The Storm Brigade - No More Goats


Taki (emitter), Nariko, Arashi, Sanda

Date: August 22, 2016


A group of Kumogakure shinobi go out to help save some missing goats. The problem is that the town happens to have gotten a run-in with the Storm Brigade.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Storm Brigade - No More Goats"

Land of Lightning

It was just days after she had received news from Arika that we find Nariko gathering up stuff in a bag, getting ready to go out and try to see if she could find another storm brigade person back to Kumo for further questions. Now, she knew that these people weren't going to go quietly and so she called for Arashi and Sanda to join her on this mission, asking them to meet her at the village gates. She had brought along a few pouches with her as she stood in front of the gates waiting for Arashi and Sanda to join her. She seemed impaitent and ready to go, as if she were really on a mission to find Michik, which, she was always trying to find a way to find her missing student. She was a little lost without her student. "I hope they get here soon." She mutters looking around for the two of them.

Arashi of course joined Nariko. He had to do so! It was important and Michiko had basically been the closest thing to someone mentoring him during his stay in Kumogakure. Despite the fact that she is the younger one. He was quick about it for this reason though he didn't doubt Sanda would be slow. When he saw Nariko he walked over with a wave of his hand. "Hey Nariko. I am ready as soon as Sanda gets here."As he likely left ahead of her or without her."

Where Arashi goes, Sanda goes with! Obviously. Also, she got requested to go on this mission. She really doesn't get /why/ she got called on this, considering she was useless (or at least that's how she viewed herself). She actually didn't know that they were trying to rescue Michiko for this little escapade. She just knew that they were going on a mission, and she was questioning why on earth she was chosen. Arriving a few minutes after Arashi, she would frown at him. "I'm here, jeez. I'm not that slow…" She had left like a second or two after Arashi shut the door. Impatient man… >:| "So, what're we doing? Patrol?" What?"

Now that the forces were gathered, she gave them both a bag. "Sanda, Arashi, thanks for coming." She bows her hed slightly to the two. "Alright, so I have heard that there has been some commotion at a village nearby of people stealing goats. So we need to get there and see what all the commotion is about." She looked at the pouch. "Oh, and you might want to eat that candy. Not sure how long this will take." Now, the candy was just your regular candy with a small prize for them too for being on time. She turned and waved her hand to move out. "Alright, let's go!" She smiles and begins to walk out of the village towards their mission.

Arashi just nods slowly. "Goats? Alright I guess." He frowned a bit before looking at the candy and then Sanda. "Ehh slowpoke. Eat your candy!" He made a joking fist shake at her. Anyways he started to eat his own candy a bit. "Either way we should head out. Quickly enough." He followed Nariko towards their goal and hoped it wouldn't take too long or be too bad. Hopefully… Oh hopefully it wouldn't be. "Sanda. Learn anything new recently? I think I have some things I could show ya if not." He said to her.

Sanda would aim a punch at Arashi before she would eye the candy. "… Maybe later," she says, tucking it away in a pouch. "… Really? Goats? Okay, then," she says, frowning lightly. The girl would just follow after Arashi and Nariko, sighing a bit. Kumo has the oddest missions. … The girl blinks a bit. "Ehh… Not really," she would reply. "What kinda stuff do you plan to show me? Maybe do it on the mission while we walk?" she suggests, thinking that goats aren't all that bad. The bandits that stole them shouldn't be too bad either.

Nariko eats her candy as well as they begin their trek. "Well, you know goats are a main source of food and what not for kumo so it makes sense for us to make sure everything is alright." She seemed to be all into the mission and didn't even realize until they were halfway through the village they needed to go to that they were there. "Oh, hey.." She begins to move backwards. "We're here! Alright, we need to find.." She looks at her hand, which she had apparently written the name of a villager on it. "Satomi and her husband." She says full of pride and excitement. She looks around trying to find someone who could possibly be Satomi and her husband, hoping this wouldn't be too difficult.

Arashi looked at Sanda for a moment. "Okay then." He looked over her for a moment. "I won't show you unless we get into a fight. Don't worry I think it will be something you can learn." He smiled before moving on. Arashi looked around as they arrived and just sorta facepalmed that this was where they needed to be and Nariko seemed to not notice at first. "Really Nariko? Okay. Satomi and Satomi's husband. Lets start looking." And he would find a random person on the street to ask them if they knew where Satomi and her husband lived. As simple as that. No stealth or anything. Hopefully they didn't mind Shinobi.

Sanda would frown a bit. "We're after bandits, I'm pretty sure we'll end up in a fight." She aims another punch at Arashi, apparently grumpy at him for being so closed-mouth about it. "Yeah, I suppose…" she tells to Nariko. … Did the Jounin just look at her hand for information? >.>; What do ninja schools teach these days?? "Okay, gotta find those two," she says, grabbing another random person and asking for info. She was a bit more aggressive in her approach.

What a bad day to be doing a mission in this town… It's subtle, but there is a feeling of darkness that seems to be moving about. There are whispers of a shadow once in a while that people have spotted, yet it has only been for an instance. Maybe they were just seeing things in the corners of their eyes? A number of them? Something in the water? Food poisoning from a restaurant?
Of course, luck isn't that great for most places when one of these dark figure shows up of late. The Hitokage, the Silence, and now the Storm Brigade have taught people to be a beat wary of such occurrences. Toward the center of the town, a cloaked figures stands in an alleyway, seeming to be scoping out the town.

As the other two begin their search for Satomi and her husband, Nariko does to, and yes, she did have to look at her hand, she's been pre-occupied. She asked a villager and got a no with them running away quickly. She rose her brow and then hmm'd. As she turned towards the village square she, she began to walk towards it to see if there was someone else she could ask. And thats when she passed the alleyway, "Excuse me! Do you know Satomi and her husband?" She waved to the person, and while she was wary, she didn't have a second thought about running into the storm brigade in this village. She just thought it was just a person playing dress up!

Arashi on the other hand upon seeing people act how they did got a bit worried. Not particulary because of the storm brigade, but because what if something was going on with them. So of course he moved and found Nariko without getting what he needed from people. "Hey. Did you find out where they were?" He asked before walking up and whispering into her ear. "Seems people are acting strangely. Do you think the town has been poisoned or somethin'?"

Sanda would just think that people were locking their doors because the scary ninja were here now. She didn't think much of it, apparently. Then again, she also had the mind to be a bit wary. The girl would end up figuring out where this 'Satomi' was, at least, and she was directed to a house. Of course, it took a bit of persistence that annoyed the one she questioned, but still, she got the info! Having the presence of mind not to go shouting all at once, Sanda made a few handseals to activate a genjutsu on the first teammate she sees: Arashi. ~Found out where they live. I'll come and meet you and Nariko.~ She was pretty much across the town from them, but still in LoS. Funny how small villages sometimes work.

The cloaked figured definitely did not expect to be directly approached for a question. It cants its head slightly when Nariko approaches then ponders a moment. "Hai, hai," a rather goofy-sounding androgynous voice rings out. The figure reaches out and points to a spot behind Nariko and almost doesn't seem to notice Arashi. "Their house is over that way. You can tell because it smells of old people and dung. I bet some of whatever the heck's over there got in the drinking water."

While the figure goofs off a bit, anyone with chakra sense would feel that its chakra spikes quite a lot along with dozens of signatures around the village a few miles out beginning to spike. Clouds begin to gather, darkening the sky as rain starts to fall upon the village. Lightning flashes in the sky, thunder loudly shaking the village. Things are probably about to be rather bad for this place.

COMBAT: Taki focuses 7942 stamina to turn it into 12000 usable chakra!

And when the cloaked person answers Nariko gets giddy and gets ready to leave. "Thanks!" And as she gets ready to head towards their house that she was given directions to, she sees the skies darken. "I think that person lied.." She says to Arashi and turns towards the cloaked figure. She looked around for Sanda and tried to wave her down once setting her eyes on her. "Sanda! Get over here!" She looked to Arashi. "Get ready. And don't get killed." She was definitely serious about that last part. She watched the cloaked figure and waited. She didn't even trust this figure anymore.

COMBAT: Nariko focuses 3796 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!

Arashi looked at the cloaked figure a moment before turning to face Sanda's direction. She would need to hurry. Quickly. The skies were darkening and Arashi knew the Storm Brigade enough to understand what that meant. It came out of no where. "Yep. We need to calmly go to her. We don't want to be split up from each other. Though… I doubt that matters." He frowned and started walking slowly enough towards Sanda. "Nariko. You don't get to die either." He stretched a bit idly as he focused some chakra inwardly. Time for some fun it seemed. If Sanda got in range before a fight broke out he would tell her quickly to prepare if she didn't know already.

COMBAT: Arashi focuses 6778 stamina to turn it into 9000 usable chakra!

Sanda would blink a bit and nod, gathering her own chakra in response. Then she noticed the cloaked figure and blinks. Hey, that cloak looks kinda familiar, doesn't it? Or maybe it's just her… She has a terrible feeling about this, frankly. Sanda would point backwards. "Home is back that way. I didn't check it out too much, though. I heard there could be some trouble and all." She shrugs, as if carelessly, even though she was rather tense.

COMBAT: Sanda focuses 4736 stamina to turn it into 6000 usable chakra!

"Hey, don't look at me! I don't make the weather!" that goofball voice calls out with a laugh, the figure shrugging his shoulders. "Oh, wait!…. I DO!" It suddenly points brings its hands into a seal, turning the very rain itself against them as it suddenly begins to was toward the Kumogakure shinobi like waves falling out of the sky to try and blast them all away from the figure while it laughs and laughs.
Meanwhile the rain continues to fall heavier and heavier, leaving no hope that this place is going to survive. In fact any villager that so much as thinks to try to escape is met by a lightning bolt that strikes just shy of them and sends them running back into the village, creating a rather gruesome barrier from escape.

COMBAT: Nariko defends against VIOLENT-WATER-WAVE(53) attack from Taki with a FADE-II…32
COMBAT: Nariko loses the roll and sustains 1180 damage.
COMBAT: Nariko defends against VIOLENT-WATER-WAVE(44) attack from Taki with a FADE-III…38
COMBAT: Nariko loses the roll and sustains 1067 damage.

Well crud. "Arashi get…" and bam! Not only is she taken out once, but twice by a wave. She goes with the flow of water and when it does give out, she hits a wall. "Fudge me!" She yells, in pain. She pushes up from the floor to get up off the floor. "Thats it." She was hurt, but that wasn't going to stop her. She grabs a goat pez dispenser from the pouch on her hip and pops a pill into her mouth. She was not happy and her face showed it. She ran at the figure, charging her fist that formed at her side with lightning to punch the figure.

RP: Nariko transforms into SOLDIER-PILL.
RP: Arashi transforms into THUNDER-GOD-NOTUS.
COMBAT: Arashi defends against VIOLENT-WATER-WAVE(59) attack from Taki with a STORM-ORBS…64
COMBAT: Arashi defends against VIOLENT-WATER-WAVE(57) attack from Taki with a STORM-ORBS…84

Arashi looked right at Sanda. "I don't think we have time to check that. But anyways.. time to see what you have to look forward to." He turned just as waves came down and he just formed a few orbs that blocked the water completely and blasted it to the sides. "Yeah.. Storm Brigade it is. Seems I get to have some words with you. But first." He formed hand seals and it fired a bunch of storm needles at the target to hopefully do some damage, but mainly to weakned their muscles to make it easier for them to just fall over. Then water would gather quickly and form into chains that tried to attach to the cloaked figure and hold them down. "We won't be giving up that easily." Though Nariko seemed happy to get knocked around some first.

RP: Sanda transforms into CHAOTIC-STORM.
COMBAT: Sanda defends against VIOLENT-WATER-WAVE(62) attack from Taki with a STORM-ORBS…73
COMBAT: Sanda defends against VIOLENT-WATER-WAVE(68) attack from Taki with a STORM-ORBS…53
COMBAT: Sanda loses the roll and sustains 944 damage.

Sanda was a bit less … awesome than Arashi. The girl gathers her own chakra into orbs that revolve around her and keep the water from knocking her away, but only on one side. She ends up getting knocked away from the other, and she goes tumbling, hitting everything under the sun within that village. Owww >

COMBAT: Taki defends against LESSER-LIGHTNING-SOULSTRIKE(37) attack from Nariko with a WATER-WALL…54
COMBAT: Taki defends against STRANGE-STINGING(71) attack from Arashi with a WATER-WALL…46
COMBAT: Taki loses the roll and sustains 650 damage.
COMBAT: Taki defends against WATER-CHAINS(73) attack from Arashi with a WATER-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…83
COMBAT: Taki defends against STRANGE-STINGING(62) attack from Sanda with a WATER-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…60
COMBAT: Taki loses the roll and sustains 250 damage.
COMBAT: Taki defends against STRANGE-STINGING(55) attack from Sanda with a WATER-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…66

This figure either underestimates the people coming after it or it doesn't mind getting hit. Either way, it doesn't throw just a lot of effort into evading the attacks coming its way at first, as the physical one is blocked by a wall of water by a couple of the lasers make it through. However, it does then make the wall a lot larger and stronger and keep itself from being caught up or zapped again.
"Hey, that's not very nice!" it calls out with a laugh, shifting its handseal again. This time a much larger wave comes out of the rain to crash upon the shinobi, intending to wash away buildings, shinobi, and villagers alike.

RP: Nariko transforms into TITAN-PILL-I.
COMBAT: Nariko defends against TIDAL-BURST(88) attack from Taki with a FADE-IV…58
COMBAT: Nariko loses the roll and sustains 1222 damage.

As the figure doesn't even squint at her punch because it doesn't hit, Nariko gets angrier. Of course, this means she pulls out her Sasuke themed pez dispenser and pops another pill. "Alright…here goes.." And bam! She gets hit once more and a rumbling tumbling she goes. Her mind telling her she's stupid and her body telling her it hurts. ~Just stay down.~ She tries to raise an arm. "Ow…Arashi…Sanda…get him." She says as well as she could from the ground that she has found pretty comfortable at this point.

COMBAT: Arashi defends against TIDAL-BURST(71) attack from Taki with a ORBITAL-LASERS…96

Arashi watched Nariko get knocked to the ground again and he sighed a bit. He better earn another promotion with this show. When the giant blast of water came for him he would form beams of chakra but they started orbiting around him to protect him rather than to fire. But he wasn't gonna let those go to waste as suddenly they all blasted from around the orbit and rushed quickly towards where Taki was. They would move in such a way to come from all sides and he would do this because attempting to capture him might take too long.

COMBAT: Sanda defends against TIDAL-BURST(80) attack from Taki with a STORM-ORBS…67
COMBAT: Sanda loses the roll and sustains 871 damage.

Sanda finds herself knocked backwards again, the storm orbs failing to protect her from the water wave this time around. She would flail just a bit, angry, but she was also getting super tired. Exhausted, even. She decides she ought to fall back, so she flings a few 'parting shots' at this Brigade member while heading away from the battlefield. Hopefully Nariko and Arashi figure out what she's doing and don't scold her later >.>:

COMBAT: Taki defends against LASER-CIRCUS(75) attack from Arashi with a WATER-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…52
COMBAT: Taki loses the roll and sustains 572 damage.
COMBAT: Taki defends against STRANGE-STINGING(43) attack from Sanda with a WATER-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…56

This guy may not be one of the stronger ones, or he's potentially just bleating around. Then again two of the Kumogakure shinobi are out of commission. One set of lasers hits the guy, but the second doesn't. Still he basically ignores Sanda as she runs… though she may not realize there are Storm Brigade members all around the village.
The cloaked figure points his hands at Arashi with a chuckle, seeming amused despite the punishment it's taken. He points his hands up at the Arashi, sending blasts of lightning at him. Meanwhile the rain begin to get even stronger, causing floods all over the village that begin rise up higher and higher.

Nariko watched from the ground as Sanda ran away from the fight, even though she half listened to her orders. It was now on Arashi to fulfill her orders. "Go Arashi!" Though her yell was more weak and she was able to sit up a little bit as she watched. She'll Sanda a talk later…maybe.

COMBAT: Arashi defends against LIGHTNING-CRASH(69) attack from Taki with a STORM-ORBS…74

Arashi frowned and moved an orb in front of the blast of lightning. As the water would start reaching here he would eventually stand upon it. Luckily he could use water as well too. "You are amused? Don't tell me you are having fun?" He shook his head before using a lot of rain water to rise into the air and try to slam him into the ground(Or his own if can't use the rain) then that water would change into chains again to hold him in place on the ground. "I am not going to make this easy for you. So bring it on." He said with a scowl. He did not like Storm Brigade at all. Hated em almost as much as that old captain of his wherever he ended up."

Honestly, it's probably a good thing that Sanda ran away. She didn't exactly feel like going on a suicide mission, and she honestly wasn't really in on the whole 'we're actually supposed to get captured' plan. So she can lick her wounds a little bit, and hopefully the surrounding Brigade members don't strike her while she just hunkers down so they can report things to the superiors.

COMBAT: Taki defends against WATER-CLAMP(51) attack from Arashi with a WATER-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…100
COMBAT: Taki defends against WATER-CHAINS(69) attack from Arashi with a WATER-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…93

"Why not? This is a LOT of fun!" the figure exclaims with a laugh, and it seems it finally kicks into its final gear. It slams its hands on the ground, creating a wall of water that blocks Arashi's attacks. Then it brings a hand in front of it, creating sparks of lightning that forge into a powerful blade before their eyes as it charges toward Arashi and attempts to cut straight through him all at once.

Nariko watches Arashi go head to head against the figure and decides it might be time to at least put some bandages on her body where blood is coming out, slowly. "Punch his face Arashi!" She yells, with a cough at the end. She didn't like the figure and was annoyed she couldn't help.

COMBAT: Nariko heals Nariko for 260 with FIRST AID.
COMBAT: Arashi defends against FORGED-LIGHTNING-BLADE(96) attack from Taki with a ORBITAL-LASERS…91
COMBAT: Arashi loses the roll and sustains 2121 damage.

Arashi would be surprised bythe electricity and even though the lasers were put up quickly it just… It cut right through the lasers and right through him. He spasmed a bit and fell to a knee but he was not out yet. "You have something of ours. And I am not stopping until we know she is alright." He stood up quickly before forming a bunch of clones. Enough out of water where there is about a dozen of him all charging at this cloaked figure. ALl of them attacking and punching and as they explode into water he attempts one more time at that chain attack.

COMBAT: Taki defends against WATER-CLONE(60) attack from Arashi with a WATER-WALL…91
COMBAT: Taki defends against WATER-CHAINS(63) attack from Arashi with a WATER-WALL…78

"Doooo we now? You know that for sure? Maybe she went to get some ramen and got lost!" the figure calls out, cackling as it throws up another wall of water to block Arashi's attacks. "Or maybe she's in the afterlife! Why don't you go check for us? We'll wait here!" Pointing its hands forward, it sends another blast of lightning at Arashi, intending to put him down but not actually kill him… not yet anyway. Seems the Storm Brigade has a couple new shinobi it wants to add to its collection now.

COMBAT: Arashi defends against LIGHTNING-CRASH(96) attack from Taki with a ORBITAL-LASERS…76
COMBAT: Arashi loses the roll and sustains 1763 damage.

Arashi couldn't fight much longer so with that hit it was all it took to just knock him down. He went flying to the ground and just ay there spasming a bit. Seems he wasn't strong enough to stop em yet anyhow." He groaned as he tried but failed to get up. It just wasn't meant to be it seemed.

Aaaaand done. As Arashi is taken down by the blast of lightning, the cloaked figured cants its head lightly then moves to throw both Arashi and Nariko over its shoulders before flickering out of sight. A moment later the lightning that has been continuously flashing stronger in the sky concentrates and then begins to strike down in several pillars of lightning that flash down and flare out to wipe out the village as a whole with a massive electrical attack all at once that leaves nothing but a burning crater behind as the chakra signatures of the brigade begin to vanish in mass back into the sea.

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