The Superhero Academy


Raili, Amani

Date: July 17, 2011


Amani's class gets a substitute teacher to teach them a new technique.

"The Superhero Academy"

Unknown location

"Hmm, this seems all too familiar…" Raili could've sworn she had done this same exact lesson, in a past life or maybe in the future? Yeah, maybe there was another Kushrenada Raili in the future with like, a twin or something and she was projecting her past memories or something crazy like that. "Yeah… that's probably hit, crazy time flux conundrum crap… probably didn't use that word right. What do you think?" Raili would say this and look over her shoulder to the gathered students who had the pleasure of hearing the Jounin ramble to herself instead of actually beginning the lesson.

Now, as for Raili's reputation in the Academy? Former full time teacher, she had decided to pull out from the whole teaching thing to pursue much more interesting things. Some students feared her, some revered, nonetheless she was apparently a good teacher with, sometimes questionable methods due to her “creative” mind. To the few who have heard that Raili may be insane, she was not helping her case with the rambling and now, she was actually staring at the students, waiting for someone to respond to her previous question.
"Well… don't just look at me." Raili turns with a flourish of her cape(Which she was currently wearing for unknown reasons). "Did I use the word conundrum correctly?" Apparently, this was the first question the sub-in had for the day. Strange that they would come out to the training grounds for a language lesson though.

Amani was among the group of students that Raili was now inquiring to. She couldn't say what a conundrum was let alone if the word was used correctly. She doesn't learn words like that every day. She closes her eyes and scratches at her face while trying to think it through, but all she gets in return is a black void of nothingness. When she opens her eyes, she casts her gaze on the instructor while adorning a confused expression on her features. Are they really supposed to answer this question? She diverts her attention to the rest of the class to see they were just as stumped as she was. And…why are they being asked this anyhow?
She finally goes back to looking at Raili where she decides to go with a guess. Opening her mouth, she stated "No…?" with an inflection indicating a questionable answer. Maybe this was some kinda test. No one usually disagrees with the instructor, right?

With a look of genuine shock, Raili would frown, "I didn't?" With a small shrug, she'd give Amani a thumbs up, "Well thanks for the info kiddo. Now then where were we…" Pulling out their actual teacher's lesson plans, she'd give a few nods before snapping the book shut and tossing it over her shoulder.
"So… given the fact that my training enhancement device may actually… accidentally snap the necks of a human of most of your stature's, I've decided not to give lessons on the Escape Technique. Lucky for you I actually tested it for children a few hours before I came in today, that… would've been no good, pretty difficult to clean up blood, especially in all the little nooks in the device… I suppose henge would be sort of difficult without knowing the basics of clone for most… let's do that instead. Clone technique training!"

Clapping her hands together excitedly, she'd lean her arms back a bit to let her backpack slide off and drop to the floor with a heavy thud. Leaning over the large backpack, she'd give one of the pockets a tap and summon a large box. "Alright, everyone…" Sliding the box into the front of the class, she'd reveal that it was a box full of what appears to be a rainbow of cloth.
"Inside you'll find, capes, masks, the works. What I want you to do is, become a superhero. Design your look with whatever you find in here. You've got…"
Lifting her hand to her face, she'd fiddle with the device about her wrist until it begins to tick, "Ten minutes. Go!"

Amani didn't know what to think of that, but since it didn't end in complete disaster, she thinks she's alright. So now the real training. She was waiting for this part. Problem is, she didn't think it'd consist of neck snapping and she found herself drawing her hand up to her neck as if to check if it was displaced.
What device was this that it caused more harm than actual good? Was this instructor safe? She questioned this more and more within her presence and couldn't bring herself to get to the point of actual comfort. She expected training to be difficult, but not psychotically so. "…What does this have to do with the Clone technique?" Amani asked while looking over the contents of the box. She'd pick at a few cloths curiously, trying to figure out which one she wanted to try. She thinks blue is a good choice. She liked the color blue. So, she pulls a blue cloth out to tie around her neck. She'd then grab some gloves, a mask, belt, eh…no, no tights. That won't do. She placed the tights back. "Underwear?" She dropped those back in while trying to put together the rest of the things she collected into some sort of super suit.

After not questioning the teacher's superfluous cape, not questioning the box full of superhero gear and, actually going ahead and beginning to put together a costume, one girl would finally speak up. This question would be backed with quite a few 'Yeah, what does this have to do with anything's which would be ignored by Raili for a moment as she seemed more interested in staring at the wall, looking thoughtful as she taps her chin.
It would appear, Amani's question and the many that followed fell on deaf ears."I bet you're wondering, why the costumes Raili-sensei?" Raili takes a few steps forward and presses her hand heavily on one of the walls. A button was what she was looking for and she found it, her hand sinking in causing the wall to the left of her hand to slide open. "I installed this a few months ago don't ask why and yes, I had permission." The last bit added on quickly.

"Why are we putting on costumes. Well…" Raili would flick on the lights to reveal a room with each wall being a mirror. "You see yourself everyday, yes your same old boring self and even as much as you liked to pretend you were uninterested in putting on the costume…" Raili would shoot a glance at a 'cool kid', who in turn quickly looks away from the teacher. "You put thought into it, subconsciously or not and even though kids aren't fashion experts. You were actually thinking about how certain things would look with certain parts of your body." Raili would look towards quite the large girl, "Your hair." A boy with rather spikey, blond, hair would be looked over, his super hero costume consisting of yellows, blues and, lightning bolts. "Yadda yadda… some of you probably just liked a certain color and smacked that on… who knows maybe your subconscious was still at work making you feel as if the color you liked was the best choice aaaaand… I'm derailing again."

Raili gestures for the kids to step into the room, "Whatever it was, you thought of yourself and how you would look in the costume. The key to the clone technique is to have a full awareness of yourself and how you look, that actually tends to be harder than actually forming the chakra into your image. Now… apparently your teacher has already given you lessons on how to project chakra so I want you to take a good look at yourself right now in these mirrors and, develop a clone of your superhero self."
Well… the superhero portion didn't really seem necessary, given she equipped the kids with a 360 view of themselves… maybe, she just wanted to justify herself wearing a cape.

Amani looked at herself in one of the many mirrors that decorated this room…she actually didn't look half bad. She grinned while checking herself over and listening to the explanation given off by Raili. This was…kinda nuts, but she supposes she understands. She already knew what she looked like, but with other stuff on, it'd be more difficult to visualize.
"Do we start now?" She asks while preparing herself by placing her hands into the proper seal for practice. "And how am I gonna really see myself with so many others around…" She mumbled.

Raili would nod to Amani when asked to start, the mumble not entirely heard though Raili got the gist and shrugged, "I overlook certain things, this made much more sense when I was the only person in here." Her eyes would shift to snipe out a badly formed handsign. A very bland, "Ew." would be her response to the display before she heads over and makes adjustments to the child's hand positioning. "Now then, if you have any questions feel free to ask." Raili begins pacing around the class, 'Why did I agree to cover his shift?' Raili thinks to herself as her eyes linger on a kid looking as if he were trying to pass a kidney stone with all the effort he put in to his clone.
"All the huffing and puffing in the world wont give you much help in making a clone if you're so aggressive with it you'll just end up… yep." The boy produces a blob-like version of himself that couldn't even stand straight, wobbling in its position. "Think about it first. You don't just throw your pencil at a piece of paper to draw a picture. Relax your chakra, slowly map the situation out and start from the top, bottom or, even the center of the clone's body. Whatever the case, branch out your image from one point and draw it out mentally before having your chakra color it in."

Raili spins about on her heels and heads to the exit of the room, resting her weight on the door's frame. "You wont get it tonight but, I'd like to see something at least remotely human from most of you or… well, you wont leave this room." Raili gives a casual shrug and spins a kunai about her finger.

Amani looked at her reflection in the mirror while also capturing an image of what she looks like behind. Maybe this won't be so bad after all. She tries to look for a mirror that can capture her side profiles so that she'll be able to get this thing down. Once she thinks she found a decent spot, she began to work on her clone. She tries to work on the front first.
So, she concentrates on the image in the mirror, attempting to gather whatever details she might be able to and make a clone. Placing her fingers together in the proper seal, she calls out the technique and *poof*, out comes a clone. It might have looked a little like her and by a little, it was close to nothing. The clone was misshaped and was a different color. Somehow, her hair color and skin tone alternated with one another and… "Ugh…" The clone disappeared as if banished to some kind of nether realm.
She had to try again and this time, with a little more chakra than she used before…

Time would pass, Raili unsure of why the students had gotten so tense after her last comment until realizing the kunai in hand. It would be put away and replaced with a pen and paper. Raili would begin to jot notes down while outwardly expressing her thoughts as if the students were lab rats that couldn't understand the human language. "Subjects seem to be having the expected result. Quite a number of the students appear gifted, perhaps…" Raili would look up from her paper, noticing she was being watched.

Raili… fights the urge to hiss at them to get them to go back to work, except one thought holds her back from performing such an odd action. "Who the hell hisses? Crap… I'm doing it again. Stop that." With pursed lips, Raili gestures for the kids to turn around and she gets back to her notes… quietly. 'Maybe one of the students in here have what's required…' Raili looks up one more time to make sure no one was looking.
The notes would continue, the kids also continuing on with their work. "Just two more people need to make clones decent enough to make me happy." Of course, Raili never mentioned whose clones she was already pleased with. They have gotten quite far without asking any questions, further than most get with personal tutoring, advanced chakra focusing seals, all that nice stuff. "Is he actually a decent teacher or just lucky…"

Amani continued her pursuit of making a good clone. So far she's been progressing one by one. Breaking it up into parts to memorize was way more better than trying to focus on the whole thing. So far, she's gotten the head down, which was the hardest part. Visualizing her own self was a little difficult, but she managed. She now had the arms and torso. She just needed the legs and she should be just about finished.
It was weird seeing her clone take on different shapes, but she was having fun with it and that made it all the more easier. Soon, just soon…she'd get this. She'd have the legs and… "Yes!" She chimed and looked over her clone. It wasn't exactly perfect yet. She was doing it by layers, so some things were off, but she'd focus on the full body image later

"Mmhmm…." Raili would not tell the kids when she was pleased, she'd just step back silently, sneaking away from the group. If they were truly serious they'd continue their training, not that it mattered much to Raili, it was all on them. When she was safely back out in the hallway, she'd shake her head, removing her cape with a bit of disappointment. "Hopefully they bought that whole superhero thing but, totally know how to rock a cape." Raili slings the cape over her shoulder, thinking about all the superhero gear she left back with them.
They had… better put it back in the box. That stuff's expensive and just like that, class was over and she left the kids pretty much to their own devices for the rest of the school day it would seem, the Jounin whistling away as she heads on home.

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