Cult of the Midday Sun - The Sun God's Carriage


Ryuusei (emitter), Itami, Arika, Hiroto, Asashi

Date: January 26, 2016


The Cult uses the power of the One-Tailed Beast to launch a powerful attack against Sunagakure.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Cult of the Midday Sun - The Sun God's Carriage"


The heart had been missing for weeks. It was the most unconventional vessel the Shukaku had likely ever resided in. The most comfortable vessels included a seal atop the center of a living person's chakra network. The least comfortable seal, upon special pots or lamps people have used over the ages. Shukaku has never been sealed within a still-beating heart wrapped around by crystallized blood and oxygen, but that is where he rests. Seishukuni Kou whom had sailed far to the east coming across a land and peoples who took part in removing the heart of fallen enemies had uncovered ancient texts that foretold the end of the world, a proverbial doomsday written within the text of this land's most ancient religion. Within these texts she gained access to the powers of this land's priesthood, while also having the capacity to learn and develop techniques that harnessed the power of the Sun. With this power, she sailed west again and returned to the land of fire with the intent of speeding up the doomsday spoken of in the ancient texts she recovered.
Sunagakure knows completely about her plans now. This cult's entire plan was spelled out in a wall upon their lair, and now Sunagakure knows that she will begin doomsday above the skies of Sunagakure. Sunagakure, whom has already suffered so much destruction and endured so much. It's once oppulent streets cannot hide that it has gone through the burning of theatres, the sinking of the Kazekage Dome, and the drop of population that a once-hidden clan of people had caused. The specifics are unclear, as to what exactly will happen. The walls upon the cavern depict a carraige high above in the sky that will await the God of the Sun, a bizarre serpent creature with wings, scales, and feathers that line it's body. Religious nonsense? Perhaps.
Regardless, the slaying of the One-Tails Jinchuuriki and turning Sunagakure shinobi against it's own city is a crime that cannot be ignored, and the city remains less defended while various shinobi scour the land to find this villain… Yet no one took into consideration the power of Light Manipulation. No one considered that the powerful Sun that reigns over Sunagakure would become the sole reason that Seishukuni Kou would remain safe from Sunagakure for as long as she had. Yet, the time to remain hidden has come to a close.
The time of action is looming close. It is 11:30 a.m., and the sun is slowly moving it's way up to the top of the sky. It was the perfect, cloudless sky in the hot, hot sunny approaching afternoon. A time where most people are having their lunch break. Many shinobi on duty are taking naps, or enjoying meals, or even enjoying the hotsprings. What kind of fool would attack Sunagakure in the middle of the afternoon?

Who has the power to stop the sun? Who among shinobi can face a god? Such questions may bother others, but in Itami's case, she can say she's faced the equivalent of all of these things. She had no reason to think that she could not also stop this cult. All of these things had weaknesses of some form. If you show them their weakness, they will flee. It was as simple as that. She knew the plan and had shared it with her advisors and shinobi of the highest rankings next to hers to develop a way to see Sunagakure protected. With the plan in motion, she had her team disperse and move about the village to gather up their respective teams and those teams to gather their own teams. This village was going to provide the sacrifices needed for this event, but it wouldn't be by the blood of their own people, no. It would be that of the cultists themselves. They would be the willing and worthy sacrifice for this ritual.
"You all are with me for a reason. Each of you wished to participate in avenging the blood of your fallen shinobi, your friend, ally and whatever other title she was designated and deserved. She was the target of misfortune and taken from us ahead of her time, but her memory will not be made into some sacrifice to some frenzied cultists and nor will the bijuu. But, this is not the time for our emotions to run high. We must steel ourselves and keep to our plan and execute it. The village is already ready for what is to take place now it is our job to see to it that the plan of these cultists fails. I will be here to lead you and to fight with you to see to it that Fujiko is honored and that her soul may find rest in the afterlife after being so viciously stripped from her body."
She gazed up to the sun and considered the time they had left.
"We aren't facing impossible odds. We will stop the sun, at least, for this day as is being used to threaten us. We must be the storm that obscures the sky. Be prepared and do not hold back. Give all of your energy to this battle. We will be the ritual priests for Sunagakure and make great sacrifices here."

COMBAT: Itami focuses 4801 stamina to turn it into 6000 usable chakra!

Arika stole Hiroto for personal enjoyment more than anything. She wanted to get him a gift (1) and she wanted to eat yummy food (2). They had already gone shopping and Arika didn't anything she wanted to buy the Hayato, so in the end they just went to a restaurant where 'Hiro-kun is buying!' or they went back to his house (depending on whether or not he felt like spending more money >.>). The girl was, regardless of place, currently tucked into the food all cheerfully and completely ignoring this awful cult situation.
One might think that Ari should be more concerned, but she isn't that high-ranking of a shinobi. Also, whenever the cult gets on her mind… Well, suffice to say 'bad things happen' and we'll leave it at that. The girl was trying not to kill everyone in sight! She would just be swinging her legs as she sat in her chair. "'n then me 'n Hachi-jii accidentally ruined one of the sand worms cuz they kept trying to steal my picnic, and Ping-san was dealing with a sand shark so he was busy. So I had t' destroy the sand worm myself. But it was all mean cuz it ate my sammich already v.v" she describes.

Hiroto had both wanted to hang out with what was to him a little sister, and wanted to make sure he could keep an eye on her as the cultist did their thing and Sunagakure did theirs. He had brought her back to his house and had just made a small meal and was simply listening to the girls story as he stared out the window. He wondered what was going on. Luckily he had Tenshi with Itami right now.
Tenshi was sitting on Itami's head(if allowed) otherwise he found a perch nearby and listened to everything Itami said. He would tell Hiroto about it later when things happened, but the both of them knew Arika wouldn't like all that. Both Hiroto and Tenshi were ready for something to happen and once attacking happened and people split up Tenshi would make his way to Hiroto's side.

COMBAT: Hiroto focuses 3301 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!

Asashi has dealt with some rather strange guys in his day, though he was busy with underground work in the times of the Silence. Cults that want to destroy the world with the power of Tailed Beasts because of what some madman wrote on a scroll have to rank pretty high up there in terms of strangeness, though. He can't say much about feelings for a comrade falling ahead of their time since his work once revolved around plucking people from life ahead of their for pay. Still, he stand with the Kazekage, nodding simply to her words. "Then let us conquer the sun for the sake of the Sand." He waits for further instructions from here, though he does have a plan of sorts himself should all else fail.

COMBAT: Asashi focuses 6501 stamina to turn it into 9001 usable chakra!
[NPC System]: Seishukuni Kou & Company roll(s) Light Release: Negative Light Void from 75 to 105 and get(s) a 80. - Rolled by: Ryuusei

Who could have seen the approach of someone who had the power to bend light around them? Who would have guessed that Seishukuni Kou walked right up the side of the massive walls surrounding the village undetected, with a group of shinobi, using a technique that even most Jounin would have trouble seeing through. Abilities that bend light would seem incredibly suited for stealth, and not destruction. High up on the walls, surrounding Sunagakure, the Seishukuni wields a staff of bamboo with the crystal set within it. It gives the rather flamboyant female a supervillanous feel. The blue-haired woman had feathers sticking out of her short blue hair, with an outfit that revealed as much as the light itself. No details. The woman stretches her hand out to the sides of her body, as several shinobi-level warriors behind her make preparations for the show. "Those who worship the Sun God, hear me! Many of you have believed this to be a hoax! A hoax circulated by a woman who has no power!" She smiles sultrily as she runs her hands over the heart containing none other than Shukaku. "Many of you believe that there is no Sun God. Many of you believe that the Doomsday is not at hand. Those of you amongst me who believe this… Please, go and join Sunagakure. Drink with them. Laugh with them. Burn with them. In five minutes, the sun will reach the top of the sky. In five minutes, I will create the carriage of the gods! In five minutes, Kuwetuzuru will be reborn into the earth and he will cleanse this city of those who refused to believe!" She raises her staff, and black lines appear all over her head, suggesting that another technique of those far east might be building and storing large amounts of chakra. As fearsome as this visage makes her look, what is more fearsome is that the sand in the desert around Sunagakure, as well as particles within the city itself begin to slowly rise skyward…. It begins…

RP: Itami transforms into DRAGON'S-MIGHT.
RPCOMBAT: Itami defends against with a CHEMICAL-RECOGNITION…64

"Something isn't right," Itami spoke. She just knew it, but she couldn't place it. She had had the measures in place to defend against the attack, but even that isn't enough to steady her concerns. She couldn't give into them at the moment, but she had to trust her shinobi were doing what was necessary.
"I'm not picking up on anything," she remarked. "I need you all to dedicate whatever senses you have to this. The sun is almost at its peak," she looked up once again at the sky, snarling to herself. "Asashi, do you feel anything?" She questioned of him. "It's clear that we're up against cowards and we must oust them somehow. Once we do, we lay on a full assault. I have my shinobi in position already to handle the threat and to keep the villagers safe. We also need to draw the others here to us. If you have a clone, I suggest it is used to get them to us immediately."

RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a INK-SCOUT-I…51
RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a PERCEPTION…32

Arika was oblivious to the goings on outside. The girl wasn't exactly looking out the window. ~Focus, fool…~ 'Why..?' ~…~ The beast within forced her to look out the window, which she did, and she sees the sand moving upwards. Odd. And also a sign that she should be ready for trouble. That being said, her mouth wouldn't have shut to pause her story until she glanced out the window. "Ne, Hiro-kun… I think something bad is happening…" she says, hopping out of her seat and moving to climb out the door and onto some rooftops. She would narrow her eyes and seek out … anything. Scouts of ink would travel down from her fingertips as she sought out the whatever that was moving the sand. Was the Ichibi nearby?! ~I … sense him… But it's off. I think he's sealed away so things are harder to detect.~ Arika nods a bit and growls slightly. 'They're around, then…' ~No, Itami would kill you -.-~ 'But…' ~Not in the village!~ Arika frowns. 'How about-' ~Later. Don't waste energy.~

COMBAT: Arika focuses 6197 stamina to turn it into 10000 usable chakra!
RP: Hiroto transforms into TENSHI'S-MIND.
RPCOMBAT: Hiroto defends against with a HAYATO-SENSES-II…65

Hiroto followed Arika to rooftops. "Sorry Arika. I know what is going on sorta. The cultists might be doing something today, and well….the sand rising like it is…proves it in my eyes." Tenshi was in the air and made a sound calling Hiroto that way. "Alright Arika. Follow me…closely." He frowned and gestured for her to do so before he ran and hopped across rooftops. His bow pulled free and an arrow set on the bow. "We are meeting up with Itami. Tenshi has been with her this whole time I have been with you." And it wouldn't take long for him to make it there. Tenshi landed on Hiroto, and right away began to speak about what was said….well in his language. Also neither one of them can see the actual threats yet.

RP: Asashi transforms into OMOIKANE-II.
RPCOMBAT: Asashi defends against with a FOCUSED-SENSORY-ARRAY…76

With a set of organs set out beforehand, Asashi thought himself ready for this battle, but it seems this enemy came more prepared to do battle than he thought. He frowns a bit as he is not yet able pick these enemies out from the jutsu, actually growling a bit. "No… Whatever jutsu they're using, it's even able to scramble my senses well enough to keep them hiden," he replies as he reaches to some of the hidden pockets of his robe and prepares some things for battle. This one's not going to be pretty.

[NPC System]: Seishukuni Kou & Company roll(s) Light Release: Negative Light Void (Reduced by heavy chakra expenditure) from 35 to 80 and get(s) a 65. - Rolled by: Ryuusei

Well, this was certainly excellent for Seishukuni Kou. After all, she wouldn't want to be so easily found yet. That would ruin the surpise… A surprise that is easily visible to all in the The Hidden Sand right now!
It took the form of sand. A mass amount of sand that Kou was manipulating using the heart. She was using the Shukaku's chakra to do this, of course. Even the mass amount of stored chakra she had wasn't a catalyst for moving the sand. Said sand would begin to coalesce in a thin dome shape around the village. For a time, the sun would suddenly be blocked out. The village would have fallen to darkness…
"Never fear, Sunagakure." Seishukuni Kou would orate to her personal guard that stood around her. "The sun has not abandoned you! This is merely a prelude. 'The first sign of the coming Doomsday is when the sun is blacked out. It comes in the form of a solar eclispe! This eclipse robs all the world of it's light! The god of darkness declares it's war against the god of light! Then when the world seemed as if darkness would persist for all time…" Seishukuni Kou would raise her hands into the air, staff clutched in one hand as she closed her eyes and focused a rather large amount of chakra…
Darkness had fallen of Sunagakure. It was an unsettling darkness, though it did not last long. It was a mere six seconds of black-out, before the light started to shine through the dome. It grew from the center of the dome. Sand particles began to recrystalize into glass, heralding the fact that Seishukuni Kou was implementing a unique form of Glass Release that was likely unprecidented by those in Sunagakure who use it. The light grew from a dim darkness, until the sky became as it was before. Clear. The clear cloudless sky was visible once again. In the place of sand, was crystalized glass. A strong barrier of glass high in the sky, unreachable by kunai or shuriken…

RPCOMBAT: Itami defends against with a CHEMICAL-RECOGNITION…77
RP: Itami uses S-RANK-CHARGE.

"We won't give in just yet…" Itami continued to use her senses to try and seek out the menace that was Seishukuni Kou. While doing so, she was only momentarily caught up in the village slowly darkening overhead while listening to her proclamations. She watched as sand began to cover it, knowing very well what kind of sand it was. She could feel her blood boiling, but all of the steam was immediately released when she finally pinpointed where the enemy was. "She's on the wall," she remarked to the group. "Now that I know where she is, I want you all to keep your senses open to keeping track of her," she states. "But for now, we have a bigger problem on our hands." The village was coming under siege by a beam of light, aided by the dome.
"If only…" She growled to herself. "Asashi, I know I am relying on you a great deal, but I need your assistance again. I need you to send word to Arika to go into full release. I'll need her help to try and break down this dome and further, minimize damage. That leaves you and Hiroto to engage Kou and keep her and her forces distracted while we handle that. In the meantime, I need to build up the energy to engage the formation," she states.

RP: Arika uses SHADOW-CLONE.
RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a VANISHING-GALE…52

Arika would notice a huge dragon-tami and she would glance down to Hiroto. "Nnnn…. Hiro-kun, I'm gonna go see what Itami-chan wants," she tells him. The girl makes a handseal, and a shadow-clone would appear before vanishing with a burst of wind to appear near the dragon. "Ne! Itami-chan! What should me 'n Hiro-kun do?" the clone would ask, bouncing a bit. "We're alllllll they way at Hiro-kun's house, but we c'n come over if you want," she offers, bouncing this way and that despite the fact that the girl is… Probably in the most amount of danger.

Hiroto continued to look around, and saw NPCs running towards a certain area. Luckily his eyes now that he knows where to focus would be able to see the woman and he quickly moved that way hopping along buildings ushering Arika to follow him. Of course soon enough it wouldn't matter because of her needing to go beast mode. He was gonna do something at least, and had an arrow ready to fire. It was a simple Bola Arrow and he when close enough would fire it towards the area, so even if he didn't see her exact position the nature of the Bola would catch her and wrap her up. "Arika. Big blasts of wind right at her now if you can!"

COMBAT: Hiroto attacks target 1 with BOLA-ARROW with a roll of: 44
[NPC System]: Seishukuni Kou roll(s) Crystallize vs Bola Arrow (44) from 43 to 75 and get(s) a 49. - Rolled by: Ryuusei

Since Asashi spots Arika already moving toward the area, he figures Itami can handle telling her. He simply gestures her way and leaps to move up the wall to where Itami was nice enough to point out that this Seishukuni Kou is. Time to prove that the Iga are not just blind old storytellers that're only good for plumbing for information… As he scales the wall, the Clan Head motions for everyone not to approach too closely while he seems to chew on something. Once he reaches the top of the wall, he moves toward Kou, almost looking like he's going to try to kiss her before he spews out a trio of tongues that fly in tree directions, one right at her and one to either of her side. He leaps back a bit as the tongues collide with the top of the wall and perhaps her, turning into a putrid-looking mist around and perhaps on her that would seep through cloth and around armor if necessary to go into her pores and try to destroy her from the inside out and could even make flesh begin to slough off if it deals enough damage.

COMBAT: Asashi attacks target 1 with POISONOUS-FLESH-IV with a roll of: 93
[NPC System]: The Iron Puppeteer roll(s) Iron Puppet Interception vs Poisonous Flesh IV (93) from 80 to 100 and get(s) a 80. - Rolled by: Ryuusei

With the dome complete, Seishukuni Kou would prepare to use the ability that would put Sunagakure on it's knees. Unfortunately, the rabble has already appeared and is threatening to ruin her plans. "It's Typical for there to be a few who will not believe in a god no matter what miracles they are shown. Very well." She would raise her hand out to freeze the bola in place. "Child's play." Kou smiled at Hiroto, and gave him a sultry wink. "Fit for a child." She began to make seals for the coming of the God of Light just as Asashi appears to threaten it all. His technique travels through the air. Smashing against the wall, they burst into poison. One of her guards, a man whose eyes were wrapped with bandages, would activate a scroll containing a unique puppet made completely of Iron. Though he sought to intercept Asashi's technique, it was made of corrosive gas. The puppet could not possibly help Kou, who was soon on her knees coughing blood as the acid ate her from the inside… "My lady! Are you harmed!?" Kou kept her hands in a seal as she continued to focus chakra, despite the rather back-handed attack. "The Gods will not let me die until Doomsday has been brought upon the world." The puppeteer turned towards Asashi, and sought retribution. The puppet was an iron puppet in the form of a samurai. From the puppet's exposed palm, a Daikatana burst through and the puppet promptly grabbed it before attacking Asashi, the puppeteer a safe distance above, guarding Kou…
Kou did see Itami, the dragon whom looked as if she were about to try and destroy the carriage. Kou's lips sneered as she created a handseal. "You… You wouldn't! Fool! I will not let you!" Itami was a large target, and that was enough to allow her to pinpoint a fine target. "Light Release: Carriage of the Sun God!" A fancy name for a technique. The technique itself was simple, made great by the power of the dome above. The dome acted as a convex lens, and when Seishukuni Kou focused the light into it, the convex lense focused it further. The result was a beam of pure energy. A constant beam that shot through the lens and burned the ground viciously. It was enough to turn anything it touched into red hot sand/stone. It was, in effect, a giant laser capable of razing the land in vast quantities. This was her magnifying glass, and Sunagakure were the ants. She guided that laser towards Itami, and as the laser moved it scorched the ground immensely. Anyone caught in the laser was turned instantly into black-scored bones. "This is it! My life's work! It has come! The God of Light has come!"

[NPC System]: Seishukuni Kou roll(s) Carriage of the Sun God vs Itami from 60 to 90 and get(s) a 60. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
RPCOMBAT: Itami defends against with a DRAGON-ARMOR…96
COMBAT: Itami attacks target 1 with DRACO-METEOR with a roll of: 104

Itami took Asashi's gesture to mind and looked in the direction he pointed, watching Arika come along. "Arika, go full release, now!" She'd dictate for what she needed Hiroto to do in a bit, but for now she had a beam of light heading towards her and fast. She stood her ground and allowed her scales to do the work. Admittedly, the heat was a lot to bear. It wasn't the traditional sunlight she was used to, but her scales were able to take them. She was a dragon, after all. This sort of heat is something she was built to stand, but that didn't stop the surface scales from blackening and charring over, covering her entire form until she was nothing but a husk.
When the beam had finished, she burst forth from the shell that covered her, the charred remains falling around her. "Arika, I'll need you to capture the remains of this dome when I take it on! Hiroto and Asashi are at full liberty to attack Kou however they see fit! Continue your assault and do not hold back!" She gave her orders before taking off towards the dome to throw her entire body into it.

RP: Arika stops using SHADOW-CLONE.
RP: Arika transforms into HACHIBI-FULL-RELEASE.
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with MINI-TAILED-BEAST-BALL with a roll of: 138
[NPC System]: Seishukuni Kou roll(s) (Defense) Carraige of the Sun God from 130 to 155 and get(s) a 143. - Rolled by: Ryuusei

Ari-clone would nod and disa-poof to relay those orders back to her actual self. Said self would gather a bunch of dark chakra before her mouth as soon as the hulking terror of the Hachibi appeared in … well, sort of the middle of Sunagakure. Sorry, Suna. A lot of your buildings just got ruined… But the Kazekage asked for it! Arika would try not to move /too/ much to avoid the ultimate ruin and destruction, instead continuing to gather that chakra. Naturally, she aims a small ball of condensed chakra right at the main baddie. c.c; Hopefully the Iga clan head gets out of the way before it hits! Friendly Fire is off, right? »

Hiroto frowned a bit and readied more arrows. Well maybe he could hit her eventually huh? And suddenly there was something behind him moving quickly. Well not directly behind him, but when it exploded he would need to be out of there, and for that reason he ran! Of course that isn't without firing three arrows as he ran at the villian though none were expected to hit sadly. If only that Bola had hit then the big ball of chakra would of wrecked her. He felt so minor compared to the others, and sighed a bit as he watched to see what happened.

COMBAT: Hiroto attacks target 1 with ARCHER-SHOT with a roll of: 34
COMBAT: Hiroto attacks target 1 with ARCHER-SHOT with a roll of: 29
COMBAT: Hiroto attacks target 1 with ARCHER-SHOT with a roll of: 32
[NPC System]: Seishukuni Kou roll(s) Crystalize vs Hiroto from 34 to 60 and get(s) a 41. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
[NPC System]: Seishukuni Kou roll(s) Crystalize vs Hiroto from 34 to 60 and get(s) a 55. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
[NPC System]: Seishukuni Kou roll(s) Crystalize vs Hiroto from 34 to 60 and get(s) a 58. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
[NPC System]: The Iron Puppeteer roll(s) Cleave vs Asashi from 40 to 55 and get(s) a 51. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
RPCOMBAT: Asashi defends against with a STRING-STEERING-TECHNIQUE-III…83

"Aw, look who's come to the rescue… Not that it's going to do you any good," Asashi says with a smirk as he watches the puppeteer try to help Kou and then send the puppet his way. He reaches into hidden pockets of his robe and sends a wave of wire out at the puppets as well as the puppeteer and Kou, intending to bind both of the people as well as the puppet to completely disable all three for the time being and keep them from being able to defend themselves from the coming… Blazing wheels, he's gotta move! Luckily, the spools of wire he uses are really long and can spool out as he leaps backwards to get out of the way of what's about to befall these two.

COMBAT: Asashi attacks target 1 with WIRE-CAPTURING-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 75
COMBAT: Asashi attacks target 2 with WIRE-CAPTURING-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 70
COMBAT: Asashi attacks target 3 with WIRE-CAPTURING-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 78
[NPC System]: Seishukuni Kou roll(s) Crystalize II vs Asashi from 65 to 90 and get(s) a 83. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
[NPC System]: Seishukuni Kou roll(s) Crystalize II vs Asashi from 65 to 90 and get(s) a 71. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
[NPC System]: Seishukuni Kou roll(s) Crystalize II vs Asashi from 65 to 90 and get(s) a 87. - Rolled by: Ryuusei

One strongest and most powerful attacks were launched against the glass dome above. The Kazekage's strongest attack would be used directly on the dome, and would crash against it with a force that would cause a massive crater. Even though the dome had a massive amount of Bijuu chakra running through it, keeping it together, it did not stop the dome from cracking. A few more attacks like that would shatter it. Asashi had caused Seishukuni Kou much suffering at the hands of his ability, for even now she would take great pain from the acid eating within her. Though it only focused her attention on defense rather than offense. This was a good sign. A sign that Kou had bit off more than she could chew. The small cadre of Ninja were indeed far too busy keeping the rest of Sunagakure from converging on this point to help her, which meant the antagonist was at risk. It was Hiroto whom fired arrows at her, that were meager enough that the weakest defense in her arsenal could stop him, with some chance of failure. Then Asashi's rather tricky technique sought to even stop her personal guard. She would also crystalize the very air around the attacks, stopping them dead in the air. Though when she looked up to see an incredible energy force coming towards her, she had no choice but to utilize the slightly damaged dome to defend her. As the tailed beast ball traveled across the sky towards her, she brought her hands into a seal. "This is absolutely rediculous." She would say haughtily. Then the sky around Sunagakure darkened, as all the sunlight in the area redirected to the glass dome. Suddenly a thin beam pierced the dome, and struck the ground, creating a powerful beam of energy. The tail-beast ball struck that beam and split in half. Each half flew in either direction, causing a massive explosion that scored various areas of Sunagakure. "It's that other power. The one I truly needed. That would have made this plan flawless, but time was fleeting." She looked at Asashi and Hiroto, and attempted to redirect the beams towards them. "Die."

[NPC System]: Seishukuni Kou roll(s) (Offense) Carraige of the Sun God vs Hiroto from 30 to 70 and get(s) a 50. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
COMBAT: Itami attacks target 1 with INTERRUPT with a roll of: 88
RPCOMBAT: Itami defends against with a DRAGON-ARMOR…92

Itami crashed with the full force of her attack into the dome. It cracked it, but it didn't fall. This was more than enough for her as it was progress, but sometimes progress is met with failure. Was she upset? No, more like furious. She felt that was a consequence that could have been avoided, but what's been done is now past and she has to move forward into the future.
With the beast ball splitting the beam, she watched as they carved two separate paths through the village and were beginning to be redirected towards Hiroto and Asashi respectively. She hoped that Asashi may defend against his own, but Hiroto needed a helping hand at this point. "Arika, focus your attention on the dome! Attack it directly and make sure it falls! We can't have much more of the village destoryed!" She called out to her as an order while scooping up Hiroto to come between the beam and himself. In the same manner as before, the scales in the direct path of the beam were charred but were soon shed off and fell like ash around her. "Asashi, continue your attacks against Kou, Hiroto, you do the same. I'll see if I can put her down to stop her advances for a time."

COMBAT: Itami attacks target 1 with GENTLE-SLEEP with a roll of: 76
[NPC System]: Kou roll(s) (Counter) Carriage of the Sun God vs Gentle Sleep (76) from 60 to 100 and get(s) a 69. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with MINI-TAILED-BEAST-BALL with a roll of: 127

Arika-beastie would frown a bit and nod to Itami's orders. In the time it took for Itami to go save Hiroto, Arika worked on gathering chakra into a small ball near 'her' mouth. More like near Gyuki's mouth, at least in terms of appearance. She would continue to gather it in a small miniature version of the tailed beast ball, then she would unleash it upon the giant lens that was overhead, dark chakra focused into that single point. ~So, we don't have to fix that light damage, right?~ 'Prolly…' ~I'm not helping you with that~ 'But' ~Do it yourself! :|~ 'Fiiiine…'

Hiroto was snatched up by Dragon Itami and simply blinked in shock. Oh that would of hurt if that hit. He winced simply in anticipation of that beam hitting, but it simply hit armor that shed away. "Alright Itami. I will try." He hopped off of there and landed onto the wall where Kou was. Two arrows were pulled free and fired at Kou hopefully who would be in a stunned state.

COMBAT: Hiroto attacks target 1 with SPIKED-ARROW-SHOT with a roll of: 29
COMBAT: Hiroto attacks target 1 with SPIKED-ARROW-SHOT with a roll of: 33
COMBAT: Asashi attacks target 1 with POISONOUS-FLESH-IV with a roll of: 62
COMBAT: Asashi attacks target 1 with POISONOUS-FLESH-IV with a roll of: 76
[NPC System]: Iron Puppeteer roll(s) Generic Powerful Wind Defense from 70 to 81 and get(s) a 76. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
[NPC System]: Seishukuni Kou roll(s) (Offense) Carraige of the Sun God vs Asashi from 50 to 90 and get(s) a 50. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
RPCOMBAT: Asashi defends against with a ADVANCED-SENSORY-ARRAY…93

Asashi's luck is pretty darn good here, except for his aim due to trying to get the heck out of the way of a flying nuke. The shield that protects the bad guys also keeps him from harm before that thing tries to kill him too, which he evades masterfully with a leap out of the way as he chews as then spews forward a larger number of the poisonous organs with intent to poison both Kou and her loyal puppeteer. "Was almost well done there," he says with a smirk as he lands on his feet and skids to a stop, enjoying the life or death situation perhaps a litte TOO much.

It seemed that Itami had cracked the dome, and soon Arika's attack also threatened to break it down. The impact of such energy crashed against the dome reinforced by Shukaku's own. It seemed that the tailed beast had always wanted to cause ruin to Sunagakure, even though this kind of tactic was a little against his standards. Still, the chakra held, and the dome was on the verge of collapse. On more might cause it to fall. One more…
Kou was assaulted on all directions. Though it is unknown just how it was to occur. A giant dragon would have swooped in and used the gentle mist style to drain Kou's ability to move. The woman's lungs burned to much to talk, and she couldn't scream when arrows sunk into her. Asashi's attack had nearly killed her. The poisonous flesh and gas ate away at her until she looked as if she had been eaten and spit out by a serpent… The Puppeteer who had been nearby, and had been saved various times, decided to call plan B. "High Priestess. Your flesh might be rotting, but your soul still holds the key to Doomsday. I will assist you." After he had blown the poisonous corrosive organs and gas from him, he recalled his puppet. Kou, who was on death's door, would become one with the puppet as she was incorporated into it and protected. Clearly, she was in so much pain and anguish that she could no longer move. The Iron Puppeteer, however, would finish her work for her. He ordered the puppet to make the seals for Kou, which allowed her to fire one more beam of light. "It isn't over. You won't stand in the wake of our hopes and dreams!" The puppeteer notes. The light beam, which had continuously burned through houses and ground at this point, and had killed many, was redirected at Hiroto, Asashi, Arika, and Itami one last time.

[NPC System]: Puppeted Kou Kou roll(s) (Offense) Carraige of the Sun God vs Itami from 70 to 120 and get(s) a 120. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
RPCOMBAT: Itami defends against with a DRAGON-ARMOR…98
RPCOMBAT: Itami took 2500 damage.

Excellent. Just one more time… This was almost over and Itami intended to see this through to the end with her team. "Arika, once more! I need you to attack the dome one more time!" She ordered. "Asashi and Hiroto, continue your attacks!" No sooner than she finished her orders, she took a beam of light, this time, without her scales to back her up. They were burned through and down to the deeper levels of flesh, causing her to roar out in pain. No sooner than the beam finished, she was left with large patches of her body completely exposed and bleeding out.

"We have the advantage… Don't stop!" She continued pushing for her team to fight. In response, she took off after the puppet who now contained Kou within, claws extended and at the ready to tear into it with the rage only a dragon could contain.

COMBAT: Itami attacks target 1 with HYPER-SPEED-CHAIN-KILL with a roll of: 77
[NPC System]: Puppeted Kou Kou roll(s) (Offense) Carraige of the Sun God vs Arika from 60 to 110 and get(s) a 69. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a BIJUU-CHAKRA-BODY-SHEDDING…117

Arika was getting tired. She didn't usually stay in this form for very long, and she was only just managing to get the hang of the mini tailed beast ball. Which is probably why after she shifts a bit in the body so that she wasn't actually hit by the chariot whatever you wanna call it beam of light attack. Taking a huge breath, Ari-beast would gather her chakra for a final time, readying the dark chakra mass for a few moments before unleashing it upon the lens. She took slightly less time to charge it, too… Well, hopefully it suffices.

COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with MINI-TAILED-BEAST-BALL with a roll of: 97
[NPC System]: Puppetted Kou roll(s) (Offense) Carraige of the Sun God vs Hiroto from 40 to 80 and get(s) a 41. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
RPCOMBAT: Hiroto defends against with a INTUITIVE-EXPLOIT…60

Hiroto frowned as he saw the approaching beam. This time Itami wasn't able to get here, but this time he didn't need her to. He ran from the wall and hopped down the side before attaching himself to it. The beam cut across the wall which of course just made rubble fall, but he was already moving across the side of the wall and looked up at the puppeteer. From here Hiroto stood and ran up the side with a Bola Arrow ready. The moment he came back up the side he shot the arrow to try and stun the puppeteer. That would hopefully stop the puppeteer in their tracks and let Asashi finish him.

COMBAT: Hiroto attacks target 1 with BOLA-ARROW with a roll of: 55
[NPC System]: Puppetted Kou roll(s) (Offense) Carraige of the Sun God vs Asashi from 60 to 100 and get(s) a 83. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
RPCOMBAT: Asashi defends against with a ADVANCED-SENSORY-ARRAY…63
RPCOMBAT: Asashi took 2500 damage.

As the beam turns on them all, Asashi is blasted as fiercely as Itami and knocked back, skidding on the ground with a heavy wound in his torso that bleeds profusely from under his robes. "My, my… Not many people can say they've harmed me this much," he says, actually grinning darkly rather than crying out in pain as he pushes himself up to his feet, a rather fierce look in his eyes as he leans his head back and spews forth an enormous eyeball that, upon hitting the ground near Kou and her puppeteer, releases a massive of wave poisonous mist intended to corrode them both from the inside out and finish them off hopefully or at least get them close to death.

COMBAT: Asashi attacks target 1 with POISONOUS-FLESH-IV with a roll of: 75
COMBAT: Asashi attacks target 2 with POISONOUS-FLESH-IV with a roll of: 82

Seishukuni Kou was dead inside that suit of armor, even before Asashi leaked poison into the armor. Now the only think keeping the dome alive was the staff buried into the ground with Fujiko's heart and Shukaku sealed away within the crystallized organ. The Dome above was already stressed enough after the last two strikes, and when Gyuki's energy smashed against it, the dome shattered. Though, as if it were planned, the shards of glass would rain down on the city, planting themselves into houses and the streets. Extra large shards of glass would block entire paths. Oh, dear. Sunagakure was in need of more repair. So many disasters had befallen poor Sunagakure, to the point that perhaps it's people have started to question whether they were really safe.
Nevertheless, the villain was defeated, and at this point the Iron puppeteer's puppet was dissolved into uselessness. The Puppeteer would drop to his knees and put his hands behind his head, in hopes that his death would be upon the chopping block rather than being unable to defend himself anymore on the battlefield. "Doomsday has come to Sunagakure. Look at it now. The Shukaku has twice attacked it in different forms. Hundreds were killed by the rogue ninja clan that had attacked. What is next? What will you do? Sunagakure is a shell of it's past. There was only one other choice. To raze and rebuild… I hope you are all pleased that you've saved the ship sinking into the sands… Long Live the Sun God. He will return again. I know it…"

COMBAT: Itami attacks target 1 with HYPER-SPEED-CHAIN-KILL with a roll of: 73
COMBAT: Itami attacks target 1 with HYPER-SPEED-CHAIN-KILL with a roll of: 96
COMBAT: Itami attacks target 1 with HYPER-SPEED-CHAIN-KILL with a roll of: 75
COMBAT: Itami attacks target 1 with HYPER-SPEED-CHAIN-KILL with a roll of: 102

And so the battle was finally over, but not without its costs. The sound of glass striking the ground, shattering and sputtering buildings and roads sounded off all over Sunagakure. Indeed, this village did see many attacks and even greater damage and to say Itami wasn't distressed would be an understatement. But this is only the least of the damages in comparison to what could have been and it could be stopped even further. "All of you, redirect your remaining energy towards capturing as much glass as possible!"
That being said, Itami flew off at lightning speed, cutting into the glass within the air to reduce its size. They don't need anymore destruction than what has already been sustained.

COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with BIJUU-SONIC-CATASTROPHE with a roll of: 83
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 2 with BIJUU-SONIC-CATASTROPHE with a roll of: 99
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 3 with BIJUU-SONIC-CATASTROPHE with a roll of: 94
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 4 with BIJUU-SONIC-CATASTROPHE with a roll of: 79
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 5 with BIJUU-SONIC-CATASTROPHE with a roll of: 93

Well, glass. Arika would frown and use the last of her remaining energy to let out a mighty ROOOOOOAAAAAARRRRRRRRR aimed skywards to try and ruin a majority of the glass shards that were coming down. Sure, it might accidentally destroy a few buildings, but that was A-OK because she really needed to destroy them. And the giant glass pieces would probably ruin Suna worse than her own roar. Once the roar was done, Arika was left panting and tired, and her form seemed to waver a bit as Gyuki was forced to pour more energy into the tired girl v.v;

Hiroto frowned at all this glass and pulled out a few arrows. At the very least he could do this to try and destroy as many as he could right? Suddenly as any glass that the other two missed(that was still sorta big) fell through the air, a barrage of arrows would fly down to hit them all. Hopefully he actually helps now.

COMBAT: Hiroto attacks target 1 with SPIKED-ARROW-SHOT with a roll of: 33
COMBAT: Hiroto attacks target 2 with SPIKED-ARROW-SHOT with a roll of: 21
COMBAT: Hiroto attacks target 1 with SPIKED-ARROW-SHOT with a roll of: 30
COMBAT: Hiroto attacks target 2 with SPIKED-ARROW-SHOT with a roll of: 29
RPCOMBAT: Asashi defends against with a STRING-STEERING-TECHNIQUE-III…74

With the problem taken care of, Asashi looks up to Itami and nods. He reaches to the pockets of his robes and fling out waves of wire to create a web around the area between the wall and buildings as large as he can. He glances down at his wounds as he does so, figuring he better tend to that soon as well as help the Kazekage out, but first things first…

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