The Silk Conflict - The silk lord



Date: July 16, 2013


None given.

"The Silk Conflict - The silk lord"

Unknown location

"Lord El Jabil" says the scantly clad beautiful servant, wearing thin
see-through silk and pure golden necklaces and armbands. "We have reports
from the far east, as you said. The prices in the islands have risen by
almost 200 percent. Your plan is both magnificent and successful your
excellency, as are you."

The fat, Arabian-esque tycoon nods. He did kick up a shitstorm in the
Shinobi lands, which increased prices all the way down the silk road.
Prices of items, he happened to be well stocked in. "And the master of
bones?" He asks in a foreign tongue. The servant bows, showing off her
well endowed cleavage. "He just arrived." She notes. "We put him in the
merchant quarters, with wine and women."

"Send the hassashins." The fat man says. The girl nodding and bowing,
before leaving the nicely cooled and gold decorated throne room of this
really wealthy merchant.

A pale man wearing robes emerges from the shadows behind the merchant.
darkness that wasn't there before. His red emerald eyes glow in the
darkness that lingers around him like smoke. "You should have acted
sooner." The fat man says to the pale skinned hassashin. Who slowly nods
while a date is consumed, washed down with strong Arak. "Don't worry your
excellency, phase two will begin soon." The man bows before disappearing
in a puff of pitch black smoke.

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