The Storm Brigade - Enter the Stone


Ishino, Rune, Akio (emitter)

Date: August 22, 2016


Doihara Ishino shows up at Iwagakure's gates to drag them into the alliance against the Storm Brigade, further detailing a plan he laid out for the other villages to follow.

"The Storm Brigade - Enter the Stone"

Iwagakure - Tsuchikage's Office

Ishino going somewhere was always well harolded. The HARPS puppet was fast in covering large distances, but stealth was not a thing with it. As such, Iwagakure would know when HARPS entered the land of Earth. They would know as he approaches Iwagakure and the final stop at the front gate. The massive device of destruction would kneel then, the cockpit opening with a hiss of balancing pressurized air as Ishino leaps out. From the back of the massive machine, the old man would step down, carefully dusting himself off, then opening an umbrella to hold over Ishino. Ishino waited for him to catch up, then with scroll in hand would approach the front gate. A smile is given to the guards as he holds up the scroll. "I've been requested to come do some work for Iwagakure. I also have a request to meet with the Kage. I am not here on a hostile basis, but as a diplomat from Kirigakure seeking to further bonds that are needing to be forged. Please, bring me to your leader."

The guards outside of Iwagakure would stare a bit at the giant puppet. "Hai!" one would say, letting the other guard keep an eye on the Doihara's puppet. Said guard would tell Ishino that he can't bring HARPS in (duh), then he would lead the man onwards. Rune was sitting at her desk, glasses perched on her nose as she inspects a few documents with her right hand man, Kaoru. "I think they could be hiding in these remote locations," she would say, pointing to a few spots. Her Lead Strategist, Tomoko, was also here.
The Strategist sighs a bit. "It's still hard to tell where they are. We can't just attack villages without cause. And I don't know if a full background check would work out, either. We don't have the resources." Guards outside would knock on the door to alert the trio inside, and then the door would open to allow for Ishino.

Kaoru looked over the locations that were being pointed out and he just frowned a bit. "You know. I think we should look at the ones that are supposedly within the village. The Murasame may not like it, but we need to heavily look over all their forces. We already know it is true because one was found out. I wouldn't be surprised about more." He looked at Tomoko for a moment. "We need a plan to efficiently look through all the Murasame we have within the village. Quietly. Even others outside that clan itself need to not be told about this. We don't want them to know what we are doing." He paused at the knock before whispering one last thing. "If we find the ones here we caught off their resources and we have the chance to find someone who will tell us about their secrets."

Ishino follows the guards with the old man following him. The obvious device of destruction left behind.. but the guards didn't know Ishino to know the true and scary puppet is the old man following along behind him just like a butler would. Once escorted into the office, Ishino would smile and sweep into an elaborate western style bow to the three. "Greetings. I am Doihara Ishino of Kirigakure. Ex-swordman and current head jounin. I've come to discuss the Storm Brigade with you and hope to include Iwagakure into the alliance of villages to end this threat for good." He straightens up while the old man gives a formal, but much more normal eastern style bow. "I hope that I am not intruding on anything?"

"Iie, you are fine," Rune says, standing to return the bow with one of her own. "Ishino-san, it is good to meet the Second of Kirigakure. I am Sasaki Rune, Nidaime Tsuchikage. These two are my Second and Lead Strategist, Gansao Kaoru and Nishimura Tomoko, respectively." Rune would gesture to each, letting them greet Ishino before she would continue with the business at hand. "Now, about this Storm Brigade… A young girl and a young man, both of Sunagakure, came to Iwagakure to discuss them. I will tell you what I told them: Iwagakure has had no threats from the Storm Brigade. Or at least, none at all recently. The nearest would be the incident in the Land of Grass at Kyuusen. As such, we are trying not to be too involved. However, I am willing to help if the Brigade ever does come knocking on our gates." She takes a breath, then. "Apologies, but Iwagakure suffers from strife much like any village. Sometimes we need to avoid conflict where it can be avoided. What exactly do you have in mind to end the Brigade's existence, Ishino-san?"

Kaoru greeted Ishino with a light bow. "Pleasure to meet you." Then he would of course allow Rune to speak to Ishino. For now she wasn't saying anything he had questions for. In fact he agreed completely. They were not having issue with the Storm Brigade and therefore why drag them to their walls when they are already having to worry about the Rebel Murasame. "If they come knocking of course we have to help. I don't doubt we would be stronger together. But together doesn't mean you are always here. And if they attacked us it could ruin us. Maybe not with them themselves, but because it would leave us open to more attacks." He sighed a bit. "But just in case we are willing to listen to reason."

Ishino nods solemnly. "I understand that stance. Seeking trouble is foolish. The answer I have for you is a security network that is bound together and working together to have all villages work as one. We are all following this plan that strengthens the security of the land as well as helping with tracking where they go. Shinobi from all villages are combining in this effort to end this threat. As you have stated, combined we are strong enough to win, divided, they will pick us off." Ishino would pull a pouch from one of his pockets, carefully touch it with the briefest spark of chakra. That had whatever was inside *POOF* a scroll seal releasing it's contents. Raising a brow to ask permission to step forward, he'd set it on Rune's desk, then step back a step. "These items are tracking units. A device I have designed. Jounin tend to be the target of the Brigade. Either plant one on a Brigade member as they retreat or have the jounin of your village carry one and get captured. Either way, when this happens, let Kirigakure know and we will track them to their home. From there, we end the threat."

Rune would hum softly when Ishino presents his plan. "We will follow it as best we can. Iwagakure's numbers are not as great after the Civil War that broke out, but we have good shinobi to help with these security measures," she replies. She then nods to grant Ishino permission to step forward, picking up the item that was given to her. "I see… Thank you, then. I will distribute them to my shinobi to ensure that there is one that will make its way to the Brigade's base should that ever come. Though, I must say, I hope that attack isn't on our doors anytime soon."

Kaoru would examined wha was placed forward if allowed. "I see. How far have you all progressed so far? Have you planted any yet?" He asked. "I assume if you knew or not we would not still be getting asked though." He shrugged lightly. "Lets hope we don't get attacked. But if we do we will be ready to help the one captured as well as the other villages." He gave a quick nod. "Thanks for bringing this plan to our attention."

Ishino nods in response. "We have a few potentials. We're having to cover a lot of ground. Why this has to be all of the villages. I understand you have not been hit, yet. However, if you enact these steps, it will reduce that potential." The old man pulls a file from somewhere and hands it to Ishino, who then unseals it and sets it on the desk as well. "This is the technical write up. Also the codes required to contact the other villages. Try to keep it secure. We don't want it shared with any of the Brigade and we're not sure if there are any deep spies." Ishino nods lightly then. "I've also been contacted to craft a clock tower within Iwagakure. I am going to meet the one whom contacted me, so I will be around for additional questions, if any."
Rune would nod lightly. "Thank you, Ishino-san." She would take the file and examine it carefully, then she sets it off to the side for better examination at a later time. Tomoko had just been listening silently to the processions, in all likelihood. Rune takes a breath and would nod. "Good luck with that, Ishino-san. Questions will make their way to you once we go over the plan by ourselves, I'm sure." That said and done, Rune would wave a hand to indicate Ishino could leave, and she would turn back to her second and strategist. "So, back to the matter at hand …" Fade

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