The Seven Tails: Sealing the Deal


Michiko, Daiki

Date: August 24, 2015


It’s finally time to store the seven tails into a new host. After a long time of searching for both host and bijuu, the two can come together. Now the question is: will this work out well?

"The Seven Tails: Sealing the Deal"


Two days after the capture of Chomei, Daiki would know to meet Michiko at the village center in front of the administration hall. Well, not Michiko herself, but someone who would escort Daiki into the building. Michiko is in her office, filling out various paperwork. Below the Administration hall was a passageway to a secure place. Michiko would need to travel with the utmost secrecy… Meaning they would have to do a lot of unnecessary things so they can maintain security!

Daiki arrived as requested, with both his mother and father with him this time. It seemed they knew more than he did about what was going on, and they wanted to be there to support him. The attendant escorted the family to Michiko's office, and gave a short knock of arrival. "Ma'am. The Yotsuki boy is here."

"Hai, I'll see to them," Michiko says, dismissing the attendant. The woman nods, looking only minutely annoyed. But it wasn't her place to disobey, so she left. Michiko stands and goes to the family, saying, "Follow me, please." She leads them downstairs, revealing a large empty basement that she starts tunneling through with earth jutsu. The jutsu, thankfully, replaces itself as they move along so nothing looks suspicious. After a while of walking, they would come to a separate chamber. A bit of wind blew fresh air into the room, and there were a lot of candles. A large diagram, ten seal masters, and a protective area were established within. Clearly, Kumogakure was ready for this. In the middle of the diagram was a large pot that held Chomei.

Daiki was…. honestly getting a bit nervous as he was led through the dark tunnels, into a room that was reeking with strange energy. Daiki suddenly clutched to his mother, eyeing the pot warily with a gaze that was all at once guarded and curious. He didn't dare speak. The air in the room was too intense…
Daiki's father clutched his shoulder, then, and nodded. He knew that his boy was strong. And he trusted the sealers to get this done properly, with as little discomfort as possible.

Michiko pats Daiki gently on the shoulder. "Don't be afraid… it'll hurt, but be strong, Daiki-san." Then she looks to the parents. "I'll be joining you in there," she says, nodding towards the protective barrier. "If one sealer fails, it won't be the end of the world. Keep that in mind, please." The girl ushers people into their place, and Daiki is made to lie in the center of the circle with the pot getting moved just outside it. With the preparations done, there are seals beginning to be formed. The ten form them in unison, murmuring the seals aloud to keep together. They could not mess this up.
As they form the seals, Michiko watches carefully. Things were going well. Daiki might be a bit nervous as he was told to stay still. The only thing he had to do was stand there. She casually tells the parents, "Right now, they are simply setting things up to perform the transfer. There are two steps. The first is to ready the energy trail the chakra is supposed to follow. The second is the sealing itself. Both are extremely difficult, and we need a lot of high-level sealers because this takes a lot of chakra to perform."

Daiki's mother looks more nervous than her husband - at least on the outside. Anyone who knows him would be able to read the tenseness in his face and the tightening of his jaw. He was worried for his son, as well. Daiki, on the other hand, was already sweating with nerves. He laid as still as he could, but still he could feel his mind flooding with anxiety. He had to be strong…! This was just incredibly scary for a seven-year-old to endure. Daiki had more strength of character than most, however, and although he was afraid, he did his best to trust in his parents and Michiko not to let anything bad happen to him.

Michiko continues to speak in a calming voice, trying to assuage the parents' fears as best she could. "They're almost done with the first part. In a few moments, the jar will open, and Chomei's chakra will pour out of it. The chakra will be a sort of red and vicious looking, but do not be afraid. Daiki-kun will find himself overwhelmed a bit, and he may feel pain. That is normal for any Jinchuuriki as they go through the sealing process."
As Michiko speaks, the seal masters all land on a single seal: rat. It is then that the jar seems to open by itself. Daiki would feel as if he were rooted to the spot, placed under a Genjutsu by an unseen person to keep him still. And then the transfer would begin. Red chakra bubbles out slowly, traveling in an arc towards Daiki's body and enveloping him. It was, of course, a bit acidic in nature. Daiki would feel as if his skin was being peeled away.

Daiki could do nothing but watch as the ominous red chakra poured over him, centering on his belly and enveloping every inch of his skin. But as soon as it made contact, Daiki was subject to an unimaginable pain that, because he body was completely paralyzed and helpless, gave him only one outlet. The young boy screamed. The sound was enough to bring a mother's hand to her mouth, and a father's arm to tighten it's grip around his wife's waist, to prevent her from running to her child. It was a pain such as Daiki had never felt before… Nor that any normal person would generally endure. It soon became too much for the boy to handle, and in a last ditch effort to protect himself, Daiki's body lost consciousness.

Michiko glances to the parents, sympathy in her eyes. The process itself was extremely painful… But she didn't want to worry them too much. "He'll be fine," she promises. "This process will move quicker with ten people, fortunately." And so it did. Daiki would only have to suffer (or at least, his body) for another hour before it was finally finished. The chakra was sealed away, and the ten seal masters were exhausted. On Daiki's middle was a seal, extremely complex. Ten swirls surrounded his belly button, making a circle that had a four inch diameter. The ten swirls were connected by a sun, and the sun held a wave (~) that split it down the middle. On one side of the wave, the kanji for '7' was placed. On the other side, the kanji for 'suppress'. Sort of like a yin yang with the seals being those dots. The seal would fade in a few moments, of course. When Daiki sought to access the Bijuu's chakra, it would reappear as clear as it was today for those few moments.

By the time the process was finished, both parents (and their son) were looking quite pale. Daiki's body remained limp even after the sealing was complete, totally overcome by what it had gone through. It seemed he would be unconscious for quite a while, by the looks of him. When the Yotsuki couple was given permission to leave the protected area, they approached their son cautiously, his mother's hands trembling. "… Please…. Can we get him to the hospital," she whispers, not wishing to see her son in such a state. "He… needs rest, and treatment… Please…"

Michiko makes her way to Daiki's body, forming hand seals as she approaches. "I can't let him leave right now," she says apologetically. "But I'll do what I can. I'm sorry. If we had better jutsu for sealing bijuu, the process wouldn't have taken so long… And it could have been far less painful." Michiko rests her hands on Daiki, sending energy into his body as well as easing the pain he likely feels. Or rather… Did feel. He's pretty out right now. "You two can stay down here with Daiki-kun, or you can return home. We have prepared cots down here if you would like to stay," Michiko offers in a sympathetic tone.

Daiki's mother looks to her husband, who nods to her gently before looking to Michiko. ".. We'll stay… If he wakes up, we want him to know that we are here…" This was the least they could do, now.

Michiko nods and doesn't seem to mind. Three cots are brought out, all of them with pillows and blankets and the like. "I'll have food delivered to you shortly," Michiko says. "He should wake up after a bit of rest." Michiko rests a hand on Ichirou's shoulder. "He'll be okay. I gave him a bit of energy, too, so he'll recover faster." She pauses for a second, then adds, "I know you'll do this already, Hina-san. Ichirou-san. But please do what you can to support Daiki-kun. He needs all the help he can get, and until he finally is able to control the Tailed Beast, he is constantly in danger of being overwhelmed. I've prepared seal tags to keep him subdued should he ever lose control. Keep a few of them on you at all times." Michiko offers slips of paper to Daiki's parents.

Daiki's parents take the seals, inspecting them before looking to each other and nodding before stowing them away in their pockets, each bowing their heads towards Michiko. ".. Thank you.. For doing everything you can…"

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