The Taking of Doihara Ishino Part 2


Ishino, Akane (emitter)

Date: October 8, 2015


Ishino begins to gather information from his captor.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Fujikujo Feud - The Taking of Doihara Ishino Part 2"

On the eastern seas

Another few days had passed with a curiously bare minimum of harassment from Ken. He was busy making the lookalike..well.. look alike. He kept Ishino bound and kept the gremlins busy as though the two were playing some form of ninja chess. The girl wasn't seen again and her cries had stopped completely. More people came to the island, all wearing masks of one kind or another and bearing a sigil shaped like a Wisteria branch.
Finally, another ship arrived. In the blackness of cloudless night a figure was led into the copound. Ishino would not be able to tell if it was Akane or another look alike, but she wasn't struggling much if at all. She was lead past Ishino's cell with a bag over her face. Ken turned To Ishino and grinned at him through thebars. "Should I use this one to pissoff the Hokage?" Some other voice cooed that they liked that idea.

Ishino and Ken were definitely playing a game of sorts. While Ishino had most of his capabilities hampered, he'd only stay in the chains for show, when another boat would show up. Ken most likely knew.. but eh, what are you going to do when someone doesn't even need their hands to twist the lockpicks to get free? Ishino passed the time carefully, measuring the depths that Ken was going and studying each one that was brought in. "It is of course, entirely your choice what you plan to do, walking corpse-san. But as I mentioned, the time you have is limited.. You should really consider my offer of surrendering. I'll even be nice and make sure that your death is relatively painless."

The figurestopped just out of Ishino's rangeofsight and one guard growled at her to keep going. But the woman held her ground. A small struggle ensued andshe ended up falling (being thrown) to the groundby Ishino's bars landing with a grunt. The way she was moving was strange to say the least. Without seeing her actual face it wouldbe impossible to know but she seemed drugged. "Daisuke… would.. lose his head first. Idiot." Ken looked annoyed and kicked the womanin theribs. "For godssakes woman shut up. Your voice annoys me. Get her out of here, Ren." Ken watched the otherpeople take thewoman away with little further fuss and sighed. "No.. I think that one is right. But I havesomething else todeal with. Do you want some tea?" Not waiting for an answer, Ken just walked away.

Ishino raised a brow. he was, of course, curious. That was an interesting exchange. "Yes. Please. In the best glass of course." Ishino would call after Ken. His attention drifted to Ren and the girl, a kunai, one of the three dozen that Ishino has placed about the room would flash out then, seeking simply to lash at the hood and cut it away to reveal whoever it was within it. If she was bound by rope, this would happen to be cut as well. The kunai would clatter to the ground, then whisk into the shadows so it couldn't be taken by Ren.

The hood fell away and as expectedof a body double, the woman's face was Akane's face. But definitely drugged. Her hair was in a loose braid but she was wearing a tattered dress like another villager. Ren had to catch her when the rope snapped. Cursing he stopped her from hitting the floor and then scowled around looking for the source of the attack. He scowled at Ishino and led the woman away, but not before she saw Ishino. Yet there was no recognition there. In fact she seemed to be seeing him as a pink nin ken or something equally absurd. "Yea.. tea's good." Ren growled at her to shut the grab up and drug her down the hall. There was a distinct sound of another cell and chains being utilized. Then silence for a time. Ken returned oddly enough with a wooden cup of tea for Ishino, handing it to him as if he were a guest and sitting down on the floor beside him. "So, you don't think seeing a corpse looking like your wife will make the sharingan show in your kids hmm, nephew?"

With the 4 clicks at once of the cuffs on his legs and hands coming up when he twisted his wrists, Ishino would rub his wrists a moment then take the cup. Sitting down next to Ken, he'd shake his head. "We train regularly in the swamp. The same place they send genin for the chuunin exams. They have seen things there. My daughter was more intent on telling me about you, than concern about the blood or anything else." Ishino would smile slightly. "I have good kids. You're wasting your time really on that endevor." He'd chuckle lightly then, watching the cup of tea. "You could always just let me go. Save yourself a lot of effort that's going to waste, all because you're going to die."

Ken took the tea back and sipped at it to show it was safe, unconsciously mirroring something Akane did regularly then handing it back. The man looked tired, though more in a 'this is tedious' way than actual exhaustion. He glanced over at Ishino as he spoke of Tsubaki and a hint of a smile almost showed at his lips. The were his family too. But there were bigger things than this happening.
"Suppose I did let you go. Tomorrow. What then? Do we fight to the death? I've had you nearly as long as I need you after all. And as much as I'd love those kids to awake sharingan at that age… I'm not sure I could deal with brats around."

Ishino would take it back, nodding his thanks lightly before drinking some of the tea. Musing for a moment. "Well, initially yes, I was just going to fight and kill you. But I believe that you are seeking something specific. Potentially even an opening to aid in another situation. I've been watching everything on the island, within range of course, to figure out what's happening. It's some sort of movement and of course, going against Konohagakure has my interest." He'd shake his head slightly. "In the end? I'd probably just summon HARPS and go home. Easier to recover and plot your demise another day and all."

Ken chuckled and leaned back a bit as the two men drank thier tea in silence. Whe the cup was empty, Ken looked over at Ishino. "As odd as it might sound I do respect you but there are only so many ways one can manipulate you." It was a strange moment of honesty from the man. He had not really tried to torture Ishino, though he had done some harm to him and the ids, but it had been measured, calculated to make him les predictable perhaps. Ishino had picked up on it. He was organized, not completely insane. He looked back at Ishino with a measuring glance then asked as though he were ordering a meal, "What if I could promise to give you bac your wife alive? But blind?"

Ishino raised a brow. "What if I could promise to let you live, but blind? Your eyes are worth a lot to a lot of people and I know a doctor that would love to get his hands on them.." Ishino would chuckle with a shake of his head. "I had no problem with marrying her when she was losing her sight before. However I hate to say it, but that would be a line crossed that you could not survive."

Ken watched Ishino as though he were comfortable with the man, and when Ishino stated that he'd married her before her eyes were fixed the first time, Ken nodded slowly. "My eyes are worth nothing to you or your doctor." He stood up and reached to take the cup from Ishino. "The Hyuga are not the only ones who know how to deal with dying eyes." He bent his ear down a bit and Ishino could see a crimson mark like a colored tatoo, probably a similar curse mark like the Hyuga used on the branch members. "We'll see, nephew."

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