The Silence - Scattered Forces


Rockpath (emitter), Hige, Kyuketsuki

Date: February 22, 2015


The braver souls of the Silence that remained (or they just haven’t heard the news…) come marching towards Konohagakure with many burnings in store. Unfortunately for them, they end up getting burnt!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Silence - Scattered Forces"

Land of Fire

Although the Silence has been vanquished by the shinobi forces, there were still some stragglers when it came to the evil group. Word had reached Konoha not too long after the main battle was over that some small army of about 10-20 people (not large at all, but certainly sizable) was ravaging some of the lands that weren't populated, but they were also getting closer to Konohagakure. A team of Genin and Chuunin were sent out to fight these terrors!
For now, they would find themselves in the forest crossroads, smoke coming up from the treeline to mark where the Silence is and has been. Kanabe Masakunio stands with his sword at his side and a frown on his face. The man glances back to the two that are with him and says, "These guys… You should kill them. I heard that they weren't coming back from the dead, so you have that going for you, at least. We'll hide and let them come to us."

"Guess it's good they finally killed that Yuuma then." Hige replies to Masa's statement. "Those walking dead were a serious pain in the shower." The Inuzuka and his ninken are there, having traveled along with the group to help take care of business. He was ready to deal some death to anyone who continued to cause trouble, especially after their leader had been killed. When Masa mentions hiding Hige nods and he goes off of the path to find a location to hide up in the tree tops, Konsho with him.

Kyu listens to the others and then, when Hige leaps up, Kyu follows right behind, landing in a tree close to Hige's but not in the same tree. Kyu remains as completely still and silent as he can.

The Silence come marching through, torching trees in their path and the like. There are about fifteen total, none of them looking particularly strong. They must have been villagers or moderately trained, as a few hold farming tools as weapons. "For Yuuma!" calls the one at the front, wielding an actual sword. The man waves it about and towards the front, apparently in charge, which gathers the men behind him to roar and nod excitedly. As they continue forward, one man is particularly perceptive and uses his flimsy weapon to sling a rock at Kyu.

Masa frowns a bit when he sees Kyu relatively easily… The boy was either too slow and easy to spot or he just picked a terrible hiding spot. Regardless of the /why/, Masa knew that he should keep himself hidden. Kyu and Hige would see hand signals to stay put and wait for the last guy to walk past before they struck. And as for the leader…. Leave him to Masa.

When Hige sees the men approaching he crouches a bit to remain better hidden, watching through the canopy of leaves as they start to pass. When the one spots Kyu and flings a rock at him the boy grumbles and is ready to move but pauses when he sees Masa telling them to stay put. He's not sure he likes that…means that they might all try and gang up on Kyu. Grumble. He's ready to move if that becomes the case.

Kyu sees the man spot him and quickly establishes a Genjutsu link between him and the threat. He uses his Clone Mirage Genjutsu and makes himself appear to stay in place, when in reality he leaps to a different tree. When the rock connects with the clone it poofs into smoke, but only the one affected by the Genjutsu would be able to see the smoke. Kyu hides on a different /better/ tree branch and looks nervously at Masa and Hige, giving the back of his head a scratch and a nervous smile to them, mouthing the word 'sorry' to them silently. Kyu then looks back down at the group, waiting for the last one to pass. Or rather just staying put since he was distracted by someone firing a sling at him and he missed Masa's orders. Kyu hopes this hiding place will be better than the last and that the one that saw him wont cause /too/ much of a problem. And that only that one saw him.

Apparently Kyu's genjutsu confused the man. He was called to attention for slinging something wildly without much regard, to which he said he saw a bird. Nothing suspicious. The leader grumbles a bit and tells everyone to be on their guard when Masa gives the signal to his team to attack! The Chuunin comes down, slashing at the leader of the Silence troupe, aiming for his legs, throat, and mid-section. He ends up going down in a pool of blood, and the whole group of Silence members are now in a frenzy. … The issue is they don't want to get close to Masa… Flee!!!!

Yes, flee from Masa. Hige and Konsho land behind the group, such a small boy blocking their progress is likely not very scary. He gives the group a fang-toothed smile before pulling out a trio of kunai and flinging them at the three nearest men.

Kyu, seeing Hige drop down and block there path decides to stay in the trees and cause a little more panic, firing a barrage of smalls balls of fire, he quickly does some hand seals before saying at a normal speaking tone "Fire Style: Blazing Shuriken" and taking a deep breath in, he starts rapidly exhaling in small puffs, his breaths forming into small balls of fire.

The Silence members are able to dodge out of the way from Hige's and Kyu's attacks just barely, though a few unlucky members in the back get hit by the genin. They frown a bit and consider the pair, charging at the duo with their homemade weapons and swords. For now, Masa decides to leave the two Konoha genin to their own devices. Partly to test how ready they are. How skilled they might be. And partly because he needs to calm down or he'll open up some of his wounds again…

Hige frowns as the closest men charge in and he manages to evade most of the attacks, though someone a pitchfork sneak through and snags the side of his arm. What a bother. The boy jumps away and Konsho joins him. "I was hoping you'd all just die easy but if you want to make it difficult then…" Hige goes down on all fours and Konsho hops on his back. One moment to the next it goes from boy and pup to two boys, both with fangs and claws elongated and deadly. The two move in tandem, jumping towards the group of men and spinning, coming down on those that are closest to them with fangs and claws.

Kyu tries to use a clone technique to distract the first strike into missing but fails, getting cut across the arm by one of the silence that hopped up to his tree, he then realizes he doesn't have the chakra to do anything else so he panickedly leans out of the way of the next swipe, and again tries to lean away from another stab but gets sliced again. Kyu grunts and drops out of the trees, he wont make that mistake again so he takes a deep breath, focusing his chakra again. He then narrows his eyes at his attackers and quickly does the hand-seals required to fire yet another barrage. trying to put a bit of the anger of being caught off guard like that into his attack.

The Silence gets mowed down by Hige quite easily… Well, what does anyone expect? They're clearly untrained and not being controlled by the Crawler, which many of the generals relied upon, it seems… A few are able to avoid Kyu and Hige's attacks, the fire shuriken burning holes into one man in the back. Masa just watches calmly as the last ten remaining members gather themselves and attempt to make a headlong charge at the two genin. "There's just two of 'em!" says one. "Get 'em!"

When Hige and Hige-Konsho come out of the gatsuga they have blood spattered across them as well as dripping from fangs and claws. The pair both look quite feral and quite ready. When the men try to come at them they simply move away, letting them tackle each other before turning back and each of the boys slashing at the nearest victim with lightning embued claws.

Kyu gets caught off guard by the charge and tries to Gen-link with the whole crowd, something he wasn't expecting to have to do he got most and thought he got all of them, making them see a clone both to his left and to his right, while not seeing him, as most of them tackle the clones which poof away the one he missed charges right into him, leaving him with a nice bruise. Kyu stumbles back and leaps back, once again responding with a barrage of fire.

The final Silence members are all too close together to avoid getting injured further. They might have scored a few good hits in thanks to numbers, but they also were unable to work together and cooperate. They were in a giant disarray when Hige and Konsho slashed them with lightning-imbued strikes, and then fire came down upon them. The stragglers were cleaned up by Masa with ease, and he looks to the genin. "Good job," he says. "Are you guys hurt at all?"

When the final sucker are cleaned up Hige straightens back to two legs while Konsho returns to his normal form. He looks to Masa first and shakes his head slightly, "Nothing to worry about, just a little scrape." He admits, and indeed it's already stopped bleeding. The Inuzuka glances over towards Kyu and grins at the other Genin. "You doing okay over there Kyu?" He also takes a few moments to look around and make sure none of the baddies are moving before raising a nose to the air to gives a few sniffs, making sure there's no other trouble nearby.

Kyu walks over to Hige and Masa. "Yes, I'm fine. Just a few scratches and maybe a bruise for me." Kyu rubs his chest, having been tackled a moment ago and all. He looks over the men and thinks, he hopes that was it and they can go home now. But, as Hige has told him, stay on guard. Kyu looks around as he asks "So is that all? Anything else we'll have to do?" Kyu doesnt sound impatient but he asks a sincere question. He is ready to do more if it is required.

Masa eyes Kyu for a bit and offers him an ice pack. "Put this on yourself. It'll help make you feel better. And yeah, that should be it… Nothing too terrible. It was just a weak enemy." He nods a bit. "This was more to test your skills than anything. You two did a good job. But we should focus on clearing out the bodies and getting rid of the fire they started." The man points to the still-burning forest ahead.

Grumble. Where's an earth user when you need one? Hige nods to Kyu when he doesn't catch any other scents in the air, "Yeah, seems to be clear. Although…" he gives Masa a sideways glance, "not sure I like the idea of being tested." He looks back to Kyu, then to the bodies and runs a hand through his hair, just smearing some blood around. Oops. Oh well, he's pretty used to it at this point. He starts dragging bodies off of the road to leave them to the wild animals before glancing in the direction of the fire.

Kyu nods to Hige when he says it's clear. "Okay." When he comments about not liking being tested Kyu just kinda shrugs, he doesn't really mind being tested. He reaches down and awkwardly uses his baby-arms to /slowly/ drag some of the bodies to where Hige is dragging them. Kyu thinks to himeself 'I should probably work out or something' as he struggles to move the bodies.

It takes a while to get the bodies all cleared away, but once that's all squared off, Masa can't help but sigh. "Alright… We still need to stop the fire… Anyone know how to get water to those trees, or do we need to find someone else while two of us try an do our best with what we have?"

Hige shakes his head at the mention of getting water to the trees. "Not without some buckets and a river. Wish Takeo was here." The boy says with a sigh as he glances between Masa and Kyu to see if they have any ideas. "I can run and get some help I suppose?"

Kyu thinks carefully then shakes his head. "I'm afraid I can only /start/ fires. Not put them out. I could try blowing on it." Kyu says jokingly. Kyu then sighs. "I could try and find something to hold water and run back and forth between a lake and the fire or something. Otherwise, I'm afraid I can't help unless for some reason you want the fire to be worse."

Masa nods to Hige. "You go get someone, then. Me and Kyu can take care of the fires for now. Kyu, I want you to go to the fire and try to cancel some of the flames. I'll try and send the water your way with some really powerful sword swings and /maybe/ that'll work." With that plan in motion, Masa sends everyone to do their respective tasks.

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