The Silk Conflict - Zombie Pirate Vacation Anyone?


Yoichi, Kiyoshi, Sei, Hiei, Keichi

Date: January 29, 2014


To cull the spread of the parasite, a team lead by Yoichi is sent in on what amounts to a seek-and-annihilate mission. The training mission in short for two enterprising Kirigakure genin, and an opportune moment to observe how Kiri shinobi handled business.

"The Silk Conflict - Zombie Pirate Vacation Anyone?"

Hidden Cove within the Northern Seas

North Sea [Land of Water]

Out from the Land of Water, the sea can be both welcoming and unwelcoming. Sometimes the sea is calm, and other times storms and waves rock ships and cause destruction. There are some small islands out from the mainland between the Land of Water and other countries. Deep sea fisherman can often be spotted out here, collecting fish to sell at local markets.


Today's mission is a rather simple one, if a little dangerous just because of the danger of the parasite. The team assembled is a bit odd, but it seems the upper management wants Yoichi to teach the younger generation about destroying and basically making it so things just don't exist anymore. That is his specialty, after all. Once the team gathered at the beach, they would be quickly introduced to the Hozuki Kekkei Genkai, as the Swordsman literally turned himself into a giant bubble around them that rolled off into the sea and underwater to move toward their designated target. "Our target is a pirate cove that got infested with that parasite that's ravaging the country-side," his solemn voice rings out through the bubble as they move through the depths of the ocean, surrounded by pieces of life that most people never really get to observe naturally, especially not for the duration they are able to thanks to his technique. "The plan is to annihilate them, plain and simple, but be careful about physical contact. If those things latch onto your chakra, you'll be the new host.This band of morons being infected is bad enough… From the reports given by the Hunter who observed the inside, these men have pretty much gone insane since their bodies aren't built like that of a shinobi to be able to handle this thing, or maybe it's mutating or something." After a brief pause, he says, "Okumo-san, your brood will likely suffer some losses from physical contact in the fight if your jutsu are similar to most I've seen from an insect utilizer…. Are there any questions any of you have before we get there?"

Sei had to pull his brood in for this particular endeavor. That was going to make initial insertion.. difficult. A single nod with a whistle of confirmation was given to Yoichi while Sei kept his attention ahead, on the cavern they were going into. He already knew the additional complications that this was going to provide. The potential brood losses, however, were within an acceptable range and he was potentially going to be able to render the rest of his brood immune after studying the spiders that do get effected. Either way, he knew a controlled hold on his chakra was critical for this situation. Pointedly, Sei ignored Kiyoshi. He'd be dealt with, if Sei had to, but for now it was simpler to ignore the other child and work on getting ready for once they reach air.

Hiei is along for the ride..mostly. But also since Nariko is in negotiation for a possible alliance with the Kiri shinobi, the brass thought it might be interesting to see how Kiri shinobi handle business. So Kumo's resident destroyer was assigned to Yoichi's team. He does a double take when the ninja turns into a bubble, but settles down afterwards. At least he wasn't on a boat. "So, Yoichi-san. You're saying that we need to stay at range while dealing with these guys? I do my best work up close and personal. But I'll be mindful. I look forward to seeing what your shinobi are capable of." He crosses his arms over his chest and looks determined as he mentally prepares his body for combat. He takes a moment to look at the people with him. There was the kid, Kiyoshi that he met the other day. And then there was Sei. He was of the same clan as Meruin. Hiei was excited to see what kind of jutsu the younger shinobi was capable of. He was just excited period. He'd finally get to kill something with a group of people who wouldn't judge him for his own battle lust.

Keichi slowly lifts his hand. "Is it absolutely neccesery to kill them?" He never really liked killing! Life is sacred after all! "We have so much talent here, we could easily go non-lethal. Plus avoiding blood spilling and other moists would help prevent spreading this… parasite?" He hmms and rubs his chin. "What's this parasite anyways?" He didn't have a clue! He wore a leather jacket by the way, with flaming decals along the bottom. Plus some jounin pants that are obviously borrowed, since they're slightly too large. By the color scheme it seems it's borrowed (or bought too large) in Konoha! Additionally, there's several scrolls along his body and a large one on his lower back. Below his jacket he's wearing a meshed shirt. And obviously he wouldn't go out without the proper adornments! A nice belt that walks slightly up the V in the lower corners of his abdomen is loosely fitted around his body. Plus he's wearing several necklaces and a ring. "I mean I don't mean to question your authority sir, I just think they deserve a chance to make their case and to better themselves and ask for forgiveness." Always the pacifist. "Interesting group we got here though." Keichi throws a friendly smile Hiei's way as well as Kyoshi's. Though the spider-man creeps him out. Ieuw..

The KG is noted, he's been spending quite some time in Kiri and while this particular clan seems rather secretive, this particular one doesn't have a single issue flaunting his jutsu. Good for him…."

Kiyoshi subconsciously clenched his fist at his sides as the mission briefing got underway. He was already troubled by Sei being assigned the mission as is, but to add on the fact that his main method of fighting would be limited AND the possibility of a certain mad doctor being involved only served to infuriate the boy beyond what should be tolerated. Nevertheless, he restrained himself by focusing on the simplier things; such as observing the others from the peripherial. Again, he made a point of skipping over Sei during the process.
Out of all that are present, it is Keichi that is given a lingering a look from the young Moto before his attention turned back to the team leader. "Creepy." He mutters darkly behind his gas mask. Then adjusted the harness keeping the oversized cleaver onto his back.

"The orders are to kill. If you want to advance in rank, follow your orders. If you have a problem with it, I can drop you off in the bottom of the ocean tied to a stone," the solemn voice rings out from the bubble. "And, yes, Hiei-san. Fight at range as much as possible." Seems he's not much for words outside necessity. His spirit of team morale? Do what you're told if you want to live. "I will be carrying us right into battle, so prepare yourselves. Hiei-san, you and I will destroy their ships. The rest of you work a guard point while we do this to make sure none of them escape. Once we're done making sure they can't leave, then we annihilate everything inside. Are we clear?"

Thinking about it for a moment, a small nod was given. The pad was pulled from the small of Sei's back to be unfolded as spiders would pour out of Sei's sleeve to go skittering across the white surface. They'd quickly settle into lines, those lines forming into words that would have the pad held towards where he perceived Yoichi's sensory would be. Not that he made it so the others couldn't see. ~Sir. Permission to use ranged effects of Brood. Also seeking to infect one spider for further analysis by self and clan. This has been requested of me by Okumo elders.~ Sei would wait, giving Yoichi a chance to read and respond, before the spiders would pop up off the pad and scramble back into Sei's sleeve. he was still being ready for combat, his whole brood within his clothing at the moment, causing a faint rustling to it.. like it was windy.. inside the closed in bubble.

Hiei flashes a smile. "Extermination mission. My favorite kind." He glances at Keichi..really checking him out for a moment. He comments. "You can talk if you like. I've dealt with this parasite before in Kumo. Diplomacy is a bust." He nods at Yoichi. "Destroy the ships. Got it." He muses to himself. "This reminds me of the time my team and I met with some unsavory pirates in Kumo waters. I think they're all buried at the bottom of the ocean." Lightning begins to spark off his skin and within his closed fist. "This is going to be fun."

Keichi rolls his eyes. "You Kiri types are all the same. And I'm not interested in a rank. I'm interested in impressing Ishino-sensei." Keichi sighs and chuckles then. "Hey Yoichi. Guess what, I'm inside you." An almost evil grin of sudden realization smears Keichi's face. "Staying at a distance is no problem. I guess you could even say it's my specialty. So what are we up against exactly?" The corner of his eyes catch the spiders crawling out of Sei's sleeve. Though not much else, since he makes an incredibly majestic WHAJAJAHUHAUA ninja move, which gracefully landed him pretty much in Hiei's arms or at least behind his back (spot the sarcasm) … "You have something on your sleeve…" He says while popping back up. Realizing it's just Okumo being Okumo… That Meruin guy has a huge creep factor too! "I guess I'll gear up as well." Keichi unrolls the larger scroll, and as it hovers two dragons rush out up high! Before gracefully *TRUELY THIS TIME* riding down and curling around Keichi. "Meet Mandoreku and Raidoreku!" He grins and has the last of the triplets in a smaller scroll by his hips, but he'll keep that one for backup later!

Watching the ocean pass by nearly lulled him to sleep. Kiyoshi quickly jerks to alertness however the moment he came to a shocking conclusion: they… were underwater. "…Wha… ho…" Just as fear began to seep into his mind, the voice of Yoichi no Kami spoke up once more, locking him place, if only to try and figure out where the voice was coming from. He is successful, after a fashion, and with a sigh of relief he returns his attention towards the others.
It happens on reflex, much to Kiyoshi's reflex. Sensing movement from the Okumo Kiyoshi immediatly grabbed the hilt of his sword, tensed his muscles, and built up no small amount of chakra in preparation to defend himself. "…." Another sigh is released. Unfortunately, his guard doesn't quite relax thanks to Keichi's antics, to which, he could only sweatdrop and give the man a flat look.

"Granted," Yoichi replies simply to Sei. "Just make sure it is contained." He seems to be rather unimpressed with Keichi's antics, merely stating. "That means I can end your oxygen supply at any time. I'm not interested in games. Just do as you're told."
Just as promised, the bubble floats underwater directly into the cove, the docks and solid ground, along with the bottoms of several ships visible on either side of them. "I'll go left. You go right, Hiei-san." With that, the bubble would fly up into the air, popping around them for Yoichi to appear with them as they would be allowed to free fall toward the docks safely. Not wasting any time, he draws his dual blades from his back, immediately creating nine tails of lightning from each blade that he swings around to pierce directly through and dice up every ship on his side of the platform and render them unfit for sail. Allong with this severing, the electrical strike sparks fires on all the decks of each ship. This Swordsman doesn't play around when he's sent on a mission. In all likelihood, he normally does this sort of thing solo and was just asked to bring a team along this time for training purposes.
The rather bright display of half their fleet and the men inside being gone in an instant draws the attention of the pirates quite quickly, the deranged pirates in the cove all looking toward the recently-arrived shinobi with wide eyes. It's merely a moment before arrows start raining down on all of them, attempting to provide cover as what appears to be an infantry wave charges with swords drawn, not even seeming to notice if they get struck by an arrow in the process as they attempt to attack the shinobi on the front line here.

Okumo in free-fall. That works well. While the lightning would streak from Yoichi, the black mass of spiders almost exploded outward, spreading as far as they could, once safely on dry land and scattering further. While the heavy hitters went to work, Sei took stock of the surroundings, the arrows would be all but ignored as the webbing was quickly and rapidly thrown into place by his brood, the dark mass allowing for a shielding between dock and one portion of a as-yet destroyed ship to anchor, the arrows simply pelted into the sticky mass and.. stuck. Sei got shoved backwards, resulting in a sharp hiss from all of the spiders at once, the ire focused on Kiyoshi. Chunks of flaming boat would get latched onto by the brood that Yoichi was so nice to provide and Sei started pelting the incoming pirates with them. It was one thing to shoot arrows at the group, Sei wasn't going to take them charging in.

Hiei nods to Yoichi as he performs a quick handseal before he reaches back to draw Fukushu and Saiai, the katana and wakazashi on his back. "Consider it done, Yoichi-san." With a quick flick of his wrist he deflects the arrows with his short-sword as he moves to the right. Lightning course through the blades of his sword as he crosses them together before holding them both out towards the ships. "Lightning Release: Lightning Strike!" Bolts of lightning lance off the tip of his swords to pierce through the sides of the ships, setting fire to them as well as blasting holes in the side. His feet touch the ground as he brings both blades to bear while looking at the advancing front lines. "Allow me to show you the measure of a Kumogakure shinobi." He slides his foot forwards and moves to a high guard stance to await the group. If anyone would notice, his stance is identical to that of the Reizei style of swordplay. There is a look of glee on his face and excitement in his eyes. He was going to enjoy this.

"Showoffs.." Keichi pffts as one of his dragons curls around his body more tightly. Causing any arrows to come his way to simply dig into the puppets wood. He takes a step back and while keeping one puppet back defensively, sending out Mandoreku to fly up high, soaring in at one of the undamaged boats. "Bombs away!" He says, as Mandoreku opens its mouth and sprays his napalm all over a previously undamaged boat, rendering it quite useless. His eyes follow Yoichi, making sure to follow if he moves up too much. He also watches Sei, ieuw… Then there's that swordsman. Now he's … normal.. ish… "Kiyoshi it is right? Go for those archers, I'll cover you." he says, Suidoreku shooting out to fly between Kyochi and incoming arrows after that first barrage, aiming to preemptively catch more coming his way. Hoping to give him a chance to get after those archers unhindered!

Kiyoshi felt bad for Kiechi. Just a little. That still did not stop him from turning away and bite his lips to keep from chuckling. As things stood he still snorted behind the mask, though, he was quick to cover that up with a whistle if need be. Thankfully, the latter isn't so much as an issue since Yoichi abruptly decided to drop them off without so much as a warning. He'd pay him back for that later…
Wood groans but merciful doesn't give upon Kiyoshi's landing. He spares only a few seconds to take in his surroundings and everyone's movements. It ain't enough to catch it all, but he hears enough to know that the mission was off to a smashing success. Then came the arrows. Without thinking, Kiyoshi stepped forward to intercept those to the closest person near him (Sei), blade unsheathed and brought to bare as a shield. Only… nothing reaches him. "Huh?" When he risks a glance to see for himself, somebody (Keichi) starts handing out orders to him, befuddling the lad at first and leaving him wide open for an assault. Or so the possessed pirate may have thought, er, took advantage of anyhow.
Dark tan skin drains of color and becomes bone white, cracking the blade meant for his neck. Swift justice is met out at ounce. The same for any of the others that tried to breach his guard. Incidentally, a few of his swings provides Sei with a shield at won't point before all attention is focused upon Kiyoshi. Or at least, that was the boy's intent for powerhouse swings.

Screams of pain ring out from the pirates as they are stuck with flaming pieces of wood, others screaming out as the ships they are on burn down around them. Still, the assault never stops. Those not caught in the attacks or not killed continue to strike as if nothing happened, even if missing limbs or other body parts. It's almost like whatever mutation of the parasite happened inside this damp and dank area created something of a mini zombie apocalypse in the cove. The entire small army of pirates pours out of the makeshift buildings inside the cave, wave after wave coming out at the shinobi amongst the raining arrows. No matter the grievous injuries coming from the shinobi's strikes, they merely seem to press forward so long as living, striking again and again.

With the strikes and arrows coming at him, Yoichi crackles with lightning as he zips around them rather easily. "Keep them back! No one gets out!" he orders out as he swings the blades again, this time sending the whips for a much longer journey toward the buildings where the first wave of archers stand atop. The buildings are set ablaze as they are carved through by the whips, screams of agony ringing out from those caught in the whips as well as the growing flames. It seems there won't be much remainder of any sort of civilization here once the team is done.

Sei watched as Keichi dealt with the blades simply enough. A small nod of satisfaction.. he was worth at least that. His attention diverted back to the horde coming in, the initial web wall was expanded, easily stretched to cover all of those on the docks and between the pirates and the exit. While Kiyoshi dealt with the incoming swords, Sei's attention expanded outward. Yoichi was doing significant damage as well as Hiei. Therefore, Sei was going to add to it. From everywhere, inside boards of the ships, the docks, out of the sand of the beach, anywhere that the spiders might of hidden came a massive webbing strike, those zombies that came shuffling out would get that initial blast, to slow them down, to slur their attacks while the brood itself started to attack. En Masse, all those in the immediate area that weren't taken down by Yoichi or Hiei's attacks would get assaulted, the biting and tearing of flesh was all of the sensitive locations. Even if the zombies didn't really react to what happen to others, that poison was there in all the bites to make sure they noted when Sei's brood attacked. He launched it, full knowing there may be parasites that shift to the brood. However he was already ready for it, those spiders purposely killing themselves, either by drowning, or running under foot. He had an intense look of concentration to him. This was a major assault by the Okumo.

Hiei once again flicks his wrist with his short sword to deflect the arrows away from him. By then, the group of swordsmen reach Hiei and it was time for him to get to work. He lifts his katana to block the oncoming sword strike as the sound of metal against metal rings out and then his body blurs as he begins striking at high speed, his blades rending flesh as he demonstrates the Yotsuki clan's balance between speed and power. He runs for another group of pirates and flips his sword skywards as he extends his arm, striking towards the chest of one with enough force to send him flying backwards. Spinning in place he catches his sword by the hilt as it falls into his hand. He runs the tip of his finger along the blade and it glows neon blue before he strikes out towards the neck of another, attempting to decapitate him. "Keichi-san…I really would offer them the option of surrender..if I thought they'd take it." He leaps into the air, flipping end over end until he lands near Kiyoshi. "Having fun yet? We'll take them together…watch each other's backs." There was no need for him to invoke the true power of the Yotsuki just yet. He'd keep that in reserve for now.

Despite their comrades being skewered by blades, killed by poison form spiders and blades, and fried to death by electricity, the horde of zombie pirates seems yet unending. There are no heeds to Keichi's call for surrender, no mercy to be given on either side this day. As deep as this parasite has dug its way in and mutated this cove, there really is nothing left but to put them out of their misery before they spread this deadly strain to the rest of the country. It seems the parasite is driving them to do just that, however, as the pirates swarm more and more toward the shinobi, their effort seeming to redouble almost frantically.

Yoichi seems rather merciless with those lightning whips today, never seeming to stop swinging them. As he dodges around some of the pirates to move to a catercorner spot from the team, his swings them down again, attempting to thin the massive heard coming toward them. Of course, this in turn draws the attention of others, which cuts the herd in another way, making a portion of the attacking zombies come at him.

How do you deal with massive hordes coming in? Even the destruction of the surroundings didn't really seem to help this at all, they came from virtually everywhere. Moving forward, he'd break from the others. This of course prompted the zombies to launch those blades at him, which would sink in all too easily, as the clone was revealed of spiders and webbing. Sei went high, up on the roof as his brood started to drop chunks of rock down on the swarm below. Avoiding Hiei and Kiyoshi, Sei started to build a wall up around them, an impromptu fort of webbing and stone, the walls forcing the zombie mass to come at the two swordsmen in single or pairs. If they were going to set up a killing field, then may as well make it work for them, right?

Hiei watched as Sei built a wall so that the pirates would be forced to come at them in singles or pairs. He smirks at the young Okumo and nods his gratitude. When one of the pirates strike out towards Kiyoshi, Hiei's sword is suddenly there to parry the strike. However, another pirate swings on Hiei and it looks like it would strike home, only the sword passes through him as if he wasn't even there. In reality, Hiei waited until the last possible moment to move, doding the attack while leaving an afterimage in his place. Appearing behind the pirate, Hiei roars as he strikes out with both blades at once, attempting to cleave the pirate in two. "How many of these guys are there?" He wonders aloud as he turns to face them once again.

Keichi really can't help against there hordes. Mandoreku quickly swoops in, forming a protective shell around his body. Might as well conserve his strength and use it later. God knows there's many more destructive Shinobi around here. They don't need him to slaughter grunts. Plus, the slaughtering bugs him. Yes, this shell will do fine. He calmly sits down in lotus and relaxes, focussing on his breathing.

As the unending horde continue their assault, more and more fall to the strikes, ye their efforts never seem to stop. Along with those striking at those on the ground, those behind launch throwing knives and other random object, including pieces of flaming wood that were recently cast at them up at Sei.
"This is getting out of hand," Yoichi says to himself a bit as he takes a step back with his blades. "Hey, watch out! This one's gonna hurt!" The incoming pirates look a bit surprise when he whirls his blades around and stabs them into the ground on either side of himself. Lightning crackles between the swords and round him before firing up into the ceiling and straight through it toward the sky, turning the clouds black as they begin to glow extremely bright then return his strike back with a massive bolt of lightning that burns through the rock down into the center of the cove, spreading out like a controlled nuke

Ranged. Vs an Okumo who is in his element. That'll work! Ok.. maybe not. Everything thrown towards Sei is simply latched onto by webbing and pulled off course, resulting in strikes against the ceiling.. which would drop the stuff back down on the pirates instead. Shaking his head, Sei paused as Yoichi just opened him a hole into the outside. Interesting.. very.. interesting. He moved, slipping out of the hole, only for more stuff to be grabbed by the brood. A regular procession of terrain, leveraged by pulley system of webbing attaching to trees nearby would get it dumped on the pirates below. If it didn't hit, it still extended that intial creation of the fort to make it harder and harder for the pirates to do anything other than crawl towards the two swordmen and lead to their execution.

Hiei watches the Kiri shinobi work. They were effective, very effective. He also feels a pang of jealousy towards Yoichi. Those lightning swords of his were sweet. He idly wondered if the Kiri nin would allow him to just hold them. That's all. Just hold them. At any rate, he blinks as another pirate takes a swing towards his neck..and the sword passes right through him again. Hiei left another afterimage as he now stands on a piece of rubble from when the ceiling was brought down. He makes a handseal. It was time to call up on the power of the Yotsuki. "Release: Lightning Aura." Chakra explodes from his body, creating a lightning infused aura around him. The lightning lances off his skin and onto the ground as leaps back into the fray, his body warping as he moves at hyper speed. To the casual observer, it would look like he was teleporting from place to pace as he struck into the horde. He performs another handseal. "Lighting Release: Lightning Arc." He extends two fingers towards the pirates as a bolt of lightning zig zags through them. "We should wrap this up before one of them messes around and gets past us. Anybody have any ideas?

Keichi stays in his protective shell, watching enemies try to whittle away at it. "Don't these guys keep their powers somewhere?" His muffled voice rings from Mandoreku's hard wooden defense. The body slithering to create an opening large enough for Keichi to peek.

'Sei! Sei! Sei!'
While not something recommended for future endeavors, it helped to keep the beast's chakra leveled at the same point by superimposing Sei's form over his enemies. The image is far from perfect, but it suffices nonetheless. Gradually however it starts to become blinding. And yet, he keeps on hacking away at the foes that presented themselves, sacrificing the overwhelming power to cleave them in half at times for sure hits to the neck and gut. The corpses are piling up though, far too many and far too fast. He hated everyone and the stink that was starting to rise. So, he pressed forwards with his attacking. Their corpses and fallen limbs render it a slow process though since he refused to join them from tripping over them in the process. He needed to get out of the tomb built by Sei…
Somewhere in the back of his mind he notes the build up electricity in the air and even the thunder left behind by powerful techniques. The same went for the blades and makeshift weapons that the pirates kept wailing at him with. If they had any sense they would've figured out that the boy doesn't bleed easily.

The number of pirates seems to be steadily decreasing now, the efforts to dismantle as many of them as possible at a time proving to be a worthy effort. While strikes of web, lightning, and blades, strike them down, the much fewer remaining pirates continue to mindlessly attack the shinobi, doing anything they can to try to take them down and get out of this cove. Despite their numbers decreasing, they are nothing if not persistent until death. Hundreds of bodies piled up around the cove leave a rather nasty smell. One might wonder if this strain might go airborne, but the plan is apparently to completely sterilize this place lightning-style while the creatures continues to strike at their targets relentlessly, some even while missing limbs or even half their bodies until they actually die from their wounds.

With the numbers decreasing to his satisfaction, Yoichi scans his eyes across the battlefield. At least his team is smart enough to stay out of the way of Thunder Gate… because it's coming again. As he brings his hands into a seal, another bolt of lightning shoots up through the now much wider hole in the ceiling, creating an immense light and thunder before yet another massive bolt strikes down, moving out like a nuke with several large branches of lightning splitting off under his control to fry structure and flesh in one fell swoop.

Hiei backpedals slightly when the attacks come from him. At his current state, their movements seem so slow to him as he simply rotates his shoulders and upper body from side to side to dodge the blades they attack him with. He sticks his swords into the ground and then moves forwards, extending his arm and colliding with one of them, sending him flying backwards into the fray. He plants his foot as he strikes out with an open palm strike that's infused with lightning. He then turns and seems to slide across the ground with his knee extended as he collides with another one. He is aware of where the rest of his team is, but he knew them to be capable so he only focused on getting rid of the pirates in his immediate area.

Keichi stays back with all the electricity and explosions and truly… He lost track. Pointless killing all of this! Why can't we all just get along! His armor becomes thicker, but as he gets surrounded he too needs to defend himself. A large spray explodes around him, setting 'zombies' alight, followed by Raidoreku causing a HUGE explosive sound as he suddenly appears. Bowling through a whole set of enemies!

Sei — They just didn't know when to quit! Infuriated even after reaching the mouth of the fortress, Kiyoshi abandons his sword by burial into the ground next to him and bears down onto all fours. The subtle feeling, the gutteral growls, the whispers that spawned from the background grew into a single roar. In response to the beast's approval, the ever spiteful Kiyoshi willed the modifications desired to subtle. Mostly. He didn't notice the last ditch effort of one of the pirates breaking away, a giant in his own right, breaking away from the mass for a powerful overhead blow. His hands and feet are buried into the ground. The mask falls away under the force of the blade.
And yet, all that managed to do was reveal a very, very peeved little boy. A boy who, against his better judgement, finally let the devil have his due to a degree in exchange for protecting him at the last minute. Almost. But he recants at the last second and simply threw himself into the thick of things. He headbutted the giant away, grabbed the sword and sent it spinning into the scattered horde from Keichi's explosives.
"Not.. yet.." He mutters in two tones.

With the ever-thinning number of zombies now down to a minimal amount, Yoichi would grab his swords and dash over to join the rest of the team again. "Good work," he says with a nod toward them before leaping to the mouth of the cave and stabbing his sword into the ground once more. "Let's evacuate this place and clean it out once and for all," he says as yet again a bolt of lightning would dart through the ceiling to the clouds. That done, he grabs his swords again, this time turning back into the bubble that carried the men here and leaving an opening for them to get through as he starts to sink back into the water to leave just before an enormous bolt, even by the standards of the ones before, strikes down into the cave, this time with no care for who or what it hits, spreading out through the whole of the cave with the intent of scorching anything living or inanimate to bits inside as the team heads back toward the village under the cover of the sea.

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