The Silence - Copy-Cat Medics


Michiko, Naruko, Rise, Nobunaga, Akane, Hisomu

Date: December 10, 2014


A small team made up of mostly Kumo-nin but also their allies is sent to investigate why Yuuma keeps popping up in the middle of some villages. Dead bodies, lookalikes as family… What's going on??

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Silence - Copy-Cat Medics"

Near the Land of Lightning and Fire Border

Michiko had gotten the report a couples weeks ago of the first incident. A marked body that was similar to Yuuma except for the height. She had sent a few investigators from the Kumo hospital to investigate, but reports were inconclusive for many reasons. As such, she sent out a call to a medic-nin she hoped would be able to detect more than a Kumogakure medic nin might be able to find on their own. She would meet with Akane at a later date. While waiting for this call to be answered, more reports on bodies appearing, much like the initial case, flooded the desk. There were also reports of Yuuma coming to people's doors and claiming they were a family member, which lead to the death of the Yuuma-figure. Something had to be done.
Michiko called mostly upon Kumogakure, but also allied to help her investigate. They were told to meet up in the middle of where all these events were occurring, which was the crossroads of three villages. One to the north, one to the SouthEast, and a third to the southwest. Michiko and her team have been traveling for a day, as the villages are quite far. A good place for Konoha and Kumo to meet, even. Michiko debriefed her team on their travels, so there was no need for words once they reached the meeting spot. Now it was time to wait and see who arrived from Konoha. And if Akane had any info.

Naruko happened to be apart of Michiko's party, having her own method of expertise to deal with the Yuuma incidents. For the most part she was quiet. Something about running a mission against the Silence had Naruko incredibly on edge and a lot more responsible for her own actions. "Even with this stupid cease fire…. They still somehow manage to force our hand in some way," Naruko spoke to herself, tensing a fist off to the side while taking position next to Michiko. She sniffs the air, curious to see who else would be coming along this way.

Rise didn't understand it all. Not once did she manage to harm Yuuma, and yet she was expected — or at least, she suspected she was expected — to run interference should one of his dead copies turn out to have his strength/abilities? Despite her misgivings, Rise gritted her teeth behind closed lips, and followed behind the others as orders. By the time the finally reach the meeting point however, she cannot help but finally let out her frustration as an drawn out breath. "How long are we gonna wait here?"

Approaching the location, Hisomu is half pulling, half dragging a man behind her. She turns around halfway there and literaly spits a spray of purplish spit on him before she nods her heade at him, "Now, don't make me have to do that again." The man groans and nearly slumps over after that. He's half tired from her use of her jutsu to keep him in line and she's not helping him at all as she drags him along. The strange thing about this is that this man is actually a very striking likeness for the one known as Yuuma. That's right folks, Hisomu has captured Yuuma! Maybe…possibly…probably not. Either way, she bows to Michiko and then offers the lead over for hte man who would be Yuuma.

Kumogakure's request for assistance in a peculiar investigation caught Nobunaga's attention first. Usually though, and increasingly as of late, he's not allowed to take on assignments that take him too far away from the village for an undisclosed amount of time. It took some persistence and pestering but Nobunaga is notorious for such. He owed Kumogakure, specifically Hiei, a favor or two and he wanted nothing more than to start repaying it. Unfortunately none of his teammates seemed available to tag along with him. The young man set out as soon as he could to meet up with the Kumogakure Group.
He arrives at what he considers promptly to the specified location. He didn't expect a sign that read 'Kumo Peeps Here!' but he was a bit worried with no one else around. "Maybe I took a wrong turn at that…rock?" Rubbing his head furiously in thought Nobunaga surveys the area. "Relax Nobu man, you're not lost." he assures himself. "Wasn't there something about a crossroads?" At that moment he sees figures in the distance. Nobunaga would join them after a few squinting moments. Arriving speedily and already bowing apologetically Nobunaga doesn't even take note of the identities of those before him. "My apologies for the wait. I got turned around one the way here. There was this rock…a-anyway." He rises with a salute. "Amaro Nobunaga, from Konohagakure, at your service."

Akane had been t the meeting place early and as per her personality.. She'd cllimbed a leafy tree, one of the last with real cover left int hese winter months, and layed out on a branch. She'd been there for a few hours so when the Kumo nin started showing up she was able to watch them from her perch. Honestly, she was about 30 yards away from the meeting place, partially due to the foliage issue. So she dropped down silently and headed for the group.
She wore her mask, lips and eyes highlighted in red with two bloody tears tracking down the white surface. The eyes were completely blacked out, she could see out but no one could see her eyes. Her clothing was typical, leather bustier, leather pants and jacket, bared midriff. She had her hair up as usual in it's elaborate coiffe, hairsticks and combs galore. The one thing that seemed to be missing was her hitai-ate. She wore no marking anywhere that denoted a village, even her mask had been altered so the forehead was clear of designation. Around her neck still hung the green crystal pendant with a spider etching and her hip still proudly bore the brand in the shape of a clock. Otherwise there was no real markings.
Once she'd slipped down from the tree she adjusted her weapons belts, one with kunai, one with daggers one with twin swords and a belt of pouches about her waist. A walking arsenal and that wasn't even counting what she'd hidden. Heading forward toward the group Akane paused as her eyes lit on Rise. She hesitated then sighed quietly to herself and continued her trek. With the mask on maybe the other wouldn't remember her… A memory of a jeweled comb that she had given to Rise a few years ago came to mind but she forced it away again. Turned her attention to Michiko.
Next on her list was Nobunaga. Technicly speaking she was comming up behind him while he bowed and gave his name. She recognised him as from Konoha and made a mental note but otherwise did not /seem/ to pay much attention.
Once she'd met up with the group she nodded her head to them in greeting, face obscured by that mask. "I believe you were waiting for me." She said in response to Rise's question.
Her attention went to Hisomu, though, and the Yuuma she had in custody. Lifting her head she lifted a hand to indicate the man. "May I?" She meant could she examine him. So far she'd only seen dead versions and it would be of great help to examine a living specimine. She knew for a fact it wasn't the real Yuuma….

"Remember, we don't know what's going on, Naruko-San. There've been a lot of dead Yuuma-bodies, and it's most likely not him considering his strength," Michiko tells the Uzumaki. Rise gets a glance as well. She feels impatient too, but there was information to share and gather. "As long as we must, Rise-san."
The first to arrive is Hisomu, and it looks like she followed orders. The girl nods to the Hebisuuhai, looking over the man as she takes ahold of his bonds. "Good work, Hisomu-san. Did you encounter any difficulties?" she asks, waiting for an answer before turning to Nobunaga. "It's fine. So long as you made it, Nobunaga-san." Then her attention shifts. "Now, then, Sir. Could you please tell us who you are?"
The Yuuma lookalike stares blankly at the surrounding shinobi, wondering if he was in trouble. He had none of the confidence that Yuuma had, nor did he have any of the Brother's madness and drinking problem. "Ayasawa Kodamu, ma'am. I'm just a farmer, really! I was returning home and next thing I know I was kidnapped an-" He breaks off when Akane speaks, her figure rather intimidating with the weaponry and mask.
Michiko's only greeting to Akane was a nod when she approached. When asked permission, the girl would gesture lightly. "Just don't hurt him. He's obviously got some information we can use for this mission."

Naruko was happy to see everyone else being able to make it towards the mission, though the sudden dragging of "Yuuma" was enough to distract her and quickly motion over towards him. She sniffs the air briefly, listening in on his story while a sweat drop trickles down her brow. "His…story might be checking out. He may look like the bid bad guy but…he doesn't smell like h im… What's up with that?" Naruko speaks aloud, turning her eyes to Akane with a frown. "You….what are you doing here? Wasn't you the one cozying up to the dark one?" Naruko asks curiously while simply shaking her head… Her attention was on 'Yumma' at this point, trying to figure out what this situation was.

Rise merely hmphs before her attention cuts to the left. Nobunaga is in luck. Instead of a scathing remark or outright assualt in response to his greeting, Rise just glares at the young man for a lengthy moment before allowing her attention to drifts towards the other new arrival (or early arrival if one wanted to be technical). There's a familiarity to her that killed whatever lingering agitation Rise bore from impatience and paranoia. But the why… escaped her. Until she could figure it out, Rise made a note to keep an eye on Akane especially for the duration of the mission.
That decision nearly flies out the window as soon as her attention turns upon the Yuuma look alike Hisomu dragged in. Rise takes a step towards, but stopped herself in time to keep from yanking him in for a closer inspection. Not that she needed to as Naruko pointed out. She turned to sniffing in his direction as well before nodding in agreement. "She's right. Probably a body double or… maybe a replacement?" Rise leans back with a frown, and looks to Michiko to see what she thought.

"If he is real, I do fail to see what everyone is going on about. This one put up little fight after I drained him of his stamina." She nods her head and then looks over at the others before hse lets them get at this fake. Hisomu steps up to beside Michiko, nodding to her before gesturing, "He took two swings at me in total, two simple and easy to dodge punches. He really is nothing special as far as ability goes. As far as knowledge, well, I will leave that to you."

Subsequently to the arrivals Nobunaga starts noting the familiar faces. "Michiko-san, Naruko-san glad to see you two again." he smiles. The grumpy looking girl, Rise, was new to Nobunaga or as far as memory serves. He nods to her in greeting and tries to infect her with a smile. Not wanting to make it awkward Nobunaga quickly shifts his attention to the fake Yuuma. "This guy looks clueless." it's the first thing he points out about the double. "But interrogations aren't my forte." he chuckles. Nobunaga would just let the mysterious masked woman do her thing. He tries to avoid staring at her but she has a lot going on right now. The mask draws most of Nobunaga's attention. He idly wonders where she's from.

Akane nodded to Michiko's comment. She moved to stand before the man and lifted her hand. When she spoke to him her voice was soft. "I have no intention of harming you. This will not hurt. I am a medic and I just want to see what has been done to you." She gently pressed her hand to his forehead and sent a pulse of medical chakra though him to locate and diagnose what was wrong with him, what was new, strange healing patterns. It was a simple jutsu that did no harm and perhaps tingled but nothing more. Behind her mask, though her eyes shifted and she looked him over with a more distinguished set of eyes. She was looking for jutsu and when she'd done scanning him she relaxed them back to her normal state. All of which was concealed by the mask she wore.
Finally she backed up a step, thanking the man for cooperating.
Turning to Naruko Akane chuckled. "He once made a comment that I could be useful when I lost control in battle. I've been capitalizing on that and he seems more willing to communicate with me because of it." To accent her point she canted her hip and put a hand on her hip in a pose that most males would find extremely appealing and teasing. "Kunoichi have more to work with than the average shinobi sometimes." If Naruko could see her smirking grin she probably would take offense, but that mask was fully in place. Akane was no stranger to using more.. creative.. ways to influence those around her and had manipulated a few men in her life… Once the point was made she stood back up in a normal manner.
Folding her arms across her chest she turned her masked face to Rise, noting the look on her face. So she recognised her.. almost. Interesting. "From what I can tell it's similar to a True Henge, a change physically that shifts the actual compusition of the body to something new. It's similar but as you both have stated he does not smell like Yuuma and clearly has no similar abilities." Turning to Michiko, she added, "I've looked at the others and it's all the same. Physically they were changed through some kind of jutsu. I can sense Yuuma's chakra inside this one though it's dwindling… Unfortunately I'm not sure we can reverse it…."
Then she turned to face the man again. She could see the fear in his eyes and no wonder. He was a civilian surrounded by shinobi of many lands and he looked like the one man they all could agree on killing. Anyone would be nervous. But, since her inspection was done she reached up and shifted her mask so it was on the side of her head, exposing her scarred face. Jade green eyes looked at him kindly and she smiled softly. "Do not worry, Kodamu-san, cooperate with us so we can help you and figure out what our enemy is trying to accomplish." She turned to Nobunaga with a firm expression then looked at Michiko. "I think one should simply ask him before we start interrogating him." She moved over to Michiko, her back and this her face turned away from the man. Akane spoke softly, just enough for michiko to hear. "If it comes to that I can do it." She knew interrogation techniques and had enough knowledge of plants and chemicals to make the man wish he were dead without doing any real damage to his body….

Michiko frowns a bit. She knew that it likely wasn't Yuuma, but then why was he so similar? She waits for Akane to finish her inspection, then glances to her. "Could you please share with what you've found?" She waits for Akane to finish describing what she found, nodding a bit. "Alright…" The girl glances to the man, Kodamu?, and hmms. "Could you please show us where it was you were kidnapped?" The man nods, seeming a bit more… Well, it's either relaxed or quite fixated on Akane. "Yeah. I'll show you. It's just down that path and then we have to go off… Fields and whatnot."
"It's good to see you, Nobunaga-san. Be sure to take note of everything so you can report to the Hokage," she says in a cheerful voice, glad that they're finally moving. This case had too many papers to count, and she'd like it to be done with. "Lead the way, please. And don't try to escape, or it will mean you aren't innocent. Everyone, keep a close eye out for odd things. I'm not sure what we'll find, but…" She shakes her head a bit. "Anyway, let's go."

"Nobunaga-sama," Naruko greeted with a quirky grin, something about the sound of that name made her chuckle. After hearing Akane's points things actually did start the make sense. "You really do play your role very…vividly then," Naruko states while she listens on to hear the mans story. So it seemed like he wasn't such a bad guy after all. "Ha, good so we won't have to do anything drastic. Just follow along huh?" Naruko peeps up sticking closely to to the group… More specifically near Hisomu and Michiko. "This should be pretty easy for Team Volcano and company,"

"Could be an act." Rise replied off-handily to Hisomu. Smelling Yuuma sparked something, if albeit belatedly. However, Rise continues to wait until Akane finished her examination with only absent-minded tapping of a finger against elbow to mark growing agitation. Unfortunately, by the time an opportunity "presents" itself, Rise is stopped short by Akane's mannerism. Surprise and disbelief reigned supreme in her gaze for a time. She shook it off and looked away, stubbornly denying whatever connection may or may not have been founded. If Akane was here, that meant their other mutual friend was alone. Alone and probably even dead if not worse.
Nope. It wasn't Akane. Rise nodded to herself, deciding then and there that the masked shinobi was just some — "…." It is all she can get out the first time upon seeing Akane's face fully. "You weren't gonna say anything. You were just… Nevermind. I don't even want to hear it." She says tersely before cutting to Michiko. Despite whatever formation may have been spoken of during the briefing, Rise made it a point to stay on whatever side kept her as far away from Akane as possible, arms cast at the wayside, and hands clenched tightly all the while. She even went as far as to throw herself into the whole keeping a closing eye out on things, because short of sensing something odd within the group, her attention stays on their surroundings solely.

Scratching her head, Hisomu listens to all of this and then nods to hte man before looking to Michiko. She then glances to Naruko before saying, "i'm not sure of how much help I'm from this point forward but I will do what I can." She nods and then just listens to others, peering this way and that at the odd interactions.

"Aww, poor guy." Nobunaga looks to Kodamu sympathetically. He then turns to look at Akane. "That was very impressive." Nobunaga didn't know anyone who could accomplish so much with a touch. "I'm gonna keep an eye on that one." he points to Akane teasingly. Odd that Akane seems even more mysterious without the mask. Worrying about her though would just distract him from the main objective. "Oh certainly Michiko-san." Nobunaga agrees a bit belatedly. Her words did good to remind him where his focus should be. "Sama? Hehe you flatter me Naruko-san." Nobunaga smiles sheepishly. It looks like he'll be trailing behind the others. He keeps Kodamu in his sights. Rise puts an interesting thought in his head. This whole thing could be an act…or a trap which made it even more exciting. Whatever they were being lead into he was sure they could handle it.

Akane looked over her shoulder at the man and offered him an encouraging smile. If the man felt safer around her all the better, let him believe what he liked, he was responding to her treatment of him and that was all that mattered. She fell into step beside Kodamu as they walked along.
Naruko's comment got a chuckle from the medic but that was all. Akane wasn't in the practice of telling her secrets. Unfortunately, Rise did recognise her. And took offense. The medic sighed softly. "I did not think…the time was appropriate." She sighed again. Well, she would just have to deal with that later… Rise's fists, though made Akane concerned. "Rise-san, be angry with me later."
Nobunaga's impressed expression got him a small smile, kindly, but quiet and secretive. "Thank you. I was taught by many people."
The closer to the abduction site they got the more Akane was aware of her surroundings. She flashed through several hand signs and sent out a pulse of medical chakra in all directions, registering the sensation of her companions' chakra and looking for others around them, hidden dangers. She tracked each of the team as they walked as well.

The man lead them all to a now-barren field. "Geez, how long was I gone…" he mutters, looking around at the dead crops that litter the ground. He sighs, sitting down. "Dang it… Too much whisker in the fields now. It'll take forever to get it ready for planting season" He seems frustrated.
Akane would sense nothing until the group reaches the fields, and even then it was the barest hint of life. Michiko sends chakra through the ground, trying to detect something. Naruko would notice hints of a lot of scents, faded by a few days. Rise might see an old footprint nearby, but it could be anyone's, the shoeprint is that generic. Nobunaga would see no tracks that lead away from the field, which was off in and of itself… "I think there are people nearby… I can't figure out how far or how many, though. Something's blocking my senses," she reports.

"A lot of smells…but nothing that I can really determine out right…." Naruko speaks outloud as she fellows off into the now barren field. It was disappointing really, she felt just a little useless in this regard. Her nose wasn't as strong as she thought… Maybe her sight would do better. "Ugh, how annoying…" Naruko groans quietly under her breath, she then perks a brow at Michiko's comments. "Someone is blocking what you are trying to do? Does anyone else have a good feel for whats going on around here?" Things simply wasn't making any sense…. At least for Naruko.

Rise tried drowning her out by grinding her teeth, but when that obviously didn't work she turned to cracking her knuckles until it became too painful. By then the team has already reached the edge of the field. "Hm?" Rise takes a knee before the shoeprints. After a few moments Rise grumbles before saying aloud, "I got.. something, I guess." She looks along the trail, then rises and gives the surrounding fields a similiar scrutiny. "So freak'n weird. Looks like they either floated, or someone did a damn good job of messing with the earth here."

"This is where you were kidnapped?" Nobunaga takes a good look around taking his eyes of Kodamu for the moment. "I don't see any tracks leading away from the feild. Must've been creative." he says almost chuckling. By the sound of things this setting is indeed odd. Nobunaga acknowledges Rise's comment with a point "She may be on to something. Seems like somebody's got something to hide."

Akane looked over the field as they approached, and though she could sense something faintly at the edges of her senses she couldn't quite…. Rise's words got Akane's ttention and she narrowed her jade green eyes. Rise was right. That was odd. She reached up and shifted her mask back down to cover her face. Those tracks were strange… "Rise-san, back up a moment please." She spoke softly enough, politely, and a hint of trust in her tone. She clearly trusted Rise's opinion.
Whether Rise backed up or not Akane, mask fully in place, activated her eyes. To cover for the dojutsu she flashed through several complex hand signs before she began looking around. To the average person she would seem to be using some kind of sensor ability. She looked all around but focused on that spot in the field where the footprints stopped, searching for …something. Something strange in the chakra flow, half expecting a portal or concealment jutsu.

A look at the others, Hisomu simply seems to be looking around the area. She takes a breath as she does before shaking her head and then looks over to Michiko, peering at her carefully and then to Rise. She seems to start over a little then Akane speaks up. She glances at the spot and then looks to Akane, "Do you see something?" She hmms as she stares at Akane.

"I've not the faintest idea," Michiko says, frowning. She tries again to sense for people, sending another chakra burst through the ground. She counts about five, but there's chakra that's flowing through the ground and redirecting her attention. Akane might notice a residue of what seals could leave. The 'tracks' are moving off to the side, then scatter. "Hmm… I'm not sure… He doesn't seem to be lying, though." Hisomu could confirm that. There is nothing about his demeanor that would suggest he's lying.

"There are about…10 other scents out there… I'm not sure what it is exactly but they are immobile…" Naruko began to speak up, taking her nose away from the air, she had no idea what sort of witch craft Akane was up to but at the same time she really didn't care. Nobunaga did well asking the questions… Questions she probably should have answered. Rise's comments were a little bit concerning. "I really don't like the feeling of this at all…" Naruko whispers quietly to herself, glancing back to check on Hisomu… she grins sheepishly… a little clueless on what to do at this rate.

Rise gives Akane one long lingering look before rolling her eyes and moving away from the others altogether. She would not approach the farm until order, but that didn't mean she couldn't try to get a better angle or unearth some other clues that may be nearby. Absently, her chakra begins to build in anticipation of a trap despite Michiko's assurance.

Nobunaga looks to Naruko "10 Immobile scents you say?" He rubs his chin "That many?" He can't really detect anything out of the ordinary just by looking about. Still he readies his chakra before moving towards Akane she seems to the most sensitive to chakra of the group right now. "You think we might've come upon more people like our Yuuma lookalike. Ten seems absurdly large for kidnapping operations. They could've made this their HQ or base of operations for the time being? I would explain why there's no traces of departure and the interference. Just a hunch though." Nobunaga suggests. Honestly he's not too conclusive on anything at the moment.

Akane kept looking around, narrowing her eyes behind the mask, curious what was going on but something felt.. strange about this location. She could see residue. It was similar to what she'd seen seals leave behind and similar to her own use of scrolls. So she stepped forward and,listening to the comments of those around her she lookked around. "There seems to be seals at work… I can sense it." Nobunaga's comment made sense but Akane was more on edge, once again turning her gaze out around them as well, searching for chakra signatures of any kind. Her eyes would allow her to see the chakra signatures directly and so she should see any shinobi level chakras easily enough. She also looked directly at Kadomu, looking once more for that lingering chakra wihtin him to see if there was a change…

The man's chakra doesn't spike at all. It remains at a consistent level. If he's at all lying, he's either very convinced, or he's a very good liar. Michiko sighs. "There's so much… Unreliable information around here. And… seals would make sense if they were blo-" her words cut off when a loud explosion happens off to the side of her. It creates a large amount of smoke, decreasing visibility. Basically: not many people will be able to see whoever's about to attack.
Michiko quickly reacts when the smokebomb goes off, using her senses through the ground to take account of where everyone, including the enemies. With a few handseals, she sends two bolts of fire into the smoke, hoping that she's right about where they're going. "So that's where you were…" she mutters. "Is everyone okay?" she calls out, making sure no one's been attacked. The smoke isn't poisonous, it seems.

Naruko couldn't see tail…and needless to say she is flailing about in the smoke. "Ahh! Too much smoke!" Naruko exclaims, finally ducking to the floor instinctively. She spies about for any of the targets, eyes clouded with smoke. "Ugh I can't see anything… but I'm okay. How is everyone else?!" Naruko asks, trying to get her bearings and prepare for anything that was going to come there way…assuming she could see it.

Akane already had her sharingan activated when the smoke went off and the mask kept it out of her eyes. She quickly spotted the attackers' signatures and glanced around to locate the team. Naruko clearly could not tell what was going n around her so Akane called out to her and Hisomu. "Stay where you are." Before stepping forward and bringing her fingers up to where her lips would be, spitting fire from an inch before the mask in several smaller pinpoint balls of flame which she sent at six of the attackers….Not suprisingly they used seals to try and defend themselves…. She narrowed her eyes and poised, ready to defend those who could not.

Rise's reaction to the smokebomb is almost instant. Though her instincts demanded that she try to remove herself from the smoke-laden area, she knew the enemy would be waiting for it. So, she covered her mouth and closed her eyes. Even without sight or even smell, Rise can hear their attackers well enough. Using what little time she had to act before everyone either started rushing about or attacking blindly, Rise locked on to their distinctive signature before flashing through a set of seals. Those that couldn't overcome her oppressive 'presence' would be crushed beneath before long.

Nobunaga would have to agree with Michiko "True. Meh I guess I can take a closer look around. Maybe something will turn up?" he starts to suggest until everything goes up in smoke. His eyes narrow and he instinctively covers his nose and mouth to avoid inhaling anything he shouldn't. He detects movement but doesn't attack seeing Michiko take the initiative. "I'm alright." he answers. Holding off on the attack he kept his eyes open for any more surprises. In the meantime he finds Naruko and taps her on the shoulder. "Whoever 'they' are they're over there." he directs "Things just got a little more interesting eh?" he chuckles.

A look around as the smokebomb goes off and Hisomu is caught off guard. She stumbles back and the notes the direction of other attacks, turning in that directino she makes a simple hand sign and blasts a spray of greenish mist in the direction of other attacks though it is doubtful she had any effect as she spits before she takes a step back, and looks around, seeming confused and unsure.

Only one of the men are affected by the genjutsu, but seven are burned by flames from the Michiko-Akane combo. They don't make any sound when they're affected, preferring instead to move through the smoke and Attack while they still have some sort of cover. Their hands glow green to form chakra scalpels, and they slash at some of the more important arteries/veins/tendons/muscles on the enemy as they move through the smoke.
Michiko simply avoids the attack with a quick clone, retaliating by covering the ground with flames. "The smoke is clearing! Try to take one hostage so we can get information. The rest don't matter." Which means kill or imprison, basically. Michiko looks around intently as she tries to take stock of all that's going on.

So much for the smoke clearing. Michiko and Akane swiftly tattered the remainder of the area with even more explosives making it very difficult for Naruko to launch an attack of her own. She did counter back with a swift set of double stricks with her fists, though for the most part she simply jumps backwards, fliping over the masses and trying to keep herself out of sight. She began to use cover instead, staying plain and out of sight…She hoped so anyways.

Rise cringes over the results, and endeavored to correct her mistake. Unfortunately, She has hardly straightened out once more when one tries to ensure she isn't given a chance to correct the mistake. Though she shift her stance in preparation for the strike, instead she's yanked off her feet by another. There's a kunai in her hand within seconds if Akane did not give any sign that it was her doing the grab. Either way, the elder woman would earn a guttural growl for (wo)man-handling her before she forces her attention back to their enemies. Several more of her limited supply of kunai are dug out from their pouch and flung with little more than a quick glance int he direction she sensed the enemy to be in. Michiko's warning (or was it someone else) is only given thought in hindsight. 'Hope they know how to protect their arteries' She thought cheekily.

"Roger that Michiko-san." Nobunaga nods with a grin. Nimbly and narrowly evading the chakra scalpel he infuses his scarf with chakra causing it to slither like a serpent with a mind of its own. Nobunaga then directs his scarf outward in a fanning motion he has it wind and snake to strike three of the attacking medics. Nobunaga silently hoped at least one of them would survive his assault. "I wanna hold back but these guys are dangerous." he comments. His scarf winds around his arms as he prepares for a second assault. He'd try his hand and immobilizing one next.

Akane saw the medics' hand and knew exactly what they were doing. "Don't let them touch you!" She could see the medic going for Rise, could see the amount of chakra he wielded and acted without thinking. She moved at a speed that would have made her flicker if there had been less smoke, reappearing at Rise's side. She grabbed the other by the arm and bodily picked her up and moved her. Unfortunately, it wasn't fast enough to get her out of the way completely and Akane felt the scalpel strike her.The hit struck at her throat. She turned, barely in time to take a long cut on her throat. It bled quite a bit but thankfully had not cut the jugular. The only sign of pain from her was a soft grunt as the strikes landed.
Even as she felt the searing of her own pain, Akane was moving, a syringe in her hand. She aimed to strike at the medic's throat only for her forearm to take a second hit, dropping the syringe to the ground where it shattered. Akane growled, gathering herself to continue the fight. but one thing was certain and Rise might remember Akane's eyes shifting to a dark green. The medic's aura went darker and her body language became more agressive. She growled at the medics attacking her. "Don't you touch Rise-san…"

As the medics come in at her, Hisomu hears Akane's call and makes two quick handsigns that cause her to seem to slip away along the earth as she skates backwards on moving dirt. She maeks another hand sign as she does and another viscous spray of green flows out of her mouth over her attacker followed by a purplish mist. Even as she sprays out this deadly mixture, she glances to the side at others here before nodding ehr head some and then looking forward, "We need to end this quickly."

With so many things happening at one time, there are a lot of mistakes made. Some of the medic-nin (yes, that is what they are, if the glowing green hands didn't reveal the fact) get hit hard, and others not at all. It's certainly not enough to go down, though many cuts, burns, and bruises appear on them. They grimace just a bit as they ponder over what to do next. One of them seems to be the leader, saying, "Attack! We must do what we can for Yuuma-sama!" He seems to be trying to hide, flitting in and out of sight while the other nine fight. Akane's attack is blocked by a barrier of seals.
Michiko nods at some of the words that everyone's been calling out. "Agreed…" she murmurs, deciding to amp it up a bit. Around her body comes a flickering flame-like aura made of her chakra, blue in color. She makes a seal, sending a barrier of earth between that green hand aimed at her throat and herself. Still continuing to send chakra through the earth, she makes a seal. Earthen hands Pop out of the ground, grabbing at the medic nin and stuffing them into coffins. A total of six are caught and ready to be beaten to a pulp or saved for later interrogation.

Pure chaos…. Naruko wasn't used to this all out brawling session. Maybe a few selective fights or maybe storming the castle within an army… Naruko fought many times with Michiko however and she could tell just what jutsu was being prepared for. "Kage bunshin no jutsu!" Naruko exclaims as a clone ruptures in front of her, only to be smacked down by a chakra hand and Naruko herself soon after. Hisomu's words rang in her ear, causing her to tense up slightly. "We….need to end this quickly…" ~Just let me help you once, Naruko-san. Maybe you can handle it this time.~ Suddenly Naruko's body comes awash in a strange blue tinged flaming chakra, an out reached hand forming the base of her Fire orb. Once the coffins are in place she chucks it right on over, the spinning sphere slamming to catch them in a massive explosion…. After the attack her aura began to fade…and she sits down upon one knee calculating her damage from afar. "Did….we get them?"

Rise tenses up at Akane's words, then glanced back at the girl. "…." No words would come to her, so she threw herself back into the present. Tried to, but the girl cannot completely escape the Nuke-nin's words. Both as a result of danger and her own desire to keep on trying, Rise leaps clear of what remained of the smoke cover and everyone else, bearing kunai in each hand. Her eyes had been closed during the flight, but once she reached the zenith of her leap, they snap open. Within the same instance, she shattered opened the first two gates, enhancing her physicality just enough to quickly mark her targets and let flying a barrage of kunai at three out of the four that escaped Michiko's and Naruko's wraith before.

"Still coming eh? Tough paws." Nobunaga remarks before a good portion of the medics are swallowed by the earth. "Looks like hell opened up…" Nobunaga says feeling a chill. A terrifying jutsu but it did put a prospective end in sight. Nobunaga figured he didn't have to worry about the six submerged anymore and almost felt sorry for them. He instead focused his attention the remaining four, namely the talkative one who gave off the chant. "Oh~" Nobunaga smirks as he dashes in and directs his scarf at the man. Rather than cut the cloth seeks to bind the man locking him down as it edges into his flesh.

Akane looked around, her attention diverted for a single second, long enough to take another hit from the chakra blades. This one sliced a muscle in her shoulder, though thankfully not fully so she could still use her arm. She growled and sped out of the way again, turning and running at top speed after the leader. The more power, the more info. She spit out a handful of small balls of flame similar to her earlier attack, but smaller. It might seem as if she failed at completing her jutsu, and to top it off, the balls flew PAST the leader, not striking him at all. But anyone close enough would find out that those weren't failiures. Suddenly they exploded, a wall of flame lighting up between the leader and his escape, too powerful to go through the flames. Then Akane reached up and removed two of her hair sticks, throwing the senbon at him. Both were tipped in a poison that wound stop his muscles from moving. Pain and paralytic properties held within the chemical mixture… If Nobunaga's attack bound him she would keep him subdued…. In any case he couldn't escape without going through her now…

Once more she is attacked and once more, Hisomu slides away from the attack. She puts a hand down and gives back the attacker something in return. A green mist fills the air before her and she gazes back around at the others here before nodding her head some as she notes how everyone is falling.

Medic Nin are used to chaos, sure. They are /not/ used to being in the heat of battle, though, and that might just be their failure. Their mindsets, no longer that of medical shinobi, were on following their 'fearless deity, Yuuma'. Those that are trapped are either killed or badly wounded from Naruko's orbs of fire, and the remaining ones die thanks to the poisonous spit from Hisomu. Nobunaga's scarf-strike wraps around the Leader's legs, stopping his movement completely. Though he was already quite trapped by the wall of fire that appeared. Rise strikes down the three Medics that escaped Team Volcano's combination, and with the leader downed by Akane, they were left with a mess of a field and a semi-angry Yuuma-looking farmer. "You destroyed my fields!!" he cries out, waving his fist uselessly. But the ashes, he realized, might be good fertilizer for planting season…
Michiko lets the medic bodies she captured sink into the ground with those coffins and sweeps the ground with a river of earth so that no traces of Akane's Fire or the bodies are present. "I think that takes care of everything…" she comments, checking herself for injuries. Then at her companions. "Is everyone okay?" she asks, glad that is finally over. So long as no more medic nin are actually alive, there shouldn't be any more reports on Yuuma unless they're "real".

Alot of explosions and a whole lot of fighting. Naruko was glad to see everything finally toning down a bit. She lightly scratches behind one ear, noticing the leader being tied up in that odd cloth while the others were deciminated in some for or fashion. "Ha… A lot better than I thought. And to think they even had to element of surprise…" Naruko relents and waves her hand at Michiko, plotting herself on the ground before them. "All is good here! Did we complete the mission?!" All that fighting…it would suck if there was still more to do.

Rise hits the ground rolling, but unscathed. Mostly. All those explsions — though distant thanks to her flight — left her unsteady on her feet if her first attempt to straighten out was anything to go by. Luckily, she landed a good distance away from the others, so it was unlikely anyone saw her blunder. Right? >.> "I sure as heck hope not, cus' ended way too easily." Rise says, and grins sharkily.

Nobunaga reels the leader in after Akane's senbon pierce him. "He's not going anywhere." the Amaro would let the others deal with the angry farmer. After securing the 'leader' Nobunaga would check with Akane. "Took a few nasty hits there. You alright?" he asks offering her a hand if she needs one. He glances back to Michiko "I'm fine. You guys clean up shop real nice." he winks. Though he was a bit surprised with all the explosions and whatnot going on that he remained unharmed. "We're all good right?"

Akane stood there, silent and immobile as she watched the leader succumb to her poison… Kyoujin gloried in the sight. With a deep breath, the medic let her eyes return to normal and then turned to look over those gathered. She ignored the farmer, but Michiko took care of that easily enough. For Akane she looked at the team members, searching for any who needed her medical aid, completely ignoring her own wounds as if she didn't even feel them.
Nobunaga's hand made her blink and she took it, allowing him to help her off her knee. "Aye. I'll be fine. I managed to avoid serious wounds." When it became apparent that she was the one who was wounded the worst she lifted a hand to her shoulder, sealing her wounds well enough to travel. She would concentrate on them more fully later.

Michiko nods a bit as everyone checks in as 'fine' or something along those lines. She looks to the farmer who still looks like Yuuma. "Please come back with my team to Kumogakure. We might be able to change you back into your old form, if we figure out how you were changed." He looks at them. Stares at Michiko and wonders if he can trust her. He really would like to be changed back… "Fine…" he says. "I'll go with you." Michiko nods again and looks to the others. "Nobunaga-san, I assume you're able to tell Konoha what happened? We'll send you an update if we figure out why these medic-nin are the cause and how they changed people. Hisomu-san, Naruko-san, and Rise-san, we'll start heading back and stop for rest after we get a few miles in."
Akane is given a brief glance. "Akane-san, you're free to come back to Kumogakure with us or travel by yourself. Either way, we'll be heading out. Thank you for your assistance." The girl looks to the Kumo-nin, making sure everyone is ready, and assigns Rise to carry the trapped medic-nin while she and Naruko keep an eye on the farmer. If Akane comes with, she would help Rise. With that, mission complete!

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