The Order: Denial of Existence - The Silencing


Shuuren (emitter), Naru (as Seijyaku), Suterusu (as Banshi)

Date: April 24, 2013


Seijyaku and Banshi catch up to the man Tadashi sent them to assassinate as he's passing between the Land of Lightning and Land of Rice Paddies, and the showdown begins.

"The Order: Denial of Existence - The Silencing"

Unknown location

As dusk sets in on the land between the Land of Lightning and the Land of Rice Paddies, a rather large man adorned in red and black is seen darting through the trees at a quick, steady pace. He is a mountain of muscle, easily recognizable as a Yotsuki if one knows much about the clan. Still, despite his size, he moves quite nimbly, moving with exceptional speed as he heads toward the place where he plans to investigate. He hasn't reported anything about his suspicions to Kumogakure yet, as he doesn't want to cause any kind of stir without evidence, but hopefully this trip will prove useful in his investigation. No expression shows on his face as he moves ahead, a look of focus in his eyes as he mentally goes over the details he's already found out.

With all the leads in place both Banshi and Sejiyaku was following through with a carefully crafted plan. The assassination of a very powerful shinobi from the Land of Lightning… Both Banshi and Seijyaku tailed from the rear, or at least Seiyaku did as they narrowed in on his locations, this was the perfect and perhaps opprotune moment for them both to assassinate this individual without tracking too much attention within the homeland itself… Darkly cloaked with an apparent skull mask obscuring her features, gleaming scarlet red eyes appeared from behind, the glaring and freightening gaze of an Oni… By this point Kioshi could feel someone more than likely closing in upon him swiftly, moving through the break in the trees along with him… The question remained however. Who was it and why?

While he may notice the one coming at him, he may not notice the others. That figure, was silent and fast, the quiet speed of an assassin honed to perfection. He was moving through the terrain as much as over it, leaving no trace of his passage. There were also shadow clones, surrounding on a wide range to try and get all about the man they hunted. This wasn't going to be easy. Even the boss was mildly concerned over facing this one, so the figure was prepared as best he could, for anything that might come his way. This was Sejiyaku's mission, the figure there as the back up killer, so he followed her lead, preparing to assist with the final moments in life that one Yotsuki Kioshi was about to have.

One might wonder if Kioshi has noticed those pursuing him, as he doesn't seem to actively notice or attempt to shake them for a while as he continues to dart through the trees. However, he does finally make one action, moving through a few simple hand seals, which causes black clouds to form overhead and begin to let forth a rain strong enough that one might assume it's a flash flood. Of course, this is there to serve the purpose of washing his scent out of the air and making it a bit harder to see and thus more difficult to track him through the trees. A light smirk graces the giant's face as he continues on ahead, preparing for what is likely a coming ambush.

Seijyaku's eyes shifted slightly as she noticed the sudden drops of rain beating against the area. The whole terrain wasn't just awashed with rain but also laced with the individuals chakra… Carfully she took in his chakra flow watching his chakra begin to spike in retaliation. "This is the end of the line…" Seijyaku spoke from behind her mask, almost a hiss as her body began to slightly mutate. A reapear was becoming born as wide fleshy wings began to protrude and rip through her clothing forming a wide span while the rest of the wing emitted a vibrant blue chakra which illuminated the area about them. The ominous chakra developed like a mist while even the darkness of her sharingan began to fade off, mixing and almost becoming a violet hue. She stopped a few yards away from him, chakra building up before reaching back and unsheathing a glistening blade of vibrant electricity. " You should have known that this day would come..hmm? You are a wanted man…. Despite being so prestigeous and a member of your village's finest… "

"You talk like I'm already dead," Kioshi says with a smirk as he casts a glance back at the robed figure following him. "So, after all these years, I'm a bounty, huh? Guess I'm going to have to test your mettle and see if you've got what it takes to take this old soldier down then." With that, an aura of lightning kicks up around his body, muscles tensing up as he prepares to battle while still moving on ahead. Best to keep them fighting on the go in case he ends up having to take off. He moves his hands through a set of seals before take a sudden high leap as a rather enormous wave rises up from the forest floor to attempt to knock the woman down from where she stands.

Seijyaku plainly knew what sort of jutsu would be next. Her eyes traced along his chakra network, watching the mold and shift of chakra as it expanded out in wide scale manipulation, picking up the water at his feet in the form of a massive tidal wave. Swiftly though the reaper countered, the glare of her devil eyes igniting the very tidal wave with a mysterious scarlet hue'd chakra, burning and sizzling away the very foundation of the attack. "I will say that you aren't dealing with a small fry… If you want to even stand a fraction of a chance I recommend you don't hold back…" Seijyaku adviced, she wanted him to give it his all there was no time for any sort of unforseen surprises. Seijyaku began to form up her own counter. The remains of the water was churned into a spiraling spear of energy, launched off to spike in his direction while the winged reaper sprung forward, training the edge of the electric blade along Kioshi's left side, attempting to cleave off his limb clean from his shoulder blade.

Meanwhile, the figure stayed out of sight. Trees, rock, everything about them, even with them in transit, kept him hidden. That gathering of chakra began, the focusing of energy as a plain kunai started to receive that power. The focus was there, as red eyes kept locked on to Kioshi. Watching movements, actions. He was locking down when to throw, where to throw. That point of capturing the man unaware and finishing the attack that they had started with. He was going to die and the assassin was here to make sure that it was going to happen.

Kioshi was quick, but Seijyaku was signifcantly faster… Her body crackled in a fit of scorching electricity as he had reached out for her, dematerializing right before his eyes and thundering off in an opposing direction. " That won't happen?" She mocked from with a faint hiss, the glare of her vibrant azure eyes carefully looked over him as she attempted to reach out for his wrist and clutch him tightly. Her genjuts usoon took effect, ghoulish claws cracking from under the earth and attempting to pull him down into the earth below. If he wasn't able to break out of the genjutsu a sudden pull of gravity would sweep him back into the binding coffin of an iron maiden, shutting tightly and penetrating his body with an array of nails protruding into his flesh. " First you will be trapped within these bindings… I promise you won't have to suffer for long… I will make this swift and almost painless…"

That figure continued to watch, studying Kioshi. Every movement, even as fast as he was, was studied. The four different sources of information, the figure and his three clones, were versed in keeping track of that figure as he'd fight with Seijyaku. This was going to be painful, extremely so, for Kioshi. Every detail had to be right though, the glowing kunai in the figure's hand a mute light easily masked within the terrain about them. As the two fighters moved, so too did their shadow, that other fighter that was getting close to having his presence known. the gathering of chakra almost complete within that kunai.

"Cute… But I'm a soldier. I will go down swinging," Kioshi says with another smirk. Just as the coffin would appear behind him, he would literally turn his lightning-coated fist on himself briefly to punch himself in the leg and cause enough pain to wake himself up. With another blur of movement, he would appear behind the girl again, going for a similar move as before, but this time with much more force behind it as he tries to momentarily disable her.

Once again Seijyaku crackled off in a burst of lightning, literally having to push herself signifcantly in order to avoid his techniques. Her body was began pushed to the limit, a lot of her chakra already used up to keep Kioshi at bay.. still she had some tricks up her sleeve and she wasn't going to be defeated out out witted so easily. She pondered briefly about Stealth's setup, she truly was going to need him now for this to go as smoothly as she had wanted. She slipped back away and began to focus chakra, forging it along the edge of her finger tips and condensing it down into a powerful sphere. Lightning raged and crackled as the sphere continued to take form and gradually sustaining itself as the jutsu was complete. "Now!" Seijyaku exclaimed , propelling the orb of destruction to crackle in Kioshi's direction, the biting power of the jutsu would be enough to hold him in place burning through his body and scorching his nervous system in the process…. Lightning Orb!"

That orb would be the signal, as much as Seijyaku's calling out. As the orb would impact, the finale of that charge on the kunai would occur. Chakra gathered, that blade super heated but the mental enhanced all the more for it, Everything was lined up in place. The when and the where. As Kioshi would try to avoid, it would be thrown, as hard and fast as that figure could, revealing himself at a point to the left of where the two fought as that streaking steel missile would get aimed right for the middle of Kioshi's chest.

With the announcement of something else about to happen, Kioshi becomes on his guard. He phases out of the way of the orb and then the incoming strike as well, only to reappear behind its source as he drives a ridiculously powerful, lighting-charged fist directly at the figure's kidneys in an attempt to knock him down and wear him down a bit. "So you're not alone then. I guess that will make this all the more interesting," he says with a grin, perhaps enjoying the sheer sport of this all-out fight.

The expense of chakra had become immense as somehow Kioshi was able to swiftly avoid her attacks, it was soon obvious that more would need to be done if they hoped to finish off Kioshi for good. Brute strength wasn't going to be enough to stop him, at least not yet… So with that she began to release her transformation, the transfigurations of her body began to emit off like a mist, reverting back into her usual state as the ominous chakra had completely freed from her body. Instead her gaze was replaced with the mocking crimson red of the sharingan using this as a prime time to resurge her chakra. "Hold on a bit longer…Banshi-san…"

Caught off guard, the giving away of his position causing the strike to miss, he'd get slammed forward, tumbling hard as even his clone wasn't fast enough to help him. Skidding, he'd slide to a kneeling halt, already going through a set of seals. Those clones would surround where Kioshi was at, focusing as they too would go through the seals. Four as one, they'd plant their hands to the ground. That massive chakra spike would be the twisting metal of razor wire formed from each clone, suddenly reaching out of the ground like a hungry mass of vines, seeking Kioshi's flesh for that consumption. Hurt, to be sure, the figure wasn't out yet. Indeed, it was only that assassin training that had him still going.

As one of the foes is forced to fall back, Kioshi is able to focus on the other. However, their combination is finally enough to at least get one of their traps on him. When the wires come for him, he attempts to phase out of the way, but he is not quite fast enough, and the mass of wire ends up coiling around and restraining him while digging into his flesh a bit. "Not bad… But let's see if you can keep it up after this," he says with a grunt, straining a bit as he ponders ways to get out of this predicament.

Residing in a kneeled position a flourish of chakra had been emitting about Seijyaku's form. A blade of lightning chakra was emitting from her hand, constantly becoming condensed and transforming gradually into a pure blade of vibrating lightning based chakra. The electricity continued flood about her hand and throughout her body as she held this technique briefly… Kioshi was trapped within the wires of the forest making this the prime opprotunity to seek his end. " Let's see if you can keep up after /this/!" Seijyaku exclaimed, even her mask began to crackle under the pressure of her chakra as she speed forward grasping the blade, guiding the spark blade directly center peice into Kioshi's chest, contact or not the pent of energy would explode along with it's piercing power to hopefully bring Kioshi's end. "Forged Lightning Blade!"

That figure would gather itself, those clones along with it panting softly as they'd put more chakra forward. it was important for this to happen.. and unfortunately the easy way was no longer possible. Prepared for the next onslaught.. hopefully, he rallied his remaining abilities carefully for the finale of this fight.. one way or the other.

As the blade of lightning pierces his chest, Kioshi lets out a cry of pain, but luckily it missed hitting any vital organs directly, but he's definitely in a lot of pain. Were he not currently held up by wires, he'd likely fall to his knees in pain. Things are getting quite serious now… If he doesn't get out of this, he may just die here today without being able to get any information to Kumogakure. Coughing up blood, he tilts his head forward a bit to let it escape his mouth as he chuckles a bit. "Still here… Tell me, what is it you people seek that you would kill me to keep me from finding out anything about you? Taking over the village? World domination?" he asks, his voice a bit rough now from coughing up blood, though perhaps buying himself a bit of time to recuperate if she takes the time to answer.

"Seijyaku's panting was begining to wear heavy on her chest. Building up such a massive amount of chakra in such a short amount of time was begining to wear away at her presence… On the other the other hand she still had Banshi along with her, making it easier to conclude the battle with Kisohi drawing towards the end of his life line. "You would have to deem us to be fairly foolish if you think we will bother explaining the makings of this organization. Your death however… will prove our might," Seijyaku explained further, her eyes suddenly gleaming with chakra as she focuses her eye sight upon him. "Kaminiari!" Suddenly Kioshi could feel his body enveloped in a mysterious scarlet red lightning, taking no time at all to close the distance directly on top of him, he would have to be incredibly quick to slip away from this strike. If it hit the buzzing lightly would fizzle through his chakra network, buzzing away any built up chakra along with the surging power in depleting his stamina…

That figure would stay back, the wires losing their cohesion so that the man was going to be free again. Gathering himself, clones between the figure and Kioshi, those red eyes of his, unlike the sharingan of his partner, were simply focused intently on the target. That power was gathered as another kunai would be drawn, held in a low grip while he'd watch again. The focus of power would be obvious this time, he was going for a more risky set up, but between him and Seijyaku's attacks, this man was going to fall. He said nothing in response to the question, indeed his entire focus was on gathering that power into the kunai, while watching Kioshi's every move.

"Proving your might, huh? That's a little pathetic," Kioshi says, smirking and shaking his head a bit. As another round of lightning hits him, he lets out a groan of pain once again, yet he then vanishes before another round can hit him. A rather intense look shows in his eyes as he reappears behind Suterusu. He is definitely winded, getting dangerously close to his limit… But he's not going down without a fight. His trunk-like arms reach to grab the figure by the throat while leaping off the tree to slam him down on the ground with extreme force for a double-barrelled chokeslam that will leave a deep crater in the earth if successful along with causing a great amount of damage to its target.

Anticipating the attack Seijyaku was quick to spring forward in an attempt to save Banshi, especially with the amount of damage he had already received. She stepped in almost instantly, revealing the edge of her blade to piercing into the lightning grapple only to have the very weapon shatter in a mere instant and her neck snatched within his grasp. For a moment she struggled, grasping for breath and reaching har hands out for his wrist attempting to pull him off but the suddeen quick movements and her lack of strength made all efforts impossible, literally forcing her to gag for air until her body was drived down into the earth below, her body taking the pressure of the attack head shattering the mask from her face and kinetic energy running through her bones almost making her numb. Her body shivered from the sudden pain, but her resolve remained true as she looked up at him, he could see her face as plain as day now. " You made a mistake…. looking upon these eyes…" Seijyaku spoke her voice hardly masking the pain seeping through, this time the genjutsu was more potent… Kioshi could feel his body dip into the earth below him spectral hands attempting to pull him into the jaws of death,…

The figure moved, as soon as Kioshi did, so too did he, getting away as a clone would replace where he had been standing. His partner taking the hit in his stead, gave him that moment in time where Kioshi wasn't facing him. The perfect moment, even as the genjutsu would attempt to drive him to his knees, that kunai, sharpen and honed by the chakra gathered in it, focused with the power he had put behind it, would be launched. A perfect mark, right for Kioshi's neck. With the power that was in that throw, he'd most likely be cleanly beheaded. Either way, considering how winded he was? this was most likely to be the finale for the man who knew too much.

With the shattering of the mask, Kioshi is able to gaze upon Seijyaku's face, but this also pulls him into her Genjutsu. "Uchiha, huh… Well, at least I did get to see one pleasant-looking face before I go," he says, his heavy fatigue clear in his voice before he feels himself being pulled into the clutches of the Iron Maiden. The next strike misses its mark a bit, digging into his chest right above his heart with pain enough to make him see normally again as he falls to his knees. As he closes his eyes, his mind drifts a bit, thinking on many things, his reunion with Ogo, how he met Ai and his promise to her, how his parents finally got him back after ten years, only for him to die now. With a heavily sigh, blood dripping from his mouth and from his wounds, he thinks '… Tousan… Kaasan… Odo… Ai… Everyone… Gomenasai… I won't be coming home.' His eyes turning back up to his assailants, he says, "May your… path… bring… peace… Or you… will never… have it…"

A hefty sigh escapes Seijyaku's voice once the deed was finally done, her body was badly battered but finally she was able to rise herself into a kneel, her body aching all over as she peered in Kioshi's direction. "It is going to take a lot of blood in order to obtain the peace we want…" She responded back wit ha light shake of her head, eventually she was able to wobble herself into a standing position. "Banshi?" She called out to him, offring a knowing gaze… He was the one that was going to lug Kioshi's body about and bring it back. Seijyaku had no interest in pushing forth a second attack… Her body wouldn't allow it.

The figure nodded. Slow steps carried him forward, the ground under him having chakra pushed into it, as the fire chakra would focus into his hands. That sudden spike of earth happen in front of Kioshi. Latching onto it, the Daiklave was formed within both his hands, steel edge firey sharp. Slowly, the figure would wind up. That soft tenor voice crooned, tired but still plenty of power behind it, it seems, "This path is peace. We will bring Order. We do what is required for such to occur." The daiklave at that apex, the figure's feet shifted and with one hard swing, he'd aim for that daiklave to finish Kioshi off with that beheading. "For the Order." The last three words that Kioshi would hear in this world.

Kioshi's strength to speak seems to have left, or he simply has nothing to say, as he simply gives a nod to each of them. He watches as the sword is prepared and comes toward him, closing his eyes just before the last sharp pain, the last thing he would ever feel, comes to end his life, and his body falls to the forest floor separated from its head. This Order had best bring peace to this world, or perhaps he'll find a way to haunt them from the next…

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