The Tailed Terror


Kayaru, Misaki, Hiroyasu, Hiei (emitter)

Date: June 15, 2013


After finding out that Hiei and his temporary team had been kidnapped during their mission, the rest of Team Ogosokamaru, led by Reizei Kayaru, journey to a small village in a nearby valley to retrieve them. They are met with resistance and Misaki fully manifests her tailed beast.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Tailed Terror"

Small village within the Land of Lightning

While having dinner at Misaki's and Hiroyasu's apartment, Hiei had informed them that he had been temporarily assigned to a different team and that he had a mission the next day. It's now been three days, and Hiei still hasn't returned to Kumogakure. On the morning of the fourth day, Kayaru, Misaki, and Hiroyasu were summoned to the administration building by the village Elders. Once there, Kayaru is handed a scroll with the seal of a C-Rank mission.
They are informed that a member of Hiei's team had returned at near death and had informed them that he was unsure of the state of the other members of his team. The original team's mission was to investigate a small village nestled in a valley within a mountain range a few miles outside of Kumogakure. It was believed that a few of the assassins that have made an attempt on the Daimyo were from there and the original team's orders were to simply access the situation and return with their findings. However the Elders lost contact with the team two days ago. Now, they're sending a new team to complete that mission and to find out the fate of the rest of the original team.

Misaki instinctively asked Hiei if he was okay. Despite the fact nobody knows for certain most likely. "Why him?" She sighs. "If I find out who ran that team I'll rip them a new one…" She clenches her fist while suddenly the ground under her feet bursts. Seems like some of the beasts chakra trickled by accident. "Panic…" She blurts out, stepping out of the damage she caused. Her eyebrows tremble for a moment. "Do we have time to visit Hiei?"

Kayaru would go with the others at the request of course. He didn't know that Hiei had gone missing. Indeed, he just did the job he was normally doing. It wasn't finally until that summon that he found out something was wrong. Looking over the mission, a small nod was given and then he'd look over to Misaki and Hiroyasu. Shaking his head slightly, he'd tap the scroll. "Hiei-san is still missing. We will have to find him." Nodding to the elders, he'd start out of the administration area. "You both have two minutes, gather your gear, we meet at the front gate. We'll be leaving immediately."

Hiroyasu nods, "Already ready, Sempai" and people laugh at him carrying boulder around that contains all his earthly possessions, which doesn't amount to much. "What about the other missing team members?" it's a legitimate question but the scroll may not be very detailed, the intelligence division must be slacking.

One of the Elders leans forwards slightly, speaking softly. "The whereabouts of Yotsuki Hiei and Saito Ayanami are still in question. We have fully debriefed Yamayuki Rynji, the team leader for this mission. He informed us that his team was ambushed before they ever reached the village. He is unsure what jutsu was used, but whatever it was knocked him out instantly. When he came to, he was lying in a shallow grave. He clawed his way out and made his way back here. Time is of the essence here." His gaze shifts to look directly at Misaki. "I trust there will be no incidents as you complete this mission. Bring back any survivors." He leans back in his chair and waves his hand absently. "You are dismissed."

Misaki was at the gate. "So where's Hiei?" She asks at Kayaru again. "Is the other team not back y-…" She looks at Hiroyasu. "Where is this village?" She asks, all business. Even worse, she has ALL her equipment this time! Seems like Hiro's rubbing off on her!

Shaking his head slowly, Kayaru would sigh. Great. The girlfriend that's gone instant super possessive. Frowning, he'd look at the scroll, one last time.. yep, she was named. Blast, so much for ordering her to stay behind. He'd start heading for the village. "We have to find them. That's our mission. Something was used to knock out the other chuunin, so we must be alert." Kayaru would look to Hiro for a moment. "Keep alert for sudden spikes of.. zen, I believe you call it? We are going blind into a trap. Let's make sure it springing on us doesn't kill us."

Hiroyasu nods "What I call it varies on it's nature, use the words and terms you are familiar with. It will make making commands much easier for you, this quicker for us to follow." before thinking aloud "They had yamayuki, which is just as accurate as having a trained sensor. If not bettter" then he remembers back to the assassination attempt, their jutsu's were already strong and actually beyond normal convention. "This group, does seem to have the ability to expertly mask themselves, visually, auditory, and Zen chakra" giving them all a heads up. "And they use poisons, toxins, and drug tipped needles" information disseminated.

The trip to the designated area was pretty easy. Being Kumo ninja, the group is used to the mountains and the terrain wasn't too terribly difficult. They would spot the small village from afar on top of a plateau. It was surrounded by a small forest with a river moving through it, nestled in a small valley, just like the intel indicated. As the group moves through the area, Kayaru would notice a small, almost invisible piece of ninja wire stretched across the ground. If he followed it, he would also notice four bamboo tubes hidden among the trees. Hiroyasu would sense the residual chakra of the paper tags within those bamboo tubes. Also, there is a flickering of..something..just on the fringes of his senses. One moment it is there, the next, it's not. Very similar to what he was able to sense in the Daimyo's palace. It seems to be coming from all directions at once.

Misaki was following Hiro. She trusted his senses in this case. Stopping when he stopped, moving when he moved. Remaining vigilant though oblivious the entire way through. "So that's where they?" ….

He'd move along with the others, keeping alert as they should be, while heading for that village. He'd hold up his hand suddenly, stopping the group as he spotted the wire. That hand went to the hilt of his katana as Kayaru traced the wire to the bamboo poles. Frowning, he'd finally shake his head. "The trap is here.. spread out.. avoid the wire." Kayaru started searching the immediate area. If this was the trap, then there was going to be backup coming for when it was set off, to finish off whoever set it off.

Hiroyasu stops along with Kayaru "Explosive seals" before stopping before finishing the sentence "they are already here, it's like it was before.. so foreign and confusing.. it hurts to focus on it." he nods and moves to get a little distance so that they are not bunched up into a tight cluster. "I can't tell where, cause it's everywhere!" filling his fingers with several seals apiece.

They are here indeed. Or at least one of them is. A figure drops out of the trees several meters ahead of the group. He's got a hooded cloak on that hides most of his face. He salutes the group and then turns to run towards the village itself. And he's fast. Very fast. It's obvious he wants them to follow. Should they do so, they eventually come to a clearing where there are two poles stuck into the ground. Lashed to those poles are Yotsuki Hiei and the female Saito Ayanami. Both of them are bruised and Hiei has a wound on his leg that looks pretty bad. They are both unconcious and unarmed, but there is no sign of the shinobi figure that they saw before that led them here.

Misaki obviously heated wants to follow the man. But then hesitates. "Hiro?" She asks for Hiro's advice on this?

Kayaru would watch what was happening, eyes narrowed as the man saluted then ran off. He'd pause long enough to grab the trap that had been set up, carefully disarming the trigger, to cut the wire and bring it with him. Carrying it over a shoulder, he'd motion them all to follow on, preparing for what might be ahead. Focusing hard on the surroundings, he'd be careful with the trap to not set it off.. he was going to use it against them it seems.. or potentially try. afterall, they might set it off remotely, when they realize what he's carrying.

Hiroyasu sighs, "It's obviously a trap, an ambush." looking to the other two before following cautiously. "It's no wonder they captured a weaker team" he mutters at their tactics and advanced jutsu.

As the Kumo team inspects the area, all they see are the two shinobi tied to the poles in the ground. However, Hiroyasu would detect a slight surge in chakra and it's coming from the bamboo tubes that Kayaru is carrying over his shoulder! On top of that, the chakra flickers start up, and once again they appear on and off Hiro's zen radar and it's coming from all directions. Once the imminent explosion happens, three figures appear once the smoke clears. The first one is a boy of about thirteen with short black hair, he stands with a cocky grin and his arms folded across his chest. The second one is a kunoichi of about sixteen with long hair that is obviously dyed purple. She wields a wakazashi blade in each hand. And the last is a tall man with shoulder length silver hair. The trait that would be most noticed is that there is a cloth strip across his eyes. He leans on what looks like a metal quarterstaff. His expression is stoic as he looks at the group. "So this is what they sent. A pity." His voice is soft and melodic.

Misaki walks along Hiro and Kayaru. When he suddenly throws the pipe away it spells trouble. So she jumps out of the way as far as she can go. Rolling at the end of her move. It wasn't graceful, but she needed to avoid a bomb here! When she got up she looks at the shinobi that appeared. When she spots Hiei her heart sinks. Her jaw locks up. Tears well up in her eyes. "He better not be dead…" She exhales very, very slowly. Clearly struggling to keep herself under control. Hiro has seen her go boom before. This is something she has never displayed before. Her eyes become hazy like they're following floating wisps. But her chakra is under control, her breathing is very, very slow. After she managed to control herself she asks. "What's the plan?" She had to really fight the urge to let Matatabi out. Or to rush towards Hiei and potentially trigger more traps. So for now, she managed to calm herself down. "Is he dead, HIRO!?" She then asks. Knowing he should be able to sense it if he's alive at the very least.

Kayaru heard that hiss. It was all he was looking for, so instead of being able to use their tool against them, he'd just throw it upward. The explosion had shrapnel go everywhere, to which he'd simply avoid them nimbly. Watching Misaki a moment, he'd make sure she was still calm.. ish.. before looking to those who showed up. "We recover our team mates. Engage only if necessary. Stay alert." Kayaru's hand would come to rest on his sword's handle then, preparing that katana for draw as he'd start walking forward. The insult was ignored. He was keeping aware of the three, but he wasn't going to honor them with an answer, instead he simply watched for traps as steps carried him across the ground towards the two tied up.

Hiroyasu takes the shrapnel and it rips through him several times before a pause then *boomfp* a log filled with shards of bamboo hits the ground with a thunk. His bald head peeks out behind a tree looking at Misaki and Kayaru with a nod. "I know it sound counter intuitive, but they expect us to charge up the middle, I recommend a 3 prong attack from separate angles. The defense's and traps should be weaker from a direction that no normal person would take.. also we are much too huddled together making us a target for bombs, explosions, easy mass target devices." using the tree to protect his back while he talked into his cupped hand towards his teammates.

The three shinobi simply stand there as Kayaru moves towards Hiei and the girl on the poles. However, before he even gets halfway there, there is a *boomfp* and both of them disappear. The man with the cloth over his eyes smiles faintly. "My apologies. That was simply to lure you here. Your comrades will serve to be an example of what happens when outsiders come to this village." He looks over at the boy and then the girl before he nods and taps his staff on the ground. "Take them." They immediately move into action.

The dark haired boy runs towards Hiroyasu, he withdraws what looks like two wooden guns from the small of his back. Hiroyasu would feel a surge of chakra from his body before he fires what looks like energy bullets. "You're all mine chrome dome."

The girl moves towards Misaki, her blades flashing in the sunlight before she aims a dual strike towards the tailed terror. "The white haired one screamed when I played with him." She smirks. "He won't survive the day." From the way she moves, it's obvious that she is well trained. For now, the blind staff user looks in Kayaru's direction. "Make your move."

Misaki breaths in deeply. But when she gets charged she looses it. Or rather, when she speaks about playing with the white haired one. And that she made him scream. "I'll make you scream." She says with a double resounding voice. When her double strike finds Misaki it just bounces off the chakra layer. Misaki is on all fours, slowly growing a tail. "You're dead…" Misaki says, again with that same double voice. If she used her hands during the double strike then those would have some very painful burns on them. Misaki suddenly jumps forward. Trying to drive her nails (nails grown from her own hand) into the girls throat while stabbing at her repeatedly.

Kayaru's eyes narrowed at the clones that vanished. He expected as much, but that is what it is. Shaking his head slightly, he'd eye the two as they went after the others of their team. Finally, his attention focused on the 'blind' man. A small nod was given. "Very well, since there is no choice." Kayaru rushed forward, still mindful of traps as he'd shift the katana slightly, suddenly drawing into that strike, immediately hitting for four more slashes as he'd pass the man and returning the katana to it's sheath as he'd skid to a stop after passing him.

Hiroyasu throws out a seal which hits in the ground between himself and his attacker, a tower shield of chakra swirls out from it absorbing the hit from the bullet and being consumed in the explosion. "Ah, I see that you are going to slay me with your beguiling wit" he says coldly and boldly. Before throwing out a seal which flies quickly and quietly at his opponent, there is a pause before he throws a second seal which bursts into blue chakra and speeds behind it.

The Blind Warrior spins his staff, but Kayaru's inital strike was so fast that it slipped past his defenses, creating a deep slash along his side. He winces, but doesn't stop his movement as the sound of metal on metal rings out as he manages to easily block his next two attacks. "Ah. Reizei. You are well trained, but you can't defeat my style." He slams his staff into the ground, creating a shock wave of energy that is designed to knock Kayaru off his feet. (attack stun) He follows up by leaping into the air and bringing his staff down swiftly towards Kayaru's torso. Once Kayaru recovers, they run parallel to each other off into the woods. Every so often the sound of metal on metal reaches the two Genin as they deal with their respective opponents.

The Gunslinger manages to evade Hiro's capture barrier and his hardened seal. He retaliates by firing each gun towards him. "Oh, you're one of those smarty pants, huh? Instead of keeping your head in a scroll, you should have worked on your aim."

The Kunoichi hisses as her attacks make no dent in Misaki's chakra cloak. When the claw attacks come, she simply vanishes while using her chakra to temporarily increase her speed. She was much too good to succumb to a wild attack like that. She steps inside and delivers a stunning strike towards the base of Misaki's neck, then lunges forwards attempting to skewer her with her other sword. "You'll have to do better than that to kill me. I'm curious, the way you dress..are you one of those tomboy types? I can't believe what he sees in such a manly looking girl."

Misaki takes a deep breath, a sloppy block comes up. Trying to block her from striking but failing. She gets hit by the follow up. Blood flying about a little. But quickly her skin heals back up again. Next attack however, even after staggering she ducks under. Suddenly she reaches out with her right hand, trying to grab the woman by her throat while one of her tail morphs into that burning tail Hiei saw before. Misaki tries driving it into and through the girls chest twice!

Hiroyasu is struck by the first and second bullets, before he falls over hitting the ground…*boomfp* a curly wisp of white smoke leaves nothing in it's wake. Hiro doesn't respond to the taunts, instead he needed to focus, be accurate, be efficient, take of this guy quickly then go save the world from Misaki because she would probably tear it asunder trying to get to Hiei. He leaps out from behind a tree, a barrage of earthen bullets filling the air, it seems he decided to fight bullets with bullets.

The Kunoichi turns her body to the side to dodge Misaki's attempt to grab her, and her first tail strike. However, she wasn't expecting the second tail strike to come out and it pierces her in the center of her chest. Blood flows from the would briefly before the heat of Misaki's cloak cauterizes the wound. However, that does stop her from spitting up blood before her eyes take on a glassy look and her body goes limp while still impaled on her tail.

The Gunslinger side steps the first barrage of Hiro's earth bullets, but he dodges directly into the second barrage thanks to Hiroyasu's calculations and anticipation of his movement. His body rocks back and forth as blood splatters out of his body from the velocity of the earth bullets. The gunslinger finds himself full of holes as he falls to the ground, body twitching slightly. He wasn't dead, but he couldn't move anymore.

Misaki discards the paper enemy. "Anyone else? No… Thought so." She hisses, turning her sight towards the village. ~ You know I can't do that. Hiei might be there. ~ Misaki nods. "Are they in the village Hiro?" She asks. Noting that Kayaru went to do other stuff. Of great importance!!!

Hiroyasu was skeptical at best, when his opponent falls over, even Hiro himself uses the possum technique to evade detection or garner mercy.. "Yes, I suppose i should be more accurate, thank you for your advice" he says pointing his earth tipped fingers at the downed opponent and launching a barrage of bullets at him.

When Misaki removes her tail from the center of the Kunoichi there is a *boompf* sound as the shadow clone is destroyed. Stepping out from behind a tree while smirking, the Kunoichi smiles at Misaki before saying, "Second Gate Release: Gate Of Healing!" A crimson aura appears around her body as the veins in her arms and legs become more pronounced. "I told you it wouldn't be that easy, you tailed whelp!" With the increase in speed and physical power, she attacks Misaki with a flurry of attacks.

When Hiroyasu pumps earth bullets into the body of the Gunslinger, his body turns into a lump of wood that is full of the bullets themselves. Leaping from the middle branch of a nearby tree, he fires at Hiroyasu while grinning. "Yeah, you really should!"

Misaki ducks away from those attacks with ease. Well, the second one was a close call. But SHHH! She then slams her tail into the ground, sending a shock wave aimed to paralyze her opponent. After that she tries to smash the female ninja into the air with her tail, before jumping up, trying to drive her back into the ground using a front flip heel strike. "Why… won't … you DIE!"

Hiroyasu holds out a hand to the side, the seal between his fingers glows blue and a swirl chakra turns into a curved shield the first bullet slams into it and dissipates the second bullet zips through it as it's fading away and hits Hiro sending him flying backwards before he *boofmps*, he leaps out from behind a tree and begins firing with both hands another barrage of earthen bullets, yep this become a shoot-out.

The Kunoichi dodges the tail swipe from Misaki with a dazzling display of acrobatic prowess. However, when Misaki hits her with the tail strike and completes her combination, the body beneath her simply goes *boofmp* as the clone disappears. She appears off to the side of Misaki. "Because I'm better than you. You're pathetic, just like your lame boyfriend. I was the one that poisoned him. He'll be dead by sunset. And there's nothing you can do about it." She twirls around in a deadly dance, once again striking out towards the base of Misaki's neck with that stunning strike of hers, before performing a dual slash towards her abdomen.

The Gunslinger easily dances to the side as he dodges Hiroyasu's earth bullets. "Haha. Would it help if I stood still for you, baldy?" he asks before firing at a nearby tree, the bullet bouncing off it and then another before heading on course for Hiroyasu. Definitely a trick shot.

Misaki should get to work on those defenses. She gets cut open, but is soon patching up her skin again. She twitches when the girl taunts her even more. ~ Let me handle this one. ~ Matatabi says. Misaki nods. Her eyes glowing, her chakra suddenly bursting out into the air up high. A blue beacon shoots up. At the bottom is a big dome of blue black fire. When it subsides, Misaki has two tails, her skin has shed. She's completely covered in chakra. At speeds that match body flicker the beast (that looks more like Matatabi than Misaki now) disappears and reappears, aiming strike after strike at the kunoichi.

Misaki lifts her head and suddenly shoots out one… two three fireballs!

She doesn't even have a fire affinity! Matatabi does but nobody knows that. The blue fire aimed at the Kunoichi. Misaki roars into the air, above her chakra begins to gather. Blue black and red mix into a purpleish ball. Which suddenly compresses. Misaki slowly swallows it, getting lower on all fours. If Hiro is in the line of fire he better get out of the way, Misaki can't distinguish between friend or foe here. A line of pure chakra blasts out in front of her, aimed right at the Kunoichi.

Hiroyasu watches as the bullet bounces off the tree and hits him again sending a puff of white smoke, it didn't take special powers to feel and hear Misaki going crazy.. he knew she would rip the world apart trying to get Hiei.. from his hiding place, he plants several seals on the ground around him, touching the first and summoning a dome of solid chakra making sure to protect himself from the fallout that was about to befall them all.

The Kunoichi thinks that perhaps she may have gone too far when she watches Misaki transform. But she was a professional afterall. Using her acrobatic ability, she manages to dodge the strikes from the tailed beast. But the fireballs are a different story. They impact and once the smoke clears, she's leaning against a tree. Her swords held loosely in her hands as she can do nothing but watch the tailed beast bomb form before she is blown to smithereens by the huge blast of chakra.

The Gunslinger watches in awe and then terror as the blast also blows him away. Once he hits the ground, he figures that there are other places that he should be. There may even be a wet spot between his legs as he runs as fast as he can go.

Kayaru returns minus the Blind Warrior, but it seems that while the Genin were dealing with their two opponents, he has found Yotsuki Hiei and Saito Ayanami. Ayanami is a bit beaten up, but she looks normal. Hiei is another case. He is still unconcious as the poison burns through his system. However with a little medical aid, and perhaps some natural herbs, the poison would be identified and neutralized by the resident medical ninja Hiroyasu. After giving time for Misaki to calm back down, the group then head home.

Mission Complete

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