The Silence - The Small Fries get Fried


Kioko, Kaido, Michiko (emitter), Nobunaga

Date: November 9, 2014


A small team of higher-ranking Konoha shinbone are sent to check out a Silence hideout. While they have yet to make it past the entrance, there is still a number of issues they face.

"The Silence - The Small Fries get Fried"

The Land of Fire

A smaller Silence hideout was located outside of an even smaller village in the Land of Fire. They were causing any trouble, which was odd, but it was preferred that they were dealt with. As such, a small team of Konoha-Nin were sent to go and take care of the members. There were no particular instructions regarding the life, death, or capture of these Silence members. Kaido, Nobunaga, and Kioko were selected to be apart of this mission. Most importantly: the team was going in blind. Aside from location, there was next to nothing about what they might face.

Well, it's not ideal for Kaido and his nin-dog partner Bandit, since their skills lie more in traps and strategy and tactics, but if this is the mission, then that's what they do. Kaido perches on a tree near the base as Bandit hides in the bushes and studies it and speaks into his radio quietly, "I'm not much for the direct assault… How about we lure as many of them out as we can, take them out quietly and then go inside and deal with the rest? If we can do this without raising an alarm, we might find a lot of intel that they haven't destroyed. Also, might be an idea to take some prisoners too for interrogation. What do you think?"

"More of these Silence guys eh?" Nobunaga remarks as he affixes his tool pouch and what not. It's been a while since he's been called upon to deal with them but the Amaro was eager to give the organization some payback for all the turmoil and chaos wrought. Two new faces joined him on this blind mission which did nothing but concern him a little bit more. He had faith in his fellow leaf shinobi though. No matter what the threat he was sure they could handle…or so he hoped. The first one Kaido, an Inuzuka, seems to have a good head on his shoulders. "Hey that doesn't sound too bad. I am the direct assault kind of guy. So if anyone needs a distraction I'll be more than happy to fill the part."

A three-Chuunin team. So this is obviously at least potentially a threat, though not a huge one. Still, despite whatever dangers lurk around the corner, as always, Kioko is in a cheery mood. She has actually been still flipping through a medical book as they travel along the road, using her insects to keep an eye out as they move along. Now, as they have arrived, however, she seems just a bit more serious. Perched in the tree along with the others, she looks down on the hideout with intent eyes. "That works simply enough. I have some charms I can use a bit of for that. Leave it to me." She gives a sly wink, bringing her hands into a seal and hengeing her clothes to become a fairly skimpy worker's kimono with a pack of goods in hand. "I'll pretend to have an accident nearby and be lost in the forest. The moment I attack, be ready to cover me and get whoever I don't take out first. Sound good?"

Bandit stealth moves closer to Kioko and says, "You bring 'em over girlie and I'll help take 'em down." Kaido says, "I'll lay down some traps in case we get rushed, let's funnel them towards us so that we aren't flanked too." He zips down to the ground and pulls out all sorts of things from his vest and pack and starts using stuff from the environment to create some pretty intricate and nasty spike, pit and snare traps. He also layers that with some poisons that can cause temporary blindness, paralyzation, and diaherrea. It takes him only 5 minutes and he moves into position up above at the last line of his traps in case someone gets through and says, "Ready."

"Oh…he can talk too." Nobunaga peers at Bandit. He's seen talking nin-dogs before but it still surprised him everytime. Nobunaga looks to Kioko next. She's been quiet for a while but she seems rather high spirited. He looks between her and Kaido. The Amaro smile and nods "Of course." it seems he's right to trust these two. While Kaido and Kioko made their preparations Nobunaga remained hidden keeping watch. Ready to engage whenever the young man keeps an eye on Kioko. "Let's hope they fall for this." Seeing Kaido had finished setting all his traps Nobunaga gathers a bit of chakra since he doesn't know what will occur provide everything goes according to plan or not.

Kioko nods to their suggestions, keeping mental note of them and simply waiting her turn until Kaido and Nobunaga have prepared for the first phase of the assault. She quietly gathers some chakra in preparation before dropping down onto the path near the hideout, conveniently by a rather large tree root where she hits the ground with a loud thud and cries out as if started and in pain from the fall. If the Silence men fall for it, they'll find a woman who doesn't look much like a shinobi on the ground tending what looks like a fairly large dirt-covered bruise that is developing on her leg that sticks out a touch suggestively from her kimono.

It's the weakest member of the group that decides to investigate what Kioko's cry of help is, exactly. He blinks a bit and honestly isn't sure what to do after peeking out from his hiding spot. The only reason he joined the Silence was because he didn't want to die by their hands! The man approaches the injured Kioko, drawing a sword. It's obvious he has no idea how to use it, as he's holding it incorrectly and his stance is poor. The man levels the sword at Kioko and says, "Y-you… There's no one else around here, right? If not, then I need you to give me any money you have. Also food."

Kaido covers the microphone of his radio and mutters, "Oh for… even a student at the academy could take this guy…" He watches from his perch, ready just in case Kioko can't take care of him and focuses on watching for the reinforcements and getting ready to unleash Death By Traps (tm) on them if they come.

Nobuanga watches the first member emerge. He frowns at man. Not intimidating in the slightest hell Nobunaga almost felt sorry for the guy. Looks could be deceiving but Nobunaga seriously doubted that was the case here. He shakes his head and just remains on standby. Once Kioko takes him out others should come and investigate. He keeps a lookout for more Silence members. "Go easy on the guy, he doesn't know what he's gotten into." he smirks.

As the man walks up to her, Kioko almost smiles until she notices the sword pointed at her. She then shows that she's quite good at feigning fear, shaking a bit as she gathers up the items back into the bag to hand them to him. The bag is large enough he won't be able to handle it well one-handed, thus, she'd wait a moment for him to reach out for it before lunging forward to bite directly onto his neck with fangs that protrude from over her teeth to inject venom into his veins while a hand goes over his mouth to muffle any sounds he might make.

The man moves forward slowly, edging toward Kioko to take her bag. It was heavy, though, and he has to grasp it with his sword-hand, meaning that he can't attack her very easily. But as Kioko lunges at him, the man dances back. "Hey! That's dangerous!" he exclaims. He dashes backward toward the hideout, stumbling slightly as he attempts to retreat. "Guys! Guys! Heellllpppp!" There's obvious panic in his voice as he clutched Kioko's bag to his chest and sprints.
More grunts emerge from the hideout. These look a bit more threatening. They are actually holding their weapons correctly, at least! They eye Kioko and then the man trembling behind them. "This one? You gotta learn to hold your own…" says one. Without fear, that same man dashes toward Kioko and slashes at her twice.

Kaido facepalms, "Yeah, somehow I figured it wasn't going to be that easy…" He reaches into his vest and quickly pulls out a blowpipe and fits a small dart and says, "Bandit… you know what to do…" Bandit leaps out of the bushes and tries to bite one of the swordmasters attacking Kioko while Kaido blows the dart and tries to poison the other.

Nobunaga blinks abruptly as if his eyes deceived him. "She missed? Dumb luck." Nobunaga grins getting ready to follow up on Kaido's assault. He was rather relieved actually. Despite the nature of this mission it didn't sit well with Nobunaga, defeating an inexperienced man like that. Seeing Kaido attack from a distance Nobunaga used the opportunity to close in. While they worried about defending from Kaido's attack the Amaro would be on them fists clenched and flying into each of them. At the point of impact chakra would burst form his knuckles delivering a extra impact to send them flying into some trees.

Though she manages to evade the first strike, Kioko's arm is caught by the second set of blows as she tries to move out of the way, causing a puff of smoke to ring out around her to reveal her real clothes along with making the bag of goods the other guy stole vanish into thin air. "That's not very nice, you know," she says with a smirk as she glances down at the blood flowing from the wound on her room. As she looks back up, she inhales then spews out a jet of honey at him as well as anyone else trying to join in on the attack to freeze them up from being able to attack her again or evade what the other two shinobi do to them.

Bandit is avoided, and the poison dart is taken, making one of the men go down. As Nobunaga jumps into the fray, his punching would injure several more (there are about ten men total). And Kioko proves herself to be useful as well. The men, already in a giant clump, are mostly caught in that clump of honey. A few of them struggle in their spot, but it's no good. Some of the men realize the stickiness is honey and start trying to eat it… The one man who had initiated the attack sees many comrades go down and loses his nerve. Kioko's bag is tossed away, and the man flees to the nearby village.
The few members who weren't caught by Kioko's honey seem a tad burnt by Nobunaga, but they have swords and they have anger. And maybe a bit of fear in regards to what the boss might do to them. They all spread out, attempting to attack each of the shinobi in turn. Some seem more experienced than others, and they go for the tougher shinobi.

Kaido sees the swordsman attacking him and knowing the exact spots of all his traps, tries to dodge back so that the swordsman will be countered by triggering one of his deadly traps… a bomb dropped made up of poison that can instantly paralyze an opponent.

Managing to avoid the attack coming her way, Kioko takes a jump back before spewing out another jet of honey at her attacker. A moment's pause is given after that before she lunges and attempts to bite down on his neck to deliver a powerful poison directly into the man's veins that is likely to cause quite a bit of pain should she connect with it.

Nobunaga shakes his hands after knocking two down. "Not bad. Could've timed the release a bit better." he criticizes himself. The Amaro's bad habit was showing. He looks around the assess the rest of his team. A few injuries here and there but Kioko has managed to immobilize a good portion of them. When Kaido's trap went off Nobunaga could see that they have the enemy positioned very nicely. He evades the blades of the Silence grunts and as he does so his scarf unwinds. Feeding chakra to his scarf granting it the edge of a steel blade Nobunaga then slings it in a vicious arc attempting to cleave the remaining silence members. "I think one got away." he remarks afterwards.

As the bandits continue to face the Konoha-Nin, they realize they're a bit out of their league. Nobunaga's attack literally slices one man's sword in half, as well as the man's chest. How painful… He drops down dead. The man Kioko is facing goes down thanks to the sticky honey and venomous bite. Again, ow… He screams from the pain and attempts to knock Kioko back so he can flee. "Retreat!" he calls out. "Let the others deal with these guys!" Though that honey is so sticky that his movements are slow… Kaido's enemy is blinded and paralyzed thanks to the trap, which means that all the grunts are taken care of. Now to see what else might be lurking in the hideout…

Kaido gets cut slightly and frowns and then calls out to Bandit, "Bandit, scout!" Bandit nods and starts to nin-dog stealth run from tree to tree, using his nose to smell what he can.

"Everyone alright?" he asks before moving towards the hideout. "Things just got complicated. We have no choice but to investigate the hideout now." he says. "I think one escaped back towards that village. And from what the others said it's safe to assume there are more inside. They could be hiding something." Nobunaga scouts a bit keeping an eye out for more enemies or anything else notable. But if he comes across nothing of importance he'll be making his way into the hideout.

"I'm good," Kioko says with a nod, grinning just slightly as she licks a bit of honey from her lips, not seeming to mind much that there's a small amount of blood mixed into it. Her bees flank out to look around and report anything abnormal back to her while she looks around as well, waiting for the others decide to lead the charge into the hideout.

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