The Storm Brigade - The Storm Continues


Kefka, Masashi, Shinjiro, Nozomi, Sanda

Date: May 13, 2016


The Storm Brigade strikes another island! This time, both Konohagakure and Kumogakure send help.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Storm Brigade - The Storm Continues"

Near the Lands of Lightning and Fire

Another island has reported unnaturally strong weather that seems to be hanging around and has asked for help. While it's not for certain that this is the same group that has attacked islands near Kumogakure and a fishing village in the Land of Fire, each village has decided to send a couple shinobi to investigate. Not every storm can be caused by these people, but ANY storm could, after all.
This particular island is far to the east, closer to the Land of Marshes than either Fire or Lightning, but each of them would have received a carrier bird begging help. Even the birds seemed a bit worse for wear, though, seeming to have been damaged by the storm. They were slowed down at least a day or two in their flight, which would have delayed help coming quite effectively.
By the time either team can arrive, the island is already mostly underwater. The upper halves of some houses are still visible, though those that are still alive cling to their roofs, trees, and whatever else is high enough to keep them from being washed away. Most of them seem incredibly exhausted, as it's likely been a few sleepless and foodless days and nights of trying to survive for them. Of course, some weren't so lucky, but it'd be hard to see how many due to the waves caused by the storm washing them under.

Masashi frowned as he travelled to meet up with the ninja from Kumo. 'similar incident as the fishing village..' he thinks to himself 'I hope its not the same person, he nearly wiped us out..' Masashi shudders inwardly at the attack that left him in the hospital for several days. Masashi arrives at the designated meeting point and waits for the other shinobi from Kumo to arrive. "We'll need to come up with a plan, and fast, if we're to save as many people as possible." He says to no one in particular. In case they encounter hostile forces,he mentally prepares for conflict, as well as firing up his wind blade.

Shinjiro travels along with Masashi, keeping quiet as they travel to their destination. Once they stop to wait for the other ninja he breaks his silence, "So, sensei. You sound like this has happened before. Anything I should know going in?" He asks with uncharacteristic wavering confidence.

Nozomi, of course, was sent with Sanda. She's heard of the troubles, but was entirely unsure of what she could do. The bat that was her assessor was fast asleep, but not for long, which was more than Nozomi could say. She had been making good time to get here, but thankfully she's used to being up around this time. AT least it's dark enough that the bat would soon wake up, even if it is early for him. Still, she's not sure about leading a chuunin on this venture, so she looks at the young woman and says, "If you have any suggestsions, please feel free to speak up," before turning to the Konoha nin and bowing. "Hi, I'm Yamayuki Nozomi, and this is Hizumu Sanda. Nice to meet you." Her normally sky blue eyes turn to ice blue as she activates her nejigan, then starts to look around. "Hmm… Some of the single people we can water-walk to safety, but it won't work for groups, and I'm not entirely sure we want to leave ourselves that vulnerable."

Sanda found herself getting sent to do two things. The first: handle this weird storm thing. Naturally, Kumogakure's administration thought she would be fitting for the task given her clan's aptitude for stormy weather and rough seas. And Sanda in particular knows how to survive in such conditions. She was also supposed to keep an eye on Nozomi for the mission! Sanda was a Chuunin, yes, but she was sort of inexperienced. And Nozomi, while she had leadership qualities, was a Genin still. Hence the current arrangement of Nozomi in charge and Sanda playing 'I totally intentionally gave up my leadership for a learning experience' for the time being.
"Great gills, I know there's a storm, but this beats what I've seen by a longshot…" she comments upon seeing the state of the island. She glances over to the Genin and would give a nod before looking to the Konoha shinobi. None she recognized. "Hizumu Sanda. It's nice to meet you." Her tone is formal, and she would quickly turn her attention from them to the island again. "Do you think they have any boats we can use? Or just things in general that can float?"

As the group arrives, apparently at least a couple of the villagers have figured out they're there. They start to call out for help, which causes the others to begin call out. It seems this may be a bit more chaotic than it was even before as the people that aren't dependent on both limbs to stay attached to whatever surface they're clinging to start trying to wave for the shinobi to come help them.
Of course, that brings the question to who to try and save first and how. Most of the boats on the island seem to have been either destroyed or washed away, so they might have to improvise somehow if they hope to save many of the villagers. There are no signs of enemy shinobi in the area just yet… but hat doesn't mean they're not there.

Masashi looks at Shinjiro with a somewhat serious expression. "Keep your eyes peeled, they will be useful here. And dont take unnecessary risks, that's my job" he says with a chuckle. He nods as the others from Kumo arrive. "Its nice to meet you, I am Masashi of the Senju clan, and this is Shinjiro." he says gesturing to the other Konoha nin. "If it comes down to it I can cut through walls and make rafts for people to float on or alongside." He gestures to the blade of what looks like chakra attached to the bracer on his right wrist. "Ill see if I can keep an eye out for anyone we cant physically see." using a couple hand signs and activating his air sonar technique, trying to use it to determine people sized shapes in the surrounding buildings.

Shinjiro smiles to the arriving ninja and doesint correct Masashi for leaving his clan out, likely figuring his eyes already told them. He nods to Masashi, "Got it." And closes his eyes as he turns towards the disaster area and begins to focus. A moment later his eyes shoot back open, nearly every vien strained and pulsating as he begins scanning the area for any signs of life.

Nozomi considers the environment for a moment, and decides not to risk her flute in this situation. Instead, she uses her trained voice to project notes into the air to detect anything that they may be missing. Her sight picks up the sound waves from Masashi's air sonar, which gets a raised brow, but she just files that bit of information aside as she focues on not only what her own projected voice returns, but what the sounds of wind, rain, and other things tell her as well. In the meantime, she asks Sanda, "Can you do anything to tone this down a bit?" Hey, it's a long shot, but still… The bat has awakened of course, and immediately seeks shelter in Nozomi's clothing.

"Not really… I don't have the power to control the weather." Not yet, at least. Sanda sighs a bit and would wonder if she was useless again. "I could try to dissipate some of the water and turn it into a fog or mist, but that might hinder our search and rescue attempts. Of course…" She glances at the Hyuuga. "It might not be so bad since he's on our side…"

Masashi looks around at the others. "Im going to chop some rafts out of walls to give the villagers something to sit on. grab some poles so those of us that cant walk on water can help push the rafts over to the hill where they all are. There arent any villagers in the houses, as far as I can tell." And with that he heads over to the closest wooden building and cuts a couple large rectangular section out to form rafts.

Shinjiro tilts his head ever so slightly towards Masashi as he notices his wind blade's chakra before looking back and slowly shaking his head at the lack of chakra signs. At Masashi's bidding he goes to grab some long sticks for use as poles, returning with one for everyone since he doesint know who can and cant water walk, leaving all but one by the group and taking the remaining one with him to the waters edge to keep a look out while waiting for Masashi to finish with the rafts.

Nozomi nods and starts to look around. "We should have rope or something to tie the rafts together with, so that we can keep them all together," she says as she starts to look around for something to use as a rope-type substance. "I think we'll skip on the water dissipation for now. I would be able to see through sound waves, and Hyuga-san could see chakra, but that's only two of us. So let's try to gather things like poles and ropes then," she suggests.

Sanda nods once and she would then just … Stand there awkwardly. At least for a moment. Why? Well, she was thinking! "I have some ninja wire in my pack. We could maybe use it to keep the raft together." Ninja wire was strong, after all. Sometimes a bit too sharp, but this wire was meant more for tying things than deadly traps! At least what Sanda had on her. She also would take a pole with a bid of thanks to Shinjiro.

Well, while a few of them are acting, one in particular is making the most action with his carving stuff out of walls. Since that is the main threat to annihilation of this island, it seems that the storm turns its attention to Masashi first as a simply wave suddenly turns a lot more violent and bursts up out of the water to try and collide with him and sending him flying, or better yet sinking.
Just as the burst of water comes, a figure of immense chakra would be seen coming up from the depths by those with the ability to see chakra. It zooms around and rises up in the center of the island to reveal a figure adorned in a black cloak with a black mask that blends in with it to obscure its identity. Despite its disguise, it practically oozes arrogance with its posture as it lifts a hand to wag a finger at the shinobi interfering with its work.

COMBAT: Masashi defends against TIDAL-BURST(52) attack from Shifty with a WIND-DOME…39
COMBAT: Masashi loses the roll and sustains 615 damage.

Masashi had one raft cut free when a large wave seemed to come at him, almost directed. He makes a quick series of hand signs and activates a dome of wind chakra, to no avail. "Watch out!" He shouts before his shield fails and he goes underwater.

Shinjiro is watching at the waters edge when he sees the wave coming up at Masashi, "Masashi-sensei!" He stops at only one step to go help Masashi as he spots the powerful and rapidly moving chakra and turns to look at it, struck by the power for a moment before regaining his barings, "Contact!"

Nozomi nods at Sanda's idea. "Good idea. Let's get started…" Then the waves burst forward and the figure shows itself. After a quick assessment of abilities and conditions, she calls out "Help him!" using her full projective voice as she starts to sing into the storm. It may take just a little longer at first without the flute since she's not used to using her singing voice for jutsu, but she starts readying a jutsu of her own. Maybe if she can distract the being Masashi can get free of the waves.

Well, Sanda's idea is sort of thrown to the curb when someone suddenly attacks the group. Specifically Masashi. "They could have chosen someone else …" she grumbles a bit at no one in particular. She sees Nozomi attack the mysterious stranger, and she decides to work on checking that Masashi is okay! "Oy! Leaf kid! Help me grab your sense with the poles you got us!" Maybe that'll work >.>

COMBAT: Shifty defends against SIX-STRING-SWORDS(35) attack from Nozomi with a ACROBATIC-DODGE-II…36

As the invisible blades race its way, the cloaked figure leaps into the air, just barely avoiding them. It lands on the water on its feet and wags that finger again before pointing both of its hands out, creating a set of lightning kunai that it starts to fling out one after the other at the Kumo and Konoha shinobi. Even the one under the water isn't spared, and there's no pausing for civilians that he seems to be here to obliterate.

COMBAT: Masashi defends against LIGHTNING-TOOLS(34) attack from Shifty with a WIND-DOME…47
COMBAT: Masashi defends against LIGHTNING-TOOLS(36) attack from Shifty with a WIND-DOME…49

Masashi clambered back onto the water's surface spouting curses at the claked more of those stupid lightning weapons came his way. Well, he was ready for them this time. His wind dome flashed brightly as it deflected the weapons almost smugly. "I'm getting real tired of this punk…" he growls as he uses the wind already in the area to create a whirlwind around the cloaked figure, and leaps at them to slash him with his wind blade.

COMBAT: Sanda failed to interrupt attack number 3: LIGHTNING-TOOLS from Shifty against Shinjiro with a roll of 29 vs 33.
COMBAT: Sanda failed to interrupt attack number 4: LIGHTNING-TOOLS from Shifty against Shinjiro with a roll of 25 vs 38.
COMBAT: Shinjiro defends against LIGHTNING-TOOLS(33) attack from Shifty with a WEAPON-BLOCK…11
COMBAT: Shinjiro loses the roll and sustains 832 damage.
COMBAT: Shinjiro defends against LIGHTNING-TOOLS(38) attack from Shifty with a WEAPON-BLOCK…9
COMBAT: Shinjiro loses the roll and sustains 813 damage.

Shinjiro shifts his gaze back to Masashi when he's called to to help with helping him, only for them to be drawn back by the electrictrified kunai. He pulls a kunai from a back pouch and readies to try and block them….And fails on both counts. The first hits him hard in the thigh, dropping his guard to reflexively clutch at it and causing the now completely unguarded second attack to dig deeply into his shoulder. The combined piercing and electricution dropping him like a fly getting crushed by a falling tree.

COMBAT: Nozomi defends against LIGHTNING-TOOLS(30) attack from Shifty with a RHYTHMIC-RIPPLE…46
COMBAT: Nozomi defends against LIGHTNING-TOOLS(44) attack from Shifty with a RHYTHMIC-RIPPLE…45

Nozomi's song changes pitch to cause two rather intense bursts of sound to ripple out around her, effectively knocking the tools off course. She had watched one of the Konoha nin go down, and she decides to unleash what she can against this guy. To that effect, her voice changes pitch and tempo as a powerful wave of sound crashes toward their attacker, followed by six more near-invisible swords scattering around to attack the figure from all sides. AT the moment, she doesn't sing words, as she is focused on bending all the surrounding sounds to her will, causing those ice-blue ice to blaze as if in a cold fire.

COMBAT: Sanda defends against LIGHTNING-TOOLS(38) attack from Shifty with a STORM-ORBS…32
COMBAT: Sanda loses the roll and sustains 544 damage.
COMBAT: Sanda defends against LIGHTNING-TOOLS(36) attack from Shifty with a STORM-ORBS…54
As the cloaked figure suddenly jumps and flings out lightning, Sanda would rush to try and help Shinjiro. Except she's really slow and she doesn't make it to him in time, so instead, the girl has to defend herself. Which means that the orbs of storm chakra come up to surround her a bit late, and she gets shocked a little by some of the tools. Or shocked a lot. Owwie… "Dang it…" she mutters, making a few handseals. And then the person before her might hear a particularly loud booming noise coming from the storm clouds. It was enough to send a thrill of fear through his system, hopefully, and force him to pause before a bunch of storm-needles come launching at him.

COMBAT: Shifty defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(27) attack from Masashi with a ACROBATIC-DODGE-II…51
COMBAT: Shifty defends against WIND-SHARP(27) attack from Masashi with a DODGE-II…30
COMBAT: Shifty defends against MINOR-MUSIC-CHORD(33) attack from Nozomi with a DODGE-II…49
COMBAT: Shifty defends against SIX-STRING-SWORDS(39) attack from Nozomi with a DODGE-II…42
COMBAT: Shifty defends against SOUND-OF-THUNDER(32) attack from Sanda with a DODGE-II…40
COMBAT: Shifty defends against STRANGE-STINGING(41) attack from Sanda with a TENSE…8
COMBAT: Shifty loses the roll and sustains 614 damage.

The cloaked figure jumps around and dodges almost all the attacks in rather comical fashion, even flailing around a bit in jest. All the joking around eventually catches up to it, though, and it's caught in a Genjutsu that locks its body up and allows the needles of lighting to strike him. It staggers a bit from the blow, though it seems to silently laugh at its own carelessness in its motions before it brings its hands into a seal to create a small army of water clone that race out at the enemy shinobi to strike at them.

COMBAT: Masashi defends against WATER-CLONE(38) attack from Shifty with a WIND-DOME…50
COMBAT: Masashi defends against WATER-CLONE(33) attack from Shifty with a WIND-DOME…41

Masashi watched in horror as his student was struck, hard, by the assailant's lightning attacks and fall to the ground in a heap. "Shinjiro!" he cries out, wanting to run over and make sure he's okay, but doing so would be a terrible idea strategically. The attacker was able to dodge both of his attacks with ease, but his carelessness got the better of him. And when his water clones attacked, Masashi was ready for them. as two clones attacked him, Masashi's wind dome sprang up to block the attacks, and giving Masashi the chance to attack again with another vortex, and a kunai enhanced with wind chakra.

COMBAT: Nozomi defends against WATER-CLONE(37) attack from Shifty with a RHYTHMIC-RIPPLE…42
COMBAT: Nozomi defends against WATER-CLONE(32) attack from Shifty with a SOUND-WAVE…35

Nozomi is of course watching for this kind of thing. Thing is, unlike their attacker, she doesn't move about much, even when the clones come after her. Instead another sound pulse goes out to disrupt the first clone, followed by a less powerful but more focused pulse that disrupts the second clone before they reach her. Once again she tries a pair of attacks, but she mixes it up with first a blast of sound followed by three of those swords instead of six. Inwardly, she really wishes that she had more genjutsu under her belt…

COMBAT: Sanda defends against WATER-CLONE(32) attack from Shifty with a UNFORTUNATE-WINDS…39
COMBAT: Sanda defends against WATER-CLONE(40) attack from Shifty with a STORM-ORBS…52

Sanda would make a few handseals, and the cloaked figure would get to watch as Sanda was literally blown away by a gust of wind while storm orbs deflected the incoming clone. Maybe she should stop seeming so strong… That seemed to be working against her. The girl summoned mists to the area, hoping that it wouldn't hinder people too much, so that she could RUN AWAY…. Wait, no, she was trying to get to the house with all the people on top of it.

COMBAT: Shifty defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(29) attack from Masashi with a DODGE-II…48
COMBAT: Shifty defends against WIND-SHARP(32) attack from Masashi with a DODGE-II…33
COMBAT: Shifty defends against SOUND-BLAST(32) attack from Nozomi with a DODGE-II…27
COMBAT: Shifty defends against THREE-STRING-SWORD(26) attack from Nozomi with a TENSE…13
COMBAT: Shifty loses the roll and sustains 374 damage.
COMBAT: Shifty defends against HIDDEN-MIST-TECHNIQUE(22) attack from Sanda with a PERCEPTION-II…29

After dodging a few attacks, the cloaked figure is caught by the blast of sound then caught by the blades of the sound attack. It seems to silently cry out, its body falling apart…. into water? Moments later those able to see chakra would see a couple dozen chakra signatures leaving the area underwater. After a final thunderclap, the storm immediately stops and subsides to reveal the remaining daylight. It's a bit strange that all those enemy shinobi were here and only one attacked. Perhaps this was a test of some sort rather than them actually NEEDING to obliterate this island and its people.

Masashi looks around to see if there are any other threats before running over to where Shinjiro lay, first thing he did was check for a pulse, which he had, then he pulled out some bandages and basic first aid supplies and tried to bandage him up, with what little medical knowledge he had. "That was a little too close for comfort…" he says as he looks after his student. He looks over at the two Kumo nin. "Are the two of you alright?" He asks.

Nozomi breathes a sigh of relief as the attack abates and the enemy force runs off. "I'm fine, but the question is how is your man doing?" She then looks out over the area, then looks to Sanda. "Are you okay?" she asks. In particular, she's watching the water levels to see if they are now receding before trying to prioritize present and future efforts.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Let's just make sure the people are all safe and we can figure out who all needs to get some medical things done on them…." She casts a glance to the Genin that Masashi was in charge of and frowned slightly before just shaking her head and hurrying to make sure that the civilians were okay. Hopefully no one would die… Shinjiro didn't look to be in that great of a condition, after all!

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