The Shirayuki Relic


Sakuryu, Nori

Date: August 6, 2013


Sakuryu and the Shirayuki Captain take on the Admiral of the Rogue Pirate Fortress in order to claim the Kusarigama of Shirayuki Legend.

"Journey of the Unproven Princess - The Shirayuki Relic"

Frozen North Sea (north of Kirigakure)

The Admiral breathes in deeply as he notices something is afoot with the prisoner. By the time Sakuryu transforms into that corpse-like cold flesh, the Admiral has spit out water. He almost looks to have lost a little weight by doing that too. Water-weight anyone? The shield holds fairly well against the ice-needles that come at him. He doesn't even have to move (probably why he is so fat), but when the ice-lotus errupts, the shield weakens and starts turning into eyes itself. He is trapped within his own shield. Still, he grunts as she asks him the question, "I took it off the corpse of the one who owned it before me…just like you'll have to do if you want it yourself." In a fury of flubbery floundering, the Admiral manages to break free of the ice-prison he finds himself in and he reaches down (it isn't long to reach) for the kusarigama. He's making a play for the weapon to start the offensive, but that 'dark designs' escape took a lot of effort and time.

A shirayuki in anger is a dangerous thing when they are just playing. Sakuryu with her high concentrations of chakra and amazing focus abilities is a deadly force now that she heard his method. Her voice almost like one from the other side of the grave echoes with the icy coldness now enveloping her. "YOU WHAT!? HOW DARE YOU DESECRATE THE BODY OF A NOBLE SHIRAYUKI!!!" SHe growls out before furiously forming handsigns one after the other to begin her assault. Soon a mist rolls in around them, Saku dashing to the side before biting open her thumb and slamming her hands to the ground calling forth her summon though that wouldn't;t be able to be seen.

The Admiral is no slouch himself. He isn't the leader of a vast armada of pirate ships because he's a push over. So, as the mist starts to come in, he goes into defensive mode. Clones start appearing. This is no ordinary clone technique; this is the shadow clone. There are now four of him, each of equal, though now lesser, strength. You'd think that the fact that one of them holds the kusarigama would be a telling point, but the admiral's thought that much through too and has henged various objects in his office to look like the weapon. All of the clones raise the weapon and start swinging the whale-bone harpoon-like 'hammer' and a small gust of wind starts pushing back the mists. It isn't any part of the power of the weapon, but it is a defensive technique. "I'll desecrate both of your bodies when I am done with you!" Sure enough, the Captain is fighting right alongside Sakuryu now, not that she can see or do anything at present.

Sakuryu expected him to retaliate and she was hoping for that. The move was mainly a distraction from the summoning so Yuki could do her stuff. She distracts him with a few false punches. Yuki the small fox had dashed away to find a good vantage point before starting her genjutsu. The first was the image of a large demonic fox coming from the shadows. It's a beast of legend, a demon of nightmares, shadowy black body, searing hungry eyes, razor like teeth that bounds from the shadows and begins to rip, tear and start to devour him. After this enslaught the captain would feel the mist begin to cool and start to form snow and ice, carefully flying in and building up into a heavy frozen storm a careful wind enveloping and overtaking him to a cold shivering numb desolation.

There aren't many demon foxes around these days, so the first thought the Captain fox has is that the attacking beast of legend is just a Genjutsu. He knows how to deal with Genjutsu. He moves to cut himself, but he either doesn't cut deeply enough to break the illusion, or the illusion is too good and he just doesn't get out of it. The fat man grumbles as he is 'attacked', even after hurting himself. As the winds whip around and take ahold of the Admiral, all of them find themselves frozen to the spot, quite literally. He's shivering…but at the same time, he's losing weight again. His fingers hold onto the kusarigama (all of the fingers hold onto all of the kusarigama's that is)…so she'll have to figure out which one is holding onto the real one and try to grab it from his frozen clutch.

Sees the clones freeze in their movements and scream in agony before just shivering. She takes a breath and breathes out with her hand signs letting a field of ice needles fly, aiming to severely cripple the man, she knew how she wanted to end this and it was going to be special… She soon forms more needles and lets fly more just in case.
Yukihana, to make sure the man stays incapacitated from Sakuryu's attack continue's the frozen enslaught, making the frozen hell around him come in harder almost on the level of an ice age to consume his mental faculties and leave him a shivering mess in two levels of genjutsu.

The Admiral's clones get struck by those needles, and all but one goes up in a poof of smoke. With the true Admiral standing and struck with pins, he no longer is frozen and spits out more water. While the water shield manages to stop the second round of needles, it isntantly freezes again around him. The Frozen Hell is a strong annoyance it seems. The Admiral again looks to have lost weight, to the point where he might not be considered fat anymore, but just slightly bigger than normal. With the Kusarigama in his hand, he grunts and states, "You'll pay for this…the both of you." The Shirayuki Captain shakes her head, "Doesn't look like that from my angle. Just hand over the weapon. It isn't yours."

Sakuryu motions for Yukihana to keep vigilant just in case before idly strolling closer to him. She forms the handsigns and makes her original technique, a thorned razor edged rose made of ice. "I will take your treasure and life in the name of the Shirayuki. Your men will disband, your name fade from history and your legacy will be nothing more than a pile of ash blown away by the sands of time. You have wasted your life, become in peril and have been destroyed by a female less than a third your age. The gods of the sea will not pity you and will hold you in sailors hell, where your soul shall wander for all time with nothing to do but wander, chains around your body in peril and mourning of the life you have so carelessly wasted in the name of greed…." She hisses before whipping around hard and jamming the rose deep within his chest cavity, giving it a hard twist.

The Admiral spits out blood as the ice-rose penetrates his chest cavity. He falls to his knees, and then falls forward. The kusarigama nearly falls right into Sakuryu's hands. When the old weapon makes contact with Sakuryu, it begins to pulsate. The never-melting ice of the scythe literally grows and contracts and grows and contracts as if it has a heart-beat of its own. Sakuryu would note that it keeps rhythym with her own beating heart though. The harpoon end would begin to solidify with a layer of ice, making it heavier.
The Captain nods once as she witnesses the transformation. "Guess you are the real deal then kid. What says you…shall we get out of here before they," and that is when the door is kicked open. A small army of pirates waits outside the door. The kusarigama's blade grows with each pulse, getting longer, and sharper, until it is easily one meter long. If she were to start swinging the hammer, the air around the swinging hammer would start to condense into ice-crystals. Faster spinning would lead to an AOE style ice-crystal attack. The blade on the other hand is a piercing weapon. Once contact is made, a small portion of the ice-blade breaks off (only to regrow with each pulse). The ice grows and contracts, forming an ice-heave, that would pierce through most armors with ease. It is a powerful offensive weapon.

Saku rolls her neck slightly before stepping aside. "I have taken your captains life. It was a fair battle and we both knew the end game. Be noble and accept my win or die by the true blade of the Kusari-Gama." she starts to swing the sickle, using her transformation and the power channeling through the blade to make it almost like a full scythe before whipping an array of ice at the wall. "Now die or cooperate.." she says with a narrowing of her eyes. "The base will be destroyed and this man's legacy will be buried with him. Allow me and the new captain." She points to the admiral. "To take what we choose as you evacuate and I shall allow her the concession to live under the ruling that she signs an agreement and allows herself or a representitive to come to The Shirayuki castle to sign a concession with our noble clan.

The band of pirates scoffs at Sakuryu. "Whether you killed the Admiral or not, we're not about to let you get out of here alive. You've come in here and stolen one of our treasures." With that, the band of merry sailors attacks. They might not exactly be strong, but what they lack in strength, they make up for in numbers. They come in, each with a short broad-sword that they try to attack the fox, the Captain, and Sakuryu with. The Admiral's quarters are large enough that a bunch can come in at once…but they are funneling through the door.

Sakuryu whips the Kusari gama around semi awkwardly, the blade slicing the air harshly whipping up blades of cold that slide off and crash into the pirates, ice breaking off to shard into their bodies

Awkward indeed. The first time, the blade dips into the flesh and the guy screams in agony as the ice-tip sinks deeper and deeper into the pirate's flesh. With that pirate screaming, the others around Sakuryu are a little more on the defensive and give her a wider arc. Unfortunately though, they are pushed from behind to continue the fight, so they attack again.

Sakuryu lets the air spin around her and push away their advances, Saku pivoting on her foot and using the weight of the blade creates more twisting and spinning arcs before puling the sickle back to her hand to swing out the hammer wide.

As the hammer sweeps, it misses the pirates in front of them…but they weren't expecting the air to condense around the area and form into ice-crystals. As the ice rains down in tiny daggers, they groan and fall to the ground in a wide-circle. Many of them are hit, even some of the pirates outside the door. This clears a path. The Captain, who was handling her own attackers just fine, calls out, "Come on, let's push them back and out. We need to make it to my ship…" And the Captain moves through the door and starts a pre-emptive attack on the pirates outside.

Sakuryu looks to the Admiral/captain. "We should get part of the cache as a concession for our win if it's on the way." She looks over at Yukihana. "Yuki, I placed tags in the powder cache, use your flame to ignite them." She nods before following the admiral. "I'm definitely going to need to learn how to use this thing." She says as she coils the long rope of the Kusari-gama which seems to shrink for her at least a bit.

The Captain thinks for a moment and nods, "I know the closest store…but we don't have that much time. The rest of the pirates will be returning shortly. We're dealing with only half." The pirates are indeed running after Sakuryu and the Captain. Yuki runs off too, and as a small fox, no one would really find her, so she'd get over there, give them some time, and then ignite the tags.
As the Captain and Sakuryu get to the cache, the Captain would open it with a key…but the other pirates would catch up. Time to defend and beat them back while the Captain grabs as much as she can carry. The horde attacks.

Sakuryu smirks and whips the wind against their puersuers, knocking them back hard as she moves, grabbing a ful chest as well as some side items that might be part of the Shirayuki inheritance as she finds her way back to the ship. "Announce us now!" she calls to the admiral as she pants, feeling her body slowly fail from her sickness, a tightness encroaching on her chest and her breaths becoming sharper as her hands slowly let frost creep over the handles

Sakuryu must be tired by the time she gets aboard the ship…but the Captain did announce them. The Captain had said she wanted the ship ready to push out before they left, so as soon as the Captain and Sakuryu step aboard, the ship literally moves under their feet. "Time to go and time to blow," she nods to Sakuryu. Yuki was already on it and explosions started to shake the walls around the ship. As the ship pulls out from the cave, the cave literally falls down behind the ship. The Captain frowns, "That was…too close. I take it we have to head back to Kirigakure now?" She says it somewhat reluctantly…but she did say it.

Sakuryu is clutching at herself and the frost is fading from her body. "Y…yes…I….I have a ship and men around the island…rendevous with them……then off to Kirigakure.. I….n…e…ee…d….to…rest…." She lets out a breath and falls over, clutching the weapon tightly in her hands in a heap in the tattered merchant wear.

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