The Silence - The Snake's Trap


Tsuneo, Moe, Tsukino

Date: September 27, 2014


Moe infiltrated a Silence camp, in the process of regaining Suna's scrolls, she set free a prisoner.

"The Silence - The Snake's Trap"

A Silence encampment

It's been a few weeks since Moe first set off on her mission under Kuoroke's orders. She took up a guise similar to her normal looks, though a bit tougher with a short black kimono and a few weapons strapped to herself just for show. After managing to get herself recruited into the ranks of the Silence's mercenary army, the Kuroki woman has played the part perfectly through training and even some combat while using her feminine wiles in the night to plant paper bombs in the ground under every tent she is able to get to. It's not the most effective jutsu in her arsenal in a single strike, but, throughout the weeks, she has planted dozens upon dozens of them together and had her snake companion move around underground attaching them to each other with wire so that when a single one of them is ignited ALL of them will ignite with it in a blast too large and fast for even the brothers to be able to stop it from putting a massive dent in the numbers of their army.

After having gained some trust through the lust she brings out, the woman is pretty much able to move about as she pleases as long as she is fairly stealthy about it and doesn't cause any kind of ruckus outside a tent. She'd planned to be able to get back all of the documents taken from Sunagakure, but a new development has caused her plans to get sped up a bit. An Uzumaki woman, the Hokage's girlfriend no less, has been kidnapped and is being kept in a cage with the captain and the men he has on duty copying the pile of scrolls given to him by the brothers to prepare for distribution. Of all the people to be here, that is one person she can't have it said died by Sunagakure's hand since that would quite easily start a war within a war, exactly what the Silence are after. Thus, adorned in her short black kimono that hangs down just enough to keep attention, the Kuroki woman approaches the tent where the scrolls are being copied with three bottles of sake in hand with a suggestive smile on for the pair of guards at the door.

Like all the other goons, mercs, ex-Shinobi, etc, that were being recruited on a mass scale, Moe was accepted into the ranks, promised a better life once the villages were no more, and set up in some lodging within the camp. What Moe didn't know was this was one of numerous encampments, spread out over the Countries, some of which were being found and dispersed by other ninja around the world. Despite this being one of many, it was still one of the larger groupings, and it seemed like they were preparing for something big.
With the arrival of Tsukino and the passing off of the Uzumaki woman to the captain by the brothers with strict instructions to leave her in the cage, the brothers left yet again, a very rare sight in the camps to begin with. Perhaps this had to do with the fact that they had to visit each encampment, or perhaps they were up to more devious plots like the kidnapping of Tsukino, but the brothers never shared their plans until others needed to know.

Uzumaki Tsukino, granddaughter of a member of the ruling council in Uzushiogakure, had spent half of her time in captivity arguing annd fighting. She had tried being strong and brave after her initial capture, but that had been met with a stern hand andshe had the bruises to prove it. Once it sunk in that she was in no position to fight really, she'd done a complete 180. She'd stopped arguing and fighting and had settled down in her cage. After the guards had figured out that she was going to behave she'd ben given simple things like the blanket she was currently wrapped in and one guard had even allowed her a book.
So there she was, in her small cage, wrapped in a blanket and reading as the scrolls were copied mere feet from her. She was paying a lot of attention to what she could see and hear, but put on a good show of looking like she was jsut a scared princess, grateful for the small tokens she'd been given. Her long hair was in a messy braid and still it coiled on the ground behind her, under the blanket her clothes were a bit dirty and worn. She looked up as a guard brought in refreshments for those copying the scrolls and she ducked her head a bit, pretending to read.

One of the men on guard duty outside the tent spots Moe heading towards the tent and grins, recognizing her from her exploits around the camp. The other is not so happy to see her, placing his weapon between her and the entrance to the tent. "Reason for entry?" the stern guard asks, not recalling that Moe had an appointment or purpose for going past this point. They had their strict orders, after all, and a nice chest wasn't going to deter this one.

Moe grins back at the first guard then looks over to the one questioning her with a smile. "Of course." Holding one of the bottles out to the first man, she says, "Have this. I need to retrieve something." Once it's taken she'd reach into the collar of her kimono on the left side and withdraw a scroll with Sunagakure's seal on it like the others that had been stolen. "The bosses gave me strict orders to deliver this to the captain myself for an addition to what he's being copied now and to be sure their prisoner is still in good enough shape for what they have planned for her. This is high priority, so I don't suggest you keep them waiting."

The first guard licks his lips as he is given the sake, ready to drink them right there and then. The second one tenses up as Moe reaches into her kimono, thinking she was going for a weapon. "Stop." he says as she pulls out a scroll. He lightens up a bit as he sees it was just another scroll. The scroll itself looked authentic, and he wasn't one to question the bosses orders, but he could at least show his disapproval with a 'hmph' as he steps aside to let her inside.

Tsukino heard the guards outside and Moe's comment about her being in proper shape for what was plnned for her. The girl shifted faintly, turning the page of the book she held, glancing up at the men in the tent with her. What /did/ they plan to do wiht her? She frowned at the thought. She was either leverage against Daisuke or her grandfather and she disliked either possibility. But what could she do about it while inside a cage?

Once the man steps aside, Moe smiles and starts to step inside the tent. "Share some of that with your friend so he can loosen up a bit, hmm?" she says before moving through the flap that serves as the door of the tent. Once inside she'd flash a glance at Tsukino, eyes narrowing slightly, before turning to the captain and smiling over at him. "Message from the bosses," she says as she gives a bow at the waist, which may be rather distracting in itself for any who'd catch it. Gracefully stepping over, she sets the new scroll on his desk opposite the pile from Sunagakure he's got in queue to be copied. "They wanted me to bring this to you to add to today's work and make sure the prisoner is still in good enough shape for their plans."

The captain turns as Moe bows, getting an eyeful of her chest, but this one was a little more serious than the others. He looks towards the scroll as she places it on the desk. "Thanks, you can go now." he says as he returns to overseeing the scrolls being decrypted, under pressure from the Brothers to get another bit of information out there as it had been awhile.'

Tsukino looked up as Moe entered, blue eyes following the woman's progress. By the seal on the scroll that was from Sunagakure. Like most of them so far. The comment about checking on the prisoner's condition got a narrowed gaze fromt he princess and she held the blanket close, not sure if it was better to be in bad shape or good shape. These people were unpredictable and volitile. The princess sighed softly and marked her place in the book, secreting it away in the blanket as she let it fall from her shoulders. Her shirt was ripped and she had somem bruises but looked mostly unharmed. She shifted to her knees and watched as the captain spoke to Moe.

"Of course. I'm just going to tend to that other duty they assigned me, and I'll be on my way," Moe says with a smile before turning and making her way over to the cage to kneel down in front of the door. As she moves, she casts a look at the ground, hoping Anda is doing well in planting both the tags and the wires for this last tent. Times like this it would really pay to have a Hyuga's eyes. Still, she just has to trust that the snake companion is doing his job well. "Uzumaki Tsukino, right? I hope you're not too roughed up. The men can get a little carried away sometimes. Do you have any wounds that need treating or bruised ribs that might need wrapping? We wouldn't want your lungs getting punctured before the bosses are ready for you." As she speaks, a small line of tatto would creep down the inside part of her arm that only Tsukino can see at the moment bearing the kanji for 'Follow my lead', which vanishes after giving her only a brief second to read it.

The captain casts his gaze over to Moe as she interacts with Tsukino. Sometimes women could sympathize with others in less than ideal circumstances and he didn't want Moe trying anything stupid. So far, to him, it just seemed like she was assessing Tsukino's condition, nothing to worry about. He returns his attention to the scrolls.

Tsukino blinked at Moe, her blue eyes shining in distrust as the woman approached the cage. Moe's words made the princess duck her head a little and act as though she were uncertain. She had noticed the kanji on Moe's skin and eyed her for a moment. Then, glancing at the captain and back to Moe she wrapped her arm around her middle. "I… don't know how bad it is. I angered a guard and he struck me pretty hard. I didn't want to say anything but it's not easy to breathe." She glanced at the captain looking as if she were afraid. "I'm sure I deserved it." Moe might notice that the 'fear' in Tsukino's eyes was not entirely real. She might be a princess but she was also a prankster.

"I see," Moe says, frowning slightly before reaching into a pouch on her leg for a roll of gauze. "I guess we'll need to bandage you up. The bosses will kill us all if you die prematurely." With that she holds a hand up to the cage door, producing a key that only Tsukino can see is made of ink. The rest would likely assume she was given it by Yuuma or Tsuneo. After unlocking it, she'd 'tuck it away' and open the door to move inside the cage, avoiding the obvious move of getting her out that would reveal her intent. As she moves inside she 'trips' over the cage and topples onto Tsukino, which might be pleasant for some of the men to watch, except suddenly they're covered by a sheet of black as Moe makes a hand sign. Without so much as the slightest warning or notice, the camp would suddenly ignite in a massive explosion that rocks the ground and sends a massive wave of flame and smoke into the sky while Moe and Tsukino lay protected by a shield of the Kuroki woman's tattoo. Immediately after the explosion, Moe would release the shield and move quickly along with Anda who pops out of the ground to stuff all the scrolls into a sack she produces from her kimono that had been folded down to a small size but is fairly large when expanded.

Tsukino nodded and backed up a little from the cage door, letting the strange woman do as she pleaased. The key got a glance before she looked back to Moe, frowning slightly. She'd never seen such abilities though she had heard of them when she'd been learning of the various types of ink she could use for her scrolls and seals. When moe 'tripped' and feel against her Tsukino let out a little squeak, blushing as they landed, interwoven with eachother's limbs. The shield was enough to make Tsukino realize something was seriously up. The explosion that came next got a big eyed look from the girl. She watched as Moe and Anda began gathering the scrolls into sacks and she came out of the cage, looking around. "I can seal those into a single scroll for you once we're out of here." She didn't know who Moe worked for, but she was clearly the party to align with at the moment. She'd sort out the politics later. She gathered chakra about her, just in case she might need to use her seals. It didn't take her long to locate her belt of pouches either which she wrapped around her waist and secured befor she began helping to gather scrolls.

The camp was in disarray as the explosions went off, people injured, dead, structures and supplies burning and broken. Because of this, Moe would be able to take Tsukino a reasonable distance into the camp before being noticed, but she shouldn't go too far together or risk being noticed. The men who were lucky to not be in tents or around locations of other bombs were scrambling to put out fires, but out of the few remaining, they were being overwhelmed. Luckily, a few of them had Water ninjutsu capabilities.

"Do it now please. It's going to be hard enough to get out of here as we are," Moe says, handing the sack over to Tsukino to be sealed once all the scrolls have been gathered. As she does this, Moe would return the favor, quickly removing her kimono to reveal the black bodysuit she wears under this to match the part of the mercenaries a bit more. It reveals her tattoos a bit more, but her face is at least known. "Put this on and henge your hair to the same color as mine." With that she'd mess up her hair a bit before moving out of the tent and move a bit through the camp, pretending to be checking for bodies as she starts to make her way out toward the outside of the area. Meanwhile Anda does his own work by striking out at those with water ninjutsu, popping out from the ground at each one long enough to deliver a bite to their femoral arteries and poison them to slow the ability to put out the fires.

Tsukino nodded and pulled out a large scroll, unrolling the scroll and drawing the appropriate markings with ink. Moe stripping made her pause but then she nodded herr understanding of the plan and took the Kimono, wrapping herself in it and hengeing her hair as she watched Moe leave the tent. The Kuroki woman's actions would buy her time to seal the scrolls.
She shook her head and pulled out a second scroll, smaller, repeating the markings there before placing the scrolls on the larger scroll and sealing them inside. Then she gathered random things around the tent and sealed those into the second scroll. If she was lucky she would end up with something useful in her random gathering which included a few scrolls and books along with a seal or two and some other random items.
Once both scrolls were sealed Tsukino tucked the second scroll into her clothing, handing the larger one to the snake. "A name before I leave?" Once she would be answered (if she was) she would turn and slip out the back of the tent int he opposite direction from Moe's movements. She moved as if stunned, glancing around her as she aimed for the edge of camp and freedom.

"Anda… The one who saved you was Kuroki Moe," the young snake will have answered before swallowing the scroll and moving on to his work attacking the mercenaries. Noting his movements, Moe would continue to move toward the outskirts of the encampment. If she can get out of here without being caught by one of the brothers, it will have been a miracle. Letting Tsukino get out first probably wasn't the wisest move for her for the sake of her life, but Konoha will at least owe Sunagakure that a high priority figure that had been kidnapped was returned to them by the hand of a Suna nin. That along with returning the scrolls and blowing up this battalion should at least prove helpful, especially now that anyone within the radius to see the flames rise up to the sky from the explosion now knows where this Silence encampment was.

Moe was almost there, the camp outskirts were in sight, perhaps this would go well after all. But life often doesn't work like that, and to Moe it should be no surprise that this was, again, the case.
"Well, then. It seems we had a snake in our mist. Perhaps we should start screening our meatshields a little better." says a slick voice from within the smoke ahead of Moe, the shape of a lone figure appearing, walking towards her. As the smoke cleared, Tsuneo was revealed with an unpleasant look on his face. "One thing I hate more than anything is the brief sting of betrayal. I couldn't stand it then, and I can't stand it now. It really gets me riled up." he says to the sultry Snake Charmer, his eyes flashing briefly with anger. "I hope whatever it is you were doing was worth your life."

Hearing the voice of Tsuneo coming from the smoke, Moe looks up, eyes widening just slightly before she smiles darkly at him. "Perhaps you should. Honestly, letting your recruiter hire a woman whose jutsu are of no use to you even if you try to absorb them. Tsk tsk." At least with this bodysuit her tattoo jutsu aren't restricted, so that at least helps some… Her eyes meet those of Tsuneo as she assumes a stance, using that a bit of misdirection as one of the large snakes on her back rises and lashes all at once in an attempt to bind him down as the other lashes directly for his throat.

Tsuneo watches the woman act confidently, whether false or not. "Useless? Chakra? It is inside all of us, everyone can be useful in some ways, dear." he says as his eyes turn to the snake on her back. As it lashes out at him, Tsuneo throws up a sealing wall that easily repels the strike, not looking to amused. "Whomever sent you must've thought you disposable, girl. A shame too, with that nice pair on your chest…" he says as he raises his hand and slowly removes his glove, revealing his double diamond seal on the palm of his hand. "Start repenting and maybe you will arrive in a better place after this is done." he says as he activates his top diamond, beginning to suck literally the lifeforce from Moe's body.

"Disposable? Of course not, but they knew I could get the job done and that I would at any cost," Moe says, brows furrowing as she watches her strikes repelled rather easily. This is not good. The snake tattoos quickly wrap around her as the man starts his attack, but to no avail as they are forced to fall back into her body as chakra and energy are forcefully ripped from her body. A cry of pain escapes her lips, the woman hitting her knees. "Repent? Whatever for?" she asks with a chuckle. "I've served my village well. For that I'll never apologize." With that she charges forward, sending the pair of snakes at him again as she tries her best to make an opening to try and get away. Anda watches painfully from afar, his job done but knowing he won't be of much help against this guy. For the sake of the mission and for this all not to be in vain, he has to be able to get back to Sunagakure.

"Your loyalty to your village is commendable, but your betrayal of me will lead to your death." Tsuneo says as he tastes her chakra, not finding anything there, looking down at his hand in disappointment. "So ninja actually do still walk around without attempting to draw out their latent ninjutsu power." he says, thinking out loud. He looks up from the momentary distraction only to get caught in her tattoo bind, taking the snake bites in turn. "Not as bad as the spiders.." he muses quietly with a chuckle, disappearing from view after the bind releases and appearing behind Moe to slap a powerful seal on her back by the snake. "Repent for the sloven and lustful life someone like you has lived. Surely you are at least bright enough to know where that kind of life will lead you in the end."

"That's quite alright. You're not that cute anyway," Moe remarks back at Tsuneo with a sly smirk. As he vanishes, she attempts to shield herself again, though it doesn't quite move quickly enough, ending in a powerful blast sending her skidding and bouncing on the ground in front of Tsuneo. "Sloven and lustful, huh?" she asks herself as she pushes herself back up to her feet, panting heavily and coughing up a bit of blood onto the ground in front of her. "My life has been in service to my village and my clan for some time now. If I die protecting them, I'll say I'll died loyal and true. It's you who will need to repent for the senseless slaughter, all the deaths you cause… You can preach all you want, but at least we've managed to bring some order out of the chaos you're trying to plunge the world back into. I may not get to see it, but I do promise one thing… You will die painfully for what you've done." With that she attempts to bind him again, this time using it to try and sweep his feet out from under him and send him tumbling down the path opposite she will try to bolt away if he is caught.

Tsuneo smirks as Moe tries to prove her just and true lifestyle while falling apart before him. It gave him an odd sense of power, having someone about to die for what they believe in, their life in his hands. Most people just flee or submit. But, Tsuneo didn't need to explain his reasons to this spy and assumed seductress, whatever she thought was her own. Tsuneo raises his hand again towards Moe, a smile creeping up his lips. "Tell whomever is on the other side whatever lies you want. And death? I've lived for over 1800 years, dear. Death is the only thing left in life that I have to experience." he says, letting her in one the secret everyone had been wondering about the brothers just before she dies, the top diamond beginning to glow again as he finishes what he had started before.

Tsukino had made it into the forest and out of the camp when she felt the burst of chakra behind her. Turning to face the camp again she hesitated. What would happen to the woman? Clearly, one o the brothers had still been in camp. She went deeper into the forest, her heart fluttering in her chest as she ran. She wasn't a sensor so the fact she could feel this surge in chakra told her she was far outmatched… for now she would run and hope she had grabbed soemthing worthwhile…

"Lies? I think the only lie here is you thinking this makes you all-powerful," Moe says, shaking in pain as more and more of her chakra and life are drained from her. Finally she collapses onto her back, eyes beginning to close as her skin turns pale. "Such a pity… In 1800 years… you've never found out what living is really about…" Bringing her hands up, she makes a handseal, causing a puff of smoke to rise up nearby as Anda is sent back to Ryuichi Cave. "I'll let you in on a secret… I have friends and loved ones, a real life. When I go, I know there is meaning to it… When you die, they'll spit on your grave and bid you good riddance." As the last bit of chakra is forced from her, the last bit of breath at last starts to leave her body. She looks up at Tsuneo, not with fear or anger, but pity. A smile touches her lips as a single tear rolls down her cheek before the light finally fades from her eyes and her body ceases movement completely.

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