The Small Patrol


Shinobu, Zori, Izara, Kyuketsuki

Date: April 7, 2015


A small patrol of the Land of Fire brings about the demise of a few cruel bandits.

"The Small Patrol"

Land of Fire

A patrol of genin isn't uncommon. It may be unusual about just who was selected, though, especially with Izara and Shinobu present. The two are, after all, essentially students. And Shinobu being on a mission itself was odd. It's probably a good thing that there's a Chuunin to oversee everything, too, and Zori has been known to be a very wild card in the deck of Konoha shinobi. Masa sighs a bit as he wonders just what he's getting himself into as he waits by the gates for those who have been summoned via messenger Hawks. He had a basic report of all the shinobi's skills, at least, so he knew what he was working with.

Izara could feel her heart beat faster as she approached the village gates. At first she thought that the summons for a patrol was a mistake, but closer inspection of the document revealed that legitamate. She had never done a patrol before, so hopefully everything went smoothly. And her teammates should be more skilled at these sorts of things anyways, so she had little to worry about. Spotting Masa in the distance, she hurries her pace to catch up with the Chuunin.

Walking outside his tent, Zori yawns stretching his arms out in the air. Zori hears a flapping noise in his vincinity, as it swoops down towards him. Darting his eyes over to the right, he saw it was a hawk. The hawk landed on one of his outreached arms holding a message. Zori grabs the note reading it, grining. As the hawk flys off his arm into the sky Zori grabs his backpack heading off to the Konoha Gates. Upon arrival he see's Masa and Izara, he stops in front of them. His grin widens from the sight of Izara. "Oh my look whos here." is said with a menacing tone.

Shinobu was actually volunteered for the mission by both ninken and Guardian, both wanting the girl to learn about the life she was entering. The girl really didn't want to, but they insisted. When she comes to the gates, Kame is clutched in her arms, and the girl looks already scared when she sees Zori /and/ an adult. The Inuzuka glances back at Mana with a 'please don't make me do this' expression in her eye. Mana is adamant about it all, though, and she simply nudges Shinobu onward.
"Masa-san, I suggest you keep Zori-kun away from Shinobu-chan… And yourself. At least for the time being while she gets her bearings." If Masa gets a confused look, she would quickly try to explain in hushed tones, but would otherwise give Shinobu a soft pat on the shoulder before ambling away.

Kyu heads to the gates, having been called to meet there via a hawk. He understood it had something to do with a patrol, so he went as quickly as possible. He arrives and looks at the others, giving a wave to them, including Zori. "Hello everyone, so we're going on a patrol?" he puts his hands in his pockets idly and stands there, awaiting a response. Most preferably and likely from Masa. He also sees that Shinobu is here.. and so is Zori… not a great combo.

Masa tilts his head lightly, but nods gently to the request. "I'll be sure to keep that in mind." He glances over the group with him and sighs. "Alright. Kyu, you'll be taking Shinobu and Izara with you while me and Zori work together. This is under the case that we run into bandits. Hopefully we don't, of course. Uhh… It's a basic patrol, and we won't be going much further than five miles due to the team. Any questions? If not, let's go."

Izara breathes a sigh of relief, being paired with anyone -not- Zori. "I don't have any questions," she answers Masa. Besides, if anything came up she could ask Kyu if she really needed to. She walks over to where Shinobu is and gently rubs her pup's head. "Don't worry Shinobu, everything should be fine." She also gives Kyu a silent wave before turning her attention back towards the gate.

Zori hears footsteps from behind him, he turns around slowly and there is Shinobu holding Kame in her hands. Zori turns whole body facing towards her. "Why Hello there.. Shinobu" is said calmly. Crossing his arms over his chest with a grin. A familar voice is heard from behind him. Zori turns around once more spotting Kyu from a short distance. Zori just stares at him as the Uchiha walks by "Heh" is whispered out his mouth. Zori hears Masa's gameplan and gives Masa a nod as he follows behind her. Zori is ready.

Shinobu walks over to the group, keeping as far away from Zori as possible. Fortunately, it isn't that difficult to do since Masa had assigned her with Izara and Kyu, two people that she actually trusts (more than Zori). The girl still looks nervous, but she nods to Izara's comment and glances to Kyu. "Umm… Ganbatte…" she offers quietly, ignoring Zori. In the meantime, Kame yips softly and enjoys pets, pressing into the hand.

Kyu definitely does not have questions and nods, "No questions sir." He readies himself to move, he didn't really pay Zori much mind as the extent of what he did to interact with him is exhale a 'heh'. He does however keep an eye on Zori, in case he tries something. Seeing as his 'heh' could be taken as a warning, knowing him. Hopefully he can find something else to take his aggression out on, like a tree or a rock… or a bandit.

Masa takes point with Zori, the Chuunin leading the whole group down the path at a speed that could be considered a snail's pace for most shinobi. For the students, though, it could be considered quick or maybe even a decent pace. There's nothing much along the journey to notice as they travel, and Masa decides to make a bit of small talk with Zori. "So, Zori. What've you been up to? Learn any interesting tricks with your wires?" he asks, reaching back to check his large sword was across his back.

Izara tries her hardest to try and keep pace with the others. She loiters around the back of the group, mainly so Shinobu and Kyu can have a bit of quality time but close enough to hear whatever they are saying. As she travels she glances about, enjoying all the foreign sights that might be boring to some. Since Masa did mention it was a patrol, she tries to be as vigilant as possible by keep ing track of her surroundings.

Shinobu is focused mostly on talking to Kyu. Well, 'talking' means just peering at him a bit and sometimes looking back towards Izara to see what's going on with her. Kame is paying more attention to the trail ahead of them as they continue along, the pup's noses and ears working hard at trying to find anything that could be suspicious.

Kyu walks beside Shinobu, he is keeping an eye out as best he can and is mostly silent, before suddenly speaking up, directing his speech at Shinobu but still keeping an eye out. "So Shinobu. Have you been practicing that flute any? Or did you learn anything cool at all?" He looks at her and smiles, genuinely wanting to know, a simple nod or headshake would be enough.

Masa and Zori continue to walk at the front, the Chuunin giving a small nod. "Good… Good… What are all the ways you use your wires, anyway? I know you use them to slash and bind things, cutting through surfaces and the like. Anything else?" The man is just making conversation, but he sounds genuinely interested.
The group would travel for quite some time, not noticing anything strange whatsoever until the very end of the trail. Izara wouldn't have much warning sense the people didn't have anything in terms of significant chakra levels. Kyu and Kame would likely sense the bandits that are coming at them, though. Three of them come out of the bushes, swords drawn to attack the trio that are in the back.

Izara had hoped that her little plan to get Shinobu to open up a bit more would have worked, but she soon found out that listening to silence between her two partners was a bit uninteresting. A bit bored, Izara begins to let her mind wander. She's snapped back to reality when a bandit with a sword suddenly pops up from out of nowhere, rushing towards her. Fortunately, she has enough time to duck out of the way of his sword, hitting him in the back with her fist as far as her measly hand could. "Heads up, trouble!," she shouts toward Kyu and Shinobu.

Zori nods to Masa "Im sure there are more ways i can use them but as for now thats all i know of." Zori pauses for a moment then continues "But when i do figure out more.. hehehehe" is said in a unpleasant tone as his grin surfaces back on his face. Zori gives Masa a callous gaze. As they continue down the path.

Kame gives a quick bark of warning as well, and Shinobu instinctively ducks, eye squeezing shut as she waits for the slash to come at her. However, it never comes, even when it probably should have. The Inuzuka glances up to see Kyu in front of her, and she looks surprised. Most people wouldn't have protected her. Not back then. Kame takes the opportunity to wriggle out of her partner's arms and tries to tackle the man who had went after Shinobu, aiming for the swordsman's stomach. Shinobu gets her senses back and joins Kame on the offense, punching with her left hand as she draws a kunai and slashes quickly with her right.

Kyu sees the attack coming, stepping into the way, doing the ram seal, and taking a step back, letting him attack the clone, but in doing this he had neglected to avoid the one coming for him, he tries to use the same illusion on him too but, while the illusion works, but Kyu isn't quick enough, getting his arm slashed, Kyu really doesn't seem to care much about the pain, and looks to Izara. 3 enemies. Not good. He goes through a few hand seals, he could only do this to two of them, but then he can focus on the remaining one, he uses Out of Body Experience on the two attacking him and Shinobu.

The bandit against Izara is able to avoid her weak punch with ease, and he offers the young girl a grin. "Nice try. But! We're going to kill you all and make you examples." "You're not supposed to say that!" grumbles another. The bandit blinks and facepalms. "Well… Regardless!" He swings his sword at her again, but Masa steps in quickly to block the attack. "Your opponent is me. Zori! Help Kyu out! Shinbone and Izara, you two work together."
Kyuketsuki's targets both try to break the genjutsu, but only one manages to keep ahold of reality. The man glares at Kyu and comes in at him to try and attack, though he ends up getting tackled in the stomach by Kame. Shinbone's punch hits him square in the face, and the kunai leaves a nice gash on his cheek. He glares, attempting to punch the little girl, but he's at an awkward angle and it might not be the best hit he could have thrown.

Izara's punch whiffs air as the bandit easily moves out of the way. The thought of having to deal with an opponent far stonger than her one-on-one starts to weigh on her mind, but fortunately Masa-san swipes in to save the day. All she can do is nod to the Chuunin's command as she grabs her kunai and charges at the bandit attacking Shinobu.

Zori watches as Masa takes action and helps Shinobu and Izara. When Masa says "Help Kyu out." Zori has a flackback of when Kyu ignored him earlier at the Konoha Gates and smirks. "Hehehe, The Uchiha in need of my help? Didnt seem like he needed it earlier at the gates" But then something changed his mind, When Zori saw that one of the bandits that Kyu used Genjutsu on him stopped moving. Zori grins widely as he gazes at The Swordman with the look of a madman. Zori laughs maniacally as his wires uncoils from both of his wrists seeping out from up under the sleeves of his purple hoodie, they lash out at the Swordman thats in control of Kyu's Genjutsu. "Here i come!" is said with a wicked tone.

Shinobu jumps back to avoid the punch, eye widening slightly. It was fortunate that Kame was barking a few times to make sure she could see the whole of the battlefield, as a single eye is surprisingly restricting. And in battle, it was the worst. Shinobu and Kame both charge at the bandit, working with Izara to try and knock him over so that they could cut into the bandit's skin with sharp teeth and kunai. She's relatively good at fighting, too, thanks to the training she had received before being rescued.

Kyu sees Shinobu almost get punched and he sighs a bit, as the Sharingan emerges he goes through his seals, Monkey Ram, Sleepy Jutsu for the Bandit! He examines the situation as he does this, looking a bit… confused by Zori's ferocity. He doesn't say anything, just lets Zori assault the man.

Wires cut into the man's skin as he finds himself trapped thanks to Zori. And then he starts to feel exhausted… His eyes droop once. Twice… And he's out. zzzZzzzzZzzZZz. Unless people decide to attack him, he is essentially captured until further notice. The man who is facing off against the young tag-team ducks and weaves Izara's attacks, but he has the unfortunate luck to get tackled by Kame. OOF. This allows Shinobu to dart in and slash his throat. Whether or not that's intention of the young girl is… not really noted. It's already been done, after all. Masa takes care of the bandit he's facing off against with relative ease, as the bandit is barely stronger than a genin. A quick few slashes and he's down, the Chuunin looking at the body with disdain. "They really shouldn't be making threats when they're that weak…" he grumbles.

Izara pants as she glances around the scene, even though she did little in taking care of the bandits herself. She moves over to where Kyu is standing and offers the boy a towel from her bag to wipe his injury with. "Thanks for being there for Shinobu," she quietly speaks before going to Masa to await whatever further direction he has.

Zori notices the Bandit is wrapped up in his strings and hes sleep. Zori laughs maniacally "Die!" Zori's eyes take on a more sinister like phase as he puts his index and middle together, swiftly moving his fingers in one upward motion causing the strings thats holding the sleeping bandit to twist and squeeze. Zori's grin widens as the cruel view stimulates him.

Shinobu ends up with blood splattered across her clothes since the man sprayed blood from his neck in a rather violent manner. She snaps out of whatever trance that was keeping her from panicking in the heat of battle and just stares at her clothes, looking shocked and scared, but also relieved. An odd combination, but one that was understandable. The girl wipes her kunai off with the grass and just nods softly to Izara. "… you too…" she manages, a small shudder going through her body as she gets Kame. Her attention is away from what it is that Zori's doing.

Kyu seems content that he put the opponent asleep, he knew from the way Zori was acting, he wouldn't stop. So he looks away from the man. At least it'll be a quick death. He quickly makes sure he's in between Shinobu's line of sight and the man, not wanting her to see that. Beyond that he just listens for the sounds of what Zori did to him more than once. Shinobu may not be looking but when she does turn when she hears the sounds Kyu would make a conscious effort to make sure she doesn't get a good look at it. He knows he can't stop Zori, the wires are already in place.

Before Zori can even move, Masa quickly steps over and slashes downwards at the wires leading from Zori to the man he's trapped. "We don't need to do that, Zori," he notes, the man taking the tied up bandit. "We'll take him back to prison and leave the bodies for now. I'll let another patrol know where to find them." Masa gestures for everyone to follow him, leading the genin (and student) back to Konohagakure for their reward and allow them to rest until their next mission (or class). The rest of the way, no other bandits were around, and they returned home safely. All in all, a successful mission!

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