The Temple Of Doom (Only Not Really)


Chichi, Seiji

Date: September 28, 2010


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"The Temple Of Doom (Only Not Really)"

Fuuma Temple - Fuuma Basin

It has been a month since Chichi and Seiji 'died' at Raiun Falls. They have managed to escape from the Land of Lightning after a long time of trekking through the wilderness, avoiding former allies, and everyone else who might recognize them. Three border crossings later and they have reached the Land of Rice Fields. During this journey, Chichi has been somewhat conflicted. On the one hand, she feels lost. Afraid. She has been hurled out into the great, wide world with only Seiji to help her. On the other hand, this is a chance at freedom. Freedom from the responsibilities and duties she has always assigned herself to protect Kumogakure. She wants to see the world and all that is in it. She wants to experience what life is like for those who do not know she has a monster inside of her.
But then she'll feel bad about 'abandoning' her Village, even though it was never her intention to do so. And then she'll become worried and afraid again. The cycle repeats. But now, here in the Land of Rice Fields, Chichi hopes to find some direction. The long walk through the farmlands, following the path that leads towards the pollution-spewing Fuuma Alley is viewed with some trepidation, but also some degree of hope. The air sort of stinks, but they're stopped near a temple for the moment, and th air seems a bit cleaner here.

Well the month to Seiji was going by slowly, the travelling from Kumogakure and pretty much whereever he and Chichi wanted to go was happening. This was something he hoped for, but he wanted to be doing this under sanctioned missions with Kumogakure, but now that wasn't going ot happen. THeir made up deaths happend, but it was meant to save someone he cared deeply for. He was surprised that his family allowed him to do this, but even he had to admit he would've done it without their concent.
During their travel, Seiji found himself a bit more protective over Chichi, he was putting forth extra effort to keep them on the move, never staying in one place for too long. He had a mission to do, but also they now had a chance at a life. There had been times when he felt that he couldn't do what was asked of him. There was no doubt in his mind that he would die for Chichi, but as her guardian, he had no choice. He couldn't fail her, he couldn't let any harm come to his best friend and a girl he secrectly had feelings beyond friends. Pushing these thoughts out of his mind and as they entered into the Land of Rice, Seiji was a bit worried about entering this place, but then again they didn't have a whole lot of options on where they could go. Walking along side Chichi, he smelled the air and well it wasn't really all that great, but still, they had a long path ahead of them, and he was going to better himself if not for himself, he would do it for her. "Well we better becareful while we're here Chichi-chan." he says to her. "I say we look around, then find a place to stay for the night." he says.

Chichi looks up, vaguely surprised to find Seiji standing there talking to her. Almost like she forgot he was present. She soon comes back to her senses though and nods. "Yes, a place to stay for the night. This temple should be good, right?" She looks around. It's abandoned. Probably has been for awhile. It's really creepy. To her, temples are supposed to be sacred places, where people come to pay respects and pray and so on, almost all the time! Or that's how it was in Kumogakure… "…Hey, would we be desecrating this place if we sleep here?" she asks worriedly as she turns to face Seiji.

Seiji looks over to the temple Chichi points out, "It's pretty old, and looks unkept." he says to her. Seiji walks over and takes Chichis hand into his, "Some temples do allow for people who are lost to stay within it's walls if for only some time. I don't think we would be desercrating it as long as we respect them." he tells her. He looks to Chichi, "And besides it would be nice to sleep under a roof instead out in the cold." he says to her. Looking around for a moment, he looks back to Chichi and brushes a few strands of hair that he sees near her face. A playful smile on his lips, "Come on, lets go in but lets be mindful of the temple and find a room where we can rest for a bit." he tells her. He leans forward and kisses her on lips, "Come on." he smiles to her.

Chichi eyes the walls and ceiling with a bit of trepidation. "…Yah, it's pretty old. Do you think it will collapse on us in the night!? We better not do anything to make the spirits angry with us! They could drop the ceiling on our heads and then that would be >it<, man! Game over, man! Game over!" She grabs Seiji by the front of his shirt and shakes him energetically. Then she realizes she was kissed.
She blinks and then shrugs her shoulders reluctantly. "Fine, we'll stay here. But only for the night! I don't want to stick around."

Chuckling at Chichi's exgerations, Seiji just nods his head. "Alright, we will keep quiet and find one of hte lesser rooms, I don't think they will be upset by us staying there. Also if we clean up a bit, that may appease the spirits." he tells her. Leading them off, Seiji keeps Chichi close to him and as they get to the steps, he takes off his sandles, then letting go of Chichis hand, Seiji bows. "Spirits of the temple, we've come a great and long way. We are weary and ask only for a night of rest, and maybe another night. We will clean due to others not properly taking care of your home. Please allow us to enter." he says. Again he bows his head, and gestures for Chichi to do the same including taking off her sandle.

Chichi is quick to follow Seiji's example, and kneels down and removes her sandals as she bows to the temple and its invisible spirits! Only when she is certain her prayers to please, please, please not have her head twisted off her shoulders are completed does she get back on her feet, pick up her tabi, and carry them with her to the open doorway. Once Seiji is inside the building, she sets the footwear down next to the door and looks around. "Brr… Cold floor." She tiptoes across the mix of stone and wood flooring, old and dirty, and begins looking around. She would rather find out now if there are going to be any zombies attacking.

Being drug into the temple Seiji picks up Chichis tabis and puts his in a corner, then hers on top of his so that anyone passing by wouldn't know there were anyone in the temple. He looks around a moment, then follows Chichi. The floor is pretty cold, but then luckily they were able to scroung up a few things from one of the small villages they passed some weeks ago. Helping her look around, he was a bit worried just mainly due to there could be someone else in this temple and honestly he didn't want anyone with them. Searching through one room which is further back, he notices that it does have wooden floors. Checking the walls and ceiling, Seiji clears the cob webs and kills a few spiders, he smiles. "Looks like we can stay in this room." he says to Chichi, if she followed him, if not, he will go look for her.

Chichi follows Seiji. And when he tries to kill the spiders and clear away the cobwebs, she >hits him in his upper arm really hard<. You know the spot. the one that >really hurts<. "What are you doing!? You can't kill things in this temple! It's a sacred place! Those spiders have just as much right to be here as we do! More, really, since humans have been gone for who-knows-how-long! They've set up their homes here, and you have no place trying to get rid of them!" She looks very annoyed with Seiji, which is new.
Then again, they've been on the road a lot. They're both tired. And they've been spending so much time around each other, it's fully possible they may have just gotten slightly tired of interacting. Or maybe Chichi has. Either way, she shoos Shinji away from any spiders and tries to find a different room.

Sighing, "Fine Chichi." he says trying to keep his composure but it fades just as quickly. Rolling his eyes and leaving, and well rubbing where he was just hit. She still hits so damn hard, "All you had to do was to tell me to stop." he says matter factly. Seiji moves off up ahead of Chichi, and looking for other possible places to sleep. If she was going to be this difficult he would let her sleep in here and he outside if it came to that. Stopping at one corner door, he looks at it and notices no cobwebs, he opens the door and looks around the room, this one is just about the same as the last but with fewer cobwebs. The floor is wooden as well, but this one has no table, but it does have a small window further up along the wall. "Alright, this room is where we can stay in for the night or next few days if possible." he tells her.
Moving off to a corner, Seiji takes off his backpack and opens it, he takes out an old blanket. He unfolds it and spreads it out in a corner, he then looks around and places his dufflebag across from where the blanket is. Slowly sitting down his backpack, Seiji follows suit and sits down, "There you go Chichi-chan." he says a little annoyed. "YOu can sleep over there." he says to her.

Seeming to realize that she was a bit too rough, Chichi blushes and looks down at the floor as Seiji leaves the room. He doesn't sound or look very pleased. She follows him after a few seconds and stays quiet until another room is found. When Seiji indicates she can sleep 'over there', she kneels down in that part of the room and just sort of watches Seiji and looks around the room occasionally. "Sorry for hitting you, Seiji-kun. I guess I was just worried… Because a temple is supposed to be a place of peace. I didn't want anything bad to happen to you while trying to make me feel comfortable by removing spiders. If we need to, I can move the spiders outside. I don't want you feeling creeped out." She rocks back and forth on her knees a bit, and then hops to her feet, with a bounce up front — but not as much as when she wore her normal ninja clothes in the past. She doesn't want to draw attention to herself from strangers.
She walks slowly over to Seiji, trying to see if he's still mad at her. If he doesn't relax or look her way, she kneels down next to him and leans forward a bit. "Are you mad at me still, Seiji-kun? I'm really sorry. Here, why don't you take off your shirt! I'll give you a massage!"

Seiji was feeling a little annoyed but after a few moments and Chichi apologizing he starts to feel a bit stupid for gettting smart with her. He doesn't look at her at first, but when she kneels in front of him, he does look up at her. His eyes looking to hers, a smile starts to creep up along his lips. "That was stupid of me, you are right, but also some spiders can be dangerous to us, even if we are trying to help them by moving them out of where they are." he tells her. "I was just mainly concerned for you is all." Shaking his head, "But at least in this room we don't have to worry to much about them, and…." he stops when she tells him to take off his shirt so she can give him a massage. Nodding his head, "THen I will give you one." he syas to her and reaching down for the hem of his shirt, he pulls off his shirt.
The month of them travelling has helped tone Seiji, his arms are a lot more defined and taught, his chest defined and he has a nice six pack along his stomach now. He places his shirt with his backpack, and his sword he places in a corner near his backpack. "I'm ready." he says, granted his underarm still hurt. "So what do you think our next move should be?" he asks her, his voice lowering just so that it doesn't carry and the only one who can hear him is Chichi.

Chichi moves behind Seiji and begins to massage his back and shoulders a bit once the shirt is off. Looking at his muscles and cheerfully rubbing all the sore spots from days and days of travel and sleeping outdoors, Chichi loses some of her enthusiasm at the question, but keeps on working out the kinks with her hands and fingers.
"I don't know. I was hoping that someone in the city could help us. Get us set up with new identities. That sort of thing."

Seiji mmmss as he is massaged, granted it was a bit rough when he was trying to take off his shirt, but still it felt good. As she tells him of what she hopes he nods his head, "Alright, we will work on that. But I say lets just take tomorrow off from doing anything, we can train a bit, but lets just go look around for a bit then come back here." he says to her. Seiji was tired of traveling, and being in one spot for just a day or so would be good he feels for the both of them. "Your next." he says to her with a chuckle, "And honestly I think some time to ourselves would do us both some good. I don't like snapping at you, especially when you are right." he chuckles.

Chichi nods and grins at Seiji's response. "Yes, we should scout the area first. Maybe ask around. And we should pick new names! Just incase someone asks." She hmms and looks up at the ceiling. "Yes… Training would be nice. Or just relaxing. We don't need to be letting people know we're ninja. We have to stay low-profile!" She clenches a fist and then leans against Seiji's back, pressing her chest against him and providing a sort of 'neck support'. "Feeling better, yet?" she asks sweetly.

Thinking for a moment, "Relaxing sound a whole lot better, besides, being in here could be fun." he says to Chichi as he leans back into her chest. "Yeah I do feel better now. But Chichi-chan, I will always be better as long as I have you." he says with certanity. Running a few things through his head, "New identities, names, look like we got what our plan is for now. So you mind if I sleep on that blanket with you?" he asks with a chuckle, as he reaches behind him and tries to tickle Chichi.

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