The Silence - Sending the Snake


Moe, Kuoroke

Date: September 4, 2014


Kuoroke sends Moe after the missing information

"The Silence - Sending the Snake"

Kuoroke's Office

After the attack by the Silence, Sunagakure is in a state of crisis. Kuoroke has attempted to both contain the damage and the information of what exactly happened, but the nature of the crisis makes this difficult, almost impossible. As a consequence, the Councillor hasn't slept in days trying to run damage control, and it shows. He looks tired and angry as he's slouched over his desk, waiting. He has called for Moe to be sent to his office and that's all he can do right now: wait.

After a light rap at the door, Moe would step into Kuoroke's office. At first, she shows a look of concern, but that quickly shifts back to her usual confident smile and demeanor as she steps in and bows at the waist before moving to sit down across from him. "Try to relax, cousin. The situation may be bleak, but all is not lost. We are Sunagakure. If they want to play games of subterfuge and warfare, we'll show them why we're the best." With that she'd cross her legs and lean over, propping her chin up on a hand supported by an elbow on her knee. "So what can I do for you?"

Kuoroke shakes his head. "If we were the best, this situation wouldn't have happened." He answers, grimly. "We've got some information about the Silence's past recruitment grounds from their operatives we caught during their attack. We also know where Yuuma was last seen. I need you to find out where they're recruiting now, approach them, and recover our files by any means necessary. If you can replace them with counterintelligence, or explosive tags wired to blow, or something else, that would be better. Questions?"

"These men are of a strange breed," Moe says with sigh. "But we can beat them." Listening to the instructions, she ponders that then smiles. "Tell me where I'm going, and I'll handle the rest." She does pause, however, pondering a moment before speaking again. "I know how dangerous this is, and I'm pretty sure I know what my chances are. Though I don't plan on getting caught, if all else fails, should I just torch the files so that, if we don't have them back, at least they don't have them anymore?"

Kuoroke nods. "Absolutely. I'd rather not send you into the lion's den, but…" He sighs. "There are things in there. If they get out, we're going to become political pariahs, because it's our job to have people everywhere. We're going to lose our only strategic advantage, because information everyone has is as good as information no-one has. And finally, we're going to lose many, many good people, who will end their lives in prisons around the world. And remember, you are to tell no-one where you're going. Not a soul. You'll be starting in Fuuma Alley, where the documents concerning Yuuto's position were exposed." He gets out a thick folder. "These are the files of every potential recruit fitting the profile of the people we've been able to identify so far among their operatives, people they're likely to look towards, in that area." Kuoroke hands it to Moe, then produces another one. "Speaking of, this is an analysis of their recruitment patterns. It's not complete yet, but this is an urgent matter."

"It's alright. I know you need someone you trust and whose capabilities you trust to pull this off," Moe says, that same smile staying on her face. She then goes silent as she listens to his explanations, taking in all the information intently as she looks over the presented files. "This is definitely a good start. I'll try to collect more data for this report while I'm there so we can track them better."

"Very well." Kuoroke says. "Unless you have any further questions, I'd like you to get moving as soon as you can. Good luck, cousin."

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