The Sword Sensei


Shiro, Soren

Date: June 4, 2014


Shiro and Soren were previously acquainted, and as someone always researching shinobi, the Uzumaki had the pleasure of seeing some of Shiro's tricks. He was impressed enough that, in this scene, he approaches Soren and asks him to become his swordsmanship teacher. A new sensei joins Taiki in training young Shiro, and another new front in his studies is opened.

"The Sword Sensei"

Konohagakure Training Grounds

Soren's day was just really getting into full swing. It was just turning to afternoon as he stepped into the training grounds. He stretches, shifting a bit to the right, then to the left, letting his joints pop with every motion. Ah. Yes. That's better. He made his way to the center fo the training grounds, summoning his now favorite Ninjato as he readied himself.
With the weather being clear as it was, despite the cooling of the weather, it was still wonderfull training weather, and Soren was hoping to get in a bit o good training before he would be forced to take on more -tame- methodology to his efforts. Hopefully today he'd find someone interesting to help him with his own training. Or atleast someone to keep him working on his training, after all, Ayame was no where to be seen today.

When someone wants something, fate has a way of providing. Shiro has been wandering through the training grounds in a deliberate search for a certain Inuzuka, and lo, the silver-haired one is discovered in due time. "Finally," he says. "You're difficult to find for a man who looks so unique!" The Uzumaki's demeanor and tone are both quite friendly as he approaches Soren, lifting a hand. "Looks like you're about to start training? This is great timing, then. I've got a request for you, or maybe an opportunity. Depends on what you think of me, and you hopefully think good things."
A grin is brandished with that last line before he reels his exuberant demeanor in. "So. I was impressed by the tricks you showed me the other day," Shiro explains. "Enough that I was hoping you'd help me expand my training on a more, ah, formal basis." He lifts a hand and then settles his palm upon the pommel of his katana. "As I told you before, this thing's /mostly/ for show, and it really shouldn't be that way. Taiki-sama's starting to teach me my first elemental jutsu. It seemed prudent to also learn a real swordsmanship style, rather than the plain swipes I use now. How'd you like to become Soren-sensei? Or Soren-sama? Few people get the chance with we Uzumaki!"

Soren takes a pause, turning, his gaze falling on the young man as he talks. He raised a brow, as he listens to the man, and after a long period of listening to Shiro talk… and a long pause afterwards, he finally speaks. "It's not going to be formal, but sure. I'll teach you what I can." he says with a small grin. "Agreed. It shouldn't simply be for show." he says, shifting a bit, as he makes his way a bit further out into the open area. "A couple things though. Like I said, Don't care if it's formal. Second, I'm gonna need you to be patient with the training. It will seem a bit mundane at first." he says with a small shrug. "Other than that, I'll teach you what I can, if you've got the patience to listen."

Shiro's quick to shake his head. "It really should be formal! After all, you're passing onto me precious knowledge, and my clan appreciates knowledge quite a bit," he declares. "So, you're going to be Shiro-sensei, at least until you think I've learned your style to satisfaction. That sounds like a fair and proper deal." Someone, it seems, has learned respect - where his teachers are concerned. Probably something related to the elders in his faraway home.
At the very least, Shiro then displays that he can properly draw his katana, a most vital step. He knows how to hold it, as well, but his familiarity with the weapon is clearly elementary. There's no distinct stance, no formal style in his posture. "I've got the patience, sure. I'll even hold back my new seals and slow down."

Soren sighs. Scartching his head a bit. "OK then. If you insist. Allright Shiro-kun, then the first thing you need to know about my style… It's a cobbled together mess of various techniques I've learned from my travels as a wanderer, literally worked piecemeal together into a cohesive methodology in my head, and hammered down by experience and necessity. The most important part of Taijutsu, and the most important part of Kenjutsu by extension, is courage. Next comes the core. Then comes technique. This is the biggest difference between Ninjutsu and the like, and Taijutsu."
"Without the courage to act, you stand motionless. Without the ability to act, it doesn't matter. Without the technique to act, you have to hope your reflexes are enough. I figure you've got the courage. We're going to work on your core, but it should be good enough to atleast start now. As far as technique goes…" he says, scratching his chin. How to say this.
"As far as technique… I'll show you the tricks, but bringing them together is something that has to come naturally." he states, with a scratch to his chin. "Make sense?" He shakes his head. "Anyways… as far as that stance. You need to improve your base. It'll help your balance. The better your balance, and your root, the easier it is to shift into any number of techniques." he says, dropping into his own stance, his legs planted firmly in the ground, clearly ready to move, but also still a solidly balanced stance. "See what I mean?"

"That shouldn't be a problem. I'm a cobbled together mess of a person, and it seems to work for me," Shiro says. This, presumably, is an attempt to reassure his newest sensei concerning the style he's about be taught. The young man then falls silent to listen in an utterly attentive fashion, nodding his head only to emphasize the assumption that he does possess courage. Once the philosophy's shared, Shiro tilts his head so as to peer down at the Inuzuka's legs and feet, committing the stance presented to memory.
In all probability, Shiro probably does himself no favors by insisting on wearing geta for this. However, the Uzumaki does seem to have rather good balance. He stands alongside Soren and shifts his legs about, adjusting his footing until his own stance matches that of his teacher's. He even glances over a few times to check. "I see what you mean. By the way, I'll probably do a lot better in the way of reflexes than strength."

Soren grins. "Cool. I'm not that strong either. I make up for it with chakra reserves, so I think this'll work out just fine." he says with a grin, and a nod. "The advantage of this particular stance…" he says, motioning towards his legs. His stance has one leg firmly planted, with the second simply keeping his balance firmly back against that solid leg. "…Personally I preffer to move. This stance let's me kick off the earth, moving quickly, and reliably, either to dodge, or to counter attack. It's pretty handy." he says, glancing at Shiro. "Also, you'll note, I use a one handed technique for my Ninjato, leaves the other hand open for Ninjutsu." he says with a nod. "If you don't plan on using Ninjutsu… which I doubt after the mention of Taiki and elemental Ninjutsu, then you can use it two handed without much adjustment."

Shiro sounds quite pleased by this. "I've got a set of seals on my dominant arm. My sword arm, I guess you'd call it," he explains. "You can't see them until I feed them chakra, but they make me quite a lot faster. It might help, but right now, it'd feel like cheating." He realizes that he's starting to carry on again and quiets down, that he might once again pay attention to what Soren's doing and saying. The youth shifts back and forth without actually moving his feet, so as to feel the sensation of kicking off as described. "I can see how that works, sensei. Ah, as for the question, you're right. I use seals in just about everything I do, and it'd insult Taiki-sama to never use the jutsu he's teaching me. So, perhaps not the two handed approach?"

Soren grins. "Fair enough." he says, nodding. "So let's start with your defenses. I want to see how you move, so I know how we can take it." he says, nodding, as he just seems to… not be there, and suddenly be a fair distances back. "I'll try not to make them too hard to dodge." he says with a small grin. Threads of chakra extend from his finger tips, and a couple quick twitches of his fingers, and some nearby pebbles spring to life, soaring at Shiro. One at a time, ofcourse. Shouldn't be anything that Shiro couldn't dodge.

Although he's most likely no more advanced than a genin, given his roaming interests, Shiro does indeed live up to his claims of being fleet of foot. The pebbles come slowly enough that he can dodge, resume his stance, and then dodge again. "It's really hard not using my seals," he admits. "I'm used to playing it tricky." Shiro's eyes dart from right to left whilst watching for further threats, until the last of the pebbles seems to have landed where it will.
"Whew," Shiro says, pleased to have not been struck. He's even still maintaining proper stance. Someone must have a photographic memory!

Soren grins, and nods, clapping his hands for a moment, before motioning towards Shiro. "Not bad. A fair bit of wasted movement, but definitely a good starting point. Think about how the attacks come at you. Don't simply think how you can get away, but how you can get away while also setting up for your counter attack. For instance, I use a fair bit of acrobatics when I dodge, leaping over attacks to have the ability to set up from different angles." he says with a small grin. "For now though, I think we've had enough fun. This is all kindof sudden, and I am going to have to consider how I'm going to help you build up your techniques from here on out before we really get into this. For the time being, practice these basics, and think about the implications of not just when and how to move, but -where- to move to when you do move. Start working on making these things instinct, and we'll start building up your technique in earnest next time, ok?"

"Understood, sensei!" Shiro's pleasantly militaristic in registering his comprehension of the orders given. "I'll study what you've told me and what Taiki-sama's taught me, giving equal time to both. Before I go, though, I'll share to you how I can improve it a little …" He's been focusing since he stopped, to his benefit. The Uzumaki takes a moment to pull down the right sleeve of his robe, baring that side of his chest and arm entirely. Seals begin to form upon his flesh, and once they have, intricate lines start to connect them one by one.
Once the symbols have connected, they pulsate with purple light. Suddenly, Shiro's moving about with the fleetness of foot one would expect of a very swift Chuunin. He demonstrates this a few times prior to stopping, at which point the matrix of seals diminishes and fades away. "That might come in handy, sensei."

Soren nodded. "Southern god matrix? Or western?" he asks, quirking a brow. Yup. He's known a fair number of Uzamaki, and had learned a thing or two about their matrix seals, as it turns out. Atleast enough to Identify them in use. "I figured you could use something like that." he says with a small grin, nodding. "It will be incredibly helpful for you… in combat…" he says with a sidelong look for a moment, before grinning. "Have you had lunch yet?" he asks with a small grin. "Come on. I'll buy."

"Western God Matrix. I decided to bypass Southern entirely," Shiro declares, sticking his chest out just a bit with pride. He slides his katana sideways and then tucks it into its scabbard and seems to be generally most cheerful. "This is going to work out wonderfully. I like both you and Taiki-sama, as people and as my sensei. No doubt, I'll have learned many things by the next time I leave Konohagakure to travel."
Lunch? Oh, that's a magic word when it comes to this particular Uzumaki. "That's generous of you, particularly since I don't have any money! I'll take you up on it. Good way to celebrate our new relationship." He wanders off with the Inuzuka, looking forward to a fine meal.

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