The Silence - A Joining of Forces


Meruin, Hiei

Date: September 17, 2014


Hiei comes to the Mizukage with a proposition in mind and leaves with an agreement in hand.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Silence - A Joining of Forces"

The Mizukage's Office

"Yotsuki Hiei? Welcome. The Mizukage will see you now."
The Kage's secretary greeted the Yotsuki with a smile as he found his way into the lobby of the administration building, apparently not having any trouble identifying him by description. Huge, dark-skinned and white haired would just about cover it.
Meruin had made sure that the appointment he'd scheduled before Hiei's would be something he expected to end earlier than its allotted time. It had. So when the Kumogakure shinobi walked far enough into the lobby to be noticed, the secretary was able to see him towards the office directly.
"If you would follow me?" she requested, making her way from behind her own desk and standing at the entrance to the hall that led to the Kage's office.

Hiei walked into the admin building and looks around. When the secretary got his attention, he walks over and inclines his head to her. "Arigato." He says when she begins to lead him towards the Mizukage's office. He clasps his hands behind his back and follows along behind her. He had never been here before and he mentally compared this place to the admin building from home. Once he is allowed to step into Meruin's office, Hiei places a fist over his chest and bows respectfully. Just like he does with his Raikage back home, he waits silently and patiently until he is acknowledged.

As Hiei is ushered into his office, Meruin's gaze rises from a paper atop his desk to the large man's face. The file was set aside, slid across the wood without a glance.
"Blessings, Yotsuki Clan Head," greeted the Mizukage in reply to the salute, inclining his head to the man in return. "I must say that I had not quite expected this visit of yours; especially with times being as troubling as they are.
"Nevertheless, your stay since we have received you has been hospital, has it not?"

Hiei straightens up. "Blessings, Lord Mizukage.." He then places his hands behind his back while taking on a millitaristic stance. "I do apologize for the suddenness of my visit. My stay here has been quite hospitiable indeed. Your village is very..efficient." He takes a step forwards. "I understand that your time is limited, so I will not waste it. I'll get straight to the point of the reason for my visit. The Silence. I'm sure you've heard of them?"

Meruin inclines his head to Hiei.
It was acknowledgement and thanks and approval and agreement and progression, one and all, moving forward with the conversation. "They are much of the reason there is so much activity going on in the village at the moment. We are taking steps to prepare ourselves for their eventual offense and making moves to punish them for their actions thus far, as each of the great shinobi villages are, I am sure."
He lifts his face slightly. "Please continue."

Hiei crosses his arms over his chest. "I was away from the village when they struck Kumogakure. I'd like to offer you my personal apology that I wasn't there to stop them and I hope that the representatives you sent to the exams made it home safely. However, when Kaguya Kiku visited my home she asked questions that I couldn't answer. I realized that this group posed an even greater threat than I originally thought. I came here in the hopes that you could provide me with information so I can best determine what kind of defenses to put in place in my village. As the head of Kumogakure's military and security it's my responsibility to make sure everyone remains safe. However, I can't exactly do that without information." He pauses. "I also wanted to offer another solution."
Hiei continues. "When we joined forces against the Hitokage we were unstoppable. Since the Silence threatens everyone, I thought that we might attempt a temporary alliance once again with the other hidden villages. While it's true that we all have our differences, it's going to take more than just one village to put these muggles in their place. I'm sure you feel the same as I do when I say that I want to slaughter them all to the last man to show them what happened when they mess with the hidden villages as a whole."

"I see."
Meruin listened to each of Hiei's words, granting them all the same level of heed, his direct attention almost harsh in its intensity. And to them all, he replied, "Your apology is accepted; It was seen that my people made it home without harm. The information that you desire will be granted to you; I will see a file prepared for you that will be sent to you before the day is finished.
"As for your proposal to join the Great Shinobi World together against this threat, I will say that I find it unnecessary. The Hitokage threat was great — and more importantly, it was otherworldly. It was a threat we could not face by ourselves. This one is far more human, even if not completely so. It will not take the whole of the Shinobi World to see the Brothers defeated. In fact, more than Kirigakure will not be unecessary. It is not simple boasting. I am not too proud for allegiance; If you recall, I was the Kage advocating for our conjoined efforts.
"It is simple truth. So, I shall make you a counter proposal. I am sure that you wish vengeance on those who attacked your village and harmed it so during what was supposed to be a peacefully sanctioned event. We believe that Kirigakure is going to be the next target of The Silence. I invite you and yours to come here and join in the battle to trade bloodshed for bloodshed."

Hiei rubs his chin as he considers the Mizukage's words. After careful consideration, Hiei nods once. "I accept your terms. With your permission, I will send for a small team of shinobi from Kumogakure. Under my command, they will aid Kirigakure in this coming battle." Hiei smiles faintly. "Not that you need our help, of course. But the gesture to allow us vengeance upon these people would go a long way of brokering a common kinship between our villages. Personally, I find the concept interesting. I find your shinobi to be incredibly capable. I enjoy working with them." Mostly because nobody gives him any flack when his darker nature comes out when he wants to slaughter their enemies. Kumo shinobi were always trying to get him to curb this particular aspect of himself. "If it would be possible to secure lodging for my team when they arrive, that would be most welcome, Lord Mizukage."

Meruin inclines his head to the man, "Then we are as in agreement as we can be. Your Kage is, of course, still in command of Kumogakure's shinobi. So you must go and correspond with him before making our agreement official. This is of little consequence, however, as I would have suggested returning home with the information you require to improve your village's defenses. As the prudent act, it is what I would also do, no matter how sure I was of victory in that coming battle.
"And I do hope that you and yours return in time for combat," continued the Mizukage. "To appropriate lodgings, of course. I find the concept as interesting as you. Largely because I enjoy the idea of a battlefield with both of our blades' drawn. Your people are dangerous in their own right, but you are someone I believe I could share in true battle resonance.
"With any luck, it shall be the case."

Hiei bows. "I appreciate your words, Lord Mizukage. I will return to Kumogakure for a time and then come back with my team. I look forward to sharing the battlefield with you." He keeps his head lowered while he waits for Meruin to excuse him. WHen it comes to the chain of command, Hiei follows it to the letter. Born and raised as a soldier, it's hardwired into his DNA. "This concludes the reason for my visit. By your leave, I will say my goodbyes to a couple people before I go."

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