The Storm Brigade - A Stormy Surprise


Michiko, Yoichi, Akane, Hige, Shugo

Date: June 17, 2016


It seemed like a normal, if stormy, day at the ramen house. Naturally, though, with a storm comes chaos…

"The Storm Brigade - A Stormy Surprise"

Konohagakure - Ramen House

Michiko is just in the ramen house sipping some tea. She was just enjoying a quiet morning, surprisingly without paperwork. Maybe she should have Kimura go and get that for her… Being idle wasn't all that fun. Well, she still had some business to attend to, so she was thinking about getting that done, of course… The problem was she wasn't sure which seemed more pressing, so she was just sorting that out. It was pretty stormy today, so the ramen shop wasn't all that crowded.

After Ishino and Akane were reunited, things have settled a bit. Though Yoichi would offer his services as a medic in return for Akane being safe, he is not needed just at this moment, so he's made his way to the Ramen House to get something to eat. No expression adorns his face per usual, the Swordsman merely acnkowledging any who greet him with a simple nod. When he at last makes his way to a seat, he sits and glances over the menu, ordering something meat-heavy once he's had the moment to decide what he wanted. From there he would be silent, closing his eyes in thought as he waits for his order to arrive…
Perhaps it's time things became a little more honest… The time approaches, anyway. Through the dark and the thunder, from afar… it approaches… Once it arrives, there will be no turning back, but the course is set. What will be will be.

Akane had finally been 'allowed' out of the hospital. She still had ANBU following her of course, but she was not really a prisoner anymore. Kiri had come to pick her up. Which was interesting in itself. She heard eve Michiko had come from Kumogakure… She had gone looking randomly for Michiko and ended up finding Yoichi as well. She spotted the familiar white hair from afar and carefully moved, silent despite the metal she wore… Her hair was in a long braid for once as well, not up in hairsticks and knives…
Waiting until Yoichi had ordered and was apparently waiting politely for his food she move in a suden burst of speed… Disappearing from where she was - much to the ANBU's temporary dismay. And reappearing directly behind Yoichi, one arm around his shoulders and her chin resting on his other shoulder. "Ohayooo~ Kiba-san." She grinned over at Michiko, fully prepared to dodge Yoichi's highly probable attack.

Hige has been around the Kiri nin quite a bit since their arrival. What with trying to make sure no one killed them or vice versa it seemed the most intelligent thing. He'd actually somewhat trailed some of the members though when it led him to a food place…well, it was always good to eat. And poor Shugo was dragged out with him. Of course the ninken were there but that goes without saying. Hige picks a seat a bit away from the others so as not to intrude for the moment.

Shugo was not very happy about being dragged from the house. After spending so long inside studying, Shugo had actually paled slightly and as a result. The Nara carried a slightly broader parasol to hide himself from the sun, not that his baggy clothing wasn't already serving that purpose in and of itself. With his hair hanging down, too lazy to make the tail Hige so despised, Shugo rode Konsho toward their destination while trying to finish preparing the last of his collection of notes. When Hige picked out a seat however, Shugo looked up toward the audible strange voices. A moment of examining those gathered, the ANBU, and the Kumo-nin from some time ago, Shugo slid off of Konsho to settle into place across from Hige. "You know, I could have just cooked something." Shugo explained to the Inuzuka as he closed his parasol and considered what to order. Food was food, and Hige was going to buy since Shugo didn't pick.

Michiko pretty much ignored Yoichi, as she was still contemplating over what to do… However, she did decide to be a bit more alert, and sensors might notice a small chakra burst every now and then from the Kumo-nin. It was hardly enough to think of as an attack, though, and it wasn't anything too unordinary from what is normally detected from her. It's because her senses are a bit more active that she's prepared for Akane's sudden appearance, and she'd look up to offer a small smile. "I'm glad to see you're doing well, Akane-san," she greets. Then the girl would glance to Hige. "Hige-kun, did you get a personal butler or is he a friend of yours?" she would ask the Inuzuka, her tone teasing lightly.

Akane looked up as Hige and Shugo walked in with the Nara in tow. Her teasing Yoichi apparently made him nervous but she stood up from where she was bent over before slippinginto a stool near to Michiko but within proximity to the two at the table. Her long crimson braid swayed and her green eyes grew a touch more serious as she nodded to Hige and glanced at Shugo curiously. When Yoichi's bowl was headed his way, she reached over and snagged twopieces of pork from the bowl with two separate chopsticks.. then offered them to each ninken with a devilish grin. To Michiko's question she nodded. "Oh they took good care of me. Maybe they knew how paranoid my husband is."

Were Yoichi not a quite aware Sensor Nin, he'd probably rip Akane's arm off out of instinct when he felt it around him suddenly. Instead he simply opens his eyes and peers over toward her as she rests her chin on his shoulder. "You really aren't satisfied unless you've managed to sustain some type of injury every day, are you?" he asks, likely joking, but it's a bit hard to tell as flat as his tone is. As others arrive, he glances their way and nods before looking back ahead as the food arrives. Oddly he pays as soon as it arrives, though he doesn't get up to leave. "So you're feeling fine then? No lingering complications, at least not bad enough to keep you from moving around comfortably?"

Hige quirks a brow at Shugo before shaking his head. "It's good to get out every once in a while. And for some reason they like it when I'm around right now." He thumbs over to some of the ANBU before he picks up his menu and begins skimming it over. "No," Hige replies to Michiko without even looking up from his menu. "That's my sex slave."

Shugo was prepared for most things, even the butler comment. It was the response from Hige however, that caused a wild spike in Shugo's steady flow of Chakra. To his credit, the boy's physical composure only twitched though the shadow in his area flicked to the blackness of a moonless night before returning to normal in the same instant. "Jounin or not, I'm going to stab you with a very sharp chopstick before this day is over…" Shugo muttered in a low tone while stowing away his scroll of personal notes somewhere in the darkness of his garments.

"Is he now?" Michiko asks, turning her gaze to Shugo and inspecting him very carefully. "I suppose you would go for the taller ones…" she muses aloud. "I don't really understand your taste, though, Hige-kun… Maybe there's something more to him?" She shrugs lightly and then glances over to Akane. "That's good to hear. I don't know if I expected anything else, really… But I can't help but wonder why you are in the Land of Fire, of course… Is there any trouble Kumogakure should worry about?"

Akane turned toward Yoichi when he first piped up about injuries, grinning a bit, taking it as a joke. But his more serious question got her to shake her head lightly. "I was in pretty rough shape when I got here but thanks to Kenta-san and Taiki-san I can use chakra again and physically all I have are a scar or two. Though I think that's going to disappear. Taiki-san is very skilled." She would indicate a mark on her back, ragged and warped from waiting to be healed, where a tree brach had pierced her. "But, yes, I can move comfortably." She reached over again as if to steal more of Yoichi's meal only to set the chopsticks down, her hand moving on it's own swiftly. And then she managed to tap on the higher counter where a menu lay, indicating the adzuki bean filled rice balls.
The owner of the Ramen shop would nod then pause, clearly recognising her, though it had been several years since she had been there. When he noticed she grinned and dropped enough coin for two servings.
To Michiko her eyes shifted and her expression told of very few good things happening at the moment. "There's quite a lot Kumo should be worried about. First thing's first, Michiko-san. Talk to Taiki-san and his ninken. Unless they have already briefed their allies about this Storm Brigade." Yes she had ben paying very close attention to everything said anywhere near her this entire time. "Also, There is a man I need to kill. Unfortunately he probably has some powerful friends. But I can tell you more about that later…."
A second later.. she was gone. And suddenly reappearing crouched down next to the table between Hige and Shugo, one arm resting ont he table as dark green eyes peered up at Shuugo. "Eeeehhhh? You can have those now?" Shugo's low voiced comment seemed to only encourage her and the ANBU collectively jumped when her hand flicked and suddenly she was holding a metallic hairstick in her hand, as if offering it to Shugo. The ninken would most definitely scent some kind of venom comming from the object.
The thing Yoichi would probably definitely notice and Hige probably would, was that she seemed to be watching the ANBU more than Shugo at the moment, despite where her emerald eyes were aimed. Yes emerald, when this etire time her eyes (when not completely black) had remained a pale jade tone.

The comment about the Nara boy being a slave earns a glance but nothing more. Really the concept isn't that foreign. What Konoha Nin do on their free time is their business. He casts a glance over Akane's way as she steals a piece of food again, lifting an eyebrow slightly before he finally picks up his own chopsticks to start eating and nods to her assessment of her condition.
He mostly doesn't react for a bit until the Storm Brigade is mentioned, that causing his eyes to drift over to Akane… only to see her flicker over to the other table. The Swordsman lifts an eyebrow and shakes his head at her reaction before taking a few more bites of his food. If he notices her eyes, he certainly doesn't say anything about it. "Many strong generals and leaders have consorts. It's really not so strange," he comments between bites.

Hige doesn't respond to any of the comments that come his way though he does grin faintly as he continues to scan the menu. "He likes his limbs too much to actually do that Akane," he says in a wry tone with only a slight glance up at the woman leaning on their table.

Shugo's chakra shifted slightly in response to Akane's presence but settled once he saw she wasn't planning to do something to him. At her comment, Shugo reached up to lightly shift the hitai-ate hanging about his throat os she saw the mark of his status as being at the least, a low ranking ninja. "I am in his team. He kidnapped me off the training grounds one day and has kept me confined inside the house ever since. I only get out of the basement to go on a mission." Shugo said, his tone somewhat pleading though heavily laced with sarcasm that dripped from each word. Still, he wasn't lying…. about everything anyway. "My name is Shugo, it's a pleasure." He soon added, a slight smile showing on his lips before he glanced to that hair stick but made no motion to take it. Who knows what she could do in the time he tried reaching for it with that speed of hers.

"A pleasure, indeed," Michiko says to the Nara, waiting for Akane to settle down a bit before saying, "I know of the Storm Brigade, Akane-san. But I'll talk to you another time to discuss this man you need to kill." She would stand and decide to take her leave, offering a light now as she departed. She already paid for her 'meal'. "Have a nice day, Akane-san. Yoichi-san. Hige-kun." She would pat Konsho on the way out before slipping off to go take care of things.

Akane glanced over at Yoichi and met his gaze with her own for a second before she went back to peering at Shugo, and tracking the ANBU out of the corner of her eye. Hige's comment only got her to grin but she slipped it into a pouch and stood up, one hand on her hip as Shugo spoke and her eyes paled again. She reached out and flicked at the hitai-ate lightly. "I used to have one of those." Her hand went up to her neck and seemed to grab for air. Frwning, she thumped herself on the forehead. "Silly me.. I took it off…"
Then Michiko stood and spoke. Akane frowned, a glimpse of that severe warrior shining through again… She shook her head. "Michiko-san we will have to speak and soon. Besides, Kit-chan misses Kimura-san." She inclined her head politely to Michiko then looked back down at Shugo a second. Carefully she withdrew a scroll and pulled her hitai-ate out of it, the symbol of the mist…. Scratched and tinted from heat now but it was hers nonetheless. She showed a hint of displeasure at the heat scarring andshined it with a napkin before slipping itaround he throat and covering that green pendant again. "I suppose this means I have to behave myself again."

One down… Perhaps the most dangerous of the group has left. Yoichi glances Michiko's way and nods to her as she starts to slip away. Akane has been freed and is back up to her old tricks… Now that she has been freed and can go home at her own will, it's time for the other bit of business to be taken care of. As the storm rages outside, Yoichi stands and steps out the door. Once there, he steps to the side thenbrings his hands into a seal and closes his eyes, infusing his chakra into the storm through Rain Creation Technique to begin his search…

"At least you're comfortable in the basement," Hige says offhandedly, finally closing his menu as he makes his decision. He gives a nod to Michiko as she departs but then his eyes shift to Yoichi and pause there. Hige is not entirely sure what Yoichi's doing but he's keeping his gaze on him for the time being. Nothing like a predator just staring at your back.

Shugo nodded his head slightly at the comment and stored the information away for the time being. Did she mean she removed one of the Konoha bands, or her own? She seemed familiar with everyone in the area at the moment which caused a small amount of unease for the Nara as his mind began spinning out of control behind that calm expression. When she brought her hitai-ate from within a scroll it settled a part of his whirling mind though the implication still remained and a slight frown showed on his lip at the fact. "They're not that nice, I'd prefer to wear my own only on rare occasions but if I did I know someone in this village would complain when they heard I went out on a job without it." Shugo reasoned, not that hanging it around his neck and wearing baggy clothing that covered a portion of it made it much better anyway. Shugo gave a wave to Michiko's departing back before glancing down at Kizoku and smirking a bit. "Did she not pet you out of respect, Kizoku-sama?" Shugo questioned in a slightly sarcastic tone even as his eyes flicked to the ANBU and the departing Yoichi.

Akane turned when the ramen shop owner set her rice ball snacks and Yoichi stood up. She looked at him curiously and simply turned her back to the cook, eating a riceball quietly. Hige's comment got a small grin from her and shepopped another glutinous rice ball in her mouth, chewing thoughtfully. It did not take her long to note Hige;s interrest in Yoichi…. She glanced back at him and the rain… shifting so that should he move agressively, Hige would end up having to deal with her first. She was protective of him apparently. Quietly she spoke to Shugo and Hige, "Doihara Akane. nice to meet you Shugo-san… Hige-san…if he came to kill you, this place would be under water already." there was a hint of warning in her voice…. And then she stepped forward, to then out of the restaurant. She stood behind the Swordsman and spoke quietly. "Yoichi… What's going on?"

After moments of simply standing there, Yoichi finally looks up toward the sky for a moment before looking down the road. He shifts his handseal again then points a finger up, causing a bolt of lightning to fly from his finger into the sky above, mixing in with the lightning already falling around the village. The lightning grows brighter just briefly in a spot that would basically seem random. With whatever he was doing done, he looks over to Akane who just walked up behind him.
"… As long as we have been comrades, I think you should know something before that time is done," he replies, though it's not really a reply to her question. "My name is not Yoichi." He brings a hand up and snaps a finger, causing what looks like a shroud of mist falls away from him… revealing a much different form. This form is that of a woman, the same age as Yoichi, though quite obviously female due to her large curves. She wears a black military-esque uniform that is basically a black sleeveless minidress with a slit up to the hip, golden hems and buttons, a golden belt, detached sleeves, hose with a stairstepped rectangle pattern under them, and knee-high boots that match the rest of the outfit. The Kiba blades rest on her hips, their sheaths part of her belt. "I am the same person you have known for years, but my name is Hatsu. As I found out once the seal blocking my mind was removed, this is who I actually am." After a brief pause, she leans in close to whisper very low into Akane's ear, "You should leave… A Storm is coming this way…"

It wasn't exactly that Hige was worried Yoichi was going to try and kill them. Such a move at this point would likely be suicide. No there was something else going on. Hige stood smoothly as the lightning bolt arched into the sky. And then the disguise fell and the teen could only shake his head slowly. Whatever that all involved was none of his business. But the lightning and the storm picking up outside was something else. Chakra flared then and Higes feral eyes narrowed. "Someone better explain. Fast."

Shugo was expecting a free meal and harassment, and while he got the harassment, his stomach was still empty when something very different from a conversation seemed to start happening just outside. With a bit of a frown displayed on his face, Shugo eased from his seat at the table and started to move forward slowly to see what he could overheard and take in besides a man turning woman in a brief instant. It wasn't what he was expecting but neither was the lightning that rose or what fell soon after. Whatever this was, it was most definitely not good.

"Hmm… Maybe I should get some soup…" Michiko would say to herself as her search was quite fruitless. All it ended up with was her getting soaked to the bone. Oh well. Michiko would decide to make her way back to the Ramen house at a quicker pace than when she had left it, and she eventually discovers Akane standing outside the shop with a strange woman. The girl lifts a brow at the pair, wondering what exactly is going on, when she notices two rather famous blades at the stranger's side. They were… Kiba?! Does that mean the woman is…
"Did I come at a bad time..?" Michiko wonders to herself, stepping forward to approach the two. "Hige-kun, what did I miss?" she would ask, her eyes not moving from the woman and her senses on high alert as ever. 'The storm is pretty intense…' she would absently note to herself, thinking that might be something important … Nah, it can't be that important, right? It's just the weather.

Akane watched as Yoichi shot a boolt into the sky and suddely her hackles were up. What did he think he was doing?! The ANBU were starting to move in as well, pairing off against Yoichi and Akane, nerves clearly at the end of their ropes. Her teasing tem earlier probably had not helped, but even they could tell Akane was in a completely different mood now.
When her friend turned to look at her and spoke, she felt her heart sink into her gut.. What was so wrong here? What was happening….? It was all she could do to keep from shaking him… but when he.. clearly became a she.. Akane froze in place, staring at 'her' for a long moment. Quietly she repeated, "Hatsu…" She had not wanted anyone harmed, Akane could read that, but the lightning.. She blinked several times. But by the time Hige was demanding to know what was going on Akane had a look that Shugo would recognize quite well.. It was the same look the deer got when faced with certain death. She seemed caught in a web and she could not break free….
Yoichi had once been more than a friend to Akane. The truth was she met Meruin then Ishino then Yoichi…. and those three remained in her heart, though she had formally and publicly married Ishino. But Yoichi? He had been as a brother to her… And now? Pain crossed her face as Hatsu whispered in her ear…
Akane couldn't move a muscle and the expression on her face showed she did not recognize anything in that moment. She shook herhead slowly, her hand falling to her own hilts at her hips… But the hand slipped past the blades andreachedout like lightning to grasp Hatu's arm before the other woman pulled away. She hissed into her ear. "You will always be my 'brother'.. Don't /do/ this!" Her grip was negligable though, easily broken with her mind like it is…..
Suddenly she spoke loudly.

As Hige comes out, Hatsu's eyes turn his way, a rather dark smirk tugging at the corner of her lips. "I think, if you look toward the sky, you'll find no explanation is needed," she comments, eerily calm as she stares at him. Just then reports begin to come back from ANBU that are quite alarming, dozens upon dozens of chakra signatures suddenly coming within range all around the perimeter. One in particular matches that of the figure Akane is clinging to exactly.
Her eyes turn back to Akane as she hisses into her ear, the woman's dark smirk remaining as she leans to kiss the Doihara woman on the cheek while bolt after bolt of lightning begins to light up the sky overheard. "My apologies, but my real brother is in danger… half-brother anyway… and he must be silenced before he can tell Konoha what he knows of the village's plans to eradicate the rest of these pathetic hidden villages. I apologize that you weren't aware of these plans, but you should be proud, sister. Soon only one village will rule the shinobi world." As she speaks, that cluster of bolts suddenly rains down upon the Uchiha Police Station where Kano is being kept for interrogation, giving extreme focuse upon where the barely alive supposed Storm Brigade leader lays attached to machines that were supposed to be keeping him alive until he was well enough to be interrogated… now to be incinerated along with anyone within his vicinity.

The ANBU in the area would immediately move to subdue Hatsu and a hand motion sends one off to find those guarding Naoya to have him arrested as well. When the lightning streaks out of the sky in the distance Hige curses loudly before making a hand seal. His clone and Kizoku vanish to go find the damage that's been done while Hige turns his gaze once more back on Hatsu. "If you think this or anything else you do will ever cause our Village to faulter then you are an idiot. Did you think we never expected an attack on our Village? Especially after capturing Kano?" Hige is far from pleased or even smug, but really they did just get a number of Storm Brigade delivered to their doorstep.

Shugo was glad that Hige hadn't opted to run off himself and leave him to try dealing with a pair of Kiri nin, not that Akane seemed to be a part of this plan, though. Even so, Shugo wasn't the trusting type and was in no way eager to try trusting someone from another village, one from a village who had just shown their ability to trust someone that, at least to Konoha, had entirely faked who they were. For now the Nara could only work to etch the face of this person into his mind, hoping that it would be of some use to them after this was over.

"Of course…" Michiko would say with a small sigh, watching the lightning come down. She could feel the ground shake from the attack, and she knew that there was definitely something bad going on now. Something with the Storm Brigade… And apparently Yoichi was one of them? How interesting… And also really bad. "No offense, Akane-san, but I don't think any of us are planning to run with this trouble in the village. Even if it isn't my village, Konohagakure is still a close ally, and Hige-kun is my friend." The girl would spare a glance to the Inuzuka. "Hige-kun, is there anything you'd like for me to do?" she asks, though she is keeping an eye on Akane considering the woman looked … Not well, to put it mildly.

Akane blinked several times when Hatsu kissed her on the cheek.. and proceeded to utter absolute nonsense and then acknowledged her as a sister. Akane was caught between pride to be acknowledged, pride for Hatsu (a touch of mild jealousy because of that top) and pain, anger… Hatsu was surely being controlled or coerced.. right?
the thunder came crashing down in huge bursts, in another part of the village.. If her memory served her correctly that direction was….The Uchiha complex…. Oooh this is not good.
When the ANBU swept in, temporarily ignoring her in favor of targeting Hatsu, Akane moved backwards a few steps, glancing to the side for just a moment. She was judging her situation even as she tried to cme to grips with what was actually happening. Hige moved faster than she, sending Kizoku and a clone after the targeted location. And then her gaze fell on Shugo. He was acting a bit like a scared genin, not attacking or joining the fight, ut watching silently as though he could not offer any other aid to the situation.
That attention was drawn from Shugo to Michiko as she spoke and Akane shook her head. She had thought Yoichi was about tothunder gate the restaurant… But she caught Michiko's attention as well and took another step back. The ANBU would probably be little match for Hatsu.. but she wasn't sure she could take them.. And they had ordered Naoya arrested…
When her eyes suddenly darkened to a deep emerald, her aura snapped as well. She went from something that couldn't even register on a child's danger radar to something that radiated and promised violence. The muscles in her legs coiled as she prepared to act… but she watched Hatsu closely… waiting to see if she would handle the ANBU…

"If it did, you'd be weaker than we imagined," Hatsu remarks to Hige with a smirk. As the ANBU come toward her, she actually just stands still. "Are you certain you want to try and tango with me?" she asks as she reaches back, grabbing the Kiba blades. "I have what I came for, but you won't get what you're after if you try and take me down." With that she steps into stance, wielding the blades with confidence.
Meanwhile those surrounding the village begin to move, except they start moving out instead of inward. It seems as if they had one function today, a warning shot that would also tie up a loose end, or perhaps their intent is to make the Konoha Nin scatter rather than focus on a target. Either way their apparent leader has yet to budge, she herself perhaps even being a diversion, given that other chakra signature.

"I know that you care for who you thought they were, but if you try and step in I will stop you," Hige says as he notices the shift in Akane, but he doesn't move for the moment. The ANBU aren't exactly hesitating either as they charge at Hatsu. As for those on the outside, it's not so much just the shinobi themselves, but they had traps laid out for this contingency. Of course there are the shinobi going as well, but with the numbers they'd only be seeking out about half. The traps would take care of another portion at least. Hige doesn't respond to Michiko at the moment either as another ANBU appears to give him a quiet report.

Shugo remained in place and kept motionless, watching the face of that person and waiting for the Anbu to step into the line of sight. Bringing his arms up slightly to hide his hands away, Shugo soon brought his hands together within the covering of his haori. Letting his chakra barely shift from its already raised state, the Nara allowed the blackened shadows beneath his haori to fester while he kept watching that strange woman with her twin swords and searched for an opening. He was focused on this Hatsu person though Akane's movements weren't lost, causing Shugo's eyes to flick toward her briefly when she stepped back, before those dull green eyes returned to watching Hatsu and those blades of hers. In his own way, Shugo was thankful for the falling rain's tone putting his mind at ease and helping him to focus and try taking in not only the initial threat, but also work to try watching Akane from his peripheral vision.

Michiko's gaze snapped to Akane when she felt her aura shift. Her angle didn't give her a good view of Akane's eyes, but the shift in the woman's stance and just the violent nature of the aura was enough to warn Michiko when she was already keeping an eye on the Doihara. "This keeps getting better," she says idly. One might wonder if she wasn't taking this seriously at all considering how light her tone is… The girl makes a few hand seals, and a black fox would appear in a poof of smoke. Hige might notice a bit of blood, but other than the fox appearing, nothing terribly unusual happened.

Akane or more precicely, Kyoujin, eyed Hige silently as he issued that threat. From possible allies to once more having that line drawn between them. Kyoujin snorted. "If This One has to step in to protect Kiba, Kirigakure is already lost." She bared her teeth in a grin and a challenge, speaking in a completely different pattern than usual. The very next thing she did was to pull a mask from her hip and slipped it on. The mask was of special construction, durable and painted apure white except for a bit of decoration about the eyes and lips… and two crimson tracks like tears down it's cheeks. The eyes would be completely obscured to the casual viewer. It transformed her from a human with readable emtions to something like the ABU, inscrutable and unpredictable.
Kyoujin was well aware of Shugo's watching her… As was Michiko… The fox brought into the situation was a wild card Kyoujin did not need right then…her hands flew through a couple handseals and a pulse of chara burst around her in all directions, nothing offensive, it was medical chakra searching for chara signatures like sonar…. Che. Where was that Okumo when she needed him…. A moment later she seemed to disappear, pure speed launching her toward the only opening betweenthe restaurant's front door and an opening in the ANBU line.. She did not like being trapped in this restaurant…..

The battle outside would wage quite heavily, likely with losses upon both sides. Sounds of lightning and wind and even heavy water attacks sound off as the blasts ring out with attacks upon any who try and stop the Brigade from leaving.
As the ANBU charge Hatsu, they would find their attacks hitting her directly… and going right through her as she cants her head slightly. "… You're certain you want to die this way?" she asks before whipping the blades back, creating dozens of whips of lightning that extend out from her blades and rain down upon the ANBU with intent to scorch and lock them up in their grasp. While maintaining the stoic demeanor Yoichi was always known for, she is almost nonchalant in being prepared to strike down any who oppose her.

"Michi," Hige says with a nod towards Akane. She wanted to know what she could do, she can keep an eye on that one. He knows exactly who she is now. He's seen her change before. But now is not the time for that. And then he's no longer standing where he was and neither is Konsho. As Hatsu's blades start to arc with electricity the two moves in with their own, moving in underneath the whips and lashing out with claws of lightning from either side with the ninken on one and Hige on the other.

Shugo let his chakra shift once Hige made his move, sending out tendrils both along the ground and directly from within his haori to lash out and try binding Hatsu into place. Each tendril's movements were guided carefully to avoid Hige and Konsho's approach and work to keep from interfering with any strikes that might follow. Glancing from Hatsu while Hige rushed her, Shugo's eyes searched the area carefully to try taking in where exactly it was that Akane had run off to, she was faster than he expected so he was relying on the possibility that she was still observing the situation from some distance away for the time being.

"Hai," Michiko would say, disappearing with a burst of speed. While she wasn't as fast as Akane was with pure speed, the girl could catch up to Akane by using chakra to enhance her movements. The girl would use her senses connected through the earth to follow Akane's movements and keep track of the woman. Kimura, though, stayed behind with Hige. The fox couldn't keep up with Michiko and Akane, so she made herself useful by being the Head Ninja's eyes and ears.

Kyoujin had left the ANBU and Hige's group behind, disappearing back and forth as she moved. Knowing a bit about Michio, she took to the rooftops to reduce the amount of vibration her passage would leave in her wake…. She wasn't full on trying to lose Michiko, just givng herself a hand full of seconds more than she had before as shezeroed in on Naoya's location finally. The spiders would see her first, and that mask would be a sign Naoya was hopefully able to pick up on. ANBU had been set to arrest Naoya. Kyoujin wasn't going to let that happen. Hopefully their lack of knowledge about Okumo would work against them….

Oddly Hatsu still doesn't budge when Hige comes in for his attack, continuing to use the lightning binds to keep the ANBU immobilized for as long as possible… right up until the attack by the Inuzuka and his two Ninken blasts her so hard that she shatters, swords and all, into a mist that becomes a puddle upon the ground… and doesn't reform. This could mean one of two things. Either she is playing possum and waiting until the opportune time to reform and attack or that was a Hozuki Clone and the real Hatsu was the one outside the village the entire time that is now far enough away to begin vanishing off the Sensor radar with whoever of the battalion she brought along that the Konoha shinobi don't manage to take down.

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