The Storm Brigade - An Eye for an Eye


Yoichi (as Hatsu), Noab, Daichi, Kyuketsuki, Shinobu

Date: August 6, 2016


The Storm Brigade strikes once more; this time gaining a Sharingan.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Storm Brigade - An Eye for an Eye"

Land of Fire

Amidst all the chaos of the Storm Brigade and other evil groups, sometimes it's nice just to have a good ole fashioned mission, right? Well, if those ever come. Today seems to be the lucky day for a group of Konoha shinobi that've been sent out to an island to the west of the Land of the Sea, well below the Land of Fire and Land of Tea. There's nothing extremely urgent about the request. The elder of the island village simply asked for some assistance in transporting cargo they are using to fortify the village against floods and such.
As a ship sails down toward the village, the sky is perfectly clear, not a cloud in sight. It's a beautful day to be enjoying the cool sea air and the sunshine in the midst of spring where the cold has started to pass and the temperatures have not yet gotten so high that they are unbearable. What could possibly go wrong?

Pirates could come along and attempt to seize the ship. The weather could take a turn for the worse and drive them off course to parts unknown. The wind could utterly die and leave them stranded between a hot sun and a giant mirror of water. A colossal sea monster could arise to make the crew its snack.
That's how Noab's mind works. Not that he's particularly expecting any one of those disasters, but he's seen too many people die from expecting no problems. "Keep up the watch," Noab barks. "Anybody caught napping on-duty gets sea cucumber for dinner!" >P

Daichi sat down on the side of the ship on like a barrel so not easily pushed over, but he was next to the side at least. He was keeping an eye on the area over here to see if he noticed anything suspicious! Then he heard Noab nearby speaking, and turned to face him just in time to miss a fish suddenly flying into the air and smacking the back of his head with its tail! Okay maybe it was just Daichi daydreaming and thinking that would be funny, but Noab's words stopped the daydreaming pretty quickly. He wanted a good dinner. So he would stand up and start walking along one side of the ship to make sure he kept an eye on things as best as he could. That would be helpful at least.

Kyu has no intention of napping or anything. He was used to patrolling as a member of the Uchiha police. Also he never had to drop his Sharingan, having mastered it. He uses that to his advantage as he patrols the ship for any issues. Any dangers. Etc. When Noab announces no sleeping, he simply continues patrolling. Not really replying since, it didn't really apply to him.

Shinobu isn't a Shinobi anymore. Not in any official capacity. However, in a time when the villages are being threatened, Konohagakure can call on her for help. Being that she isn't too important compared to others in this shinobi hierarchy, she was to replace a Chuunin ninja who was needed for other duties that were deemed more important, which is why the young Inuzuka girl is here. Also, both Daichi and Kyuketsuki, noted to be her friends, are here, so the administration probably thought it would be good to send the skittish one with friends.
The sea, thankfully, is not a thing of terror for the girl and her pup, nor is it something to be nervous about since it doesn't make her ill like some shinobi. The only thing that was probably bad was that the scent of salt was everywhere. It made t hard to sense things for her, but she would get used to that eventually. Hopefully. Right now, she's sort of wandering along the deck, following Kame who is exploring every nook and cranny of the ship.

Luckily none of those potential threats winds up being a problem. The ship sails on toward the island without issue and would come upon it to see a fairly large number of people both young and old working to build up barriers against water all around the village. The walls are built to keep water from coming up to high from the tide into the village while also including trenches to allow water to drain off from the island when it rains without letting too much back in. Seems all the scares around places being destroyed lately has kicked some folk into gear about making sure they are prepared for heavy weather. It really won't help much if they're attacked by the likes of the Storm Brigade, but at least it'll help against most storms.
As the ship comes in toward the docks, an old man in a villager's tunic with a bald head and a long goatee stands upon the pier awaiting their arrival. He props himself up on a cane, looking perhaps a bit uncomfortable to be standing for so long, but he does seem determined at least. When the crew start to rope the ship off on the pier, the old man lifts a hand to wave to the shinobi on the deck. "Thank you for coming. I know times are perilous, but we really appreciate you taking our mission."

Noab approaches the old man, leaning on his own cane as he goes — although his is probably a little less likely to make people think of him as a harmless old fellow, being an axe first and a cane second. Noab gives a salute. "Akimichi Noab, Satonezu Daichi, Uchiha Kyuketsuki, and Inuzuka Shinobu, reporting for duty," he says. "Just give us our orders and we'll see it done."

Daichi walked up to where the old man was and stood to the left of and slightly behind Noab. He stayed quiet for now letting Noab take the lead word wise, and paused to look over the team sorta. Seemed they were pretty well rounded if you actually looked at the people themselves, but the clans were more known as taijutsu based clans besides Uchiha. Luckily they were far from just taijutsu, and could hopefully prove that if it came to it. He stepped close to Shinobu a moment to whisper to her. "Smell anything weird? Might as well keep a…..nose out? Yeah?" He chuckled slightly and smiled towards her.

Kyu walked to the right of and slightly behind Noad. He bowed when introduced and pays attention. He makes sure to disable the Sharingan before approaching the man, though he may have noticed it before he stopped feeding it chakra. He doesn't add anything to what Noab said, and respectfully awaits to hear the order.

Shinobu walks off the ship, keeping behind Daichi slightly now that they're on land. She looks just a bit nervous, but she bows in greeting to the old man upon her introduction. Kame hops off the boat and would bound ahead of her partner before skittering back to stand beside Shinobu. The young girl looks at Daichi and offers a small smile at his little joke, but she shakes her head to the question once it was posed. Nothing smelled strange, though the ocean smelled fishy. And salty.

Whether the old man saw Kyu's sharingan or not, he doesn't react to it, so probably not. He simply smiles at Noab as he approaches, taking a glance at that cane the larger man wields before looking between each person as they are introduced. A smile draws the corners of his lips upward as he offers a light bow of his head. "Akiyama Taichi. A pleasure to meet you all." He then gestures back at the ship they got off of, saying, "The man are going to unload the cargo and start transporting it. Just walk with them and make sure they aren't attacked by any lurking bandits or wild animals while they're trying to build for now."

Noab nods to the village elder. "Acknowledged. We'll protect your workers with our lives." Noab signals to his troop. "All right maggots, you know the drill! Form up for escort duty!"

Daichi smiled a bit more just for the fact he made Shinobu smile, but it was short lived as they had to focus on mission. "Nice to meet ya!" He said in returned before nodding and listening to Noab. He was weird to him… Much different than others he knew, but it was fine for him at least. "Uhhh. Yeah sure thing." He said and didn't know what to really do so he would just…. Well stand next to the carts when time to escort.

Kyu listens to the man, and when the mission is announced he nods. "Hai. Sounds easy enough, Taichi-san." Then Noab turns into a drill sergeant and Kyu simply nods. "Hai." He then positions himself near the carts and reactivates his Sharingan… He glances at noticing anything without it…

Shinobu is reminded of Kaido when he's trying to be intimidating when Noab calls for them to go and help the workers. She half wonders if Noab had taught Kaido at all, even, as she moves to go assist the village folk. Said village folk might notice her that her hitai-ate is not very visible, it being in a pouch at her side and keeping out of sight, but if they knew about the Leaf-nin, then Kame might be a key for them to relax since only Inuzuka had dogs as large as Kame. Said pup was currently the size of a regular, full-grown Labrador retriever even though she wasn't that old. Both Inuzuka would be sure to keep an eye and a nose out for anything suspicious.

This is looking more and more like a run of the mill mission. Everything just goes as it is supposed to. The carts seem to be making it to their destination well enough without issue. The workers do look a little uneasy when Kyu's eyes change color, giving him a look like 'Do you HAVE to do that?' Other than that, though, they just seem to be doing their jobs.
The only odd one in the entire place would be seen toward the center of the island. A rather tall, voluptuous woman with long white hair wearing a normal villager's kimono and a straw hat that conceals her eyes and the upper part of her face is pushing along a rather heavy-looking cart. She seems to be having a bit of trouble pushing it, as one might expect, since she seems to have overloaded her cart, which she seems to be moving toward the center of the island rather than the outer wall like most for some reason.

Noab plods along with the little caravan. "If you see anything remotely suspicious, don't hesitate to bring it up," Noab remarks. "Any one of you has sharper senses than I do. Anything past about ten meters looks a bit blurry to me."

Daichi nods a bit as he walks along as if confirming what he is doing for some reason. He nostly just stayed quiet, but he did notice the one lady that was going towards the center. FOr this reason he pointed it out to Noab. "Are we supposed to help them too?" He asked before looking to Shinobu as if to see if she has smelled anything yet. Doubtful, but he was impatient and wanted to do something.

When Kyu detects an immense chakra, he wastes no time and does the same handseals three times rapidly, keeping his hands consealed under his cloak. Daichi, Shinobu, and Noab would hear Kyu's voice in their head through Genjutsu. <That villager, has an intense amount of chakra. They look like a blinding beacon… Probably not of hope. I'd be cautious.> Beyond that Kyu just stays alert, but not hostile by any means.

RP: Kyuketsuki transforms into SHARINGAN-III-MASTERED.
RPCOMBAT: Shinobu defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES-II…47
COMBAT: Shinobu focuses 2639 stamina to turn it into 3500 usable chakra!

Shinobu doesn't sense anything in particular, of course. Probably because there isn't anything odd to smell? The girl would hear Kyu's voice through the Genjutsu, and Kame would yip with a bit of chakra affecting her own 'voice'. ~Got it Kyu! Maybe we should go and help her since she might be suspicious! Check her out!~ Kame, naturally, does just that, bounding over to the mysterious woman as if seeking pets or something awesome (to dogs) like that. Shinobu is a bit more cautious thanks to Kyu's warning, and she gathers a bit of chakra herself, though nothing (probably) like the person in question.

RP: Hatsu transforms into LIQUID-FORM-III.

The woman would look over her shoulder briefly as the shinobi approach. Otherwise she doesn't seem to notice or pay attention much up untli a dog bounds up behind her, and she seems to be startled and trips backward. This in turn sends her cart rolling backwards and fast down the hill directly at the caravan like a high speed battering ram that's quite likely to knock both the me and the cargo into the ocean. As it flies, so does her hat… and her kimono? It flies open like a sheet moving through the air and hides her body completely, and, by the time it hits the ground, she is nowehere in sight.

COMBAT: Noab defends against INCONSPICUOUS-PUDDLE-TECHNIQUE(70) attack from Hatsu with a SENIORITY…57

Noab starts gathering up chakra at the report of a strong chakra signature. "Give us an o'clock!" Noab mutters. "I can't tell what you mean by 'that villager'!" >.U But then things start happpening, and it's pretty apparent what general direction it's coming from by the noise. Noab peers uphill and sees a blocky shape descending fast with the sound of rattling wheels. "I've got that one! Battle stations!" Noab runs through some handseals, then slams his hands against the earth. A curving ramp of earth rises from the ground between the runaway cart and the caravan. Why try to stop something when redirecting it is easier? :P

RPCOMBAT: Noab defends against with a EARTH-STYLE-WALL…59
COMBAT: Noab focuses 8670 stamina to turn it into 11299 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Daichi defends against INCONSPICUOUS-PUDDLE-TECHNIQUE(55) attack from Hatsu with a PERCEPTION-III…45

Daichi looked around as chakra went to his feet, and was focused a bit everywhere. He let Noab ask the question on where before planning to knock that cart to the side or try to stop it in some form. But…..he handled that too. Okay then. Seemed they had a good leader for this mission. Daichi wasn't much of a utility shinobi anyhow. Daichi didn't know what all was going on, but either way he would prepare for a fight of some sort. "Shinobu. Smell anything now?" Sadly smelling water that was not salty in an area full of salt water and with salt in the air might not work too well. Luckily with Kyu they might still be able to find em. He didn't think to ask him on it though….

COMBAT: Daichi focuses 960 stamina to turn it into 1200 usable chakra!
RP: Daichi transforms into RAPID-MOVEMENT-MODE.
RP: Kyuketsuki transforms into SHARINGAN-III.
COMBAT: Kyuketsuki defends against INCONSPICUOUS-PUDDLE-TECHNIQUE(70) attack from Hatsu with a PERCEPTION…44
COMBAT: Kyuketsuki focuses 7546 stamina to turn it into 9000 usable chakra!

Kyu notices the cart rolling, and diverts full chakra to Sharingan, his eyes turning a brighter red then before, appearing to faintly glow. Though that doesn't last long as his Sharingan begins to flicker and wane, not enough chakra to properly use the Sharingan's perceptive abilities, Kyu then focuses more than enough chakra and looks around. Though, it's too late. He can't see anything. Luckily the cart is already taken care of. But Kyu is still on guard, Sharingan fully active, ready for anything else to go wrong.

RP: Shinobu transforms into KAME'S-INTUITION.
COMBAT: Shinobu defends against INCONSPICUOUS-PUDDLE-TECHNIQUE(78) attack from Hatsu with a INUZUKA-SENSES-II…84

Kame blinks a bit when the woman just disappears right in front of her eyes. The pup barks, and then she looks around a bit, sniffing around to try and figure out where the woman disappeared to when she notices a puddle of water. Normally that wouldn't be so odd, but the puddle was /moving/!! Yip!! ~This puddle is moving!!~ Kame tells the others with her Genjutsu, and Shinobu frowns and heads over closer to follow her ninken. The Labrador pup would rush to follow that water, making sure to keep it in sight.

COMBAT: Hatsu focuses 7162 stamina to turn it into 10000 usable chakra!
RP: Hatsu transforms into PERFECT-HYDRIFICATION.

Well, if all the folk aren't game for this, at least one is… and it's a dog! That puddle continues to move uphill and into the village, moving toward the center for some reason… directly toward the village hub… It takes no further action just yet, though there is a severe spikes in its chakra that means it's not likely here to play nice.

A moving puddle, huh? Sounds like a water-user…and while that's not nearly enough to draw any firm conclusions, who do we know of that has express intentions of causing trouble for the great shinobi nations and tend to use a lot of water techniques? :P "Full caution, squad! This one could be a major threat!" Noab extends an arm outward as far as he can with his partial enlargement technique, getting a handhold on a boulder to help pull himself uphill. It would be an uphill climb to get at the enemy. >.U;

RP: Noab transforms into BODY-GROWTH.
COMBAT: Noab attacks target 1 with PARTIAL-MULTI-SIZE-I with a roll of: 31

Good thing Kame and Shinobu were very skilled on the perceptive side of things. Otherwise what would they do? Well anyways Daichi was already on the move and probably a bit too quick considering. Noab was climbing, but ony one that might keep up normally is Shinobu assumingly. Not that Daichi knows the extent of the Jounin's skills. Anyways Daichi knew enough to not already attack at least, and now knowing the puddle is a threat and knowing where it was from it moving, he could keep it in sight. "What are we to do? Just wait to see what they are doing?" He asked.

RPCOMBAT: Daichi defends against with a BODY-FLICKER-TECHNIQUE…47

Kyu observes the mobile puddle once it has been announced and his eyes stay locked on target as he pursues as quickly as he can… Probably not a quickly as everyone else. Despite the 'major' threat being announced, Kyu had no intention of letting said major threat just sit aroudn the village hub. "Whatever the puddle is doing, it just focused a monstrous amount of chakra. It's also in the center of the village hub, I don't WANT to wait to see what it's doing." Kyu then rapidly goes through hand seals. He knows that said puddle is a person. People are susceptable to Genjutsu, as such, he attempts to make this mysterious puddle feel unnaturally drowsy as a gentle rain of white feathers that glow with a warm, comforting light. If they could not stop Kyu's Genjutsu, they would find themselves asleep within seconds, or at minimum, dazed as they struggle to fight their body to stay awake… Which would probably cause them to stop being water.

Kame would continue to follow the puddle until it came to a halt, and she barked at it a few times, sniffing at it occasionally while Shinobu continued to move with Kame, eventually coming to a halt beside her partner. Of course, Noab's warning was heeded, so she stayed a foot or two away from this strange puddle, looking mildly anxious. Shinobu notices that Kyu is attempting to cast a genjutsu (she assumes because he's making handseals… And he isn't looking to use fire, sooo!), so she decides to try and do the same! Naturally.

COMBAT: Hatsu defends against TEMPLE-OF-NIRVANA-TECHNIQUE(58) attack from Kyuketsuki with a SELF-ZAP…94
COMBAT: Hatsu defends against PUPPY-PILE(42) attack from Shinobu with a SELF-ZAP…101

CAN a puddle be affected by Genjutsu? That question would perhaps be answered as lightning sparks around the water to break the hold of the Genjutsu from both Kyuketsuki and Shinobu with relative ease. Rather than attacking back just yet, however, the puddle continues to race on toward the center of the village, apparently quite determined to get there… To make matters worse, clouds begin to gather at an alarming rate overhead, letting forth sheets of water immediately that begin to pool on the ground and make it near impossible to follow where it's going.

RP: Noab transforms into GIANT-BODY-GROWTH.
COMBAT: Noab defends against INCONSPICUOUS-PUDDLE-TECHNIQUE(77) attack from Hatsu with a SENIORITY…61

Noab finally gets far enough uphill to get a glimpse of what's going on. Yep, looking more and more like the Storm Brigade's MO what with the sudden onset of inclement weather. :P Noab stops and INFLATES HIMSELF TO GIGANTIC HEIGHT. Then he takes his axe (wonderfully convenient how things like clothes and weapons go along with this technique) and holds it out over the general area in which the suspicious puddle was fleeing, sheltering it from the rain with the broad blade. His old eye can't spot anything specific in the now-wet streets, but maybe this'll help the others. "SEE ANYTHING?!"

RP: Daichi transforms into GATE-OF-HEALING.
COMBAT: Daichi defends against INCONSPICUOUS-PUDDLE-TECHNIQUE(52) attack from Hatsu with a PERCEPTION-III…54

Daichi was moving quickly and was keeping that pool of water in his sights. So much training with a very sneaky Shinobu has gotten his senses to good levels. He was able to keep track of slight shifts, and when he noticed a little shift in the water that didn't seem too natural he struck right away. "OVER HERE!" And then Daichi would seemingly dissapear from view only to appear at the spot where he knew them to be foot first. This would mean if they were still there in their liquid form prepare for water both them and not them? to splash everywhere. Otherwise he might think he got em even if he didn't. Either way since he would be standing in the water he would follow up with a leg sweep that might even catch the puddle person and get them dizzy or something before he would simply kick at the water some.

COMBAT: Kyuketsuki defends against INCONSPICUOUS-PUDDLE-TECHNIQUE(65) attack from Hatsu with a SHARINGAN-PERCEPTION…54

Kyu notes the chakra in the rain, and immediately sighs with annoyance. "I can't see anything. The rain has chakra in it!" He continues to scan the area, uneasily, and sees Daichi attacking… Something. Can't quite tell what. He tries to keep up with everyone. He's not insanely fast… But he's trying!

COMBAT: Shinobu defends against INCONSPICUOUS-PUDDLE-TECHNIQUE(62) attack from Hatsu with a INUZUKA-SENSES-II…60

Shinobu and Kame end up losing sight of the puddle thanks to the rain pouring down. Hey, the Inuzuka are better-known for their noses, not their eyesight. They would look around with a small frown, unable to see much. And when Noab shields them from the rain, she would blink and look up, freezing in her place when it happens to be a giant axe… Wow, that's kinda scary o.o;

COMBAT: Hatsu defends against BODY-FLICKER-STRIKE(38) attack from Daichi with a MASTERED-REFORMATION…75
COMBAT: Hatsu defends against LEAF-GALE(38) attack from Daichi with a MASTERED-REFORMATION…66
COMBAT: Hatsu defends against PHYSICAL(31) attack from Daichi with a MASTERED-REFORMATION…98

The puddle reacts about the way one would expect a puddle to react to getting hit when Daichi attacks it… It basically does nothing but cause a splash. Soon after, however, a reaction comes as they are now fighting amongst the townsfolk toward the center of the village. The body of the woman rises up, revealing it to be none other than the same woman who attacked Konoha some time ago, Kaguya-Hozuki Hatsu, former Seven Swordsman and Leader of the Storm Brigade.
"… Are you people seriously that dumb?" her voice rings out as she peers at Daichi with her crimson eyes, lifting a white eyebrow over it as she whips her swords back and leaps into the air. Tail after tail after tail of lightning forms out from blades and rains down upon the village itself as well as the shinobi, intending on obliterating and capturing them all… It's not too likely that most of the villagers here actually survive the attack really, though.

COMBAT: Noab defends against TAILS-OF-RAIJU(122) attack from Hatsu with a EARTH-BLOCK-II…59
COMBAT: Noab loses the roll and sustains 1139 damage.

Strategy is about taking what you can do, what your enemy can do, and what the circumstances are, and deciding on the course of action most likely to result in victory. Unfortunately, there are times when those factors don't give you any viable options. In Noab's case, there's not a blasted thing he can do to stop this level of lightning attack. XP All he can do is slam the back of his fist against the ground and bind some earth to it before holding it up to absorb a bit of the lightning strike. The rest gives him a nasty jolt that renders him momentarily incapacitated. x.x

COMBAT: Daichi defends against TAILS-OF-RAIJU(93) attack from Hatsu with a BLINK…49
COMBAT: Daichi loses the roll and sustains 1504 damage.

Daichi was not on the level of someone like Hatsu so when they went to something like that…. Well it was very easy for him to be caught and hit. He looked Hatsu in the eyes with a sorta scowl, and seemed very….. calm surprisngly despite the scowl. "And if we are stupid? At the end of the day it isn't going to be you winning. Maybe you win here….but not in the end." And Daichi runs his mouth like an idiot. Wonder if Hatsu would notice the Blood Pendant that happened to be made by Kiji around the boys neck. Could be anything in the end.

COMBAT: Kyuketsuki defends against TAILS-OF-RAIJU(119) attack from Hatsu with a FIRE-DODGE…42
COMBAT: Kyuketsuki loses the roll and sustains 1460 damage.

Kyu's red eyes track Hatsu as she leaps back… Well this can't be good. Kyu tries to think of a proper response, too late for Genjutsu, already in the process of flying at him. Not much good distactions will do. Only one option… Try to make it hurt less. Kyu does three seals incredibly fast. Dog, bird, tiger. And then bursts himself upwards and back by spewing flames like a rocket. It doesn't do a whole lot… But he is VERY slightly less injured as a result! He becomes stunned and plummets back to the ground, twitching and in pain. Though not dead! Lucky him.

RP: Shinobu transforms into KAME'S-SOUL.
COMBAT: Shinobu defends against TAILS-OF-RAIJU(127) attack from Hatsu with a INTUITIVE-MOVEMENT…115
COMBAT: Shinobu loses the roll and sustains 798 damage.

Shinobu's eye widens slightly when she sees the lightning, and both she and Kame would start to move fast to try and get away from all the lightning. Of course, there was so much lightning that she ended up getting zapped, though not as badly as some of her allies thanks to the fact that she was able to get only one major zap. She feels her muscles tensing up, and she ends up unable to move from a crouching position while Kame skids across the muddy ground in equal condition. Owwie.

With all the shinobu caught her the grasp of her giant tails of lightning, Hatsu rises up, the rain culminating around her and causing her to grow larger and larger. Her size grows until she actually matches the size of the giant Akimichi… and it seems that is exactly who she is going after. The Hozuki giantess smirk slightly as she reaches down, picking Noab up and hoisting him over her head. The strength gained from this jutsu is rather incredible, as she display while she crouches then leaps hundreds of feet into the air then flips forward as she goes to slam the giant Akimichi down upon the village with intent to crush everyone inside it all at once, including his buddies.

COMBAT: Noab defends against HOZUKI-LEVIATHAN(71) attack from Hatsu with a TENSE…13
COMBAT: Noab loses the roll and sustains 2746 damage.

Oh, this is seriously not a good situation. >.U It does occur to Noab that his body is being used to cause huge collateral damage and probably some civilian deaths, but he doesn't let that take over his thinking. After hitting the ground, he rallies himself and slams his hands together in the middle of the watery colossus. Not a great move, but it's about the best he's got, what with the enemy's elemental types being exactly the nemeses of his own. XP

COMBAT: Daichi defends against HOZUKI-LEVIATHAN(79) attack from Hatsu with a TENSE…13
COMBAT: Daichi loses the roll and sustains 2818 damage.

Daichi was hit hard. Like really hard. Noab probably did not expect that, but did anyone? Well at least Daichi was still… alive? He stood up slowly as a third chakra gate opened up. Blood was slipping down his face from his mouth and nose. The fact that he was still able to stand would probably be surprising at least, but he wasn't able to actually move yet… His body had to heal and if someone was able to notice such things they would notice it starting to repair itself.

RP: Daichi transforms into GATE-OF-LIFE.
COMBAT: Daichi heals Daichi for 564 with LESSER REGENERATION.
COMBAT: Kyuketsuki defends against HOZUKI-LEVIATHAN(85) attack from Hatsu with a TENSE…15
COMBAT: Kyuketsuki loses the roll and sustains 2882 damage.

Kyu… Barely has time to make out what is happening, still twitching and unable to move. His vision was blurry but… He thought he saw… Something. Heading towards-And that's the last thing he saw/thought before having ribs shattered, organs squished and damaged, and in general… He is rendered 100% incapable of fighting. Still possible to save him though. With the immense damage done to him, he appears dead. A pulse check would reveal, if he DOES have a pulse, it is REALLY hard to tell. His eyes are still partially open, the Sharingan still drawing chakra. It's clear despite the open eyes, he's gone.

COMBAT: Shinobu defends against HOZUKI-LEVIATHAN(88) attack from Hatsu with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Shinobu loses the roll and sustains 2938 damage.
COMBAT: Shinobu heals Shinobu for 668 with MEDIUM HEALING JUTSU.

Shinobu can't actually move, nor can Kame, and both of them feel the pain of getting slammed into by a giant Akimichi. Owww… It is fortunate that there are buildings or something nearby, so she wasn't completely squished from it. Just in a lot of pain, maybe something broken… The girl would heal herself from the worst of the injuries that might have prevented movement, and Kame was still comparatively small enough to have only suffered getting shaken up a lot. She didn't look to good, but she looked better than her partner. They would glance around, seeking out Kyu and Daichi so that they could heal them or something as well.

COMBAT: Hatsu defends against AKIMICHI-PALM-CLAP(69) attack from Noab with a LIQUID-REFORMATION-II…99
COMBAT: Hatsu focuses 2169 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!

SSSSSSMMMMMAAAAACK!!! The Akimichi's attack is absolutely devastating to the gigantic Hozuki. Her body is smashed and turns into a torrent of water down upon the entire village that attempts to wash everything in sight away… Meanwhile, amidst that falling torrent, a hand would grab at Kyuketsuki's near-unconscious, near dead form and yank him up. Assuming he doesn't fight his way out or get busted out by one of the others, he'd find himself in darkness being carried away through the currents.

COMBAT: Noab defends against INCONSPICUOUS-PUDDLE-TECHNIQUE(79) attack from Hatsu with a SENIORITY…63

When you close your hands around something made of water, in the middle of a bunch of water, how can you tell if you got it? e.U It's worse than trying to figure out if you finally caught that dang fly. Noab figures even if he did catch the enemy, she'll recover and start causing more trouble soon if he does nothing, so he opens his hands. Only water comes out, which means either he didn't catch her, or she wasn't affected enough to be forced back to human form and just slipped through his fingers. -.U; Either way, she's loose, and the Konoha team's just about completely decimated. "Nnngh…sound off!" Noab calls out while shrinking back down to size. "Akimichi here!"

RP: Noab reverts to his normal state.
COMBAT: Daichi defends against INCONSPICUOUS-PUDDLE-TECHNIQUE(72) attack from Hatsu with a PERCEPTION-III…52

Daichi saw Kyuketsuki get grabbed but truthfully he wasn't even able to move yet. Still. He was standing in place healing, and lost sight of them quickly. But he knew the direction they left in…. If he could try to chase them would that work? No…probably not, but he couldn't leave Kyu to them. Then Noab spoke up. "I am here. Daichi." He paused. "But… Kyu is gone… I think she took him. I don't know where to…" He shook his head and sighed. He was unable to go help him…..

COMBAT: Shinobu defends against INCONSPICUOUS-PUDDLE-TECHNIQUE(65) attack from Hatsu with a INUZUKA-SENSES-II…95
COMBAT: Hatsu attacks target 1 with DROWNING-WATER-BLOB with a roll of: 75
COMBAT: Shinobu attacks target 1 with INTERRUPT with a roll of: 77
RPCOMBAT: Shinobu defends against with a INTUITIVE-EXPLOIT…69

Shinobu, as she was looking for Kyu and all, noticed Hatsu reaching up and trying to grab him! OH NO!!! She didn't want that to happen! D: The girl moved quickly, trying to reach Kyu before Hatsu could snatch him up and disappear! She ends up (hopefully) knocking Kyu out of Hatsu's grip, but she's technically grabbed as well. c.c; This is a weird thing that happened z.z;

COMBAT: Hatsu attacks target 1 with DROWNING-WATER-BLOB with a roll of: 108

Shinobu winds up caught in the Hatsu's grasp as well for all her troubles, absorbed into her body and trapped. The former Swordsman uses her water-based body to stretch her arm out and pull the Uchiha back, winding up trading Shinobu's body for his and leaving her behind as she races off through the water…

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