The Silence - The Cost of a Deal


Akane, Yuuma, Yuuko, Sei, Isura, Zankuro

Date: November 19, 2014


Yuuma adheres to his words, going only after villages that contain the worst of the worst. Some try to interfere, but others make sure the deal is kept.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Silence - The Cost of a Deal"

Between the Land of Earth and Land of Iron

Early morning has come, and the promise Yuuma made to the Hidden Villages has been kept. The armies of the Silence have withdrawn from the Great Nations and moved to hidden bases. However, this also means the other part of the bargain is being kept on his end as well. The dark warlord has made his way to the area along the south border separating Earth and Iron Country at their bottoms. A few whispers may've gotten around that that might be where he's heading, just to see if the shinobi world might try and interefere, but oddly enough he doesn't move with an army this time. He walks by himself, not even his brother accompanying him for this journey. That may've been since he thought this would be easy pickings due to the lack of shinobi resistance, or maybe there's something else going on within him mind. Whatever it is… it can't be good.
Arriving at the gate of the city, Yuuma is greeted by a set of yakuza-esque thugs who seems to be the one keeping an eye out. They immediately approach, looking Yuuma up and down. "What business do you have in this village?" the man who appears to be the leader of this group asks in a gruff voice as he looks at him.
"My business is simple," Yuuma says as he looks up at the men, not intimidated or even seeming concerned in the slightest. "If you haven't heard, the shinobi world sold you out. I suppose maybe they think your lives are lesser than their own. Maybe they just want to save their own hides. Either way, I've come to collect what I'm owed." With that he'd bring his hands into a seal and slam his palm on the ground, sending out a line of chakra in either direction that surrounds the village as a whole. "Don't bother trying to run. You'll only prolong your suffering."

A woman was standing outside of the barrier area, watching from the shadows. She had heard the word spread about this attack and had come quickly, waiting int he shadows for the vigilante known as Yuuma… She stepped forward and removed her mask, attaching it to her belt as she watched Yuuma talk with the thug guards. Her eyes were like dark emeralds and she moved in a fashion of pure agression. This wasn't the medic from before. This was someone else entirely. She had her hair up in an elaborate fashion with six hairsticks holding it in place andthe scar on her face was just as stark as before. Her clothes were leather all around. Leather jacket, leather bustier, leather pants. Boots rather than sandals and about her neck was a hitai-ate from Kirigakure. She moved closer, stopping several paces from Yuuma and folded her arms. "You planning on killing everyone or are you open for an alternative?"

Nobu would send Zankuro and Isura to the next targeted village in a attempts to get the pair back into their usually zone. Due to Nobu selecting Zankuro as the leader it caused some problems with Isura however the case maybe it needed to be patched if the team had any hold of gaining something worth wild. As they moved Isura would be slightly ahead of Zankruo as they moved he would have frown on his brow before he place his hand up to halt. "Alright the village is roughly a click away from here we need to switch to walking since it makes the least amount of noise." Isura would jump from the tree and land softly onto the ground below as he moved he thought about the last time they had a run in with Silence and the painful burning that was given to him by the likes of the one whom saved his life. "This time it'll be different…" As they walked they still would be ways away from the pending village in danger Isura glanced over his shoulder with Zankuro before shifting his attention back onto the mission at hand.

While Akane might of been there on her own agenda, Sei was there independant of her. He didn't bear any markings other than the Okumo clan on his clothing as normal. While Sei walked up towards Yuuma as he'd start the seal, he glanced at Akane then at the village. Those who would be able to sense stuff would be able to feel the brood of Sei, surging with the chakra of the teen, was spreading out to surround the village. It seems that the Okumo, for one reason or another, was setting up to assist Yuuma. Off to the side, a tree's branches were being bent and shaped with silk into that form of a harp, different locations around the village having that done as well to spread out the sound for his genjutsu.

The higher ups back in Konoha was so going to have their rolls if/when they got back. "Aww man, Mumz is soooo gonna have my roll as soon as we get back." Although /obviously/ for some, the chain of command went beyond the norm. "Dang'it, Isura! Why da smash did I let ya talk me into this?! Why da smash did I let Noble-sensei talk me into this!?!" Zankuro exclaims and throws up his hands at the end there. Before even a peep can get out of the Uchiha, Zankuro whips back around to focus on the path ahead.
The whole mission stank of their team jumping the gun without orders, but Zankuro couldn't bring himself to say it out aloud. It was kind of a running gag as of late; such as thinking to make sure they didn't fly any clan or village symbols, only to not say a word about both before, during, and after arrival. Frankly, he didn't even expect them to make it as far as they did without someone coming after them; especially how most of their people felt about the whole thing. Then again, the whole thing about the silence next target was a rumor, so it wasn't as if — "Shut up brain, I'm try'nna…. Hmph… looks we're already too late Isura-san, so how bout we head back?" Zankuro asks after pointing up ahead at the barrier that was quickly forming. Knowing Isura as he did however, Zankuro popped a soldier pill for that added bit of energy he was gonna need for whatever plan either of them came up with next.

As the woman approaches from behind, Yuuma would glance back over his shoulder at her and quirk an eyebrow. "There is no alternative. Everyone dies. That includes you if you try to get in my way." He then looks to Sei, canting his head slightly and smirking as he offers a nod. "So there's one shinobi who's smart enough to come assist and be sure the fools who'll come try and stop me aren't able to break the deal that was made to give the villages a better chance to survive. You might make a Kage one day."
With that he'd look forward again, going through a different set of handseals before slamming his palm on the ground again. This time the demons known as Hitokage begins to appear all around the outskirts and inside the village, now obviously a lot closer to full power as they aim at, not killing the people inside, but merely using their Genjutsu to freeze them up in fear while those outside use their own to lock those on the outskirts of the village up and start to usher them inside the barrier.

IT was then a woman concealed with a ominous layer of ooze slowly began to creep out from Yuuma's shadow and appear before them. She appeared to be a young woman, garbed ina black cloak with loose locks of jet black hair. Half of her face covered with a faceless mask while the otherside revealed her pale sublime skin. Her visible eye was very similar to that of the hitokage. Almost as if she was a sort of spawn.
"If I remember right negotiations are over… Are you here because you aren't willing to live up to the deal that was decided for you?" Yuuko asks Akane, grinning eat to ear as she steps out of Yuuma's shadow. "I've been hungry for a very long time…. I can feel it. The lives here are necessary to ease the appetite,"

Akane tilted her head as she sensed Sei and those behind her but she simply glanced toward the Okumo a moment, she could sense his brood as it moved and she recognised the formation he was implementing and guessed at his intentions. Yuuko's entrance made her narrow her emerald eyes as she watched the ..person.. melt into existence. She tilted her head a bit as this progressed and made a face that said she found it interesting. But the question made her laugh. Not a happy laugh, but one that hinted at insanity or a lighter grip on reality in the least. Her eyes displayed a bloodlust that couldn't be feigned and the corner of her lip curled up in a predatory smirk.
"Actually I came to help you. She looked at Sei and her smirk darkened. "He and I can deal with those who've come to mess with your agreement." She looked at Yuuma then. "I just want a little payment is all. However many children you'll allow me will suffice. They barely have any chakra anyway and I will fight for you against those little ones comming our way who wish to stop you.
She canted her hip and tilted her head curiously as he slammed his hand into the ground summoning the hitokage again and she actually brightened. In a dark way she looked thrilled. "Those fascinate me." She turned her dark smile on Yuuma. "Come now, can't you let me take a few in return for dealing with the pests?" Her voice was like a purr, her chakra in a slight state of flux, she steped closer to Yuuma, though kept some distance from both Yuuma and Yuuko.

Isura frown as he watched the formation of the barrier he shook his head before tucking them into his pocket, "clearly however I don't feel as though we were the ones that sprung it either way just make sure your on guard…cause they like to attack hard and fast." Isura would increase his pace as they moved before reflecting on what was stated between the two f them thus far "feel free to turn back if you want I'm going to push forward that is the only way these people are going to be saved in time you know." Isura would try and hide his anger however it might've escapped a little just now but for the most part it was in check.

Sei/brood eyed Akane. Interesting. The other was out and playing. Sei shook his head with a click of his tongue. His brood, once surrounding the entire village, went to work, the very ground cracking from them digging into it and disrupting trees, a massive webbed barrier being formed to keep everyone that was not in the village or close to it.. out. Sei's attention got drawn to some travellers off to the side. While the brood was occupied with creating the barrier he couldn't necessarily attack, but..
The harps started that music, spiders rubbing legs against strings to draw out an eerie sound, encompassing everyone outside of the village, for those who don't resist the genjutsu, that voice, thousands of whispers all in complete unison, sounding together as one voice. "We are using your resources to eradicate a danger to civilians. We are here to make sure there is no outside complications." Sei looked at Yuuma and Yuuko for a moment, then his attention turned to Isura and Zankuro, the voice didn't raise in volume, an illusion reaching them all the same. "We recommend you retreat. Any further and it will be deemed a hostile action. We will attack with lethal force if pushed." Sei. Giving a warning. Go fig right?


A mental kick later and Zankuro's focus returns to the problem at hand. He turns to Isura half expecting the Uchiha to have either already come up with half a plan or rush in burning the demons that popped up all over the village. The Sarutobi chuckles at only being halfway right. "If it gets bad enough then maybe, but I not gonna be leaving here without you. All for one n'all that, right?" He flashes a smile.
With what little time they had left, Zankuro strains his mind to come up with something, and grimaces upon settling on one. "The way I see it is that one of us ought to get 'captured' and taken inside while the other tries to cause havoc and free up those that are being rounded up from the outside. Either that, or we both stick to the outside and be all like — 'Hey, we tried our best, right?' if any of them asks why didn't we help those caught inside." Despite his own words, Zankuro did not expect there to be a high chance of that happening. Most criminals tended to be a wee bit on the selfish side after all.
Before Zankuro can get another word out edge wise some stupid harps start playing. "What in the — special, are they-…" Zankuro catches himself and stays silent long enough to hear the message. Any thoughts about retreating surges back to the forefront. Rather than listen to them outright, Zankuro slows to a stop with the expectation that Isura would do the same and linger long enough for the Sarutobi to set his spy glass to work. The webs are about his only clue as to who might else be involved with the silence.
"…. We're turning back, Isura." Zankuro states bitterly.

As Yuuko rises from the earth, Yuuma glances back at her and smirks before looking back to Akane. "I've already granted my pet here a few of the lives that will be taken by the seal. I'm not sure I'm in the mood to barter more than I've already given up, but, if you're willing to help take care of the pests for me while the Hitokage round up the sheep for slaughter, I suppose I can grant you a single child to take with you. Choose quickly, though… The fun's about to begin." He then looks to Sei, nodding in response before looking back ahead to the village. Meanwhile the Hitokage are busy rounding up people still and preventing anyone else form escaping.

"They belong to me… but I suppose giving up a single child will suffice. I try not to fight for what is mine, but I will if need be…Pests truly are annoying," She then sighs and relents allowing Yuuma and say to do most of the talking, however towards Kyou she gestures her hands. "Quickly now… pick one! I cannot wait much longer. The reaping must commence soon…For soon nothing here will be left,"

Akane — or more precicely Kyoujin — eyed Sei. She watched quietly as the webbing marked off the village, keeping everyone already in where they were and keeping anyone from entering really. The Okumo's harp was familiar to Kyoujin and so she did not even attempt to break the genjutsu. His words made her chuckle quietly.
Yuuma's words made her glance at Yuuko but then back on Yuuma as he told her to choose one child. Once Yuuko agreed, though grudgingly, Kyoujin bowed to them both with a flourish and disappeared, her speed incredible. Anyone sensitive to chakra would feel a wave of chakra flow out in all directions. It did not take her long after that to retrieve a single child just out of toddler years (and her toy). The child was unconscious, however. She looked at Sei as she laid the child down away from the barrier and putting herself and Sei in between any opposition that she had sensed before.
To be sure, she flashed through several hand signs and sent out that wave of chakra again, sending it out allaround her and zeroing in on the two in the woods. She glanced at Sei. "I'll go. You're… busy." She smirked at her little joke then turned and disappeared once again, reappearing in a branch above Isura and Zankuro, her mask once more firmly in place. A white piece with red accented eyes and lips and two tears of blood falling from blacked out eyes. She crouched, hand on her sword, looking down at them.
"Hello there." The first sounded almost cheery with a hint of mania… Then her tone darkened into a bloodlust, barely held in check. "I suggest you run.. and run hard."

Once again Isura halted them once more this time though someone would appear in front of them and with a smirk he stood there ready, "hmm I suppose your with Silence very well then I have no other choice but to burn you down with that Yuuma guy." Isura eyes flashed red as he unleashed a barrage of shuriken and wire from all directions of Akane before flashing through seals and unleashing a fireball that would travel in he same path of the wire. "Stand down ore prepair for one dodge of a fight." Isura would smirk as he looked at Zankuro and bumpped fist; "let's clear this fool and then take out Yuuma on the way."

Sei rolld his shoulders lightly. He glanced at the kid, who immediately got coccooned by the webbing and vanished into the massive barrier of webbing and spiders that denied the village access to anything other than the death that was coming to them. While Akane flickered onward, Sei walked. His brood swarmed ahead of him, Sei/brood moving as one while the attacks got launched towards Kyoujin. It wasn't even a thought for Sei, the spiders suddenly forming that wall of webbing where the shuriken arched out at, catching it in mid-air, pulling on the wire attached to Isura. "We did warn you." The harp's music touched them, the voice rolling a moment before there was a sudden rustling of branches above Isura and Zankuro both. If they looked upward.. they'd completely miss the web net that was formed within the top soil below them suddenly snapping upward to catch them both within it's depths. The spiders with the webbing seeking to snare and bind them in place, locking them down.

Glancing back at Yuuko, Yuuma would smirk and say, "This is working out quite nicely." He then places his hand on the ground again, this time creating a seal that stems from his palm and goes out to cover the ground in the entire village to lock every living being inside it in place except the Hitokage, who merely step back into the shadows for now. "Your turn, Yuuko… Pick out your feast before the seal consumes them all," he says as the seal pattern starts to glow, visibly starting to pale the skin of every last person inside and even make their bodies start to thin down as their chakra and very life force are ripped from their bodies.

"Mmmm….well good then. These shinobi are a lot more diplomatic than I thought… Kirigakure. Perhaps we should visit on a bit more friendly terms… The thought was posed to Yuuma as she nods and carries forth towards the defenseless victims before them. "Let this cleansing begin then…." From her cloak she reveals her hand, or at least what appeared to be a hand. Her hand was more like a set of sharp lengthy talons,digging into a man's flesh at his center cavity… and out came his heart. " I will be quick, " Yuuko speaks to Yuuma her free hand grasping the heart and bringing it to her lips, while the talons stuck deeper into the flesh, gradually melting what used to be a person into a puddle of black. "But I will still need more…"

Kyoujin grinned behind her mask as the boy before her showed such bravado. She crouched as he began his attacks, preparing to avoid them when a wall of webs came up around her. She didn't even spare a glance back to Sei, she knew who had done it and would deal the appropriate thanks to him later. Then she was moving again, simply disappearing from the branch.
Reappearing on another and then disappearing again, she moved and moved until she leapt in the air, flying over Isura's head gracefully. As she flew through the air she was flashing her hands through the proper handseals before pointing her hand at the boy. Her gloves had metal armor sewn into it and she channeled lightning through it, aiming stright for Isura's pressure points. Pain points to be specific. It would do no extra physical damage but it would hurt a LOT more than normal.
Booted feet landed on the ground with a quiet thump and she had out her swords. Twin blades, one held in a reverse grip and coated in poison. She stalked her prey and her voice from behind that inscrutible mask purred, thoroughly enoying this little game. "Poor little Uchiha… Should I put you out of your misery this time?"

Isura would notice the webbing at the last min due to it being so tiny and low chakra streaming through it, he was shocked at how effective it was at blocking his attack and thus the lack of focus would make him pay as he trapped by the webbing made things worst as it appears that Zankuro was trapped as well. Laid up in the grips of the webbing he would wince as the attacks stings badly as he coughed up a liitle blood he would drape his head in defeat as he struggled to breath "I will remember your faces and once I get better I will seek you out and destory you as well as Yuuma that I swear…"

Just like that, caught.. then done. Sei watched passively as the one whom got ensnared was electricuted, coughing up blood as a result. Shifting on his feet, he'd study them, then look to Akane. That genjutsu voice reached out towards her. "We normally do not allow flies away from spiders, Masked One." Sei's attention turned to Isura then, a simple leap had him land, feet spread on either side of Isura's chest as the spiders bound the kid to the ground. Sei stared at him, his lips weren't moving as the genjutsu reached inot Isura's head again. "Remember my face. Remember my face and know it is your death. Remember that we took you down, without trouble. without thought. We took you as a fly is caught by a spider. Completely. Your own actions enabling us to capture you. Remember and dread. We are going to finish this business. We will end this when it is appropriate. Then we will find you. We will end you." Sei turned away, going to walk towards Yuuma, the genjutsu voice reaching for him if he didn't deny it. "We will guard until you are done. Let us know when so we may recover our resources and leave."

Yuuma actually laughs at the mention of destroying him, peering back at the battle. "So many shinobi talk about destroying Yuuma this and destroying Yuuma that, but not even your Kage seem to be up to the task," he says, seeming a bit amused as he glances between the battle and village as he finally brings his hands into a seal to raise the barrier to prevent any chance of interruption as the chakra is sucked from every living being inside the barrier that is not on Yuuma's side. "Such futile words. I do hope the time I give the villages to get ready will be enough. If not, they'd better have something else up their sleeves."

"A whole lot of talk, and nothing to account for it… I look forward to feasting on the world as it becomes more ripe…. Assuming no one tries to break the peace that was laid out for them…" Yuuko states as she steps back from the corpses infront of her, her face smeared with grime and blood. "Should be happy that we are cleansing the world of filth and ending the suffering of children…" She parts with a faint sigh as she returns next to Yuuma, watching as the village began to become sacrificed.

Kyoujin landed behind the now trapped Isura and watched him with an impassive stance. Inside she was far from calm. One hand went to where her forehead lay beneathe her mask, holding it there a moment as if in pain. Quietly she swore and moved up closer to Isura, noting the blood he had coughed up. she took off one of her gloves, tilting her head as if curious. Carefully she reached up and wiped the blood from Isura's lips and chin tenderly, almost lovingly. Then she lifted her blood coated hand and smeared it on her mask like war paint. "We warned you,little one. This One does not do that often."
A quiet groan escaped her though it was impossible to tell through that mask what she was feeling, she reached up and laid a hand on Isura's chest, channeling healing energies into him, fixing the cause of the blood in his lungs. In a tone that was sad and concerned, urgently so, she said "Run. Run as fast as you can." Then she stumbled backwards several paces and clenched her fist. "Bakane! Stop it you stupid medic! He's a fool! You waste your time on him!"
An internal conflict perhaps, but she stumbled back a few more paces, one hand at her temples as Sei leapt in and said his piece. Kyoujin laughed then, regaining control, the tone of that laugh just as dark and manic as before. "Appologies, Spider Master, but that little fly wouldn't feed a single spider alone. If he comes for one or both of us This One will not heistate to cut his ties to this world."
She looked back as Yuuma spoke and she smirked behind the mask, chuckling at the idea of a single shinobi taking Yuuma down. It was simply not possible. As the chakra was sucked away from the people of the village, Kyoujin watched silently. This Yuuma's technique was very interesting. It deserved more study. Yuuko, on the other hand… Even Kyoujin was unsure about her. Still, the darkness inside Akane's soul had a kind of respect for that kind of darkness. Yuuko's words gave Kyoujin another headache as Akane banged against her cage bars. Inside she was screaming to know how killing them would end their suffereing but Kyoujin kept the naive medic in check and folded her arms across her chest. "Sei-san… My subject if you please?" She meant the child that he had secured in his webbing. Assuming of course Isura took her advice and ran.. Other wise she would have to hurt him more… And part of her hoped he wanted to fight.

A healing wave is poured into him thus waking him from his flirt with death, still trapped in the web he looked from Akane to Sei before tensing his glare "what the heck was that about? You put me inches from death and now you go and heal me just what game are you playing here?" Isura would be barking although he was well then trapped beyond levels. Isura released the chakra from his eyes thus returning them back into the they're normal colour before releasing a powerful sigh before licking the rest of his blood up.

Sei glanced over, rolled his eyes and the spiders that was locking down Isura would release the webbing, as simple as that. Sei faced Isura squarely with one word via that genjutsu. One thing that should of been the top priority to that kid. "Run." If Isura didn't run? Well, death was next. Sei was tired of the threats and complains it seemed.

Yuuma takes one last look back at the Kirigakure and Konohagakure shinobi, still a bit amused by their actions. Yet they are no longer the focus. He turns his head, stepping through the barrier and making a set of handseals before slamming his palm on the ground. This time the darkness in the area skyrockets to a whole new level, a level only one thing in existence brings… the Crawler. The moment it appears, the seal activates in a new way, the flow of the stolen chakra now going directly into a seal mark on the beast. Feral roars ring out of its throat, and suddenly it would begin to change shape, changing from its primal state into the final stage of its true full self. Dark laughter begins to ring out over the village amidst the roar as the true power of the beast begins to show itself, using the power stolen from village after village to now go back to its true state. "Darkness has returned. We will sweep over your land like a storm…. We will snuff out every last light, smother every breath from every mouth, and stop the beating of every heart."
Suddenly, the beast's bravado is cut off, however, as Yuuma appears directly in front of it with a flicker. "Forgetting something, Crawler? You belong to me now." With that he'd place a his hand directly on the beast, the seal on his hand activating and starting to literally suck all the chakra out of the Crawler as enormous cords of chakra fly up from the seal all around him to bind him in place.

"The Crawler! Finallly! It seems as though the time is finally coming!" There is a large grin on Yuuko's face as she looks up at the finishing of the sealing process and then smirks back to Kyou. "You should make sure to join the right side. For only once darkness reigns can this world be cured of it's evil. You have a chance, and today you made the right choice," Upon those words Yuuko began to fade into the ground, a pool of black chakra oozing at her feet, eventually fading from view. Yuuma had things handled from here on out.

Kyoujin turned her mask, still bearing Isura's own blood and put a hand on her hip. "Be greatful you little aerial and run. Like This One told you to before." She shook her head hard as if to clear it and watched him revert to his normal vision. Sei released the boy and Kyoujin turned her back on him, heading to where Yuuma stood, or rather where she would have a good vantage point for what was to come.
The appearance of the crawler had her on edge and she backed up , the child over her shoulder. With Isura gone, she opened her sharingan to watch the entire thing in that state. It was a huge beast.. And then Yuuma.. began to absorbe it! How could that be? Behind her mask Kyoujin and Akane were in accordance. This was not good. That much power.. No wonder he needed six months… she shifted on her feet as she watched from behind her blood stained mask.
Yuuko's words directed toward her did not seem to get much reaction as she still wore her bloodied mask. But when Yuuko told her she'd chosen the right side today Kyoujin simply bowed. She had her payment for her work this day…. She turned back to watch the finish of Yuuma absorbing the crawler….

Despite feral roars from the Crawler and struggling against the bonds, he seems to be doing no good at getting away from Yuuma while his chakra is drained more and more. Dark chakra begins to flare out around the dark warlord, a sly smirk on his face as at last the fruits of his labors are presented to him. "You had to know I wasn't just going to let you run free after all those centuries in your dungeon. Did you think I'd be stupid enough to give you the chance to fight me back? The time has come for you to pay me back for reviving you and giving you your strength back, beast. Now your power belongs to me… Now this world belongs to me."
After several more moments of its chakra being absorbed, the Crawler finally seems to actually vanish into Yuuma as an orb of dark chakra surrounds him. Dark power seems to surge through the area, even the Hitokage vanishing as the chakra-drained corpses of the frozen townsfolk begin to drop to the ground in a sea of bodies. When at last the orb vanishes, Yuuma is still surrounded by an aura of dark chakra, his eyes now a pitch black void that one could lose all hope simply by looking into for a brief instant. The barrier around the village falls and vanishes as he turns back to the Kirigakure shinobi and utters one simple word. "Run."

Kyoujin and Akane both watched as the crawler, the wource of hte hitokage was absorbed… Yuuma's words to it were chilling even to the entity of Kyoujin. SSuch a force in one man…. His eyes darkened and hers narrowed behind that mask. She could /see/ the chakra itself that surrounded him. The village vanished save for the single child ovber her shoulder. His order — for that was the only way to describe it — was answered with a bow and then she turned on her heels and ran at the top of her speed, Sei not far behind…

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