The Storm Brigade - Nariko Rescued


Rockpath (emitter), Sakuya, Hanami, Nariko

Date: September 5, 2016


As the Kumo-nin are retreating, they run into yet another one of their imprisoned own.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Storm Brigade - Nariko Rescued"

Ocean - Storm Brigade Base

Sakuya, Hanami, Raion, Pansa, and Nozomi had been part of the assault on the Storm Brigade Base, but they were all at various points of exhaustion and unconsciousness. As such, their team leaders, Kasuya and Arashi, told them to stay back and hunker down until they could escape somehow. And get medical aid. That medical aid came in the form of Iwata Michiko, whom had healed Nozomi to the point of stability. Then a member of the Storm Brigade showed up: Kouki.
Kouki had flaming red hair that was very spiky. It spiked backwards, even. His green eyes were rather unforgettable with how 'bright' they were, and there were two black marks below each that distinguished him even further. On his cheek was the tattoo of the Storm Brigade. And despite him looking like an enemy, he had given the group a spare change of (Brigade) clothes and was willing to lead the group to an exit. Kasuya had gotten a few NPC Jounin to accompany the group as well.
"So," Kouki says as he takes off with the group. Yes, they were already moving. "If we continue along this tunnel, we should reach an exit point…" The NPC Jounin were carrying those unable to walk, by the way. "Just continue this way." Notably, it was a convenient route that they had not previously travelled. A certain Yotsuki prisoner happens to be on this path …

Hanami was outside the cell, continuing the probably poor ruse of being a Brigade guard while Sakuya watched everyone else inside. She straightened up when she sensed a chakra signature, taking a moment to double check but then felt a little relief when she was sure the signature was Michiko's. Well, at least the others would be healed up. Make getting out of here much easier no doubt. When Michiko comes into view Hanami calls out, kinda quietly, "Michiko! Great, Raion and Nozomi could really use your help inside. Sakuya's watching them. So, is this mess over then, if you're coming back here?" She moves out of the way of the door so Michiko could enter, and then looks up as she picks up a foreign signature, "Wait…who's that? Shoot, hopefully not a Brigade member." In fact it turns out to be just that, pretty much. Hanami works to get herself ready to fight, she was fine, really. But when Kouki shows up and Michiko assumedly doesn't just kill him or anything, she stands down and asks, "So…what's the deal with this guy?"

Zuzu had enjoyed a peaceful sleep, for after undoing the combination technique, he had seemingly run out of energy. The poor snake was curled around Sakuya's waist, and Sakuya had prepared for a last ditch effort of the door had opened. That's why Michiko's arrival was so wonderful. "… It's you… So then, Arashi made it…" Well, she was glad he made it at any rate. Not at all jealous that he saved someone that was a pluck of a lot more important to her than him. Someone who had been with her since the beginning of her career.
That aside, when Kouki had actually revealed himself, Sakuya was prepared to lunge at him, despite the fact that he was a turncoat. Sakuya's Kunai never left her hand, even as they went down the hallway. Sakuya had always been terribly distrustful of foreigners. Taro, Yoshi, and Kaido had all been given the Kumogakure middle finger as she cracked down strictly upon the law when they came to the Land of Lightning. It is no wonder, then, that she has taken to following right behind Kouko. It was no surprise that her Kunai seemed trained on his back, to plunge into it at the first sign of treachery.
"When we reach this exit point, will we be taking a swim?" She asks, "Or will we be lead into a trap…" She said as her tongue slipped across the front of one of her fangs inside of her mouth.

Laying on the ground, on a not so padded and very terrible mat was the Yotsuki known as Nariko. Not only was she still attempting to get over the feeling of a lance going through her a few days ago while being healed, but she was bored to no end. She had her back facing the entrance of the cell and didn't really notice anything but footsteps nearby. She just blew them off as the regular gaurds because, why would anyone come visit her. "Can you keep it down out there? I'm trying to sleep." She would mutter with her eyes closed. Of course, she wasn't sleeping well and was attempting to sleep at the moment.

Conditions weren't /that/ bad!! >.>;; Nariko had a cot. And she would have been supplied with books or something if she asked for it. She just … Didn't behave all that well, probably. Well, who would when they were kidnapped… At least Nariko had helped the Shinobi Forces find the Brigade's hideout. That was one good thing about being kidnapped.
Kouki and the Jounin commander present would each respond in their own way. First was the Jounin: "Michiko-sama and Kasuya-san said that he was to lead us out. If he turns on us, we can kill him." Simple as that. Kouki would bristle a bit at the distrust, but his tone was fairly relaxed and he was actually pretty easy going. "When you want to be remembered, you gotta pick the right side, right? I wasn't given a choice until recently, and I figure choosing you guys might be better." He offers a small shrug. Then says, "I can use water. I can keep you guys from drowning."
The Jounin would then add her own spiel. "Some of us Jounin can also use water and a few of us can even use wind. We should be able to make our way to the surface with no issue. So long as we don't run into anything unexpected." As they walk, they would happen to pass by Nariko's cell. Her cell had bars as the door, making it easy to see who was within. And of course … "Nariko-san?!" The Jounin ninja knew who the Yotsuki was and sounded surprised to see her.

Hanami shrugs, going along with the group as they make their way through the tunnels. Not that she entirely trusts the turncoat, but no point in causing a stir if Michiko and a group of Jounin are at least okay with it. So off they go. Until they come to cell, and a jounin starts calling out to…oh yeah Nariko was one of the other prisoners. Guess she would've sensed it before, but honestly was too tired at the moment to really bother. "So lets get it open." She goes to the cell and tries opening it. Worked on Arashi's door at least, so why not?"

"I suppose?" Does that matter? If you turncoat against one side, then you have a higher risk of turncoating against the other when things start going badly for that side. You can't prove true loyalty. Suspicion is a shinobi tool in itself. Of course, Sakuya did not know Nariko as much as she ought to. That's fine, She had to make sure she was behind Kouki at all costs. Michiko and Hanami could get it open easily enough.

Nariko would roll over when she heard her name. "Yeah, that's me. Who wants to.." She stopped realizing that it was a team of Kumo-nin that had come. While she wanted to jump up and do a jig, she wasn't sure if this was just a trick. "Is this really.." And then they attempt to open the cell. "So uh..yeah, I would be very careful. If I ever touch that door I get shocked. And it hurts slightly." She was going to warn them as best she could.

Hanami would not be shocked or electrocuted. Odd. But it was the case. It took a few latches and clunks and clicks to open the door in full, and Nariko would be released. Technically. She still had the shackles on her wrists and ankles that drained her chakra, though. However, that was when Kouki stepped forward and placed a hand on the bracelets. His hand burned the shackles open, likely injuring Nariko by accident unless she attempted to avoid him altogether. If that was the case, he would sigh and say, "Just relax. I'm getting those things off you." Regardless, the chakra dampeners would be coming off. Just like that. How simple.

Hanami steps back when the door opens, huh. Guess it did work after all. Well, her job was done it seems. She watches as Kouki takes the shackles off, glancing at Sakuya, "How about lets just get out of here, worry about the rest later hmm? No doubt we're good enough."

Sakuya would call out from outside the cell, still keeping Kouki in check. "Is everything all right in there Hanami?" She would ask. Hmm. This opportunity alone with the former Storm Brigade agent gives her time to interrogate him a little. "You said you had no choice joining the Storm Brigade, Kouki… Care to explain?" She'd ask, hopefully before Hanami came out. Darn. "… … Yes, let's get out of here Hanami. As soon as possible…"

Nariko sat up, let people take the shakles off and jumped up. "Alright guys. I want to get the heck out of here." She made her way towards the cell door and touched it. She blinked, shrugged and walked out. "Thanks guys for getting me out of here." They didn't know it, but Nariko was going to make sure they got gifts as soon as they returned to Kumo. She was just ready to start running out the door to get home.

Okay, so Nariko was free! Once that happened, Kouki would lead the rather large small group to the exit and help them 'swim' to the surface by forming a protective bubble around the group with the other water manipulators. It was far from difficult, thankfully, and they'd be able to escape and head back to some of the ships to get everyone some basic medical attention. Phew.
Also, Kouki would have told Sakuya, "I didn't realize there was another choice." He would offer her a small shrug, but truly didn't want to go into details right now. He mostly intended to disappear for a bit and live on his own and get his head straight.

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