The Storm Brigade - The Storm at Kiri's Gates


Yoichi (as Hatsu), Kiji, Naoya, Mizumi, Ren

Date: June 28, 2016


Kirigakure gets its first official taste of the Storm Brigade's wrath… Especially when one of their Jounin is kidnapped!

"The Storm Brigade - The Storm at Kiri's Gates"

Land of Water - Outside Kirigakure

The day has been pretty normal thus far, yet there is likely a bit of alert still as the village has issued warning that their own Head Hunter, and one of the Seven Swordsman, has turned his back on the shinobi world and wishes to see it end… and that includes them. Still, it's been at least a couple weeks since the attack on Konohagakure where Kirigakure was blamed for the formation of the Storm Brigade, a rumor that has since been nullified, at least in theory.
The sun peaks over the horizon, offering a lovely friendly day to the village. Surely such a day wouldn't offer Kirigakure any trouble… but then again trouble doesn't tend to come when it's convenient.

With the middle of the afternoon passing, Naoya departs from the Academy, while many students were still on the grounds, he was no longer task bound to remain any further. Dressed rather simply, the only items noting his rank was a vestment worn as a half skirt while along his thighs were slender pouches beyond the pouch on one hip. Dark golden eyes set his gaze into a distant glare while his hands work their way into a hip pouch to draw out a book along with a pen before flicking through the pages. Traveling from the northern edge of the village, the young man makes his way to the market place but not once looking at the book despite the pen wielding hand rapidly making notes on both sides of several pages.
Murmuring to himself, Naoya doesn't seem to pay much attention to the villagers around him, yet managed not to bump into a single person. 'So few attempts as of late, even fewer can manage to think up a unique patterns to attempts. I had hoped for something interesting after the return, which lessons should be added.. I'm thinking coordination tactics.' Ticking his head to one side rigidly, the writing hand stops suddenly causing his eyes to shift in tone to a bright amber. A soft smile appears on his lips as he pauses in front of an herbalists front but it was fleeting by the time he made his way into the building.

Kiji had been busy. The return of the Doiharas along with Naoya was all well and good but they brought dark tidings. And one member of Kirigakure knew as soon as she heard what had gone on, that Yoichi — Hatsu — was going to come at Kirigakure at some point. A few months earlier, even 6 weeks ago, she would have not believed it. But there were changes in her mentor that she had noted but not connected. Until now. First things first, though… The interrim weeks had allowed Kiji to help make an evacuation plan. There were more than shinobi in Kirigakure. There were civilians to deal with as well. Patrols were increased of course.. All of this would be arranged to go with Ishino's high alert order.
For Kiji the day had started out typical, tough busy. She had gathered some basic information on the students of the academy and chosen the top 10 in their classes which included Ren and Mizumi. The students had elected Ren and Mizumi as the two 'captains' of the Student teams. She had called them to the gates for a briefing, though she did keep her mind open and ears sharp. She would wait there for them to arrive before they would go over the evac plan one more time and how they would need to handle the civilians and the students in thier assigned groups.

To say the least Ren was surprised he was elected as captain buy he figured it was more likely because the other students didn't want to do it. He didn't mind he guessed and would head on over to where they were supposed to meet up. When he got there he would stay quiet until Kiji gave them their final orders and sent them on their way. Of course he would make sure she knew they were there…

Mizumi is fairly sure that she and Ren were selected as Captains because the other students were hoping that the duo would make themselves a mockery. They were, of course, the only ones who had yet to attempt to 'kill' Naoya so far into the challenge… It was only naturally that they be further shunned. Mizumi didn't care, though. This was just another chance to prove herself. She follows after Ren, making sure to at least keep up. She could do that now! Keep up with people who are walking at a normal pace, that is. The girl tried to make conversation while they were moving to meet with Kiji, but Ren was too focused on being quiet. "Kiji-san," Mizumi greets with a salute that was relatively unique to the Hidden Mist. The girl couldn't help but cast her senses out to see if Kiji was trying to test them. She expected that more of Naoya, but Kiji spent enough time with that particular Okumo that one could never be too sure.

While the people go about their days and try to plan against something happening, they had best figure out if their plans are laid out well enough pretty quickly since it looks like time is up. The Sensors near the gates of the village would pick up that there is a huge amount of chakra drifting in through the wind as the sky darkens and rain begins to fall upon the village. Sounds of thunder and flashes of lightning signal show that, through the forests around the village, figures in dark cloaks by the dozen begins to approach Kirigakure.
The wrath of their lost Swordsman has come knocking at Kirigakure's doorstep, but the question is… Is their intent to end Kirigakure here and, or are they simply here to basically cause havoc and basically fire a huge warning shot like they did in Konoha. Either way, they are not stopping as they approach the walls and gates of Kirigakure.

Without the ability to detect chakra, the young Okumo was left unaware of the true meaning of the winds and the storming. 'Annoying.. We'll return to the burrow soon, the other supplies can wait.' Walking from the storefront, Naoya's pouches were somewhat thicker and more padded as he makes his way from the market's center. Bringing his hands together, he twists his fingers together before patting his brow, forcing a ripple to wave through his hair, causing it to shift steadily for a time but then settling with a faint veil covering it, prepared for the rain. Making his way towards the village's gates would be the first time he would notice that several patrolling teams were now on high alert as well as the number of defense forces were thickening steadily. '..No, none are scheduled, what's triggering this?'

The sensors, Kiji included, sensed the massive amount of chakra coming at them, and then it began to rain and Kiji whirled to take Mizui and Ren by the shoulder each. Her eyes a brigh glden, the color of alarm, willingness to fight. "Okay, listen. deploy your teas and eeryone help escort the children and villagers. If ANBU r Hunters give an order, follow it. But most of all…" She leveled her piercing eyes on them, a firm grip on ther shoulders. "Your classmates are looking up to you. Your village mates are looking to you for aid. But most of all, I believe you can do this. Know that and know I do not simply spread such faith easily. Now. Speak nothing and go swiftly."
Then Kiji turned and began gathering her chakra. Climbing to he top of the gtes to peer over them she watched as the army came into view. Silence reigned for long moment…. This wasnt good….

Ren could not sense what was coming. He was not skilled at that of course. But from others he obviously understood it. When Kiji spoke he just gave a nod in response since she so obviously wanted them to get moving. He looked to the others with a slight frown and just began to lead the way. Hopefully as they took their path they wouldn't have to deal with any threats, but if any popped up it was likely…hopefully…that the anbu could handle it. He kept quiet and just made little gestures with his hands to signal what to do or where to go next.

Well, Mizumi wasn't expecting anything, but the things that even a sensor of her own caliber can feel..? It makes her face go pale and her eyes grow a bit wider. Kiji hardly needed to look back to her for a warning… In fact, Mizumi was about to warn Ren when Kiji moved. "Hai," she says, trying to steel herself. She could do this… She could do this… The girl takes a moment to gather some chakra, though, and then she would start to head out.
Mizumi would make her way to the Academy firstly, trying to find her fellow students to warn them and get them helping with the evacuation plans. Any civilians she met with were told to start making their way along the escape paths quickly, but in an orderly manner.

The army comes into view rather quickly, though they don't attack just yet. At the very front of said army, two figures stand, one in the tradition black robe of the Storm Brigade and the other… a buxom woman with long white hair in a military-esque uniform that marks her as the leader of the group, especially given that the Kiba blades hang at her waist. Though only one of the group will have ever actually seen this part of Yoichi before, it wouldn't take much for the others to figure out that this is Hatsu.
As she arrives at the gates, Hatsu looks up them then looks directly in the direction of Kiji. A light smirk comes to her face before she looks back forward. "…. Shinobi of Kirigakure. This is your only chance. Realize the corruption of the shinobi villages and join us. Otherwise you will be part of the coming war, and you will be decimated."

Stepping forward as the large display of forces are marched steadily closer to the village's gates until two figures become rather prominent. Lifting his right hand, Naoya waves it out and to the side, motioning as if a wall was in front of himself. A faint snarl creeps across his lips though it regresses when his begins to speak loudly. "Those who betray this village will be known as the enemy and will be slaughtered, a treatment that befits those that turn their backs on the very reason they have strength, the very reason they survived until this point."
Turning his hand upwards, several small creatures shift from along his neck and crawl to his shoulders, monitoring his left and right sides while he speaks. "The might of this village is one that you have seen, one 'you' have raised.. The reason this army is here for us Kirigakure is because they need our strength. The one who was entrusted the Kiba blades knows that this village above all others is a threat." Naoya, who rarely spoke in the open, much less made speeches almost taking his time, being careful of his words but also extending the time the students seem to be taking to assist clearing the local area of those unfit for war. along with time for the ANBU forces to arrive.

Kiji stood a the top of the wall with Naoya. Her eyes were golden and her chakra was raised but she kept her eyes on Hatsu. Quietly to naoya she confirmed this was indeed Yoichi's true form. She had known for some time though the whole face-heel-turn was confusing. Still, she held up a hand to Naoya, leaning over to whisper into his ear before she held up her hands. Toward Hatsu, in a gesture that was more calming than accusing.
It was a simple word but it meant everything to her right then. She stepped forward and then off the wall, walking out about halfway to Hatsu's position, expecting either agression or for her to meet Kiji on the field.

Ren was moving as quickly and efficiently as he could. Getting folks together along the way and spreading the word. Keeping everyone in a calm state hopefully. Once he was through that much he planned to quickly meet up with Mizumi. Seems no fighting had begun yet luckily.

Mizumi was thanking various lucky stars and the strictness that Kirigakure's teachers imposed on the students, seeing as how almost all the students were quick to obey her orders. They knew that she was entrusted with the evacuation plan with Ren, after all. And even though they didn't like her that much, they couldn't do much but listen unless they felt like turning into roast students. Mizumi closed her eyes to check and see if there were any remaining chakra signatures within the school, but she didn't find any. It seemed that everyone had left, and the few teachers still inside had gathered any stragglers. With the Academy cleared out, Mizumi would make her way towards the barracks in short order. Not many people would be there, hopefully. Only a few students at the most. She had to make sure to warn as many as she could. It was a good thing she got her legs healed, she supposed, considering that now she can move quickly to save her fellow students instead of being the one having to follow.

As Naoya gives his speech, Hatsu only smirks up at him like he's telling some corny story. She shakes her head and seems almost ready to ignore him, but then Kiji comes closer and makes her request. The leader of the brigade cants her head slightly then looks over at Taki and holds a hand up as it to motion for him and the others not to attack for now.
She then looks back to Kiji, nodding. "Parlay granted," she says, her voice every bit as thunderous as it could be when she was Yoichi. Having faith that Kiji will honor the pact of the word she used, Hatsu steps forward to meet Kiji halfway, looking her over as she waits for her to speak.

While his face remained largely controlled though with Kiji's interjection, his jaw visibly tenses. Lowering his right hand behind himself, his palm rests on the pummel of a steel blade but not yet poised to draw it. "Traitor.. That is what 'it' is now. Lost its mind yet again.. It isn't what your sensei was, don't forget that" is said in a lowered tone while she passed by him. Shifting his eyes from Hatsu, Naoya begins to focus onto Taki, examining the man the best he could from the fair distance between them.

Kiji bowed her head appropriately and went to meet Hatsu half way. Man or woman hatsu was still much taller than Kiji, but Kiji's presence was larger than her small frame might initially display. She glanced at her feet for a second, collecting her thoughts before she looked back up, eyes showing a hint of pain in the yellow depths. "Hatsu-sensei, please… Don't do this.. Why are you betraying me?" Her voice was quiet, too quiet for most to hear, meant only for hatsu. "Can you tell me why? Can you give me a reason to surrender and hand Kiri over to you? Or are you going to force me to fight you….?" This possibility seemed to red at Kiji's soul, her eyes darkening as her level of severity and bitter pain grew. She looked over at Taki… "Who is he? Please, Hatsu-sensei…. Explain this to me?……w…was it me?" Perhaps Kiyoshi and Yoichi and others all had a good reason to abandon her… was she simply naive? Naoya's warning…. was it being ignored? She waited for Hatsu-neesan to answer her… Give a reason, a good reason to surrender. Give a reason fr betrayal. At least an explanation…

Ren collected the last butt of civies he could and any others would join the pack as a wave rolled over the village in a… metaphorical sense. He lead this wave right towards where Mizumi was as he couldn't find her yet and figured helping her round up others was important. Even then there were likely a lot more still to find… Just so much to do. They could try to look for more and find or not find them. Or they could make sure to get what they have to the evac route.

Those that were in the administration building were all strong enough to essentially need no warning. That, or their guards had already administered such. Mizumi didn't sense anyone in the admin hall when she focused, so she could only assume they were already evacuating or prepping to fight. The library was a bit of a different story. Within were a few of the more studious students; students that Mizumi only vaguely recognized. "You three," she would say. "Hurry up and help with the evacuation or get yourselves out and follow the plan. The enemy is here, and we have to get out /now/," she tells them. Her tone is very serious, and it seems enough to get them to start moving. One moves a bit slower than the others, but a nudge with her staff pushes him into the right pace.
With that done, Mizumi closes her eyes again and tries to regroup with Ren. She would make her way over to his location, eyes closed as she uses her sixth sense more than the others. Actually, she accidentally bumps into him. Oops. ><; "Ren-kun, I got a lot of the areas that students go to. Did you manage to get the civilians?" she asks him, giving him a look that says, 'If you don't say yes, I will hit you with my staff'.

As Kiji starts asking for an explanation, Hatsu lifts an eyebrow at her and cants her head. She lets her finish asking her questions, giving her full attention as parlay would suggest. When at last she has finished, Hatsu says, "This is not your fault, Kiji. You are simply part of the system that needs to die."
After a brief pause, she says, "Shinobi are destructive and most of all corrupt. No matter how good they say their intentions are, they bring fear to the civilians of the world around them because they know that at any day they can be destroyed by havoc-wreaking shinobi at a war that they just happen to be in the middle of. Shinobi will decimate other people just because they can or just because they happen to be in the way. It never improves, and places like Kirigakure really don't want it to. This world needs to be erased so it can begin anew without shinobi influence."

Tapping his fingertips along the hilt of his sword, Naoya visibly grows impatient despite his face appearing more and more emotionless. "The same tale again.. and again.. I begin to wonder who the puppet master is.." is almost murmured to himself, though with the exchange between Kiji and Hatsu, several sections of the young man's hair began to twist before rustling for a moment. 'Yes, she wouldn't be spared.. No, reshaped. Waste otherwise..' As time passes, two by two small spiders slip from the young Okumo's pants legs and move backwards, retreating into the village but each pairing would move in a different direction from the last.

Kiji looked sad for a long moment at Hatsu's answers. "It never had to be that way… I… I heard that your brother.. was one of them. I am truly sorry…." She stepped closer and unless physically stopped, would hug Hatsu tightly, no tricks no chakra spike, just a tight hug. "Please stop this…"
When it became clear what hatsu's answer was going to be Kiji backed away. "You know… your brother and his friends… They were the ones trying to kill /me/. Did tht ever atter to you?"
She looked sad.. and then she straightened up and as a Jouin of Kirigakure she spoke with a resounding voice, strength, purpose, determination and power. "You have failed to present the prper reasons for surrender. As your friend, as your apprentice… I ask you surrender. There is no shame in kneeling to a superior enemy." Words that many might think would be aimed at her. But she waited for his answer….

Ren flailed slightly at Mizumi running into him. "Oh. Good. I… well I got all the ones I could quickly find and round up. And the word was being spread to allow others to join. Though some might still be catching up. I don't think we have time to head back though. At least someone needs to get this group heading towards the secure location. I figure Anbu will probably herd the stragglers if they aren't busy handling the…attackers." Ren looked around the area and tired his best to examine everything. "Mizumi. What is your opinion on the matter? Because mine is… we head out. Get who we can to safety now…"

"Some of the students know the evacuation routes. They can lead everyone there. We just need to make sure they…" Mizumi would drop her voice so that it was definitely only Ren that would hear her when she said, "Get to the safe spot." Don't need enemies to ruin their plans. She listens to Ren's concerns, a frown on her face as she does. "I… I think we got everyone we could… But I want to do one more sweep of everything. So… Give me a moment, Ren-kun. It shouldn't take too long for me to figure it out." Mostly, she wanted to check on her friends to make sure they were ok. While she knew the Doihara family had two very strong shinobi at the head and several skilled children, it is likely that the Jounin were called for help and the kids were still at home. She didn't want to risk her own friends' lives. Which is why again she would close her eyes and focus, sending her senses out as far as they could. She tried to pick out anything that seemed familiar and maybe far away, paying special attention to the market area.
If the Shirayuki could lose anymore color in her face, she did. "Ren-kun, Kit-san is still back in the marketplace. I think there were others with her, but it was hard to tell. I think we should go and help her… I'm almost positive that there's no one else. And we can take a shortcut to the rendezvous site once we reach her."

"You don't seem to understand the concept of a figurehead," Hatsu says with a smirk to Kiji as she wraps her arms around her. "My brother was the one I had setup to appear as the one leading the organization. He was handsome and a smooth talker. People wanted to believe my message when it came from his mouth. The time for playing such games is over, however. I am the one who led the blast on Konoha and killed him. If they'd tried to kill you, you'd have probably actually been dead. Diving directly into a blast that's over S-Rank is not a bright move."
She peers toward the gates then back to Kiji, leaning in to whisper into her ear. "… I suggest you follow your own advice and stand down. Otherwise get yourself back to the other side and prepare for battle."

Kiji looked sad, her eyes that pale pearlescent color as she watched Hatsu. Kiji had spent years with Yoichi. Had even known about this 'true form' of hers and kept it silent. More had transpired int he darkness of a shared training space perhaps? But the two were easy around eachother and despite the current situation Kiji still did not seem to fear Hatsu.
Hatsu leaned down, close enough to whisper ito Kiji's ear. surrender or return to defend herself at Naoya's side. The Okumo adoptee stood there, and Hatsu's men behind would see her eyes shifting into a strange green shade, something few had seen from her, Yoichi being one of them in that cave. "I did what I had to do when I flew into tht strike. And I slowed the storm just enough to protect the people I needed to protect." She reached up, catching Hatsu's head and neck in one hand, a tender touch, no sense of anything but love from Kiji even her chakra radiated it. With eyes growing faintly golden and yet still green she touched her forehead to Hatsu's. "You are a person I must protect, Nee-sama."
And she turned, her other hand comming up as well, cupping the elder woman's head in her hands as she leaned up on tip toes in order to kiss her. Not a peck, not a flirt, a full on can't-show-that-on-tv kiss. Her eyes slid closed.

Remaining silent for the time being, his fingers became steadily more agitated as the pair before him, Hatsu and Kiji continues to stay intimately close to one another in front of not only the opposing army but also the village. 'This way and that.. How fickle is her mind right now, how much is..' is said in a low tone, almost murmuring to himself. Even while watching the back of her head, a something sparks Naoya to calm his finger's incessant tapping along the sheathed blade's hilt. Shaking his head gently from side to side, the once darkening eyes return to a bright amber color. In an instant, the young man's form blurs faintly until almost seeming to disappear to those without keen senses.
Not retreating but moving forward, Naoya draws the blade that his hand had been resting upon and braces his opposing palm against it, using it almost as a spike. The target of his focus wasn't Taki or Hatsu directly, but Kiji.. aiming at her lower left side, just above her kidney. What would not of been seen was the selection of the toxin that taints the blade regularly, one that Kiji would be rather familiar with and one that would largely not limit her muscles. "Don't lose yourself.." is said in a low tone while moving to draw his blade back several meters and draw back if he could. ((Paralytic Onslaught: Kiji, Hatsu. 'Yank' Kiji.))

Ren was heavily focused on the task at hand, but even that didn't stop him from getting distracted by Mizumi's words. "Okay… But.. What do you expect to find?" He expected Kit and them to already be safe honestly, but when she brought up their wherabouts he was caught off guard and it showed. "Dang it… Well we both need to hurry and get them then…. Do the people here know the route well enough for us to catch up to them after we get Kit?" He frowned and tried to get through this chat quickly. "Doesn't matter actually…. We can't just leave her there…." He frowned for a moment. "Should… Should just you go? You can sense her and find your way back. That way we don't leave these people?" He waited for her answer. And depending on her answer it would decide whether he stayed or went with her. I mean… He didn't 'need' to stay right now. Hopefully… Right?

Mizumi narrows her eyes slightly as she forces her brain into overdrive, trying to think of who knew the hidden route. "One of us will have to be there," she says with a small sigh. "They know the route to the first rendezvous point, but only the two of us out of all the students happen to know how to get to the safe area…" She hesitates for a few moments. "Do you think after we find Kit-chan, you can run to the main group of evacuees and help them while I guide Kit-chan?" She doesn't want to be alone in this endeavor, nor does she want Ren to be by himself… But really, this was a lose-lose situation when it came to what she desired, so she was trying to be a bit more practical. "Otherwise, you should rush to get to the group. … It might even be better if you go now…" She just doesn't want that… Curse the fact that she has such good friends?

Hatsu nods to Kiji as she listens to her explanation of why she dove into that strike. The next comment, though, causes her to blink as Kiji states she still feels like she needs to protect her. What happens next is even more of a surprise as Kiji cups Hatsu's face and plants a deep kiss on her. It might not be expected, but the Rogue Swordswoman does actually kiss the Jounin in return, the rather intense liplock heating up until Naoya's blade pierces both of them. Hatsu, however, was prepared for treachery and the blade just goes into her water-formed body, also using that form and her current arm and lip grasp on Kiji to try and absorb her into her body.
Taki, meanwhile, peers up at Naoya and frowns. "Really? Not honoring a parlay one of your own Jounin asked for? That's pretty low," he says, though he seems more amused than actually upset. He brings his hands up, pointing them at Naoya and firing bolts of lightning out at the Okumo with intent to roast him here and now. That, of course, serves as the signal to the others of the Storm Brigade to begin their assault, lighting arrows and blasts of water and wind beginning to come at the village as the assault begins.

Kiji was a little suprised that Hatsu kissed her back. They probably should have ealt with that whole thing waaaaaay back then. But they had not and now, here they were. Ad clearly, Naoya did not approve. She didn't show any sign of noticing Naoya move, or the sword that pierced her side, in the back and out the front, aiming for Hatsu as well probably. As was typical of Kiji she did not cry out in pain, though she did jolt, as if suprised. Her eyes opened, black on black, as he chakra spiked. But she could not get her blood tails formed before she found herself engulfed by Hatsu's water body. Unlike an unlucky foe, however, Kiji did not find herself drowning. Instead she just simply could not move more than a few centimeters. Her blood refused to form under that wter pressure as well. She turned her black eyes toward Naoya. Her expression was concerned both for Naoya and apparently for Hatsu as well.
She turned her head to see Taki as he sent lighning at Naoya. Kiji closed her eyes for a second, tracking Naoya with her mind.
As for Rena nd Mizumi, they would not have to linger for long on that descision. Out of the crowd came Kit, a baby slung across her chest, and Tsubaki, Ishino's other daughter, similarly carrying awhite-haired infant. Kit reached out to tap Tsubaki's arm which was enough to bring them up short before Ren and Mizumi. Tsubaki spoke. "Onee-sama, where do we go?" Kit motioned toward Mizumi and Ren and headed there in a hurry. Everyone seemed fine but Kit was motioning with one hand toward Mizumi, hand signs (learned at the academy usually) which stated there was a mass of enemies at the gate. The children had to escape and NOW.

"Low, cheap, disgusting.. If the task completes, it doesn't mater," is answered while his eyes stay fixed for the time being onto Kiji and Hatsu. While he was swift, Naoya appeared to know he wasn't faster than the speed of sound, much less the speed of lightning travels. And coils his left arm inwards, almost shielding his chest though wrapping around his figure rapidly was dark brown, bark toned material that oddly were somewhat 'hairy'. Carapace covers over his left side just before the bolts of lightning strike him though rather than buffer the strike completely, scorch marks litter the fresh armor which also incites a hiss to escape his lips.
Continuing to spread across his body, the carapace shifts to be more aligned with fully plated armor that eastern Iron Country samurai might wear. "Not permitted.. Cull these insects!" is shouted in a deforming tone as anger and agitation become more prominent tones. Within the protection, the brood doesn't stay idle but begins to rapidly cut into their host, removing the charred flesh and mending his wounds with webbed graphs and select toxins.

Ren looked at Mizumi. He stepped closer and gave her a quick hug. "Mizumi… I should stay here to make sure this group is safe and find their way. And if anyone can find Kit and bring her and her siblings home it is you." Luckily we didn't have to find out if that was true or not because Kit and her family showed up. Minus the adults who were likely fighting now based on the strips of light seen nearby. "Okay. We must go now. Mizumi you stay in the back and make sure we don't lose anyone and keep everyone in line. Kit… you stay with her alright? Probably best you two do that. Since you can actually keep an eye on folks. I will stick to the front and try to lead us there." He moves ahead now since he knows which way to go. And from there… he lead. Hopefully without anything coming to stop them.

Mizumi is glad that she didn't have to make a decision just yet, since Kit showed up. The girl registered the Doihara family almost immediately because she was still a bit sensitive to them, though… Well… "Kit-san, let's go. Your siblings too." She directs Tsubaki to follow Ren, keeping to the back like Ren suggested because she was a better person to keep an eye on things. Also, she was just a bit slower than the others. Not by much, but her stamina was likely lower for sure. "Kit-san, go on ahead and keep on eye on the enemies. Stay close to Ren-kun," she would advise. She is not using her staff as a walking stick right now because that actually would slow her down a bit when she didn't need that. And then the chakra spiked in the distance, and she was sure that even those untrained in sensing would be able to feel it. The chakra… At least one of the signatures was familiar. "Kiji-san…" she says under her breath, sparing a glance towards the gaze even as they start heading towards the northern section of the Hidden Mist.

With Kiji tucked safely inside her, Hatsu smirks up toward the village walls. Taki and the others suddenly rush in front of her, using their own bodies to cover her movements as the turns into a moving puddle of water and starts to head back out of the area with the Shimizu Jounin captive inside the water of her body. Taki and the others continue to hammer the walls as Hatsu starts to move away, shifting through handseals and causing the very rain that falls down upon the village from their jutsu to begin crashing upon the walls of the village and the shinobi around in wave after wave.

Kit motioned and Tsubaki ran up ahead. Kitaru would have been with the students, probably helpping lead civilians as well. Kit stayed back a ways closer to Mizumi, keeping her in sensing distance as heymoved along. The slightest hint tht Mizumi was going to fall or have gtrouble Kit was ready to be there, while also collecting children along the way. By the tie they had left the market place and some of the residential areas, Kit had at least 5 little kids around her, each holding onto her skirt to keep them with her. But the kids were slowing her down just a little.
Ren would reach the rendevous point first. It was a gathering and countng station basicly. There were only a few Jounin and ANBU about while Chuunin organized, counted, and genin helped lead groups to the second meeting point.
A familiar face was there waiting too. Akane's one-eyed bodyguard Hiro. He checked Mizumi and Kit and Tsubaki over, paying attention to the twins especially and nodding "Your brother is already leading a group of civilians. You're going with the next ones. Mizumi-kun, Ren-kun." Hiro spoke up, in command, ready to divert groups as needed. "You two go over to themedic station, take a food pill and come back here. I'll have a group for you to go with."
Tsubaki tugged at Hiro's pantleg as Kit started motioning wildly with her hands. subaki tried to translate. "There' a lot of people at the gate! Onee-sama felt them! …..She says.. not enough jounin at the gate, Oji-sama!" Kit reached out and grabbed hold of Mizumi's hand and scowled at Hiro…. The looked at Ren, her face showing she did not want to lose track of him either……
Back at the gate, Kiji tried to move again only for Hatsu to suddenly shift into a more fluid form and using the cover of the larger attacks to escape.. maybe. She wasn't really struggling, as much as probably uncomfortable, immobile and unable to help protect everyone she cared about. Hatsu among them. Naoya especially.
And as Taki and the men directed the water at the gates, ANBU stepped up, dividing, two by two. one pair stayed behind th gates, bringing up the earth and stone to help reinforce the walls. Another two with a far more rare attribute, fire, used in the techniques in the land of Fire comming from the lips and aimed at the water. The hope was to reinforce the walls/gates and evaporate some of the tidal wave to dissipate it. Yes, Akane had been showing people some tricks…..

Watching as the Kiba wielder reduces to almost nothingness, Naoya shifts his eyes to settle onto Taki while beginning to move rapidly from side to side while arching closer towards the enemy forces. What may of gone unnoticed was that several spiders that had been released previously were now observing the battle field, some of them monitoring the rain patterns while others never shifted away from tracking the Hozuki's puddle.
Uncoiling a pair of arms from around his chest, Naoya uses a third and forth arm to rapidly begin weaving a thickening web, casting it along the ground and to the walls of the village, creating a large web trying to protect the village walls from the assault while the silks and chitin around himself force the the down pour to be buffered at worse. Uncoiling yet another pair of arms slowly, Naoya goes onto the offense, with each holding a shuriken likely tainted with the same material as his blade. Flickering from one point to the next, he hastily makes his way through the forward most troops while the main target shifts to Taki, the source of not only his scorched chitin, but the flood threatening to over take the village.

Ren lead the way to the rendevous spot. It luckily didn't take a long time, and he was able to make sure everyone got here safely. He met up with the one that began telling them new orders in Hiro, and frowned a bit. "I don't know… I think having her with us would be helpful. We know each other well enough, so we can coordinate together well. Plus making sure they can stick here with me gives me extra reason to keep on going you know?" He looked to Mizumi to sweet talk him more because obviously she would be good at that.

Mizumi sighs just a bit when Kit doesn't really listen to her. The Shirayuki knows that while the eldest Doihara cannot speak, it has not affected her hearing … Technically. She's definitely stubborn, though. Oh well, Mizumi would just deal with it. And the eye on her was nice to have since Ren was busy area. When they got to the rendezvous point, she would look around, a bit of relief running through her now that she saw so many. It looks like everyone had done their part to keep safe. Less things to worry about.
Seeing Hiro the Bodyguard, Mizumi would bow slightly in greeting. She appeared to be perfectly fine, if a bit sweaty from all the running around. Also, she was breathing heavier than normal people ought to … But she was fine otherwise. Thankfully the twins were of higher priority, or she feels like she'd get some sort of scolding… The Shirayuki tries to hide her tired state as best she can, though there is definitely nervousness and worry in her eyes as she senses the chakra signatures still.
"Hai," she would say to Hiro, starting to make her way towards the Medic station to grab a food pill when Kit grabbed her hand. This made her pause, and she blinks to turn and look to Kit. "Kit-san… I need to go get a food pill. I'll be right back, ok?" she tells the girl, glancing at Ren because she noticed that Kit fixed her gaze on the Shimizu as well. Hearing his suggestion, she would brighten just a bit. "That's not such a bad idea," she would say with a small nod. "Ren-kun and I work well together, but Kit-san can fill in a few gaps that we might have." What gaps there happen to be, who on earth knows… But she's trying to convince Hiro that taking Kit with them can only be beneficial.
Then things over by the gates decide to descend into chaos. Mizumi would glance over to Ren, then, her expression that of panic when she feels the massive amounts of chakra seeming to gather towards a singular point. It was hard not to shudder a bit from the sensory overload, and she closed her eyes to try and focus only on Kiji's signature. It was far, but it was also extremely strong because of how much she had focused for this battle. But… It was … mixed? And moving a bit away from the gates? It didn't seem right… "I think they need a bit of backup at the gates…" she would comment, wincing just a bit. Talk about an understatement…

RPCOMBAT: Mizumi defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSING-TECHNIQUE…41
COMBAT: Hatsu attacks target 1 with INCONSPICUOUS-PUDDLE-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 80
COMBAT: Taki defends against CORROSIVE-ONSLAUGHT attack from Naoya with a SEAL-ENCAMPMENT-WALL.
COMBAT: Taki loses the roll and sustains 740 damage.

Though the shinobi and insects may try to find Hatsu and Kiji with her, the effort Hatsu is about to put into vanishing with the Jounin is increased the further she gets away it seems. It wouldn't be too long before they would vanish into the sea and be basically impossible to track due to the lack of use of a ship.
Meanwhile, as the wave of cloaked figures at the gate continue to hammer the area, the leader left with Hatsu gone takes a blade to the gut that delivers poison that sends him to a knee. The blue-haired man growls out a bit as he tries to gather himself, figuring there's a rather brutal attack coming his way if he doesn't.

Hiro looked between the two students and Kit, blinking a few times. "She's …." He stopped and looked at Kit who nodded to him. Finally he gave the two students another once over and nodded. "Very well, but these babies are to be protected, got it? They do not get brought into this." Kit nodded again and let go of Mizumi's hand so she could walk better. Kit would join the students in taking a food pill to energize them before hiro added the little gaggle to a group who were setting off for the second safehouse. Mizumi and Ren had done it. Just what Kiji had ordered. Mission sucessful. Or would be when they reached the safehouse.
Kiji meanwhile, tried moving again and got a bit more leeway with Hatsu n this form. But still not by much. "Nee-sama, what are you doing? Where are we.. oh…" She shut up when she spotted the water ahead…. She glanced back toward Kirigakure, silent, still… She looked up again and took a breath… This was going to be a rather.. interesting .. sitution….
And at the wall, the blue haired man went down, swearing. He had expected an attack and he was right but he wasn't going to defend himself that way… The ANBU that had gored him leapt out of the way, landing on the wall like magnets on metal, preparing thier own attacks.. but in the center of that was a tiny little fireball…. pathetic really… or it seemed. At the last second it exploded many times it's original size, a roiling burn, fire catching quickly and opefully barbequeing the blue haired man. Akane was there. On top of the wall itself, her mask on and her hands flying through handseals as she prepared another of the devatating fireballs…..

Twirls his wrist and accelerates his blade to whip it free of blood as several of the cloaked forces began to double over, their bodies unresponsive others already beginning to cough up blood as the toxin runs its course. "The 'Mists' eat all.." Before he was able to enact his meaning, Naoya dashes off to the side, sliding to a pause just in time to avoid the swelling explosion that consumed Taki due to a masked figure along the wall. Uncurling his fifth and sixth arm, the young man turned creature didn't fall back but began to move towards one of the prostrated men that he had cut into.
Grasping the man up by the front clasp of his cloak, Naoya shouts, "Their leaders have fallen and fled! Don't let them run away" Opening his maw, he quickly buries his face into the nape of the cloaked man's neck, silencing himself with a bone snapping crunch as the young Okumo not only bit into them, but seemed to be drinking the flowing blood. Drawing his head back, he leaves the man to drop on the ground, still alive for the moment but injected directly with corrosive acids. Taking aim at the remaining front line, a short sword and two kunai poise, prepared for another burst of speed just like the last.

Ren frowned as he heard the thing about backup and he caught the wince. "Mizumi are they okay? What side is winning right now?" He asks of her before shrugging when they get their official final orders. "Don't worry. We won't do something reckless." He takes the pill to get him all energized and ready to go before rushing off to the second safehouse. He knew that they were close to getting their mission complete, but honestly. He didn't want to just sit around worrying. He wasn't stupid, but it just sucked waiting and wondering what was happening. "Kit. Mizumi. How is the fighting going?" He asked quietly of each of them so he could get an update on things back at the gate. And hopefully that would tell them if they were safe or should be prepared for.. someone to show up here. And if someone did.. Could they even do anything about it. "And… Just.. Nothing is nearby right?" He looked around himself and tried to the best of his abilities to keep a look out as they lead the way onwards.

Mizumi breathes a small sigh of gratitude/relief when Hiro says Kit can stick with her and Ren. That was one thing she didn't have to worry about… The more concerning matter was bothering her, but she wouldn't show it. She nods quickly to Hiro and would say, "Yes, sir," when he talks about the babies. Wasn't that obvious? She would head to the Medic area, picking up the food pill and popping it into her mouth quickly. The energy boost was a welcome relief.
To Ren, the girl would give him a look that would show him just how worried she was. "It's hard to say from out here…" She drops her voice, then, so that only Ren and possibly Kit would be able to hear her words. "I can't figure out where Kiji-san is… She was there one moment, and then her chakra … Disappeared. I don't know how to explain it, either… It didn't feel like death, it felt like she was hidden…" Mizumi glances to Kit, as if the Doihara could explain better. Then she looks back to Ren. "No, I don't sense anything nearby… Yet. There are a lot of shinobi here, though, so we'll at least be able to distract the attackers." Mizumi then turns her attention to the group that Hiro brought them. "We're heading to a safe house," She tells them. "Please try to stay together while we travel. Follow Ren-kun and make sure you watch him like a hawk since he'll be leading us to the safe house." Yep. Ren gets to lead them all. Mizumi and hopefully Kit would take care of any stragglers while also monitoring the situation at the gate. "Ren-kun, Kit-san, I think we should hurry," she would tell the two as they started to move out.

With Hatsu gone and the warning they were here to get away done, the Storm Brgaide is apparently signaled to pull back…. probably because things are going south for Taki as he tries to do things himself right at the gates. Naoya's attack lands hard upon him, carving through him and injecting the poison into him along with some of the others. A few of those on the front line fall, but Taki is grabbed among the mass of cloaked figures pulling back.
It seems almost like a draw today, though not necessarily. Kiri didn't go fully undamaged, but they managed to damage the Brigade in return… but now one of Kirigakure's Jounin has been taken by the Storm Brigade. Things are most certainly escalating in this war between the Brigade and the shinobi world.

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