The Storm Brigade - Storm in the Desert


Kefka (emitter), Itami, Arika, Rita, Hiroto

Date: August 5, 2016


The Storm Brigade attempt to take something from Sunagakure this time around, even flooding the village to try and achieve that goal.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Storm Brigade - Storm in the Desert"

Land of Wind - Outside Sunagakure

Being in the desert is quite an advantage when dealing with enemies that like to attack from the sea… Well, an advantage over the other villages because they're most likely to be attacked first. Sunagakure has had pretty good luck because of that up until now where they were one of the more heavily attacked villages during the war with the Silence, but it would seem that luck is finally changing… And the leader of this group may not be so apt to negotiate with the Kazekage for peace as Yuuma was considering she obliterated the entire building her own brother was in with prejudice just to keep him from spilling information.
Storms aren't COMPLETELY unheard of in the desert, but they aren't as common as they are for other places. Sandstorms are a lot more common. Still, black clouds aren't an immediate cause for concern all the time, unless one is looking out for attackers that use exactly those things to attack.
Today, though, thus far things seem pretty normal for the desert. Though there is some overcast sky and thing are getting dark, the storm brewing outside the gates appears to be made from the wind as per normal for Sunagakure. A giant sheet of dust and sand has kicked up in the surrounding desert, racing over the dunes at an alarming rate that threatens travelers and shinobi alike. Its pace and direction basically force people to try and outrun it to get to the village, but a number of folk are not so lucky. In fact some merchants and such have already been calling for help out in the sands as they've found themselves stuck and unable to navigate because they can't see far enough in the ever-changing terrain to tell where they're going. Sunagakure's forces are ready to come to the rescue, though, right?

As per usual, the warning for the weather is given to the village to be certain to take cover indoors until it passes. No need in getting trapped inside an easily avoidable sandstorm, at least, as far as the village was concerned. Teams were on standby to be ready to head out to find any travelers who may have been caught in the storm as it does tend to happen. Recovery teams have become an important asset to Suna, lately.
Still, one could argue that this storm is a bit stronger than others that have come through here. It's not unusual to see strong storms, but they don't tend to happen very often. Itami was already engaged in the normal measures to see people into their homes, but she didn't expect for reports to come flying in at such an alarming rate. "Just what is going on here?" She wondered to herself.
Looks like she'll have to send out the teams earlier than intended. So, she gathers up the recovery teams and gives them their instructions, albeit with some changes due to the nature of the storm they're heading out in. They'll need to be close together if they hope to be of any use to those out in the desert.

Arika just be minding her own business. She wasn't really anywhere in particular, of course, so long as that location happened to be in the Sunagakure village proper. Sadness. There's a small black mouse made of ink on her shoulder that somehow seems very grumpy… Or at least as grumpy as a tiny cute mouse can look. ~I'm bored.~ "It's boring." ~Don't you have more freedom with your promotion?~ "I dunno how t' use it, though." ~It doesn't mean you just sit around… What's the point of asking for it, then?~ "I didn't think Itami-chan would say yes!" ~Neither did I.~ "Hah!"
Then the storm begins to pick up. Arika frowns a bit, shielding her eyes as a bit of debris starts to fly all over. "Yuck… I thought it was supposed t' be nice out!" she huffs, frowning a bit and leaping up to stand atop one of the nearby roofs. She would peer around a bit, watching what looks to be some sort of tornado or dust storm come in at an alarming pace! ~That…~ "Doesn't look good," Arika says with a nod of agreement. With a single handseal, a second Ari would appear beside her before disappearing to examine this storm while the real Ari attempts to help the villagers get to the safety of 'indoors' and 'underground'.
As the clone makes its way towards the apparent storm, it would make a few ink creations of its own to scout up ahead. She couldn't really rely on wind at the moment, it seemed. ~Did you tell Itami?~ 'I think she would know about this easy…' Arika was right, of course. Itami definitely saw the storm and was helping people out.

Action! A long trip to Kirigakure had brought Rita into quite a dangerous situation, but no great strides are made without risk! Positives: Rita made a killing. Cons: Rita nearly got killed, several times. She didn't even get to pry apart all of the amazing ruins that the Land of Water apparently had. She never managed to find out what happened to the Kuomerites, and she never got deep enough in the Okumo caves to see the Great Subterrain. Whatever. Rita has returned to her 'true home', and what she sees on the horizon is actually quite mind blowing. Rita was not in Sunagakure, in fact, she found herself in the thick of the storm and the dust
At the top of a dune, miles away from the gates of Sunagakure, Rita gatheres herself. Standing tall, with the wind to her back which was currently working a number on her vibrant kimono and the numerous ribbons that hang off her stockings and upper arms dragging them in the wind's wake, she stood straight and tall as she slipped her hands up to her trademark… blue-lensed goggles? Odd. Doesn't she usually wear red lensed goggles? Isn't her otufit usually orange fading to red? Rita seems to have adopted the local Kirigakure colors, for now it seems as if she has adopted a 'Blue and Black' motif. That doesn't bode well. Nevertheless, with the storm raging all around her she skids down to the bottom of the dune she had so heroically posed upon. "This is one part of home I don't like!" She admits to herself with a grin. Perhaps, her positioning behind the storm that descended upon Sunagakure will give her an edge! For now, she sails the dunes through the very back end of the disturbance. Hopefully, she doesn't run into the sandstorm gremlins on the way home.

Hiroto was doing his job of helping to make sure people stayed safe and stayed indoors. The inside of the village was easy to keep calm for such a storm, and they would mostly eventually get herded into their homes or work places if indoor ones that worked. Of course there was something that didn't work too well in the fact that some people got caught outside. It wouldn't take long before him to find Itami and be assigned to a group to head out. Of course for him he wanted to have people he could work with on his little group. That would be Arika and Itami normally if both of them would be able to join him. Itami likely had to be in a more overall leader role though as in leading all the teams. Arika would get found by Tenshi and lead to Hiroto actually.. Though did he find the real Arika or the clone? Oh and rest of the birds are home.

The sandstorm continues to rage harder and harder, or it may just seem that way because it's getting louder the closer it gets to the village. Whatever the case, it doesn't bode well for those outside at all. As a plus, there aren't any black clouds or black cloaked figures seen thus far, so maybe it is just a natural storm that happens to be a rather strong one.
Out in the dunes, there are quite a number of people stick in the sands. Some appear to be merchants traveling on wagons that have been blown over or gotten their wheels stuck in the sand. Others appear to be simply travelers of various ages and groups of people, ranging from single people to groups of several that were probably a family making a trip between villages for supplies. They all call out for help at the top of their lungs, hoping to draw the attention of the shinobi so they can be brought into Sunagakure for safety.

COMBAT: Taki focuses 7928 stamina to turn it into 12000 usable chakra!

This storm was…really something. Itami knew the risks associated with carrying teams out into a storm like this, but in order to rescue those people, it had to be done. At the rate this wind is blowing, they'll be covered in no time if they haven't already been. Still, that's why she has the best on these teams and their combined efforts have saved countless lives from these sands. She doesn't intend on losing anyone yet.
"Storms are not uncommon to the desert, but I urge all of you to be cautious!" Itami called over the winds and dust. "This storm is particularly powerful! Be mindful of yourself and your fellow shinobi at all times, but most importantly, keep your skills and eyes sharp. We will be needing you all to help rescue those that have been victimized by the storm. We may not be used to this level of response, but we cannot back down as they are covered over in sand. Place up any defenses you must to protect yourselves and let's move forward!" She pointed out the gate and began to make her move.
This storm was going to be a tough one to ride out. More so than others as she can already feel herself needing to put out more energy for it. With that in mind, she decides to collect herself to be ready. At this rate, she was going to need more than just her own body to push her through.

COMBAT: Itami focuses 5405 stamina to turn it into 7000 usable chakra!

Arika glances up when Tenshi gets her attention. ~So I guess now-~ 'Urusai.' Yes, now is a bad time to try and eat the falcon. Jeez… Silly beast. Arika would wave a bit as she got some of the last civilians within Sunagakure indoors. It was definitely fortunate that they had a protocol for storms, even if this one was unusual. Her clone and its ink scouts notice the people still out there yelling for help, and it would head over to try and make sure that everything is okay. "Ne! Everyone! Try t' keep calm!" her young voice would yell out, the clone moving to the person closest to her to help out.
Meanwhile, the real Arika would follow Tenshi to wherever he intended to guide her, though she would frown a bit. "Ten-kun! Be careful! It's super windy, so you might blow away!" She didn't want that to happen D: As she moved, she figured she should gather more of her chakra just in case things take a turn for the worst.

COMBAT: Arika focuses 7062 stamina to turn it into 11111 usable chakra!

It was through the sand that Rita continued to drive herself, and as she crested a dune as she reached the middle of the storm that just seemed to grow stronger and stronger, she came upon a group of two traders whom seemed to be trapped. They were struggling to rig up a tent, and their pack animal had already died. The wind was becoming strong enough that sand was definitely getting into the lungs of unprepared creatures. it was fortunate that Rita had a scarf around her own face, or else she'd have the same problem. As she skid down to the pinned traders, she gave them a salute. "Hey there. You look like you're having trouble."

"We wouldn't if it wasn't for this… Unnatural sandstorm. I came from the direction it was from and I saw no signs of it forming. I'd have taken a different path if I had known!"
Rita reached into the collar of her Kimono, fishing around for something, before retreived one of her larger scrolls. "I'll help you out, but you owe me a meal. I'm seeking you out too." Rita expanded the scroll she had in her hand and in short order brought her hand to a seal as the scroll was carried by the wind. Moments later… Rita had pitched both men their very own tent. "This fabric should hold out. I'm serious when I say I'm coming to find you. That's my favorite tent! I'm also -VERY- hungry. Ciao!" She says as she puts up the peace symbol in short order and starts climbing the dunes once more.
All in all, this was better than a snowstorm in the Land of Water. "This is an unnatural sandstorm? Does that mean someone is actually causing this?"

Hiroto was still near to Itami, and was waiting for his bird to return as well as Arika joining him. His thoughts drove him to worry a bit as he heard of people going missing in some storms recently.. But more importantly storms were related to other recent things too. Though this one could be natural so it is safe to assume that this is possiby just natural. No sightings that could say otherwise anyways. Even then….he was gonna be cautious. Not that he wasn't all the time anyways. He started heading out when Itami did just as Tenshi would arrive onto his head. He used some chakra to sorta hold onto Hiroto without clawing into him, but Hiroto would just don a little cloak with a little pouch area Tenshi could sit in without flying around everywhere. His eyes shifted around as did Hiroto's…… There… Someone off in the distance. He moved carefully, but with good timing to hopefully help this person out. "Hello? Can you hear me?" Hiroto would have his mask on over his mouth allowing him to speak with both hands free. "Wait right there and I can help lead you back to the village." The storm was raging wildly though and even for him it would be work to find there way back. Luckily Tenshi had a much better chance to look around!

COMBAT: Hiroto focuses 3448 stamina to turn it into 3500 usable chakra!

Hiroto and Rita, for their part, get to be all heroic and help out some suffering villagers. The men the Amaro girl helps out would thank her quickly thank her. For Hiroto's part, a woman calls out to him. "I'M OVER HERE! PLEASE HELP!" She seems to have broken her leg when the winds of the sandstorm sent her tumbling down a dune. He would be able to scoop her up and take her back to Sunagakure easily enough. There are no attacks thus far, so maybe is IS just a natural sandstorm?
…. Not quite. As Itami approaches a group of villagers whose cart is overturned, she would suddenly finds a mass of lightning shooting from their fingertips her way as they try to strike her down with a vicious attack. As they attack, the henge falls away, and they'd be shown to be adorned in the black cloaks of the Storm Brigade, and it would seem the war has finally come to Sunagakure's doorstep.
Arika's luck is about the same as Itami's, or at least her Shadow Clone's luck is. As black clouds begin to gather over the sandstorm, water begins to fall from the sky in sheets, making it nearly impossible to see through it between the stirring dust and sand and the water. Amidst this water, a wave flies out of the falling drops to try and slam into her and get her just as stuck here as the villagers…. or maybe just burst the clone if that's what they're attacking.

RP: Itami transforms into LIZARD'S-HEART.
COMBAT: Itami defends against LIGHTNING-CRASH(86) attack from Taki with a DRAGON-SHEEN…61
COMBAT: Itami loses the roll and sustains 1631 damage.

"Are you alright!?" Itami questioned upon approach to the cart. She drew closer so that her visibility wouldn't be impacted. 'Just swell!' She'd hope they'd say or 'No, we're in need of assistance, please! Our cart overturned!' Or 'I told you we should've came later!' But no, instead, her hair begins to gather before her face and on her arms, they all stand on end. She braced herself and took up a defense by using her form to her advantage. She'd be shot back and jolted, quite literally, but she ought to be alright for now. She grunted as she shook the remainder of the static off her body.
"AMBUSH!" She called out. "BEWARE OF ATTACKERS!"
That said, she began her attack against the ones that assaulted her, bearing her claws as she dug in deep and launched herself forward to slash at them.

RP: Arika transforms into GALE.
COMBAT: Arika defends against TIDAL-BURST(73) attack from Taki with a VANISHING-GALE…72
COMBAT: Arika loses the roll and sustains 765 damage.

Arika's clone blinks at the rain pouring down. How odd… This was- Oh farewell!! The clone tries to rush away from the impending wave, but it ends up disappearing with a poof, and Arika's eyes widen when she receives that information. "Uh-oh…" is all she says. She has a bad feeling, now… "Hai…" she says to Itami, though the Kage wouldn't hear her words. She would draw her chakra forward, surging Gyuki's chakra to the point where she had a cloak of chakra around her form that created a dark bubbling purple figure of the Hachibi on two legs. It's pretty much the Version 2 release seen in the anime! Whee! Arika takes a moment to try and figure out where those attacks came from, and then several arms of chakra would spring out from the cloak to try and grab people who weren't actually cowering.


Rita was still sand-bound, but her impeccable sense of direction has allowed the hunter of ruins to find one of the few cities that have resisted becoming ruins time and time again. Resisting such things as rampant Jinchuuriki, for instance. Or surviving a giant magnifying glass in the sky. Sunagakure really was a giant inhabited ruin.
With the wind of the sandstorm behind her back, Rita has found her way ever closer to Sunagakure. It seemed for the most part, there were no civilians in need of significant saving, which allowed her to move forward… Where the action was! Even though, honestly, she had no idea anything was off right now. She was actually planning on whether to bathe in mint oil, or find a fruity soap to scrub the stress right off. She wouldn't even think that the Kazekage had just been smacked by lightning.

Hiroto had swept the woman into his arms and carried her all the way back to Sunagakure quickly enough. Once there she was handed off to medics so he could head back out. Only then did he notice that he was hearing shouts of an ambush, and he sighed. Just great. Does that mean the ones attacking are-….. Hmmm no matter who they are he has to get the shinobi together. Being split up makes it easy to pick them off. They have a better chance to defend themselves and therefore save more lifes if they stick together. Big group or not. "Everyone! Begin to gather together and form bigger groups. We need to make sure we aren't so easily taken out." He shouted before heading out to wherever he saw Itami and Arika exactly. GOod thing a part Bijuu and Dragon were easy to spot…… For now though he didn't know who was the biggest threats so with Tenshi pointing out targets to him he just let arrows quickly fly.

RP: Hiroto transforms into TENSHI'S-EXPERIENCE.
COMBAT: Taki defends against HYPER-SPEED-CHAIN-KILL(87) attack from Itami with a WATERSPOUT…87
COMBAT: Taki defends against BIJUU-BRANCHING-ARMS(93) attack from Arika with a RIDE-THE-LIGHTNING…61
COMBAT: Taki loses the roll and sustains 808 damage.
COMBAT: Taki defends against BIJUU-BRANCHING-ARMS(71) attack from Arika with a RIDE-THE-LIGHTNING…90
COMBAT: Taki defends against BIJUU-BRANCHING-ARMS(104) attack from Arika with a RIDE-THE-LIGHTNING…88
COMBAT: Taki loses the roll and sustains 716 damage.
COMBAT: Taki defends against QUICK-SHOT(25) attack from Hiroto with a WIND-BARRIER…45
COMBAT: Taki defends against QUICK-SHOT(36) attack from Hiroto with a WIND-BARRIER…50
COMBAT: Taki defends against QUICK-SHOT(24) attack from Hiroto with a WIND-BARRIER…72

Oh no! An attack by the mighty Kazekage! Whatever will they do?! Probably laugh out loud from what is sounds like as Itami would be swept up in a giant tornado of water that forms out of the sheets of rain falling so block her attack. It doesn't stay a tornado for long, though!… It grows denser and falls down on her like a streaming flood to try and last the dragoness and keep her down for the count.
Arika, however, seems to have a bit more luck. Though her clone gets blasted by water and poofed, her branching arms manage to grab up a couple of the Storm Brigade members… One, however, is not captured, and he is far from going down so easily. He instead whispers something into his hand before pointing his hands forward at the coming beast to try and blast her with lightning. How is this little kid doing better than the Kage?
For Hiroto's part, his arrows are rather easily deflected by the wind… and it seems to actually fight back! The wind attempts to blast the Hayato back and open him up for an attack, which comes directly from the rain crossing with the sandstorm that races ever toward Sunagakure as what appears to be a spike of water flies out of the storm directly at his chest.
Rita… has minded her own business, so she is left alone for now.

RP: Itami transforms into DRAGON'S-MIGHT.
COMBAT: Itami defends against GREAT-WATERFALL(83) attack from Taki with a DRAGON-SCALES…82
COMBAT: Itami loses the roll and sustains 1374 damage.

Itami feels herself getting swept up into the air only to come back down again in a forced torrent of water. She hit the ground with a thud, though she was able to manage the blow, she now had to manage the waterfall that was currently coming down atop her. Even being a dragon, it was a bit much. Her outlook wasn't looking too well. "Gather up any victims you can manage and leave!" She called. "While you still have the strength to do so!" She called out. "We need these people taken to safety and treated!" She shouted, though she imagines it would be tough to hear over the sound of rushing water.

COMBAT: Arika defends against LIGHTNING-CRASH(80) attack from Taki with a VANISHING-GALE…85

What men had been captured by Arika's tails would find themselves being dangled around so that she could get a good view of them. Then she would open her mouth and unleash a series of wind spheres, all of them compressed for maximum piercing power, at point blank range. It wasn't as devastating as, say, a tailed beast ball, but it would still be extremely painful. The problem is that there is a lot of lightning incoming, so the girl has to shift herself around a bit, captives in tow, so that she can actually turn them into little bits and pieces.

RP: Rita transforms into STEEL-RESOLVE.
COMBAT: Rita successfully interrupts attack number 4: WATER-LANCE from Taki against Hiroto with a roll of 70 vs 56.
COMBAT: Rita defends against WATER-LANCE(56) attack from Taki with a STEEL-CLOTH-EVASION…67

Mind her business no more! Rita has finally arrived to save Hiroto! While, it was pretty clear that she did not see the incoming wind, she did see the lance of water! Just as she crested one last dune, and despite the terrible vision conditions she sees it clearly through her blue tinted goggles. Hiroto was the target of the coalescing form of water. Hiroto was completely defenseless! She had to save him! That's okay, because her sash is extra long! As she dashes down the dune to assist Hiroto, she would reach back and pull on the bow that keeps her rather layered sash together. In one throwing motion, she launches the sash at Hiroto and surrounds him with it. Right as it wrapped around his waist, she grabbed the cloth on her end and infused it with chakra. It hardened around Hiroto. One swift motion and she pulled Hiroto towards her!
"Hey! You look like you're in trouble!" Rita said as she spun in place and gave Hiroto one of her amazingly generic anime salutes, all the while the sash uncurled from his form. "Don't you worry! I'm here to save you!" He confident smile was amazingly assuring!
… Of course, she didn't see that a larger mass of wind was tumbling his way. "What is going on even? Shinobi training session in the sandstorm?" Where was the person Hiroto was fighting even at?

COMBAT: Hiroto defends against HOWLING-WIND(74) attack from Taki with a INTUITIVE-MOVEMENT…87

Hiroto was now being attacked himself it seemed. His arrows seemingly attracting attention to him. He didn't see the wind itself but he watched the sand it carries. The water seemed to be coming quicker though when suddenly he was grabbed and pulled. When it was revealed to be Rita he smiled slightly. "Thanks for the help, but uhh…" He paused as the wind and sand rushed towards them. Enough of it that they were basically both gonna be hit. So instead of letting that happened he in the matter of second swept Rita off her feet and shifted just to the side right as the wind passed and hit the ground. "We are being attacked. Glad to know you aren't as weak as you made yourself out to be." And since they were in the middle of a fight he would set her down and redraw his bow to fire an arrow towards where the water came from. It was a bola so a wider range to catch the attacker.

COMBAT: Taki defends against VACUUM-SPHERE(59) attack from Arika with a WATER-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…77
COMBAT: Taki defends against VACUUM-SPHERE(78) attack from Arika with a WATER-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…96
COMBAT: Taki defends against BOLA-ARROW(53) attack from Hiroto with a WATER-WALL…77

Itami's luck is pretty bad in this battle. Even as the Kazekage calls out orders to get villagers to safety, the Storm Brigade members around here are still attacking. While she is caught in their water stream. they point their hands at her once again, sending almost innumerable streams of lightning her way in an attempt to bring her down early…. Maybe they should take her… but another could be the priority perhaps that is doing a bit better.
Arika is able to easily blast the men she has captured to bits thanks to her hold on them, sending body parts flying all over. The final of that trio, however, is not going down without a fight. He shifts through handseals and breaths forth a powerful jet of water that threatens to pierce straight through the girl's body and carve through her.
Those at the gates, meanwhile, have run out of time and luck on not being attacked as the massive encroaching wall of water and sand starts to come over the gates and try to blast through. Hiroto and Rita and those around them would see violent waves blasting forth from the rain, attempting to crash through them again and again to make way for the Brigade to attack Sunagakure.

COMBAT: Itami defends against LIGHTNING-CRASH(91) attack from Taki with a TENSE…19
COMBAT: Itami loses the roll and sustains 2627 damage.
RP: Itami uses S-RANK-CHARGE.

Itami took the full force of the lightning to her body at that point, feeling every muscle in her body tense as it flowed over and through her. At least the torrent stopped. Her ears were ringing from it, but it stopped. Now she had more to worry about as her vision was starting to blur. "MAKE SURE EVERYONE IS TAKEN TO SAFETY!" She called out her orders seeing how much progress had been made since the beginning of the engagement. "THIS IS NO LONGER A STORM WARNING!" She flew up as high as she could, making sure that her voice could carry in the midst of this storm. Up above, she could survey the damage, but to be honest, it looks like Sunagakure is going to endure another battering.
In an effort to try and create some time for the evacuation, she intended on using what remained of her energy to begin her dive back down to the earth.

COMBAT: Arika defends against PURE-WATER-SPEAR(82) attack from Taki with a JUST-A-BREEZE…91

Arika is pretty hard to catch, it seems. The girl isn't taking many chances, and having a little voice to tell her 'watch out' is useful. The girl sees the blast of water, and it merely passes through some wind that would make it seem like the girl never even was there. Taking a deep breath, Arika would attempt to release a very loud roar that would temporarily stun those listening too closely. Of course, she wasn't in the form of the hulking beast she contains, so it was probably less effective… ._.

COMBAT: Rita defends against VIOLENT-WATER-WAVE(59) attack from Taki with a STEEL-CLOTH-EVASION…70
COMBAT: Rita defends against VIOLENT-WATER-WAVE(55) attack from Taki with a TENSE…5
COMBAT: Rita loses the roll and sustains 1429 damage.
COMBAT: Rita focuses 4726 stamina to turn it into 6000 usable chakra!

"Huh? No, you're mistaken." Rita said with a smirk, raising a big thumbs up. "Like I said, I'm not a shinobi. That was just beginner's luck!" Of course, being carried wasn't quite Rita's thing. "That wasn't going to hit me, by the way. It was clearly homed in on you…" Slipping off of Hiroto, she spent a moment to try and swing her arms about to prepare for combat. Just in time for a deluge to whisk her away, impacting her quite heavily. Surprise surprise, she wasn't prepared for combat. She was whisked away by the water away from Hiroto. Fortunately, before she went crashing into the gate which would have caused even more damage, she hardened one of her ribbons and bent it to the form of a pick-axe, before digging it into the stone wall to keep her from drifting any further. "Headache…" She groaned as she dragged her soaked for out of the water and stepped atop it. "That wasn't attractive at all."

COMBAT: Taki defends against BIJUU-SONIC-CATASTROPHE(87) attack from Arika with a SEAL-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…80
COMBAT: Taki loses the roll and sustains 782 damage.
COMBAT: Taki defends against BIJUU-SONIC-CATASTROPHE(85) attack from Arika with a SEAL-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…66
COMBAT: Taki loses the roll and sustains 828 damage.
COMBAT: Taki defends against BIJUU-SONIC-CATASTROPHE(91) attack from Arika with a WATER-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…99

"Dang it, you guys need to stop goofing around!" a voice calls out amidst the storm, somehow booming through it. Floating through the storm, another black cloak is seen, this one feeling a lot more powerful than the others. He brings his hands into a seal and breaths forth a powerful jet of water, so powerful it cuts through the storm to try and carve through both Itami and Arika.
Arika has some luck blasting the guys she's attacking, after all, catching most of the ones she aims at and leaving them stunned and opened up for another attack. Some, however, are still up and ready to help this man attack. Those shift through seals, sending waves at the gates of the village over and over once again.

COMBAT: Itami defends against PURE-WATER-SPEAR(97) attack from Taki with a DRAGON-ARMOR…82
COMBAT: Itami loses the roll and sustains 2262 damage.

And carve it did. As Itami was gathering for one final assault, the jet found its way to her and pierced through, sending her into a spin as she fell limp back down into the river that was rushing at the gates of the village. It hurt to be fully aware and fully in pain, but at the moment, there was nothing she could do but get carried off by the current. She could only hope at this point, that the people have been safely evacuated. If she knows her village enough, all should have been accounted for by this time.

COMBAT: Arika defends against PURE-WATER-SPEAR(95) attack from Taki with a GONE-WITH-THE-WIND…120
COMBAT: Arika heals Arika for 2290 with ADVANCED REGENERATION.
RP: Arika uses SHADOW-CLONE.
RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a JUST-A-BREEZE…111

Arika blinks a bit when a voice calls out, and she would frown slightly, then make a handseal as she gathered wind to herself. The water spear was avoided quickly, and she would be at Itami's side, the girl glancing down at the Kage. She frowns a bit. 'Can I pick her up without damaging her?' she would ask inwardly, to which the voice rumbles, ~Just be quick about it… I'd rather not take the risk.~ Arika would nod visibly and she would make a handseal, forming another 'Gyuki' person thing that would pick up Itami with no visible strain and disappear with the dragon to deposit her somewhere safe. In the meantime, she would look to the sky and search for the source of that water and voice. "Ne! You better go away you big meanie!!" she would yell out in her childish tone. Really, it might be hard not to laugh at the little 'girl' yelling at the assaulting Storm Brigade.

COMBAT: Rita defends against VIOLENT-WATER-WAVE(55) attack from Taki with a STEEL-CLOTH-EVASION…82

It had taken a while of rolling upon the writhing waves for Rita to get her wits about her. Yet, now it was her time to shine wasn't it? "I can't see one freakin' person." As Rita brings a finger to her mouth she bites down in thought, all the while another gush of water travels towards her. "Okay… Guess it's time to get serious!" Rita says as she furrows her brow and tugs her sahs completely off. It was the most special steel cloth in her retinue. When the sash was tugged off, her Kimono slipped open revealing another Kimono! One that was completely black, with it's own sash! That's because Rita's outer Kimono isn't clothing. It's steel cloth armor! Whipping that sash out, she digs it completely into the rocky side of Sunagakure's wall to propel her high above the roiling waves. As soon as her feet hit the wall, she clung to it for a few moments as she loosened the cloth and pulled it free. Then she whipped out the full length of the cloth, and straightened it out. It was… about half the size of a football field at maximum size, and after the current wave died down she vaulted…
As she hit the water once more, she swung a wide arc into the darkness, the steel cloth becoming it's most rigid as she attempted to mow down whatever she could within the storm that obscured her vision! At the end of the giant swing, she rubbed the dust from her gauntlets, "I didn't get a thing did I…"

COMBAT: Hiroto defends against VIOLENT-WATER-WAVE(66) attack from Taki with a INTUITIVE-EXPLOIT…53
COMBAT: Hiroto loses the roll and sustains 1289 damage.
COMBAT: Hiroto defends against VIOLENT-WATER-WAVE(70) attack from Taki with a INTUITIVE-EXPLOIT…74
COMBAT: Hiroto defends against VIOLENT-WATER-WAVE(82) attack from Taki with a INTUITIVE-MOVEMENT…59
COMBAT: Hiroto loses the roll and sustains 847 damage.
RP: Hiroto uses WATER-WALKING.

Hiroto was not clued in to what was happening elsewhere. Too focused on his own mess. Plus he was knocked senseless with his bird flying out just before it got drowned inside of cloak. That would've shielded. Sadly this meant that Hiroto was on the ground and just now standing up to be knocked down a second time this time being slammed right against the gate. "This… Rita you still aright yeah? You don't mind making sure I don't get attacked for a moment? I need to focus….. Especially in this storm." Tenshi was now back on Hiroto's head as they stood on water. He held a very thin arrow that surprisingly carried a lot of weight to it. It seemed to be made to fly far as well as hit deep. WHat wasn't apparent was the poisoned the arrow was also drenched in. "I don't know who is attacking me, but with Tenshi here I think I will be able to hit him or her." So he seemed to be turning slowly with arrow drawn and his breathing slowing so he could aim for a vital spot. Now if only Arika could get a clone over here to provide help or drag them around to provide help elsewhere. TEAMWORK!

RP: Hiroto uses A-RANK-CHARGE.
COMBAT: Taki defends against STEEL-CLOTH-GREATSWORD(65) attack from Rita with a WATER-WALL…71

It looks like the group won't get to take the person they wanted to take, but at least they managed to put the Kazekage on the ground. Still, things aren't going to get much better since Arika was apparently prepared for this strike. Next time Hatsu will have to come if they hope to take her for use in their conquest. Still, not to let this place go to waste, the remaining Brigade members began going through handseals, and suddenly the storm over Sunagakure would turn into gigantic waterfall at the gates meant to obliterate and sweep away buildings, people, animals and whatever else may be there.

Evacuation has become a bit of a thing for Sunagakure now, but there are lives still to be claimed. Lives unused to the power that water has. The shinobi, though they placed the effort into getting people cleared out, found themselves caught up in the torrent and swept away, striking all manner of surfaces or simply being taken by the water itself. It is a grisly sight watching a body being thrown around as if it were caught in a windstorm. Buildings creak and crack under the force, some tumble and others are lifted entirely off their foundations, following the water wherever it may flow until it comes to rest elsewhere.
With the circumstances as they are, all medical support had to be moved below ground as the water filled up many of the floors of the hospital. It's safe to say that the equipment is damaged there and will need to be replaced, along with a couple floors that suffered collapse. Below ground, everything sounds like the thundering of a hurricane, water drips from time to time as it flushes through some parts of the catacombs underneath. Some areas were waterlogged, but otherwise would be fine once they drained. It is safe to say that some of the dead have been stirred out of their resting place and would need to be found again, assuming the water didn't carry them deeper into the tunnels that coiled beneath the village.
Itami was beginning to come to, listening to the sounds of despair and panic while also hearing the shouts of the medical team that surrounded her and others who had been injured. She couldn't stay here. She had to go. She had to see to the village. "We can't allow you to move. You're in no condition to do so. Anymore and you may truly end up dead," one of the medics voiced their stern concern. "I…I know," she remarked defeatedly.

RP: Itami reverts to her normal state.
COMBAT: Taki attacks target 1 with GREAT-WATERFALL with a roll of: 77
COMBAT: Taki attacks target 1 with GREAT-WATERFALL with a roll of: 76
COMBAT: Taki attacks target 1 with GREAT-WATERFALL with a roll of: 94
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with INTERRUPT with a roll of: 84
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with INTERRUPT with a roll of: 70
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with INTERRUPT with a roll of: 77
RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a SHADOW-CLONE…77
RP: Arika reverts to her normal state.

As Taki and the Storm Brigade attempt to obliterate Sunagakure, Arika's clone would move quickly to absorb some of the water, even turning into a fuller version of the Hachibi, as exhausting as it was. The water would sort of … stop against the clone, preventing the flood from passing for a little bit. A section of the Hidden Sand, thankfully, wasn't going to get as badly flooded thanks to that effort. Arika, running out of chakra, chooses to do a last ditch effort to attack Taki, who she finally spotted. The girl has a blade of wind in her hand, and she would seek to throw it much like a lance towards the Brigade Leader (or one of them) to try and injure him before he disappears.
Arika then proceeds to go back to puny-size because she had exhausted her chakra resources and the clone had some more of it… Dang Clone. Sometimes it was good. Sometimes it just sabred :|

As the water prepares to basically turn Sunagakure into a big lake, Rita continues to swing her giant cloth in large swathes, eventually to the point of tiring herself out. The sandstorm combined with the water underfoot made attack from any place quite probable. Eventually Rita gave up, settling down upon the top of the water cross-legged as her elbows rest on her knees and her head rested in her hands. Why the hell was she trying so hard? "My hometown is in the north west… What am I even doing? We've basically lost. They lost, actually." Rita sighed. It's not like she was a shinobi.
As Rita, catching her breath and having a mid-battle-life-crisis, suddenly lays back in the water the jutsu that was going to wreck the entire hidden village suddenly spread out in her direction. Even though she was able to float above the water seamlessly with chakra, the huge surge of water rose up and flooded overtop of her in short order! She ended up sinking before resurfacing a moment later looking rather unhappy. As she dragged herself out of the water she managed to catch a glimpse of what happened to the gate… Whatever happened to it of course.

Hiroto wasn't being attacked himself, and would be able to move enough to get into a position as the water rushed over… Once it was settled he just focused and not too long later he fired. The storm made it basically one of the hardest shots he would have to make, but if it hit he may get them a captive at least. His eyes would find Rita, and he shook his head. "No we are fine. It could've been worse." He would then grab two other shinobi before trying to go retrieve the body… They didn't want it to be killed. Tenshi was with him, and if they even caught a glimpse of people moving on them they would retreat back to the walls. Had to be careful. Hopefully Arika also did some damage huh? Well either way they would have even more work ahead of them. Suna is just a punishment magnet it seems.

COMBAT: Taki defends against BLADE-OF-WIND(78) attack from Arika with a WATER-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…71
COMBAT: Taki loses the roll and sustains 1678 damage.
COMBAT: Taki defends against FATAL-SHOT(72) attack from Hiroto with a WATER-WALL…97

Surprisingly some of the water manages to be staved off by Arika's effort…. and she even manages to get a hit on Taki, who is sliced and goes flying back into the sand and rain to be hidden again as he utters curses under his breath. While most people are busy trying to figure out what they're going to do about the flood that came to destroy them, the Brigade begins to fall back through the storm's cover… It seems, despite the destruction, things basically came to a draw since Sunagakure wasn't totally flattened and Arika wasn't taken, but there WAS a good amount of damage done, especially to the Kazekage.

Arika huffs softly as it seems the storm and the Brigade are both retreating, and she crosses her arms over her chest and puffs up as if she had driven them away herself. "An' don' come back!!" she shouts after them. Of course, she's sorta far from Suna, and she's tired. She wishes that she was closer… With a handseal, she gathers chakra and would zip back to Suna to check on the injured Kage and her friends and the village. She didn't like the look of that wave, and her clone was sorta redirecting the water by drawing a ditch with a giant Hachibi arm.

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