much penetration, especially once the blade had been slightly deflected from its main trajectory, Odo's blade scraped along side the armoured man, though it certainly applied some sort of hinderance, "Don't you mock me you fool!" Takada goes on, he rushes his blade forth once again in a neat flourish, it seemed like Odo wasn't trying but Takada was aiming to push him, well to kill him as well. His blade swept through the air, a this time the blade was in a furry of 6 diligent strikes, cleaving, stabing into Odo's flesh, tearing him from his torso, with Odo not very much armoured it would prove to be an easy task, and perhaps excite the battle a little further as everyone watched, a single battle between blade and…commoner.

COMBAT: Luna attacks Odo with TRIPLE-SLASH…43
COMBAT: Luna attacks Odo with TRIPLE-SLASH…34
COMBAT: Luna finishes her turn.
COMBAT: It is now Odo's turn.
COMBAT: Luna attacks you with TRIPLE-SLASH and rolls a 43. Action?
COMBAT: Odo defends against TRIPLE-SLASH(43) attack from Luna with a DODGE-II…37
COMBAT: Odo loses the roll and sustains 421 damage.
COMBAT: Luna attacks you with TRIPLE-SLASH and rolls a 34. Action?
COMBAT: Odo counters against a TRIPLE-SLASH(34) attack from Luna with a LIGHT-SPEED-SWORD…59
COMBAT: Luna loses the roll and sustains 1724 damage.
COMBAT: There are no more attacks for you to defend against.

Unsurprising to many watching, the first couple of attacks got to Odo as he maneuvered around them, and Odo saw quickly that this fight would not end well if he didn't finish it quickly. As he got out of the way of the third through fifth of strikes, blood seeping into his white cloak, giving it a red blotch on the right side of the torso, and before the last strike was coming for Odo, time seemed to slow down around him, but to everyone else, it was an instant.
Beneath Takada's sword Odo ducked, and leapt upward with such pressure, the ground beneath his foot pushing off might even have cracked, and his sword would find it's mark this time, likely through the armor that protected his opponent. "Gomenesai.." Odo whispered as he landed on the wall above one of the lines of Guards, looking down at his opponent, and he crouched, and leapt once more, sending a crashing sound out from where his blade streaked through the air, landing in the same spot from whence he just left from the ground, his sword aimed for the back of Takada's neck.

COMBAT: No target found.
COMBAT: Odo attacks Luna with THUNDERCLAP-STRIKE…49
COMBAT: Odo finishes his turn.
COMBAT: It is now Luna's turn.
COMBAT: Luna defends against THUNDERCLAP-STRIKE(49) attack from Odo with a MOONSAULT…39
COMBAT: Luna loses the roll and sustains 794 damage.

An onslaught of attacks, blood dripped and flooded through the area suddenly, Takada's armor was completely oblitered revealing his young face, and brown hair falling infront of his face, it all seemed to happen in a matter of seconds until Odo's next strike, honing in directly on him with a loud clap the Taller gentlement stepped in, his blade, vibrating with electricity as he slammed it into a parry On Odo's blade, barely about to keep it back while Odo's blade still seemed to push the man's blade back, dipping into Takada's armor, he fell to the ground, bleeding in a mess as the taller man began to rise back to a stand, his blade emitting with lightning chakra, " So you are him, or at least a smaller version of him, how did you hear about the Blades? Odo-kun?" The man asks curiously, arching an eyebrow as he showed a wide grin. " Lower your weapons! Tend to Takada-san, You…and you," He points to both Hoshi and Odo, and finally begins to head back into his estate. "Come with me,"

COMBAT: It is now Odo's turn.
RP: Luna leaves the roleplay.

Odo looked up at the tall man who just blocked his strike, that last push putting hsi balde barely into Takada's armor, and pulled his blade to the side as he stepped back, causing the lightning energy to spark off a bit, and sheathed his blade behind his neck in it's sheath under his cloak. He looks at Hoshi, but no grin, no little wink or anything. He wasn't happy about this little test.
Without looking back up to the tall man's face, he started talking to him while looking still at Hoshi, "A single mention of the name over a decade ago in a story about my grandfather, and lots of searching since then." He wasn't happy about this, and apparently at this point he wasn't caring about Hoshi's reaction to the tall man's order for Takada to kill Odo. Apparently he blamed her for this current situation. But if the taller man went, he would follow.

RP: Odo leaves the roleplay.

"If you are certainly his descendant then perhaps there will be hope for you yet in this village," The man speaks, after awhile taking a seat in a long armchair, resting his legs and placing his lightning blade off to the side. " Its been many years since anyone has had the audacity to seek us out, and actually survive our tests, Ogo was actually one of the first to do so, or was it the most talented?" He grinned slightly while peering over at Hoshi, " We aren't in a battle field," he joked and finally she began to at least release her helmet, pulling it off and finally long caramel locks fall down her cheeks and back," She sighed and simply shook her head. " You took it too far this time father… Takada didn't deserve that, that was absolutely humiliating," she spoke up, certainly out of turn but he father didn't seem to mind, he shrugged off the comment with a wave of his hand. " What are you here for boy? If you are indeed that mans Grandchild our knowledge has been undoubtly already passed down to you already, or perhaps you are here for something else? A Challenge? A goal?"

Odo listens and watches as they converse, and the only thing that takes his eyes off of Hoshi as she revealed herself was the man's final questions. Odo thought for a moment, and breathed heavily. "My brother killed our father in a conspiracy to force the Reizei clan to join ranks of Kumogakure during the formation of the Hidden villages. I aim to right that, or at minimum, repay the favor my father recieved from his own flesh and blood. I seek experience enough to kill him outright and bring out the truth of my father's murder." A look to Hoshi for a moment, like he wanted to say something, but he didn't and returns his gaze to the tall man.

"Justice is what you want?" The man arched an eyebrow and leand back against his chair, " I see i see…But it seems you already have experience," He yawned briefly and finally began to rise to a stand, finally his eyes turned on Odo quite seriously. " We can't help…You until you passed the same trials your grandfather had walked, we need someone that can help us as well, but only the strongest, most formidble warriors are accepted, I'm sure Hoshi-hime has told you the risk of failure is death, but no not by my blade," with a pause he bowed her head slightly, " You are here because you have accepted these arrangements, so then we will proceed.. You shall embark on the trials of the blades, starting tomorrow fresh in the morning… If you are ready then you had no need to prepare for it, Hoshi will show you to your room here in the mansion,"

Odo breathed deeply, and nodded. "Yes, she did. Though, I have to say, when I succeed I will accomodate your needs of my services until we are agreed I have earned enough of your trust to help me with my own endeavors." He turns towards Hoshi, now done talking to the old man, and stands there staring at her without realizing it, waiting for her to tell or show him where to go. Without thinking, he says lowly, "..Hohime-chan.." Then a flash of memory of the girl Odo was courting in the most traditional sense, even including the tea ceremony, meeting her parents before they even started courting, and the terrible death of the girl who had his heart, and the nephew of the Diamyo that Odo challenged to a death-duel, and took his life in raged vengeance. Now, Odo is there just looking at Hoshi with some far-off gaze that was only intended for a girl he knows it long gone from the world of the living.

"Its not good to day dream," Hoshi suddenly speaks to him, as if she was trying to break off his gaze, an urge to punch him, him the gut or something she was still irritated, pissed off that Odo had taken things a little too far, yet still she reached out for his arm, clutching against it tightly to pull him along. "We need to go," She commanded and hopefully dragged him along to the far end of the mansion. " This will be your room…. You need to rest well if you seek to survive these trials, even our own members don't participate in these…" Hoshi states, though finally letting him go, she sighs and moves off. " Good luck to you…."

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