Fourth Promotion Exams - The ‘Silence’ Incident


Eremi, Kiji, Michiko, Naoya, Sei, Serena (emitter), Shigeru, Tsuneo, Yuriko, Yuuma

Date: August 13, 2014


During the Chuunin exams second round, the organization ‘Silence’ reveals that they have infiltrated the contest and holds the arena hostage and delivers their threat to the major nations.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Fourth Promotion Exams - The ‘Silence’ Incident"

Kanayama Hiko Arena - Fighting Ring [Kumogakure]


The arena before you is as large as an open field. Vast stone walls surround the arena. They look as rough and uneven as the walls of a cave. The walls climb straight up, higher and higher to the distant stands. The only break in the rough hewn walls is a round, cave-like entrance leading back to the lobby. The grounds of the arena are a mixture of lands. On one half is uneven, rocky ground like many of the places found in Kumo. The other half is firm packed soil with a long row of full grown trees that encircle the edges of the arena. Within the center of the field is a wide, deep pool surrounded by sandy shores. It's a tribute to all five nations, yet seems to blend naturally together as if one were standing on the edge of the nations' borders.


Round Two of the Chuunin Exams Tournament! Kumogakure is clamoring with excitement, and the stands are absolutely packed to see the shinobi Kirigakure sent as its sole example of what their power is take on his opponent for this round. There is a bit of talking amongst the crowd, tension in the air as they wait for this match to begin. The excitement grows a little more when finally who appears to be the proctor for this match appears in the middle of the arena, adorned in a normal-looking Chuunin outfit befitting a Chuunin of Sunagakure. His headband is secured around his forehead, marking him clearly, though there seems to be some confusion among a few people as to who he is. Maybe one of those Chuunin that tends to be sent on long drawn-out missions and only comes back to the village to receive more orders. Still, the focus of today is this match. It's time to get it going!

"Next up! We have the sole shinobi of Kirigakure in this tournament who seems to be quite the survivor, none other than Okumo Sei! Facing him will be Shimura Bakamaru! If both participants will make your way onto the floor, we'll begin shortly."

Walking down the corridor towards the arena floor was Shimura Bakamaru, the opponent that Sei was supposed to fight, trying to get psyched up for his match up. He was pacing a bit, knowing how well his opponent fought in the first round. To say he was nervous was an understatement. It was then, as he was about to be announced, that a hand reaches out to place itself on his shoulder. As he turns around to see who it was, he feels his body begin to get heavy, and within moments, his vision fades and he crumples to the ground…. seems his opponent wasn't his biggest worry of the day after all.

As Tsuneo releases the other teen and lets him crumple to the ground, he looks at his hand and crinkles his nose a bit. "Fire." he says in a distasteful tone, looking up towards the end of the corridor as the crowd begins to get louder, signalling the arrival of the proctor and announcement of the match. He shrugs his shoulders lightly and makes his way towards the entrance and out onto the arena floor, leaving the unconscious teen lying in the corridor as he heads towards the middle where the proctor and the other boy were meeting. "Yuuma never said I couldn't have a little fun, first." he says to himself before arriving in the middle, his eyes on Sei the whole time, not once looking to the proctor.

Sei made it out first, the announcement of the match having no impact on the Okumo. As he stepped out of his own path and onto the field, his brood would scatter, burrowing into the ground surrounding him as he stepped up to that stop point. Black eyes stared at the proctor, then over at Tsuneo contemplatively. The Okumo's power flared, chakra fissioning between him and his brood, tiny pinpricks of chakra all about, in a wide area of the arena.. and above it.. and the stands.. as Sei prepared himself for the fight. There was no tensing. No movements. Sei stood. Sei waited.

The fight was about to begin.

Michiko heard Sei's match was today. The reason she was in the stands was one, she wanted to learn more about the capabilities of other Shinobi. And two, she wanted to cheer Sei on. He was, in a way, a friend of hers since he came to Kumo. That's not to say he wouldn't kill her, but she would get a quick death from the Okumo as opposed to a long painful one. She watches from the stands, making her way nearest to the stage so that she, at her short height, can see the battlefield without hurting herself in the process thanks to packed crowds.

Kiji was in the stands, one of the few there to see Sei fight again. She leaned on the railing above the arena as Sei stepped out and she watched his brood scatter. This time she would have to retain better control of herself. She could sense the power surrounding both opponents. She watched closely, her eyes a bright electric purple reflecting her excitement. She noted Michiko not far from her in the stands and nodded to the girl before turning back to the arena. She was there for Sei, plain and simple.

"Should of come more quickly.. I almost missed seeing him," was said aloud though to no one in particular as the young teen walks down the steps of the stands, searching for a vantage point. A lone several inch long spider crawls from the side of the Okumo's neck and rests onto his left shoulder before settling. Naoya would look towards the brood fanning out around Sei before onto the contender himself before studying the opponent.

Also here, perhaps surprisingly, maybe not was a vagabond of sorts that had decided if anything would be worth watching it was the final half of the chuunin exams. When the real combat typically began and the best of the best put forth all they had to show off for those that had gathered. Naturally the individual would be sitting in the stands with the rest of those that had gathered, though doing his best to choose a location that left him somewhat isolated from the rest, which given his appearance was easier than expected as not many wanted to sit next to someone that looked as filthy as he did. Which was just the way Eremi liked it as he brought the gourd from his side and took a sip of its contents, waiting for the 'fireworks' to start.

Tsuneo continues to watch Sei as he flares his chakra, a smile on his lips and… was that his tongue licking them? Whatever it was, Tsuneo seemed pleased as he felt Sei's chakra. All eyes on him and his opponent, a thrilling feeling coursed through his body, he was loving the attention. His own blue eyes focused on Sei's black eyes as he flares his own chakra, an uneasy feeling falling over the area momentarily as he focuses. It had been long…too long… since he was able to stretch his legs, thanks to the Crawler. He was eager to test out the caliber of shinobi in front of him and maybe, just maybe, get a little taste. The boy clad in black doesn't move as the proctor announces the beginning of the fight, letting Sei do what he wanted to do to begin. He had little time, so testing this boy was his current goal.

Sei watched Tsuneo. This didn't seem right. There was something about this that was odd. The seal was the same.. but.. The proctor said fight and so Sei would react. At least, Sei's brood reacted. Coming from Tsuneo's left, a wad of webbing was shot out at him, thrumming from the silken band that had been crafted in those previous moments. it was aimed for the eyes, enough to blind him, to miss the spiders that would seek to attack him from all sides at once, a coordinated effort to assault the target, that spider injection of poison relatively weak. But then again.. Sei was testing the target before him. He refused to lose, not to this person or anyone else. However, to win, he had to know how the man would move.

Sei watched Tsuneo. This didn't seem right. There was something about this that was odd. The seal was the same.. but.. The proctor said fight and so Sei would react. At least, Sei's brood reacted. Coming from Tsuneo's left, a wad of webbing was shot out at him, thrumming from the silken band that had been crafted in those previous moments. it was aimed for the eyes, enough to blind him, to miss the spiders that would seek to attack him from all sides at once, a coordinated effort to assault the target, that spider injection of poison relatively weak. But then again.. Sei was testing the target before him. He refused to lose, not to this person or anyone else. However, to win, he had to know how the man would move. Off to the side, within one corner of the arena was a group of rocks being gathered, lashed together with silk and threaded together like an instrument, the harp was beginning to take shape.

Tsuneo continues to stand there and watch Sei construct and perform a rather complicated attack, a smile on the black clad boy's face. It seems his opponent this time had a brain in him, which made the fight that much more thrilling. As the attacks come in towards Tsuneo, the boy is able to produce and utilize two clones to take the damage while he finally begins to move, his lithe form able to run quickly and without any wasted movements. Sliding to a stop to the left of Sei, Tsuneo begins to go through a brief series of hand seals before raising a hand to his mouth, using the stolen technique he had just gained to produce numerous small bullets of fire that he uses to pepper the area where Sei was, able to move his head with any movements Sei made until his long winded jutsu was done.

Kiji could sense the chakra's flaring before her and her eyes darkened a bit. She expanded her senses, watching closely. She watched Sei's first testing attack fail.. No, Sei did not fail, his attack was dodged. But then the opponent threw fire at the Okumo and she expanded her senses as Sei moved to protect himself. She winced as she watched one of the attacks make it through to him. She had to remind herself Sei was strong and this had just begun. She reached up and ran a hand over her hair and leaned on the railing.

While Tsuneo moved, Sei didn't. It's not that he couldn't, because motion was easily as useful as not. Sei didn't think he'd need to. The triple barrage of fire, smoothly done, someone that seemed superior in skill almost caught Sei by surprise. His chakra flared, that balance of chakra between himself and his brood shifting to the proper point as webbing, seemingly almost from nowhere, came into place between him and those strikes. The fire burned the silk fast, so while able to deflect the shots and reduce the power coming in, Sei still got hit. Still stumbled. Something wasn't right. This was not someone that was of a chuunin's level. Eyes narrowed as Sei saw he'd have to work harder for this win. With the field in place, Sei shifted tactics, regaining his balance as he'd crouch, two fingers touching the ground. Glittering purple, spiders that weren't often seen from Sei, would launch towards Tsuneo. They came from the ground, right below where Tsuneo stood, latching onto legs and injecting a venom that was much more potent than any simple poison out there. Sei wasn't playing around it seems, that flaring pain if the poison strikes showing that to be very obvious.

Michiko watches the battle intently. There's something unsettling about that black-clad figure… Certainly, the fact that he is able to avoid Sei's attacks so easily is a tad suspicious… Is he even a genin? His attacks look fast and powerful, and she wonders how fair of a fight this might be. Even if Sei's at a high level, it seems his opponent is even higher. She glances briefly to Kiji, offering her a nod in greeting and a hopefully comforting smile as she watches the Okumo's battle against this unknown person.

Watching from above Eremi would scoot forward in his seat the moment the fighting began, not to put himself on the edge of his seat from excitement, no. The man was simply intrigued, was all. One of the combatants was an Okumo, a creature he hadn't seen in quite some time, but it did bring back memories of a much darker individual than the one below. A defiler of the flesh, was how he recalled it. Though that was a different time the man mused as he took another sip from his gourd.

Tsuneo watches as Sei steps up a few notches, enjoying the fight so far. He was unfamiliar with this boy's technique, with the spiders, with the clan in general. It was interesting to see just what he could do. As the spiders burrow from beneath Tsuneo, he attempts to throw up a barrier using seals, but is hit before he has a chance to complete it, the flaring pain of the poison and the bite itself leaving a familiar sting. But the damage wasn't as hard hitting as he expected. What was going on?

Tsuneo looks up at the area, noticing the dampening seals in place. He smiles, thinking 'What a nifty idea they have come up with'. If that was the case, Tsuneo could do a little more testing. He turns back to Sei and, from another series of hand seals, produces more fire bullets, though this time the amount is easily double that of what he produced before, leaving Sei little options to move.

Sei didn't move.

That fire as it came towards him had an eruption of earth, silk, spiders. A massive barrier using the very ground itself to deny that assault. Sei crouched within the center. Eyes narrowing as the flames continued. Too many. It was too many. Ducking his head, Sei felt that burn, the wash of fire coming across him and burning him with a silent hiss of pain. From within the mass of webbing, rock and other general debris came a chittering. Sei-brood looked up, attuning to his surroundings quickly. Launching from that blind spot, it looked just like Sei was literally thrown at Tsuneo from a slingshot. Only at the last moment would that henge reveal it to be a massive boulder, coated in heavy webbing that would slam into Tsuneo's chest. If it hit that webbing would grab for him, active spiders within it adding more, the rock going to press him down even as the core of that rock was shown to be hollow, spiders swarming out and seeking to bite Tsuneo. To bind him, lock him down, force him into that submission. Sei-brood stood up, burnt, but not easing up, that much was obvious.

Naoya tracks Tsuneo for a time, though watches the contender puff out of existence each time he is struck, though with little surprise. A brow arches when a the web barrier in front of Sei is burned away and manages to strike him. Raising his upper lip, the young teen sucks at a tooth, producing a few higher but faint notes, causing the spider on his shoulder to shift and sway in response. Watching Sei begin to shimmer and continue to shift how his style was causes the Naoya to turn a faint shade paler as Tsuneo still manages to strike through the defensive lines.

Though the proctor has stayed out of the way as one would expect thus far throughout the match, for some reason now he moves a bit oddly, lining himself up with Sei, perhaps hoping to get a better look at the boy's technique. Or maybe he's spotted some kind of foul, as he lifts a hand to point at the boy. However, rather than a call, a blue light begins to radiate from his hand, intending to lock Sei down and prevent him from being able to move. "Why don't you relax a spell?" his voice rings out in a smooth, relaxed tone before he nods to Tsuneo in some sort of signal.

Tsuneo isn't able to react to such a high powered move as he is overwhelmed by the attack, the webbing and the rock hidden in the blind spot, it all came together nicely for Sei. "Well done." says the teen clad in black, feeling the strength of the bind that Sei had put on him. It seems genin had come a long way since he was around, and that excited him to no end.

As Yuuma steps out as the proctor and attempts to lock down the other genin, yelling begins throughout the arena as scuffles break out. Suddenly, without word, men clad in black begin to make their way down each of the stair flights in the aisles, lining each aisle of the arena with men pointing weaponry towards those in the stands. "NOBODY MOVE." shouts a man from each of the aisles. As a few men and women from the aisle seats begin to get up in protest, they are promptly stabbed with the various weaponry that the men in black were holding, screams from the other men and women beginning to echo throughout the arena. It seems these men were not messing around.

From within the arena, Tsuneo is able to break free from the webbing of Sei through a dark surge of chakra enhanced strength, turning to the audience that is in a state of confusion. "Now now." he says, his voice coming through loud and clear from a seal he was using on his neck to amplify his voice. "Everyone calm down. We don't want anyone else to die, now, do we?" he says as he scans the crowd with his eyes, circling around before falling on the VIP area. He smiles wide, finding the target he had sought, and slowly removes his glove on his right hand. He raises his ungloved hand, revealing a mark of double diamonds, one black and one red. Chakra begins to glow from the bottom mark, before a massive cylindrical blast of dark blue chakra appears from his hand, striking the dampening field hard. "Annoying…" he says as he pushes more chakra into it, shattering the field and getting through to strike the VIP area, which explodes, sending a small cloud of dust into the air. The barrier begins to repair itself after the attack, but he had done what he needed to.

"Everyone, I would like to introduce you to my brother, please be good sports and quiet down to listen to what he has to say, yes?" he says as he turns to Yuuma to give him the floor.

Sei moved.

While that blue beam went towards where Sei was at, silk about Sei jerked taunt. A slight hop, enough to lift feet off the floor and the silk pulled, tugging Sei smoothly out of the way. His hand left the ground as he'd skid to the side, coming to a stop in a low crouch. Eyes narrowed as the VIP section was struck. Knew something was going on. They were not the right people. This wasn't a pretend fight.

They needed to die.

Sei stayed crouched, once more feet on the floor, fingers touching the ground, that ground would erupt in an explosion of rock, silk and spiders. A massive attack from those spiders would swarm both brothers, rocks and everything else thrown at them as the spiders would latch onto and lock down, silk seeking to restrict, stop them as poison was left to burn. The field might still be on.. but they were going to pay.

"Keep to your seats or we will spill your guts across the floor! We /really/ mean business!" One of the black uniformed men shouted from the stands, giving the woman a swift kick down a flight of steps. The same scenario played out throughout the entire stands, each individuals blocking the aisles and entry ways making it difficult for anyone to escape or enter without clash. They remained sturdy and a guard, a single blade held in each of their hand as they looked through the crowds for anything suspicious, or anyone else to kick down a flight of stairs.

Wait, what? Is that even allowed? Sure, it's the proctor, but the fact that he's trying to force Sei to stop fighting without even calling out an announcement is just wrong. Then things just go from bad to worse. Men in black seem to appear everywhere in the stands, and a few civilians end up wounded, too. Not good. Michiko starts to focus her chakra. Fortunately her hands were in front of her, clasped together, so the hand seal she was making to focus her chakra wasn't obvious. She didn't move, as instructed, just keeping an eye on how things will proceed. She's not that strong, only being a genin. But hopefully she'll be able to help those in the crowd. If only a little…

Kiji saw Michiko's smile and returned it, calmer

than the last time. Last time she'd let her emotions get a rise out of her but this time she understood the field a bit more and Sei had told her he would not have been happy with her had she jumped in last time. It let her remain calmer and notice more. The fire attacks were powerful but very simple. Which suggested they were basic attacks but done by someone with great ability. She looked at Sei again. Something bothered her about this and it wasn't just her protectiveness of Sei. She opened her senses again and narrowed her eyes as the proctor aligned with Sei. That was odd. very wrong.. She narrowed her eyes and her hands gripped the railing as the light began.

That wasn't right! That proctor shouldn't be attacking or interfering with the fight!


She was relieved that Sei managed to avoid the attack aimed at him.. But she narrowed her eyes at Tsuneo and his dark surge of chakra. something was off there. Within seconds, though all hell broke loose in the stands. Kiji didn't move, persay, but her arm was cut and her chakra rose. Her eyes were ringed in orange and the centers were yellow. She was aware of those around her, aware of the kids and the civilians… of the shinobi as well. She did speak though. "Who are you? What do you want?"

Shigeru freezes in his seat. He's got no training for this. Despite his forehead protector, he's effectively a civilian! With a worried look towards the people he knows in the audience -IE, Michiko only- he sinks back into his chair, trying not to be remarkable in any way, while keeping his eyes open.

Naoya continues to lightly suck at his tooth, producing odd pitches until the spider on his shoulder crouches and quickly burrows into one of the several holes in the side of his neck. Turning his gaze towards the isle towards the shouting, moving little more than his neck before looking down into the arena as Tsuneo began to speak up. "What is going.." The young teen falls silent as Sei did not only evaded the proctor's sealing but in turn also never slowed his onslaught against his opponents. "I should of just stayed." Looking forward and downwards, the young Okumo began to chitter lightly to himself, though those close to him might notice his pants legs had began to churn with life as several spiders began to crawl out and part while staying out of line of sight.

Whoa, did the proctor just attack the Okumo? It was hard to say from this distance and perhaps the sake was already starting to take affect, but that's exactly what it looked like. What kind of dog and pony show was Kumogakure running? Eremi wasn't exactly sure, but this was certainly more interesting than previous exams he thought. This ringing more true as several dark clothed figures started to fill the stands, demanding people to remain stationary. Those that tried to get up met an untimely end.

"Oi!" He called out to the nearest man in black, a look of disdain and disgust taking over the mans face as if the actions of the individuals had greatly upset him. "How bout another drink?" Shaking his gourd about as if to show that it was empty and he needed another, followed by a smile. It wasn't empty though, considering he had been nursing it slowly, but nothing wrong with trying to get a second one for his other hand or were this one to suddenly run dry.

Attention gone from the floor below, Eremi jerks a bit when the voice from below calls out clearly to the stands for all to hear quickly followed by an explosion not too far away from him. Ugh, maybe he shouldn't have came to watch the exams after all .-. Too late now he though as he leaned back in his seat and sipped at his gourd once again.

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Sitting beside Naoya in the stands, Yuriko feels herself tense as the terrorists emerge, threatening Sei to stay put with the people in the stands as hostage. "That was a mistake…" she murmurs under her breath. Serves them right for underestimating their shinobi. "I think I could shield us…" the littlest Kaguya murmurs softly, sparing a glance at the spiders that appear from his leg.

Yuuma only smirks as his attack is avoid, pointing his hand at the ground to spread out a seal barrier around him that easily absorbs any hope of the insects striking him. "I suggest you calm down, kiddo," the black-haired man says with a smirk as he takes a moment to slip off the headband and Chuunin vest and toss them aside. One would expect him to look formal or like some sort of king or general underneath, but instead he dresses like an average guy you'd see at a pub with a button-down shirt open over a regular t-shirt. He then points that hand at Sei once more, this time intending to forcefully extract a large amount of the boy's chakra into the upper diamond of the seal on his hand.

Once Tsuneo asks everyone to quiet down, the man says, "Now that I have your attention, I suggest you listen, or I may decide to actually try. We are the Silence. We contain your missing ninja, your ANBU who've forsaken your villages after seeing their real faces, those who are sick and tired of the facade your leadership puts up to make you think the shinobi world is full of good people and things. We feel it is time you stopped hiding. It is time your villages showed their true faces. The Silence have kept secret after secret for your villages, never allowing the outside world or other villages or even those of you who are so oblivious what your villages truly are… But no more. It is time for the Silence to speak. We have quite a number of documents and other pieces of evidence of village actions in our possession, and there is still more to learn. Our demands are simple. Show your true faces and let this ruined world become what it's always been once more, or we will let them see on their own what you really are, and we will rend you asunder bit by bit until this world is bathed in fire and chaos. If you don't believe me, just try and stop us."

Seems like this kid wouldn't be kept down, how insulting it was to see him try to interrupt his brother's grand entrance. The younger of the two brothers, Tsuneo, throws up his hand as a flood of written seals pours from his body to stop in front of him in a grand wall of powerful black, stopping the attack dead in its tracks. From within the seal wall, with his ungloved hand pointing towards Sei, Tsuneo also releases his Dark Release kekkei genkai to pull at Sei's chakra from another direction, intending to literally force so much energy from the boy that he quiets down like a good little kid. "Wrong answer, Kirigakure genin. Now shut up and listen." he says as he begins the forceful extraction.

Sei stumbled under the attack, not sure.. what it was. But that absorption from one was enough. A silent gasp. No voice, no sound from him at all and the silk would move. Sei being yanked away before the second could hit, could harm. Staggered from the attack, Sei would skid to a stop behind the mass of silk and rock that he's caused on the field. They're too strong. This isn't a fight that can be won.. time for a tactical retreat. Sei-brood glanced towards the stands, then would move, vanishing from that point as he sought that way out of the arena. He had to recover from that hit before he'd come back for who he needed to recover.

"Pipe down! Or get cut down!" A voice directs towards Kiji as she calls out Sei's name. A few more "thugs" begin to slip through the aisles to close in on her, though not quite attempting anything yet, mostly to keep an eye just in case she was to react negatively. Eremi on the other hand was also met with great disdain. "You think we aren't serious you punk? How about you keep your mouth shut when the SILENCE is speaking to you?" The man then reaches over towards an onlooker, snatching a mug of sake from their hands, "Here is you're refill!" Chuck! The mug of sake was sent spiraling towards Eremi's head.

Michiko knows she's not strong enough to fight the people outright. It's why she didn't have an outburst like Kiji even though she wanted to. A few curious looks around to see who might be useful in the upcoming battle that is likely going to happen. Maybe Shigeru? Definitely Kiji. Naoya, Yuriko, and Eremi she's not too certain about, but she has enough sense about her to realize they are, in their own way, preparing for something to happen as well.

Oh how nice, it's a lovely introduction on what exactly she's facing. From the sounds of it, nothing Michiko can take on… Missing nin, ANBU and Shinobi of similar rank, and those who held information that wouldn't show as 'classified' to her? The odds of Michiko surviving this started to go down more and more in her mind… "Honestly…" she mutters. Maybe these goons in the stands would be easy to handle? "Can I at least go get my book from my house?" she requests.

Kiji heard Yuuma speaking, explaining the Silence. She narrowed her bright eyes at his words, glancing in his direction. She was in time to see Sei take a hit that looked devastating. She watched him look up to the stands and then retreat. So, they were that powerful…. Kiji remained where she was, though, watching the men around her. She wanted to simply attack, but with that show of strength against Sei and the civilians in the audience, the younger genin in the stands with her, she kept still. Sei had escaped. Good.

The threat from the men in the aisle made Kiji's eyes start to darken. She was from Kirigakure. She had been trained to fight to the death. As the men came around her she tensed and opened her hand….. Only to jump a little and blink several times. Slowly she moved her hands away from her body and leaned against the railing where she'd been standing to start with, offering no overt resistance. Her eyes flickered over her field of vision and she glanced at Michiko, surprised the girl would ask such a thing.

Shigeru blanches at the power being exchanged here. He catches Michiko's glance and just quietly shakes his head: he'll be no good here. There are Students that would probably put him to shame, so the boy just sits still and remains quiet. Some free Chakra might keep him alive, however, so in the surge of chakra around him, Shigeru focuses just a bit of his own.

A slow breath escapes from Naoya's lips as he tries to hide a wince, watching Sei recoil from being hit but loses track of the other Okumo within the parting of the brood. Keeping his hands apart, his fingers curl inward and begin to tense and relax along with his forearms. When his fingers unfurl thin strings of silk could be seen dangling along them which an additional set of four spiders took, almost and bound with their own before skittering along. "Secrets? Just what secrets do they think they have?" Every so often numbers slips from his lips along with his fingers twitching, seeming to count the vibrations as his spiders try to count the amount of shinobi holding them captive.

It was quite the speech, a bit of grandstanding to boot, somewhat impressive though, but perhaps one that should have happened before destroying the VIP section of politicians and important figure heads. Still, the speaker for this Silence group had said a lot of things that Eremi had considered himself or came across during his own time as a Shinobi, but once again, that was long ago and were these 'activists' a little less violent, refraining from hurting innocent villagers that are blind to what happens beyond the curtains of village politics, he may have even joined them. That however, was not the case.

When a man in black began speaking to Eremi, talking about this and that, he wasn't giving the individual much of his attention. At least not until there was an offer of a refill. Quickly he snapped his head in the direction of the man only to see a pitcher of the good stuff already flying towards his head. Without hesitation he'd reach out and grab at the handle before raising it up in cheers, "Much obliged. You guys ain't all bad."

Yuriko paces her breath, exhaling softly as she feels bone forming over her forearms beneath the cover of her long, enveloping kimono sleeves. "Not us exactly, but the older ones… Jounins and other black operatives, they could have secrets. I think they're betting some are here…" she murmurs to Naoya, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye.

When the spider boy runs off, Yuuma merely smirks and folds his arms over his chest. That bit of relaxation doesn't last long, however, as guards start to rush into the arena. "Oh, look… Seems like we might've quieted someone off," he says with a smirk before moving that hand to point it at the guards, starting to yank chakra from them all in mass as screams of pain ring out from them while their chakra is absorbed. "Do they honestly think this will do any good? Maybe they think we're just average idiots who decided to take action in the middle of an over-crowded village of shinobi during a major event." With that he lets out a 'hmm' as if he's simply sampling food. "… Punish them." Seems he's leaving the rest of the goons in the stands for now.

Tsuneo doesn't manage to hit Sei with his technique, though perhaps that was for the better as the genin seems pretty struck by the sheer amount of energy the technique can rip out of him. "The genin skittered off." Tsuneo remarks as his attention refocuses on the arena and the chaos that was happening in the stands. He holds his hands out, taking in all the screams and shouts and general bedlam, inhaling as if he were thriving off it.

As his brother speaks up, announcing the arrival of the guards, Tsuneo turns towards the guards as well and licks his lips. "So many potential morsels." he says as he moves through the arena towards the guards, eager to see what they had to offer.

As Tsuneo enters the fray with the guards, his hand lashes out to attach to the first, and as quickly as he attacks, the guard crumples to the ground. "Water.." he says, stopping in front of the other and going through a series of hand seals to let a giant wave of water burst forth from the ground in an attempt to sweep them away.

Within hiding, Sei observed. Both listening to what was said, as well as their actions. They had.. something.. bad about them. A drain. Shifting, Sei moved from where he was, spiders left to continue to watch as Sei would make his way down the outside of the arena. From there, he'd slip in the entrance, making his way closer to the stands. It was time to extract those of Kiri and get out. Before this became bad.

Kumogakure would have to deal with how bad it already is.

Things were looking a little bit meek as the black guards for the most part sat back and kept watch as their leaders were making quick work over the guards, finally though there is some movement in the stands. One of them flinched as Kiji barely moved and then turned back to a relaxed position. "Hey! You think we didn't see that?" One of them speaks up as he gestures for another guard to follow closely behind, he then reaches out to snatch Kiji by the arm. "Come on, let's give her the hands! There isn't going to be any disrespecting here!" One guard and then two attempted to have at it with Kiji, though they weren't using their blades they attempted to pummel her to the ground with tightly curled fists. "Beat down anyone else who disrespects the silence!" At that point the guards began to swoop in, a duo moving in on Eremi and then another to snatch up Kiji's neighbor, "Michiko, giving them a firm beating would hopefully knock some sense into the onlookers. "We mean business!"

Michiko nods to Shigeru when she catches his own glance. She'll just have to hope he can defend himself. Kiji gets a small smile, the genin likely trying to communicate that she's glad Sei made it to safety after the nasty attack he was hit by. By the by, it was very like Michiko to ask for such a thing. The girl is a bookworm (BookWyrm?). Perhaps all the rain has hid her true nature, though… Sadly, books are usually not element-resistant.

The other three nearby, Kiri-nin and Eremi, get a small glance to make sure they're faring well in the situation. Sei seems to have retreated and will likely draw most of the Kiri-nin away… Michiko also scans the various civilians, but those that need help are already dead, and most of them are cowering in their seat and likely won't get in the way. At the moment she's glanced away, the goons decide to attack her. She blocks the punches with a simple barrier of earth. "I just wanted a book to read while I sat here," she complains, forming hand seals to shoot bullets of mud at the enemy.

Kiji watched the pitcher of alcohol sail at Eremi's head and the man caught it and thanked the attacker. She sweat dropped. Well, he wasn't going to be much help. She could sense Naoya… she could sense Yuriko… She could sense Michiko.. And shigeru though she did not know him. This wasn't going to be an easy fight with what she could sense and from his performance thus far she assumed Eremi wouldn't be much help.

Looking down she felt Yuuma pulling chakra away from the guards and narrowed her eyes. That wasn't good. She'd felt something similar against Sei but it was a confirmation on some of the abilities of these people. She saw Tsunei touch someone and then call down a torrent of water. Odd. She made a note mentally and turned back to look over the crowd. Yuriko and Naoya… They were the only others she recognized from Kiri here…

And then the terrorists were advancing on her, apparently taking offense at her standing down. She prepared for a fight, not ready to let them touch her and.. suddenly there was a wall of webbing between them and her. She did not take the time to react and simply moved. Trying to get closer to a certain location, following hints only she could feel. She couldn't locate Sei directly but she had other clues. and she launched up and over the seats heading for that location, sticking to the center of the seats to make it harder for the minions to get to her physically.

While the others are fighting the uniform-clad ninjas, Shigeru does his part: he quietly slips out of his chair, beckoning the civilians sitting beside him, and motions them to move towards the nearest exit, trying to minimize collateral damage. He frantically and nervously looks around, trying to keep track of whatever baddies are nearby.

They were going to attack Kiji?

Oh HUSH no.

The spiders, infused with his chakra, came to the rescue, those within the stands that had been hiding coming up and with a rapid flurry of super-insect speed, the walls were created. Denying the men access to those whom were of Kiri. Naoya, Kiji, Yuriko. All three were walled off. Standing to the side, it'd quickly be obvious who exactly stopped the men and as they'd go to attack, he'd just watch them as the spiders would jump them and cocoon them up. Leaving squirming masses of silk, Sei would lead the way for the others to get out. To flee that arena. Outside, he was panting, sweating from the effort. Even with the field that hit HAD hurt. But he put that out of his mind, looking to the others with a nod before he'd lead his way out of the village.

Kirigakure needed to know. Quickly.

Naoya shakes his head lightly as he whispers, "More of them then I brought Kunai." Closing his eyes his fingers twitch light a puppet masters though at other times his fingers were what were jerked. Several of the spiders began to make their moves as the Silence guards shift their positions due to the fight beginning to break out, trying to slip into the larger halls. A light smirk appears on his lips before nodding slightly. "..but not by much. There aren't too many out of where we can see them now."

Opening his eyes he seems to only then notice /who/ the guards were advancing on, Kiji at least for a moment. When a protective layer of webbing raises up in front of her Naoya quickly began to try and scan for the unseen Okumo. "We need work our way out of here.."

Naoya furls his brow, "I'm beginning to wonder if he can see other's thoughts at this point." Without questioning things further, he makes his way to move closer to Kiji and where he had guessed Sei himself was as the group began to part from the rest of the stadium.

A drink in each hand and a show, things could be much worse, but currently it was pretty decent for the vagabond. You know, figuring so long as he remained in his seat and did his drunken workout. An act that started by bringing the mug up to his mouth to take a sip quickly followed by the gourd. A routine that would have continued if it weren't for the sudden appearance of a webbed wall nearby that causes Eremi to jump from his seat and glance around. He'd see two guards running at him, though one was deterred by the webbing, yet the other continued on.

"Whoa, wait. Don't spill my drinks!" He'd call out while backing up in the aisle, a feat not as easy as one would suspect with many onlookers still lingering about, confused in the chaos. Trying to avoid the beatings that came his way, he'd apparently stumble backwards, try to catch himself only to suddenly lunge forward.

The potential threat on Kiji makes Yuriko instinctively stand in her seat, quick to jump in to defend and protect if need. She's to her feet as the webbing shoots out to create a defensive barrier between Serena and Kiji, despite Sei's condition. "We have to do something. At least… the dampening barrier over the arena is still in place. That should help I think."

The wall of spiders form quickly, Sei's spiders, and Yuriko blinks at them for a split second before she spots Sei fleeing. "He's reporting this to the higher ups. That means… we need to keep them here." The girl flashes a grin, in a short instant she swiftly pecks a kiss to the boy's cheek before dashing straight down the stairs, running straight for Kiji. Huffing a short breath, Yuriko reaches up over her shoulder and sinks her fingers into her flesh, pulling out the hilt of bone from the muscle.

Tsuneo is able to target a guard cut off by the grand waterfall and the rest of the techniques, again slapping his ungloved hand against the man and having him crumple to the ground. "Lightning, go figure." he says to himself, turning towards another guard with a grin. His hand raises in the air as the crackle of lightning begins to build up within it. In a flash of light, Tsuneo shoots a bolt of lightning chakra up into the air above, piercing the cloud. As the cloud rumbles in protest, it begins to grow darker until suddenly, in a flash of brilliance, a bolt of lightning forks through the sky, piercing the barrier. The lightning hits the ground in front of the handful of guards, the earth exploding and the guards immediately drop to the ground where they once stood.

"One of my favorites." Tsuneo says before he cackles, feeling like he had just called down the Heavens themselves on the guards. He disappears from his position, appearing next to Yuuma as he whispers. "I'll go ahead first, brother. Make the final ultimatum and then meet me at the rendezvous. Try not to have too much fun without me." With that, Tsuneo leaves, his purpose fulfilled for now.

With a handful of civilians, Shigeru disappears from the scene of combat, hurrying them along and making sure to be the last to leave. He throws one more scared look into the arena and then disappears into the darkness of the passages through the building.

Yuuma watches the chaos around him and with semi-amused smirk like one would expect to see on a man watching a sporting event, completely relaxed like he's just getting ready to go out and get a drink. He looks over to Tsuneo as he speaks, nodding and allowing his little brother to escape while he nonchalantly avoids the strikes of incoming guards and strikes them with explosive force from the sealed hand. "Consider this your notice, hidden villages. You have one week to meet our demands and show your true faces to your people one secret at a time. If it is not done by then, we are coming for you. We have stepped forth from the darkness, and we will not be shoved back inside." With that, he points a hand at the balcony where the seal masters powering the dampening fields are and yells out the order. "Scatter!" That seal begins to glow then and unleashes a blast of blue flame at that balcony, unleashing a hellacious explosion that disables the fields and suddenly leaves the entire arena vulnerable, enough to put everyone into defense mode and give the troops a chance to scatter.

All wasn't looking well for the thugs as mud was thrown and Eremi did his barely noticeable lunge. They barely managed to dodge one of the mud bullets before breaking out in a rushing scatter. Yuuma and Tsueno was gone…they wouldn't dare press the village further with their own power; at least not yet. Sustaining some minor injuries on the way, swiftly they begin to exit the arena amongst the confusion of the following explosion!

Michiko watches Sei, Kiji, and perhaps the few other Kiri folk leave the stadium. Fair enough. This wasn't their problem, they just came to see Sei. And Sei was gone, planning to return to his village. Eremi is holding his own. He might be useful to have around in the future. Michiko ponders getting him sake so she can bribe him into helping out the Kumo Shinobi. She doesn't really have that many complaints at the moment excepting for one thing: why is /she/ the only Kumo nin to be fighting? Shigeru is at least being useful and guiding some civilians out while she distracts the goons nearby.

The orders are given, the demands are out, and Michiko takes note of it all. She ducks at the blue flame, grumbling about rogue Shinobi and wishing she was a bit stronger… She can't even toss out a few parting shots at them. Sigh…

Kiji sent Michiko a grin as she landed a hit on one of the guys. The girl had attitude. Nice. But once Yuriko and Naoya were protected by the same webbing as she, she turned to their fighter, Sei, aiding him directly and with her blood. She heard the final ultimatum and heard them call to scatter and assumed that they were done, but she remained on edge until she could get Sei to a safe place, tend to his wounds and then get them all back to Kiri…

Naoya focuses on keeping close and to the other side of Sei, seemingly trying to put himself between him and Kiji, and any unseen aggressors while Yuriko was already protecting the rear. The young teen's spiders were drawn close to him, trying to latch on while some continues to scout and signal ahead with odd dance like displays.

After a spiraling headbutt into the guard, Eremi crashed into the ground, but kept a firm grip on both the mug and his gourd. "Don't worry. I didn't spill my drink. Much anyways." Frowning as he looks into the mug as he rises up from the ground before peering about and seeing the men in black heading off. "You owe me a drink!" Calling out before chugging down the remaining contents of the brew then throwing the mug after the nearest black clad figure.

With herself and Naoya defending Kiji and Sei, she blinks as she hears the ultimatum. A worried look flickering across her features when she sees just how many innocents are spirited away by these terrorists. It lingers in her expression as she glances at Naoya out of the corner of her eye, before looking over her shoulder at Kiji and Sei. Priorities. First they needed to get him to safety and report this. "Come on. Let's hurry out of here."

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