The Storm Brigade - Kiji's Recovery


Arika, Hiroto, Yume, Kiji

Date: September 10, 2016


Arika, Hiroto, and Yume come across Kiji's holding area.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Storm Brigade - Kiji's Recovery"

Ocean - Storm Brigade Base

Arika was largely following the group, though when they got to Kiji's cell, she would blink a bit. It took a few moments, but Arika /did/ recognize Kiji, especially once her face was turned in her direction. "Kiji-chan!" she squeaks, surprised. She tries to remember if Ishino had specified who got kidnapped, but she honestly doesn't remember, so the girl would just grumble a bit and whirl on Hiroto while her shadow clone approached Kiji. In a rather calm voice, it'd say, "Kiji-san, do you remember me? It's … Ikitara Arika. From Suna." The clone would show Kiji the hitai-ate around its arm.
The real copy would huff at Hiroto. "I's not 'n enemy, Hiro-kun! She's 'n ally from Kiri. She's Shimizu Kiji!" She explains. Of course, Arika doesn't quite know about the adoption. And admittedly, the only reason she was grumpy at Hiroto was because he was acting all suspicious. Suspicions do not suit Arika at all…
Meanwhile, the clone (player proceeds to apologize for bouncing back and forth) would use a kunai sharpened with wind to break Kiji's binds if allowed. Then it would use a rather dark, sinister chakra that Kiji would now be able to sense. In all likelihood, the sensor would know it was a Bijuu's chakra, but instead of /hurting/ Kiji, it was gifting her with energy and healing some of her wounds. "Che…" she grumbles before disappearing. ~I hate acting like you.~ 'You do a poor job at it, anyway.'
Now that the smaller group of Chuunin/Genin have found Kiji, though, they should really retreat a bit and leave the Kage and Takeo to do their thing. So this group is casually kicked off the stage and into their own scene … (to be continued … )

"I understand the apprehension." Yume notes to Hiroto with appreciation in her tone, after taking a short step backwards to let Arika work with the shackles on her more effeciently. "But our task was to retrieve prisoners and while we can be cautious, we have to remember the task at hand." When Arika announces the prisoner's name she nods her head slowly to herself, "Well, we'll get you back to Kiri miss Shimizu, you do not have to worry about that. There should be people that can help guide us to the surface, but we will need to head somewhere safer to wait on them." She does frown in concern as she watches the woman's injuries get dealt with, and Yume feels thankful that Arika could help with such. The most she could do personally was basic first aid, and that might not help much with the extent of the bruising that she's displaying. Perhaps the spider bite, but it was unlike any she had seen before. She turns her head to the door to consider it quietly, "Unless anything changes at the way back, I should be able to retrack our steps back through the safest paths possible. I do hope Hiei-san remains alright though…"

Kiji had turned her head to peer at Hiroto when he pointed that arrow in her direction. But the look in her eyes was not anger or even fear. She was merely waiting, watching, accepting of the danger offered. She wasn't suprised or affronted, honestly she was impressed by his way of thinking. She merely watched him. She was so intent on watching and staring Hiroto in the face that she did not notice Arika removing one of the shackles, literally snapping it in two.
She snapped her attention back toward the 'shadow clone' as the jeweled shackle fell t the ground with a light chime. And Kiji scrambled backwards.. or tried to. She went from staring the chakra construct in the face to chakra rushing back to her, even just the one shackle allowed enough to make her dizzy. She went from that to collapsing into a little pile of white hair and paling skin, hands covering her ears as is in pain. She let out a small squeak and coughed again, a wet sound.
The 'shadow clone' would see she was watching it warily, even as she grit her teeth. She knew that dark chakra… intmately. And watched the construct as if expecting it to try something….
When finally Arika stepped in with Hiroto she finally looked away, trying to breathe slowly so as to not cause another coughing fit. She pulled away slightly when Yume reached out to try and comfort her. She looked like she couldn't choose between instinctively withdrawing fro a threat, which Arika wouldknow is not normal Kiji behavior, or arguing with them. The blood at her lip that fell down her chin proved the damage to her throat was internal as well as external bruises.
One thing finally got her to focus more, though. Being called a Shimizu. It was a simple mistake, these people had little to no contact with her or the Okumo. So when she was called Miss Shimizu she seemed to pause. Drawing herself up with as much pride as her worn frame could muster she held her head high and made handsigns, speaking at least to Arika, though it was simple motions so the Kumo people may perhaps have the ability to understand as well. She declared herself Okumo. The difference here was that it was not a simple pride of one adopted into a great clan. There was a fierce pride showing that wouldno doubt drain her further if she let it go.
Through all of this she was doing her best not to let anyone get near the final 3 shackles.

Hiroto was watching Kiji closely. His eyes completely serious and showing no intention of wavering. He frowned though as she continued to move and as she did so he noticed the bruising on her neck and his bow lowered slightly. That was not something he felt would be done even to hide a fake prisoner. At least not willingly. "No.. Don't speak. You don't need to. I can see how injured you are." It was a level of injury he hoped even 'bad guys' wouldn't stoop to for their own men. His eyes drifted to Arika for a moment and he just nods. And that was enough to confirm her for at least now, as an ally. So he lowered the bow and put that and the arrow away. "I didn't know that Arika. I had to be sure. Even with her own approval of just saying who she was could easily be a ruse. Even now there are some that could fake it."
Hiroto paused for a moment as she seemed to… Heal her some? Interesting that she has learned that even now. His eyes shifted to Yume though and his frown deepened. "Umm Yume. We are here to save prisoners. This is true. But what if one of the prisoners were not a prisoner and were actually one of the Brigade members in disguise?" He shook his head lightly before turning back to Kiji he frowned as she.. Collapsed at the chakra rushing back. He walked over to her and leaned down next to her. He slowly to see if she would allow it or not, would move his hand to her shoulder to sorta… See if she was alright. "I won't hurt you Kiji..-san." He adds that and honestly he rarely did. But he felt he should in the situation. "You are hurt and even if with chakra returned you can heal yourself we still need to get you back to safety." He knew of the Shimizu clan at least enough to know they were known to be.. Good medically. Anyways through all this he noticed her not wanting them near the final shackles and he raised a brow towards her. "Do you want us to free you?" He asked. "Take the shackles off and get you back home I mean?"

Arika would turn her attention to Kiji now that her clone had disappeared, and it was … a bit odd watching the Shimizu's reaction. Then she noticed hand signs being made. Hiroto probably understood as much as she did, though she would scratch her head in thought. "I mean Okumo Kiji," she would say as a bit of an afterthought. "Umm…" ~If she's a sensor, she might not want the shackles off. It could be painful. Information overload.~ 'What d'you mean?' ~Those shackles seem to absorb chakra. I noticed while I was healing her a bit. Since they do, then … ~ 'Oh!' Arika frowns. "I dunno if taking the shackles off is a good idea, Hiro-kun," she would say aloud. "Fer now, at least." Arika didn't really go into the details aloud, though. And she figured Kiji would speak up on what she desired. The young Chuunin would rifle through some of her pouches, trying to find something.
"Nnn… D'you think Hi-kun and Itami-chan are ok? And some of the others?" She knew that there were members of Kirigakure and Konohagakure that also breached the brigade's base, but she wasn't sure how far they had managed to get so far. "Mebbe we could find someone else t' heal Kiji-san cuz mine aren't gonna be super good when she has the shackles on. They eat chakra."

Yume does not press the point when Kiji would pull away from her and she simply lets Arika work with her and Hiroto too, if he seems to recognize her as well. Still, she watches Kiji in concern noting the subtle and unsubtle cues of her condition. This ends up on the motions she tries to make for Arika, which Yume does not seem to recognize. The gestures were silent and Yume had not gotten used to relying on her sight alone in a long time. Her eyes would drift over to Arika for an explanation, despite soon returning to the shackles when Kiji does not seem to want to lose them.
"If they're not keeping her bound, then they can stay on…we'll just need to move to get her to safety, we can stay to defend her while she is without chakra." She glances back at Hiroto, "Yes, but if we greet every prisoner with an arrow aimed between their eyes with that thought in mind." She takes a moment to gesture to the bow and arrow in Hiroto's hands, "Then how are they to know that we are not their enemy coming to torment them in new ways once more? If they do not know, then it is likely that they will act according to that thought the moment that they are free, putting us in harms way. And even if we were to leave their restraints be during the interrogation, if it were a trap, they would most likely spring from it anyways despite us turning our backs to them."

Kiji closed her eyes for a moment. She could still sense faintly people and their locations. She checked off her list slowly thenheld onto her shackled wrist for a moment. Hiroto's question about taking off the shackles made her shake her head. The bruises on her arms slowly started to fade, proving that she did infact have regeneration abilities, but the shackles kept them from her. That hawk of Hiroto's had finally caught her attention as well and she raised an eyebrow at it, tilting her head in a decidedly 'avian' way.. Like a hawk.or Meruin. Sill, Kiji reached over carefully, about to try and touch the bird when Hiroto came over and tried to touch her. She held stock still as he checked her for other injuries. What he would note was that despite the shackles and their unintended consequences to the sensor, she had been taken care of extremely well until perhaps 12 hours ago. Her bruises dated about that far for a normal person's healing time and each subsequent injury was done after that. The ropes bruised her arms. The Injury to her throat, the cut on her arm which could easily have been self inflicted. And that strange marking on her wrist. Closer inspection would tell him some odd things. It was clearly a bite, fro either a venomous snake or a venomous spider. But either way that was one huge creature… The fangs were spaced far eough apart that it matched with a grown man's jaw width. There was also some markings around it where the venom had leeched into the vein walls, darkening them, but she was clearly not suffering from an invenomation either.
When it was stated that they should move her Kiji took a slow breath and simply stood up, following them where they led. I any case she could not fight them and she knew she could not access her chakra without probably blacking out. So she was here for the moment.. Idly she wondered if Godaime Mizukage Tsiro was going to pitch a fit at her when she got home. Perhaps he would execute her and start a clan war with Meruin.

Hiroto looked at Arika for a moment and watched her. "Umm what?" He asked before just nodding when she said what she did. "We don't have to then. But we do have to get her to safety." He said with a quick frown before nodding to her next words. "Probably are ok. At least alive." He turned to fact Yume next of course as she was trying to explain her side and her reasoning. "Yume…. Let me explain this. Firstly… Most of the prisoners I would hope understand what I do and why I did it. I don't care if they think I am here to hurt them. Because for to long I will prove the opposite. Secondly…. If we were here to torment them. Quickly they would be proven wrong. And if the shackles came off and they still tried to fight we would likely have someone actually able to fight them back. And put them in their place. Not pushovers. And if you look at her injuries and we know she has no chakra right now. Or at least it is lowered… Well seems to me like it would be very one sided if a fight happened." He frowned. "In the end… Better to be safe and sure that you aren't the one walking into the trap first."
Tenshi was looking at Kiji for a bit and seemed to be not.. against her if she tried to touch him. He was a friendly bird! Hiroto though prevented that by him getting closer it seemed making Tenshi a sad bird. Missing out on some nice pets. Anyways it would seem Hiroto had a good eye for injuries… "What happened to you in the last twelve hours?" He asked of her. "These are…. seemingly from about that long ago at the maximum." He said before frowning at the mark on her wrist. The only thing that instantly popped to mind was her being an Okumo and that brought up spiders. "You aren't born an Okumo. So I assume it wasn't you that bit your wrist. Though who did doesn't seem to cause anything to you by biting you. Who did so?" He asked her before turning to face Arika for a moment. "You and Yume lead the way back please? I trust you two to see things before me. These halls are bad for me." He said with a frown before turning back to Kiji. "Hold up… YOu are injured and even if they slowly will go away I don't doubt it will take a little time still and I don't doubt that you are tired. Up to you but it might be faster for me to carry you. And faster we get you out of here the faster you get better. And now that I know you are an ally.. Well I want that last part to happen." He said but if she was against such a thing he wouldn't push the subject any further and would walk near to her. Making sure she was alright for the most part. And keeping an eye out behind them.

RP: Arika uses SHADOW-CLONE.
RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a INK-SCOUT-II…48

"Hai," Arika says, giving a bit of a mock salute to Hiroto before her hands fall before her to make the seal for shadow clones. The clone takes one branch, and she would take the other. Both clone and Arika would also send a wave of scouts that move on ahead for the time being. Arika was mostly seeking a way out of here, of course, but also was on the lookout for any other prisoners (of which there were none).

"Who knows what sort of mind games these people have been exposed to. Torture is beyond whips and lashes. The point is, this is a rescue mission. While we are being cautious, time is a necessity of this rescue. So let us agree that you may ask the questions, and Arika and I are simply allowed to tend to them so we may move on to the next. As you can see, many of these people will likely not have any idea who you are or who I am, so they may not understand the purpose of why we were here." Yume tells Hiroto, shaking her head as she turns to head to the exit, frowning quietly to herself as Hiroto continues to argue his point rather than consider another side.
She glances over her shoulder and asks Hiroto, "Were you not the one first paranoid of the one with said injuries, Hiroto-san? And am I not the one who can sense her chakra condition as well? Pointing out that I am worried about them fighting back in such conditions, is close to disproving why you should have been paranoid in the first place. I have not been saying that what you are doing is bad, I simply see it as unbalanced, and I hope to find a better balance for the next instance. As she lets Arika's clone lead the way to retrace their path and search for others, she uses sound to navigate the twists and turns of the halls and chakra to account for potential guards they'll need to avoid.

RPCOMBAT: Yume defends against with a ECHO-SENSE…35
RPCOMBAT: Yume defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…40

Kiji peered at the bird again and managed to stroke her hand over it's back lightly. She would argue with Hiroto as much as possible but several steps made it pretty clear that she was probably going to slow them down but she focusedher mind and used the absolute lowest setting on her healing abilities, carfully modulating it so it doesnt activate the shackles right away. She managed to sooth her torn throat a bit but she ended up activating the cuffs anyway. Gritting her teeth and making sure not to touch anyone else and transfer the lighting she glared at the cufs. Well she was awake for a while…
Her voice was rough and hard to focus on but she did speak,just a little. "I … salvaged off some .. powerful men." Fair enough.. Those three .. kind of qualified.. sometimes.. when Hatsu was Yoichi anyway…. When asked about the bite on her wrist she shook her head. "M..Meruin-dono." She watched the closely as she revealed that Meruin, Yondaime Mizukage, was here as well, though some might have known considering he had been capturedon purpose. for a reason that made Kiji look to the side guiltily.
But she was a Jounin of Kirigakure and she hadlearned soething about her own bloodline hours ago that made her refuse Hiroto's offer of Aid. "I.. will not dishonor.. my lineage." But she was moving a little faster at least. Her thoughts were turned inwardly, trying to ignore that she sensed Hatsu and Meruin and Naoya all here at once… She did not want to be connected to chakra when everything exploded but she did not express that as much as tried to just remain silent.
Meanwhile Yume would sense a faint chakra signature similar to Kiji's supressed chakra juuuuuust barely out of range, easily ignored by Arika's scout.
Kiji turned and looked at Yume as she and Hiroto voiced their arguments and she reached up to pat Yume on the shoulder lightly. Despite the youthful appearance and her current condition, Kiji still bore the rank f Jounin and that oozed off her very personality, offering an authoritarian attitude and reassurance to the genin. Her hoarse voice came out softly. "It is how we would think as well. He was right to offer me death."

Hiroto just nods at Arika before turning to face Yume. "Yume. That is exactly the sort of things we have to think about. What if they were tortured. Maybe even into turning to the other side. Joining them rather than working with us." He frowned a little bit. "You know. We may not be of the same village but I am still Chuunin. And the Senior Chuunin of the three of us. So instead of letting you speak up and argue what I do I could have you quiet up completely and leave an arrow in your leg if you chose to still defy me. The point of me being careful and getting straight to the point is to leave as little room for accidents as possible. Therefore we get out of hee as quickly as we can. And I am certain that any prisoner here would know our purpose. You being from Kumo should know that you protect your own. And I doubt any of you would let one of your own be captured without trying to free them." Hiroto had considered all sides. He was doing what he had to and what he was in the position to do.
Tenshi seemed to beam at Kiji and seemed eager to use her head as a place to sleep. Well not sleep, but he could act like he was! The bird at the very least nuzzled into the pets as much as he could. Anyways as they continued to walk Hiroto would look at her a bit and blinked some. "You…" He frowned. "Well alright." He frowned again when she gave her answer. "You… Well that seems like a risky thing doesn't it? And then one of the Mizukage is the one that bit you." He nods. "Are you able to tell me why?" He asked before just frowning a bit. "I won't force you to accept the aid, but it isn't a dishonor to work with others. Not when the others are allies and you are in a bad state." He just gave a quick nod to her. Showing he accepted what she said.
At least he would be okay for a bit until Yume spoke again. Kiji gave a good response for her as well but he wanted to speak here. "It isn't paranoia. To say it is paranoia would assume I did something that wasn't rational because of a fear. The point of a trap is to trick us. Those shackles could have easily been taken off if set only to distract and very trained shinobi might be able to actually hide their level of chakra. Doubtful but they may be able to tone it down until needed. At the very least if the shackles had a simple way to take them off when used for a trap. Let me explain from the perspective of the Brigade using my thoughts. If I want to cause more damage then I hide brigade members in these cells. I put shackles on them and maybe even injure them some to try to sell the fact that they are actual prisoners. Except the shackles are simple to remove for said 'prisoners' and maybe they have faked the injuries. Or at least they look worse than they are. Then when they drop their guard…. They strike." He said quickly. "Better yet maybe some are set to take a position within a village. Act as if they were a prisoner from a random small country elsewhere." He shook his head. "Either way. Lets continue. And you accept that I am the CHuunin here." Though Arika was as well. "And accept that your arguing slows us down more than anything I did."

"Yes, you are letting me talk, but you are choosing not to hear me whatsoever. And instead of acknowledging that, you are simply pointing out that because you are of a higher rank, it would be okay if you put me in my place with your words or with your arrows to end it altogether. If you would consider my words as the suggestions they are, that may prove helpful in a time like this, rather than some mark against you perhaps we would both learn from one another. But you choose not to. You are a Chuunin. And I am simply some Genin that you do not know, and that is how it is going to stay apparently." Yume tells Hiroto as calmly as always and looks over her shoulder to listen to Kiji's words and stories, nodding her head after having said enough to Hiroto on the matter for now. The point was to improve their effeciency in this specific mission, not impose some foreign belief onto him. She couldn't say that she recalled most names, but the name of the former leader of all of Kirigakure did sound vaguely familiar to her. She had always had a hard time believing that the Brigade could muster up the strength to take Michiko away from Kumo, but a former Kage as well? The Storm was truly the force that everyone repeatedly made them out to be. She frowns quietly to herself as she deals with the doubts of their ability alone start to creep in, but the unfamiliar chakra source teasing her senses makes her stop temporarily. "I think there is another that could be saved…this way." She attempts to alter their course enough to head towards the direction of the potential prisoner.

Kiji glanced up at Hiroto then around at the others as he asked her about the bite. An Okumo bite could be deadly, but she was not suffering from it. "He ..Meruin-dono… came to get me." She clearly dislike that fact. The questionthen became, why would the former Mizukage persnally allow himself to be captured in order to retrieve a jounin? Was she something besides a Jounin or was there more to the story? She had mentioned lineage…
Kiji blinked several times as Tenshi desided to nest on her head and sudenly missed her spiders. She reached up and patted the bird though, not bothered by companions. She glanced toward Hiroto then at Yume tilting her head as if curious about something, her eyes shifting to a pale violet visibly. There was so much that had transpired…
"When…. Meruin-dono arrived… I snuck out of Hatsu-san's room and went.. to check on him…" She swallowed, brushing over details that could pose a threatto her without actualy lying. "He was angry at first, then he used one of his venoms to help me prepare for the assault… Then Taki-san caught me and I ended upin there. Hatsu-san couldn't smply forgive me. She would risk the loyalty of some so I was being punished." She had taken on a depressed expression and refused to look up at any of them, her free hand holding onto the shackle on her wrist as if for dear life.
The cell with the prisoner Yume sensed was similar to Kiji's though slightly nicer items furnished the cell. This man was not tied up, had not a single scratch on him, and wore Iron rough looking wrist and ankle cuffs. This was the usual state of the prisoners.

Hiroto sighed before shaking his head lightly. "I am listening to you. And not using words no, but I am acknowledging you. And thought you are trying to give suggestions they aren't neccesary. I personally just don't feel the need to risk lives and want to make sure people are safe first." He sighed a bit more. "Apologies. But yes. I am Chuunin and you are a Genin that I do not know and likely will rarely if at all see again. So the best thing to make this mission go quick is for you to listen when you need to and to speak up on the things that you specialize in." When it got the the point of her telling them about another prisoner he just nods and allows their course to be altered.
Hiroto frowned some. "Yes. I was told about the plan to come and get you as well as other prisoners. I assumed the ones that were captured from Kiri after the plan was made are also a part of this." He shrugged lightly. And truthfully it did seem odd for it to be the Mizukage of all people that did it, but he didn't have the right to ask. Even if he wanted to. Not right now. Tenshi on the other hand was just interested in the new person.
"So you were in their room?" He asked. "Is there any way you can give me a general idea of where it is? Even if I don't go myself I think getting a small map of the area to lead there would be a good idea. I have a pencil and a notebook if you want to use it for such." He said quickly. "And…. I see. So Hatsu does want loyal soldiers out of the villages shinobi?" He asked. "Sounds like… a bad plan. I mean.. Surely the strongest in a village are the ones more likely to be loyal. And for those to be the targetted ones. Feels weird you know?" He asked. When she noticed how she acted after all of that he frowned a bit. "Why does…. Hatsu trust you so much? Or… Well take care of you as much as she can. Considering your shackles it shows their is some… favortism." He said slightly after they made it to this new cell. Now this… "Alright. Now…. Kiji-san. Do you know who this is? Or do any of you?" He asked first. THen would turn to get their attention. "And if you don't mind me asking.. Who are you?"

"Yes, of course they aren't necessary." Yume notes plainly, but that is as much as she allows as she leads the way. Though she appears to remain honed in on the task at hand, it would be hard not to listen to Kiji and Hiroto's conversation as they have it still she would have nothing to contribute to it apart from making mental notes for later. When they reach the prisoner, she allows Hiroto to question them as she quietly works on the man's ropes by cutting through them with a kunai. She remains silent until they are unbound and tosses the rope aside. "If desire safety, then it would be wise to follow us." Yume says quietly, before turning to leave the cell at a pace that the others can follow so that they may navigate the halls again.

Kiji looked at Hiroto and narrowed her eyes slightly, she was cooperating, yes, but she was under no illusions about the future. She looked to the side and was quiet despite Hiroto's questions. She almost wished she hadn't been located. But as they shifted to the newly discovered prisoner Kiji's eyes darkened.. Just a bit. She looked into the cell and almost winced. "He's from Konohagakure. he's all your side. I think he annoyed Hatsu-san." And when the man saw Kiji, he looked angry. Over the course of the next several minutes he would call her a traitor to shinobi everywhere, a coward, a whore, well you name it. This included the statement, "You're a great actress aren't you? Convincing everyone you were taken without your consent. You kissed her in battle!" Kiji rolld her eyes and went to lean on the wall. "He dislikes me."

Hiroto just nods to Yume before listening to this man. If they didn't have to get him out as well with him being a member of one of the villages he would've stuck an arrow either in him or cut him with it like on an arm or something. Instead he just sighed. "From the little bit of things I have seen I don't think she is any of that. And truthfully enemy or not it is better to figure that out in our own prisons. As you can see she still has her shackles on so you can feel safe knowing that she won't cause you trouble. Now lets go." He opened the cell and just gestured for him to follow. He didn't bother to worry about the shackles for him. He wouldn't stop the other two if they wanted to try though.. "Well anyways the kissing answers my question on her reason for…. taking care of you." He just looked at Arika and Yume. "Lead us out of here. Tenshi…. YOu keep an eye out behind us." He said before just frowning and placing another hand onto Kiji's shoulder. "Alright. Either way lets just head out of here. i won't pester with anymore questions."

Arika-clone and scouts were able to find the exit, and Arika-real-version would come back to report back to the group. "Ne! Hiro-kun! If we go this way, we'll be able t' get out!" The girl frowns slightly as she considerings things. "Umm… Just go this way and that way - Nevermind, follow me." She gave up on explaining and would just lead the small group to a spot that happened to lead to one of the water-buffer chambers. "Ta-da. I c'n get us all outta here … Unless anyone wants t' stay here." The girl would look at Kiji specifically, as she had heard a bit about how Kiji was apparently close to Hatsu. Also, there were other Kiri-nin around here fighting various battles. It was possible that the Okumo wanted to go to them rather than come with the allies of the Sand.

Yume would incline her head to Arika before shaking her head. "No. That is alright. We have done what we can. The other prisoners have either fled while they had the chance, or other parties have reached them first." She closes her eyes and tries to relax, allowing the strain of the early Nejigan fade from her. She looks up at the door with a quiet frown as she considers it in silence. Eventually she does look over at Kiji, then the man from the Konoha, "If she chooses to stay, it will be easy enough to find them both groups whom can help them both get home." With that said, Yume would just try to close her eyes and rest until Arika was ready to try to transport everyone.

Kiji followed then for the most part, the other prisoner glaring the entire way. Kiji looked like she didn't care. But when they got to the place Arika was prepared to take them out Kiji looked away, at a wall actually. She could sense those around her eve with the shackles she just couldnt do much else. And yet, Hiroto's question made her space out. Her eyes dropped to the shackle on her wrist.. when she looked up her eyes were dark, black on black with shifting colors like mists…. Just like a certain Okumo. "I'm sorry. I can't. I have a duty here." The Leaf guy wasn't suprised and called her a traitor yet again. and Kiji turned, moving at top speed, extremely fast, though not quite as quickly as brevity might have offered. But there was a crash and the Konoha man found himself held by the throat just on his tiptoes. Kiji had speed and some strength, but it was clearly costing her to exert. She growled in his face. "Shut your mouth before I remove your tongue. You're worthless. You surrendered as a coward to save your hide. I made an opening and accepted my Nakama's blade through me to hit Hatsu-san. You know nothing you pathetic worm. Run home, little boy. And /pray/ you never see me." She let go of him like he was trash and stumbled over to Arika. The man was clearly scared shitless. In truth he was a genin and he had ver come face to face with a located off Kiri Jounin before.
Once over at Arika she reached out, resting a hand over Arika's chest. "Your comapnion.. can help me. I.. need to remove these shackles. But remain conscious. An be fed chakra for a short time. Then I can seal your escape. Thank you all for aiding me… But I have to watch this to the death."

Arika didn't really address the Konoha ninja. She wasn't entirely appreciative of his mutterings, though, and it wasn't until the man was silenced did she seem satisfied. He got what he deserved. The girl would grin just a bit, and one might even think Gyuki had taken possession of her in that moment. He hadn't, but … Anyway, Arika would look at Kiji, giving her a small nod and a frown. "Nn… Make sure you stay safe, Kiji-san…" she would say, making a single handseal. It was with that handseal that she gathered Bijuu chakra to surround herself a bit, a single purple tail appearing behind her so that it would reach out to touch Kiji and gift her with a bit better healing as well as some chakra. It wouldn't be too much, but hopefully it was enough for Kiji to feel better once the shackles were off.

RP: Arika transforms into HACHIBI-SINGLE-TAIL.
COMBAT: Arika heals Kiji for 911 with LESSER BIJUU CHAKRA HEAL.
RP: Arika reverts to her normal state.

Kiji knelt down and carefully removed each shackle one at a time. The first ankle cuff clearly gave her a headache… The second removal caused a bit of a backlash in chakra rushing back on her that Gyuuki would certainly feel. The final shackle would leave her curled into a little ball in pain, at Gyuuki's mercy quite literally. But Kiji had a way about her that did not reject the odd chakra of a bijuu. She had been well trained as Kiyoshi's mate that it was natural to allow that chakra close.
Gyuuki would be able to keep her conscious at least. And fnally she started to relax, slowly comming back to herself. Of course any sensors would note her chakra rising steadily like the tide… She nodded finally, carefully sitting up and looking up at Arika with a nod. "I'm … I'm ok.. I've been through a lot worse. I just need to take a break. go ahead. Do what you need to. I.. I cannot leave her until Meruin-dono takes her life."

Arika was the one controlling the chakra, but Gyuki, being the one whose chakra it happened to be, was able to help direct his host a bit more since he had a better sense of chakra than her. Arika would continue until Kiji seemed okay, and the cloak would disappear from around her. "… Hai…" she says with a frown. Arika would hesitate for a moment, then she'd kneel slightly so she could give Kiji a quick hug if allowed. "I'll come 'n visit Kiri sometime t' make sure yer okay, Kiji-san!" she says, offering a smile to the Okumo before she would look to Hiroto and Yume. This was going to be the stranger part of the day, but Arika would gather her chakra once more so that the three could escape, leaving Kiji behind.

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