The Seven Tails: Reclaimed


Rockpath (emitter), Hiei, Michiko, Furoo, Sakuya, Hanami, Tachikiru, Jon, Hige, Soren

Date: August 21, 2015


Kumogakure sends out its forces to capture Chomei, the Shichibi.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Seven Tails: Reclaimed"

Land of Lightning

Three months ago, the seven tails had left the body of the dead host, unable to be recaptured. Due to the host's death, it required time for reformation, which meant Kumogakure was constantly sending out shinobi to search for the Tailed Beast. They did not want to lose that which made them equal to the other villages in power… Even if the next host would have to be trained from the ground up. For the three months that passed, there was little word of any sightings, but then… It was very obvious where Chomei had appeared.
Far to the west of Kumogakure within miles of the border of the Land of Lightning, villages were getting destroyed by a giant insect that could only be the Shichibi. Those that were sent to find the chakra beast wrote immediate to the Raikage, telling him to bring what was needed, a lot of strong shinobi, and as much courage as he can. Chomei wasn't its normal happy-go-lucky self after waking up in a new place.

COMBAT: Chomei focuses 7840 stamina to turn it into 12000 usable chakra!

When the word had come in, Hiei had wasted no time. He had enlisted the aid of anyone who was willing to come, no matter what village they were from..within reason, of course. He'd had feelers out in the field the week after Hisomu's death. He was determined not to let Chomei get away, nor allow it to wreak havoc on the Land of Lightning. It was time to subdue the beast, and he had brought the special jar for keeping bijuu which he had entrusted to Michiko for the time being. With a team of shinobi at his back, he has arrived in the area where the beast was last reported to be seen. Hiei himself was dressed differently than normal. His matte black body armor covered almost every inch of him, even covering up the lower part of his face with a black mesh type material. His swords were belted on at his waist and his hair was tied back into a ponytail. He was ready for this.
He cants his head forwards slightly, using his senses to attempt to get a feel of where the beast might be. He rolls his shoulders as small sparks of lightning spark along his arms as he prepares his body for combat. Lifting his head, he turns towards the group that had come with him. He hoped they were prepared. This would not be an easy task.

COMBAT: Hiei focuses 4324 stamina to turn it into 6200 usable chakra!

Michiko comes dressed in her KRD outfit, including all but the mask that would cover her face. The girl was more than ready to take back Chomei, and she had grabbed a few seal masters as well as the special item that Kumogakure had so that the shinobi could actually capture it once it was downed. She glances back to the shinobi behind her, making sure they're all ready. "Remember, the moment that the beast goes down, let the seal masters do their work. If the Shichibi breaks free, protect them as best you can." With those instructions, she focuses her chakra to prepare for the battle.

COMBAT: Michiko focuses 7425 stamina to turn it into 10000 usable chakra!

"Now, now this is what I'm talking about." Furoo grins as she appears on the top of a boulder idly spinning her staff around her body, moving it this way and that as she idly moved it about, "A proper bit of fun." She chuckles and nods her head, "I might even pull out a stop or two." She chuckles and drops the butt of the staff on to the boulder and leans on it, "Not all the stops mind you. That'd be excessive but perhaps one or two." She grins over at Hiei and then looks forward, "You look pretty serious, Raikage-Sama. You think this might actually be a bit of fun?" She chuckles and then looks forward. As Michiko speaks, her tongue grinds against her upper teeth as she slides it out and chuckles before pulling it back, "You got it."

COMBAT: Furoo focuses 2759 stamina to turn it into 3150 usable chakra!

Sakuya is along for the ride mostly for support and communications, that she assumes. After all, she is likely the only genin accompanying the mission party. Her presence here is as a representative of team shield, and thus she is on her best behavior. This was, after all, Hisomu's legacy she was becoming a part of. That alone made it more than worth the danger, even if she was not to see the beast directly.
Sakuya brings up the rear, as she begins to focus herself for what she believes is the best use of her abilities. Tracking and communicating orders and information over distances in a silent way. From her kimono, her nin-snake Zuzu rises, assisting her senses as she acts as a detection unit… Not entirely different from another individual joining this squad. "Zuzu-chan. Do you feel it?" She asks her nin-snake in a quiet voice. "They are all tense because of the target." Her tongue flicks out as she kisses her snake on the side of it's head. "Even the strong shinobi are quaking."

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Hanami heard the Raikage's call for volunteers to capture Chomei. She hesitated at first. It wasn't like she figured she'd be able to square off against a Tailed Beast or anything! And yet…it would be an important mission and everyone who could would be needed. So she gets her gear and after making sure her wolf was okay, admittedly considering bringing him for a ride but passing, she bolts. After joining the group and heading out she keeps up easily enough. Once at the site she looks around before focusing and casting her senses out on the wind to see what she could get. Sadly her sensor training wasn't as far along as she had hoped or else she could probably do much better. Then again who knows, he is a big chakra beast.

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Though Tachikiru had been trained extensively, it was mostly spent playing catch up as he'd spent most of his life as a villager outside of Kumogakure in a small rural community. He has earned the rank of Chuunin, but only somewhat recently and due to the references withi nthe Saito wanting to push the boy and see where his limits would be given his performance other wise. Unfortunately, this meant that while he'd served as a shinobi for a few years now, he was far from the most experienced. His task today was one that could easily get him killed, but he was here to serve under the Raikage himself for the first time. His sucess or failure within the Saito community, as well as life or death would depend on his actions this day. No pressure.
Regardless of the intensity of the situation personally and career wise for him, Tachikiru would approach this with a stoicism befitting his clan, at least before the bijuu-damas start flying. He was far from a personal guard, more a conscripted soldier in this who would be assigned where ever it was deemed appropriate. All that he could do was focus on his training, and the task that he was given. The hope of his clan was that in doing these things, he would not lose sight of the heart of his clan and their purpose. Could he hold such standards on the battlefield as well as he could in the class room or on far less strenuous missions? It was to be seen. AS Michiko gives the general instructions, all that Tachikiru would reply with is "Hai."

Jon moves along silently with the rest of the group. Silently includes not hosting a gabbling crow, because Scruvo isn't along for this little joyride. His primary use to Jon is for scouting, and it's not exactly hard to find a giant chakra beast. e.e Hence, the crow is staying far away from the danger zone, although it took some convincing to keep him from following at a distance. Besides worrying for Jon, the thought of a giant insect was tempting for him to see. Just imagine how long it could keep a hungry bird stuffed! :D But Jon managed to make him see that he'd be in danger of becoming a snack if he went anywhere near. e.e
And yet, there seems to be somebody here who actually fills in for Scruvo a bit. Jon considers tapping Furoo on the back of the head with his rod, but decides she's not quite enough of a child for that to be appropriate. "Is that just bravado, or do you seriously not realize how dangerous this assignment is?"

RPCOMBAT: Jon defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…56

By a stroke of luck Hige had yet to return to Konoha by only a day when he'd heard that the bijuu had been spotted. As such he had of course offered his services to help out however he could. He and Konsho are there with their Konoha hitai-ate but no other signifiers as to who they were. The Inuzuka part should be easy enough at the very least, but he brought with him to Kumo nothing to denote rank. Not really a problem considering he was fully under Hiei's command for this mission without the slightest question or hesitation.
The boy and near five foot pup are using their enhanced senses to search for the tailed beast in an effort to recognize and warn others when they get close. Plus the faster they arrive the less damage will be caused so finding it quickly is key.

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Soren sighed. He wasn't particularly happy about what was about to happen. But he was here because it needed to happen. For the protection of the people. He sighed just a little, as he stepped onto the battlefield. Today, Ayame did not ride on his shoulder, nor did she stand by his side. Instead, an even -smaller- fox pup rode on his shoulder. She whispered in his ear, something quiet, but just as quickly as she started, he nodded, and he focused, both of them readying themselves. He was warned that this would be difficult, so he's already decided to take this seriously from the getgo.

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In front of the group of shinobi, they would see a wide swath of destruction once they traveled close enough. A huge towering beast - a huge bug, even. The insect had six wings on its back, though it didn't leave the ground as it just traveled overland. They seemed to hum and vibrate the air, but the shinobi group were /at least/ a mile from the large insect. Chomei suddenly spat out a bit of acid, and it melted part of the sparse forest that was present. People were screaming in terror as their homes were destroyed, scattering and trying to save what they could from the destruction. It was pure chaos. The only blessing, if it could be considered such, was that these lands were far from Kumogakure. They also didn't hold many people, but it held enough that the shinobi would need to work to round everyone up and keep them safe.

Hiei eyes the destruction with a calculated eye. When Furoo speaks to him, all he does his flick his gaze over to her slightly before looking back at the beast itself. He begins to walk forwards, giving out orders as he speaks. "Hanami, Sakuya, Tachikiru. Keep an eye on the civilians. Keep them away from the battle area, and try to stop the devastation as best you can. I'm counting on you." He points, "Jon, Hige, and Ryouji. You're with me. We've got to get it's attention and make sure that it focuses on us the most." He points, "Michiko, Soren, Furoo. While we distract it, hit it from behind." He rolls his shoulders again. "Remember, our goal is to weaken it so that it can be sealed. Not destroy it. Anyone decide to go against this can come see me later, and I will not be in a forgiving mood." With that said, he moves to walk towards the large beast, seemingly not in a very big hurry as he goes.

Michiko didn't even need to use her tremor sense to know how far away this destruction was happening. She /did/ use it to figure out just who all was fleeing their villages, doing a quick scan of the area and making sure ther- sigh, of course. "Tachikiru-san, lead the two genin to the village. There are still people down there. And make sure to keep the other civilians away. Soren-san, Furoo-San, let's go. Travel quickly." She waits for the two she's working with to give a nod, then she sets off, aiming to skirt around the huge beast as she steadily draws closer.

A grin at Jon and she chuckles, "I know just how dangerous this assignment is." She then grins as she looks forward and chuckles a little, though there's a sinister nature to the chuckle. Her voice going a little bit higher pitched as she speaks, "That's what makes it exciting." She then glances over to Hige when he speaks, "Aww, and here I was hoping to test its speed to start." She chuckles, "Pretty sure we won't go unnoticed for long." She then nods to Michiko, "Hmm, maybe just maybe I might really kick this up." She then seems to shimmer slightly in a way. Almost as if the outline of her form become harder to define before she disappears off after Michiko, quite literaly.

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"Hai, Michiko-sensei." She says with a nod, as she quickly finds herself moving towards the only person she obviously knows, which was Hanami. When she approaches, she doesn't garner the usual care-free attitude she cares. "Hanami-san, ganbatte." She says, with a nod. "I am not a great fighter like you, but I will support you the best I can." She says as she gives a bow. She keeps far quieter than usual, given the gravity of the situation. She has no idea who Tachikiru is, sadly.

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Hanami eyes the beast, can't even lie that it scares her some, so big! It was her first time seeing a Tailed Beast in full form, daunting. But the fleeing villagers have her attention next and she didn't even need Hiei's orders to know where she was going. More destruction… She shakes her head at the thought and focuses, nodding to Hiei, "It'll be done sir." She waves Sakuya on with a smile, "No worries Sakuya, you'll do fine. We'll get those villagers to safety don't worry. Just don't draw its attention to yourself." She looks for Tachikiru, not sure who he is herself but the others had indicated him. Upon sighting she heads that way, "Okay, so got a plan?" As she does she tries uses her senses to pinpoint the villagers so they knew how many they needed to account for.

RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…39

Tachikiru's attention snaps to Hiei as he begins to lay out the strategy, listening particularly to his role, but also trying to keep apprised of the rest of the orders as well. It seemed he would be part of the force responsible for evacuating the civilians and keeping them safe during the coming storm. After Michiko would elaborate on that squad make up and tactics, "Hai." would once again be his seemingly cold reply. He would remove his bow from his back, slinging it from his shoulder in to his grip to have it at the ready. Maintaining distance seemed to be the order of the day, so during the approach he would go in ranged. He noted that he would be joined by Hanami and Sakuya in this, and that the rest were preparing for a more direct confrontation. Cover fire, even as little as he could muster, may become necessary in either case.
Looking to both Hanami and Sakuya Tachikiru would simply state, "With me." As he'd begin to move as rapidly as he could on foot. From what he could tell from the brief showing of capabilities, Hanami was likely the member with the best senses of this smaller group. "Hanami, please attempt to locate the civilians as we approach and relay that information. Sakuya, if there are any particular isolated pockets, we may need to split up. Would you be be able to help rally them to our position as we make our strategic retreat?" He had to ask as he simply did not know of her capabilities. "I will send up a signal so that you do not lose Hanami and I and so that the vanguard will know where we are holding our defense at. Still, try not to get too seperated, if we have to go out that far to get more civilians, regroup and we'll go back out together." Any trepidations he had with his first command as well as a battle agaisnt a Bijuu were suppressed under the armor of stioc duty regardless of how shaken he may truly be… at least for now.

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Jon quirks a brow slightly at Furoo's manner. It's tempting to think 'crazy Reizei', but that would be counterproductive to reducing the tension between their clans. -.- Also, while a lot of the Reizei Jon has met do have a bit of a prideful streak, he doesn't recall any that displayed a taste for danger like that. So, yeah, she's crazy, and she's a Reizei, but those are largely unrelated facts. e.e
Jon falls in behind Hiei. He furrows his brow as they move. "I think we've got some competition. I sense some fairly strong chakra nearby. Y'know, besides the Shichibi, and us." Well, it's go time anyway, so Jon flips open that little gate in his brain and floods it with augmenting chakra. That done, he starts gathering up his chakra for general use, and looks around for any clues about the other presence in the area. His technique doesn't make him see better per se, like one of those clans with special eyes, but details that would ordinarily be filtered out by a person's subconsciousness are processed more fully by Jon's overclocked brain. The contours of the trees some distance away are bent a bit out of their natural shape, and from the pattern of the distortions… "Looks like they've got some very large nets stretched out amongst the trees. There are several groups of them."

Hige's gaze extends over the vast destruction with a frown. This was massive, much more than he'd hoped it would be. There was little to be done for it now however but to stop the beast before it did much more. When Hiei starts handing out orders he gives a small nod to the man, "You got it." That's all he has to say and, honestly, all he needs to. The boy reaches over to run a hand to scratch behind Konsho's ears while he lets his vision remain ahead, waiting for the word to move out.
As the others begin to split off he doesn't really watch them go, his other senses informing him of each departure regardless. "One death leads to all this," Hige says softly once the majority of others had left. It somehow made the event of Hisomu's death even that much sadder. As the others depart Hige finds himself missing Kenta's telepathic link. Sigh. It sure did make staying in touch a lot easier…alas.

Soren looked up at Hiei as he spoke, listening to the battleplan. Hiei's taking likely the three best fighters to go catch it's attention, while a smaller group goes to strike while it's distracted. Solid strategy. He nodded at the battleplan, before falling in with Michiko and Furoo. "Got it. Don't get dead, hear me sparky?" he says with a nod, and a small grin. "Michiko-kun. Furoo-san. Go ahead. I'll catch up. Emi and I need a moment." he says, as he drops to a knee, his eyes closing.
Emi nodded. "This is no time to be holding back. So Soren and I will not be." she says, closing her eyes, as the world fell away for the both of them, energy starting to flow, and Soren's features began to shift.


While a majority of the teams are out of the reach of Chomei, Tachikiru's team is heading right towards the seven-tails! The village itself is no longer standing, and there's a sort of poisonous mist about it after Chomei had launched a lot of destruction upon it. While the poison mist isn't lethal, it /is/ sort of bad to breath in. Hopefully Hanami, Sakuya, and Tachikiru are mindful of the poison mists!
In the meantime, Chomei continues to just destroy a lot of villages and the land itself. It comes with the 'I am a freaking huge insect and don't care where I step' territory, apparently… The teams remain undetected for now, which is a good thing. Those who are keeping a careful eye out would definitely see men… Men going /towards/ the Shichibi. With nets… Are they stupid?

Hiei leaps up into the trees and travels along it's branches, now hurrying towards the out of control bijuu. Spotting some people approaching with nets, he calls out, "Tachikiru, get those people away from there!" He leans up into the higher branches and forms a handseal. Lightning flows along his arm down to his finger tips as he points them at the bijuu. "Hey, Chomei. Over here! It's the guy that sealed you up the first time!" If that doesn't get it focused on him, nothing will. He zaps it with lightning just to get it's attention.

Michiko continues along with her team, not holding herself up for Soren since he said to go on without her. The girl and her team have to travel for five long minutes before they're finally looking right at Chomei's beating wings. If the team gets too close, they could end up toppling back from the strong gusts! Michiko keeps about a half-mile away from the Bijuu, looking back at her teammates to make sure they're still here. Once Soren joins them, she gives a nod. "Okay, as soon as Hiei-san and his team draw its attention, we'll start attacking as well. Got it?" she asks the pair. Upon affirmation, she would glance over to Chomei and see it already battling with Hiei and his group. This was going to be interesting… "Wait for a moment… Don't do anything quite yet," she instructs, wanting to make sure Chomei is fully engaged with the Raikage before they go in to do anything.

The whole time they are heading that way, Michiko will notice Furoo zipping past her from time to time, ending up ahead and looking toward the beast as they move. Even as Michiko passes her she disappears again, ending up further ahead, running her tongue along her lips. She chuckles, "This is finally going to really be a lot of fun." She then looks at Michiko in passing, "I really don't know about this?" She hmms and passes by Michiko again, "What do you think? Looks like a real blast, doesn't it?" She listens to Michiko once they get near, "Hehe, once we attack it's gonna get really returned, ya know that, right?" She grips her staff tight and grins.

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Sakuya wishes to make clear what her abilities are to the chuunin whom has taken command of their 3-man squad. "Tachikiru-san, I am a genjutsu user who excels in one-way communications. On your order, I can directly communicate to all individuals within a radius of approximately a half-mile and will communicate a message of your desire to the civilian populace within my reach." She says confidently. "Every half-mile, I will continue to communicate this message to anyone within our range in order to effectively cover any area you deem to be within the evacuation zone…" If that is acceptable, she would move her hands to the position to prepare the seal as she follows the squad leader as fast as she can. She keeps the genjutsu open, so that she can relay in Tachikiru's voice his commands to the villagers… All the while as she is making hand seals, she notices the incoming poison-fog and quickly jumps to the nearest tree to stay outside of it's zone. "Tch, you may need to make that message fast, before this poison reaches anyone nearby…"

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Hanami moves along with Tachikiru and Sakuya, giving him a nod, "Wont be easy with Chomei around. He's already washing things out as it is, but I'll continue trying." Looking as she listens to Sakuya, she sees the poison mist from the creature's breath rolling on them. Quickly she gathers the wind before her with her chakra and blasts it out but the mist apparently was too thick so instead, she just feels her insides burning. Lots of burning. She tries to shake it off, suffer later, help people now. So doing her best to get out of the worst of it she focuses her energy to locating people, catching a glimpse of the group with nets which admittedly seems rather stupid unless they're not just people with nets. She tries to fight through the pain and Chomei's daunting chakra.

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Tachikiru is given a redaction in his orders and a redirection in the same breathe by Hiei before he is out of ear shot. That is going to cause a slgiht complication, but nothing he cannot handle… he hopes. Considering the terrain and the way the Bijuu has been moving, as well as the forces sent to distract and contain it further, Tachikiru merely nods slowly before speaking directly to Sakuya once she has updated him on her talent. "Do so. Tell them to head to the valley a quater mile west of here. The winds and poison gases will pass over them there and they will have some cover as well. We have been redirected however… we need to stop those trying to capture the Bijuu." He would rather escort them and make sure they get to the area safely, but as long as they had common sense, covering their retreat should work out fine. "Let us begin." He would state calmly as he would observe how the, now targets with nets, would respond to the genjutsu message. He was prepared to fight and apprehend them if necessary, but hopefully they would cease their activities now that Kumogakure had arrived in force. Of course, the team has to survive just getting closer to the Bijuu themselves before they could rescue or defeat the trappers. Two of the members of the team are stricken by the fumes as they move through the area, though that should not stop them. Tachikiru slips his bow back on over his shoulder as he removes his spear instead, hoisting it with one arm as he squints his eyes, attempting to cover his mouth and nose as he coughs, continuing the pursuit as he yells out, "Kumogakure is here to subdue the beast. Retreat to cover as you have been instructed!"

Yayfun, time to throw big flashy attacks at a gigantic target. Jon prepares a thin disc of lightning chakra while Hiei makes the first attack, then hurls it at the Shichibi. With that accomplished, Jon prepares to make a hasty retreat — the gigantic target is almost certain to retaliate with disproportionate force, after all. X)

Hige looks to Konsho for a moment before the boy actually leaps up onto the pups back. Hige's fast when he's down on all fours, but Konsho is still faster, even carrying the small teen's weight. "Let's go. Keep up with Hiei the best you can," he whispers to the pup before they take off after the Raikage. They take the ground route, Konsho following below Hiei while Hige prepares to draw attention to themselves as well. The more places the bug has to look over here the better chance of keeping it distracted and from actually hitting someone. Hige's hand fills with lightning as does Konsho's muzzle. Together they release lightning needles towards the bug, hoping to garner it's attention without doing too much damage. Yet.

RP: Hige transforms into KONSHOS-BOND.

For those who would pay attention, Soren's features began to shift. Blue marks appeared on his cheeks, pairs of blue marks curving from his cheeks, under his eyes. Another blue Triangle forming from his forehead, and coming to it's point between his eyes, as red marks form under his eyes. His ears twitch, shifting to fox ears and shifting atop his head. His hands and feet become more clawed. His arms and legs both start to shift, the hairs turning black. His eyes start to glow gold, and very quickly, he grows a tail, a fox tail just a bit bigger than it should have been for him. He looked up, and immidiately dissapeared, a small tuft of smoke appearing where he once was, and so very swiftly, he had returned to Michiko and Furoo's side, emi firmly rooted, and still on his shoulder.
He looked between Michiko and Furoo, nodding slowly. "Got it. Just give me the go ahead." he says, summoning one of his favorite blades, and kneeling down into a 3 point stance, his sword at the ready. "Heh… fun isn't the word I'd use… but it'll be good to -really- stretch." he says. He couldn't help but grin just a little.

RP: Soren transforms into IMPERFECT-SAGE-MODE-KITSUNE.

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Chomei doesn't think it'd be challenged, so when Hiei sounds out his challenge, it turns slowly towards him, one of its legs being brought in front of it to block the assault of lightning. "YOU!" Sounded a very loud voice. It wasn't shouting, necessarily, but the sheer size of the Bijuu made its voice sound like it was amplified several times over, and it caused the ground to quake! "YOU'RE THE ONE WHO KEEPS LOCKING ME UP! I'M DONE WITH YOU, SHINOBI. YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING BUT MAKE ME STAY WITHIN UNHAPPY AND UNGRATEFUL /CHILDREN/." The seven-tails spits, and its poison flies right at Hiei and his group.
Those that were seeking to help villagers (namely Sakuya with her genjutsu) are able to start many panicked citizens heading away from the tailed beast if they weren't already. They weren't the ones to worry about, though. The men that intended to capture the seven-tails without the support of Kumogakure? Well, they should probably be dead by the end of this mission… A few of them hear Tachikiru's call to action, and they frown. They can't have- oh wait, Kumogakure already interfered… Well, they could stand back and let them at it! And then in the end, they could swoop in themselves. In the meantime, it was time to attack. They started throwing sticks at Tachikiru and Hanami as some of the more skilled ones formed handseals to send massive fireballs at the trio.

COMBAT: Hiei defends against POISONOUS-BREATH(58) attack from Chomei with a BLAZE-HAZE…41
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Hiei smirks at Chomei. "I would attempt to get you to see reason, bijuu. But I know that you're quite beyond that right now." He growls as the poison and acid eats through sections of his armor, causing the skin underneath to bubble up and swell. He'd definitely need a doctor after this. A lightning infused aura surrounds his body, the wind in the area picking up significantly simply from the chakra output that he gives off. "Now I see I'm going to have to show you why the two-tails fears me. And Matatabi isn't a little scrap like you." Hiei kicks off from the tree he was standing on, landing on the large body of the bijuu. His body flickers from pure speed as he makes his way up towards it's face before it seems like he is everywhere and nowhere all at once. There are multiple images of him as he performs feint after feint after feint until he figures he has the beast so confused that it can't tell where his real attack is coming from. Hiei aims for the large eye of the beast. "Come get back in your bottle like a good boy, or force me to thrash you."

RP: Hiei transforms into LIGHTNING-RELEASE-ARMOR.
RP: Michiko transforms into SIZZLE-IV.

Michiko hears Chomei… screech? Shout? Whatever the sound bugs make! Regardless, Chomei definitely sounded distracted. "I suppose my ears were just blasted off, so that works…" she mutters, flashing through hand seals. Soren gets a nod of greeting. "Alright. Let's start attacking in three…" Her chakra flares up. "Two…" A faint flickering of chakra around her body appears. "One…" And then the ground below Chomei turns into a swamp that threatens to drag the Bijuu down. Hopefully it works, or Michiko's team might be in trouble. The good news about this jutsu is that it could have come from any direction, though, so Michiko quickly says, "Don't give say our position. Strike from all sides."

A blink as she watches the thing up close, grinning as she watches it attack, "That just is awesome. I mean, I wouldn't want such a thing in me. That'd be like eating a bug." She chuckles and grins before watching it blast others, "Can't tell what is happening but this really ought to be fun." She waits for Michiko's signal and hten states, "I call left!" She declares and all but vanishes. Even as she races off to the left, she seems to disappear and reappear in various spots, such is the way she moves. She suddenly appears beside it, staff already midswing as she attempts to slam into the side of the thing before she'll spin around to attempt to plant a foot right in the side of the thing before she'll try to race off again, preparing for another assault that can only be seen as it strikes except by the quickest eyes.

COMBAT: Sakuya defends against GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE(22) attack from Rockpath with a DODGE…19
COMBAT: Sakuya loses the roll and sustains 293 damage.

Sakuya is still acting support. Zuzu, her nin-snake, is still not ready for direct combat and her taijutsu techniques have yet to be refined to a state needed for true testing. She can only act to provide first-aid to Hanami and Tachikiru if needed… as well as being a way to communicate to Hiei if Tachikiru wishes to report a success early. Unfortunately, this doesn't help that when the fireball surpasses her comrades, that she was between branches. She only had moments to raise her arms to block the attack before the force pushes her to the ground, down below. The sleeves of her outfit burned, she was able to at least say she was okay. Quickly jumping back onto her feet, she quickly dashes behind a nearby tree to attempt a supporting attack as she makes the appropriate seals, henging herself as a snake and slithering through the brush to remain hidden…

RP: Sakuya uses HENGE.
COMBAT Hanami is poisoned (3 rounds) and loses 50 health.
COMBAT: Hanami defends against GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE(18) attack from Rockpath with a WIND-DASH…21
COMBAT: Hanami defends against PHYSICAL-II(25) attack from Rockpath with a WIND-DASH…39
RP: Hanami transforms into BREEZE.

Hanami still can't get anything, Chomei's presence being too much. And on top of that, those people are attacking them? Clearly not just local villagers then. Fine, will just have to deal with them first. At least most of the villagers were clearing out which was good. And sure enough, they were attacking with…sticks and fireballs? Really? Gathering the wind to her she speeds off, twisting and darting around the fireball then ducking the sticks with ease. Her dodging brings her a little closer to the opponents as she then internalizes the wind chakra, infusing it into her being causing a faint stir around her feet. Pausing she inhales, casting out her breath mixed with chakra forming a spinning vortex to rush at the enemies with the hope of catching a couple in it, tearing up debris on its way to spin around and add extra damage. She follows it up by taking aim at one of the guys hopefully hit by the vortex and throws a wind chakram at them.

COMBAT Tachikiru is poisoned (3 rounds) and loses 59 health.
COMBAT: Tachikiru defends against GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE(15) attack from Rockpath with a DODGE…21
COMBAT: Tachikiru counters against a PHYSICAL-II(20) attack from Rockpath with a TRIPLE-SLASH…28

Furrowing his brow slightly, Tachikiru would shift his weight before leaping to the side and bounding off of a tree, gaining elevation over the fire ball that came towards him. As he decended upon one of the targets, he tosses his spear in to his left hand and drew his sword before he would slash away at the sticks being thrown at him, cutting them in twine with two blurring slashes as he landed, with a third, twisting the blade slightly to that the back of the blade was used instead of the true edge if possible in a non-lethal counter. He would follow up immediately however by resheathing his sword and sending the tsuba up towards the chin of his first target as well in order to knock him out, or perhaps some sense in to him.
Twirling his spear back in to his right handed grip, he would attempt to sweep low at the legs of one of the fire ball users, spinning with the momentum of that attempt to try and crack another one up-side the head, keeping the tip of his spear from being used as of yet. During all of this, Tachikiru tried to keep up with his team, noting that Sakuya was gonig to need a bit of support on the defensive end of things. This was a rough way to learn of your allies, but he would not fail them even if he lagged behind in properly keeping them safe up to this point. Hard lessons to be learned during this confrontation for the new Chuunin. He would grit his teeth in the shame of his lack of focus. The winds gusting about him and tearing throguh the enemy did help bring him back to the fight however.

COMBAT: Jon defends against POISONOUS-BREATH(56) attack from Rockpath with a RIDE-THE-LIGHTNING…76

Yup, disproportionate response, as expected. X) Jon disappears from his location, avoiding the acid bath. Several lightning snaps later, he reappears on one of the Shichibi's knee joints. Drawing his metal rod, Jon charges it with lightning chakra and swings it down with all his might. >.< Gotta go for the weak points when facing an adversary this much more powerful than you.

COMBAT: Hige defends against POISONOUS-BREATH(47) attack from Chomei with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE…58
RP: Hige transforms into KONSHO'S-HEART.

Konsho doesn't need to wait for Hige to spot the poison gas coming their way. The ninkin jumps up and over the gaseous cloud, landing on a nearby tree before vaulting forward again. "Alright Konsho, let's see what we might be able to help with here. At least an annoyance if nothing else…" Hige stands on Konsho while the pup is in the air before pushing off, then coming down in a lightning spinning dervish while Konsho does the same, moving upwards. They head right for the center mass to try and keep the creature even more busy while the others do their own thing.

Soren blinked as he heard the voice. "Wait… they talk?" he mumbled. He always thought it was like the ninken. They didn't -speak-… not the way we thought, but could still communicate. But that… that was a… seriously mind blown moment for him. "The more I learn, the less I know." he says with a grin. But that begs the question… could it be reasoned with? Maybe if it was detained. If they forced it to calm? And what was that about children? He shook his head. "Recycle it… ok…" he says with a shake of his head.
He squeezed his eyes for just a moment. "OK. Michi. When we get it a little weakened, I'mma try to detain it. See if we can't force it to calm, and talk it down from there. I know… I know… long shot… but…" he sighed… and shrugged. "Gotta try." There was that caring side of his showing again.
A moment later, he dissapears in a sudden tuft of smoke. Then he reappears below the Bijuu, and with a leap skyward that craters the ground, he flies up, trying to puncture wings, and limit the creatures mobility. He was a streak. A flash. A flowing lance of chakra, that flew skyward, before catching on the beast itself, and bouncing away, dissapearing in another tuft of kicked up dust, landing far off to the side and away from Michiko or Furoo.

COMBAT: Chomei defends against SWALLOW-RETURN(86) attack from Hiei with a BIJUU-CLOAK-EXTENSIONS…61
COMBAT: Chomei loses the roll and sustains 1565 damage.
COMBAT: Chomei defends against SWAMP-OF-THE-UNDERWORLD(95) attack from Michiko with a BIJUU-CHAKRA-BODY-SHEDDING…85
COMBAT: Chomei defends against BLUR-PHYSICAL(38) attack from Furoo with a BIJUU-TAIL-BLOCK…59
COMBAT: Chomei defends against BLUR-PHYSICAL(35) attack from Furoo with a BIJUU-TAIL-BLOCK…40
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against STEALTH(10) attack from Sakuya with a PERCEPTION…16
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(36) attack from Hanami with a DODGE-III…41
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(27) attack from Hanami with a DODGE-II…21
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 344 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(40) attack from Hanami with a DODGE-II…39
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 335 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(32) attack from Hanami with a DODGE-II…33
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(29) attack from Hanami with a DODGE-II…22
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 382 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against WIND-SHARP(27) attack from Hanami with a DODGE-II…25
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 306 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against TRIPLE-SLASH(28) attack from Tachikiru with a DODGE-II…40
COMBAT: Rockpath counters against a PHYSICAL(15) attack from Tachikiru with a PHYSICAL…24
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against PHYSICAL(26) attack from Tachikiru with a DODGE…33
COMBAT: Chomei defends against LIGHTNING-PHYSICAL-II(49) attack from Jon with a BIJUU-CLOAK-EXTENSIONS…50
COMBAT: Chomei defends against LIGHTNING-FANG-OVER-FANG(74) attack from Hige with a BIJUU-CLOAK-EXTENSIONS…49
COMBAT: Chomei loses the roll and sustains 758 damage.
COMBAT: Chomei defends against BLADESURGE(71) attack from Soren with a BIJUU-SONIC-ROAR…63
COMBAT: Chomei loses the roll and sustains 1008 damage.

Chomei lets out a loud screech of anger. Its red multi-faceted eyes were on Hiei, trying to track his movements. One of its legs came out to try and brush Hiei off, but the Raikage is the Raikage, and Chomei ends up getting a nasty wound that prevents it from seeing. This helps a lot in the future attacks, it seems. Chomei is in extreme pain, after all, so while it tries to fly from the ground, its natural tail and the lower two wings are starting to get sucked down into the muck, courtesy of Michiko. And while Furoo's strikes don't do anything to the hard armor of the Seven-tails, Soren has enough power within his new form that he's able to slice one of its wings. So painful, and now it can't fly! The inhumanity!
Hige and Konsho are much less like flies to the Bijuu and more like… umm… bulldozers? Well, something big that would affect it! Maybe like that giant beanstalk? Regardless, their lightning whirl crashes into the center of Chomei, sending it further into the swampy ground that Michiko had created moments earlier.
Much like Furoo, Jon cannot seem to penetrate the thickly-armored insect, but a surge of electricity is distracting to any, and the bug is already in pain. If it could move out of the muck, which was ruining it's lovely wings!, then it would be long gone. "SEND ME BACK? I'D RATHER DIE AND HAVE TO REFORM AGAIN!" it tells Hiei.
The wind tornado whips through Hanami's enemies, as it is something they haven't experienced. Wind in the Land of Lightning… Cuts randomly appear on their bodies as they end up thrown to the wind, literally. Sakuya is unable to hide, and the few that escape try to attack their attackers. Both Hanami and Tachikiru get a punch aimed at their faces while Sakuya is going to be considered a(n American) football about to be punted. The single fire user that didn't get blown away also tries to stomp onto Tachikiru's leg.

COMBAT: Tachikiru successfully interrupts attack number 1: PHYSICAL-II from Rockpath against Sakuya with a roll of 39 vs 28.

Hiei frowns underneath his mask, his swords held out to the side. He stands in front of the bijuu's good eye. "If you weren't rampaging, I would not have been forced to do this. I understand that you miss Hisomu. But she died a hero, and we have another host waiting for you. The bottle is only to transport you back to the village. Surely, you understand that I just can't have you running amuck like this. I give you this option, to show you that we are not evil. Willingly allow yourself to be transported back to the village. End this rampage. Your next host has much potential. You two will be able to do great things together." He pauses. "If you refuse…I'm going to take your other eye, and then I will have you /forced/ back into that bottle. You know I've been trained to take your kind out. I will never stop. Even if you reformed again, I would still be there. Every single time." Hiei takes a pill from a pouch in his belt and swallows it after he's finished speaking.

COMBAT Hiei is poisoned (3 rounds) and loses 89 health.
COMBAT: Hiei cures Hiei for 45 with ANTIDOTE PILL.

RPCOMBAT: Michiko defends against with a BODY-FLICKER-TECHNIQUE…81
COMBAT: Michiko heals Hiei for 1393 with RAPID HEALING.
COMBAT: Michiko cures Hiei for 44 with BASIC ANTIDOTE JUTSU.

Michiko leaves the swamp for now, suddenly appearing next to Hiei in a burst of speed. "Hiei-san, I'll signal for them to start bringing over the jar and seals?" she asks. Assuming he gives the go-ahead, Michiko would launch a blast of fire into the sky, which means that a lot of the seal-masters below start to form up and make seals. The jar for the Bijuu that has been a container for the chakra beasts in the past is brought out. And now all there is to do is wait… of course, Michiko isn't one to let herself be idle. The girl quickly heals Hiei and removes the rest of the poison in his system!

A sigh as she watches this all take place and Furoo places her staff to her shoulder and taps it there a moment, "Really?" She stares up at the big beast, "I hardly worked a sweat up." She then looks over at the people who are attacking her allies and chuckles, "Well, idle hands and all that…" She then disappears in another burst of speed and appears near to the other group and starts whacking morons who are attacking her allies with her staff a few times, "Hey, idiots. The bijuu is ours and also I'm not distracted by a bijuu anymore. Wanna get dead cause I'm bored and there's no place to nap here. Want me to work out my boredom on you?"

Clearly, she would have received another hit, had Tachikiru had not blocked the strike aimed for her. She was not initially planning on attacking, but decided that while Tachi had the shinobi occupied, that she would lunge in snake-form and cancel her henge, before striking out with three rather direct stabs. Clearly, she needs taijutsu work, for the attacks were rather basic in nature.

COMBAT Hanami is poisoned (2 rounds) and loses 50 health.
COMBAT: Hanami defends against PHYSICAL-III(34) attack from Rockpath with a WIND-DASH…32
COMBAT: Hanami loses the roll and sustains 353 damage.

Hanami coughs, ow that hurts. But she was able to knock out a few of those guys. So many remained though, so couldn't let up any. At least things seemed to be progressing with Chombei. But as she moves around the enemy with her twisting and turning, one lucky jerk manages to connect a punch. She stumbles but shakes it off and returns the favor with another gusting vortex and if that particular person is still alive, a wind chakram!

COMBAT Tachikiru is poisoned (2 rounds) and loses 59 health.
COMBAT: Tachikiru counters against a PHYSICAL(24) attack from Rockpath with a TRIPLE-SLASH…46
COMBAT: Tachikiru defends against PHYSICAL-III(31) attack from Rockpath with a IMPROVED-EVASION…36
COMBAT: Tachikiru defends against PHYSICAL-II(28) attack from Rockpath with a WEAPON-BLOCK…21
COMBAT: Tachikiru loses the roll and sustains 222 damage.

Staying light on his feet despite not landing any of his blows, he would see that the main battle was starting to calm down, and that the local battle was still heavily to their advantage as long as Hanami would continue her assault and Sakuya would continue to support them. An attack would have followed up after one of his own, in which he would once again reply in kind with his sword gleaming, slashing in a swift flurry of attack as he kept manuvering away from the rest of the attacks. However as Sakuya is targeted, Tachikiru falls back to her position and raises his spear to deflecyt the blow, having the weapon torn from his hand as he was not girpping it properly and taking some damage himself in her stead. He would lose grip of his spear, it clattering the the ground as he faced those that remained. A graceful rush forward allowed for his tsuba to fly towards one opponent, moving to strike under the jaw one more as it was being drawn in to yet another series of attacks. As reinforcements were on the way, Tachikiru would state clearly, "You have lost. Stand down or be captured. Your opportunity has slipped away."

Man, you really do need to be something pretty special to have any effect on these titans, don't you? :P Jon stows his rod after the ineffectual attack on the Shichibi's knee joint and makes a rapid descent of the giant insect's leg. After leaping clear of Michiko's swamp, Jon turns his attention to some more susceptible targets which he can deal with using his more preferred means. >) He finds a group of the overconfident rogues who apparently thought they were gonna capture the Shichibi and projects into their brains the illusion that their own nets are stretching out over them to ensnare them. "Just sit tight and you'll get a fair trial. Count yourself lucky that I'm the one you're facing instead of some of my more…zealous comrades."

With the tailed beast apparently subdued at the moment Hige and Konsho turn their attention to keeping the others protected, from the seal workers to the others in the group. The pair lands from their attack on the tailed beast and are instantly between attackers and some of the others, Hige's feral eyes flashing as he and Konsho both growl, the pups hackles raised. "If you want to die then keep coming," Hige says, his voice low and rather inhuman as his fangs and claws shine. "I haven't got to shed any blood yet." Not that he intends to, but Hige can rather frightening despite his size, especially with Konsho at his side. If that wasn't enough, lightning flickers along skin and fur and sure it's just for show, but it looks pretty frightening!

As soon as Soren touches down, and it's apparent that the beast is subdued, Soren flickers over, near Michiko and Hiei. "Nobody got dead, right?" he asks Hiei and michiko, his blade still at the ready. Once they've replied in the affirmitive, Soren then turns to Chomei. "Chomei, was it? I'm sorry we couldn't end this more peacefully, but… likewise, your rampage was ending so many innocent lives. I'm sorry, but it had to end it swiftly." he says with a bow of his head. He glanced up at the Bijuu, more in fascination than fear, or anger. If he could get the Bijuu to respond intelligably, Soren would certainly love to talk to the creature for a bit. But that seemed unlikely, given it's pain.

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against CHAKRA-PHYSICAL(28) attack from Furoo with a TENSE…5
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 483 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against CHAKRA-PHYSICAL(39) attack from Furoo with a TENSE…2
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 549 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against CHAKRA-PHYSICAL(32) attack from Furoo with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 460 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against SHARP(13) attack from Sakuya with a TENSE…8
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 81 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against SHARP(15) attack from Sakuya with a TENSE…9
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 98 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against SHARP(12) attack from Sakuya with a TENSE…6
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 93 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(35) attack from Hanami with a TENSE…4
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 556 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(41) attack from Hanami with a TENSE…7
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COMBAT: Rockpath defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(38) attack from Hanami with a TENSE…13
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COMBAT: Rockpath defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(28) attack from Hanami with a TENSE…8
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COMBAT: Rockpath defends against WIND-SHARP(22) attack from Hanami with a TENSE…3
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 406 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against TRIPLE-SLASH(46) attack from Tachikiru with a TENSE…3
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 623 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against TSUKA-TSUPPARI(27) attack from Tachikiru with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against TRIPLE-SLASH(34) attack from Tachikiru with a TENSE…8
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 497 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against JAIL-CELL-ILLUSION(56) attack from Jon with a TENSE…11
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against JAIL-CELL-ILLUSION(61) attack from Jon with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against JAIL-CELL-ILLUSION(74) attack from Jon with a TENSE…7
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against JAIL-CELL-ILLUSION(55) attack from Jon with a TENSE…2
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against JAIL-CELL-ILLUSION(61) attack from Jon with a TENSE…4
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against JAIL-CELL-ILLUSION(77) attack from Jon with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against JAIL-CELL-ILLUSION(59) attack from Jon with a TENSE…6
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against JAIL-CELL-ILLUSION(67) attack from Jon with a TENSE…6

Chomei makes a sound that is sort of like a sniff. Its tone of voice is a bit quieter, too. "Hmph… I suppose I don't get a say in this, then?" The bijuu's top wings flutter a bit. "Don't pretend to know me, human. You don't. But I'm willing to give this new host a try. Maybe the vessel will be better than the last one, able to take my advice properly this time around." Chomei seems to settle down in its spot. "Just do it so I can get some rest. Rampaging is tiring, and I don't know /how/ that stupid ox or fox do it all the time. And Shukaku-, don't even get me started on him. I'm glad I never have to see him."
As the seven tails just chatters away, its form starts to get drawn into a less solid appearance while its chakra enters the jar. Good work, seal team! Of course, Chomei doesn't shut up, even while it's happening. "If I don't like the new host, I reserve the right to choose a new one." And then it disappears into the jar! Mission accomplished, sort of!
Things can never be that easy, though. There are still about 46 other guys left to deal with! That being said, Furoo suddenly appears behind one group and starts playing whack-a-thief, causing three to run away with their tails between their legs. "Ow, we give!" Hanami's little tornado sweeps across another group of baddies, sending them flying and running from the scene of the crime. Whether or not they'll continue along their path is up to them, but hopefully they decide such a life isn't worth it.
Sakuya-snake goes largely unnoticed. Sure, people avoid her in case she's poisonous, but it isn't until her leap that people realize she actually is dangerous! Tachikiru is pretty successful in his attempts as well, After he finishes threatening his group, the three he was facing raise their hands in the air (because they really care about their heads). Jon is super effective because most bandits hardly understand Genjutsu. And these guys happen to be blithering idiots! They fall easily to the Genjutsu, so the detective Saito can do with them what he will.
Hige may be small, but he's very vicious. The seal masters were about to be attacked by a particularly large gang of 'thieves', but they didn't get to take another step closer when Hige and Konsho appeared. If a kid sparking lightning isn't enough to convince them that this would be a bad idea, a five-foot doc growling at them is! They all run away because they're heartless cowards. The Bijuu is safely in the hands of Kumogakure, and the people trying to catch it were driven away. Now the only problem was the amount of destruction… And injured folks.

COMBAT Hiei is no longer poisoned

Hiei sheathes his blades as he speaks to Chomei. "Perhaps therein lies the problem. We humans don't understand you. But you really don't make it any easier on us, either." He looks pensive for a moment before he speaks again. "Very well. Once you and the new host are acclimated with each other, I'll come visit you in your world. I've done it with Matatabi a couple of times. You can tell me how you like the new host and maybe we can begin to build some sort of understanding with each other. For now, get some rest." Another pause. "And stopping you is just as tiring. I swear, if you guys would just freakin listen sometimes, you wouldn't go through stuff like this and would get treated better." He nods to Soren before he leaps from the head of the beast to land on a nearby tree branch…then he leaps his way down to the ground to where Hige and Konsho are. "Any problems down here?" He asks before moving away so the sealers can do their respective jobs. "Let's wrap this up and get home before something else happens." He sighs through his mask as he leans up against the trunk of a tree. He'd let Jon and Tachikiru take charge of the idiots who thought they could catch a twenty foot bug with a net. Just the notion of that makes him shake his head with disbelief.

RP: Hiei reverts to his normal state.
COMBAT: Michiko heals Hanami for 1422 with RESTORING CHAKRA PALM.
COMBAT: Michiko heals Sakuya for 787 with LIGHT HEALING JUTSU.
COMBAT: Michiko heals Tachikiru for 736 with LIGHT HEALING JUTSU.

Michiko listens to Chomei and gives Hiei a curious look. He could do that? She would pester him about that later. For now, though, her main focus was to make sure everyone wasn't badly injured. She zipped around to everyone to make sure no one was hurt, healing those that needed it. While the Bijuu was strong, it was still weaker than usual because it had just reformed. She couldn't help but wonder if it was luck or skill that allowed them to succeed. In all likelihood, a little bit of both! "Okay, everyone's good to head back home, Hiei-san," she tells him.

She was sure she stabbed someone, alas the snake-girl couldn't muster the confidence to actually kill someone… Nor did she really have the skill to do so. "H-huh?" She says as she notice cages form around everyone. "Is… is it really over?"

A solid sigh escapes Furoo as she watches the team work on sealing the bijuu. She then looks at the all the morons, well, giving up. Furoo shakes her head, "Fun, but not as fun as I'd hoped." She then starts over and looks up at the beast before chuckling, "I didn't even get a real fight." She grins and then shrugs and walks off, "Well, as the lady said." She shrugs and then glances to Hiei a moment before chuckling to herself. She spins her staff around her head a moment and then slides it back over her should before she seems to simply slip away.

Hanami pauses in her attack as the enemies scatter. She watches Chomei, finding the exchange between him and Hiei interesting as the beast goes into the jar. Coughing and wincing she finds Michiko's arrival and healing such a relief, thanking her. Once that's done she checks on Sakuya and pats the girl on the shoulder, "You did great today, be proud. Now come on, lets make sure the villagers are all seen to. They got quite the road ahead of them…"she turns to go, frowning at memories but just clears her throat and keeps walking. Also remembers to get something for her throat later, still feeling a bit sore.

With the smaller secondary battle now over with as well, Tachikiru would see to binding the rogue force and organizing them for transport back to Kumogakure. Of course, he'd follow Jon's lead on that for a multitude of reasons. To his team he would give one final order, "Make sure our primary objective, the villagers, are safe and tell them that they can return shortly. We should be done soon and out of their way." Having been aided, he didn't feel any residual pain aside from a bit of irritation from the poison gas inhaled earlier. He would retrieve his spear and settle it back across his back once more before returning to duty.

Hige stands, running a hand through his hair as the men freak out and leave. The lightning chakra fades and Konsho is again his happy go lucky self. "You know, you could scare the refund out of some people if you really wanted to Konsho," he says, scratching the pup behind the ears. Anyone who knows Konsho might not believe it, but for people that didn't…When Hiei lands nearby Hige gives the Kage a nod. "Not anymore. Just making sure no one else gets stupid around the seal team and your jar." Feral eyes glance over Hiei. "Just glad I was still around to help."

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