The Silence - Capturing Crow-lings


Kynshin, Michiko, Naruko

Date: November 28, 2014


A small team is gathered to take out one of Kumogakure's target's minions so that intel can be gathered for the true attack force.

"The Silence - Capturing Crow-lings"

Small Plateau in Land of Lightning

Messenger Hawks went to several people. As many as possible, really, since the upcoming mission was going to be rather difficult. Everyone was experienced, roughly at Chuunin level. They were told to meet at the front gates where someone would tell them the details of their mission.
Early morning, and Agent Fox was standing at the front gates. She was wearing a mask that was alabaster white, but it had red 'Flames' licking along the right half of her face. Obviously, this mask was fox-shaped. She was wearing what could be considered the typical KRD Uniform (that I don't know) and is casually leaning against the gates. As people arrive, she nods to them. "… I'll tell you the details as we move. Just know that there's a possibility of meeting a former KRD agent." With that, she moves out, not wanting to waste time.

Kynshin was out training when the messenger hawk delivered his scroll. He read it and quickly went home to change his clothing. Now more geared for a mission, Kynshin makes his way to the gate, wearing dusky gray fighting pants with a white and gray tunic. A hood rests along his shoulders as does a white scarf, his sword is slung behind him.
As he nears the gates, he bows his head to teh KRD agent as he nods and listens to her ready to go when teh others get here.

"Details…as we move. Wait what's going on?!" Naruko exclaims after she had arrived to the scene. She was concerned, though pretty much ready for anything to be thrown at her. She was adorned in a typical orange cloak, the Kumogakure insigna along her back. She did keep the scroll she had held closely, while nodding to Kynshin as things progressed. "I…suddenly have a bad feeling about this,"

The others arrive, and Fox wastes no time. "I'm Agent Fox, which may or may not be obvious. There are clear orders that a former agent of the KRD has been recruiting people to join the Silence, and we have to stop him. For now, we need to focus on getting rid of some of his… Inductees. They've been reported as training in the mountains, which is where we're headed, and threatening whoever happens to pass by. I doubt we'll run into the real culprit, but… We chose you two because you'll be strong enough to survive such an encounter."
The journey is quiet, and Fox seems to know exactly where she's going. She had studied the map and trail, so she knew how to get there quickly. Ahead of them is a small plateau. People with a particularly good sense of smell might smell three people training. Fox can certainly feel tremors in the earth from an intense spar. And there's a few flashes of lightning that prove even more that people are nearby. "The targets themselves have been training for a long time and might be worn out. But keep up your guard. Crow didn't choose these guys for nothing…"

Kynshin smiles when he sees Naruko, but as they move Kynshin keeps close to both of his team mates. Kynshin keeps his eyes open and as they move, his arms are swept back behind him and moving as quickly as he can keeping to the right of Fox who is leading their team. Kynshin keeps quiet for the time being until Fox finishes, "So what are we looking at threat wise and what is our objective?" he asks.

Naruko was definitely a little concerned about being approached by KDR of all people. And fox seemed to be talented enough to perhaps finish this mission all on their own. "Um…how strong are these guys anyways?" Naruko asks for clarifcation, a sweat drop trickling down her brown as she sniffs the air,three very distinct scents caught her attention. "If they are worn out we might have an advantage for sure. Though I have to be honest I'm not the most stealthy person out there…"

"As I said, we're looking to take out some of Crow's recruits. At the moment, we're hoping Crow won't come out to play, but there's a chance he'll come out. That's why you two are here," Fox replies. "The people we're facing will be able to use lightning, obviously… There's a chance they can use more due to an herbal mixture Crow created… I won't go into that. Just know that we need to take them out quickly." It's at that moment a stray flash of lightning comes down to strike at the group. It's not intentionally aimed, but luck means that they'll be hit if they don't /move/.

Nodding his head, "Alright." he says as he hops from another branch. Kynshin looks to Fox then to Naruko, "If we plan now we should be alright." he says simply. "Whats teh game plan outside of taking them out quickly Agent Fox?" he asks, but it's abotu then that lightning comes crashing down. Not thinking, Kynshin quickly dodges away from the lightning then regruoping.

Naruko was caught in the crackle of lightning that shomehow ended ups zapping in their direction. Of course unlike the others Naruko was completely caught off guard, burned to a crisp even as she groans and rises back from a cloud of smoke. "Ugh…really… already? Me of all people?" Naruko speaks up while moving to the sie for cover. "Where did that lightning come from?" Naruko asks out loud, trying to pin down o nthe source before she was ready to actually engage.

Fox disappears in a puff of smoke when the lightning comes down and strikes a clone of her. "Tch… Annoying…" she mutters from behind Kynshin. "Capture one, kill the others. If Crow comes out, retreat. Simple. Effective. And the lightning likely came from our targets, Uzumaki-san. Now /attack/," she says in a voice low enough for only Naruko and Kynshin to hear. With a quick handseal, she launches two firebolts at one of the men. The one who sent the lightning at them, actually! They aren't strong, as the girl is trying to gauge how powerful these men are after a harsh training session.

Kynshin dashes forward weaving back and forth as he closes in on one of his targets. He leaps into the air spinning as he comes down with a kick towards teh second attacker, then as he lands, he keeps his sword sheathed as he prepares himself.

Naruko also had her ideas, wanting to make sure she wasn't getting to far ahead of herself as she dips out from cover and launches two firebolts, handling the streams of fire much like kunai. They zip into one of the silence members, though the damage wasn't at all menacing. Naruko too was testing the waters a bit before going full frontal with an enemy she knew not much about. " Take that…" Naruko whispers quietly under her breath, keeping an eye on Kynshin in case he needed abit more help. Especially being so close.

The man Fox had aimed for wasn't expecting anyone to be up here attacking him! Well, not outside his sparring partner. He gets burned badly, clothes smoking from the fire and a few burn marks appearing on his body. He's smart enough to get out of the way from the second firebolt, though, and quickly launches an attack of his own! Two bolts of lightning head towards Fox as he skids to a halt. "Guys, we have company! One of you, get the Boss!"
The others a quick to react as well. Kynshin's target aboids his attack altogether, moving quickly to get away and call for help from their 'sensei'. Naruko's target avoids her attack, but just happens to run into the second, leading to a rather loud cry of pain. The person, angry at being injured, immediately draws a sword and charges it with lightning chakra, moving swiftly to attack Naruko.

Fox takes one of the two bolts, wincing from the pain of electricity shooting through her body. She doesn't let it overcome her, though, and promptly uses a burst of fire to avoid the second attack. Then she sends three wicked-looking blasts of fire at the enemy. "Don't worry… We have to keep one of you alive. It looks like it won't be you," she says to the one attacking her, watching as the flames wreath his figure and hopefully connect.

Kynshin missed his attack, but as the man tries to run to get help, Kynshin isn't going to allow that. Quickly out running him, Kynshin's hand move to the hilt of his blade and with a smooth as lightning flick of his wrist he strikes aiming a slash along his back, then quickly with a return stroke he aimes for the head, and using the scabberd, he attempts slams it into the back of the guys knee.

Naruko was quite stabbed with the lightning, feeling it pierce through her flesh like butter. It was incredibly painful, but Naruko managed to peel herself away from the attack, following through with a clone technique and quickly launching into a counter attack. A series of clones formed from underneath the Silence member, launching him up in the air with a series of stacking explosive kicks. Naruko, kicking along with them to give enough time for a second attack. " You're messing with the wrong Uzumaki!" Naruko cries out, maybe she forgot about the only killing two idea.

The man that Fox is facing finds himself dying a fiery death. Well, at least he's warm… His skin essentially burns off the bones and his remnants are a mere pile of ashes by the time she's done with him. The man who fled gets attacked by Kynshin, and he's going too fast to change direction. With an unmanly yelp, he finds himself kneeling and holding himself from the pain. "D-don't hurt me, please!!! I'll do anything!" he must be the wimp of the group…
Naruko's target seems to get cocky when he gets a hit in, grinning widely as he charges at her. Of course, clones of the Uzumaki result in confusion plastered on his face. Though a burst of lightning erupts from his feet as he tries to dodge, he doesn't quite make it. "Gah…" he mutters. A quick look reveals his sparring partners are all essentially down… What would the sensei say?? The lightning flows up the blades again, and this time his attacks are more vicious. Even blinding?
Fox makes a handseal, resulting in ropes surrounding the downed man that Kynshin had overtaken. "Good job, Tenka-san. Keep him under watch while I check that Uzumaki-san is doing alright," she says to him, watching Naruko fight through the eyeholes of her mask. If need be, she'll step in. But she'd rather let Naruko handle it on her own…

With having found teh wimp, Kynshin quickly moves and strikes the man along the side of the head to attemp to knock him out. even if he doesn't succeed hopefully it will shut him up. Kynshin knew they were ordered to take one alive, he quickly grabs zip ties and tying up his arms and legs and taking away his weapons if there are any. Quickly waving one hand in the air, Kynshin begins dragging his target away from the combat area.

Of course it wasn't Naruko's intention to try and kill one of the silence members, but considering the amount of attacks throw in her direction, it really was difficult to see and hold bad much longer. Naruko slipped away from the flash, shielding he reyes in the process so that she wouldn't be caught up in it's blinding madness. After which she uses her clones to soak in the remainder of the attacks, leaving an incredibly speed Naruko, forming an orb of fire in her right hand and pouncing upon her enemy, extending the sphere down upon their back for a piercing explosion…

Two down, one to go. That one man falls limp in Kynshin's arms and is quite secure by Fox's bindings. He is dragged off to the edge for the group to take back to the village for interrogation while the one Naruko is facing flails with his attacks not hitting. And he had tried so hard, too… The man suddenly gets a face-ful of fire that's nearly compacted in a convenient orb… How nice. The ball mutilated his face into something unrecognizable and it needs to be put in a horror movie. Done and done.
Fox nods approvingly. "Good, Uzumaki-san. Help Tenka-san with the unconscious one so we can take him back to-" she breaks off as a figure slams into her side, pinning her in place. This person has a white mask too, but there's a beak in place of a muzzle. The markings on the mask are blue, and the figure is wearing a black cloak, Crow… "Tch. I didn't expect one of our newest recruits to get sent after me…" comes Crow's voice, obviously displeased. "I'm not even sure you're worth my time, Fox." The girl struggles a bit, calling out, "Go! And take the hostage back to the village!" as she makes a few handseals to explode the ground nearby.

The man unconcious, Kynshin turns and looks back once he is a good bit away. But when Naruko finishes off her opponent, he nods to her. This was good, all done before….nope. Watchign as Crow slams into Fox and pinning her, even though she tells them to go, and as she does an explosion happens around her and Crow, "NO!" he hollars out and tries to look for her from where he is, Kynshin thinks she can take him, but they are a team and need to get back togetehr. Sighing, Kynshin quickly starts to help the unconcious man to his feet and begins leaving.

Naruko decides to go along with what Fox had related…especially with the mention of the man known as Crow. "This…can't be good…" Naruko speaks softly as she begins to back up an dfollow orders. They needed to get their "prisoners" and slips away and that was exactly what Naruko intended to do. "Right let's get going! Fox! Come with us also when yo can!" Naruko shotus right back after. She didn't like leaving anyone behind and if Fox made an effort to slip out it only made things easier to complete the mission.

Crow raises his hands to block his face from the dirt, but a bit of the debris gets into his eyes. This allows Fox to slip out of his grasp, though she can't beat him in an actual fight. The fact that she caught him by surprise was likely the only reason he was down. An earthen done surrounds the man to give her and her team time to retreat. "Go!" she shouts, this time closer to Kynshin and Naruko. Right behind them, in fact. "We're not supposed to take him, so we'll report back to the village at once. I've distracted him, but only for a bit." And with that, the team makes their way back to the village. Mission Status: Success.

Kynshin isn't waiting around, with whatever help he can get he tries to quickly move, hauling the unconcious prisoner up. Even using chakra to help increase his speed and strength just so that he isn't slowing down Naruko or Fox who just caught upwith them. "Alright then, we better get out of here." he grunts as he continues onwards.

With the crow taken off guard for the time being, there was little to worry about…and Naruko's concerns were pretty much finished. She grins at the Fox's antics and pushes along with Kynshin. "Looks like there is no need to hold back now!" Naruko exclaims, following on Kynshin's flank. The mission was complete, all they had to do was run, which was quite easy to do.

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