The Silent Ambition


Kirin, Rain, Ryoji

Date: June 22nd, 2010


During one of Ryoji's interludes before another job comes in, he comes under attack by Konoha shinobi…only to recieves help from an unlikely source. Later on, this same source finds a "sympathizer" from the Iga's main employer.

"The Silent Ambition"

Fuuma Basin

As one lone Ronin of sorts munches down a peach from atop his perch in a low hanging tree the hopeful last remnants of fellow tradesman and travelers cutting their way through to the infamous alley. Occasionally he receives a suspicious glance from them as they pass, but in all honesty with everything from the bandages wrapped around his legs to the muffler around the lower part of his face was as black and dark brown as the coming night, who wouldn't be wary! Sadly for him, none who have seen him desired to try him or talk either out of fear, indifference, or some-other distraction; and leaving him bored out of his wits.

This place.. known to be a haven for runaways, the lawless and the meeting place for many civilian criminal organizations, is no locale for the faint of heart. After all, for the most part..there is no law here..and the five great nations have little to no authority. The full moon hangs high in the sky, a few sparse clouds daring to float across its path. Even at this late hour, the wicked never sleep - and it shows if one would be brave, or adept enough to see for themselves. Not long after the latest influx of passerby, when they seemed to finally go from a dribble to none at all..a figure would appear from around the corner - they calmly walk as if they hadn't a care in the world. Though not a businessmen, and certainly not a traitor.. they wear a long and folding hooded cloak black as the darkness itself. They continue towards, and past Ryoji..until their reliably predictable footsteps disappear in the distance "My friend, are you aware you're being
followed?" Kirin says calmly, standing at the base of the tree in which Ryoji sits..below him and some forwards, his back showing.

Ryoji blinks his eyes as the new prescience makes itself known. Unexpected, but welcome nonetheless despite his careful grab for the blank white mask next to him possibly saying otherwise. "If I am being followed then so be it… matters not really unless they are not looking for…entertainment….Why?", An open-ended question that could many multiple things, and in this instance a way for the Iga to guage Kirin. He makes sure the mask is secured and manages to maneuver on touch alone into a stance where he hangs upside down from his legs wrapped around the branch. "Strange yet familiar scent as well. The wild life of konoha is what I see you apart of…*eye narrows*…Purpose?" He continues mysteriously and crosses his arms over his chest.

Kirin turns his head slightly to the left as Ryoji speaks, though he makes no other motion for a long moment. "As long as they've been trailing you, entertainment is undoubtedly what they seek." - Kirin turns around, tilting his head back slightly to glance up at Ryoji as he hangs..though, his face remains encased in the deep shadow of his cloak. "I'm much the same.. but, you really didn't know?" - "Hnf." Kirin snaps his head to the left quickly, reflexively. "Baka, the one who trails you is a Konoha shinobi."With the last word spoken, the silent night air would awake to the whistle of kunai slicing through the air. With a whirl of his heavy cloak, Kirin jumps high with near effortless ease..deflecting several of the sharp objects with a loud ping before he alights on the same branch Ryoji hangs. "Looks like you're out of time, I know the perfect place to setup an ambush. Follow me!" Kirin says with urgency, the sharp point of a kunai sliding back
within the long sleeve of his right hand. With that, Kirin jumps backwards off the branch..landing in a skid on the ground below in preparation to turn and make a mad dash for another nearby alley, expectant for Ryoji to follow.

Ryoji rolls his eyes even as the sound of metal hitting metal finds his ears. Yet no longer would he allow his guard to be lax for now. "Odd, Strange, Peculiar..", He mumbles just before letting go and righting himself in midair to land on his feet. Wordlessly he follows right after Kirin because even without a reason to trust the ninja in all honesty there wasn't much else that could be done. He does however admit silently to himself that chances are the whole thing was a set-up especially considering the fact that one who bared a 'leafers' scent was also helping him escape them. And with that, another box of curiosity is opened and gnaw at his mind until he finally ask, "Why do you assist?" He would ask as they make their way around the bend. And the Iga would have his answers even if that meant he might as well die because of it. As is his suicidal ways.

As soon as Ryoji would move to follow, Kirin would turn and dash at flank down the alleyway in the opposite direction of the flown kunai. While they haven't made themselves known yet, they're in pursuit now for sure. As soon as possible, Kirin makes a sharp right at the nearest alley..breaking off of the main alleyway into a smaller section. "Assist? I have my own business with this guy. Not that you aren't dear to my heart or anything." Kirin keeps a dash, "Two is better than one in this case.." Kirin would say calmly before stopping abruptly and turning around to face the opposite direction..a kunai sliding out of his right sleeve with a soft clink, in preparation for whoever shows. "If they have any experience, they'll stop these cat and mouse games." - And they do, with a flicker.. a blonde haired shinobi wearing a green Konoha military vest and signifying headband appear..a silent face off ensues, the calm before the storm.
"If you see an opening, take it." Kirin dashes forward, and the unnamed shinobi matches him..they are towards each other..splashing through large puddles in the gloomy dark streets of the alley. Suddenly, just as the unnamed shinobi splashes through a puddle..the same water behind him swirls and forms into the figure of a man - bear-hugging them into a hault. "Hnf." Kirin looses a handful of shuriken in the direction of his opponent, the whirling blades swoosh through the air and make their mark..the water bunshin is more visibly ripped by weapons, splashing into nothing from the attack. The shinboi..falls to the ground with the falling water, and silence…ensues. Kirin turns his head to the right to mind Ryoji..pausing for a moment as if bidding him to share in looking over the fresh kill. After a moment, Kirin begins a sow walk torwards the body..eventually stopping at their feet. Using a boot, Kirin pushes the body over onto its back..kneeling
only to cut the blue cloth of the forehead protector stained with blood. Standing, Kirin half-turns to Ryoji and tosses it in his direction.

"Oh…I see." He states blandly as he follows after and barely a second before kirin does he skids to a stop. Despite Kirin's 'command' or at least that's how Ryoji takes them, he simply crosses his arms over his chest and backs away into the overhangs shadows to watch the other fight his opponent. Strangely enough, it wasn't out of lack of compassion or desire to get involved, nay even fear of death that made him decide to take such action. Instead, it was simply one word…curiosity. This resulting from his almost suicidal tendency in how he test and gauging others coming to the forefront until other is dispatched. An instinctive sidestep puts him out of the way of the headband as it drops.
"I still do not understand…what have you to gain from killing one of your own?…Trouble in paradise I presume?", He asks curiously as he crouches down to put a hand just centimeters above the plate itself. Unless Kirin had Extremely sharp eyes, he would miss the minuscule amounts stringy substance descending down and 'examine' the object. "….Hm…You wouldn't mind if I examined the body would you?" He asks only half-jokingly without turning away from his work which may take a little time. His other senses remains at their peek of alert just in case Kirin or any other shinobi tried to make a move for him.

Kirin remains a tall shadow among shadows, wreathed in his black cloak..still as a statue, he peers from beneath the cowl of his hood as he watches Ryoji..remaining silent as he speaks. "Killing my own? I am noone, from nowhere. I have no brethren. I wonder, for a Konoha shinobi to be trailing you.. you must be worth something to someone." Kirin says calmly, steady as a placid lake. "Exmaine the body as you like, I'm not here to judge you."irin just remains silent, and watches as Ryoji goes to work..untill at the very last, when Ryoji woould glance over his shoulder..the body would implode with an audible 'poof' into a cloud of smoke. To Ryoji's surprise or not the Konoha shinobi was merely a shadow clone in clever disguise and henge. "Hnf, you truly have unique abilities." Kirin's right arm raises under his thick cloak, a black gloved hand with a dark grey metal plating barely makes itself visible as Kirin pulls back his hood to reveal his long black
bangs falling low on either side of his face..and the piercing unblinking red gaze of his clans bloodline limit - notably or not, he wears no forehead protector. "Yeah. There are things I could say. After you." says Kirin just as calmly as before, his hands concealed beneath his cloak. Though no hint of aggression has been shown, any shinobi knows, concealed hands are the equivalent to an arrow notched and ready to fire.

Time passes by swiftly as they journey, sometimes doubling back while at other times stopping and waiting mysteriously at crossroads upon the Iga's 'suggestion' before moving on. Rather or not others are following is of no concern of his at the moment. In fact, all his efforts were really to try the patience of those that might still be after him (The reason still lost to him) before he finally comes to a rest at an unassuming, decripit, and apparently empty building bade on the lack of movement and pure 'feeling' of desertion wafting from it. "Hmmm…..I was hoping….no, too much to hope for at this point. *glances back* Will rest here for now…unless you have a better suggestion." He states nonchalantly and folds his hands before him.

Kirin doesn't say much, if he does at all, having raised his hood again along the journey. Walking along with Ryoji, Kirin would stop just before they entered..taking a simple glance in survey around the area. With a poof, an identical clone to Kirin would appear next to him..whom immediately springs into action high-jumping onto the roof of the rundown building. Afterward, Kirin would follow Ryoji inside. Pulling his hood back, he doesn't stop there..tossing the cloak aside with a furling noise of a large heavy cloth. Kirin wears ANBU armor..though different then the standard issue white-gray..instead his is black. He wears no identifying symbol other than his eyes..his face is complacent and expressionless. "This will do." Kirin says, his hands hanging motionless at his sides. Kirin closes his eyes slowly, "I apologize for the deception. We live in a dangerous world." - "I'm not here on behalf of Konohagakure, I have my own interests." Kirin opens his
eyes just as slowly, his red eyes fixed on Ryoji. "This doesn't appear to be the first time you've seen the sharingan."

"Sharingan?", Ryoji asks nonchalantly as he plops down against one of the inner walls. And at this point the mask is removed and set down next to him so that he could scratch his hair more freely. "Can't say that I have 'seen' it…just sampled material involving those that possess it", He admits openly. If those red eyes were any good when it comes to shadow environments, Kirin would notice by now that the Iga's eyes were a shade to milky and eiree to be that of those with actual sight. "…And I'm guessing a name would be one of those things you keep to yourself this time…eh Uchiha?….In anycase! What interest would you have with someone like me anyways?"

Ryoji's appearance doesn't escape him, nor does his overall peculiar behavior in contrast to your average person. "I see." ….. "There's no guarantee I am who I say I am, you can call me Uchiha, for now." - "Not so long ago, my clan was forced into a compromise.. we became split, separated. In distance, ambition and purpose… ..this.. is only the beginning of the planned cessation of the Uchiha. However, there are those of us who have not yet fallen prey." Kirin takes a few steps closer to Ryoji, his eyes regarding him carefully.. an ever subtle half frown creeps onto his face. "I'm looking for someone. I carry a message with an importance that outweighs the lives of many, including our own." - "You've tasted Uchiha before, and so you must be truly skilled - or keep the company of those who are. Few have done so and lived to tell the tale." .. "But, what is it you desire and value? Money, knowledge? I wasn't sure before, but your abilities are more
unique than I at first thought."

Ryoji simply shrugs then places his hands behind his head to rest again. "I will not lie and say that I don't, but then again I -do- entertain many a strange company in my line of work. As for—", He stiffens at a new sound reaching his ears and clams up completely at this point. "….Heh…what can I say? As long as things are kept interesting it shouldn't matter all that much smexy-san", The Iga says nonchalantly yet with a hidden tremble of nervousness behinds his words. For a moment, he still answering Kirin's earlier question to avoid being inconsiderate of the other man…but can't seem to find it in himself to speak anyfurther.

Kirin stares at Ryoji and listens calmly, though just as he would stiffen..Kirin's eyes would ever so slightly narrow, his eyes remain on Ryoji..even as he speaks to Rain. After a long pause, Kirin half-turns in the direction of Rain..turning his head ever so slightly to the left so he's brought into peripheral vision..his long black bangs framing his face. "……….Rain-san. I never expected to see you again in a place such as this." Kirin says calmly, remaining motionless in all other aspects. "Before I speak any further.. I need to know for myself. Have you forgotten the Uchiha?" his words are slow and deliberate, knowing full well how delicate of an exchange this is.

Rain chuckled slowly, amused by that statement. "It is easy to forget those who forget themselves. I have little interest in things that do not realize what they are. Bacteria can be powerful, deadly, and can live in places unsuitable to almost all forms of life, yet with all of that power, it has no purpose other than to exist and propagate. It's lack of purpose only makes it as useful as any other tool or item man made or not." Rain leveled his eyes on to Kirin without apprehension. "You ask if i have forgotten the Uchiha, yet you know full well the Uchiha have forgotten themselves." Closing his eyes, Rain would speak to the other that was present. "Ryoji, ensure our… privacy if you will."

Ryoji peers back and forth between the two with a bland expression and half-lidded eyes even up to the point when Rain addresses him. "Hai, Hai…Hm…I'll be atop if either of you two cardinals need me", is all he says as he exits with a wave of the back of his hand. And after brief 'look' around the immediate area he leaps onto the roof top with the other 'kirin' and waves. "Don't mind me…" He plops down on the roof without any further words, appears to chew on something for a few moments, then spits out a couple of gooey wads of 'something' over the sides. The one and only noise they ever make is the splat once they hit the ground, before reforming into eyeballs and rolling off in seemingly random directions. Because of the coloration, separate numbers, speed at which they roll, and the debris picked up along the way most if not all would be hard to discern even upon closer inspection of those in hiding as well as those passerby. After all, who
would suspect mere street trash of being much harm.

Kirin closes his eyes slowly as he listens to Rain, what he says is true.. though to hear such unabashed's heartening in a way that can't be described. "Aa." Kirin agrees, opening his eyes slowly..fully turning to face Rain. Kirin bows his head ever so lightly..holding the incline as he speaks. "Rain-san, you are a true heir of the Uchiha. But you must know, this is all the plan of those who would seek to have us just as you say. Many cannot be blamed, they are sheep and no shepherd in which to lead them." - Kirin opens his eyes, he wears the subtle half frown on his face the same as before. "My former teacher and our true leader, Uchiha Madara-sama..forsaw this. And plans were made to ensure our clan would break the shackles of those who would see us broken. I am simply carrying out this plan, Rain-san." Kirin's shadow clone nods lightly to Ryoji, standing aside him as they both keep a stern vigil against any who would seek to disturb what
goes on below. "I wish you no ill will, I didn't meet with you, and we did not speak of this. But not all Uchiha have forgotten themselves, nor have they forgotten you. What is certain, we have an advantage now. Even Konoha views our clan as you described.

"An advantage is meaningless if the opportunity is never taken. Generations will become complacent and those who still believe different will be without influence or power to change their fate. Understand that this situation is our greatest weakness… the chink in our armor. Uchiha thrive in conflict, in experience, in survival. The Senju however… thrive with time. They thrive with comradeship and the strength of their security and a brighter future. They will grow beyond those of you who sit and wait for the right time, and then your… actions will simply be excused as some mere freak instance that destroys the Uchiha but was "unavoidable and unexpected". There is a very good reason why Madara is not with you." Rain would state with all seriousness and no longer seeming amused."And it is the same reason you are unlikely to ever see him again. An alpha of a pack becomes a lone wolf when his pack follows a different leader. All of the… sheep as you
put it, have disgraced what he represented. He will not come back like some messiah, it is not his way. But continue to do what ever it is you feel will best honor your teacher if that is what you wish, it is no business of mine."

Ryoji yawn tiredly as he observe each perspective with a little more clarity then one watch multiple monitors. Apart of him remains distracted however thanks to his desire to pick up on what he could hear as the duo discuss below. His thoughts and expression however remains unchanged as best as he could to avoid the shadow clone not to away possible interfering in his fun for now. A flicker of movment across one of the moniters cause him to narrow his eyes and refocus his efforts in keeping a look out in thta section…

Kirin nods lightly and subtly. "My wish is only to see things set right in my lifetime. If we, the Uchiha true to our name fail, then it will be as you say. A day will come when the name Uchiha is regarded but in memory, the truth forgotten for all time." - "There are some things I am unable to speak of right now," Kirin pauses..opening his mouth to reveal a familiar seal on his tongue. "Should such an opportunity arise, Rain-san." … … "Will you be a hammer of justice, or do you see with your sharingan, another opportunity?" Kirin calmly asks, just as patient as before. It's obvious to a point, his words are his own..and while he speaks of important matters that outweigh him, he's also looking for answers to personal questions.

Ryoji shakes his head and flips cancels the perspecitve jutsu he used earlier before dropping down below not long after Kirin's clone poofs. "I apologize sir, but…ah. I'm not sure rather to be surprised or worried", He cuts himself off midway upon noticing a lack of a certain second Uchiha. However, he doesn't allow his thoughts to linger on it for too much longer thanks to the news he was able to garner. "But riiiight. I think it best that we relocate sir. That 'one' that you spoke with before aided me with 'losing' a pursuer from konoha supposedly after me…the same one who seems to be a little too tenacious for his own good.", He states nonchalantly with a careless shrug and stepping away to make room for the elder man. "So, what's the plan?"

"It's quite simple Ryoji. That one wishes for the Uchiha to be recognized, whether it had to do with me or not is yet to be determined. Should he fail or betray me and Konoha comes after me, especially the Uchiha loyalist, they will burn. If he succeeds or at least remains loyal to the words we have had, then Konoha will burn sooner. If some how this causes a revolt for the Uchiha, then man of them will die proving themselves. Those who live will be the new generation of the power of the Uchiha, and those who die will be the result of the time wasted bowing to the Senju." Turning around, he'd wave for Ryoji to follow. "I await for the rest of the world to meet me in the present."

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